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Full text of "Biographical catalogue of the matriculates of Haverford College : together with lists of the members of the college faculty and the managers, officers and recipients of honorary degrees, 1833-1922"

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in 2012 with funding from 

LYRASIS members and Sloan Foundation 

Biographical Catalog 


Haverford College 

together with lists of the Members of the 
College Faculty and the Managers, Off! 
ccrs and Recipients of Honorary Degrees 

l8 33 s| WL I J 9" 

Prepared by a Committee 
of the Alumni Association 


Printed for the Alumni Association 

To Henry Cope, '69, 

In Recognition of More Than 
Half a Century of Devoted Service to 

Haverford College 

This Book is Affectionately Dedicated 

by His Fellow Alumni 


In the Spring of 1900 was published the first edition of this 
Catalog. It was the result of six years of work on the part of an 
Alumni Committee, of which George Gluyas Mercer, "11, was Chair- 
man, and which included Charles Roberts, '64, Edward Y. Harts- 
horne, '81, Barker Newhall, '87, and Franklin B. Kirkbride, '89. 

This Committee was fortunate in securing the services of Pro- 
fessor Allen Clapp Thomas, '65, as Editor, and the accuracy and 
completeness of the original edition were largely due to his pains- 
taking research. From the publication of the first catalog up to 
the time of his death, Professor Thomas carefully set down in the 
margins of the book such changes as came to his attention, and 
this annotated copy has been of great assistance to the present Com- 

The College Records and Alumni Notes from the files of the 
Haverford Nczvs and the Hwverjordlan have given much informa- 
tion, and the Endowment Fund Campaign, which brought a great 
majority of the Alumni into close communication with the College, 
opened a rich source of new material. Questionnaires covering all 
essential biographical details were returned by over 1450 matricu- 
lates during 1920, and in addition, a good deal of information was 
obtained about men who had died since graduation. 

When all this information had been collated and put in the form 
adopted for the present edition, to each living matriculate was mailed 
a typewritten copy of his own history for corrections or additions. 
The present volume embodies the result of these inquiries. 

The Committee wishes to express its appreciation to Miss M. 
Evelyn Babbitt for her assistance in the difficult preliminary work of 
research and collation, and to Albert E. Rogers, '21, Granville E. 
Toogood, '20, and Miss Jean F. Morton, for their care in the prepara- 
tion of the manuscript and index. The proof was read by the 


Committee, which therefore takes the responsibility for any errata 
which may appear. 

We believe that there is pride for every Haverfordian in this 
record of the men who, in College and after, for nearly ninety years, 
have been making the history of Haverford. 

For the Alumni Association, 

Hans Froelicher, Jr., '12 Chairman 
L. Arnold Post, '11, Treasurer 
Stephen W. Meader, '13. 


Preface v 

Editor's Note ix 

Sketch of the History of Haverford College, xi 

Officers and Managers of Haverford School Association and the 

Corporation of Haverford College, xiii 

Officers of the College, xviii 

Collece Faculty, xx 

Officers of the Alumni Association, xxv 

Orators, Poets and Prize-Winners of the Alumni Association, . . xxvii 

Matriculates 1 

Graduate Students, 715 

Recipients of Honorary Degrees, 729 

Enumeration, 734 

Index, 735 

Additions and Corrections 757 


{Reprinted from the First Edition) 

In the preparation of this Catalog great pains have been taken 
to secure accurate information. In a few cases it has been impossi- 
ble to trace old students; but in many cases those whose addresses 
have been known have failed to reply to repeated requests, and their 
records have been made up from what data could be secured from 
other sources. 

The names have been arranged by classes ; that is to say, the 
name of a matriculate is put under the year in which his class grad- 
uated. Without doubt, some will be surprised to see themselves 
ranked with those whom they have never known, or of whom, per- 
haps, they have never heard ; but, on the whole, this method of 
arrangement seemed to be the best. 

For about twenty years after the opening of the institution the 
division into classes was very loosely observed. Apparently, stu- 
dents were not ranked according to any definite system. No 
catalogs were published until 1852. Lists of students were from 
time to time printed in the Managers' Reports, but irregularly ; and 
these lists were not always divided into classes; while from 1843 
to 1852, with a single exception, no lists whatever were published. 
These facts have made it exceedingly difficult to place some of the 
matriculates, especially those who did not complete the course. Rec- 
ords have been made up, therefore, from grade books, ledgers, etc. 

Previous to 1877, the only degree conferred upon undergraduates 
was that of Bachelor of Arts; in 1877 the degree of Bachelor of 
Science was added, and in 1887 the degree of Bachelor of Engi- 
neering. Since 1891, however, the degrees of Bachelor of Arts and 
Bachelor of Science have been the only ones conferred. 

It remains for the editor to acknowledge the great assistance 


given him by the active members of the Catalog Committee, two 
of whom have most kindly read the proof-sheets. Acknowledg- 
ments are also due to a number of the Alumni who have given infor- 
mation of much value ; among these, Robert Bowne, '42, of New 
York City, and Mark Brooke, '96, of Radnor, Pa., should be spe- 
cially mentioned. Thanks are also due to Dr. Edward T. Tucker, 
of New Bedford, Mass., and Gilbert Cope, of West Chester, Pa., 
for information most kindly furnished. 

ALLEN C. THOMAS, A.M., '65, 




History of Haverford College 

Haverford College, opened as Haverford School in 1833, was 
founded by members of the Society of Friends, residents chiefly of 
Philadelphia and New York, who wished to establish an institution 
of higher learning which should be in accordance with their religious 
opinions. Of the ten Quaker colleges now in existence in the 
United States, Haverford was the first to be established. Though 
the modesty or special views of those interested prevented them 
from calling the institution a college, collegiate instruction was given 
from the start. In 1856 the managers obtained a charter, giving 
Haverford the name and standing of a college with the power to 
grant degrees. 

Temporarily suspended from 1845 to 1848 for lack of funds, Hav- 
erford has gradually acquired a substantial endowment, which makes 
possible generous compensation for its Faculty and comparatively 
low charges for its students. The munificent bequest of Jacob P. 
Jones received in 1897 is the largest single benefaction the College 
has received, while the Alumni Fund for the increase of salaries, 
completed in 1920, is perhaps the most significant. At the present 
time the invested funds of the College amount to about $3,250,000. 

The physical plant of the College, centering about old Founders 
Hall, now includes 16 permanent buildings, built chiefly by gifts 
of individuals or of the Alumni at large. Five athletic fields are in 
quite constant use for the physical development of the students, 
who now number 225. Outside of the campus and assuring space 
for future growth, is a farm of upwards of 100 acres, making the 
total area of the College property 220 acres. The estimated value 


of this choice suburban property, with the solid buildings erected 
during the past three quarters of a century, is over $2,000,000. 

More important are the facilities directly available for undergradu- 
ate teaching. The Faculty numbers 25, assuring rather intimate 
methods of instruction to small groups of students. The Library, 
generously endowed, contains about 87,000 volumes and receives 
about 220 periodical publications. The shelves are open to the 
students. The increased interest in natural science has recently made 
necessary the erection of adequate modern laboratories for chemistry, 
biology and physics. 

It is likely that Haverford will remain for some time a small 
undergraduate college devoted to thorough instruction in the Arts 
and Sciences. For over twenty years it has admitted students only 
after examination of their intellectual qualifications. This practice 
tends to keep the numbers down, but the quality up. The moral 
welfare of the students has always been a matter of concern to the 
responsible officers of the College. Of recent years a considerable 
degree of self-government has been tried, with satisfactory results. 
The ancient custom of attendance at a brief meeting for worship in 
the neighboring meeting-house is still observed on the fifth day of 
the week and exercises a salutary influence upon the spiritual life of 
the college community. 

The management of the College is vested in a Board of twenty- 
seven members elected by the Corporation. Though the manage- 
ment of the College is in the hands of members of the Society 
of Friends, it has never been dependent upon any organized group 
of the Society, and extends its facilities without distinction to a 
limited number of properly qualified young men, in whom Haverford 
seeks to develop "vigorous bodies, scholarly minds, strong char- 
acters, and a real religious experience." 




Haverford School Association 


Corporation c 


)F Haveri 

ord College 



Served until 

Wistar Morris, Oct. 

12, 1886 




T. Wistar Brown Apr. 

10, 1891 




9, 1916 


Henry Cope, Dec. 

30, 1830 




George Stewardson, 

. May 

14, 1832 




Abraham L. Pennock, 

. May 

14, 1835 




Charles Evans, . 

. May 

8, 1837 




Charles Ellis, 

. May 

9, 1842 




William S. Hilles, 

. May 

13, 1861 




Philip C. Garrett, 

. May 

9, 1864 




Edward Bettle, Jr., 

. Oct. 

11, 1875 




Charles Roberts, 

. Oct. 

9, 1883 




Elliston P. Morris, 

. Oct. 

12, 1886 




George Vaux, Jr., 

. Oct. 

13, 1891 



J. Stogdell Stokes, 

. Oct. 

9, 1900 


Benjamin H. Warder, Dec. 

30, 1830 




Isaiah Hacker, . 

. May 

13, 1844 




John Elliott, 

. May 

12, 1845 




Isaiah Hacker, . 

. May 

11, 1846 




Wistar Morris, . 

. May 

14, 1860 




John M. Whitall, 

. May 

13, 1861 




David Scull, Jr., 

. Apr. 

9, 1866 




Edward Bettle, Jr., 

. Oct. 

9, 1883 




Asa S. Wing, . 

. Oct. 

14, 1884 




J. Henry Scattergood, 

. Oct. 

12, 1915 


Samuel Bettle, Dec. 

30, 1830 




Daniel B. Smith, 

. Dec. 

30, 1830 




John Griscom, . 

. Dec. 

30, 1830 




Gerard T. Hopkins, 

. Dec. 

30, 1830 




John G. Hoskins, 

. Dec. 

30, 1830 




* The office of President of the Corporation was not created until 1886. From 
1830 to 1886 the Secretary acted as presiding officer at all meetings of the Cor- 
poration. The President, Secretary and Treasurer are ex-officio members of 
the Board of Managers, and the President presides at meetings of the Board. 






Served until 

Samuel B. Morris Dec. 




14, 1835 

John Gummere, 

. Dec. 






Benjamin W. Ladd, 

. Dec. 






Thomas C. James, 

. Dec. 






Isaac Davis, 

. Dec. 






Thomas Evans, . 

. Dec. 






John Paul, . 

. Dec. 






Abraham L. Pennock, 

. Dec. 






Isaac Collins, 

. Dec. 






Bartholomew Wistar, 

. Dec. 






Samuel Parsons, 

. Dec. 






Benjamin H. Warder, 

. Dec. 






Samuel F. Mott, 

. Dec. 






Lindley Murray, 

. Dec. 






Thomas P. Cope, 

. Dec. 






George Stewardson, 

. Dec. 






Thomas Cock, . 

. Dec. 






Joseph King, Jr., 

. Dec. 






Henry Cope 

. Dec. 






Thomas Kimber, 

. Dec. 






Charles Yarnall, 







Edward Bettle, . 







Isaac S. Loyd, . 

. May 




1 + 


Samuel Bettle, . 

. May 






George Williams, 

. May 






William F. Mott, . 

. May 






Edward Yarnall, 







Josiah White, 

. May 






Samuel Hilles, . 

. May 






Charles Evans, . 

. May 






John G. Hoskins, 

. Dec. 






John Farnum, . 

. May 






Mordecai L. Dawson, 







Abraham Hilyard, . 

. May 






Josiah White, 







Edward B. Garrigues, 

. May 






Stephen P. Morris, . 







John Elliott, 

. May 






William E. Hacker, . 

. May 






William M. Collins, 







Blakey Sharpless, 

. May 






Elihu Pickering, 







Alfred Cope 







Townsend Sharpless, 







James R. Greeves, 







Joseph Trotter, . 

. May 






George Howland, 

. May 






Charles Ellis, . 







Isaac Collins, . 





12 1845 

Abraham L. Pennock, 

. May 




12 1845 

Paul W. Newhall, . 

. May 




2, 1848 

Josiah Tatum, . 





4, 1853 

Samuel B. Parsons, . 





10, 1858 

Abraham L. Pennock, 





10, 1852 

Isaiah Hacker, . 





12, 1862 

Samuel Rhoads, 

. May 




9, 1864 

Samuel Hilles, . 





13, 1873 

John Elliott, 

. May 








David Scull, 
Daniel B. Smith, 
George Holland, Jr. 
Joel Cadbury, . 
Jeremiah Hacker, 
Robert P. Smith, 
Marmaduke C. Cope, 
John M. Whitall, . 
Anthony M. Kimber, 
Edward Brown, 
Francis T. King, 
Richard H. Thomas, 
Theophilus E. Beesley, 
Francis R. Cope, 
Paul Swift, 
Wistar Morris, . 
T. Wistar Brown, 
Samuel Allinson, Jr, 
Samuel F. Troth, 
Nathaniel Randolph 
Joseph W. Taylor, 
Robert Lindley Murray, 
David Scull, 
Harrison Alderson, 
Richard Richardson 
James Whitall, . 
Henry Hartshorne, 
William S. Hilles, 
William Bettle, . 
Haydock Garrigues, 
Hugh D. Vail, . 

James Carey Thomas, 
Edward Garrett, 
Benjamin V. Marsh 

Henry Hartshorne, 

Philip C. Garrett, 

Benjamin Coates, 

Thomas P. Cope, 

William C. Longstreth, 

James E. Rhoads, 

Richard Cadbury, 

David Scull, Jr., 

William Evans, Jr. 

George S. Garrett, 

John Farnum, . 

Abram S. Taylor, 

Joel Cadbury, Jr., 

John E. Carter, . 

Thomas Wistar, Jr 

Edward Rhoads, 

Richard Wood, . 

John S. Haines, . 

William H. Nicholson, 

Robert B. Haines, . 

Charles Hartshorne, 

William R. Thurston, 

William F. Mott, . 

William G. Rhoads, 


Served until 

May 11, 1846 

May 14 


May 10, 1846 

Oct 11 


May 11, 1846 

Apr. 12, 


May 14, 1849 

May 11 


May 14, 1849 

May 11 


May 14, 1849 

May 9 


May 14, 1849 

May 9 


May 14, 1849 

Apr. 12 


May 14, 1849 

Apr. 10 


May 13, 1850 

May 9 


May 13, 1850 

May 11 


May 13, 1850 

May 9 


May 13, 1850 

Apr. 9, 


May 12, 1851 

May 10, 


May 10, 1852 

May 8, 


May 10, 1852 

Mar. 23, 


May 9, 1853 

Apr. 16 


May 9, 1853 

May 14, 


May 9, 1853 

May 12, 


May 8, 1854 

May 14, 


May 8, 1854 

Oct. 12, 


May 14, 1855 

May 10, 


May 14, 1855 

May 8, 


May 14, 1855 

Apr. 8, 


May 12, 1856 

May 11, 


May 11, 1857 

Feb. 28, 


May 11, 1857 

May 14, 


May 11, 1857 

Apr. 10, 


May 10, 1858 

May 12, 


May 9, 1859 

Apr. 9, 


May 9, 1859 

Oct. 10, 


May 14, 1860 

Nov. 9, 


May 14, 1860 

May 9, 


May 14, 1860 

Oct. 9, 


May 13, 1861 

Apr. 13, 


May 12, 1862 

Dec. 9, 


May 12, 1862 

May 9, 


May 9, 1864 

Apr. 10, 


May 9, 1864 

Apr. 25, 


May 9, 1864 

Dec. 5, 


May 8, 1865 

Mar. 13, 


May 8, 1865 

Nov. 22, 


May 8, 1865 

Apr. 10, 


Apr. 9, 1866 

Apr. 12, 


Apr. 9, 1866 

Oct. 13, 


Apr. 8, 1867 

Apr. 13, 


Apr. 8, 1867 

Nov. 17, 


Apr. 13, 1868 

Apr. 10, 


Apr. 13, 1868 

Apr. 10, 


Apr. 13, 1868 

Jan. 15, 


Apr. 12, 1869 

Sept. 29, 


Apr. 12, 1869 

Apr. 10, 


Apr. 12, 1869 

Apr. 10, 


Apr. 11, 1870 

Aug. 9, 


Apr. 10, 1871 

Oct. 30, 


Apr. 10, 1871 

Oct. 10, 


Apr. 10, 1871 

Oct. 8, 


Apr. 10, 1871 

Apr. 28, 




George Howland, Jr. 
Francis T. King, 
John B. Garrett, 
Thomas Kimber, 
Edward Bertie, Jr. . 
Charles Roberts, 
John S. Hilles, . 
Edward L. Scull, 
Charles S. Taylor, . 
Francis White, . 
Howard Comfort, 
Benjamin H. Shoemaker 
William S. Taylor, . 
William Penn Evans, 
John T. Morris, 
Henry Bettle, . 
Justus C. Strawbridge, 
Asa S. Wing, . 
Elliston P. Morris, . 
Francis Stokes, . 
James Wood, . 
Abram F. Huston, . 
J. Preston Thomas, . 
William H. Haines, . 
Walter Wood, . 
John T. Morris, 
George Vaux, Jr., 
Richard M. Jones, . 
William H. Jenks, . 
Francis A. White, 
Stephen W. Collins . 
Jonathan Evans, 
Samuel L. Allen, 
John Stogdell Stokes, 
Thomas F. Branson, 
Frederic H. Strawbridge 
John M. Whitall, . 
Seth K. Gilford, 
Charles J. Rhoads, . 
J. Henry Scattergood, 
Isaac Sharpless, 
Morris E. Leeds, 
Johnathan M. Steere, 
Edward W. Evans, . 
Daniel Smiley, . 
L. Hollingsworth Wood 
Albert L. Baily, 
Stanley Rhoads Yarnall 
Henry Cope, 
Willard E. Swift, . 
Henry M. Thomas, . 
William Wistar Comfort, 
T. Chalkley Palmer, 
Richard M. Gummere, 
Richard D. Wood, . 
Arthur H. Thomas, . 
William Aldrich Battey, 



Served until 








































































































































































































































































Secretaries of the Board. 

Charles Yarnall, 
James Whitall, . 
Edward Bettle, Jr., . 
John B. Garrett, 
Howard Comfort, 
Charles J. Rhoads, . 
J. Henry Scattergood, 
Morris E. Leeds, 


Served until 
















Officers of the College 


Appointed Name Ceased 

1857 Joseph Gibbons Harlan, A.M., (Principal) 1857 


1863 Samuel James Gummere, A.M 1874 

1874 Thomas Chase, A.M., LL.D., Litt.D 1886 

1886 Vacancy. 

1887 Isaac Sharpless, Sc.D., LL.D 1917 

1917 William Wistar Comfort, Ph.D., Litt.D., LL.D 

Principals and Superintendents.* 

1833 Samuel Hilles 1834 

1834 John Gummere, A.M 1838 

1838 Isaac Davis 1839 

1839 John Gummere, A.M 1843 

1843 Daniel B. Smith 1845 


1848 Lindley Murray Moore 1850 

1850 Joseph Cartland 1853 

1853 Jonathan Richards 1857 


1884 Isaac Sharpless, Sc.D., LL.D 1887 

1890 Myron Reed Sanford, A.M 1893 

1893 No Dean 1904 

1904 Don C. Barrett, Ph.D 1908 

1908 Frederic Palmer, Jr., Ph.D 

* Note: From 1833 to 1855 the titles Principal and Superintendent seem to 
have been interchangeable. 


1886 Myron Reed Sanford, A.M 1890 

1894 James Addison Babbitt, A.M., M.D 1907 

1907 Oscar Marshall Chase, S.M 


1857 Joseph Jones 1859 

1859 Timothy Nicholson 1861 

1861 William Foster Mitchell 1862 

1864 William Wetherald 1866 

1866 John Hoag Dillingham, A.M 1875 

1875 Samuel Alsop, Jr., A.M 1878 

1878 Nereus Mendenhall, M.D 1880 

Assistant Superintendents. 

1834 Benjamin F. Hardy 1837 

1837 Benjamin Vail Marsh 1844 

1860 Charles Atherton • . 1862 

1869 Henry Wood, A.B 1870 

1870 Oliver Goldsmith Owen, A.B 1871 

1876 Thomas E. Taylor, A.B 1877 

1877 James Franklin Davis, A.B 1879 



Appointed Name Ceased 

1878 Allen Clapp Thomas, A.M 1884 

1897 William Henry Collins, A.M 1904 


1859 Thomas Wistar, A.B 1861 

1861 Charles Atherton 1862 

1862 Thomas White Lamb, A.B 1862 

1862 John W. Pinkham, A.B 1863 

1863 Clement Lawrence Smith, A.M 1865 

1865 John Hoag Dillingham, A.M 1875 

1875 Samuel Alsop, Jr., A.M 1878 

1878 Allen Clapp Thomas, A.M. (Consulting Librarian, 1914-1920) . 1914 

1914 Helen Sharpless (Acting Librarian, 1914-1920) 1920 

1920 Dean Putnam Lockwood, Ph.D 

Directors of the Observatory 

1857 Joseph Gibbons Harlan, A.M 1857 

1857 Hugh D. Vail, A.M 1858 

1858 Moses C. Stevens 1862 

1862 Samuel James Gummere, A.M 1874 

1875 Samuel Alsop, Jr., A.M 1878 

1878 Nereus Mendenhall, M.D 1879 

1879 Isaac Sharpless, Sc.D 1887 

1887 Francis P. Leavenworth, A.M 1892 

1892 William Henry Collins, A.M 1904 

Assistants in the Observatory. 

1880 William Bishop, S.B 1881 

1881 William Henry Collins, S.B 1882 

1882 John Elihu Coffin, S.B 1883 

1883 William Earl Morgan, A.M 1885 

1885 Joseph Lybrand Markley, A.B 1886 

1891 William Henry Collins, S.B 1892 

Secretaries of the College. 

1887 Jonathan Jones Comfort, A.B., M.D 1889 

1889 Alison Wing Slocum, A.M 1890 

1890 Jonathan Mowry Steere, A.B 1892 

1892 Eugene Caryl Lewis 1894 

1894 Thomas Harvey Haines 1896 

1896 Alfred Sharpless Haines 1897 

1897 Oscar Marshall Chase, S.M 1907 

Superintendents of Grounds. 

1904 William Henry Collins, A.M 1919 

1919 Robert J. Johnston 

College Faculty 


Appointed Name Ceased 

1856 Paul Swift, M.D 1865 

1856 Thomas Chase, A.M., Philology, 1886 

1856 Joseph Gibbons Harlan, Mathematics, 1857 

1858 Moses C. Stevens, A.B., Mathematics 1862 

1862 Samuel James Gummere, A.M., Mathematics 1874 

1864 Edward Drinker Cope, A.M., Natural Sciences 1867 

1865 John Hoag Dillingham, A.M., Moral and Political Science, . 1878 
1867 Henry Hartshorne, A.M., M.D., Organic Sciences, .... 1871 
1871 Pliny Earle Chase, A.M., LL.D., Natural Science and Philosophy, . 1886 
1875 Isaac Sharpless, S.B., Sc.D., L.H.D., Mathematics; Chemistry; 

Astronomy; Ethics, 1917 

1875 Samuel Alsop, Jr., A.M., Physics and Astronomy 1878 

1878 Allen Clapp Thomas, A.M., History and Political Science, . . 1914 

1878 Nereus Mendenhall, M.D., Ethics and Astronomy 1880 

1879 Robert Bowne Warder, A.M., Chemistry and Physics, . . . 1880 

1880 Lyman Beecher Hall, Ph.D., Chemistry and Physics .... 1917 

1883 Edwin Davenport, A.M., Latin and Greek 1886 

1884 Henry Carvill Lewis, Geology, 1886 

1884 Thomas Newlin, Zoology and Botany, 1886 

1884 James Beattv, Jr., M.E., Engineering, 1886 

1885 Seth Kelley'Gifford, A.M., Ph.D., Greek, 1904 

1886 James Rendel Harris, A.M., Ecclesiastical History, .... 1891 
1886 Levi Talbot Edwards, A.M., Mechanics and Electricity, . . . 1905 
1886 Myron Reed Sanford, A.M., Latin 1893 

1886 J. Playfair McMurrich, Ph.D., Biology, 1889 

1887 William Coffin Ladd, A.M., French 1901 

1887 Francis Barton Gummere, English and German, 1919 

1888 Henry Crew, Ph.D., Physics, 1891 

1889 Frank Morley, A.M., ScD., Mathematics, . . ... 1900 
1889 Winfield Scott Hall, M.S., M.D., Biology and Physical Culture, 1893 

1893 Ernest William Brown, A.M. Sc.D., F.R.S., Mathematics, . . . 1907 

1894 Wilfred P. Mustard, Ph.D., Latin, . 1907 

1902 Henry Sherring Pratt, Ph.D., David Scull Professor of Biology, 

1904 Rufus Matthew Jones, Litt.D., LL.D., D.D., 

1907 Don Carlos Barrett, Ph.D., Economics, 

1907 Legh Wilber Reid, Ph.D., Mathematics, 

1909 Albert Elmer Hancock, Ph.D., English, . . .... 1914 

1911 James Addison Babbitt, M.D., Hygiene and Physical Education, . 

1916 Frederic Palmer, Jr., Ph.D., Physics 

1916 William Wilson Baker, Ph.D., Greek, 1917 

1917 William Edward Lunt, Ph.D., English Constitutional History, . 

1917 Elihu Grant, Ph.D., Biblical Literature, 

1920 Rayner Wickersham Kelsey, Ph.D., History, 

1920 Walter Swain Hinchman, A.M., Francis B. Gummere Professor of 

English, . . ... 1922 

1921 Frank Dekker Watson, Ph.D., Sociology and Social Work, 

1921 Leon Hawley Rittenhouse, M.E., Engineering, 

1922 Dean Putnam Lockwood, Ph.D., Latin 


Associate Professors. 

Appointed Name Ceased 

1897 Henry Sherring Pratt, Ph.D., Biology, (David Scull Foundation) . 1902 

1901 Rufus Matthew Jones, A.M., Litt.D., Philosophy, 1904 

1901 Don Carlos Barrett, Ph.D., Political Science 1907 

1901 Albert Elmer Hancock, Ph.D., English and German 1909 

1901 Legh Wilber Reid, Ph.D., Mathematics 1907 

1903 James Addison Babbitt, M.D., Physical Director, Physiology, . 1911 

1904 William Wistar Comfort, Ph.D., Romance Languages, . 1909 

1904 William Wilson Baker, Ph.D., Greek 1916 

1907 William Hartas Jackson, A.M., Mathematics 1910 

1909 Frederic Palmer, Jr., A.M., 1916 

1909 Leon Hawley Rittenhouse, M.E., Mechanics and Electricity, . . 1921 

1910 Richard Mott Gummere, Ph.D., Latin 1918 

1910 Alexander Guy Holborn Spiers, Ph.D., Romance Languages, . . 1916 

1910 Albert Harris Wilson, S.M., Mathematics 

1911 Rayner Wickersham Kelsey, Ph.D., History, 1920 

1914 Frank Dekker Watson, Ph.D., Social Work, 1921 

1917 Henry Joel Cadbury, Biblical Literature 1919 

1919 Dean Putnam Lockwood, Ph.D., Latin, 1922 

1921 William Buell Meldrum, Ph.D., Chemistry 

Assistant Professors. 

1863 Clement Lawrence Smith, A.M., Classics and Mathematics, . . 1865 

1867 Albert Ripley Leeds, A.B., Chemistry 1867 

1874 Ludovic Estes, A.B., Classics and Mathematics 1875 

1876 Thomas E. Taylor 1877 

1877 James Franklin Davis, A.B., Classics, 1879 

1880 Francis Greenleaf Allinson, Ph.D., Classics, 1882 

1882 Seth Kelley Gifford, A.M., Greek and Latin, 1885 

1915 Oscar Marshall Chase, Drawing, 

1915 Thomas Kite Brown, Jr., A.M., German 1919 

1915 Henry Joel Cadbury, Ph.D., Biblical Literature 1917 

1915 William Otis Sawtelle, A.M., Physics, 1919 

1915 Edward Douglas Snyder, Ph.D., English, 

1916 Joseph Seronde, Ph.D., French 1917 

1917 William Buell Meldrum, Ph.D., Chemistry, 1921 

1921 John Alexander Kelly, Ph.D., German, . " 

1922 James McFadden Carpenter, Jr., Ph.D., Romance Languages . 
1922 Levi Arnold Post, M.A., Greek 


1880 William Bishop, S.B., Mechanical Drawing 1881 

1880 Joseph Rhoads, Jr., A.B., Natural History 1883 

1881 Samuel Jacques Brun, S.B., French, 1882 

1881 Alfred Greeley Ladd, A.M., Physical Culture, 1883 

1881 Charles M. Burns, Jr., Drawing 1884 

1883 Charles Edward Gause, Jr., S.B., Mathematics 1884 

1883 Walter A. Ford, M.D., Physical Culture, 1889 

1884 William Earl Morgan, A.M., Drawing 1885 

1885 Alphonse Van Daell, French, 1886 

1886 Samuel Lepoids, Bach, es Lett., French 1887 

1887 Frank Morey, A.M., Mathematics, 1889 

1887 John Jones, A.M., Philosophy, 1888 

1887 Robert William Rogers, A.B., Greek and Hebrew, .... 1889 

1888 Henry Crew, Ph.D., Physics 1891 

1889 Winfield Scott Hall, M.S., M.D., Biology 1893 


Appointed Name Ceased 

1890 Lindley Murray Stevens, A.B., Mathematics 1891 

1890 John H. Bechtel, Elocution 1892 

1891 Ernest William Brown, A.M., Mathematics 1893 

1891 Joseph Osgood Thompson, Ph.D., Physics 1894 

1891 George H. Bickford, A.B., English and Physical Training, . . 1892 

1891 George Aaron Barton, A.M., Bible Languages, 1893 

1891 Robert S. DeBow, Ph.D., Philosophy 1892 

1892 Arthur L. Brainard, A.B., Latin and German, 1893 

1892 William Draper Lewis, Ph.D., Political Science 1896 

1893 Wilfred P. Mustard, Ph.D., Latin, 1894 

1893 Henry Sherring Pratt, Ph.D., Biology 1897 

1893 Rufus Matthew Jones, A.M., Philosophy 1901 

1893 Emory R. Johnson, Ph.D., Economics 1896 

1893 James Addison Babbitt, A.M., M.D., Physical Training, . . . 1903 

1895 Clarence Gilbert Hoag, A.B., English and German 1896 

1896 Roeliff Morton Breckenridge, Ph.D., Political Science, . . . 1897 

1896 Arthur C. L. Brown, A.M. English 1898 

1897 Oscar Marshall Chase, S.M., Mechanical Drawing, .... 1915 
1897 Don Carlos Barrett, A.M., Political Science and History, . . . 1901 
1897 Frank E. Farley, Ph.D., English and German 1898 

1897 William Wistar Comfort, A.M., French and German, . . . 1904 

1898 Albert Elmer Hancock, Ph.D., English and German 1901 

1898 Martin Bell Stubbs, Ph.D., Chemistry and Physics 1899 

1899 Gregory Paul Baxter, Ph.D., Chemistry 1900 

1899 Frederick A. Saunders, Ph.D., Physics 1901 

1899 Herman L. Ebeling, Ph.D., Latin, 1900 

1901 Herman L. Ebeling, Ph.D., Latin 1902 

1901 Edward Rhoads, Ph.D., Physics 1903 

1901 John Darlington Carter, A.M., Chemistry 1903 

1902 R. Myron Strong, Ph.D., Biology 1903 

1903 George Flowers Stradling, Ph.D., Physcs, 1904 

1903 James Warner Harry, Ph.D . . 1904 

1904 Frederic Palmer, Jr., A.M., Physics and Astronomy, .... 1909 

1905 Leon Hawley Rittenhouse, M.E., Mechanics and Electricity, . . 1909 

1906 Alpheus Wilson Smith, Ph.D., Physics 1907 

1907 Richard Mott Gummere, Ph.D., Latin 1910 

1907 Thomas Kite Brown, Jr., A.M., German 1915 

1907 Walter Mann Mitchell, Ph.D., Astronomy 1909 

1908 Fletcher Barker Coffin, A.M., Chemistry 1909 

1909 Alexander Guy Holborn Spiers, Ph.D., Romance Languages, . . 1910 
1909 Rayner Wickersham Kelsey, Ph.D., History, 1911 

1909 Clarence Elnathan Norris, A.M., German, 1912 

1910 Henry Joel Cadbury, A.M., Greek, 1915 

1910 Paul Givler, Ph.D., Biology, 1910 

1910 Alfred Loranus Atwood, A.B., Physical Training 1912 

1911 Joseph Eugene Rowe, Ph.D., Mathematics, 1812 

1911 Joseph Haines Price, A.B., English 1912 

1912 Robert Roy Chamberlain, A.B., Physics 1913 

1913 Victor Oscar Freeburg, A.M., English 1915 

1913 William Otis Sawtelle, A.M., Physics 1915 

1916 Charles Harold Livingston, A.M., French 1917 

1916 Charles Harlan Abbott, A.M., Biology 1917 

1917 Walter Elwood Vail, A.M., Chemistry, 1918 

1917 James McFadden Carpenter, Jr., A.M., Romance Languages, . . 1922 

1917 Levi Arnold Post, A.M., B.A., Romance Languages and Greek, . l')J_ 

1917 Ralph Vanderwort Bangham, A.M., Biology, 1918 

1917 Albert Winslow Barker, A.B.. Greek 1918 

1917 Donald Galbraith Baird, A.M., English 1917 


Appointed Name Ceased 

1919 Abraham Henwood, Sc.D., Chemistry 1919 

1919 Arthur Walker Bull, B. Chem., Chemistry 1920 

1919 Walter Alinerian Hildreth, A.M., German, 1920 

1919 Elmer Lentz Shaffer, A.M., Biology, 1920 

1920 John Alexander Kelly, Ph.D., German 1921 


1871 Edward Drinker Cope, A.M., Zoology, 1874 

1875 Edward Drinker Cope, A.M., 1878 

1877 Joseph Thomas, A.M., M.D., History 1879 

1883 Henry Carvill Lewis, A.M., Geology 1884 

1886 James Wood, A.M., American History 1887 

1887 Albert Sidney Bolles, Ph.D., Political Science 1888 

1892 Alden Sampson, A.M., -Fine Arts, 1893 

1893 George Aaron Barton, Ph.D., Bible Languages 1895 

1897 Albert Sidney Bolles, Ph.D., Commercial Law and Banking . 

1904 Alfred Cope Garrett, Ph.D., Biblical Literature 1908 

1908 Felix Emmanuel Schelling, Ph.D., Litt.D., English 1909 

1920 John Saeger Bradway, A.M., LL.B., Business Law 1921 


1856 George H. Stuart, A.B., Classics, 1858 

1858 Thomas Wistar, A.B., Classics and History, 1861 

1861 Thomas White Lamb, A.B., Classics and History, 1862 

1862 John W. Pinkham, A.B., Classics and Mathematics, .... 1863 

1869 Henry Wood, A.B. 1870 

1870 Oliver Goldsmith Owen, A.B., Classics and Ethics, .... 1871 


1833 Daniel B. Smith, Moral Philosophy and English, 1845 

1833 John Gummere, A.M., Mathematics, 1843 

1833 Joseph Thomas, A.M., M.D., Latin and Greek 1834 

1834 William Dennis, Classics 1840 

1835 Samuel James Gummere, Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, . 1840 

1835 Benjamin H. Deacon, Preparatory Department, 1835 

1843 Henry D. Gregory, Classics 1845 

1843 Joseph W. Aldrich, Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, . . 1845 

1848 Lindley Murray Moore 1850 

1848 Hugh D. Vail, Mathematics 1852 

1848 Joseph W. Aldrich, Classics, 1853 

1851 Albert K. Smiley, English Literature and Chemistry, .... 1853 

1851 Alfred Homans Smiley, Philosophy and Geology 1853 

1852 Joseph Thomas, A.M., M.D., Elocution 1853 

1853 William Augustus Reynolds, Classics, 1855 

1853 Joseph Gibbons Harlan, Mathematics 1856 

1853 Paul Smith, M.D., English and Natural Science 1856 

1854 Henry S. Schell, Drawing, 1855 

1855 Jesse S. Cheyney, Introductory Department, 1855 

1855 Thomas Chase, A.M., Classics, 1856 

1855 Timothy Nicholson, Introductory Department, 1856 

1856 John Kern, Drawing, 1859 

1860 Lucien Crepon, Drawing, 1860 

1860 John B. Wilson, Drawing 1865 

1860 Charles Atherton, Elocution, 1861 


Assistant Teachers. 

Appointed Name Ceased 

1833 John Collins, Drawing and Classics, 1835 

1834 William Gummere, English and Classics 1838 

1834 Samuel James Gummere, Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, . 1835 

1836 Andrew Comstock, Elocution 1837 

1840 G. Pasaderian De Theligny, French 1841 

1844 William S. Hilles, 1845 

1845 James M. Price, Classics, 1845 

1845 Charles M. Allen, Mathematics 1845 

1849 Albert K. Smiley, English Literature and Chemistry, .... 1851 

1849 Alfred Homans Smiley, Mental and Moral Philosophy, . . . 1851 

1850 Dougan Clark, Introductory Department 1850 

1850 Zaccheus Test, Introductory Department, 1853 

1851 Stephen Roberts, A.B., 1851 

1851 Franklin Enoch Paige, Mathematics, 1853 

1852 Jonathan Jones Comfort, Introductory Department 1853 

1853 John R. Hubbard, Classics 1854 

1853 John F. Rowell, Introductory Department 1853 

1854 Thomas Heaton Burgess, Introductory Department 1855 

1855 Cyrus Mendenhall, Introductory Department, 1856 



Alumni Association 


Year President 

1856 Thomas F. Cock, M.D. 

1857 Benjamin V. Marsh. 

1858 Francis R. Cope. 

1859 Francis R. Cope. 

1860 Francis T. King. 

1861 Francis T. King. 

1862 Thomas P. Cope. 

1863 Francis T. King. 
186+ Robt. Lindley Murray. 

1865 Robt. Lindley Murray. 

1866 Robt. Lindley Murray. 

1867 J as. Carey Thomas, M.D. 

1868 Henry Hartshorne, M.D. 

1869 Henry Hartshorne, M.D. 

1870 Henry Hartshorne, M.D. 

1871 Charles Hartshorne. 

1872 Charles Hartshorne. 

1873 Benjamin V. Marsh. 

1874 David Scull, Jr. 

1875 David Scull, Jr. 

1876 Philip C. Garrett. 

1877 Philip C. Garrett. 

1878 Isaac F. Wood. 

1879 John B. Garrett. 

1880 John B. Garrett. 

1881 Joseph Parrish. 

1882 Henry Hartshorne, M.D. 

1883 Henry Hartshorne, M.D. 

1884 Howard Comfort. 

1885 Howard Comfort. 

1886 Charles Roberts. 

1887 Charles Roberts. 

1888 James J. Leviclc, M.D. 

1889 James J. Levick, M.D. 

1890 Francis B. Gummere. 

1891 Francis B. Gummere. 

1892 Francis B. Gummere. 

1893 Francis K. Carey. 

1894 John C. Winston. 

1895 John C. Winston. 

1896 William Draper Lewis. 

1897 William Draper Lewis. 

1898 Edward P. Allinson. 

1899 Edward P. Allinson. 

Robert Bonne. 
David Scull, Jr. 
David Scull, Jr. 
John B. Garrett. 
John B. Garrett. 
John B. Garrett. 
John B. Garrett. 
John B. Garrett. 
Barthol. W. Beesley. 
Barthol. W. Beesley. 
Edward Rhoads, M.D. 
Edward Rhoads, M.D. 
Edward L. Scull. 
Edward L. Scull. 
Henry Bettle. 
Henry Bettle. 
Walter Wood. 
Walter Wood. 
Walter Wood. 
Walter Wood. 
Walter Wood. 
Walter Wood. 
Walter Wood. 
Edward P. Allinson. 
Edward P. Allinson. 
Edward P. Allinson. 
Edward P. Allinson. 
Edward P. Allinson. 
Edward P. Allinson. 
Edward P. Allinson. 
Edward P. Allinson. 
Edward P. Allinson. 
Edward P. Allinson. 
Nathaniel B. Crenshaw. 
Nathaniel B. Crenshaw. 
Nathaniel B. Crenshaw. 
Nathaniel B. Crenshaw. 
Nathaniel B. Crenshaw. 
Nathaniel B. Crenshaw. 
Nathaniel B. Crenshaw. 
Nathaniel B. Crenshaw. 
Nathaniel B. Crenshaw. 
Nathaniel B. Crenshaw. 
Nathaniel B. Crenshaw. 

Edmund A. Crenshaw. 
Henry H. G. Sharpless. 
John S. Hilles. 
John S. Hilles. 
John S. Hilles. 
John S. Hilles. 
John S. Hilles. 
Edward R. Wood. 
Edward R. Wood. 
Edward R. Wood. 
Charles Roberts. 
Charles Roberts. 
Charles Roberts. 
Charles Roberts. 
Thomas K. Longstreth. 
Howard Comfort. 
Howard Comfort. 
Howard Comfort. 
Reuben Haines. 
Reuben Haines. 
Reuben Haines. 
Reuben Haines. 
Reuben Haines. 
Thomas K. Longstreth. 
Thomas K. Longstreth. 
Thomas K. Longstreth. 
Thomas K. Longstreth. 
Benjamin H. Lowry. 
Benjamin H. Lowry. 
Benjamin H. Lowry. 
Samuel Mason. 
Samuel Mason. 
Samuel Mason. 
Samuel Mason. 
Samuel Mason. 
Samuel Mason. 
Henry Cope. 
Walter P. Shipley. 
Walter P. Shipley. 
Jonathan M. Steere. 
Jonathan M. Steere. 
Jonathan M. Steere. 
Jonathan M. Steere. 
Jonathan M. Steere. 


Year President 

1900 Edward P. Allinson. 

1901 Nathaniel B. Crenshaw 

1902 Nathaniel B. Crenshaw 

1903 William M. Coates. 

1904 Rufus M. Jones. 

1905 Rufus M. Jones. 

1906 Frederic H. Strawbridge. 

1907 Frederic H. Strawbridge. 

1908 James Wood. 

1909 Joseph W. Sharp, Jr. 

1910 Edward Bettle, Jr. 

1911 Alfred C. Garrett. 

1912 Parker S. Williams. 

1913 Henry Cope. 

1914 Charles J. Rhoads. 

1915 Charles J. Rhoads. 

1916 William W. Comfort. 

1917 Alfred M. Collins. 

1918 Walter C. Janney. 

1919 Walter C. Janney. 

1920 J. Stogdell Stokes. 

1921 J. Stogdell Stokes. 

1922 Alfred M. Collins. 

Nathaniel B. Crenshaw. 
Charles J. Rhoads. 
Charles J. Rhoads. 
Charles J. Rhoads. 
Charles J. Rhoads. 
Charles J. Rhoads. 
Charles J. Rhoads. 
Charles J. Rhoads. 
Edward W. Evans. 
Edward W. Evans. 
Edward W. Evans. 
Edward W. Evans. 
Joseph H. Haines. 
Joseph H. Haines. 
Joseph H. Haines. 
Joseph H. Haines. 
Joseph H. Haines. 
Joseph H. Haines. 
H. Norman Thorn. 
H. Norman Thorn. 
Joseph H. Haines. 
Albert E. Rogers. 
Albert E. Rogers. 


Jonathan M. Steere. 
Jonathan M. Steere. 
Jonathan M. Steere. 
Jonathan M. Steere. 
Jonathan M. Steere. 
Jonathan M. Steere. 
Jonathan M. Steere. 
Jonathan M. Steere. 
Jonathan M. Steere. 
Jonathan M. Steere. 
Alfred G. Scattergood. 
Alfred G. Scattergood. 
Alfred G. Scattergood. 
Emmett R. Tatnall. 
Emmett R. Tatnall. 
Emmett R. Tatnall. 
Emmett R. Tatnall. 
Emmett R. Tatnall. 
William H. Haines, Jr. 
William H. Haines, Jr. 
William H. Haines, Jr. 
William H. Haines, Jr. 
William H. Haines, Jr. 


Alumni Association 

















































Orators Poets 

Isaac S. Serrill. 
Henry Hartshorne, M.D. 
Charles Taber. 
James J. Levick, M.D. 
Richard Wood. 
Franklin E. Paige. 
Zaccheus Test, M.D. 

Jas. Carey Thomas, M.D.Henry Hartshorne, M.D. 
Edward R. Wood. 


Edward Rhoads, M.D. 

Joseph G. Pinkham. 

Joseph Parrish. 
Edward Rhoads, M.D 
Lloyd P. Smith. 
Henry Bettle. 
Robert B. Taber. 
Samuel C. Collins. 
Charles E. Pratt. 
Clement L. Smith. 
Jos. G. Pinkham. 
Allen C. Thomas. 
Richard M. Jones. 
Francis B. Gummere. 
Joseph K. Murray. 
Nereus Mendenhall, M.D. 
Philip C. Garrett. 
Henry Wood. 
(No oration.) 
John B. Garrett. 
James Tyson, M.D. 
Francis G. Allinson. 
Alden Sampson. 
Robert H. Chase, M.D. 
Morris Longstreth, M.D. 
George G. Mercer. 
Edward P. Allinson. 
Benjamin H. Lowry. 
Thomas K. Worthington 
Alfred C. Garrett. 
Bond V. Thomas. 
William Draper Lewis. 
Rufus M. Jones. 
Howell S. England. 
William B. Broomall. 
Barker Newhall. 
Parker S. Williams. 
Walter Morris Hart. 
(No oration.) 
William W. Comfort. 

Allen C. Thomas. 

Joseph Parrish. 

Charles E. Pratt. 
Francis B. Gummere 

Roberts Vaux. 
Francis B. Gummere 

R. Henry Holme. 
Francis K. Carey. 
John H. Gifford. 
Josiah P. Edwards. 
Henry Hartshorne, M.D. Charles E. Gause. 
John C. Winston. 
Wilmot R. Jones. 
Charles R. Jacob. 
Augustus T. Murray. 
William S. Hilles. 
Henry H. Goddard. 
William H. Futrell. 
Howell S. England. 
Edward M. Angell. 
Henry L. Gilbert. 
David H. Blair. 
Clarence G. Hoag. 
Eugene M. Westcott. 
Edmund Blanchard, Jr. 
Homer J. Webster. 
Milton Clauser. 
Elliot Field. 
Arthur Clement Wild. 
William John Bawden. 
Howard V. Bullinger. 
W. P. Philips. 
Edgar H. Boles. 
Charles W. Davis 






















(No oration.) 
Wilmot R. Jones. 
Francis R. Cope, Jr. 
(No oration.) 



Bernard Lester. 

Chester J. Teller. 

Harold Evans. 

Ira J. Dodge. 

J. P. Elkinton. 

Walter C. Sandt. 

Ralph R. Else. 

Richard J. M. Hobbs. 

Mark Balderston. 

Oliver M. Porter. 

Carroll D. Champlin. 

Wilmar M. Allen. 

Ulric J. Mengert. 

(No contest.) 

(No contest.) 

(No contest.) 
I Clarence J. Leuba. 
I Christopher Roberts. 
I Edmund G. Hauff. 
1 M. Huyette Sangree. 
I Nelson A. White. 
1 Hal G. Farrar. 


fBurson, David Stroud. 

Entered Junior Class 1834 and left before graduation 1835. 

Studied medicine at Miami Medical College, Cincinnati, O. 
Teacher 16 years. 

b. Stroudsburg, Pa., April 5, 1816. d. Richmond, Ind., April 
3, 1911. s. Edward Burson, M.D., and Jemima Stroud, m. 
Waynesville, O., August 1, 1838, Margaret Evans. 


fCock, Thomas Ferris, A.M., LL.D. (Hon.) 1883. (M.D., Univ. 
of Pa., 1838.) 

Entered Junior Class 1834. The First Graduate of Haverford. 

Studied medicine at Columbia College, New York City, and at 
University of Pennsylvania. Physician. Consulting Physician 
New York Hospital, Bellevue Woman's Hospital, Woman's In- 
firmary, etc. Member of numerous Medical Societies. 

b. New York City, July 1, 1819. d. New York City, June — , 
1896. s. Thomas Cock, M.D. (Manager, 1830-50), and Elizabeth 
Ferris, m. (1) Ann Augusta Wood; (2) Mrs. Louise de Forest. 

fWalton, Joseph. 

Entered 1833, being No. 17 of the 21 present on the opening day. 

Teacher of Latin, Westtown School ; printer ; surveyor ; dealer 
in furniture. Sixteen years Clerk of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting 
of Friends, 1881-97; Clerk of the Meeting for Sufferings. Editor 
of The Friend, Philadelphia, 1879-98. Compiler or author of the 
following: "Brief Biographies of Some Members of the Society 
of Friends;" "Foot-Prints and Way-Marks for the Help of the 
Christian Traveler;" "Incidents and Reflections, Containing Illus- 
trations of Religious Truth ;" "Some of the Doctrines of the 
Christian Religion as Held by the Society of Friends, extracted 
from the Writings of William Penn;" "Memoirs of John S. 
Stokes;" "Incidents Concerning the Society of Friends." 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., August 3, 1817. d. Moorestown, N. J., 
February 10, 1898. s. Joseph Walton and Abi Kite. m. Decem- 
ber 23, 1858, Lydia Lippincott. 
f Deceased. 1 

2 haverford college [1836 

fBarnes, Jonathan B. 

Entered 1833, left 1834. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., 1817. d. Philadelphia, Pa., . s. 

Samuel Barnes and Rebecca . m. Hannah Brown, of Falls- 

ington, Pa. 

fGummere, William. 

Entered 1833, No. 12 of the 21 who were present on the opening 
day. Pursued a partial course. 

Instructor in English and Classics, Haverford, 1834-38. Entered 
service of United States Bank, Philadelphia, 1838; Bank of the 
Northern Liberties, Philadelphia, Pa., 1842; Cashier, 1855-74; 
President, 1874-90; President Emeritus, 1890. 

b. Westtown, Pa., January 29, 1814. d. Burlington, N. J., June 
14, 1897. s. John Gummere and Elizabeth Buzby. m. April 10, 
1845, Martha Moore Morris. 

fMendenhall, Cyrus. 

Entered Junior Class 1834 and left at close of the year. 

Fur trader among the Indians in the Lake Superior country; 
miner of copper ; launched the first vessel, the "Algonquin," on 
Lake Superior, moving it in winter on rollers over the line of the 
present ship canal of Sault Ste. Marie. Member of Ohio House 
of Representatives, 1856-58; Chairman of Committee on State 
Penitentiary ; drafter of law forbidding infliction of corporal pun- 
ishment on any prisoners ; instituted the plan by which a prisoner 
might, by good behavior, reduce the time for which he was sen- 
tenced (probably the first law of the kind in the United States) ; 
miner of iron ore and dealer in iron. 

b. East Fairfield, Columbiana County, O., November 3, 1810. 
d. Oskaloosa, la., February, 1877. s. Aaron Mendenhall and 
Lydia Richardson, m. (1) September 20, 1836, Esther Rundle ; 
(2) at Mt. Pleasant, O., April 27, 1848, Anna T. Updegraff ; (3) 
at Philadelphia, June, 1863, Phebe E. Howell. 

fParsons, Samuel Bowne. 

Entered 1833, being No. 10 of the 21 students present on the 
opening day. Left 1835. 

Nurseryman and florist. Published "Book of the Rose;" a 
volume of poems; various horticultural addresses. 

b. Flushing, N. Y., February 16, 1819. d. . s. Samuel 

Parsons and Mary Bowne. m. (1) 1842, Susan Howland ; (2) 
1858, Elizabeth Butterworth. 


fRichardson, John D. 

Entered Junior Class 1834 and left at close of the year, 
b. Bucks County, Pa., January 24, 1815. d. July 27, 1842. s. 
Joseph Richardson and Mary Dixon, of Middletown. 

fSheppard, Clarkson. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1833, being No. 16 of the 21 present 
on the opening day. Left during Junior year, 1835. 

School teacher for 20 years; Minister of the Society of Friends; 
Clerk of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of Friends, 1877-81. 

b. Greenwich, N. J., April 7, 1813. d. Media, Pa., October 4, 
1895. s. John Sheppard and Mary Miller, m. (1) September 5, 
1843, Anne Garrett; (2) May 22, 1856, Lydia Warrington. 


fLongstreth, William Collins. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1834. 

Farmer; Treasurer, Elmira & Williamsport Railroad Company; 
Vice-President, Provident Life and Trust Company, Philadelphia, 
Pa., 15 years. Manager of Haverford College, 1864-81. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., March 12, 1821. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
April 25, 1881. s. Isaac Longstreth and Mary Collins, m. Novem- 
ber 16, 1848, Abby Ann Taylor. 

fMarsh, Benjamin Vail. 

Entered Junior Class 1836. 

Assistant Superintendent, Haverford, 1837-44; teacher; dry 
goods merchant. Manager, Haverford College, 1860-82; Presi- 
dent of Alumni Association, 1857, 1873. Published a monograph 
on Luminosity of Meteors. 

b. Rahway, N. J., 1820. d. Burlington, N. J.. 1882. s. Abel 
Marsh and Christiana Vail. m. Burlington, N. J., October 16, 
1851, Frances Gummere. 

fMurray, Lindley. 

Entered 1833. 

Wholesale druggist ; editor of Literary Periodical; President of 
Fire Insurance Company ; Real Estate Agent. 

b. New York City, January 11, 1821. d. New York City, 
March 11, 1897. s. Lindley Murray and Eliza Cheeseman. m. 
May 22, 1843, Fanny Russell Talman. 

fMurray, David Colden. 

Entered 1834. 

Shipping merchant. Secretary New York Hospital. 


b. New York City, — . d. New York City, September, 1885. 
s. Robert I. Murray and Elizabeth Colden. m. Mary Sherwood. 

fParsons, Robert Bowne. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1834. 

Nurseryman and florist. 

b. Flushing, N. Y., February 14, 1817. d. Newtown, L. I., 
N. Y., November 15, 1898; run over by railroad train, s. Samuel 
Parsons and Mary Bowne. m. August 18, 1857, Mary E. Mitchell. 

fPennock, Joseph Liddon. 

Entered 1833, being No. 6 of the 21 present on the opening day. 


b. Philadelphia, Pa., April 22, 1819. d. Jacksonville, Fla., 
November 18, 1870. s. Abraham Liddon Pennock and Elizabeth 
Sellers, m. December 15, 1847, Lydia Ann Eldridge. 

fSharpless, Charles Leeds. 

Entered 1833, being No. 11 of the 21 present on the opening 

Dry goods merchant. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., March 18, 1821. d. Montgomery County, 
Pa., July 1, 1882. s. Townsend Sharpless (Manager 1841-63) 
and Mary B. Jones, m. October 1, 1844, Anna R. Williams. 

fSmith, Lloyd Pearsall, A.M., 1869. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1834. Alumni Orator 1868. 

Librarian of the Library Company of Philadelphia. Author of 
"Classification of Books," 1882; "Symbolism and Science," 1885; 
"A Bibliography of that Ancient and Honorable Order, 'The So- 
ciety of the Cincinnati,' " 1885 ; "An Address in Philadelphia," 
1869; "Joint and Separate Answer of Thomas J. Crain and Lloyd 
P. Smith to the Bill of Complaint of William A. Coit," 1880; 
"Remarks on the Apology for Imperial Usurpation Contained in 
Napoleon's Life of Caesar," 1865 ; speech at the Inauguration of 
the New Hall of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 1884. 
Member of Historical Society of Pennsylvania; Association of 
Librarians. In Pennsylvania Vols., September, 1862; a member 
of the Emergency Corps of the Third Pennsylvania Reserves dur- 
ing the Gettysburg campaign. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., February 6, 1822. d. Germantown, July 2, 
1886. s. John Jay Smith and Rachel Collins Pearsall. m. October 
13, 1844, Hannah E. Jones. 


fWistar, Bartholomew Wyatt. 

Entered 1833, being No. 1 of the 21 present on the opening day. 

Dry goods business. 

b. New Albion, N. J., July 12, 1818. d. Philadelphia, Pa., Oc- 
tober 23, 1869. s. Bartholomew Wistar and Susan Newbold 
Lawrie. m. November 11, 1841, Annabella Elliott Cresson. 

■i Maker, Isaac S. 

Entered from Philadelphia, Pa., Senior Class 1836 and left 
1837, having pursued a partial course, 
b. , 1816. Could not be traced, but supposed to be dead. 

fCanby, Roberts, afterwards Roberts M. Canby. 

Entered 1833, and left the same year. No. 19 of the 21 stu- 
dents present on the opening day. 

b. Wilmington, Del., April 7, 1819. d. Wilmington, Del., Sep- 
tember 25, 1854. s. James Canby and Elizabeth Roberts. 

fCollins, Alfred Morris. 

Entered 1833, being No. 3 of the 21 students present on the 
opening day. Left during Junior year, 1836. 

Manufacturer of carpets; manufacturer of cardboards; Secre- 
tary of Board of Managers of House of Refuge, Philadelphia, 
Pa. ; Director of Philadelphia National Bank ; connected with sev- 
eral charitable societies. 

b. New York City, January 11, 1820. d. Philadelphia, May 
26, 1895. s. Isaac Collins and Margaret Morris, m. November 
22, 1843, Hannah R. Evans. 

tCollins, Henry Hill. 

Entered 1833, being No. 2 of the 21 present on opening day. 
Left 1835. 

b. February 3, 1818. d. Philadelphia, Pa., July 20, 1840. s. 
Isaac Collins and Margaret Morris. 

fCollins, Thomas Abbott. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1834 and left 1836. 

b. Burlington, N. J, June 11, 1819. d. November 27, 1840. 
s. Thomas Collins and Ann Abbott. 

jEvernghim, Henry. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1834 and left 1835. 

b. , Skaneateles, N. Y. d. . s. James Evernghim and 

Avis Mott. 


fFell, Jonathan W., (M.D.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1834 and left 1837. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., May 5, 1816. d. Faulkland, Del., May 30, 
1868. s. Jonathan Fell and Rebecca Jenks. 

fFisher, Lindley. 

Entered Junior Class 1835 and pursued a partial course. Left 

b. near Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., October 20, 1818. d. 
February 3, 1852. s. William Logan Fisher and Sarah Lindley. 

fHacker, Henry Marriott. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1834 and left 1835. 

b. Salem, Mass., October 27, 1817. d. Lynn, Mass., April 10, 
1881. s. William Estes Hacker and Nancy Shove, m. (1) Oc- 
tober 15, 1843, Lucy J. Breed; (2) November 17, 1847, Katherine 
J. Breed. 

fHowell, Arthur Holton. 

Entered 1833 and left 1834. 

Leather merchant. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., March 8, 1818. d. Philadelphia, Pa., April 
5, 1877. s. Joseph Howell and Sarah Richie, m. April 27, 1847, 
Annie B. Ruffner. 

fHulme, Samuel. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1834 and left 1835. 

b. Bristol, Bucks County, Pa., September 11, 1818. d. Phila- 
delphia, Pa., July 27, 1895. s. Samuel Hulme and Mary Richard- 
son, m. May 11, 1843, Rachel S. Kirkbride. 

•f-Jones, Charles. 

Entered Junior Class 1835 and left 1836. 

Private tutor for several years; head of private school, Ger- 
mantown, Philadelphia, for several years ; principal Friends' Select 
School, Philadelphia, 12 years; merchant for a number of years. 

b. Cheltenham, Pa., March 18, 1817. d. May 30, 1902. s. John 
Jones and Mary Shoemaker, m. July 22, 1852, Ann Megarge. 

fJones, Samuel Howell. 

Entered 1833 and left 1834. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., June 30, 1818. d. January 27, 1883. s. 
Benjamin Jones and Mary Howell, m. (1) 1848, Lydia H. 
Bishop; (2) 1862, Eliza Kate Jacob. 


fKing, Francis Thompson. 

Entered 1833, being No. 18 of the 21 present on opening day. 
Left 1834. 

Merchant ; banker ; Director, Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Com- 
pany ; President, Central Savings Bank, Baltimore ; member Balti- 
more City Water Board ; President, Thomas Wilson Sanitarium ; 
Director, Samuel Ready Orphan Asylum; President, Maryland 
Bible Society; Clerk, Baltimore Yearly Meeting of Friends, 1859- 
85; Manager of Haverford College, 1850-57, 1871-91; President, 
Alumni Association, 1860, 1861, 1863; Trustee, Bryn Mawr Col- 
lege, Bryn Mawr, Pa., 1880-91 ; First President of Trustees of 
same, 1880-91 ; Original Trustee, Johns Hopkins University and 
Johns Hopkins Hospital, and President of Trustees of the latter. 

b. Baltimore, Md., February 25, 1819. d. Baltimore, Md., De- 
cember 18, 1891. m. New Bedford, Mass., January 8, 1846, 
Elizabeth G. Taber. 

fLewis, John Howard. 

Entered 1833, being one of the 21 present on the opening day. 

Paper manufacturer ; fox hunter. 

b. Delaware County, Pa., February 3, 1816. d. Media, Pa., 
April 24, 1907. s. John Lewis and Elizabeth Crozer. m. Malvina 
H. Irwin. 

fLippincott, James Starr. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1834 and left 1835. 

Teacher. Experimenter in Scientific Farming, 1856-68. Dele- 
gate to World's Peace Conference, Frankfort, Germany, 1850; 
Editor American Revision of Chambers's "Encyclopaedia," 1870- 
71 ; author of many essays in Reports United States Department 
of Agriculture, Washington, D. C, and many essays on agricul- 
tural subjects in various periodicals. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., April 12, 1819. d. Greenwich, N. J., 
March 17, 1885. s. John Lippincott and Sarah West Starr, m. 
(1) 1857, Susan Haworth Ecroyd; (2) 1881, Anne E. Sheppard. 

fLogan, John Dickinson. (M.D., Univ. of Pa.) 

Entered 1833, being No. 21 of the 21 students present on the 
opening day. Pursued a partial course and left at close of Senior 
year without graduating. 

Studied medicine at University of Pennsylvania. Physician. 

b. June 21, 1817. d. Baltimore, Md., April 25, 1881. s. Al- 
banus Charles Logan and Maria Dickinson, m. April 28, 1846, 
Susan Wister. 


fOsborne, Charles. 

Entered 1836 and left 1837, during Senior year. 

Banker; accountant. 

b. Smithfield, R. I., October 26, 1818. d. Vassalboro, Me., 
April 19, 1891. s. John Osborne and Elizabeth Allen, m. July 1, 
1846, Louisa L. Lang. 

fSerrill, Isaac S. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1834 and left during the Senior year, 
having pursued a partial course. 

Prominent in the reorganization of the institution after its 
temporary suspension in 1845. Orator at the meeting of old stu- 
dents at Haverford in 1846; subject, "Haverford Revisited" (see 
Haverford History, 1892, pp. 168-175) ; Member of Committee 
to organize Alumni Association, 1856; Alumni Orator, 1857. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., February 12, 1819. d. 1859. s. Pearson 
Serrill and Rachel Starr. 

fSmith, Dillwyn. 

Entered 1833, being No. 7 of the 21 present on the opening day. 
Left at close of Sophomore year. 

b. Burlington, N. J., April 2, 1818. d. Medford, N. J., Septem- 
ber 10, 1891. s. Richard Morris Smith and Susanna R. Collins. 
m. July 6, 1848, Elizabeth M. Morris. 

fTatnall, Edward. 

Entered 1833, being No. 20 of the 21 present on the opening 
day. Left at close of Junior year on account of ill health. 

Clerk in mill; farmer; inventor and first manufacturer of parlor 
matches ; nurseryman and florist ; Superintendent of Public Parks 
in Wilmington, Del., 1888-93. 

b. Wilmington, Del., September 30, 1818. d. Wilmington, Del., 
May 31, 1898. s. Edward Tatnall and Margery Paxson. m. Sep- 
tember 12, 1844, Rachel R. Webb. 

tThurston, William Richardson, Jr. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1834; left 1835. 

Wholesale druggist; Manager of Haverford College, 1871-95. 

b. New York, May 14, 1817. d. October 10, 1895. s. William 
Richardson Thurston and Mary Seaman, m. November 9, 1842, 
Jane Ridley Day. 

fYarnall, William. 

Entered 1833, being No. 8 of the 21 present on the opening day. 
Left 1835. 

Hardware merchant. Retired. 


b. Philadelphia, Pa., October 18, 1819. d. West Philadelphia, 
Pa., December 30, 1903. s. Benjamin Hornor Yarnall and Eliza- 
beth Coffin, m. Philadelphia, Pa., October 23, 1844, Elizabeth 
Moore Massey. 

fElliott, John. 

Entered 1834. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., April 10, 1820. d. Near Santa Cruz, Cal., 
1892. s. Daniel Elliott and Lydia Richards. 

f Km Ion, James Valentine. (M.D., Univ. of Pa.) 
Entered Sophomore Class 1835. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 21, 1820. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
1880. s. Samuel Emlen, M.D., and Beulah Sansom Valentine, m. 
Ann Armour. 


fBishop, John. 

Entered Introductory Department 1833 and left 1837, during 
Junior year. 


b. Columbus, N. J., March 16, 1820. d. Trenton, N. J., August 
1, 1900. s. John Bishop and Ann Black, m. (1) Rebecca Field 
Biddle; (2) September 9, 1896, Mary James Bowen (Cropper). 

fCIapp, Isaac Hicks. 

Entered 1834 and left during Senior year. 
Merchant. Lawyer. 

b. New York City, July 28, 1820. d. New York City, Novem- 
ber 21, 1852. s. John Clapp and Phebe Hicks. 

fCollins, John. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1833 and left 1835. First Secretary 
and one of the founders of the Loganian. 

Teacher in Introductory Department, Haverford (Drawing and 
the Classics), 1833-35 ; Teacher in Private Schools in Philadelphia, 
Pa., and Burlington, N. J. ; Principal of Schools, Mt. Holly and 
Bordentown, N. J. ; Teacher of Penmanship, Burlington College, 
Burlington, N. J. ; Township Superintendent of Public Schools, 
Burlington, 1857; Principal of William Forster Home and School, 
Friendsville, Tenn. Retired. Author of "The Art of Engrav- 
ing;" "Voices of the Dumb Creation;" "1970, a Vision of the 


Coming Age ;" numerous poetical and other contributions to vari- 
ous periodicals; author "The Collins Book;" executed several 
views of Haverford College (see History of Haverford College, 
p. 56), etc.; Vice-President, Universal Peace Union; Honorary 
Member, Delaware County Institute. 

b. New York City, March 15, 1814. d. Philadelphia, Pa., De- 
cember 17, 1902. s. Thomas Collins and Ann Abbott, m. Feb- 
ruary 10, 1839, Anna Baily. 

f Cromwell, Henry. 

Entered 1835 and left 1836. 


b. New York City, 1818. d. New York City, October 25, 1884. 
s. Daniel Cromwell and Elizabeth Townsend. m. 1845, Sarah M. 

f Davis, Richard Wistar. 

Entered Introductory Department 1833 and left at close of 
Junior year, 1838. 


b. Philadelphia, Pa., January 11, 1820. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
March 31, 1852. s. Isaac Davis (Manager, 1830-38; Superin- 
tendent, 1838-39) and Mary Wistar. 

fGummere, Barker. (LL.D., Princeton.) 

Entered 1835 ; left at close of Junior year, 1835. 

Lawyer; Clerk of Court of Chancery, State of New Jersey, 

b. Burlington, N. J., October 16, 1822. d. Trenton, N. J., April 

21, 1895. s. Samuel R. Gummere and Elizabeth Drinker Barker. 

m. March 24, 1846. Elizabeth C. Stryker. 

fGummere, John Griscom. 

Entered 1835 and left at close of Junior year, 1838. 

Manufacturer of paper ; afterwards in employ of Adams Ex- 
press Company. 

b. Burlington, N. J., August 17, 1817. d. Burlington, N. J., 
January 24, 1899. s. John Gummere (Professor Mathematics, 
1833-43; Superintendent, 1834-38, Haverford) and Elizateth 

fHacker, Edward. 

Entered 1834; left during Freshman year, 
b. Salem, Mass., July 2, 1820. d. Philadelphia, Pa., March 9, 
1835. s. William Estes Hacker and Nancy Shove. 


fHaines, John Smith. 

Entered 1833; left 1838. 

Manager, 1869-79. Member Academy Natural Sciences, 
b. Philadelphia, Pa., March 4, 1820. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 1886. 
s. Reuben Haines and Jane Bowne. m. 1850, Mary Drinker Cope. 

■fHowell, Joseph Kirkbridge. 

Entered 1834; left 1834. 

Merchant; 31 years Clerk of County Prison. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., July 27, 1819. d. February 24, 1887. s. 
Asher Mott Howell and Harriet Kirkbride. m. ( 1 ) November 
24, 1841, Elizabeth Gillingham Simmons; (2) June 10, 1875, 
Elizabeth Reynolds Cochran. 

fHowell, William Hudson. 

Entered 1834; left 1836. 

Farmer, 1841-46; dry goods merchant, 1847-64; member of 
shipping transportation firm of William Clyde & Co., 1864-72 ; 
genealogist ; compiled Family Charts of Howell, Hudson and Mott 
families; during War of Rebellion was member of Home Guards 
of Philadelphia ; First Lieutenant in Artillery Company of Ger- 
mantown, Pa. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 12, 1819. d. April 18, 1872. s. 
Joseph Howell and Sarah Richie, m. April 14, 1841, Rebecca 

fLownes, Phineas. 

Entered 1835 and pursued a partial course; left 1838. 

b. Delaware County, Pa., April 1, 1817. d. . s. Joseph 

Lownes and Rachel ■ . m. December 10, 1840, Emily Lewis. 

fMorgan, James Trask. 

Entered 1833, being No. 13 of the 21 present on the opening 
day; left 1835. 

Printer and bookbinder. 

b. Cincinnati, O., February 17, 1817. d. October 6, 1866. s. 
Ephraim Morgan and Charlotte Anthony, m. Hannah Weatherby. 

fRedman, Joseph Sweet. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1835 ; left 1836. 
b. Haddonfield, N. J., May 25, 1817. d. 1891. s. Thomas 
Redman and Elizabeth L. Hopkins. 

fShotwell, George Fox. 

Entered 1834; left at close of the Freshman year. 
Fanner; retired 1890. 


b. New York City, February 28, 1819. d. Skaneateles, N. Y., 
January 2, 1899. s. Joseph S. Shotwell and Deborah Fox. m. 
Louisa R. Rossiter. 

fSmith, Barclay Arney. 

Entered 1834 and left 1836. 

b. Philadelphia. Pa., February 11, 1820. d. . s. Benjamin 

Smith and Ann W. Arney. 

fWistar, Richard. 

Entered 1837; left 1838. 

Superintendent Wills Hospital, Philadelphia. 

b. Salem, N. J., July 14, 1821. d. Salem, N. J., February 4, 
1902. s. Cleayton Wistar and Mary Stevenson, m. September 7, 
1842, Charlotte Wistar Acton. 

fCollins, Frederic. 

Entered Introductory Department, 1834. 

Brewer ; banker ; President, House of Refuge, Philadelphia, Pa. 

b. New York City, January 21, 1822. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
November 27, 1892. s. Isaac Collins (Manager 1830-42) and 
Margaret Morris, m. August 28, 1844, Letitia Poultney Dawson. 

jCope, Thomas Pirn 

Entered 1835. 

Merchant in Philadelphia. Author of "Passages from Life and 
Writings of William Penn;" "Views of Christian Doctrine" (ex- 
tracts from Barclay's "Apology") ; "Passages from Life of George 
Fox ;" compiler of "Readings from Holy Writ." Manager of 
Haverford, 1864-71. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., February 7, 1823. d. Germantown, Pa., 
October 27, 1900. s. Henry Cope (Manager 1830-51) and Rachel 
Reeve, m. November 13, 1849, Elizabeth Wistar Stokes. 

fHartshorne, Henry, A.B., A.M., 1860. (M.D., Univ. of Pa., 
1845; LL.D., 1884.) 

Entered 1836. Vice-President, Loganian Society. 1839; Presi- 
dent, Alumni Association, Semi-Centennial Year ; Alumni Poet, 
1858, 1880, 1889, 1895. 

Student at University of Pennsylvania Medical Department, 
1840-45; Practicing Physician; Professor in Central High School, 
Philadelphia; Professor in University of Pennsylvania (Auxiliary 
Medical Department) ; Professor Organic Science and Philosophy, 
1867-71, Physiology and Hygiene, 1871-76, Haverford College; 
Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania; Girard College; 


Medical Department Pennsylvania Dental College, etc. ; editor of 
Friends' Review, 1873-78, 1881-93; author of Prize Essay on 
"Arterial Circulation," American Medical Association, 1856; 
"Memoranda Medica," 1860; "Monograph on Glycerine," 1856; 
"Treatise on Cholera," 1860; "Essentials of Practical Medicine," 
1867-81; "Conspectus of Medical Sciences," 1869; "Guide to 
Medicine Chest," 1868; "Our Homes" (a Health Primer), 1880; 
also "Household Manual of Hygiene, Medicine and Surgery," 
1887-91 ; articles on Brain, Evolution, Hygiene, etc., in "Johnson's 
Universal Cyclopaedia," 1875 ; several volumes of poems ; "Bertram 
the Prince, and Other Poems," 1892; Acting Assistant (Contract) 
Surgeon for Hospital Service, U. S. A., 1862; Attending Physi- 
cian Philadelphia Hospital, 1855-56; Episcopal Hospital, 1860-62; 
Consulting Physician Woman's Hospital, Philadelphia, 1866-76. 
Member of American Philosophical Society, elected 1863 ; College 
of Physicians of Philadelphia. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., March 16, 1823. d. Tokyo, Japan, Feb- 
ruary 10, 1897. s. Joseph Hartshorne and Anna Bonsall. m. 
January 8, 1849, Mary Elizabeth Brown. 

fMendenhall, Nereus. (M.D., Jefferson Medical College, Phila.) 

Entered Junior Class 1837. 

Studied medicine at Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Physician. Taught at Friends' Boarding School, New Garden, 
N. C. Instructor in Latin, William Penn Charter School, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. ; Professor of Moral Science and Astronomy, Haver- 
ford College, 1878-79; Professor of Greek and Latin, 1879-80; 
Superintendent, 1878-80; Alumni Orator, 1879; Civil Engineer 
at various periods in his life; Member of School Board, N. C. ; 
Member of Legislature, North Carolina. 

b. Jamestown, N. C, 1819. d. Jamestown, N. C, 1893. s. 
Richard Mendenhall and Mary Pegg. m. 1851, Orianna Wilson. 

jRandoIph, Richard. (M.D., Jefferson Medical College, Phila.) 

Entered 1836. 

Studied medicine Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Physician. Author of "Aspects of Humanity," "Sober Thoughts 
on Staple Themes," etc. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., April 27, 1822. d. January, 1905. s. Ed- 
ward Randolph, Jr., and Mary Taylor. 

fTaber, Charles. 

Entered 1837. 

Bookseller and Art Publisher. Alumni Orator, 1859. 

b. New Bedford, Mass., April 8, 1822. d. New Bedford, Mass., 


November 17, 1887. s. William Congdon Taber and Hannah 
Tucker Shearman, m. March 21, 1853, Sarah Jane Howland. 

fBalderston, Lloyd. 

Entered Junior Class 1837; left during Senior year, 1839. 

Teacher. Farmer since 1841. Contributor to agricultural and 
other journals. 

b. Falls, Bucks County, Pa., July 21, 1818. d. Colora, Md., 
December 23, 1907. s. Mark Balderston and Elizabeth Lloyd, 
m. 1843, Catharine Canby. 

fCarey, James. 

Entered 1835; left 1836. 


b. Baltimore, Md., January 20, 1821. d. Baltimore, Md., Oc- 
tober 8, 1894. s. John Ellicott Carey and Ann Irwin, m. Phila- 
delphia, Pa., May 1, 1850, Susan Budd Kimber. 

f Coates, Joseph Potts Hornor. 

Entered 1835 ; left 1836. 


b. Philadelphia, Pa., April 7, 1821. d. October 9, 1850. s. 
George Morrison Coates and Rebecca Hornor. m. 1844, Eliza 
Henri Troth. 

fCollins, Benjamin, Jr. 

Entered Introductory Department, 1834; left during Senior 
year, 1839. 

Merchant. Connected with Sanitary Commission during the 
Civil War. 

b. New York City, , 1823. d. New York City, February 

20, 1900. s. Benjamin S. Collins and Hannah Bowne. 

fCollins, Francis. 

Entered 1835 ; left during Junior year. 


b. Burlington, N. J., April 6, 1821. d. Penn's Manor, Pa., June 
2, 1880. s. Thomas Collins and Ann Abbott, m. January 29, 
1850, Anna Whitehead. 

fCope, Francis Reeve. 

Entered 1835 ; left 1838 on account of ill health. 


b. Philadelphia, Pa., June 6, 1821. d. , 1909. s. Henry 

Cope (Manager 18.30-51) and Rachel Reeve, m. December 18, 
1847, Anne Stewardson Brown. 


jCrenshaw, John Bacon. 

Entered Junior Class 1837; left at close of year. 

Farmer; surveyor; Minister of Society of Friends for 45 years. 
Member of Virginia State Legislature and of convention held 
about 1868 for new State Constitution. 

b. Henrico County, Va., May 2, 1820. d. Richmond, Va., May 
10, 1889. s. Nathaniel Chapman Crenshaw and Deborah Crew. 
m. (1) September 12, 1844, Rachel Hoge; (2) June 5, 1860, 
Judith Ann Willitts. 

jDrinker, John Henry. 

Entered Junior year 1838 ; left at close of year. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 25, 1821. d. . s. John 

Drinker and Eliza A. Morgan. 

fFolwell, Joseph D. 

Entered 1835 ; left close of Sophomore year, 1837. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., July 18, 1817. d. . s. William Fol- 

well, Jr., and . 

fFoster, Charles. 

Entered 1835 ; left during Senior year. 

Merchant; publisher; author of "The Story of the Bible," 
550,000 copies sold; "The Story of the Gospel," 150,000 copies 
sold; "First Steps for Little Feet," 75,000 copies sold; "Bible 
Pictures and What They Teach Us," over 100,000 copies sold ; 
"Fables and Allegories." 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., May 3, 1822. d. January 1, 1887. s. 
William Foster and Hetty Harker. m. January 21, 1847, Emily 
Musgrave Wetherill. 

fHaines, William Snell. 

Entered Junior Class 1837; left at close of year. 
Civil engineer and surveyor in Providence for many years, 
b. Philadelphia, March 8, 1816. d. Providence, R. I., May 28, 
1887. s. Jesse Pierce Haines and Sarah Snell. 

fHill, Nathan Branson. (M.D., Ohio Med. Coll., Cin., O.) 
Entered Junior Class 1838 ; left during Senior year. 
Studied at Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, Pa., and at 
Ohio Medical College, Cincinnati, O. Practiced medicine in North 
Carolina 15 years, then removed to Minnesota. Published various 
essays on medical topics. Member of Hennepin County Medical 
Society; President, Minnesota Medical Society; Alderman in City 
of Minneapolis; President, City Council; President, Minnesota 
Bible Society. 


b. Randolph County, N. C, May 13, 1817. d. St. Paul, Minn., 
February, 1875. s. Samuel Hill and Mary Branson, m. May 5, 
1845, Eliza L. Mendenhall. 

f Hinsdale, Stephen Grellet. 

Entered 1835 ; left 1836. 

Merchant ; bookkeeper. 

b. New York City, June 18, 1819. d. Cleveland, O., October 8, 
1877. s. Henry Hinsdale and Mary Roscoe. m. June 18, 1844, 
Martha A. Elmer. 

fKing, Thomas. 

Entered 1835 ; left at close of Sophomore year. 
Merchant ; farmer. 

b. Baltimore, Md., August 19, 1820. d. Glenville, Md., May 18, 
1884. s. Joseph King, Jr., and Tacy Ellicott. 

fMoore, Richard Mott. 

Entered 1835 ; left 1836. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., 1820. d. . s. John Moore and Cath- 
arine Robeson. 

fMorris, Joshua Husband. 

Entered 1834; pursued a partial course, leaving at end of 
Senior year. 

Lawyer and conveyancer. President, Real Estate Title and 
Trust Company, Philadelphia, Pa. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 12, 1823. d. Germantown, 
Philadelphia, Pa., December 23, 1885. s. Anthony Paschall Morris 
and Anna Husband, m. ( 1 ) Anne Wistar; (2) Elizabeth Stokes. 

fMott, William Franklin, Jr. 

Entered Preparatory Department 1834 ; left during Junior year, 


b. New York City, July 7, 1820. d. New York City, May 25, 
1882. s. William Franklin Mott (Manager 1834-46) and Phebe 
Merritt. m. October 13, 1841, Jane Bowne. 

fNeedles, Caleb Hathaway. 

Entered Introductory Department 1834; left 1835. 


b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 3, 1820. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
October 10, 1884. s. Edward Needles and Mary Hathaway, m. 
November 10, 1841, Ann Maria Needles. 


v Randolph, George. 

Entered 1835; left 1837. 


b. Philadelphia, Pa., March, 1820. d. March 7, 1903. s. Edward 
Randolph, Jr., and Mary Taylor, m. October 6, 1847, Rebecca 

fHowell, Joseph, Jr. 

Entered Introductory Department 1836. 

Leather merchant ; accountant. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., 1823. d. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., 
August 18, 1889. s. Joseph Howell and Sarah Richie, m. Novem- 
ber 4, 1852, Anne Emlen. 

fKimber, Anthony Morris. 

Entered 1836. At time of death, oldest living Alumnus. 

Merchant in Philadelphia. Retired. Manager of Haverford 
College, 1849-71. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., May 19, 1824. d. Germantown, Pa., Septem- 
ber 20, 1917. s. Thomas Kimber (Manager 1830-65) and Joanna 
Sophia Shober. m. ( 1 ) June 8, 1853, Margaret Cooper Cope ; 
(2) September 2, 1881, Josephine Winner. 

fSharpIess, Henry Hale Graham. 

Entered 1836. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., October 12, 1823. d. Chester Hills, Phila- 
delphia, April 15, 1870. s. Townsend Sharpless and Mary B. 
Jones, m. November 21, , Mary Lyman Van Buren. 

fWinslow, John Randolph. (M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1846.) 
Entered Junior Class 1838. 

Physician and surgeon. Professor of Materia Medica in Mary- 
land College of Pharmacy. 

b. Piney Woods, N. C, November 8, 1820. d. Baltimore, Md., 
February 13, 1866. s. Nathan Winslow and Margaret Fitz Ran- 


f Allen, Marmaduke Watson. 

Entered Introductory Department 1835 ; left at close of Junior 
year, 1838. 

Physician; farmer; Collector of Internal Revenue for Bucks 
County, Pa. 

b. Langhorne, Pa., March 15, 1821. d. Langhorne, Pa., Jan- 
uary 28, 1890. s. Thomas Lancaster Allen and Susan M. Watson, 
m. June 5, 1856, Sarah Rodman Paxson. 



fBaily, Thomas Loyd. 

Entered 1836; left during Junior year. 

Merchant. Ordained to ministry in Baptist Church, 1871. 
Held charges in West Chester, Reading, and Pleasantville, N. J. 
Author of seven Sunday-School Library Books, viz.: "Possibili- 
ties," "Only Me," "Dr. Wallsten's Way," "Nat, the Miner's Boy," 
"Open Ways," "An Entire Stranger," "In Pine Woods." 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., March 2, 1824. d. Atlantic City, N. J., 
May 6, 1914. s. Joshua Baily and Elizabeth Loyd. m. Bellefonte, 
Pa., November 9, 1854, Caroline Adelia Smith. 

fBarker, Benjamin. 

Entered Senior Class 1840; left before graduating, 1840. 

Lumber merchant, Providence, R. I., Olean, N. Y., and later in 
Tiverton, R. I. 

b. Tiverton, R. I., September 24, 1822. d. Tiverton, R. I., 
April 14, 1897. s. Abraham Barker and Margaret Buffum. m. 
December 1, 1847, Catherine Jackson Dennis. 

fBowne, John. 

Entered Introductory Department and left at close of Sopho- 
more year, 1838. 

General Agent of Society for Improving the Condition of the 
Poor, New York City, for 12 years. During Civil War in the 
employ of the Sanitary Commission. 

b. New York City, June 6, 1820. d. Ash Brook, N. J., Feb- 
ruary 13, 1894. s, Robert H. Bowne and Sarah Hartshorne. 

fCowperthwaite, Edwin. 

Entered Introductory Department 1834; left during Junior 
year, 1839. 

Wholesale boot and shoe merchant. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., August 9, 1824. d. June 17, 1857. s. 
Joseph Cowperthwaite and Rebecca Carlile. m. January 21, 1851, 
Lucy Reed. 

fFisher, Charles William. 

Entered Introductory Department 1835 and left during Junior 
year, 1839. 


b. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., September, 1820. d. De- 
cember 28, 1857. s. William Logan Fisher and Sarah Lindley. 

fHartshorne, George. 

Entered 1836; left at close of Sophomore year. 


b. Near Rahway, N. J., September 30, 1822. d. — , 1911. s. 
Hugh Hartshorne and Elizabeth Brown, m. September, 1848, 
Sarah Robinson. 

fHolIingshead, Joseph Mickle. 

Entered Introductory Department 1835; left during Junior year, 

Wholesale grocer; insurance agent. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., October 15, 1821. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
March 28, 1885. s. Hugh F. Hollingshead and Martha Mickle. 
m. Caroline Atwood. 

fSharpless, Daniel Offley . 

Entered Introductory Department, 1833, being No. 9 of the 
21 present on opening day; left 1838. 


b. Philadelphia, Pa., July 24, 1821 ; drowned at Atlantic City, 
N. J., July 10, 1874. s. Blakey Sharpless (Manager 1841-44) and 
Mary Offley. m. May 3, 1843, Hester Shove Hacker. 

jThurston, Joseph D. 

Entered 1836; left at close of Junior year, 1839. 

b. New York City, February 22, 1823. d. June 5, 1861. s. 
William Richardson Thurston and Abigail Evernghim. m. April 
30, 1849, Mary Wharton. 

fWilliams, Joseph Kirkbride. 

Entered 1835 ; left 1836. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 7, 1817. d. October 21, 1848. 
s. Jonathan G. Williams and Mary Ann Kirkbride. 


fLawrence, Richard Henry. 

Entered 1837. 
No business. 

b. New York City, October 7, 1824. d. Saratoga, N. Y., Sep- 
tember 22, 1847. s. Henry H. Lawrence and Mary Folwell. 

fPerot, James Poultney. 

Entered Introductory Department 1836. 

Merchant; flour inspector; Adjutant of the 118th Pennsylvania 
Volunteers (Corn Exchange Regiment), which he was foremost 
in raising; served seven months; wounded at the battle of Shep- 
herdstown, Va. ; honorably discharged January, 1863. Colonel 
of the 49th Pennsylvania Militia, to quell the riots in the mine 


b. Philadelphia, Pa., May 12, 1825. d. Philadelphia, Pa., Jan- 
uary 13, 1872. s. William S. Perot and Mary Williams Poultney. 

t White, Elias Albertson. (M.D.) 
Entered Sophomore Class 1838. 

b. Perquimans County, N. C, September 23, 1821. d. Feb- 
ruary 18, 1866. s. Miles White and Elizabeth Albertson. 

fBirdsall, Thomas Webb. 

Entered Introductory Department 1835 ; left at close of Junior 
year, 1839. 

Flour merchant; ladies' furnishing goods. President, Fire In- 
surance Company. 

b. New York City (?), May, 1824. d. 1866. s. William Bird- 
sail and Martha Webb. m. December 13, 1848, Margaret Wood. 

fBirdsall, William, Jr. 

Entered Introductory Department 1835 ; left same year. 

Clerk ; flour merchant ; insurance surveyor. 

b. New York City (?), October 30, 1822. d. Brooklyn, N. Y. ( 
December 1, 1873. s. William Birdsall and Martha Webb. m. 
September 12, 1849, Caroline Wood. 

f Greaves, Thomas (sometimes spelled Greeves.) 

Entered Introductory Department 1834; pursued partial course 

leaving during Senior year, 1841. 
Student ; author, 
b. West Chester, Pa., 1823. d. In England about 1897. s. 

James R. Greaves (Manager 1842-44) and Sarah (or Mary) 

Ann Fling. 

fGummere, Charles J. 

Entered 1839; left at close of Junior year, 1840. 

Clerk in office of Court of Chancery, N. J. ; Receiving Teller, 
Bank of Northern Liberties, Philadelphia, Pa. 

b. Burlington, N. J., June 29, 1824. d. April 22, 1880. s. 
Samuel R. Gummere and Elizabeth Drinker Barker. 

f Jones, Benjamin W. 

Entered Introductory Department 1833; left 1834. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., June 29, 1821. d. December 15, 1883. s. 
Benjamin Jones and Mary Howell, m. Harriet Woodmansie 


fLong, Alfonzo W. 

Entered Introductory Department 1836; left 1838. 

b. Orange County, N. C, • . d. . s. John Long and 

Mary W. . 

fMauIe, Edward. 

Entered Introductory Department 1835 ; left during Junior year, 

Dry goods merchant ; lumber merchant, 1844-83 ; retired. Mem- 
ber Company C, Gray Reserves, 1861-65. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 6, 1823. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
December 6, 1890. s. Israel Maule and Ann Price, m. October 
15, 1857, Harriet N. Mentz. 

jParsons, William Bowne. 

Entered Introductory Department 1835 ; left 1837, during 
Freshman year. 

b. Flushing, N. Y., February 10, 1823. d. September 14, 1856. 
s. Samuel Parsons and Mary Bowne. m. Mary F. Leggett. 

jSharpless, Isaac. 

Entered Introductory Department 1836; left 1839. 

Merchant; glass manufacturer; accountant, Pennsylvania Rail- 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., October 8, 1822. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
February 7, 1889. s. Blakey Sharpless (Manager 1841-44) and 
Mary Offley. m. October 18, 1855, Rebecca Hutchinson. 

jSmith, Albanus. 

Entered 1837 ; left 1839. 

Entered Sophomore Class, University of Pennsylvania, 1839, 
and died while a student. His memoir was printed in 1873. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 30, 1823. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
March 29, 1842. s. John Jay Smith and Rachel Collins Pearsall. 

fTrotter, William Henry. 

Entered Introductory Department 1834; left at close of Junior 
year, 1839. 

Wholesale grocer. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., November 1, 1822. d. January 5, 1898. 
s. Nathan Trotter and Susan Hough, m. Maria Louisa Farr. 

f Warder, William. (A.B., Oxford College, Ohio.) 
Entered 1836; left 1838. 
Lawyer; miller. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 21, 1821. d. Springfield, O., 
August 31, 1886. m. November 28, 1855, Mary P. Price. 


fBowne, Robert. 

Entered Introductory Department, 1835. First Secretary, 
Alumni Association, 1856; Vice-President, 1892. 

Stationer. Some time member of the New York Geographical 

b. New York City, May 6, 1825. d. New York City, March 4, 
1906. s. John L. Bowne and Eliza Howland. m. April 26, 1860, 
Anna F. Willis. 

fCadbury, Richard. 

Entered Introductory Department 1837. 

Merchant for 40 years ; Steward of Pennsylvania Hospital, 
Philadelphia, Pa. ; accountant. Manager of Haverford College, 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 18, 1825. d. March 13, 1897. 
s. Joel Cadbury (Manager 1849-57) and Caroline Warder, m. 
December 4, 1850, Lydia Comfort Shinn. 

fHilles, William Smith. 

Entered 1833, being No. 14 of the 21 present on opening day; 
left 1835, and re-entered Junior Class 1840. 

Assistant Teacher, Haverford College, 1844-45. Manufacturer; 
Secretary, Railroad Company; President, Savings Bank. 

b. Wilmington, Del., January 28, 1825. d. Nice, France, De- 
cember 25, 1876. s. Samuel Hilles (Superintendent 1833) and 
Margaret Hill Smith, m. Attleboro, Bucks County, Pa., May 17, 
1849, Sarah L. Allen. 

fKimber, Thomas, Jr., Litt.D., 1887. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1838. 

Merchant, Wilmington, Del. ; President, Williamsport & Elmira 
Railroad, etc., Philadelphia, Pa. Retired. For Benefactions to 
the College see index to History of Haverford College, 1830-92. 
Minister of the Society of Friends. Author of a number of 
pamphlets on questions of Church Polity, doctrinal subjects and 
tracts chiefly relating to the Society of Friends; "The Spiritual 
Nature of Baptism and the Lord's Supper ;" "The Early Christian 
Church and Other Essays." 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 1, 1825. d. Richmond Hill, 
N. Y., December 23, 1890. s. Thomas Kimber (Manager 1830- 
65) and Joanna Sophia Shober. m. June 21, 1874, Mary Shear- 


fLevick, James Jones., A.B., A.M., 1884. (M.D., Univ. of Pa., 

Entered Junior Class 1840. Alumni Orator, 1860. Author of 
frequent brief addresses before Haverford Alumni; President of 
Alumni, 1888-89. 

Studied medicine, University of Pennsylvania; physician; sur- 
geon, United States Hospital in Philadelphia, Pa. Organized a 
military hospital as volunteer surgeon at Hagerstown, Md., after 
battle of South Mountain; also acted as volunteer surgeon after 
battle of Antietam. Member of the Medical Staff, Pennsylvania 
Hospital, 1856-68, when he resigned ; resident physician in same, 
1849-51; physician to Magdalen Asylum 41 years; physician to 
Wills' Eye Hospital, 1853-65. While at the Pennsylvania Hos- 
pital he introduced the use of ice in the treatment of sunstroke. 
Author of very many papers relating to medical subjects in the 
various medical periodicals ; frequent contributor to the daily 
press of Philadelphia on literary and historical subjects. Frequent 
contributor to the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biog- 
raphy on matters of local history and biography, among which 
may be mentioned: "Memoir of Daniel B. Smith;" "Dr. Benjamin 
H. Coates;" "The Early Friends and Their Service in Pennsyl- 
vania ;" "The Early Welsh Quakers and Their Emigration to 
Pennsylvania;" "Three Epochs in the Life of William Penn," 
etc. Author of "Fenny Drayton, the Birthplace of George Fox," 
"Barclay of Ury," and "Swarthmore Hall, the Home of Margaret 
Fell Fox," Memoir of Jacob P. Jones; "The Ancient Britons," 
an address before the Welsh Society, the "Early Physicians of 
Philadelphia," and many other papers. Fellow of the College of 
Physicians, 1851 ; Member of American Medical Association, 
1864 ; of Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 1853 ; of Academy 
of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, 1865 ; of the Welsh Society 
of Pennsylvania. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., July 28, 1824. d. Philadelphia, Pa., June 
25, 1893. s. Ebenezer Levick and Elizabeth Wetherill Jones. 

fRodman, Edmund, A.M. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1839. 

Dealer in sperm and whale oil ; candle manufacturer ; oil broker ; 
artist. Served 14 years on the school committee of New Bedford, 
2 years as chairman. Secretary of the Board of Trustees, Friends' 
Academy, New Bedford, 35 years, and a trustee of the same. 
Member of the Home Guard for six months, 1861. 

b. New Bedford, Mass., January 18, 1824. d. , 1903. s. 

Samuel Rodman and Hannah Haydock Prior. 


fRodman, Thomas Rotch. 

Entered 1839. 

b. New Bedford, Mass., September 27, 1825. d. December, 
1905. s. Samuel Rodman and Hannah Haydock Prior, m. Oc- 
tober 4, 1853, Anne Miles. 

tSmith, Benjamin Raper. (Ph.G., Phila. College of Pharmacy.) 
Entered Preparatory Department 1833, being No. 15 of the 21 
present on the opening day. 

Drug and chemical manufacturer. Manager Philadelphia House 
of Refuge, 1876-95. Member of Historical Society of Penn- 
sylvania, Franklin Institute, Historical Society of Newport, R. I., 
Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, Pa. Private in Ger- 
mantown Home Guard. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., March 31, 1825. d. April, 1804. s. Daniel 
B. Smith (Manager 1830-34, 1846-49; Principal 1843-45; Pro- 
fessor of Moral Philosophy and English Literature, etc., 1833-45) 
and Esther Morton, m. June 8, 1859, Esther Fisher Wharton. 

fTaber, Augustus. 

Entered Junior Class 1840. 

Bookseller ; dealer in marbles, New York City, 1852-86. Re- 
sided in California, 1893-98. Clerk New York Yearly Meeting 
of Friends, 1875-89. Vice-President, American Bible Society ; 
Vice-President, Evangelical Alliance. 

b. New Bedford, Mass., February 3, 1826. d. San Jose, Cal., 
April 6, 1898. m. May 15, 1851, Anna Haviland Ferris. 

fWinslow, Caleb. (M.D.. Univ. of Pa., 1849.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1839. 

Physician and surgeon in North Carolina and afterwards in 
Baltimore, Md. Examiner in Surgery on the Original Board of 
Medical Examiners of the State of North Carolina. Frequent 
contributor to medical journals. Member of Medical and 
Chirurgical Society of Maryland. 

b. Piney Woods, N. C, January 24, 1824. d. Baltimore, Md., 
June 13, 1895. s. Nathan Winslow and Margaret Fitz Randolph, 
m. January 22, 1852, Jane Paxson Parry. 

f Arnold, William Dennis. 

Entered 1837 ; left 1839. 

Machinist in Philadelphia ; teacher in William Dennis's School 
at Rancocas, N. J.; engineer coal mines, Portsmouth, R. I.; es- 
tablished a machine shop, Beloit. Mich., 1851; machinist at 


Marinette, Wis., 1858 ; afterwards machinist at Brunswick, Ga., 
and at Tampa, Fla. 

b. Newport, R. I., September 16, 1820. d. Glenmore, Ga., June, 
1887. s. Aza Arnold and Abigail Dennis, m. (1) 1854, Ellen 
Fry Eldredge, of East Greenwich, R. I., and (2) 1879, Ellen 

fAshbridge, Abraham Sharpless. 

Entered 1838 ; left 1840. 

Farmer and civil engineer. 

b. East Cain, Pa., March 24, 1823. d. April 22, 1902. s. George 
G. Ashbridge and Rachel V. Sharpless. m. October 13, 1853, 
Elizabeth Downing Sharpless. 

fBunker, Nathan, Jr. 

Entered Introductory Department 1837; left 1838. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., March 8, 1825. d. . s. Nathan 

Bunker and Elizabeth . 

fCanby, William. 

Entered 1837; left 1839. 

Farmer. Retired. 

b. Wilmington, Del., April 11, 1822. d. Wilmington, Del., 
January 15, 1897. s. James Canby and Elizabeth Roberts, m. 
April 30, 1846, Ann Tatnall. 

fCobb, William Almy. (M.D., Univ. of Md., 1845.) 
Entered 1836; left 1837. 

b. Baltimore, Md., May 25, 1823. d. Baltimore, Md., July 30, 
1845. s. Daniel Cobb and Ruth Almy. 

fCollins, Isaac. 

Entered Introductory Department 1837; left at close of Sopho- 
more year, 1841. 

Lumber merchant ; optician ; insurance agent. 

b. New York City, May 2, 1824. d. December 28, 1902. s. 
Isaac Collins (Manager 1830-42) and Margaret Morris, m. De- 
cember 9, 1847, Elizabeth Budd Kner Earl. 

fCowperthwaite, Thomas Carlile. 

Entered Introductory Department 1834; left during Freshman 
year, 1838, on account of ill health. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 4, 1822. d. Philadelphia, Pa.. 
1841. s. Joseph Cowperthwaite and Rebecca Carlile. 


fEdwards, Edward Bird. 

Entered 1838; left 1839. 

Entered flour and feed business; lumber merchant; held large 
interests in street railway companies; President, Ridge Avenue 
Passenger Railway Company. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., April 10, 1822. d. Moorestown, N. J., 
August 15, 1902. s. Edward Edwards and Agnes . 

fEUiott, Daniel Morris. 

Entered Introductory Department 1837; left 1840. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., July 10, 1822. d. Cincinnati, O., in Mili- 
tary Hospital, 1864. s. Daniel Elliott and Lydia Richards, m. 
Sarah Ann Laws. 

fHardy, Benjamin F. 

Entered from Fallston, Beaver County, Pa., 1834. Assistant 
Superintendent, Haverford, 1834-37. 

b. , 1809. d. November 22, 1886. s. and . m. 

November 24, 1841, Elizabeth G. Simmons. 

fHuhn, John. 

Entered 1833 ; left 1834. 

Farmer; agent Freedman's Bureau, St. Helena, S. C, during 
Civil War; United States Department Collector, Beaufort, S. C. 

b. Murderkill, Del., June 25, 1818. d. Wyoming, Del., July 6, 
1894. s. Ezekiel Hunn and Hannah Alston, m. (1) Mary Swal- 
low; (2) November 25, 1855, Anne Jenkins. 

fHussey, William Howland. 

Entered Introductory Department; left at close of Sophomore 
year, 1840. 

Engaged in the East India trade, at first in New York City and 
later in New Bedford, Mass. ; entered in commission business in 
New York. During the Civil War passed winters in Nicaragua 
superintending raising of cotton. Engaged in sale of plumbers' 
supplies, New York City. 

b. New York City, January 24, 1824. d. East Orange, N. J., 
May 2, 1919. s. George Hussey and Hetty Howland. m. April 
14, 1851, Cornelia Collins. 

f Johnson, Henry Norton. (Entered as Henry John Johnson.) 
Entered Introductory Department 1834; left 1835. 
Member of Horticultural Society of Germantown. 
b. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., May 20, 1820. d. August 
30, 1879. s. John Johnson and Sarah Wheeler. 


fLeggett, Charles Pleasants. (M.D.) 

Entered Introductory Department 1834; left 1839. 

Homeopathic physician in New York City. 

b. New York City, December 31, 1824. d. New York City, 

. s. Thomas Haight Leggett and Frances Vaux Pleasants. 

m. Ellen Currie. 

fMendenhall, James Ruffin. 

Entered Preparatory Department 1836; left 1839, at close of 
Freshman year. 


b. Jamestown, N. C, ■, 1825. d. Jamestown, N. C, . 

s. George C. Mendenhall and Eliza W. Dunn. 

fMorgan, Samuel Rodman. 

Entered 1840; left 1842. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., August 18, 1824. d. November 21, 1891. 
s. Charles Wain Morgan and Sarah Rodman, m. June 17, 1854, 
Josephine Wharton Craig. 

fMott, Samuel Franklin. 

Entered Preparatory Department 1833 ; left at close of Fresh- 
man year. 


b. New York City, 1826 (?). d. New York City, 1856 (?). 
s. Samuel Franklin Mott and Ann Leggett. m. 1850 (?), Lavinia 

fMurray, Robert Lindley. 

Entered 1838; left during Junior year on account of ill health. 

Wool merchant; General Agent of Provident Life and Trust 
Company of Philadelphia in New York City ; Manager of Haver- 
ford College, 1855-58; President, Alumni Association, 1864, 1865, 
1866; Minister in Society of Friends; Clerk of New York Yearly 
Meeting of Friends; President of New York Bible Society. 

b. New York City, November 11, 1825. d. Chappaqua, N. Y., 
August 29, 1874, as result of being thrown from carriage, s. 
Robert I. Murray and Elizabeth Colden. m. May 3, 1849, Ruth 
Shearman Taber. 

fTalcott, Joseph D. 

Entered Introductory Department 1836; left 1837. 

b. Skaneateles, N. Y., . d. . s. Richard Talcort and 


fTatnall, William. 

Entered 1837; left 1839. 

Merchant and broker; President, New Castle County Mutual 
Insurance Company; Director, Wilmington Saving Fund Society; 
Director, First National Bank, etc. ; Member Historical Society 
of Delaware. 

b. Brandy wine Village, Del., March 11, 1822. d. Wilmington, 
Del., October 28, 1885. s. Edward Tatnall and Margery Paxson. 
m. (1) October 17, 1844, Rachel Burgess Moon; (2) February 
13, 1884, Esther Warner. 

fTaylor, Joseph B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1839 ; left during year. 


b. Burlington County, N. J., March 16, 1821. d. Fallsington, 
Pa., December 18, 1877. s. Benjamin Taylor and Sarah Brant- 
ingham. m. Fallsington, Pa., October 18, 1849, Martha Brown. 


fHowIand, Robert Bowne. 

Entered Preparatory Department 1838. 

Farmer for 40 years ; President and Resident Trustee How- 
land School, Union Springs, N. Y., 1863-76; Supervisor of Town- 
ship 3 years. Author of "The Christ in Pagan, Jewish, and Early 
Christian History," a condensation of Pressense's History of the 
Church. Dean and Honorary Member of Pleasantville University 
Club, Pleasantville, N. Y. 

b. New Bedford, Mass., March 23, 1826. d. Pleasantville, 
N. Y., August 17, 1916. s. George Howland and Susan How- 
land, m. February 25, 1851, Susanna Robinson. 

tStroud, William Daniel. (M.D., Univ. of Pa.) 

Entered Junior Class, 1841. 

Studied medicine at University of Pennsylvania; physician; ex- 
amining physician and afterwards general agent New England 
Mutual Life Insurance Company. 

b. Stroudsburg, Pa., October 5, 1825. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
September 25, 1883. s. William Stroud and Mary Paul Robeson, 
m. (1) October, 1855, Charlotte Wistar Beesley; (2) Mrs. Mary 
(Johnson) Ellicott. 

fWhite, Francis. 

Entered November. 1838. 

Merchant. Manager, Haverford College, 1878-1 ( X)4; Trustee 


(original), Johns Hopkins University and Treasurer of same; 
Trustee (original), Johns Hopkins Hospital. 

1). Perquimans County, N. C, March 25, 1825. d. Baltimore, 
Md., September 11, 1904. m. 1854, Jane E. Janney. 


f Adams, Justus C. 

Entered Introductory Department 1838; left 1839. 
b. Newburgh, N. Y. (about) 1821. d. Cornwall, N. Y., Feb- 
ruary 7, 1841. s. Nathaniel Adams and . 

fAldrich, Joseph W. 

Entered Senior Class 1843 and took a partial course. President, 
Loganian Society; Alumni Orator elect, 1865. 

Teacher Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, Haverford, 1843- 
45 ; Classics and Ancient Literature, Haverford, 1848-53. Prin- 
cipal Friends' Select School for Boys, Philadelphia, Pa. 

b. Smithfield, R. I., January 18, 1821. d. April 12, 1865. s. 
Moses Aldrich and Ann Jones, m. September 13, 1849, Rachel 
E. Sharpless. 

fBacon, Joseph Kirkbride. 

Entered 1840 ; left at close of Sophomore year, 1842. 

Served as private in Mexican War. Manufacturer of paper 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., October, 1825. d. Philadelphia, Pa., June 
1, 1861. s. George Vaux Bacon and Sally Ann Kirkbride. m. 
(1) August, 1849, Annie E. Bryan; (2) June, 1852, Sally A. 

fBrown, William A. 

Entered Introductory Department 1833 ; left close of Junior 
year, 1842. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 14, 1824. d. . s. Jeremiah 

Brown and Elizabeth Stewardson. 

fBuffum, Benjamin. 

Entered 1839; left at close of Freshman year. 

Farmer near Newport, R. I. Coal and wood dealer, Worcester, 
Mass. President, Steamboat Transportation Company, Providence 
and New York, and Providence and Newport, R. I. 

b. Newport, R. I., October 20, 1822. d. Providence, R. I., 
June 28, 1878. s. David BufFum and Susan Ann Barker, m. 
November 11, 1846, Eleanor King. 


fBulIock, William Rockhill. (M.D., U. of P.) 

Entered 1839; left 1842. 

Studied medicine at University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 
Pa., and in Paris, France. Physician in Philadelphia for a short 
time, then moved to Wilmington, Del. Surgeon to the United 
States Army Hospital at Wilmington during the Civil War. Fre- 
quent lecturer on chemical and electrical subjects. Fellow of 
Philadelphia College of Physicians; Charter Member and Physi- 
cian to Delaware Hospital, Wilmington, Del. One of founders 
and most active member of Wilmington Institute and Library ; 
President, Board of Education, Wilmington, Del. 

b. Wilmington, Del., October 4, 1824. d. Germantown, Pa., 
November 18, 1914. s. John Bullock and Rachel Griscom. m. 
Elizabeth Ann Emlen. 

fChase, George Hazen. 

Entered 1838; left Senior year on account of ill health. 

b. Salem, Mass., January 10, 1826. d. Salem, Mass., February 
11, 1870. s. Philip Chase and Alice Brown, m. July 8, 1851, 
Eliza Earle Chase. 

fCoale, James Carey. 

Entered 1838 ; left 1839. 

Merchant ; marine insurance agent ; agent for "Lloyds," Balti- 
more, Md. 

b. Baltimore County, Md., May 25, 1825. d. Baltimore, Md., 
April 13, 1891. s. William Ellis Coale and Hannah Ellicott Carey. 
m. August 2, 1847, Katharine Baily. 

fDunbar, Charles Clark. 

Entered Junior Class 1841 ; left 1842 ( ?). 

Merchant ( ?) ; Assistant Quartermaster General under Gov- 
ernor John A. Andrew, 1861 ; Import Clerk in United States 
Custom House, Boston, Mass. 

b. New Bedford, Mass., November 18, 1826. d. Boston, Mass., 
January 14, 1885. m. October 4, 1848, Mary Elizabeth Willis. 

fEstlack, Thomas, Jr. (Ph.G., Phila. College of Pharmacy.) 

Entered Introductory Department 1836; left close of Freshman 

year, 1839. 

Studied at Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. Druggist. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., July 30, 1823. d. February 24, 1902. s. 

Thomas Estlack and Eliza Shinn. m. March 24, 1847, Sarah 



fFisher, Israel Pleasants. 

Entered Introductory Department 1836; left 1838. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 24, 1825. d. November, 1847, 
killed in Mexican War. s. Samuel Rhoads Fisher and Ann 

fFolwell, Richard L. 

Entered Introductory Department 1837; left 1840. 
b. Philadelphia, Pa., June 20, 1823. d. December 21, 1887. s. 
Charles S. Folwell and Ann Lawrence. 

fFranklin, Benjamin H. 

Entered Introductory Department 1835 ; left 1837. 

1). New York City, . d. . s. William H. Franklin 

and . 

fFuller, James, Jr. 

Entered Introductory Department 1836; left 1840. 

b. Skaneateles, N. Y., 1824. d. . s. James Fuller and . 

fFuller, John Wilkinson. 

Entered Introductory Department 1836; left 1838. 

b. Skaneateles, N. Y., 1820. d. . s. James Fuller and . 

fHoIlingshead, Henry. 

Entered Introductory Department 1836; left during Junior 
year, 1842. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., November 24, 1826. d. August 29 (?), 
1908. s. Hugh F. Hollingshead and Martha Mickle. 

fHowland, William Penn. 

Entered 1839; left during Senior year. 

b. Ledyard, N. Y., July 17, 1824. d. San Francisco, Cal., April 
11, 1914. s. Humphrey Howland and Sarah T. Field, m. July 
17. 1860, Cornelia Hine. 

fHussey, John Bowne. 

Entered Introductory Department 1836; left close of Senior 
year, 1843, having pursued partial course. 

East India merchant. 

b. New York City, April 4, 1826. d. August 4, 1909. s. George 
Hussey and Hetty M. Howland. 

fKing, Joseph. 

Entered 1839; left 1840. 
Merchant ; farmer. 


b. Baltimore, Md., July 17, 1825. d. Baltimore, Md., December 
12, 1899. s. Joseph King, Jr., and Tacy Ellicott. m. June 1, 
1869, Jane G. Howard. 

fMorris, Charles Wistar. 

Entered Preparatory Department 1838; left 1841, at close of 
Freshman year. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., October 27, 1824. d. November 4, 1893. 
s. Anthony Paschall Morris and Anna Husband, m. August 24, 
1848, Frances E. Skerrett. 

fNewbold, Edward. 

Entered Introductory Department 1838; left 1842. 
b. Springfield, N. J., April 12, 1824. d. August 20, 1853. s. 
Clayton Newbold and . 

fQuinby, Watson Fell.(M.D., Jefferson Med. Coll., Phila., 1847.) 

Entered Junior Class 1842 ; left 1843. 

Studied medicine, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Physician. Crossed the plains in 1849 with the California 
pioneers ; lived some years in mountain camps ; one of the original 
experimenters with aircraft. Published "Mongrelism," "The 
Coming Kingdom," "Solomon's Seal," "A Solution of the Circle," 
"Weights and Measures," "Silver," "Greek Names in America," 
"The Yard or the Metre, Which Will Ye Choose?" 

b. Brandy wine Springs, Del., December 15, 1825. d. Wilming- 
ton, Del., May 26, 1918. s. John Quinby, M.D., and Elizabedi 
Starr Phillips, m. February 22, 1855, Annie Giffen. 

fScull, Gideon Delaplaine. 

Entered Introductory Department 1838; left during Junior year. 

Merchant. Retired about 1868. Author of "Radison's Voy- 
ages," "The Evelyns in America," and "Dorothea Scott." Member 
of Massachusetts Historical Society. 

b. Sculltown, Salem County, N. J., August 13, 1824. d. Lon- 
don, England, April 22, 1889. s. David Scull (Manager 1846-49, 
1855, 1865) and Lydia Lippincott. m. April 7, 1862, Anna 

fStapler, John Wardell. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1839; left 1840. 

b. Wilmington, Del., October 21, 1822. d. May 12, 1887. s. 

John Stapler and Ann . m. Tablequah, Okla., October 22, 

1854, Louisa Jane Hicks, c. James, Mary. Maggie, John. 


fStroud, Morris Robeson. 

Entered Introductory Department 1838; left during Senior year. 

b. Stroudsburg. Pa., July 30, 1824. d. Philadelphia, Pa., April 
21, 1882. s. William Stroud and Mary Paul Robeson, m. (1) 
May 25, 1848, Mary Anne Skerrett; (2) Marie Louise (Barry) 

■fTatum, Samuel Canby. 

Entered Junior Class 1841 ; left 1842. 

Machinist; manufacturer in Cincinnati, O. Director, Art 
Museum, Cincinnati. 

b. Wilmington, Del., May 13, 1827. d. Cincinnati, O., June 16, 
1887. s. John W. Tatum and Mary Canby. m. 1849, Eleanor 

fThomas, William Ashbridge, Jr. 

Entered Preparatory Department 1838; left 1838. 
Iron manufacturer. 

b. Bellefonte, Pa., November 16, 1824. d. Bellefonte, Pa., 1865. 
s. William Ashbridge Thomas and Eliza Miller. 

fThorne, Edwin. 

Entered Introductory Department 1838; left 1839. 

b. New York City, 1824. d. March 25, 1889. s. Jonathan 
Thorne and Lydia Ann Corse, m. 1857, Charlotte Pearsall. 

fUnderhill, George W. 

Entered Introductory Department 1835 ; left 1838. 
Agent, Bible Society, Westchester County, N. Y. 

b. New York City, 1823. d. . s. George Underhill and 

Sally Ann Waring, m. Mary Sutton. 

fUnderhill, William W. 

Entered Introductory Department 1837; left 1841. 
Treasurer, Glen Cove Machine Company. 

b. New York City, 1825. d. , 1913 ( ?). s. George Under- 
hill and Sally Ann Waring, m. Mary Anna Seaver. 


f Ellis, Evan Tyson. (Ph. G, Phila. College of Pharmacy.) 
Entered 1840. 

Wholesale druggist and manufacturing chemist, firm of Charles 
Ellis, Son & Co. Retired in 1875. Member and Trustee of 
Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. Member of American Phar- 



maceutical Association from 1853, etc. Original member of Phila- 
delphia Photographic Society, etc. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., August 10, 1826. d. October 11, 1913. s. 
Charles Ellis (Manager 1842-62) and Deborah Tyson, m. April 
28, 1868, Martha M. Shewell. 

fHartshorne, Isaac. 

Entered 1840. 

Merchant; farmer; fire and life insurance agent. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., April 14, 1827. d. December 19, 1900. 
s. Joseph Hartshorne, M.D., and Anna Bonsall. m. January 13, 
1853, Anna Elizabeth Stabler. 


fBines, William Henry. 

Entered Introductory Department 1838 ; left 1840. 
Superintendent of Bridges, Philadelphia, Pa. 
b. December 25, 1826. d. January 10, 1891. s. David Adams 
Bines and Ann Mason. 

f Bullock, Charles. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1841 ; left 1842. 

Chemist and druggist. President, Philadelphia College of 
Pharmacy, 1887-1900. Member American Philosophical Society; 
Franklin Institute; Academy of Natural Sciences. 

b. Wilmington, Del, February 25, 1826. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
March 21, 1900. s. John Bullock and Rachel Griscom. m. 1854, 
Margaret C. Robinson. 

fDay, Edward Munson. 

Entered Introductory Department 1838; left during Junior year, 


b. New York City, November, 1824. d. Rochester, N. Y., Jan- 
uary 4, 1861. s. Mahlon Day and Mary Kerr. m. January 29, 
1858, Charlotte Briggs Seymour. 

fEddy, Job Abraham Tucker. 

Entered Introductory Department 1839; left during Sophomore 
year, 1841. 

Dry goods merchant. Member and officer of several Masonic 

b. New Bedford, Mass., July, 1825. d. New Bedford, Mass., 
March 13, 1885. m. October 7, 1846, Emily Antoinette Taylor. 


fHacker, Lloyd Mifflin. 

Entered 18.38; left during Senior year, 1844. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., October 4, 1827. d. Baltimore, Md., No- 
vember 1, 1892. s. Isaiah Hacker (Manager 1846-60; Treasurer 
1844-45, 1846-60) and Anna Hazen Brown. 

fHeston, George Thomas. (M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1852.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1842; left during Junior year, 1843. 
Studied medicine, University of Pennsylvania, 1849-52. Physi- 
cian, Norristown, Pa., 1852-92. 

b. Pennsylvania, February 17, 1826. d. August 18, 1904. s. 
Jesse Stackhouse Heston and Martha Thomas, m. Mary Amanda 

fKing, Elias Ellicott. 

Entered 1842; left 1844. 
Merchant; accountant. 

b. Baltimore, Md., February 28, 1828. d. Baltimore, Md., May 
28, 1876. s. Joseph King, Jr., and Tacy Ellicott. 

fLewis, Mordecai K. 

Entered Introductory Department 1835; left 1842. 

Farmer for 20 years ; City Clerk and Clerk of Councils, Chester, 
Pa., 18 years. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., July 15, 1825. d. Chester, Pa., December 
6, 1898. s. Mordecai Lewis and Elizabeth Smith, in. February 
25, 1847, Philena M. Harvey. 

fMorgan, Alexander. 

Entered 1841 ; left 1844. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., August 1, 1826. d. Philadelphia, Pa., Au- 
gust 1, 1848. s. Joseph R. Morgan and Mary . 

fSmith, Richard Morris. 

Entered 1840; left during Senior year, 1844. First honors in 
classics, 1844; editor of The Budget. 

Architect, 1847-67; artist. Author of "Future Religion of the 
World ;" "The Burlington Smiths, a Family History." Associate 
of London Society for Physical Research. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., August 22, 1827. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
March 6, 1896. s. Morris Smith and Caroline Smith, m. March 
30, 1875, Anna Kaighn. 

tSmith, Robert Pearsall. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1841 ; left 1845. 

Manager of Haverford, 1849-59. Publisher; glass manufac- 


turer. Author of "Holiness Through Faith;" "Walk in the 
Light," etc. ; also of "International Copyright" in Nineteenth 
Century ; and articles in Spectator, etc. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., February 1, 1827. d. London, England, 
April 17, 1898. s. John Jay Smith and Rachel Collins Pearsall. 
m. November 5, 1851, Hannah Whitall. 

fStokes, John Newton. 

Entered 1841 ; left 1843. 

In employ of Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Express Com- 

b. Stroudsburg, Pa., June 21, 1826. d. Stroudsburg, Pa., July 
7, 1875. s. Stogdell Stokes and Eliza B. Eastburn. 

fTrotter, Charles West. 

Entered 1841 ; left at close of Senior year, 1844, having pursued 
a partial course. 

Dealer in metals, etc. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., March 4, 1827. d. July, 1903. s. Nathan 
Trotter and Susan Hough. 

fTrotter, Newbold Hough. 

Entered 1841 ; left 1844. 

Clerk ; builder of machines, etc. ; retired 1858 ; hardware mer- 
chant 1863-67; artist (animal painter). Member Germantown 
Home Guards, 1862 ; fought at Antietam. Member Pennsylvania 
Academy of Fine Arts ; Philadelphia Society of Artists ; Phila- 
delphia Art Club; Artists' Fund Society. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., January 24, 1827. d. Atlantic City, N. J., 
February 21, 1898. s. Joseph Trotter and Ann Hough, m. Oc- 
tober 10, 1855, Annie M. Dawson. 

fTyson, Jesse. 

Entered 1841 ; left 1843. 

Miner and manufacturer. 

b. Baltimore, Md., August 26, 1826. d. Near Baltimore, Md., 
November 28, 1906. s. Isaac Tyson and Hannah Ann Wood. m. 
January 26, 1888, Edith Johns. 

fTyson, Richard Wood. 

Entered Introductory Department 1837; left 1841. 

Merchant and manufacturer. 

b. Baltimore, Md., October 20, 1824. d. Baden Baden, Ger- 
many, June 15, 1873. s. Isaac Tyson and Hannah Ann Wood, 
m. (1) Annie Wyre Smith; (2) Sophia Howard. 


fWigham, Thomas Matthew. 

Entered 1840; left 1842. 

Banker. Member of New York Stock Exchange. 

b. New York City, March 2, 1826. d. New York City, Feb- 
ruary, 1892. s. Isaac Wigham and Mary Lydia Seaman, m. 
June 2, 1858, Phebe MacCoun Buckley. 

fWistar, Isaac Jones. (Hon. Sc.D., Univ. of Pa., 1893.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1842; left 1843. 

Attorney at law; miner and shipper of coal, in employ of 
Pennsylvania Railroad Company; Inspector, Eastern Penitentiary 
of Pennsylvania; Brigadier General Volunteers United States 
Army, 1862-65. Author of a Geology, a work on Penology. Pub- 
lished a number of papers in periodicals. Member of Academy 
of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, Pa. ; President of same, 1891- 
95 ; American Philosophical Society, Councilor in same, Vice- 
President of same, 1899; President, Biological Association; Presi- 
dent, Board of Charities, State of Pennsylvania, 1899; Manager, 
Library Company of Philadelphia; Secretary, Wistar Institute 
Anatomy and Biology, Philadelphia. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., November 14, 1827. d. September 18, 
1905. s. Caspar Wistar, M.D., and Lydia Jones, m. July 9, 1862, 
Sarah Toland. 

fWood, William Eldridge. 

Entered 1840; left 1842. 

Stove manufacturer and dealer. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., August, 1827. d. Baltimore, Md., Decem- 
ber 17, 1896. s. James Wood and Deborah M. Eldridge. m. (1) 
June 14, 1877, Mary Elizabeth Riggs; (2) June 17, 1896, Amelia 
R. Macgill. 

fWright, Benjamin H. 

Entered 1842 ; left 1843. 

b. Near Philadelphia, Pa., 1820. d. Indianapolis, Ind., June 11, 
1896. s. Benjamin Wright and Hannah Milhous. m. Mt. Pleasant, 
O., Sarah Ann Stroud. 


jCrenshaw, Edmund Austin.) Ph.G., Phila. College of Pharmacy.) 
Entered Senior Class 1844. 

Graduated at Philadelphia College of Pharmacy about 1849. 
Wholesale druggist. 

b. Richmond, Va., February 4, 1827. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 


February 19, 1894. s. Nathaniel Chapman Crenshaw and Mary 
S. Couch, m. January 8, 1852, Mary C. Robinson. 

fPearsall, Robert. 

Entered 1841. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., November 25, 1827. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
January 5, 1849. s. Robert Pearsall and Ann Shoemaker. 

f Adams, Samuel F. 

Entered 1841 ; left 1842. 

b. Newburgh, N. Y., August 28, 1823. d. 1846. s. Nathaniel 
Adams and . 

fBrown, Stephen. 

Entered 1842; left 1843 (?). 

Leather merchant. 

b. Peekskill, N. Y., January, 1827. d. Peekskill, N. Y., Jan- 
uary, 1890. s. James Brown and Lydia Underhill. m. February, 
1852, Matilda Southard. 

fGummere, Henry Day. 

Entered Introductory Department 1841 ; left 1843. 


b. Burlington, N. J., November 21, 1831. d. Burlington, N. J., 
October 18, 1910. s. John Gummere (Professor Mathematics 
1833-43; Superintendent 1834-38) and Elizabeth Buzby. 

fHandy, Charles. 

Entered 1841 ; left 1844. 

Commission iron merchant in Philadelphia, Pa. 

b. Baltimore, Md., January 17, 1827. d. Philadelphia, Pa., No- 
vember 30, 1858. s. William Winder Handy, M.D., and Elizabeth 
Tyson, m. April 2, 1856, Margaret Justice Jenks. 

fLadd, William Henry. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1842; left close of Junior year. 

Teacher, Friends' Boarding School, Mt. Pleasant, O., 1842-43; 
stock raiser of fine horses and sheep in Ohio to 1865 ; provision 
and wool dealer. Delegate to Convention at Pittsburgh, Pa., in 
1856, at which Republican party was formed. Sent by President 
Lincoln to take charge of "Contrabands" at Port Royal. Presi- 
dent, Ohio State Board of Agriculture, 1856; Minister of Society 
of Friends. 

b. Smithfield, O., March 12, 1823. d. Haverford, Pa., May 31, 
1890. s. Benjamin W. Ladd (Manager 1830-35) and Elizabeth 
Wood. m. August 24, 1848, Caroline E. Coffin. 


jMartin, James, Jr. 

Entered 1841 ; left 1843. 

Master mechanic ; civil engineer ; Second Lieutenant, Pennsyl- 
vania Artillery, 1863 ; honorably discharged on account of ill health, 
July, 1865. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., July 4, 1826. d. Burlington, N. J., August 
20, 1866. s. James Martin and Mary Willis, m. April 28, 1852, 
Mary Jenks Yardley. 

fPerot, Sansom. 

Entered Introductory Department 1840; left 1841. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., 1826. d. Philadelphia, Pa., October 17, 
1899. s. William Sansom Perot and Letitia Poultney. m. Sarah 

fStarbuck, Charles Casey. (A.B., Oberlin, 1849; A.M., 1852.) 
Entered Introductory Department 1841 ; left at close of year. 
Studied at Oberlin College, 1845-49. Taught in Oberlin Col- 
lege and in Oberlin, Union and Andover Theological Seminaries ; 
missionary in Jamaica, 1855-61, 1866-71. Co-editor of Lange's 
Bible- work (English). Author of many reviews and newspaper 

b. Boston, Mass., December 4, 1827. d. July 23, 1909. s. 
Charles Casey Starbuck and Lydia Alexander Staples, m. No- 
vember 29, 1872, Harriette Augusta Pratt. 

fTyson, James Wood. 

Entered 1841 ; left 1843. 

Miner and manufacturer. 

b. Baltimore, Md., July 16, 1828. d. December, 1900. s. Isaac 
Tyson and Hannah Ann Wood. m. (1) Philadelphia, Pa., Jan- 
uary 1, 1851, Elizabeth W. Dawson; (2) Richmond, Va., Decem- 
ber 29, 1890, Elizabeth K. Howard. 


fBrowri, David Sands, Jr. 

Entered Introductory Department, 1841 ; left 1842. 
Dry goods merchant until 1868; woolen manufacturer, 
b. Dover, N. H., May 16, 1827. d. Bala, Pa., October 3, 1914. 
s. John Brown and Mary Thornton, m. Catharine P. Stewardson. 

fBrown, Thomas S. 

Entered Introductory Department 1837; left 1845 on account 
of temporary closing of the institution. 




s. Jeremiah 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., June 11, 1828. d. 
Brown and Elizabeth Stewardson. 

fCoale, Isaac, Jr. 

Entered 1841 ; left 1842. 

Merchant, Baltimore, Md. 

b. Baltimore, Md., April 10, 1827. d. Baltimore County, 
Aid., December 31, 1873. s. William Ellis Coale and Hannah 
Ellicott Carey, m. (1) Baltimore, Md., April 30, 1851, Mary 
Gable; (2) Baltimore, Md., October 22, 1868, Helen McDowell. 

fHartshorne, Charles. (A.B., Univ. of Pa., 1847; A.M., 1850.) 
Entered Sophomore Class 1843 ; left 1845 on account of 
temporary closing of the institution. 

Studied at University of Pennsylvania, 1845-47. Vice-Presi- 
dent, Lehigh Valley Railroad Company, Acting President, 1852- 
1880; President, 1880-82; Vice-President of other railroad com- 
panies. Manager, Haverford College, 1871-1908; President, 
Alumni Association, 1871-72; Trustee, Bryn Mawr College. Mem- 
ber Academy Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Franklin Insti- 
tute; Historical Society of Pennsylvania. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 2, 1829. d. Merion, Pa., Oc- 
tober 30, 1908. s. Joseph Hartshorne, M.D., and Anna Bonsall. 
m. June 8, 1859, Caroline Cope Yarnall. 

jHunt, Ambrose. 

Entered 1842; left 1845 on account of temporary closing of 
the institution. 

Bookseller and publisher. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 15, 1827. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
February 24, 1880. s. Uriah Hunt and Elizabeth Shreve. 

jMorris, Samuel. 

Entered 1842; left 1845 on account of temporary closing of 
the institution. 


b. Philadelphia, Pa., October 7, 1827. d. October 18. 1905. s. 
Samuel Buckley Morris and Hannah Perot, m. Gwynedd, Pa., 
February 17, 1853, Lydia Spencer. 

jMurray, John. 

Entered 1842; left 1845 on account of temporary closing of 
the institution. 

Author of work on elocution, etc. 

b. New York City, December 25, 1827. d. California, . s. 

Lindley Murray and . 


fNichoIson, William Hopkins. 

Entered Junior Class 1844; left 1845 on account of temporary 
closing of institution. 

Glass manufacturer; farmer. Member of Historical Society 
of New Jersey; American Academy of Political and Social Sci- 
ence; Civil Service Reform Association. Member of National 
Committee, Prohibition Party. 

b. Near Haddonfield, N. J., September 30, 1827. d. November 
5, 1908. s. Samuel Nicholson and Rebecca M. Hopkins, m. May 
2, 1855, Sarah Whitall. 

fUnderhill, Robert. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1843 ; left 1845 on account of 
temporary closing of the institution. 

Dry goods merchant ; ship builder ; banker and broker in Wall 
Street, New York City, 1858-95. Member Metropolitan Museum 
of Art; New York Yacht Club; Atlantic Yacht Club; President, 
Skaneateles Yacht Club. 

b. New York City, August 4, 1829. d. June 29, 1905. s. George 
Underhill and Sally Ann Waring, m. June 21, 1859, Charlotte 
Ann Haight. 

fValentine, Jacob Downing. 

Entered 1843 ; left 1845 on account of the temporary closing 
of the institution. 

Iron manufacturer; farmer. One of the Pennsylvania Emer- 
gency Men, 1862-63. 

b. Bellefonte, Pa., October 4, 1823. d. Bellefonte, Pa., Septem- 
ber 16, 1896. m. December 15, 1868, Deborah Elizabeth Downing. 

fValentine, Robert. 

Entered 1843; left 1845. 

Merchant; iron manufacturer, Bellefonte, Pa. Enlisted 3 
months, Volunteers, 1861. Honorably discharged. 

b. Bellefonte, Pa., May 24, 1827. d. March 14, 1905. s. Bond 
Valentine and Lydia Fairlamb. m. (1) Philadelphia, Pa., Sep- 
tember 24, 1856, Mary Yarnall; (2) Philadelphia, Pa., 1861, 
Mary A. Natt. 

fWHIets, Jeremiah, Jr. 

Entered 1842; left 1844. 

Lumber merchant ; farmer ; real estate agent. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., January 6, 1829. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
December 13, 1870. s. Jeremiah Willets and Sarah B. Smith 
m. October 20, 1853, Henrietta Ridgway Woodward. 


fWines, Gilbert H. 

Entered 1842; left same year. 

b. June 29, 1827. d. . s. John Wines and . 

fWood, Richard. 

Entered 1841 ; left 1845. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., May 3, 1828. d. As the result of a rail- 
road accident near Frederick, Md., June 10, 1848. s. Horatio 
Curtis Wood and Elizabeth H. Bacon. 

fWood, Joseph. 

Entered 1841 ; left 1842. 

Dealer in woolens, 1847-61 ; steam heating apparatus, etc., 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., November 13, 1825. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
May 25, 1892. s. James Wood and Deborah M. Eldridge. m. 
April 10, 1856, Deborah A. Risley. 


fBrown, Joseph Johnson. (A.B., 1851, Univ. of Pa.; A.M., 1854.) 
Entered Introductory Department 1842 ; left at close of Sopho- 
more year. 

Entered Sophomore Class, University of Pennsylvania, 1848. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., February 6, 1832. d. Philadelphia, Pa- 
August 13, 1868. s. David Sands Brown and Elizabeth Jones 

fBrown, Moses, Jr. 

Entered Introductory Department 1842; left 1845 on account 
of temporary closing of the institution. 


b. Philadelphia, Pa., February 15, 1829. d. May 23, 1883. s. 
Moses Brown and Mary Wistar. m. 1856, Mary Wain Wistar. 

fCrew, Benjamin Johnson. 

Entered 1844; left 1845 on account of temporary closing of 
the institution. 

Studied at University of Pennsylvania, 1845 (Junior Class). 
Manufacturing chemist, 1876. Author of "Petroleum," "Our 
Jewels and the Work of Resetting Them ;" article on "Aniline 
Colors" in appendix of an edition of "Encyclopaedia Britannica." 


Secretary of Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children, 1876- 

b. Richmond, Va., Decemher 8, 1828. d. Atco, N. J., November 
5, 1885. s. James Crew and Elizabeth Maule. m. December 2, 
1856, Anna Bartram Richards. 

■j'Hacker, Charles. 

Entered 1843 ; left 1845 on account of temporary closing of 
the institution. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., October 30, 1829. d. Leicester, Mass., 
August 29, 1893. s. Isaiah Hacker (Manager 1846-60; Treasurer 
1844-45, 1846-60) and Anna Hazen Brown, m. (1) May 25, 
1853, Jane Johnson; (2) July 12, 1888, Sarah Earle. 

jMorgan, William Burroughs. 

Entered 1842 ; left 1844. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 26, 1830. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
February, 1855. s. Joseph R. Morgan and Mary — — . 

fPennock, Abraham Liddon. 

Entered 1843 ; left 1845 owing to the temporary closing of the 

Worked in woolen mills, Paschallville, Pa., and Woonsocket, 
R. I.; lumber and coal merchant, and miller (flour), Holmesburg, 
Pa. ; nurseryman and florist. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., November 3, 1827. d. Lansdowne, Pa., 
June 29, 1917. s. Abraham and Elizabeth Pennock. m. (1) 
Woonsocket, R. I., October 3, 1850, Abby Jane Aldrich; (2) June 
5, 1867, Anna N. Cadwallader. 

f Perkins, Lindley Murray. 

Entered 1842 ; left 1845 on account of temporary closing of 


b. Flushing, N. Y., September 6, 1829. d. . s. Benjamin 

Douglas Perkins and Mary Shotwell. 

fShinn, Samuel Earl. (Ph.G., 1850, Phila. College of Pharmacy.) 
Entered 1844; left 1845 on account of temporary closing of 

the institution. 

Student at Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, 1850. Author 

of essay on "Glycerine," published in "American Journal of 


b. Philadelphia, Pa., January 1, 1830. d. February 3, 1855. 

(Drowned in the Schuylkill River while skating.) s. Earl Shinn 

and Sarah Comfort. 


fShotwell, Augustus Fox. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1844; left 1845 on account of 
temporary closing of the institution. 

Student University of the City of New York. Lawyer. 

b. New York City, 1829. d. At sea, 1864. s. Joseph S. Shot- 
well and Deborah Fox. 

fShotwell, Joseph Fox. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1844; left at end of year. 


b. New York City, January 31, 1827. d. Westbury, L. I., N. Y., 
June 21, 1869. s. Joseph S. Shotwell and Deborah Fox. m. Sep- 
tember 22, 1847, Amie Titus. 

fStewardson, John. 

Entered Introductory Department 1841 ; left 1845 on account 
of temporary closing of the institution. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., August 23, 1830. d. June 29, 1856. s. 
George Stewardson and Rachel Smith. 

fStewardson, Thomas. 

Entered 1841 ; left 1845 on account of temporary closing of 
the institution. 

Entered Junior Class, University of Pennsylvania, 1845. 
Lawyer. Member of Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia ; 
Franklin Institute; Historical Society of Pennsylvania. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., February 13, 1829. d. January 20, 1902. 
s. George Stewardson and Rachel Smith, m. Margaret Haines. 

fWright, John Howard. 

Entered Introductory Department 1842; left at close of Fresh- 
man year, 1844. 

Banker; retired. 

b. Flushing, N. Y.. August 2, 1828. d. December (?), 1914. 
s. John D. Wright and Mary Byrds. m. January 4, 1849, Sarah 
Jane Walton. 

fYarnall, Francis Cope. 

Entered 1842; left 1845 on account of temporary closing of 
the institution. 

Merchant; Vice-President, Lehigh Coal and Navigation Com- 
pany ; President, . 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., May 4, 1830. d. Lower Merion, Pa., June 
26. 1890. s. Edward Yarnall (Manager 1834-60) and Caroline 
Cope. m. June 5, 1855, Alary Coale. 



fBarrow, Henry Haydock, Jr. 

Entered 1844; left 1845 on account of temporary closing of 

b. New York City, February 28, 1829. d. Chappaqua, N. Y., 
. s. Henry Haydock Barrow and Eleanor Prior, m. Mary 

fBeesley, Theophilus. 

Entered 1845 ; left on account of temporary closing of institu- 

b. Salem, N. J., February 3, 1830. d. Millville, N. J., Feb- 
ruary 2, 1848. s. Theophilus Beesley (Manager 1850-66) and 
Hannah Wistar. 

fHacker, Morris. 

Entered 1844 ; left 1845 on account of temporary closing of the 

Coal and iron merchant. 

b. September 10, 1831. d. March 19, 1872. s. Jeremiah Hacker 
(Manager 1849-57) and Beulah Morris, m. (1) March 31, 1858, 
Letitia Poultney Perot; (2) September 10, 1862, Isabel Wetherill. 

fHaviland, Edward Emmet. 

Entered 1844; left 1845 on account of temporary closing of 
the institution. 

China merchant. 

b. Augusta, Ga., July 22, 1830. d. San Francisco, Cal., Sep- 
tember 9, 1852. s. Robert Barclay Haviland and Lucy Comstock. 

fHilles, John Smith. 

Entered 1844; left 1845 on account of temporary closing of 
the institution. 

Brick manufacturer, Wilmington, Del. ; General Freight Agent, 
Philadelphia & Reading Railroad, Philadelphia, Pa. ; shipping 

b. Wilmington, Del., March 4, 1830. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
August 19, 1876. s. Samuel Hilles (Superintendent 1833-34) 
and Margaret Hill Smith, m. May 7, 1862, Sarah Cooper Tatum. 

fMorris, Elliston Perot. 

Entered 1844; left 1845 on account of temporary closing of 
the institution. 

Manager of Haverford College, 1884-91 ; Secretary of the 


Corporation, 1886-91. Trustee of Estates, etc. President, Freed- 
men's Association. Incorporator and Secretary Saving Fund So- 
ciety of Germantown ; Manager, Friends Asylum, Frankf ord. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., May 22, 1831. d. Germantown, Pa., De- 
cember 3, 1914. s. Samuel Buckley Morris and Hannah Perot, 
m. Wilmington, Del., March 21, 1861, Martha Canby. 

fPancoast, Charles Howard. 

Entered 1844; left 1845 on account of temporary closing of 
the institution. 

b. May 11, 1830. d. August 30, 1861. s. Dr. Joseph Pancoast 
and Rebecca Abbott, m. September 28, 1857, Sarah E. Smith. 

fPrice, Joseph M. Paul. 

Entered 1844; left 1845 on account of temporary closing of 
the institution. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., November 9, 1829. d. Bangor, Me., Sep- 
tember 20, 1894. s. Thomas Callander Price and Sarah A. Paul, 
m. 1856, Emily M. Robeson. 

■j Redmond, Charles Philip. 

Entered 1844 ; left 1845 on account of temporary closing of 
the institution. 

b. New York, 1833. d. ■ . s. James M. Redmond and Ann 

B. . 

fWood, George Bacon. 

Entered 1844; left 1845 on account of temporary closing of 
the institution. 


b. Philadelphia, Pa., January 6, 1832. d. June 18, 1909. s. 
Horatio Curtis Wood and Elizabeth H. Bacon, m. November 
21, 1861, Julia Reeve. 


fSmiley, Albert K., A.B., A.M., 1859. 

Entered Senior Class 1848. 

Instructor, Haverf ord, 1848-53 ; Principal, Oak Grove Semi- 
nary, Vassalboro, Me. ; Teacher and Principal, Friends' School, 
Providence, R. I., 1860-74; Joint Proprietor, Lake Mohonk Hotel 
and Grounds. Trustee, Bryn Mawr College. Member Phi Beta 
Kappa, 1899. 

b. Vassalboro, Me., March 17, 1828. d. Deceml>er 2, 1912. s. 
Daniel Smiley and Phebe Howland. m. July 8, 1857, Eliza P. 


fSmiley, Alfred Homans, A.B., A.M., 1863. 

Entered Senior Class 1848. 

Tutor at Haverford, 1849-50; Instructor. 1850-53; teacher, 
school, 10th and Arch Streets, Philadelphia, Pa., from 1853-55 ; 
farmer, Oskaloosa, la., 1855-60; teacher, Friends' School, Provi- 
dence, R. I., 1860-75; Joint Proprietor, Hotel Lake Mohonk; 
Proprietor Hotel and Grounds, Lake Minnewaska, N. Y., 1879- 

b. Vassalboro, Me., March 17, 1828. d. Redlands, Cal., Jan- 
uary 25, 1903. s. Daniel Smiley and Phebe Howland. m. July 
12, 1854, Rachel Mott Swan. 


fBirdsall, Nathan Dunn. 

Entered Introductory Department 1844; left 1845. 
Hardware merchant. 

b. Septondale, N. Y., October 19, 1825 (or 1827). d. Erie, 
Pa., August 1, 1867. s. Gideon M. Birdsall and Palmyra Osborn. 

fBirdsall, Zephaniah. 

Entered Introductory Department 1844; left 1845. 

Farmer and teacher. 

b. Septondale, N. Y., May 17, 1823 (or 1825). d. Septondale, 
N. Y., 1849, of cholera, s. Gideon M. Birdsall and Palmyra 

fHaviland, Charles Field. 

Entered Introductory Department 1844; left 1845 on account 
of temporary closing of institution. 

Decorator of French porcelain at Limoges, France, 1858-68 (in 
firm of Haviland Brothers & Co.) ; manufacturer of porcelain at 
Limoges and Vierzon, France, 1868-81 (operated the factory of 
Francois Allnand) ; 1881, retired from active business. 

b. North Castle, Westchester County, N. Y., August 1, 1832. 
d. Chauteau Masmarvant, near St. Victurnien, France, June 12, 
18%. s. Robert Barclay Haviland and Lucy Comstock. m. 
Limoges, France, November 16, 1858, Marie Louise Mallevergue. 

fHazard, Rowland. (A.B., Brown Univ., 1849; A.M., 1852; Hon., 
Entered 1845 ; left same year on account of temporary closing 
of the institution. 

Entered Brown University, Providence, R. I., fall of 1845. 
Woolen manufacturer, Peace Dale, R. I.; miner of lead, Wis- 
consin, 1870; introduced the "Solway Ammonia Process," at Syra- 


cuse, N. Y., 1881. Published annual address on Economics, etc., 
before Washington County Agricultural Society; address on the 
laying of the Cornerstone of Rhode Island State House, 1896, 
etc. President, Brown Alumni Association; Member Phi Beta 
Kappa Association, President, 18 — ; Moderator of Town of South 
Kingston, R. I., 1865-68; Representative Rhode Island Legisla- 
ture, 1863-64; Senator for same, 1867-68 and 1868-69; Presi- 
dent, Washington County Agricultural Society, R. I., 1875 ; Mem- 
ber American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions; 
Trustee Brown University, 1875-89; Fellow of same, 1889-90, etc. 
b. Newport, R. I., August 16, 1829. d. Peace Dale, R. I., Au- 
gust 16, 1898. s. Rowland Gibson Hazard and Caroline New- 
bold, m. March 29, 1854, Margaret Anna Rood. 

fPrice, Stephen Simmons. 

Entered 1844; left 1845 on account of the temporary closing 
of the institution. 

Dry goods merchant; retired in 1881. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., November 28, 1830. d. 1907 (?). s. 
Joseph Price and Elizabeth Gillingham Simmons, m. January 8, 
1857, Margaret Simmons Price. 

jWalker, Robert. 

Entered Introductory Department 1844; left 1845 on account 
of temporary closing of the institution. 

b. New York, January 26, 1832. d. . s. Robert T. Walker 

and . 

fWalker, Thomas. 

Entered 1844, Introductory Department; left 1845 on account 
of temporary closing of institution. 

b. New York, July 6, 1828. d. . s. Robert T. Walker 

and . 


fCadbury, William Warder. 

Entered Introductory Department 1844; left 1845 on account 
of temporary closing of institution; re-entered 1848; left 1849. 

Hardware merchant. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., October 13, 1832. d. Philadelphia, Pa- 
October 28, 1859. s. Joel Cadbury (Manager 1849-57) and 
Caroline Warder. 


fHowland, George Henry. 

Entered Introductory Department 1844; left 1845 on account 
of temporary closing of institution. 

b. New Bedford, Mass., June 3, 1833. d. June 24, 1861. s. 
George Howland, Jr., and Sylvia G. Allen. 

fNichoIson, Coleman Lindzey. 

Entered Junior Class 1848; left at close of Junior year. 

Lumber merchant ; Secretary and Treasurer of Chesapeake & 
Delaware Canal Company ; President, same company. Overseer, 
William Penn Charter School, Philadelphia, Pa. Vice-President, 
Friends' Institute, Philadelphia, Pa. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., January 25, 1832. d. Ardmore, Pa., Jan- 
uary 16, 1916. s. Lindzey Nicholson and Abigail Passmore. m. 
September 22, 1869, Mary Paul Robeson. 


fBailey, Joseph Lukens. 

Entered Junior Class 1849. 

Farmer; iron manufacturer, Pine Iron Works, Pa. School 

b. Westtown, Pa., May 26, 1834. d. Pine Iron Works, Pa., 
March 11, 1904. s. Joseph Bailey and Martha Lukens. m. (1) 
March 31, 1863, Anna Scattergood ; d. March 27, 1872; (2) 
October 15, 1885, Anna H. Warrington; d. July 8, 1888. 

fGarrett, Philip C, A.B. 

Entered Junior Class 1849. 

President, Alumni Association, 1876-77 ; Alumni Orator, 1880 ; 
Manager 1862-1905; Secretary of the Haverford Corporation, 
1864-75; editor of "History of Haverford College, 1832-92." 
Manufacturer; retired 1877. Author of numerous reports of vari- 
ous organizations, etc. Chairman of State (Pennsylvania) Lunacy- 
Commission; President of Board of State Charities; Member 
United States Board of Indian Commissioners ; Chairman of 
"Committee of One Hundred," Philadelphia (1880); Member 
American Philosophical Society; Historical Society of Pennsyl- 
vania ; American Association for Advancement of Science, etc. ; 
Member Phi Beta Kappa, 1899; President, Board of Trustees, 
Bryn Mawr College. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., November 1, 1834. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
December 9, 1905. s. Thomas C. Garrett and Frances Biddle. 
m. May 18, 1865, Elizabeth W. Cope. 



fLevick, Thomas J. 

Entered 1848. 

Wholesale boot and shoe merchant. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., 1833. d. 1893. s. Robert R. Levick and 
Hannah Jefferson, m. January 29, 1868, Mary Anna Jenkins. 

tPaige, Franklin Enoch, A.B., A.M., 1857. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1848. 

Vice-President, Loganian; Secretary of same. Alumni Orator, 
1862. Assistant in Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, Haver- 
ford, 1851-53; teacher; merchant; civil engineer; stationer and 
printer ; farmer. Railroad treasurer. 

b. Weare, N. H., March 6, 1829. d. Brandywine Summit, Pa., 
July 4, 1918. s. Daniel Paige and Mary Gove. m. April 27, 
1898, Amy Agnes Moore. 

fTest, Zaccheus, A.B., A.M. (M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1855; Hon., 
A.M., Franklin and Marshall, 1861.) 

Entered Junior Class 1849. 

Alumni Orator, 1863. Studied at Theological Seminary, Mer- 
cersburg, Pa., 1861 ; also at Andover, Mass., 1863 ; and two 
semesters at Tubingen, Germany, 1874-75. Physician in Rich- 
mond, Ind. ; teacher of Latin and Greek, Earlham School (after- 
wards Earlham College) ; teacher, Latin and Greek, Howland 
School, Union Springs, N. Y., 1866-78; Supervisor of German 
in city schools, Richmond, Ind. ; Assistant Pastor, St. Paul's 
Church, Richmond, Ind. 

b. Dunlapsville, Union County, Ind., September 13, 1828. d. 
November 3, 1905. s. Samuel Test, Jr., and Hannah Jones, m. 
(1) August, 1857, Elizabeth M. Pray; (2) Sarah Anthony. 

■(Thomas, James Carey,A.B., A.M., 1877. (M.D., Univ. of Md., 

Entered Sophomore Class 1848. 

Vice-President, Loganian ; Editor of Collegian. Alumni Orator, 
1864; Alumni President, 1867; Manager of Haverford College, 
1860-97. Studied medicine. University of Maryland, 1851-54. 
Physician. Author of contributions to medical press and also to 
religious press. Trustee of Johns Hopkins University, 1870-97 ; 
Chairman of Executive Committee of same for a number of years ; 
Member of Medical Board of Johns Hopkins Hospital; original 
trustee of Bryn Mawr College; President, Maryland Clinical So- 
ciety; twice Vice-President, Maryland Medical and Chirurgical 
Society ; one of founders of Baltimore Children's Aid Society ; 
Director, Industrial School for Girls; President, Y. M. C. A., 


1877-84, then Vice-President ; President, Thomas Wilson Fuel 
Saving Society ; Trustee of Thomas Wilson Sanitarium for Chil- 
dren; Vice-President, Charity Organization Society; President, 
Baltimore Manual Labor School; Manager of Society for the 
Suppression of Vice; Member of Municipal Commission on Free 
Baths. Recorded Minister in Society of Friends, 1866. Clerk 
of Baltimore Yearly Meeting of Friends, 1885-97. 

b. Baltimore, Md., July 13, 1833. d. Baltimore, Md., November 
9, 1897. s. Richard Henry Thomas, M.D. (Manager 1850-59) 
and Martha Carey, m. October 31, 1855, Mary Whitall, of Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

fWood, Richard, A.B. 

Entered 1848. 

Alumni Orator, 1861. Manager 1869-1910. Merchant. Trustee, 
University of Pennsylvania; Member American Philosophical 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 25, 1833. d. September 30, 
1910. s. Richard Davis Wood and Julianna Randolph. 


fAtwater, Joseph Hoag. 

Entered 1849; left 1850. 

Assistant teacher at Haverf ord, 1849-50 ; teacher ; clerk ; lumber 
dealer ; agent ; inventor of Atwater Newspaper File, etc. Minister 
of the Society of Friends. 

b. Orleans County, N. Y., February 27, 1825. d. Anthony, 
R. I., June 17, 1901. s. Mead Atwater and Huldah Hoag. m. 
( 1 ) February 2, 1852, Elizabeth Anthony Harkness ; d. 1882 ; (2) 
October, 1886, Ellen M. Babcock. 

fClapp, John, Jr. 

Entered 1848 ; left 1850. 


b. New York City, September 11, 1831. d. Plainfield, N. J. ( 
September 30, 1885. s. John Clapp and Phebe Hicks, m. Plain- 
field, N. J., September 2, 1873, Susan Loyd. 

fEly, Richard Elias. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1848; left 1850. 


b. New Hope, Pa., July 5, 1833. d. New Hope, Pa., November 
18, 1914. s. Elias Ely and Sarah M. Wilson, m. September 2, 
1858, Caroline A. Newbold. 


fPaxson, Samuel. 

Entered 1848; left 1849 (?). 

b. , N. J., September 2, 1830. d. . s. Henry Paxson 

(?) and Caroline . 

fPrice, Richard, Jr. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1848 ; left 1849. 

Lumber merchant. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 20, 1832. d. March 8, 1868. 
s. Thomas Callander Price and Sarah A. Paul. m. 1857, Anna 

fTaber, Abraham. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1848 ; left 1850. 

Bookseller ; art publisher ; farmer. 

b. New Bedford, Mass., August 3, 1832. d. New Bedford, 
Mass., November 29, 1898. s. William Congdon Taber and 
Hannah Tucker Shearman, m. May 24, 1854, Mary Jane How- 


fClark, Dougan, (A.B., Univ. of N.C.; M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1861.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1849. 

Vice-President, Loganian. Assistant teacher, Haverford, 1850- 
53 ; studied medicine, University of Pennsylvania, 1858-61 ; Mem- 
ber of Faculty of Indiana Medical College; teacher; Professor 
of Latin and Greek; Professor of Materia Medica; physician; 
Professor of Biblical Instruction, Earlham College, Richmond, 
Ind. Author of numerous articles on religious subjects. Member 
of Wayne County (Ind.) Medical Society. 

b. Randolph County, N. C, May 17. 1828. d. Richmond. Ind., 
October 10, 1896. s. Dougan Clark and Asenath Hunt. m. April 
21, 1852, Sarah Jordan Bates. 

-i Hopkins, Lewis Neill. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1849. 

Merchant; ten years Collector of Taxes, City of Baltimore, Md. 
Secretary of Board of Trustees, Johns Hopkins University. 

b. Anne Arundel County, Md., June 27, 1834. d. August. 1904. 
s. Joseph Janney Hopkins and Elizabeth Schofield. m. (1) 
Josephine Hoge; (2) Lucy Tomlin Braston. 

jKinsman, William Low. 

Entered 1848. 

Clerk ; insurance agent. 


b. Salem, Mass., March 10, 1836. d. Salem, Mass., October 5, 
1899. s. Nathaniel Kinsman and Rebecca Chase, m. October 19, 
1870, Sarah Augusta Nichols. 

fNewhall, William Estes. 

Entered 1849. 

Clerk; manufacturer of cotton goods; manufacturer of iron. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., November 13, 1834. d. May 2, 1906, as 
result of accident, s. Paul Wing Newhall and Hannah Johnson, 
m. October 8, 1857, Philena M. Peterson. 

fWhitall, James. 

Entered Junior Class 1850. 

Frequent and liberal contributor to the funds of the College. 
Manager 1857-96; Chairman of Executive Committee; Secretary 
of Board of Managers, 1867-77. Glass manufacturer. Trustee, 
Bryn Mawr College; Overseer, William Penn Charter School. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 3, 1834. d. Germantown, Phila- 
delphia, Pa., February 28, 1896. s. John Mickle Whitall (Man- 
ager 1849-69) and Mary Tatum. m. Philadelphia, Pa., November 
26, 1856, Mary Wistar Cope. 


jBrinton, George. 

Entered 1848; left 1849. 


b. Thornbury, Chester County, Pa., October 9, 1830. d. Thorn- 
bury, Pa., July 7, 1883. s. Caleb Brinton and Martha Levis 
Strode, m. October 23, 1852, Christiana Brinton. 

fBrinton, Thomas Hill. 

Entered 1848; left 1849 (?). 


b. Chadds Ford, Pa., July 25, 1835. d. Chadds Ford, Pa., 
August 30, 1896. s. George Brinton and Mary Keppele. m. 
December 2, 1858, Mary S. Jones. 

fBrooke, Nathan. 

Entered 1849; left 1850. 

Dry goods merchant; grain merchant. President, Commercial 
Exchange, Philadelphia, 1870. 

b. Radnor, Pa., January 21, 1832. d. Media, Pa., May 13, 
1885. s. Hugh Jones Brooke and Jemima Elizabeth Longmire. 
m. Philadelphia, Pa., February 3, 1858, Anna Elizabeth Thomas. 


fChase, George Rowland. 

Entered 1848; left 1850 (?). 


b. Salem, Mass., April 15, 1834. d. Union Springs, N. Y., 
October 29, 1868. s. William Henry Chase and Elizabeth How- 
land, m. May 31, 1862, Mary F. Adams. 

fCope, Samuel Barnes. 

Entered 1848; left 1849. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., 1834. d. . s. Charles S. Cope and 

Rebecca Barnes. 

fHacker, Arthur. 

Entered 1848; left 1851. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., April 15, 1834. d. Philadelphia, Pa., April 
1, 1858. s. Isaiah Hacker (Manager 1846-60; Treasurer, 1844, 
1845, 1846-60) and Ann Hazen Brown. 

fHerendeen, Edward Welcome. 

Entered Junior Class 1850 ; left at close of year. 

Nurseryman, 1856-74; manufacturer of agricultural imple- 
ments (Thomas Harrow Company), 1874-86; steam and hot- 
water heating, etc., Herendeen Manufacturing Company, Geneva, 
N. Y., 1886-97 (President of same). 

b. Farmington, N. Y., July 21, 1831. d. Geneva, N. Y., Feb- 
ruary 23, 1897. s. Gideon Herendeen and Bersheba Willits. m. 
December 10, 1856, Anna Hallett Nickerson. 

fHull, Joseph Janney. (M.D., Univ. of City of N.Y., 1858.) 

Entered 1848 ; left at close of Freshman year. 

Studied medicine, Medical School of University of City of 
New York ; merchant ; physician. Acting Assistant Surgeon, 
United States Army, in Utah, 1860. 

b. Baltimore, Md., August 19, 1834. d. August, 1911. s. 
Robert Hull and Hannah Ann Janney. m. December 9, 1862, 
Mary Delafield DuBois. 

fHulme, John L. 

Entered 1849; left 1850. 


b. Mt. Holly, N. J., 1831. d. August, 1888. s. James S. Hulme 
and Hannah Lippincott. m. (1) Anna Mears; (2) Emily Little- 

fLadd, Benjamin. 

Entered 1849; left 1850. 

Farmer and wool grower in Ohio and Illinois until 1860; re- 


moved to Iowa; pork packer; removed to Colorado, 1880; miner. 
b. Smithfield, Jefferson County, O., August 24, 1830. d. Sun- 
set, Boulder County, Col., January 11, 1890. s. Benjamin W. 
Ladd (Manager 1830-35) and Elizabeth Wood. m. November 25, 
1857, Maria L. Judkins. 

fParry, Edward Randolph. 

Entered 1848 ; left 1849. 

Secretary of Loganian. United States Army, May, 1861. En- 
tered Army, First Lieutenant, 11th United States Infantry, and 
served through war; 1864, made Captain of the 11th; transferred 
to 20th; on reorganization of the Army, promoted a Major for 
gallant services. Fought along line of Weldon Railroad and be- 
fore Petersburg, Va., commanding his regiment in several actions. 
In 1865 was Assistant Adjutant General of the regular brigade 
Army of the Potomac, serving upon staff of General Winthrop. 
In 1868 commanded Forts Phillips and Jackson, at mouth of 
Mississippi, and Fort Ripley, Minn., in 1869. Resigned on ac- 
count of ill health, 1871. 

b. New Hope, Bucks County, Pa., July 27, 1832. d. New Hope, 
Pa., April 13, 1874. s. Oliver Parry and Rachel Randolph, m. 
December 17, 1863, Frances E. Dimick. 

fReeve, William Cooper. 

Entered 1850; left 1851 (?). 

b. Salem County, N. J., 1832. d. Salem, N. J., February, 1914. 
s. William Foster Reeve and Mary Wills Cooper, m. Mary 
Mason Acton. 

fRoberts, George Wilson. (A.B., Yale, 1857.) 

Entered February, 1849 ; left same year. 

Entered Sophomore Class, Yale, 1854; lawyer, West Chester, 
Pa., and Chicago, 111. Major, 42d Illinois Volunteers, 1861 ; 
Lieutenant Colonel; Colonel; Brigadier General at Island No. 10; 
Fort Pillow; Nashville; killed in leading a charge near Murfrees- 
boro, Tenn., December 31, 1862. 

b. East Goshen, Pa., October 2, 1833. d. (Killed in action, 
Murfreesboro, Tenn.), December 31, 1862. s. Pratt Roberts and 
Ann Wilson. 

fStokes, Francis. 

Entered 1848; left 1850. 

Manager of Haverford College, 1885-1917; Vice-President, 
Alumni. Dry goods merchant; lumber merchant, 1858-86. Mem- 
ber, Historical Society of Pennsylvania. 


b. Philadelphia, Pa., June 15, 1833. d. Germantown, Pa., Jan- 
uary 2, 1917. s. John Stokes and Hannah Gilpin Smith, m. 
March 23, 1865, Katharine Wistar Evans. 

fWeaver, Thomas. 

Entered 1849; left 1850 or 1851. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., November 10, 1835. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
October 6, 1870. s. Elijah Weaver and Ann Griffin. 

f Wistar, Caspar. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1849; left 1850. 


b. Philadelphia, Pa., August 18, 1833. d. Supposed to have 
been lost at sea 1854 or 1855. s. Caspar Wistar, M.D., and 
Lydia Jones. 


fMorgan, William Butler, A.B., A.M., 1857. (C.E., Univ. of 
Mich., 1863.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1850. 

Teacher of Classics, Westtown Boarding School, 1853-55 ; Pro- 
fessor of Latin and Greek, Earlham College, 1855-60; Professor 
of Mathematics, 1860-62 ; Graduate Student, Ann Arbor, Univer- 
sity of Michigan, 1862-63 ; Professor Mathematics, Earlham Col- 
lege, 1863-64, 1865-68; Instructor in Engineering, University of 
Michigan, 1864-65 ; teacher in Spiceland Academy, Spiceland, Ind. ; 
teacher in Indianapolis High School, 1872-74; Professor of Mathe- 
matics and Engineering, Purdue University, Ind., 1874-75 ; Gov- 
ernor and Professor of Chemistry, Earlham College, 1875-76 ; 
Professor of Mathematics, Penn College, Iowa, 1876-82, and 
President two years ; Professor of Mathematics, Earlham College, 
1883-98. Published Journal Franklin Institute, 1864, "The Macro- 

b. Near Raysville, Ind., December 2, 1830. d. February 24, 
1904. s. Charles Morgan and Michal Butler, m. October 10, 
1855, Sarah Henley. 

fPancoast, William Henry, A.B., Honorary A.M., 1876. (M.D., 
Jefferson Medical College, Phila., Pa., 1856.) 
Entered 1849. 

Student, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, Pa., 1853-56. 
Studied in London, Paris, Berlin and Vienna. Physician ; Demon- 
strator of Anatomy, Jefferson Medical College, 1862-74; Ad- 


junctor Professor, Anatomy, and Lecturer; Professor of Descrip- 
tive, General and Surgical Anatomy, 1874-86; First President, 
Medico-Chirurgical College of Philadelphia ; Surgeon-in-Chief , 
United States Hospital, during Civil War; Consulting Surgeon, 
Charity Hospital ; Senior Surgeon, Philadelphia Hospital ; Dele- 
gate to International Medical Congress, 1876; Membre Corre- 
spondant Societe Clinique de Paris ; Member of American Philo- 
sophical Society ; Academy Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, etc. ; 
President, Philadelphia County Medical Society ; President, Red 
Cross Society in Pennsylvania. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., October 16, 1834. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
January 5, 1897. s. Joseph Pancoast, M.D., and Rebecca Abbott, 
m. (1) November 13, 1873, Mary Anna Gertrude Lewis; (2) 
Charlotte Matilda Robb. 


fBrinton, Charles. 

Entered 1849; left 1851. 


b. Thornbury, Chester County, Pa., May 1, 1836. d. Media, 
Pa., April 6, 1882. s. Caleb Brinton and Martha Levis Strode, 
m. Julia Speakman. 

fCoale, Thomas Ellicott. 

Entered 1848 ; left 1849. 

Merchant; Director Commercial Agency. 

b. Baltimore, Md, March 31, 1833. d. Baltimore, Md., 1897. 
s. William Ellis Coale and Hannah Ellicott Carey, m. January 
18, 1855, Cecelia Harvey. 

fCorbit, John Cowgill. 

Entered 1849; left 1851. 

b. Cartswell's Bridge, Del., 1834. d. 1907. s. Daniel Corbit 
and Eliza Naudain. m. Emily Peterson. 

fCorbit, William Francis. 

Entered 1849; left 1850. 

Journalist ; connected with Associated Press in Philadelphia, Pa. 
b. Philadelphia, Pa., August 16, 1834. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
1885. s. Henry C. Corbit and Sarah Bolton. 

fDilworth, William T. 

Entered 1849; left 1850. 

b. Solebury, Bucks County, Pa., July 30, 1833. d. June 22, 
1858. s. Joseph Dilworth and Mary Paxson. 


fGifford, Charles Henry. 

Entered 1849; left 1850. 

Member State Board of Gas and Electric Light Commission 

b. New Bedford, Mass., July 18, 1833. d. . s. William 

Gifford and Rhoda Tucker, m. September 15, 1858, Elizabeth 
Peckham Cummings. 

fGill, William Hopkins. 

Entered 1848; left 1849. 

b. Haddonfield, N. J., August 5, 1831. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
December 20, 1872. s. John Gill and Sarah Hopkins, m. July 6, 
1848, Phebe Shreve. 

fHaworth, James Mahlon. 

Entered 1850; left 1852. 

Studied at Earlham School, Richmond, Ind., 1848-50; farmer 
merchant; railroad ticket agent; Treasurer, Clinton County, O. 
Captain, 40th Regiment Ohio United States Volunteers, 1861-63 
Superintendent, Kiowa Indian Agency, 1873-77; Special Indian 
Agent-at-Large, 1879-80; Indian Inspector, 1880-82; Inspector of 
Indian Schools, 1882-83 ; Superintendent, Indian Schools, 1883-85. 

b. Wilmington, O., November 19, 1831. d. Albuquerque, N. M., 
March 12, 1885. s. George D. Haworth and Edith Hadley. 

fHoag, Nicholas W. 

Entered 1851; left 1852. 

b. Washington (now Millbrook), N. Y, 1853. d. . s. 

John Hoag and . 

fHowland, Andrew Moore. 

Entered 1848; left 1851. 

Wool merchant; trustee for the Children of Shalam. 

b. New Bedford, Mass., November 1, 1834. d. April 10, 1917. 
s. Edward W. Howland and Minerva Ellison, m. June 25, 1893, 
Frances Vandewater Newbrough. 

fHowland, Benjamin. (A.B., Union College, Schenectady, N.Y.) 
Entered 1849; left at close of Sophomore year ( ?). 
Studied at Union College, Schenectady, N. Y. ; woolen manu- 
facturer; Secretary and Treasurer, Harris Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Catskill, N. Y. 

b. Sherwood, N. Y., March 25, 1832. d. Catskill, N. Y., April 
26, 1882, as result of accident, m. January 27, 1858, Louisa 


fHull, John. 

Entered 1849; left 1850. 

Studied at University of Virginia, 1859-60. In Confederate 
Army, 1861-64; 1st Lieutenant, 5th Virginia Cavalry, General 
Fitz Hugh Lee's Division, Army Northern Virginia. 

b. Baltimore, Md., 1839. d. Canada, December, 1864. s. Rob- 
ert Hull and Hannah Ann Janney. 

f Jones, Thomas Woodward. 

Entered 1849; left 1851. 

Farmer, Pennsbury, Pa. 

b. Birmingham, Pa., May 27, 1834. d. Philadelphia, Pa., No- 
vember 19, 1877. s. Brinton Jones and Mary Woodward, m. 
Martha C. Ogborn. 

fLevis, Franklin B. (A.B., Princeton, 1853.) 

Entered 1849; left 1851. 

Student at Princeton; Counsellor at Law. 

b. Mt. Holly, N. J., July 28, 1834. d. April 9, 1913. s. Samuel 
F. Levis and Sarah B. Hulme. m. Mt. Holly, N. J., October 14, 
1857, Rebecca B. Coppuck. 

fMatthews, Richard J. 

Entered Introductory Department 1848; left 1850 or 1851. 
Farmer and dairyman. 

b. Baltimore County, Md., July 6, 1834. d. Baltimore County, 
Md., April 8, 1885. m. May 20, 1862, Sallie H. Scott. 

fPancoast, George Abbott. 

Entered 1849; left 1850. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., July 22, 1832. d. October 1, 1859. s. Dr. 
Joseph Pancoast and Rebecca Abbott. 

fPerkins, Benjamin Douglas. 

Entered Introductory Department 1848; left 1849. 
b. Brooklyn, N. Y., April 2, 1832. d. August 3, 1888. s. 
Benjamin Douglas Perkins and Mary Shotwell. 

fScull, Jacob Ridgway. 

Entered Preparatory Department 1848; left 1851. 

Iron worker and machinist. Private in "Three Months" Volun- 
teers, 1861 ; enlisted for three years, August, 1861 ; Lieutenant 
and then Captain, 72d Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers; honor- 
ably discharged, 1864. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., June 26, 1835. d. . s. Gideon Scull 

and Lydia Ann Rowan, m. May 3, 1865, Margaret Clevenstine. 


fStadelman, Jacob Latch. 

Entered Preparatory Department 1848 ; left 1849. 

Dealer in lumber and coal. Mustered into United States Vol- 
unteers, August 5, 1861, at Harrisburg, Pa., as Captain B Com- 
pany, 1st Regiment, Pennsylvania Reserve Cavalry. Honorably 
discharged in Virginia, March 28, 1862. 

b. Lower Merion, Montgomery County, Pa., March 19, 1834. 
d. Bala, Pa., December 21, 1899. s. Jacob Stadelman and Hannah 
Higgins Latch, m. August 29, 1861, Henriette Rachel Leech. 

fStokes, Wistar H. 

Entered 1850; left 1851 (?). 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., January 11, 1833. d. 1907 (?). s. Levi 
B. Stokes and . 

fTatum, Charles. 

Entered 1849; left 1850 (?). 

b. Deptford, N. J., November 9, 1834. d. . s. Josiah 

Tatum and Rachel Offley. m. Chicago, 111., December 16, 1856, 
Josephine Porter. 

fTillinghast, Joseph. 

Entered 1849; left 1851 (?). 

Fire insurance agent ; Justice of the Peace ; Commissioner to 
qualify City Common Council. 

b. New Bedford, Mass., September 5, 1834. d. New Bedford, 
Mass., September 24, 1889. s. Joseph S. Tillinghast and Ann 
Taber. m. (1) Amelia A. Odiorne, Framingham, Mass.; (2) 
Maria A. Chapman, New Bedford, Mass. 

fTroth, John Trimble. 

Entered 1851; left 1851. 

Editor of The Collegian. Farmer; School Director, Burling- 
ton, N. J. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., October 31, 1833. d. Near Burlington, 
N. J., October 20, 1860. s. Samuel Fothergill Troth and Mary 
Trimble, m. October 30, 1856, Elizabeth Taylor Lippincott. 

fTyson, Isaac. 

Entered Preparatory Department 1848; left 1851. 


b. Baltimore, Md., 1833. d. Baltimore, Md., November 19, 
1873. s. Isaac Tyson and Hannah Ann Wood. m. October 4, 
1854, Fannie Thornton. 


fTyson, John Snowden. 

Entered 1849; left 1851. 

Lawyer; Member of Maryland Legislature, 1864. 

b. Near Baltimore City, Md., May 22, 1837. d. (Drowned in 
Gunpowder River, Md.) July 26, 1890. s. Judge John Shoe- 
maker Tyson and Rachel Snowden. m. February 2, 1865, Mary 

jUnderhill, Edmund B. 

Entered 1851 ; left 1852. 

b. Clinton Corners, N. Y., 1833. d. . s. Alfred M. Under- 
bill and Lydia P. Howes. 

fUnderhill, Robert F. 

Entered 1850; left 1851 (?). 
Machinist and foundryman. 

b. , 1830 or 1831. d. Indianapolis, Ind., 1863. s. Robert 

R. Underhill, of Indianapolis, Ind., and Sarah Wood. 

jUpdegraff, David Brainard. 

Entered 1851; left 1852. 

Farmer; editor of Friends' Expositor; Minister in Society of 
Friends ; author of "Old Corn ; or, Sermons on the Baptism with 
the Holy Spirit." 

b. Mt. Pleasant, O., August 23, 1830. d. Mt. Pleasant, O., 
May 23, 1894. s. David Updegraff and Rebecca Taylor Upde- 
graff. m. (1) September 23, 1852, Rebecca B. Price; (2) Sep- 
tember 4, 1866, Eliza J. C. Mitchell. 


f Arthur, Frederick, Jr. 

Entered Freshman Class 1850. 

Farmer until 1860; wholesale furniture business; manager, 
wholesale glass house. 

b. Nantucket, Mass., August 20, 1834. d. St. Louis, Mo., De- 
cember 21, 1891. s. Frederick Arthur and Mary Gardner, m. 
Lena Talmage. 

Cadbury, John Warder, A.B., (in 1856.) 

Entered Introductory Department 1849. 

Vice-President, Loganian. Manufacturer of plumbers' sup- 
plies ; retired. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 29, 1836. s. Joel Cadbury 
(Manager 1849-57) and Caroline Warder, m. Germantown, Pa., 
October 5, 1871, Rebecca Warner, c. Hannah Warner, 1872; 


Caroline Warder, 1873 ; Eleanor Anne, 1875 ; William Edward, 
1881; Esther Head, 1888. Address, 441 Locust Avenue, Ger- 
mantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Garrett, John Biddle, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1851. 

Secretary of Alumni Association, 1859-63 ; President of same, 
1879-80; Orator, Semi-Centennial, 1883; Member, Phi Beta 
Kappa, 1898; Manager, Haverford College, 1872-1914; President 
pro tern, of the College during absence of President Sharpless in 
Europe, 1890-91. Manufacturer and merchant, 1854-74; in vari- 
ous railroad and trust corporations, 1874-1901 ; President, Girard 
Trust Company, Philadelphia, 188 -87; Vice-President, Lehigh 
Valley Railroad Company, 1887-1901. Trustee, Bryn Mawr Col- 
lege, 1881-1902; Overseer, William Penn Charter School, 1868-81. 
Commissioner to locate Osage Indians, appointed by President 
Johnson. Member, American Academy of Political and Social 
Science; American Statistical Association; Historical Society of 
Pennsylvania. Minister in Society of Friends. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 30, 1836. s. Thomas C. Garrett 
and Frances Biddle. m. September 6, 1866, Hannah Rhoads 
Haines. Address, Rosemont, Pa. 

fScuIl, David, A.B. 

Entered Introductory Department 1849. 

President of Loganian ; Secretary, Alumni, 1857-58 ; President, 
1874-75; Manager, 1865-1907. Wool merchant; retired 1891. 
Drafted in 1864; about to be sent to front, but paroled by E. M. 
Stanton, Secretary of War; author several pamphlets; "Salvation 
in a Twofold Aspect," Philadelphia, 1897; frequent contributor 
to Friends' Rei'iew. Trustee, Bryn Mawr College ; connected with 
various charitable institutions. 

b. Sculltown, Salem County, N. J., January 17, 1836. d. No- 
vember 22, 1907. s. David Scull and Lydia Lippincott. m. Feb- 
ruary 28, 1861, Hannah Ellicott Coale. 


fAllen, Gideon, Jr. (A.B., Harvard, 1858.) 

Entered Freshman Class 1850; left 1852. 

Student at Harvard College; Treasurer, Morse Twist Drill and 
Machine Company, New Bedford, Mass. ; retired. 

b. New Bedford, Mass., September 27, 1837. d. New Bedford, 
Mass., July (?), 1920. s. Gideon Allen and Betsy Nye. m. Oc- 
tober 16, 1860, Horatia Anna Howland. c. Helen Allen. 


fChase, William Henry, Jr. 

Entered 1850; left 1852. 

Enlisted in New York Volunteers, February 20, 1861, as Ser- 
geant, Company K, 19th New York Infantry ; discharged June 19, 
1862; re-enlisted February 20, 1864, as Sergeant, Company K, 
3d New York Artillery; discharged June 19, 1865. Farmer. 

b. Salem, Mass., January 21, 1838. d. Bath, N. Y., March 19, 
1892. s. William Henry Chase and Elizabeth Howland. m. No- 
vember, 1860, Margaret F. Clapp. 

fCrew, Peter Joel. 

Entered 1850; left 1852. 

Student at Richmond College one year. Manufacturer of soap 
and candles, Richmond, Va. 

b. Richmond, Va., July 29, 1832. d. August 6, 1903. s. Cor- 
nelius Crew and Mary Ann Hall. m. (1) March 23, 1854, Vir- 
ginia Bowen; (2) November 1, 1864, Maria Louisa Rodes. 

fDeacon, James Woolman. 

Entered Junior year 1851; left during Senior year on account 
of ill health. 

Editor of The Collegian. Miller and manufacturer, Birming- 
ham, N. J., 1853-70 ; manufacturer of varnishes, Philadelphia, Pa. ; 
manufacturer of phosphorus, Centreton, N. J. ; Secretary, Ken- 
tucky Coal Exchange ; Secretary of Mining Companies in Georgia. 

b. Birmingham Mills, near Mount Holly, N. J., June 2, 1834. 
d. October 8, 1912. s. Thomas Bayre Deacon and Elizabeth Wool- 
man, m. (1) February 10, 1858, Anna M. Hilyard; (2) Decem- 
ber 1, 1870, Sarah Shreve Newbold. 

fPox, Samuel Lewis. 

Entered 1850; left end of Freshman year, 1851. 

Optician and manufacturer of scientific instruments. Member, 
Historical Society of Pennsylvania ; Philadelphia Academy of Nat- 
ural Sciences ; Franklin Institute. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 26, 1834. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
November 12, 1912. s. Joseph Fox, C.E., and Edith Hibbard. 
m. Philadelphia, Pa., October 8, 1861, Harriet Brown. 

fHacker, William. 

Entered 1848; left 1850. 

Dealer in agricultural implements and seeds; nurseryman; 
Auditor, Coal and Canal Company, Pennsylvania Railroad ; Mem- 
ber, Philadelphia Agricultural Society; Pennsylvania Horticultural 
Society, Philadelphia ; Zoological Society ; Academy of Natural 
Sciences of Philadelphia. 


b. Philadelphia, Pa., April 2, 1832. d. German town, Philadel- 
phia, Pa., March 11, 1898. s. Jeremiah Hacker (Manager 1849- 
57) and Beulah Morris, m. December 16, 1858, Hannah J. 

f Hill, Thomas Clarkson. 

Entered 1850; left close of Sophomore year. 

Merchant, Carthage, Ind. ; real estate and insurance, Chicago, 
111. ; Justice of the Peace. School Director and Trustee. 

b. Randolph County, N. C, March 13, 1831. d. Western 
Springs, 111., November 9, 1897. s. Samuel Hill and Mary Bran- 
son, m. April 15, 1857, Adaline Amanda Butler. 

fHowland, Cornelius. 

Entered 1850; left 1851. 

Merchant; Captain, 23d Massachusetts (nine months) Volun- 
teers, 1861 ; Burnside Expedition, Roanoke Island. 

b. New Bedford, Mass., April 7, 1835. d. Smyrna, Asia Minor, 
December 6, 1893. s. Cornelius Howland and Harriet Converse, 
m. September 15, 1857, Katherine N. Gibbs. 

f Ladd, Thomas Wood. 

Entered 1852; left 1853. 

Meat and provision commission merchant, Cincinnati, O., after- 
ward New York City. Member of New York Produce Exchange. 
Minister, Society of Friends. 

b. Smithfield, O., December 4, 1832. d. Ottumwa, la., Decem- 
ber 12, 1882. s. Benjamin W. Ladd and Elizabeth Wood. m. 
August 16, 1854, Hannah Peckham Gifford. 

f Parry, Israel Hallowell. 

Entered 1850; left 1851 (?). 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., ( ?) 1835. d. April 23, 1877. s. Samuel 
Parry and Martha R. Hallowell. 

Parry, Richard Randolph. 

Entered 1850; left 1851. 

Banker at Mankato, Minn., 1856-61 ; dry goods commission 
merchant, New York and Philadelphia, 1866-73 ; retired 1873. 
President, New Hope Delaware Bridge Company. Author of 
many historical sketches contributed to the newspapers ; to "Hotch- 
kiss' York Road, Old and New," to "Johnston's Campaign of 
1776, including Battle of Long Island" (Long Island Historical 
Society, 1878), etc., etc. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 5, 1835. s. Oliver Parry and 
Rachel Randolph, m. October 11, 1866, Ellen L. Read, of Port- 
land. Me. Address, New Hope. Bucks County, Pa. 


fRichmond, Alexander A. 

Entered 1850; left 1851. 

Clerk and Treasurer ; connected with Metropolitan Savings 
Bank, New York City. 

b. New Bedford, Mass., July 11, 1836. d. Peekskill, N. Y., 
October 15, 1915. s. Joshua Richmond and Hannah H. Hussey. 
m. October 13, 1868, Emma Frost. 

fRichmond, James Henry Crocker. 

Entered Preparatory Department 1849; left 1851 (?). 

Merchant in New Bedford, Mass. 

b. New Bedford, Mass., March 7, 1835. d. New Bedford, 
Mass., April 18, 1877. s. Joshua Richmond and Hannah H. Hus- 
sey. m. Hannah Katharine Courtis. 

f Stabler, William Davis. (M.D.) 

Entered 1851; left 1852 (?). 
Studied medicine. 

b. Lynchburg, Va., June 7, 1835. d. May 7, 1874. s. Robinson 
Stabler and Maryannis Davis. 

fStreet, Lewis. 

Entered 1850; left 1851. 

Missionary to Madagascar. Minister in the Society of Friends. 

b. Salem, O., April 2, 1833. d. August 15, 1892. s. Zadok 
Street and Sibyl Tatum. m. Salem, O., February 24, 1859, Sarah 
T. Fawcett. 

fTatum, John Cooper. 

Entered 1850; left 1852. 

Farmer. Director of First National Bank, Woodbury, N. J. ; 
Secretary of Gloucester County Sunday School Association ; Trus- 
tee of Deptford Institute, Woodbury, N. J. 

b. Mantua Farm, near Woodbury, N. J. d. Woodbury, N. J., 
March 25, 1895. s. Joseph Tatum and Ann Cooper, m. Josephine 

fTaylor, Augustus. 

Entered 1850; left 1851. 

Merchant ; farmer ; school director ; private in "Anderson Cav- 
alry," 1862-63 ; honorably discharged on account of illness. 

b. Taylorsville, Pa., December 14, 1833. d. Swarthmore, Pa., 
February 13, 1888. s. Mahlon K. Taylor and Elizabeth Hough. 



fTaylor, Thomas Chalkley. 

Entered 1850; left 1851. 

b. Taylorsville, Pa., December 14, 1833. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
January 31, 1883. s. Mahlon K. Taylor and Elizabeth Hough. 

fTroth, Samuel. 

Entered 1850; left 1852. 

Farmer ; merchant ; clerk ; Justice of the Peace ; 2d Lieutenant, 
Company B, Regiment P. V. M., 1863 ; Member, Historical Society 
of Pennsylvania. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 16, 1835. d. December 6, 1911. 
s. Henry Troth and Henrietta Henri, m. March 11, 1857, Anna 

fWillets, John Titus. 

Entered 1850; left 1851 (?). 

b. Westbury, Queens County, N. Y., 1835. d. New York City, 
January 22, 1879. s. Robert R. Willets and Lydia Titus, m. 
November 2, 1858, Amelia Underhill. 


jBettle, Samuel, Jr. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1852. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., January 11, 1837. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
May 14, 1859. s. Samuel Bettle and Mary Ann Jones. 

fHubbard, John Russell, A.B., A.M., (1859.) 

Entered 1851. 

Teacher, 1855-61 (?); farmer. 

b. New Garden, N. C, 1827. d. . s. Joseph Hubbard 

and Achsa Coffin, m. (1) 1857, Susan F. Bates; (2) 1883, 
Minerva Allen. 


fBaily, Thomas Chalkley James. 

Entered Preparatory Department 1850; left 1851. 

1st Lieutenant, 17th United States Infantry, May 14, 1861 ; 
Captain, 17th United States Infantry, December, 1862; Major by 
Brevet, August, 1864; retired from active service on account of 
wounds and sickness, acquired in active service, August, 1865. 

b. Stanton Mills, Del., October 6, 1836. d. Seattle, Wash., Oc- 
tober 5, 1911. s. Samuel Baily and Hannah James, in. Augusta, 
Me., January 15, 1863, Caroline E. Ladd. 


jBrown, Joseph Howell. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1852; left 1855. 


b. Philadelphia, Pa., May 6, 1837. d. Valparaiso, South 
America, May 6, 1862. s. William Henry Brown and Laura Ann 

jCrew, John Henry. 

Entered 1851; left 1852. 

Manufacturer of tobacco, Richmond, Va. 

b. Richmond, Va., April 27, 1835. d. Richmond, Va., Decem- 
ber 3, 1861. s. Cornelius Crew and Mary Ann Hall. m. Decem- 
ber 13, 1860, Annie Elizabeth Lacey. 

fFerris, Lindley Murray, Jr. 

Entered 1851 ; left 1853. 

Shipowner and agent ; sugar refiner. 

b. New York City, April 1, 1837. d. In Louisiana, February 
12. 1895. s. Lindley Murray Ferris and Caroline Murray Ferris. 
m. Martha Sands. 

tHallowell, Richard Price. 

Entered Introductory Department 1849; left 1853. 

Wool merchant; prominent abolitionist, coadjutor of Wendell 
Phillips and William Lloyd Garrison ; appointed Special Agent 
by Hon. John A. Andrew, of Mass., to recruit for the negro 
regiment. Author of "The Quaker Invasion of Massachusetts," 
fourth edition, 1887; "Pioneer Quakers," 1887. Treasurer, Free 
Religious Association ; Vice- President, New England Woman 
Suffrage Association. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 16, 1835. d. Norwood, Mass., 
January 5, 1904. s. Morris Longstreth Hallowell and Hannah 
Smith Penrose, m. October 26, 1859, Anna C. Davis. 

fHanson, Ezekiel Hunn. 

Entered 1851; left 1853. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 15, 1835. d. . s. Joseph 

Berry Hanson and Gulielma Maria Hunn. 

Hibberd, Isaac H. 

Entered 1851; left 1853. 

b. Upper Darby, Pa., April 8, 1833. s. Isaac Hibberd and 
Susan Fairlamb. Address, 735 South Tenth Street, San Jose. CaJ. 


fHopkins, John J. 

Entered 1850; left 1851. 

b. Baltimore, Md., 1837. d. . s. Samuel Hopkins and 

Lavinia Jolliffe. m. Elizabeth Beard. 

fJones, James Parnell. (A.B., L'niv. of Mich., 1856; A.M., 1859.) 

Entered 1851 ; left at close of Junior year. 

Studied two years at University of Michigan; teacher before 
entering army ; Captain, Company B, 7th Maine Volunteers, Au- 
gust, 1861 ; Major of same, 1863, and generally in command of 
the regiment. Was in all the leading battles of the Army of the 

b. South China, Me., May 21, 1835. d. Crystal Springs, near 
Washington, D. C, July 12, 1864, falling at the head of his regi- 
ment in the successful repulse of General Early, C. S. A. s. Eli 
Jones and Sibyl Jones, m. October 15, 1857, Rebecca Maria 

fMorris, Stephen. 

Entered Introductory Department 1848; left at close of Junior 

Iron manufacturer. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., 1835. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 1871. s. Henry 
Morris and Caroline Old. m. 1859, Rachel Dawson. 

fOsborn, William Peckham. 

Entered 1852; left at close of year. 
Tea merchant in Philadelphia and New York, 
b. Dover, N. H., July 23, 1834. d. Dover, N. H., July 3, 1858. 
s. William Osborne and Mary Peckham Rathbone. 

fPainter, John Vickers. 

Entered 1850; left 1853. 

Studied one year at Oberlin College. Railroading ; banker, 
Cleveland, O. ; retired 1873. At time of death, Director of Re- 
public Iron Company, of Cleveland Trust Company, of Citizens 
Saving and Trust Company, and Vice-President of Pittsburgh 
Railway Company; Trustee of Cleveland Museum of Art; Treas- 
urer and Trustee of John Huntington Benevolent Trust; Member 
of Chamber of Commerce. 

b. West Chester, Pa., July 20, 1835. d. Cleveland, O., August 
13, 1903. s. Samuel Marshall Painter and Ann Vickers. m. (1) 
October 31, 1855, Frances Barton; d. in 1858; (2) January 17, 
1861, Lydia E. Farmer. 


fReeve, Augustus. 

Entered 1850 ; left 1852. 

Iron master; brick and terra cotta manufacturer for nearly 50 
years. Member of City Council of Camden, N. J. ; President, 
Board of Trustees, Cooper Hospital, Camden, N. J., 1893-1918. 

b. Alloway, N. J., August 31, 1833. d. Camden, N. J., July 19, 
1918. s. William Foster Reeve and Mary Wills Cooper, m. June 
25, 1862, Rebecca Cooper Wood. 

fRiddick, Joseph H. (M.D., Univ. of Pa.) 

Entered as partial student 1852; left 1853 (?). 

Studied medicine at University of Pennsylvania. Surgeon in 

Confederate Army. 

b. Gates County, N. C, 183 . d. Baltimore, Md., 1865. s. 

Joseph Riddick and Elizabeth Briggs. 

fRiddick, Reuben Briggs. (M.D., Univ. of Pa.) 

Entered as partial student 1852 ; left 1853. 

Studied medicine at University of Pennsylvania. Physician. 

b. Gates County, N. C, December 24, 1831. d. June 22, 1867. 
s. Joseph Riddick and Elizabeth Briggs. m. November 24, 1858, 
Martha Ann Reed. 

fRowell, John F. 

Entered 1851; left 1853. 

Teacher, Friends' School, Providence, R. I. 

b. London, N. H. d. California, . s. and . 

fStabler, Thomas S. 

Entered 1851; left 1852 (?). 
Tobacco inspector. 

b. Lynchburg, Va., August 5, 1837. d. March, 1909. s. Robin- 
son Stabler and Maryannis Davis, m. Jane Owen Latham. 

fTaylor, Joseph Petty. 

Entered 1851; left 1853. 

b. Fairfield, Me., 1831. d. . s. Isaiah Taylor and Mehetabel 


fThomas, William Richard. 

Entered 1848 ; left 1850. 

b. West Whiteland, Pa. d. March 3, 1909. s. Richard Malin 
Thomas and Eliza Miller, m. Philadelphia, Pa., October 19, 1856, 
Susan S. Dewees. 

fWalton, Francis. 

Entered Introductory Department 1848; left 1853. 



b. Philadelphia, Pa., July 14, 1835. d. April 28, 1857. s. 
William Walton and Susannah Morris Hallowell. 


fBeesley, Bartholomew Wistar, A.B. 

Entered 1852. 

Secretary, Alumni Association, 1864-65. Manufacturer ; con- 
veyancer; attended lectures on conveyancing, University of Penn- 
sylvania, 1858; Notary Public; Secretary and Treasurer, North- 
wood Cemetery Company; School Director, 1861-66. Overseer, 
William Penn Charter School. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., August 3, 1838. d. October 14, 1911. s. 
Theophilus Beesley, M.D., and Hannah Wistar. m. Baltimore, 
Md., October 1, 1868, Margaret Cheston Coale. 

Cadbury, Joel, A.B. 

Entered 1852. 

Manager, 1867-81. 1862-66, of firm of R. Esterbrook & Co.; 
1867-1920, manufacturer of plumbers' supplies, Haines, Jones & 
Cadbury Company, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Director of same company. 
Member of American Academy of Political and Social Science; 
Manager of Friends' Hospital, Philadelphia. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., October 31, 1838. s. Joel Cadbury (Man- 
ager 1849-57) and Caroline Warder, m. Philadelphia, Pa., De- 
cember 1, 1869, Anna Kaighn Lowry. c. Elizabeth B. Jones, 
1871; Benjamin, 1873; Emma, 1875; William Warder, 1877; 
John W., Jr., 1880; Henry Joel, 1883. Address, 254 East Main 
Street, Moorestown, N. J. 

fComfort, Jonathan Jones, (M.D., Univ. of Mich., 1858; Jeffer- 
son Med. College, Phila., Pa., 1859.) 

Entered 1852. 

Assistant in Introductory Department, 1852-53 ; studied medi- 
cine, University of Michigan, 1856-58; also Jefferson Medical 
College, Philadelphia, 1858-59; physician; Surgeon, United States 
Army, 1862-65 ; practiced medicine, Haddonfield, N. J. ; Secre- 
tary, Haverford College, 1887-89; connected with the manufac- 
ture of perfumes and extracts. 

b. Fallsington, Bucks County, Pa., January 9, 1830. d. March 
22, 1906. s. Aaron Comfort and Ann Woolston. m. Medford, 
N. J., October 12, 1865, Hannah J. Haines. 


f Walton, James M., A.B. 

Entered Introductory Department 1848. 

Broker in New York. 

b. July 12, 1838. d. May 25, 1874. s. William Walton and 
Susannah Morris Hallowell. m. November 28, 1867, Mary 
Forster Collins. 

Wood, Edward Randolph, A.B., A.M., 1859. (LL.B., Univ. of 
Pa., 1861.) 

Entered 1852. 

Alumni Orator, 1865. Iron manufacturer, R. D. Wood & 
Sons; politician; President, Millville Improvement Company, N. J. 
First Vice-President, Philadelphia Board of Trade; charter mem- 
ber of original Committee of 100, Philadelphia. Member of Penn 
Club and Manufacturers' Club, Philadelphia. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., June 21, 1840. s. Richard Davis Wood 
and Julianna Randolph, m. (1) Mary H. Kneass. c. Charles R., 
Juliana, Marian H., Edward R., Jr. (2) Asheville, N. C, De- 
cember 24, 1919, Erma Richardson. Address, 400 Chestnut 
Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 


fCanby, Samuel. (C.E., Delaware College, Del.) 
Entered Introductory Department 1850; left 1852. 
Studied at Delaware College. Civil Engineer ; Sergeant, 4th 
New Jersey Infantry, May-July, 1861 ; 1st Lieutenant and Adju- 
tant, 2d Delaware Infantry, July-November, 1861 ; 2d Lieutenant, 
4th United States Artillery, October, 1861 ; 1st Lieutenant, Au- 
gust, 1862; resigned and honorably discharged July 1, 1868; 
brevetted 1st Lieutenant, United States Army, April 7, 1862, "for 
gallant and meritorious services in the battle of Shiloh, Tenn. ;" 
Captain, July 3, 1863, "for gallant and meritorious services at the 
battle of Gettysburg, Pa.;" Major, March 13, 1865, "for gallant 
and meritorious services at the battle of Franklin, Tenn." Re- 
sumed his profession, 1868 ; Assistant Engineer, City of Wilming- 
ton, Del., 1873; Engineer, B. & O. R. R., Philadelphia Division; 
Railroad Engineer, South America, 1883-84; Railroad Engineer, 
Vera Cruz, Mexico; Park Engineer, Wilmington, Del., 1890-93; 
Assistant Receiver, Vancouver, Klikitat and Yakima Railroad, 

b. Wilmington, Del., August 5, 1837. d. Vancouver, Wash., 
July 24, 1897. s. Edmund and Mary T. Canby. m. December 
12, 1861, Rebecca Tilghman Johnston. 


Collins, Stephen Grellett. 

Entered 1853 ; left 1854. 

In employ I. P. Morris & Co. (machinists) ; farmer, 13 years; 
seedsman; Purchasing Agent and Road Auditor, Lehigh Valley 
Railroad Company; Treasurer, Pottsville Iron and Steel Com- 
pany ; Auditor, South Jersey Railroad Company ; Calculating Cost 
of Machinery at George V. Cresson & Co., Philadelphia, Pa. ; 
retired about 1903. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 22, 1836. s. Isaac Collins and 
Rebecca Singer, m. October 13, 1860, Adelaide A. Knorr. c. 
Grellet, 1862 ; George Fred, 1863 ; Percival, 1868 ; Clarence Wil- 
berforce, 1869; Adelaide A., 1870; Isaac, 1874. Address, 3929 
Locust Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

fCooper, John. 

Entered Preparatory Department 1851 ; left 1853. 

Studied at Georgetown College, D. C, 1854. Insurance, Insur- 
ance Company of North America, Philadelphia. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., August 23, 1837. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
January 7, 1901. s. John Cooper and Caroline Elizabeth Adams, 
m. March 1, 1877, Nellie F. Alston. 

fField, W. Harrington. 

Entered 1852 ; left 1854. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., 1838. d. . s. Benjamin Field and 

Hadley, Hiram. (Hon., A.M., Earlham College, 1886.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1853 ; left 1854. 

Teacher; Representative in West of Educational Publications 
of Scribner Firm, N. Y., 12 years; active in organization of Las 
Cruces College, New Mexico; President, same, 1888-90; largely 
instrumental in establishment of New Mexico College of Agri- 
culture and Mechanic Arts, Las Cruces, 1890; President of same, 
1890-94; Acting President, New Mexico University, Albuquerque, 
1894-97 ; Professor of History and Psychology, New Mexico Col- 
lege of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts. 1898-1905; Territorial 
Superintendent of Public Instruction, 1905-07. Author, "Lessons 
in Language," 1871 (first book of this nature written) ; joint 
author, Lee and Hadley 's English Grammar. Member, Board of 
Regents, New Mexico College of Agricultural and Mechanical 
Arts, 1907-11; National Education Association. New Mexico; 
State Teachers' Association ; Chamber of Commerce. 

b. Clinton County, O., March 17. 1833. s. John Hadley and 
Ann Wildman. m. (1) Richmond, Ind., April 30, 1856, Hannah 


Fulghum; (2) Katharine E. Coffin, c. Walter C, 1857; Caroline 
E. Hadley, 1861 ; Francis Lush, 1863 ; Anna Rhoda, 1866. Ad- 
dress, Mesilla Park, New Mexico. 

fHopkins, Gerard. 

Entered 1853 ; left 1855. 


b. South River, Md., February 14, 1836. d. January 28, 1901. 
s. Joseph Janney Hopkins and Elizabeth Scofield. m. Sandy 
Spring, Md., October 6, 1874, Emily R. Snowden. 

fHunn, Townsend Sharpless. 

Entered Preparatory Department 1850; left 1853 (?). 

Merchant, Philadelphia, Pa., and New York City. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., August 2, 1837. d. November 7, 1912. 
s. Ezekiel Hunn and Lydia Jones Sharpless. m. May 14, 1872, 
Julia de Murguiondo. 

fHunt, Ellwood. 

Entered 1852; left during year. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., March 17, 1836. d. December 31, 1869. 
s. Uriah Hunt and Elizabeth Shreve. 

fjanney, Johns Hopkins. 

Entered 1850; left 1851. 

Merchant; farmer. 

b. Baltimore, Md., July 14, 1836. d. Churchville, Md., August 
2, 1889. s. Richard Miller Janney and Sarah Hopkins, m. Balti- 
more, Md., Caroline Symington. 

fLamb, Eli Matthews. 

Entered Senior Class as partial student, 1855 ; left 1856. 

Instructor, Milton Academy, Philopolis, Md. ; Founded Balti- 
more Friends' School, 1864; Principal of Friends' Elementary 
and High School, Baltimore, Md., 30 years; Associate Principal 
of same ; in Naval Office, Baltimore Custom House, during Lin- 
coln's Administration. 

b. Gunpowder, Baltimore County, Md., 1835. d. Baltimore, 
Md., January 25, 1911. s. John Emerson Lamb and Esther 
Matthews, m. 1861, Anna Williamson Corkran. 

fLewis, Enoch Edward. 

Entered Introductory Department 1851; left 1853. 
Studied law ; in employ Pennsylvania Railroad ; clerk in mer- 
cantile house, Philadelphia; entered United States Army as pri- 


vate, 1861; 1st Lieutenant, 1st California Regiment; Captain in 
same ; resigned 1863 ; appointed Lieutenant Colonel, 22d Pennsyl- 
vania Regiment, which he commanded at Petersburg, where he 
was severely wounded. Served after the Civil War as Paymaster 
in United States Navy. 

b. West Chester, Pa., July 1, 1838. d. Leadville, Col., Novem- 
ber 10, 1879. s. Joseph Jackson Lewis and Mary Linton Miner. 
m. Aoril, 1866, Emma L. Lafitte. 

fMellor, John Bancroft. 

Entered Preparatory Department 1850; left 1854. 

Importer; retired. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 9, 1836. d. . s. Thomas 

Mellor and Martha Bancroft, m. November 5, 1863, Margaret 
Burns Larrabee. 

fPrice, William Ballinger. 

Entered Sophomore Class on partial course, 1853; left 1855. 

Editor of The Collegian. Merchant ; banker ; secretary ; treas- 
urer ; General Manager, Railroad ; Secretary and Treasurer, 
"Street Railway Association of New Jersey." 

b. Smithfield, Jefferson County, O., February 27, 1836. d. May 
31, 1916. s. William Price and Edith Ballinger. 

fStreet, George. 

Entered 1854; left 1855. 

b. Salem, O., December 22, 1834. d. . s. Zadok Street 

and Sibyl Tatum. m. Esther Homer. 

jStreet, Ogden. 

Entered 1854; left 1855. 

b. Salem, O., October 18, 1838. d. . s. Samuel Street and 

Sarah Butler, m. Margaret McElroy, Philadelphia, Pa. 

fTaber, William Congdon, Jr. 

Entered 1852; left 1855. 

Bookseller; manufacturer of pictures and frames; Treasurer, 
Whitman Mills (plain and fancy cotton yarns). Member, Com- 
mon Council of New Bedford, Mass. ; Member, Home and Coast 
Guard, 1863-65. 

b. New Bedford, Mass., October 3, 1837. d. New Bedford, 
Mass., December 23, 1907. s. William Congdon Taber and 
Hannah Tucker Shearman, m. June 27, 1860, Sarah A. Wood. 


fThomas, George Brinton. (A.B., Yale, 1857; M.A., 1860). 

Entered Introductory Department 1848; left 1852. 

Student at Yale, 1853-57; Captain, 2d Regiment, Pennsylvania 
Militia, September, 1862, fighting at Battle of Antietam; Private, 
29th Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1863, and 192d, 1864; honorably 
discharged, November 11, 1864. Nurseryman; retired July 1, 
1904. Life Member, State Horticultural Association of Pennsyl- 
vania ; Member, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society ; Chester 
County Historical Society ; University Club of Philadelphia ; West 
Chester Golf and Country Club. 

b. West Chester, Pa., July 5, 1836. d. West Chester, Pa., No- 
vember, 1920. s. Isaac Thomas, M.D., and Mary Hendricker 
Brinton. m. (1) September 17, 1866, Helen Biddle; d. 1877; (2) 
January 4, 1883, Linda Hastings. 

fThomas, Lewin Wethered. 

Entered Introductory Department 1851; left 1852. 
b. Baltimore, Md., March 6, 1837. d. December 8, 1877. s. 
William George Thomas and Mary Lewin Wethered. 

f Thorne, Barton F. 

Entered 1853; left 1854. 

Member, New Jersey Senate, 1874-77; farmer, 
b. Crosswicks, N. J., 1833. d. May 9, 1904. s. Edward Thorne 
and Mary Hendrickson. m. Anna Josephine Duer. 

fValentine, Bond. 

Entered 1848; left 1851. 

Farmer; insurance. 

b. Bellefonte, Pa., March 22, 1834. d. April 19, 1889. s. 
Abram Sharpless Valentine and Clarissa Miles, m. October 18, 
1865, Martha Kenney. 

fValentine, George. 

Entered Preparatory Department 1848; left 1855. 

Iron manufacturer. 

b. Bellefonte, Pa., August 5, 1834. d. Bellefonte, Pa., March 
26, 1910. s. George Valentine and Mary Sandwith Downing, 
m. November 22, 1865, Emily T. Jacobs. 

fWalton, Isaac M. 

Entered Introductory Department 1851; left 1852. 

b. New York City, . d. . s. Isaac Walton and . 

fWistar, William Wilberforce. 

Entered 1853 ; left 1855. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., March 23, 1837. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 


May 13, 1866. s. Caspar Wistar and Lydia Jones, m. October 
14, 1864, Anna Mary Alderson. 


fCheyney, Jesse Sharpless. 

Entered 1853. 

Won Loganian Prize 1856 for poem. Teacher, Introductory 
Department, Haverford, 1855 ; teacher of Classics, Westtown, 
1857-66; Principal, Friends' Select School for Boys, Philadelphia, 
Pa., 1866-69; optician and manufacturer of physical apparatus 
from 1870. Member, Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, Pa. ; 
American Institute, New York, and various Microscopical So- 

b. Thornbury, Delaware County, Pa., March 4, 1837. d. 1908. 
s. Joseph Reed Cheyney and Edith Sharpless. m. October 21, 
1858, Ellen R. Moore, of Haverford, Pa. 

fMendenhall, Cyrus, A.B. 
Entered 1853. 

Assistant in Preparatory Department, 1855 ; teacher in Farmers' 
Institute, Indiana, 1858. 

b. Wayne County, Ind., January 27, 1834. d. Plainfield, Ind., 
July 3, 1858. s. Elijah Mendenhall and Huldah Coffin. 

jWood, Stephen, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1854. 

b. Brooklyn, N. Y., August 28, 1837. d. Mt. Kisco, N. Y., 
June 11, 1897. s. Henry Wood and Mary Jane Underhill. m. 
1863, Anna H. Terry. 


jBradford, James Cresson. 

Entered Introductory Department 1852; left 1853. 

Commission merchant ; salesman, sugar refinery, New York City. 
Entered Anderson Troop 1861 ; served one year. 

b. Columbia, Pa., April 7, 1835. d. Philadelphia, Pa.. February 
28, 1882. s. Albert G. Bradford and Tacy Cresson. m. Phila- 
delphia, Pa., October 6, 1859, Anne R. Holt. 

fBrooke, Francis Mark. 

Entered Introductory Department 1852; left 1853. 

Studied in Law Department. University of Pennsylvania, 1857- 


58; admitted to the Bar, 1859; Lawyer, 1859-64; District Attor- 
ney, Delaware County, Pa., 1863-64; resigned and became grain 
merchant, 1864; Private, Pennsylvania Volunteers, Emergency 
Service, 1863. President, Valley Forge Commission, 1893 ; Presi- 
dent, Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, before and after 1878 ; 
President or Director in fifteen business or charitable organiza- 

b. Radnor Township, Delaware County, Pa., July 4, 1836. d. 
Philadelphia, Pa., December 29, 1898. s. Hugh Jones Brooke and 
Jemima Elizabeth Longmire, of Nottingham, England. 

fBrooke, Lewis Trimble. 

Entered Introductory Department 1852; left 1856. 

Various occupations ; real estate broker in Philadelphia, Pa., 

b. Radnor, Pa., November 3, 1836. d. Philadelphia, Pa., No- 
vember 10, 1892. s. Mark Brooke and Sarah Trimble, m. April 
3, 1860, Anne Bartram Carr Gale. 

fCope, Edgar. 

Entered Sophomore Class as partial student 1854; left 1857. 

b. Woodbourne, Susquehanna County, Pa., February 22, 1838. 
d. Overbrook, Pa., June 9, 1895. s. William D. Cope and Susan 
L. Newbold. m. June 11, 1874, Amy Ellis Yarnall. 

fCrew, William Hall. 

Entered 1853; left 1855. 

Clerk in drug store, Philadelphia, Pa., 1855-57; commission 
merchant, Richmond, Va., 1857-61 ; served in Confederate Army 
during Civil War, Division Commissary Sergeant, General G. W. 
C. Lee's Division, 1864-65 ; merchant. 

b. Richmond, Va., August 24, 1837. d. . s. Cornelius 

Crew and Mary Ann Hall. m. September 28, 1860, Irene H. 

-.■Dickinson. Edwin L. 

Entered Introductory Department 1852; left 1854. 

Went to California, 1858; Minister in Methodist Episcopal 
Church ; retired on account of ill health ; Clerk, United States 
Treasury Department, Washington, D. C. ; in Internal Revenue 
Department, Boston, Mass. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., November 14, 1837. d. April 20, 1878. 
s. John Dickinson and Mary Edmondson. 


jFarmer, Elihu Jerome. 

Entered Preparatory Department 1852; left 1855. 

Banker; journalist; miner. Published "Resources of the Rocky 
Mountains," and several books on "Bi-metalism." 

b. Salineville, O., February 18, 1836. d. . s. James and 

Meribah Farmer, m. October 6, 1864, Lydia Hoyt. 

fHallowell, Norwood Penrose. (A.B., Harvard, 1861.) 
Entered Introductory Department 1851 ; left 1853. 
Student Harvard University, 1857-61 ; President, "Institute of 
1770." Merchant, New York City; member of firm, Hallowell, 
Prescott & Co. ; wood merchant, Sioux City ; wood merchant, 
Boston, Mass., 1869; retired, January 1, 1892. President, 
National Bank of Commerce of Boston, 1891 ; President, Middle- 
sex School. Private, 4th Battalion North East Guards, stationed 
at Fort Independence, Boston Harbor, April 25-June 10, 1861 ; 
1st Lieutenant, 20th Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteers, No- 
vember 26, 1861 ; Lieutenant Colonel, 54th Regiment, Massachu- 
setts Volunteers, April 17, 1863 ; Colonel, 55th Regiment, Massa- 
chusetts Volunteers, May 30, 1863 ; at Ball's Bluff, Yorktown, Fair 
Oaks, Savage's Station, Glendale, Malvern Hill, Chantilly, An- 
tietam, etc. ; siege of Fort Wagner, S. C. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., April 13, 1839. d. West Medford, Mass., 
April 11, 1914. s. Morris Longstreth Hallowell and Hannah 
Smith Penrose, m. January 27, 1868, Sarah Wharton Haydock. 

flddings, James C. 

Entered 1853 ; left 1855. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., 1837. d. Cincinnati, O. s. James Iddings 
and Frances Martin, m. (1) ; (2) . 

jLeedom, John Moore. ( Ph.G., College of Pharmacy, Phila., Pa., 
1856 ;M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1859.) 

Entered Introductory Department 1852; left 1853. 

Student, Philadelphia College of Pharmacy ; University of Penn- 
sylvania Medical Department. Physician and Surgeon ; Surgeon 
at Germantown Hospital, 1861-64. Member, College of Physi- 
cians, Philadelphia, Pa.; Pathological Society, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Member, Union League, Philadelphia, Pa. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., July 15, 1837. d. Germantown, Philadel- 
phia, Pa., January 8, 1885. s. Benjamin Jones Leedom and 
Priscilla Ballinger. m. June 16, 1859, Virginia A. Reynolds. 


-fLongstreth, Samuel Townsend. 

Entered 1854; left 1855. 

b. Warminster Township, Bucks County, Pa., August 2, 1837. 

d. . s. Daniel Longstreth and Hannah Townsend. m. June 

10, 1869, Jane Lukens Jones. 

fNewbold, Joseph Trotter. 

Entered Introductory Department 1852; left 1853. 


b. Springfield, N. J., June 7, 1836. d. Springfield, N. J., April 
7, 1869. s. Clayton Newbold and Susan H. Trotter, m. Philadel- 
phia, Pa., October 10, 1866, Rachel G. Baker. 

fPilcher, Samuel F. 

Entered 1854; left at close of year. 

b. Richmond, Va., 1838. d. . s. and Elizabeth Ann 

fSellers, Nathan. 

Entered 1852 ; left 1854. 
Merchant; miller. 

b. Millbourne, Delaware County, Pa., July 18, 1836. d. . 

s. John Sellers and Elizabeth Poole, m. Mary Keen. 

fStreet, John W. 

Entered 1853 ; left 1854. 


b. Salem, O., February 24, 1837. d. Chicago, 111., 1888. s. 
Zadok Street and Sibyl Tatum. m. March 25, 1858, Mary Jane 

fThomas, Evan. 

Entered Introductory Department 1851; left 1853. 

Studied law in Baltimore, Md. ; removed to New York City ; 
merchant ; Manager, New York Produce Exchange ; President, 
New York Produce Exchange; Presidential Elector (Democratic), 
1892. President, Business Men's Democratic Association, etc. 

b. Baltimore, Md., October 28, 1838. d. 1907. s. William 
George Thomas and Mary Lewin Wethered. m. New York City, 
April 28, 1880, Zaydee A. Barker. 

Tucker, Benjamin. 

Entered Introductory Department 1852; left 1853. 

Clerk, Merchants' Bank, New Bedford, Mass., 3 years; mem- 
ber firm, Rumford Chemical Works, Providence, R. I., 1857-60; 
coal business, Milwaukee, Wis., 1860-62; miner, Colorado, 1862- 


65 ; farmer ; retired. Has held every town office, Bethlehem, 
N. H. ; Justice of the Peace, Notary Public, etc.; Member of 

b. New Bedford, Mass., November 20, 1836. s. Charles Rus- 
sell Tucker and Dorcas Fry. m. Littleton, N. H., September 4, 
1876. c. Edith, 1877; George Edward, 1885. Address, Bethle- 
hem, N. H. 

fValentine, Abram Sharpless. 

Entered Preparatory Department in 1849; left 1855. 

Iron manufacturer. Private, 2d Regiment, Pennsylvania Vol- 
unteers, 1861 (Three Months' Volunteers). 

b. Belief onte, Pa., October 15, 1835. d. February, 1904. s. 
Abram Sharpless Valentine and Clarissa Niles. m. July 12, 1864, 
Eliza Y. Natt, of Philadelphia, Pa. 

fValentine, Samuel Rhoads. 

Entered 1853 ; left 1854. 

b. August 20, 1834. d. Philadelphia, Pa., August 20, 1855. 
s. Benjamin Eyre Valentine and Elizabeth Rhoads. 

fValentine, William Thomas. 

Entered Introductory Department 1848; left 1855. 

Iron manufacturer. 

b. Bellefonte, Pa., December 18, 1836. d. Bellefonte, Pa., De- 
cember 26, 1862. s. Reuben Valentine and Sarah Drinker Down- 

fWood, William Cooper. 


fBurgess, Thomas Harvey, 

Entered Introductory Department 1851 ; left 1853. 

b. Haddonfield, N. J., 1835. d. March 26, 1918. s. Isaac H. 
Wood and Elizabeth H. Cooper, m. (1) Moorestown, N. J., De- 
cember 21, 1864, Rebecca C. Wills; (2) Haddonfield, N. J., Oc- 
tober 3, 1894, Laura Cooper. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1855. 

Founder of Everett Society; first President of same. Studied 
at Farmers' College, Cincinnati, O., 1853 ; Assistant in Intro- 
ductory Department, Haverford, 1854-55 ; teacher ; horticulturist ; 
author of "The Loved and Lost," a poem in memory of Joseph 
G. Harlan, Principal of Haverford College, 1857, published in 
Friends' Review, etc. ; also many other poems ; frequent con- 
tributor to local press wherever he resided. 


b. Near Wilmington, O., July 17, 1833. d. Highlands, N. Y., 
March 14, 1893. s. Jesse Burgess and Elizabeth Harvey, m. (1) 
October 22, 1865, Mary G. Heaton; (2) October 14, 1885, Emilie 
E. Underhill. 

fCIark, Thomas, 

Entered December 25, 1854. 

Teacher, 1858-60; farmer and stock raiser. President, County 
Association of Farmers. 

b. Ashborough, N. C, August 27, 1831. d. January 18, 1920. 
s. John Clark and Nancy Hussey. m. Raysville, Ind., June 26, 
1861, Emily J. Griffin, c. Mary B., 1863; John G., 1865; Daniel 
B., 1868; Anna R., 1873. 

fHunt, Daniel Williams, A.B. 

Teacher, 6 years, Bloomingdale Academy, Bloomingdale, Ind. ; 
merchant in Oskaloosa, la. ; Superintendent and Engineer, Gas 
Works, and Electrical Engineer, Oskaloosa. Secretary, Board of 
Managers, Penn College. 

b. New Garden, N. C, January 7, 1832. d. Oskaloosa, la., Feb- 
ruary 27, 1898. s. George Hunt and Dorcas Stanley, m. Haver- 
ford, Pa., Mary R. Llewelyn. 

fSatterthwaite, Samuel T., A.B. 
Entered 1854. 

Principal, Friends' Select School, Philadelphia, Pa. 
b. Chesterfield, Burlington County, N. J., April 12, 1836. d. 
1865. s. Joseph D. Satterthwaite and . 

Tyler, William Graham, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1855. 

In leather business, Salem, N. J., 1862-87; farming and manu- 
facturing interests ; fiduciary ; in hospital service at Fortress Mon- 
roe, 1862 ; and Norfolk, Va., colored schools. Director and Treas- 
urer, Vineland Training School, N. J. ; Director and Treasurer, 
Salem, N. J., Gas Light Company; President, Salem, N. J., Li- 
brary, which he built in memory of his father ; Member, Salem, 
N. J., School Board. Member, Historical Society of Pennsyl- 
vania; Academy of Natural Sciences. Member, City Club, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

b. Salem, N. J., March 17, 1838. s. John Tyler and Dorothea 
Graham Hoskins. c. Catherine L., Daisy C, W. G., and Mary G. 
Address, 3638 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 



fWistar, Thomas, A.B., A.M., 1861. (M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1863.) 

(Originally known as Thomas Clarkson Wistar.) 

Entered 1853. 

Studied medicine, University of Pennsylvania, 1861-63; tutor 
in Classics and History, and Librarian, Haverford College, 1858- 
61 ; school director; Contract Surgeon, United States, 1865 ; physi- 
cian; Medical Adviser and Examiner-in-Chief, Provident Life 
and Trust Company, Philadelphia, Pa. Author of numerous poems 
and articles in various periodicals. Member, College of Physicians 
and Surgeons; Academy of Natural Sciences; Franklin Institute, 
Philadelphia, Pa. Member, "Fishing Commission of the State in 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., March 23, 1837. d. September 27, 1913. 
s. Caspar Wistar, M.D., and Lydia Jones, m. Philadelphia, Pa., 
October 15, 1898, Theodora P. Feltwell. 

fYarnall, Ellis Hornor, A.B., (LL.D., Univ. of Pa., 1866.) 

Entered 1853; lost one year on account of serious illness; re- 
entered and graduated with Class of 1858. 

Studied at Law School, University of Pennsylvania, 1864-66; 
clerk ; lawyer. Member, Historical Society of Pennsylvania ; 
Philadelphia Geographical Society. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa.. December 23, 1839. d. December 17, 1907. 
s. Charles Yarnall (Manager 1830-68; Secretary, Board of Man- 
agers, 1830-66) and Emma Cope. m. (1) 1880, Caroline Ridg- 
way Rowland; (2) 1897, Emily Yarnall. 


t Acton, Thomas Wistar. 

Entered Introductory Department 1855 ; left 1856. 

Clerk, Treasury Department, Washington, D. C. ; Clerk, United 
States Revenue Department, Salem, N. J. 

b. Salem, N. J., January 2, 1840. d. Salem, N. J., February 
20, 1873. s. Benjamin Acton and Jane Blackwood. 

jAlderson, William Charles. 

Entered 1854; left 1855. 

Farmer; merchant; connected with Lehigh Valley Railroad 
Company after 1870; Treasurer of same. 

b. Blackburn, England, November 5, 1837. d. November 9, 
1914. s. Harrison Alderson (Manager 1855-67) and Emma 
Botham. m. June 1, 1870, Eleanor Tyson Yarnall. 


fBrooke, Alfred. 

Entered 1854; left 1857. 

Coal and lime merchant ; miller. 

b. Radnor Township, Delaware County, Pa., March 2, 1840. 
d. February 10, 1896. s. Jesse Brooke and Catherine Bootes, m. 
(1) October 14, 1875, Josephine Fell; (2) June 13, 1883, Sarah 

fCooper, Lehman Adams. (M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1864.) 

Entered Preparatory Class 1851; left 1853. 

Studied Georgetown College, D. C, 1854-56; University of 
Pennsylvania Medical School, 1864. Physician. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., November, 1839. d. Raton, New Mexico, 
May 28, 1879. s. John Cooper and Caroline Elizabeth Adams, 
m. Anna Kennedy, of Maryland. 

fCresson, James Clarence. 

Entered Introductory Department 1853; left 1854 (?). 

Iron manufacturer; iron merchant; served a short time in the 
Militia during the Civil War. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 19, 1835. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
June 6, 1881. s. James Cresson and Mary Jones Leedom. m. 
February 1, 1865, Ella Blow Drake. 

jCrowe, Samuel. 

Entered Introductory Department 1853 ; left 1856. 
b. Ind., 1830. d. . s. and . 

fDawson, William Morrison. 

Entered Introductory Department 1852; left 1855. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., May 2, 1838. d. Lost at sea off Charleston, 
S. C, October 3, 1866. s. Mordecai I. Dawson (Manager 1838- 
39) and Elizabeth Poultney. 

fEyre, Joshua P., Jr. 

Entered 1852; left 1854. 

b. Chester, Pa., 1835. d. September 25, 1889. s. William Eyre 

and . 

tFothergill, Henry. 

Entered Introductorv Department 1853 ; left 1854. 

b. Wilmington, Del. '( ?), 1837. d. 1907. s. and . 

fHaeker, Paschall. 

Entered May, 1854; left during Senior year. 


b. Philadelphia, Pa., May 31, 1838. d. Santa Barbara, Cal., 
January 9, 1898. s. Jeremiah Hacker and Beulah Morris, m. 
(1) 1865, Mary Scull; d. 1884; (2) 1886, Mary Moody. 

fHoag, Joseph Lindley. 

Entered Preparatory Department 1852; left 1853. 

b. Wolfboro, N. H., September 2, 1834. d. Pasadena, Cal., 
November, 1900. s. Lindley Murray Hoag and Huldah Varney. 
m. September 3, 1859, Emma Frost. 

fHopkins, Ephraim. (M.D., 1858, Univ. of Md.) 

Entered 1853 ; pursued partial course. 

Student, Medical School, University of Maryland, 1856-58; 
Resident Physician, Friends' Asylum for the Insane, Frankford, 
Pa., 2 years; general practitioner, Marshallton, Pa., and Darling- 
ton, Md. Member, Chester County, Pa., Medical Society; Penn- 
sylvania State Medical Society; American Medical Association. 

b. Darlington, Md., February 10, 1837. d. May 11, 1912. s. 
Wakeman B. Hopkins and Hannah Richardson Worthington. m. 
April, 1867, Rachel Morris Johnson. 

fHopkins, George H. 

Entered 1853 ; left 1856. 

b. Haddonfield, N. J., 1839. d. March 8, 1910. s. John Estaugh 
Hopkins and Antoinette Hicks. 

fHopkins, Samuel. 

Entered Introductory Department 1851; left 1856. 


b. Hamilton, Loudoun County, Va., 1837. d. February 13, 1893. 
s. Joseph Janney Hopkins and Elizabeth Schofield. m. 1877, 
Martha Smith. 

fLewis, Berge Rawle. 

Entered 1853 ; left 1854. 

Assistant Consul General United States at Shanghai, China, 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 3, 1838. d. Shanghai, China, 
October 29, 1881. 

fLivezey, John. 

Entered Introductory Department 1852; left 1855. 

Commission dry goods business, John Farnum & Co., Phila- 
delphia ; dry goods merchant ; real estate business. 

b. Glenn Fern Mill, now in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pa., 
1837. d. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., May 22, 1921. s. 
Thomas Livezey and Ann Louisa Phillips. 


fLivezey, Joseph Ridgway. 

Entered Introductory Department 1852; left 1854. 

Active in having gymnasium erected. Read law, but never 

b. Glenn Fern Mill, now in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pa., 
February 2, 1840. d. May 3, 1916. s. Thomas Livezey and Ann 
Louisa Phillips, m. January 9, 1869, Sarah Haas. 

fMellor, William. 

Entered Academical Department 1853 ; left close of Sophomore 

Importer; wool commission merchant; Superintendent of Vaults, 
Pennsylvania Company for Insurance on Lives and Granting An- 
nuities. Member, Historical Society of Pennsylvania. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., August 28, 1838. d. October 3, 1913. s. 
Thomas Mellor and Martha Bancroft, m. June 4, 1863, Emma 
M. Brooks. 

Miller, William H. 

Entered Introductory Department 1851; left 1855. 

b. Providence, Delaware County, Pa., 1838. s. John Miller and 

. m. March 20, 1861, Sarah Wistar Pennock. Last address, 

Media, Pa. 

fPedrick, Alexander K. 

Entered Introductory Department 1852; left 1854. 

Civil Engineer ; with Dubuque and Pacific Railroad ; City Edi- 
tor, Philadelphia "Evening Journal," and "The Inquirer," 1858- 
61; Secretary, First Press Club in Pennsylvania; Representative, 
Associated Press, Harrisburg, Pa., 1861-83 ; War Correspondent 
in Maryland and Virginia during Civil War; Secretary, Advisory 
Committee Pennsylvania Managers during Centennial, 1876; com- 
piler of General Laws governing railroads and telegraphs in Penn- 
sylvania, and compiler for the use of State Officials of all Special 
Laws governing every chartered corporation in Pennsylvania, both 
appointments made by Governor of State ; Secretary, Commission 
appointed by State Legislature to investigate and report on best 
methods of utilizing convict labor ; appointed compiler of Laws 
relating to State Prisons, Hospitals, Soldiers' Homes, and Orphan 
Schools, published in 2 volumes, 1897 ; compiler of history of and 
the amount of State Appropriations received by all charitable, 
benevolent and reformatory institutions of the Commonwealth, 
published in 2 volumes, 1898; Special Agent, Pennsylvania Rail- 
road Company, 1884-1905; retired at the age of 70 years. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., October 23, 1836. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 


September 18, 1920. s. Elihu Pedrick and Lavinia Lloyd Knight, 
m. (1) October 16, 1861, Elizabeth J. Cooper; d. 1868. c. Lillian 
B., 1862. (2) 1869, Emily Crawford ; d. 1872. c. Laura, 1870. 
(3) April 17, 1873, Julia C. Snow. 

fPotts, William Weaver. 

Entered Introductory Department 1851; left 1854. 

Farmer; student of scientific farming, State College, Pa., 1859; 
responded to President Lincoln's first call for 75,000 troops; Pri- 
vate; re-enlisted in 124th Pennsylvania Volunteers; Sergeant of 
Company F ; discharged on account of serious wound received at 
Battle of Antietam. Treasurer, School Board of Upper Merion 

b. Swedeland, Pa., December 1, 1838. d. Norristown, Pa., 
August 17, 1917. s. Robert T. Potts and Elizabeth Hitner. m. 
November 9, 1870, Ella Holstein. 

fRatcliff, William Robinson. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1855 ; left at close of year. 

Merchant and banker till 1881; banker, 1881-95; retired 1895. 

b. Mount Pleasant, O., July 21, 1838. d. . s. Ellwood 

Ratcliff and Martha Jones Robinson, m. ( 1 ) Esther Williams ; 
d. 1873; (2) June 5, 1877, Myrtella Ella Mitchell. 

fRhoads, William Gibbons. 

Entered 1854 ; left 1858 ; pursued partial course and received 
certificate for proficiency. 

Machinist, Philadelphia, Pa., Wilmington, Del., and Altoona, 
Pa. ; steam and gasfitter and plumber, Philadelphia, Pa. Manager, 
Haver ford College, 1871-80. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., March 26, 1838. d. Germantown, Phila- 
delphia, Pa., April 28, 1880. s. Samuel Rhoads and Anne Gib- 
bons, m. November 28, 1866, Sarah Wistar. 

fStarr, Joseph West. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1855 ; left Junior year. 

Accountant, 1857-58; grocer, 1859-60; manufacturer, 1860-61 
accountant and real estate, 1865-74; lumber dealer, 1874-79 
farmer and "Orchardist," after 1860. Enlisted August 21, 1861 
1st Lieutenant, September, 1861 ; Captain, May, 1862-October 4 
1864, Company C, 2d Cavalry, 41st Regiment, Indiana Volunteers 
honorably mentioned by Commanding General for good conduct in 
action; Memlier, 13th Division Courts-Martial, Judge Advocate of 

b. Richmond, Ind., April 4, 1838. d. - — . s. Charles West 
Starr and Elizabeth Wilson, m. January 24, 1865. Eliza Morgan 


fStreet, David. 

Entered Introductory Department 1853 ; left 1855. 

Studied Theology in Western Theological Seminary, Allegheny, 
Pa., 1872-73. Merchant until age of 35; Minister of Presby- 
terian Church; engaged in study and reform of Municipal Gov- 
ernment of City of Cincinnati, O., 1884-88, writing continuously 
for daily press. 

b. Salem, O., February 23, 1838. d. . s. Zadok Street and 

Sibyl Tatum. m. September 29, 1859, Eunice Fawcett. 

Tatum, George M. 

Entered Introductory Department 1853 ; left close of Sopho- 
more year. 

One of organizers and President, Athenaeum ; Member of first 
Cricket Club. Farmer, Brighton, Md. 

b. Woodbury, N. J., March 16, 1839. s. William R. Tatum and 
Sarah Mickle. m. September 3, 1862, Elizabeth Ladd Jones, c. 
Joseph Francis, William R., and Mary Mickle. Address, Brighton, 

fTevis, Edwin L. 

Entered Introductory Department 1853 ; left 1854. 

Broker; inventor. 2d Lieutenant, 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry, 
serving three years in Civil War; honorably discharged with rank 
of Captain. Member, First City Troop; served as Major on Gov- 
ernor HartrafF s staff. Member, Philadelphia Club, Union League 
and Loval Legion. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., 1839. d. Plainfield, N. J., July 30, 1893. 
s. Joshua Tevis and Jane Evans, m. Philadelphia, Pa., 1864, 
Delia Fairman. c. Emilie. 

fTevis, Norman. 

Entered Introductory Department 1853 ; left 1854. 

Engaged in tobacco business; paper business; retired. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., October 14, 1837. d. November 10, 1913. 
s. Joshua Tevis and Jane Evans, m. September 23, 1858, Eugenia 
C. Caldwell, c. Fanny K., 1859; Norman E., 1863; John C, 
1867 ; Eugenia, 1869. 

tThomson, Edgar Lewis. 

Entered Introductory Department 1853 ; left close of Sopho- 
more year. 

In foundry business ; engaged in reconstruction of bridges 
destroyed in Civil War. 

b. Atlanta, Ga., 1836. d. Philadelphia, Pa., July 14. 1913. s. 
Lewis Thomson, M.D., and . 


Underbill, Stephen. 

Entered 1854; left 1856. 

Agriculturist and horticulturist; cultivated grapes in Croton 
Point vineyards ; manufacturer of bricks from 1873 to about 1896 ; 
since that time engaged in horticultural pursuits, especially study 
of tomato blight. 

b. Croton Point, N. Y., June 17, 1837. s. William A. Under- 
bill and Abby Wood. m. Westchester County, N. Y., October 21, 
1868, Elizabeth Wales, c. William A., 1880; Stephen Maurace, 
1884. Address, Cambridge, Maryland. 

Wood, James, A.M., Hon., 1883. 

Entered 1854; left 1857. 

Editor, Collegian; President, Henry Society; Manager, Haver- 
ford College, 1885 to date. Member, Phi Beta Kappa, 1899. 
Farmer; traveler. Author of many papers on agricultural and 
religious subjects. Clerk, New York Yearly Meeting of Friends, 
1885-96; Chairman, Five Years' Meeting of Friends, 1892. Trus- 
tee of Bryn Mawr College, 1902-18; Chairman, 1914-18. Presi- 
dent, Westchester County Historical Society, 1885-96; President, 
Westchester County Bible Society, 1893 to date ; President, Ameri- 
can Bible Society, 1908-19; President, Bedford Farmers' Club. 

b. Mt. Kisco, N. Y., November 12, 1839. s. Stephen Wood 
and Phoebe Underhill. m. Philadelphia, Pa., June 6, 1866, Emily 
Hollingsworth Morris, c. Ellen M., 1868; Carolena M., 1871; 
L. Hollingsworth, 1873. Address, Mt. Kisco, N. Y. 


fChase, Richard Wyatt, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1856. 

Member, Anderson's Cavalry, United States Army; killed in 

b. New Jersey, November 7, 1841. d. ■ , Tenn., 1862. s. 

William B. Chase and Mary Ann Wistar. 

fMagee, James Ronaldson, A.B. 

Entered Introductory Department 1854. 
Lawyer. Member, Union League, Philadelphia, Pa. 
b. Philadelphia, Pa. (?), 1839. d. Philadelphia, Pa., November 
3, 1914. s. James Magee and . 

fPaxson, Richard C, A.B. 

Entered Introductory Department 1853. 
Deputy Treasurer of San Francisco. 


b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 2, 1839. d. California, March 
15, 1864. s. Joseph S. Paxson and Deborah J. Iddings. 

fRhoads, Edward, A.B., (M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1863.) 

Entered 1855. 

Awarded Undergraduate's Alumni Prize, 1859. Resident Physi- 
cian at Philadelphia and Pennsylvania Hospitals ; Physician ; Visit- 
ing Physician at Philadelphia Hospital ; refused to serve in war 
on conscientious grounds. Member, Pathological Society ; College 
of Physicians; American Philosophical Society; Academy of Nat- 
ural Sciences. Frequent contributor to medical journals. Manager 
of Haverford College, 1868-71. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 29, 1841. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
January 15, 1871. s. Samuel Rhoads and Anne Gibbons. 

fSampson, Edward Cobb, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1856. 


b. Hallowell, Me., December 25, 1836. d. Sugar Hill, N. H., 
September 25, 1916. s. Alden Sampson and Sarah Taber Pope, 
m. April 11, 1883, Sally Phillips Blagden. 

fSampson, George, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1856. 


b. Hallowell, Me., February 10, 1840. d. April 21, 1872. s. 
Alden Sampson and Sarah Taber Pope. m. May 1, 1867, Isabella 

fSharples, Abram, A.B. (M.D., Univ. of Pa, 1866.) 

Entered 1855. 

Studied medicine at University of Pennsylvania. Physician ; 
Professor of Anatomy and Surgery, Willamette University, Salem, 
Ore.; retired, "fruit raiser and owner of 1100 acres of land." 

b. Concord, Pa., February 14, 1841. d. November 20, 1920. 
s. Caspar Wistar Sharpies and Elizabeth Onderdonk. m. Gilroy, 
Cal., March 30, 1865, Euretta O. Fitch, c. Caspar Wistar, 1866; 
A. W. W, 1869. 

jSmith, Benjamin Hayes, A.B. 

Entered 1855. 

Secretary, Henry Society, 1857-58. Member, Anderson Troop, 
Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-63; on duty at General Buell's 
headquarters throughout his campaign in Kentucky, Tennessee, 
Mississippi, Alabama, and with General Rosecrans through Stone 
River campaign; surveyor and topographical engineer. Author, 


Atlas of Delaware County, Pa., exhibiting early grants and patents, 
with history of land titles in the County, 1880. Member, Dela- 
ware County Institute of Science; Academy of Natural Sciences 
of Philadelphia; Historical Society of Pennsylvania; American 
Entomological Society. 

b. Upper Darby, Delaware County, Pa., May 7, 1841. d. . 

s. George Smith and Mary Lewis, m. September 11, 1866, Ade- 
laide L. Brooke. 


fBacon, Morris. 

Entered 1855 ; left end of Freshman year. 

Fanner; Member of Freeholders for 14 years. Vice-President, 
New Jersey State Board of Agriculture, 1890-92. 

b. Greenwich, N. J., April 14, 1839. d. May 29, 1901. s. John 
Bacon and Ann B. Hall. m. May 21, 1863, Mary E. Brown. 

fBrown, William Henry, Jr. 

Entered Academical Department 1855; left 1857 (?). 

Leather merchant; Private in Battery Company L, 32d Regi- 
ment, Pennsylvania Militia, 1863. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., January 2, 1841. d. St. Louis, Mo., Oc- 
tober 16, 1867. m. December, 1866, Ann Nolan. 

Carmalt, James Edward. 

Entered Introductory Department 1853; left 1854; re-entered 
1855 ; left 1857. 

Student, Harvard Law School, 1862-64; admitted to Bar, Mon- 
trose, Pa., April, 1865; practiced 1865-74; lawyer at Scranton, 
Pa., 1874-84; admitted to practice in Supreme Court, Scranton, 
Pa., and New York City. District Attorney for Susquehanna 
County, 1870-73. Secretary, Penn Germania Building and Loan 
Association, Philadelphia, Pa. 

b. Friendsville, Pa., May 11, 1840. s. Caleb Carmalt and Sarah 
Kirk Price, m. September 7, 1865, Charlotte J. Churchill, c. 
Churchill, 1866; William Kelly, 1867; Raymond Walton, 1869; 
Sarah Price, 1870; James Walton, 1872. Address, care of Theo- 
dore D. Starr, 323 Moreland Avenue, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, 

fComstock, Nathan F. 

Entered 1853 ; left 1856. 

b. Adrian ( ?), Mich., 1836. d. . s. and . 


Cromwell, James William. 

Entered 1855; left 1857. 

One of founders of Athenaeum ; Secretary, Henry Society. Mer- 
cantile banker, member of firm of William Iselin & Co., New 
York City, N. Y. Night Hospital Nurse during Civil War at 
New England Soldiers' Relief Hospital, New York City. Mem- 
ber, Brooklyn Institute Arts and Sciences ; Long Island Historical 
Society ; Rembrandt Art Club of Brooklyn ; Herman Society ; 
Union League Club (Brooklyn) ; Hamilton Club; Merchants' 
Club of New York ; New York Chamber of Commerce ; Lauren- 
tian and St. Maurice Clubs of Canada ; Century Club, N. Y. ; 
Washington Association of New Jersey (Morristown) ; New Eng- 
land Society (N. Y.) ; Manhattan Club of New York; New York 
Academy of Sciences. 

b. New York City, February 10, 1842. s. William Cromwell 
and Caroline Underhill. m. Radnor, Pa., June 22, 1864, Elizabeth 
Stuart Henderson, c. Lincoln, 1865 ; William, 1868 ; Anna Caro- 
line, 1872; Charles Edwin, 1877. Address, Summit, N. J. 

fDe Cou, Samuel Coleman. 

Entered 1855 ; left close of year. 

Farmer and nurseryman. Member, New Jersey State Horti- 
cultural Society. 

b. Near Trenton, N. J., February 2, 1835. d. December 2, 
1917. s. Nathan De Cou and Deborah Coleman, m. November 
13, 1862, Martha C. Lippincott. 

fHickman, Joseph E. 

Entered Introductory Department 1853 ; left 1856. 

b. Edgemont, Delaware County, Pa., 1837. d. . s. Joseph 

Hickman, M.D., and Mary Grubb. m. (1) Sarah Phipps; (2) 
Mary . 

jHill, Folwell Buxton. 

Entered 1855 ; left at close of Sophomore year. 

Teacher, Oakwood Academy, Union Springs, N. Y. ; commis- 
sion merchant and lumber dealer, Chicago, 111.; real estate; Trus- 
tee, Earlham College, 1893-95. 

b. Randolph County, N. C, February 3, 1836. d. April 16, 
1907. s. Samuel Hill and Mary Branson, m. January 1, 1866, 
Abbie Bassett. 

flddings, George W. 

Entered 1855 ; left 1856. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., . d. New York, April 2, 1889. s. 

James Iddings and Frances Martin, m. (1) ; (2) . 


f Johnson, Jacob Lindley. 

Entered 1855 ; left 1856. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., October 12, 1839. d. November 16, 1888. 
s. Topliff Johnson and Mary Richards Simmons, m. Mrs. Ellen 
Perkins (Johnson) nee Perkins. 

fMatlack, George T. 

Entered 1855 ; left 1856. 

b. April 23, 1836. d. November 14, 1877. s. George B. Mat- 
lack and Sarah Hickman. 

fMorris, Henry Gurney. 

Entered 1854 ; left 1858. 

Iron manufacturer and engineer; "Leader in the design and 
manufacture of various kinds of machinery ;" firm of Morris, 
Tasun & Co. ; later owner, Southwark Foundry. Invention of 
electric vehicle about 1895. Director, Pennsylvania Steel Com- 
pany. Member, Franklin Institute; American Society Mechanical 
Engineers ; American Institute Mining Engineers ; American So- 
ciety Civil Engineers ; Union League, Philadelphia, Pa. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., 1839. d. Philadelphia, Pa., January 19, 
1915. s. Henry Morris and Caroline Old. m. June 13, 1861, 
Sallie Marshall Morris, c. Anthony Saunders ; Paschall Hollings- 
worth; Stephen. 

fMorris, Morton. 

Entered 1854 ; left 1857. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., May 18, 1839. d. . s. Paschall Morris 

and Thomasine R. Pennell. m. July 22, 1873, Emma Fort. 

fNoble, Charles. 

Entered 1855 ; left during year. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., June 16, 1840. d. . s. Charles Noble 

and Adeline Millward. 

fParrish, Dillwyn, Jr. 

Entered 1855 ; left 1857. 

Merchant; about 1874 he went abroad to introduce street rail- 
ways into Europe; developed original systems of tramways of 
London, Liverpool and other English cities, and introduced street 
cars into Germany and India; when electricity came into use as 
motor power, he took up its promotion in Africa and brought into 
being the trolley lines of Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., June 10, 1840. d. Chatel Guyon, France, 
August 10. 1899. s. William D. Parrish and Elizabeth Miller, 
m. Sarah De Coursey. 


Parrish, James Cresson. 

Entered 1856; left 1857. 

Until 1870, engaged in importing dry goods from Great Britain 
and France; upon retiring from the importing business remained 
mostly in Europe, being a member of various railroad reorganiza- 
tion committees in London, Amsterdam, Paris and New York. 
Member of the Century, Metropolitan, Knickerbocker, and Down 
Town Clubs of New York. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., August 10, 1840. s. Dr. Isaac Parrish 
and Sarah Redwood, m. Paris, France, January 5, 1882, Emma 
Thorn King. c. Helen, 1882; James C, Jr., 1884. Address, 
Southampton, L. I., N. Y. 

fSampson, Henry. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1856; left close of year. 

Manufacturer; famous collector of porcelains — 1000 pieces. 
President, Alden Sampson's Sons, Oilcloth Manufacturers. 

b. Hallowell, Me., May 24, 1838. d. May 24, 1914. s. Alden 
Sampson and Sarah Taber Pope. m. August 21, 1866, Julia Page. 

fSteele, Thomas C. 

Entered 1855 ; left 1858. 

Civil engineer; member, 175th Pennsylvania Regiment, 20th, 
Corporal, 1862; surveying, lighthouse and buoy work; 1st Captain, 
Company A, 6th Regiment, 1 N. G. P. Has held Republican 

b. Flemington, N. J., January, 1841. d. Pottstown, Pa., May 
15, 1915. s. S. Dutton Steele and . Twice married. 

fTomlinson, William Inskeep. 

Entered Academical Department 1854; left 1857. 

Miller and farmer. 

b. Laurel Mills, N. J., July 9, 1838. d. Kirkwood, N. J., Oc- 
tober 20, 1899. s. Ephraim Tomlinson and Sarah T. Inskeep. 
m. (1) Rachel Hilyard ; (2) January 25, 1872, Achsah Irick 

fWildes, Thomas. (M.D., 1861, N.Y. Homoeopathic College.) 

Entered 1855 ; left close of Sophomore year. 

Merchant; Private, New York 10th Infantry, 1861; 1st Lieu- 
tenant, May, 1861 ; promoted to Captain, October, 1861 ; with 
General B. F. Butler; at Fortress Monroe under General Wool; 
under General McClellan, Peninsular Campaign ; in battles of 
Gaines' Mills, Malvern Hill, etc.; at Big Bethel; Antietam; Shep- 
herdstown Ford, etc. ; stock broker ; Member, New York Stock 
Exchange; studied medicine, New York Homeopathic College; 


United States Deputy Consul, Jamaica, W. I. ; physician. Won 
many prizes as Rifle and Pistol Marksman, standing for many 
years as one of five crack shots of New York City. Published 
monographs on "Epilepsy and Its Cause and Cure;" "Leprosy, 
Syphilis, Vaccination," etc. 

b. Arneytown, N. J., November 10, 1839. d. New York City, 
N. Y., November 27, 1907. s. Tilton Wildes and Lydia Wallace 

Witmer, John Steele. 

Entered Introductory Department 1854; left 1858. 

Private, 2d Pennsylvania Militia, 1862; Gray Reserves of Phila- 
delphia, Pa., 1863 ; merchant ; Secretary and Treasurer, Lancaster 
County Mutual Insurance Company; retired. 

b. Paradise, Pa., October 3, 1840. s. Adam K. Witmer and 
Hannah Steele, m. St. Louis, Mo., October 6, 1875, Cecelia 
Lightner. c. John Steele, Jr., 1877. Address, Paradise, Pa. 

fWood, William H. S. 

Entered 1855 ; left 1856. 

Publisher, partner in firm of William Wood & Co.; President, 
Bowery Savings Bank, New York ; Incorporator, New York Bo- 
tanic Garden; Member, New York Academy of Sciences; New 
York Historical Society. 

b. New York City, April 13, 1840. d. New York City, Decem- 
ber 12, 1907. s. William Wood and Mary S. Underhill. m. Sep- 
tember 5, 1875, Mary Emma Congdon. 


fClark, Lindley Murray, 

Entered Sophomore Class 1857. 

Principal, New Garden Boarding School, New Garden, N. C, 

b. Carthage, Ind., April 10, 1836. d. September, 1861. s. John 
Clark and Nancy Hussey. 

fCorbit, William Brinton, A.B. (M.D., Jefferson Med. College, 
Phila., Pa., 1863.) 
Entered 1856. 

Student, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, Pa., and at 
Heidelberg, Vienna and Paris, 1865-68 ; Assistant Surgeon, United 
States Army, 1863-65, at Satterlee Hospital. Philadelphia, Pa. ; in 
Surgeon General's Office, Washington, D. C, 1875-82. 

b. Odessa, Del., August 2, 1840. d. Washington. D. C, July 


17, 1882. s. Daniel Corbit and Eliza Naudain. m. November, 
1875, Virginia Dove. 

tCorlies, William Moore, A.B. 

Entered 1856. 

Merchant, 1860-66; moved to Paris, France, and engaged in 
literary occupations, 1866. 

b. Chester County, Pa., May 4, 1841. d. St. George, France, 
October 18, 1881. s. Jacob W. Corlies and Mary W. Moore, m. 
Paris, France, 1867, Octavie E. Pruvost. 

fLindley, Cyrus, A.B. 

Entered 1856 and left 1858. 

b. Indiana, March 26, 1836. d. Oak Park, Cal., January 30, 
1917. s. David Lindley and . 

fMorris, Frederick Wistar, A.B. 

Entered 1856. 

Iron manufacturer and merchant. 

b. Philadelphia, March 18, 1842. d. September, 1916. s. Israel 
Morris and Elizabeth Longstreth. m. September 3, 1866, Eliza- 
beth F. Paul. 

fMorris, Theodore Hollingsworth, A.B. 

Entered 1855. 

Iron merchant, Morris & Wheeler, Philadelphia ; active in poli- 
tics and charity. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., October 10, 1840. d. Villa Nova, Pa., 
February 18, 1913. s. Israel Morris and Elizabeth Longstreth. 
m. Philadelphia, Pa., September 3, 1863, Mary Lownes Paul. 

fPancoast, Richard, A.B. 

Entered 1856. 

Member 15th Pennsylvania Volunteer Cavalry, 1862-63, sta- 
tioned and acting chiefly in the southwest. Merchant. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., August 11, 1840. d. September 9, 1909. 
s. Joshua Pancoast and Anna Paxson. 

fPinkham, John Warren, A.B. (M.D. Bellevue Med. College, 
N. Y., 1866.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1857. 

Teacher and tutor in Classics and Mathematics, and Librarian, 
1862-63. Studied medicine, Berkshire Medical College, Mass.; 
Medical School, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. ; Belle- 
vue Medical College, New York City. One of the organizers of 


New Jersey Academy of Medicine; Member, Essex County Medi- 
cal Society ; Orange Mountain Medical Society. Contributed 
frequently to medical journals. 

b. Gardiner, Me., May 14, 1834. d. Montclair, N. J., Decem- 
ber 7, 1894. s. Elias Pinkham and Fanny Sampson, m. March 
15, 1866, Cornelia Frost. 

fRichardson, Francis, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1857. 

Real Estate. Supervisor of Census, 1880, 1st District, Virginia. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., November 25, 1837. d. . s. John 

Richardson and Martha Gibbons, m. 1866, Emma H. Ingersoll. 

fSmith, Clement Lawrence, A.B., A.M., 1863; LL.D., 1888. 
(A.B., Harvard, 1863.) 

Entered 1856. 

President of Athenaeum; Alumni Orator, 1873. Studied at 
Harvard College, 1861-63; University of Gbttingen, 1865-66; 
1863-65, Assistant Professor in Haverford College; 1865-67, 
studied in Europe; 1867-69, private study; 1869-70, Professor in 
Swarthmore College; 1870-73, tutor; 1873-83, Assistant Profes- 
sor; 1883, Professor of Latin in Harvard University; 1882-91, 
Dean of Harvard College ; 1898, Dean of College Faculty. Director 
of American Classical School at Rome, Italy, 1897-98; Member of 
the American Philological Association; Member of School Com- 
mittee of the City of Cambridge, 1882-83. Co-editor with Pro- 
fessor Tracy Peck, of Yale University, of the College Series of 
Latin Authors, now embracing eight volumes, by various editors. 
Of these, C. L. S. is editor of the "Odes and Epodes of Horace." 
Articles in the "American Journal of Philology;" "Harvard An- 
nual Reports as Dean of Harvard College ;" "Harvard Studies in 
Classical Philology," Classical Reviews, etc. 

b. Upper Darby, Delaware County, Pa., April 13, 1844. d. 
July 1, 1909. s. George Smith, M.D., and Mary Lewis, m. Au- 
gust 25, 1870, Emma Gertrude Griscom. 

•fTyson, James, A.B., A.M., 1865, LL.D., 1908. (M.D., Univ. of 
Pa., 1863. LL.D., 1912.) 
Entered Sophomore Class 1857. 

President of Everett. Valedictorian. Studied medicine, Uni- 
versity of Pennsylvania, 1860-63. Vice-President, Alumni, 1880- 
81. Alumni Orator, 1884; subject, "The Requirements of a 
Modern College Education." Member of American Philosophical 
Society ; Fellow of College of Physicians ; Member of American 
Medical Association ; of Association of American Physicians ; of 


Medical Society of Pennsylvania ; Philadelphia County Medical 
Society; Pathological Society of Philadelphia; Professor of Medi- 
cine at University of Pennsylvania; Dean of the Medical School, 
University of Pennsylvania. Author of "The Cell Doctrine; its 
History and Present Status;" "An Introduction to Practical His- 
tology;" "Practical Examination of Urine;" "Bright's Disease and 
Diabetes;" "Hand Book of Physical Diagnosis;" "The Text Book 
of Medicine." Also author of numerous papers on Histology and 
Pathology in medical periodicals. Acting Medical Cadet, United 
States Army, 1861-63; Acting Assistant Surgeon, 1863-65. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., October 26, 1841. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
February 21, 1919. s. Henry Tyson and Gertrude Haviland. m. 
December 5, 1865, Frances Bosdevex. 

•j-Underhill, Silas Albertson, A.B. (LL.B. Harvard, 1862.) 

Entered the Sophomore Class 1857. 

Studied at Harvard Law School, Cambridge, Mass., 1861-62. 
Soldier, 1861-65. Law Clerk, 1866-67. Lawyer, 1867. 

b. Brooklyn, N. Y., March 28, 1840. d. June 16, 1-915. s. 
Alexander Underhill and Phebe W. Albertson. m. May 15, 1888, 
to Mrs. Frances Gertrude (Lowere) Rushmore. 


fBrooke, Benjamin. 

Entered 1856 and left 1857. 


b. Delaware County, Pa., 1840. d. Media, Pa., March 12, 1902. 
s. Hugh Jones Brooke and Jemima Elizabeth Longmire, of Not- 
tingham, England, m. . 

fColket, William Walker. 

Entered Introductory Department 1854 and left 1857. 

Clerk, General Ticket Agent, Philadelphia, Germantown and 
Norristown Railroad ; Secretary ; Treasurer ; General Manager ; 
President, Philadelphia City Passenger Railway Company. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., November 11, 1841. d. 1907. s. Coffin 
Colket and Mary Pennepacker Walker, m. November 19, 1863, 
Jane Frances Hoxsie. 

fCooper, Samuel C. 

Entered Introductory Department 1854; left 1856. 


b. Cooper's Point, N. J., 1840. d. Camden, N. J., March 3, 
1904. s. Joseph W. Cooper and Rebecca F. Champion, m. June 
15, 1865, Emma J. Widener. 



fHarris, John Stuart. (M.D., Univ. of Mich.) 

Entered 1855 ; left 1856. 

Physician. Studied medicine at the University of Michigan. 

b. Westminster, N. C, February 22, 1836. d. Fountain City, 
Ind., July 23, 1890. s. Jonathan Harris and Louisa Stuart, m. 
Mary Price Jones. 

Hopkins, Joseph Schofield. (A.B., Univ. of Maryland.) 

Entered the Academical Department 1855 and left at close of 

Merchant. Studied at University of Maryland. Clerk, 
b. Baltimore, Md., June 19, 1840. s. Joseph Janney Hopkins 
and Elizabeth Schofield. m. October, 1866, Annette Hicks Hop- 
kins. Address, Garrison, Baltimore County, Md. 

fHopkins, Walter G. 

Entered Introductory Department 1855 ; left 1857. 

Dry goods commission business. 

b. Haddonfield, N. J., January 15, 1841. d. January 18, 1922. 
s. John Estaugh Hopkins and Antoinette Hicks, m. November 
10, 1870, Esther S. Sharpless. 

Hull, William Janney. 

Entered 1856; left at the close of the Sophomore year. 

Merchant. In Confederate Army, 1861-65 ; 5th Virginia Cav- 
alry, Captain and A. D. C. on the staff of General I. D. Imboden, 
commanding the Valley Division of the Army of Northern Vir- 

b. Baltimore, Md., October 13, 1842. s. Robert Hull and Han- 
nah Ann Janney. m. January 9, 1865, Amelia B. Murphy. Ad- 
dress, 622 West Baltimore Street, Baltimore, Md. 

f Jessup, Benjamin H. 

Entered 1856; left 1857. 

b. Cinnaminson, N. J., November 23, 1839. d. . s. Charles 

Jessup and Mary Lippincott. 

fLang, John Alton. 

Entered February, 1856, and left at close of Junior year. 

Manufacturer of knit goods ; car lumber ; woolen goods ; Master 
Mechanic of Lockwood Cotton Mills, Waterville, Me., for eight 
years; Superintendent of same for three years; Superintendent, 
Smithville Cotton Mills, Willimantic, Conn. ; Agent for Gibson 
Cotton Mills, Marysville, N. B. Employ of Maine Central Rail- 
road; Alderman of City of Waterville, Me., for three years; 
Chairman of Board of Aldermen, 1897. 


b. North Berwick, Me., January 27, 1840. d. January 8, 1919. 
s. Hon. John Damon Lang and Ann Elmira Stackpole. m. No- 
vember 20, 1861. Carrie Reddington Drummond. 

fLippincott, Joshua W. 

Entered 1856; left 1858. 

Woolen merchant. 

b. Cinnaminson, N. J., October 20, 1840. d. August 16, 1896. 
s. Samuel R. Lippincott and Mary Woodward Heulings. m. ( 1 ) 
Mary E. Perry; (2) Eliza Lippincott. 

Maddock, Edward. 

Entered Introductory Department 1855 ; left 1856. 
b. Philadelphia, Pa., 1840. d. December 26, 1910. s. William 
L. Maddock. 

Merritt, Isaac Nehemiah. 

Entered 1856; left in Sophomore year. 

Leather merchant. Private in 89th Illinois Volunteers, United 
States Army, 1862-65. Battles Chickamauga and Mission Ridge. 
In Commissary Department of the Brigade for 18 months. Com- 
piled a Book of Pencil Sketches and published the History of the 
89th Illinois Regiment. Interested in railroading. 

b. Millbrook, Dutchess County, N. Y., July 24, 1838. s. Isaac 
Merritt and Eliza Hart. m. October 25, 1881, Almira Henderson. 
Address, 105 West 128th Street, New York City. 

fMerritt, William Henry. 

Entered 1856; left during Freshman year. 

Operator in coal mines. 

b. Millbrook, Dutchess County, N. Y., February 24, 1842. d. 
Lost in wreck of Steamship Atlantic off Coast of Nova Scotia, 
April, 1873. s. Isaac Merritt and Eliza Hart. m. April 2, 1872, 
Louisa Schrymser. 

f Mott, John Bowne. 

Entered Academical Department 1857; left at close of Sopho- 
more year. 


b. New York City, September 22, 1842. d. New York City, 
February 16, 1913. s. William Franklin Mott (1839) and Jane 
Bowne. m. 1885, Lucy Latham Barney. 

fPleasants, Charles Israel. 

Entered Academical Department 1855 and left .at close of 
Freshman year. 


Civil Engineer. 1st Lieutenant, 4th United States Infantry, 
b. Sunbury, Pa., September 4, 1839. d. 1863, killed in Battle 
of the Wilderness, s. Charles Pleasants and Eliza P. Bellas. 

fRatcliff, Ellwood 

Entered 1856; left same year. 

b. Mt. Pleasant, O., 1843 (?). d. . s. Elwood Ratcliff 

and . 

fShinn, Thomas Jefferson. 

Entered Academical Department 1855 and left at close of the 

b. Haddonfield, N. J., October 5, 1841. d. October 19, 1880. 
s. Charles H. Shinn and Abbie Coffin. 

fSmith, Thomas C. 

Entered Academical Department 1854 and left at close of Soph- 
omore year, 1858. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., 1840. s. Thomas Smith and . 

tUnderhill, Edward B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1857 and left at close of the year. 

Member of 15th Regiment of New York State Militia. 

b. Brooklyn, N. Y., November 15, 1840. d. Little Rest, Dutchess 
County, N. Y., June 16, 1915. s. Aaron C. Underhill and Eliza- 
beth Van Der Vort. m. January 7, 1872, Frances M. Hartwell. 

fUnderhill, William Henry. 

Entered 1856; left 1858. 


b. Indianapolis, Ind., about 1838. d. Railroad accident between 
1870 and 1873. s. Robert R. Underhill and Sarah Wood. m. 


fYardley, Edwin. 

Entered 1856 and left during Junior year, 1860. 

Enlisted in United States Navy, 1861. 

b. Yardleyville, Pa., January 20, 1839. d. January 20, 1861, 
killed during naval engagement in Pensacola Bay. 

fBettle, Charles, A.B. 

Entered 1857. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., March 9, 1843. d. Lebanon, Pa., 1883. 
s. William Bettle (Manager, Haverford College, 1858-62) and 
Martha Sinton. m. Newton, N. J., April 12, 1866, Deborah E. 


fBettle, Edward, Jr., A.B. 

Entered 1857. 

Librarian of Loganian. President, Athenaeum; one of the 
founders of the Athenaeum; on Dorian Cricket Club. Wool mer- 
chant and investor. Manager, Haverford College, 1872-1912. 
Secretary of the Corporation, 1875-83 ; Treasurer of Corporation, 
1883-84; Trustee of Bryn Mawr College; Member of Phi Beta 
Kappa, 1899; Member of the Overseers of the Public School 
founded by charter in the town and county of Philadelphia, Pa. 
(Penn Charter School) ; Manager of Pennsylvania Institute for 
Deaf and Dumb; of Friends' Asylum for the Insane; of the 
Magdalen Society of Philadelphia, Pa. ; of the Provident Society 
for Employing the Poor, etc. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 17, 1841. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
April 8, 1912. s. Samuel Bettle and Mary Ann Jones, m. Sep- 
tember 26, 1872, Elizabeth Tatnall, of Wilmington, Del. 

fBettle, Henry, A.B. 

Entered 1857. 

Alumni Orator, 1869. Vice-President, 1878. Merchant. Man- 
ager, Haverford College, 1882-84; Member of Historical Society 
of Pennsylvania. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., January 28, 1843. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
1886. s. Samuel Bettle and Mary Ann Jones. 

Broomall, William Booth, A.B. 

Entered 1857. 

Member Loganian Society and Athenaeum Society. Lawyer and 
Judge of the Courts of Delaware County, Pa. Studied Law, 1861. 
Enlisted in United States Army for nine months. 3d Sergeant 
in Company D, 124th Regiment; participated in campaigns and 
battles of Antietam and Chancellorsville. Honorably discharged, 
1863. Admitted to Bar, 1864; practiced law until March, 1907. 
Appointed Judge of Courts of Delaware County, March, 1907, 
for term of ten years, and re-elected for another ten-year term in 
1917. Member of Union League, Philadelphia. Pa. ; President, 
Penn Club, Chester; Member of Chester Club; President, Dela- 
ware County Historical Society ; member of numerous lodges. 

b. Chester, Pa., January 30, 1843. s. Hon. John M. Broomall 
and Elizabeth Booth, m. October 17, 1866, Anna M. Hinkson. 
Address, 701 East 14th Street, Chester, Pa. 

fJones, Charles Henry, A.B. 

Entered 1857. 

Manufacturer of Steam and Plantation Machinery, 1865-75. 


Farmer and manufacturer in Northwest Iowa, 1876-95. City 
Magistrate, 1894-97. Private in Anderson Troop, Pennsylvania 
Volunteers, 1861-63 ; Captain, 21st Pennsylvania Infantry, 

b. Tamaqua, Pa., January 16, 1842. d. Lemars, la., 1902. s. 
Roland Jones and Hannah Jacob Kersey. 

fLamb, Thomas White, A.B. (M.D.) 

Entered 1857. 

Tutor in Haverford College, 1861-62; studied medicine and 
practiced in North Carolina. 

b. Newby's Bridge, N. C, February 1, 1840. d. 1878. s. 
Willis Lamb and Penina White. 

fPotts, William Newlin, A.B. 

Entered Academical Department 1856. 

Various occupations. Connected with Fidelity Trust Company, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., August 23, 1841. d. Norristown, Pa., 
December 4, 1919. s. Isaac William Potts and Hannah Austin 

fStuart, Jehu Harlan, A.B., A.M., 1864; (M.D. Bellevue College, 

N. Y., 1867.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1858. 

President, Everett Society. Physician. Taught in High School, 
Mooresville, Ind., 1861-64. Studied, University of Michigan, 
Medical Department, 1864-65. Bellevue Hospital, Medical Col- 
lege, New York, 1866-67. Ex-President, Kansas State Medical 
Society. Physician, 5 years in Indiana; 10 years in Lawrence, 
Kans. ; 12 years in Minneapolis, Minn. Professor, Clinical Medi- 
cine, Minneapolis College of Physicians and Surgeons; Visiting 
Physician to City Hospital, Minneapolis. Consulting Physician 
to Asbury Hospital. Medical Department of Hemline University, 
1891-98; President, Board of Education, Lawrence, Kans.; Assist- 
ant Clerk of Kansas Yearly Meeting for several years; Secretary 
of General Conference of All Yearly Meetings of Friends, held at 
Richmond, Ind., 1887; Examiner for a number of insurance com- 
panies ; Trustee of Penn College, Oskaloosa, la. ; author of num- 
ber of papers and contributor to medical journals. Member of 
American Medical Association ; Member of Minnesota State 
Medical Society; ex-President and Meml>er of Hennepin County, 
of the Minneapolis Medical Society. 

b. Guilford County, N. C, June 20, 1836. d. Minneapolis, 
Minn., August, 1920. s. Amos Stuart and Matilda Hadley. m. 


October 13, 1869, Annis M. Lynch, c. Harry Harlan Stuart; b. 
July 10, 1878. 

Thomas, John Clapp, A.B. 

Entered 1857. 

Editor, The Bud; a founder of the Everett Society; a founder 
of the Dorian Cricket Club. Minister of Society of Friends, 
August 8, 1889, to date; merchant, 1866-78; Auditor's Office, 
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company, 1878-80; Real Estate De- 
partment, office Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Md., 1880- 
1902; Treasurer, Johns Hopkins Hospital since 1902. 

b. Baltimore, Md., December 11, 1842. s. Dr. Richard H. 
Thomas and Phebe Hicks Clapp of New York. m. Eugenia 
Cromwell, June 11, 1873. Address, 1333 Bolton Street, Balti- 
more, Md. 


fExton, Joseph Capnerhurst. 

Entered Preparatory Department 1856 and left 1857. 


b. Union Farm, near Clinton, Hunterdon County, N. J., August 
19, 1841. d. June 8, 1917. s. Hugh and Amy Stockton Lundy 

fFlowers, William Pickering. (A.B. Antioch College, O., 1862; 
A.M., 1871.) 
Entered 1857 and left at close of Sophomore year, 1859. 
Studied at Antioch College, O., 1859-62 ; teacher ; editor of 
Flowers' Family Magazine. 

b. Edgewood, Bucks County, Pa., December 26, 1837. d. Bay- 
onne, N. J., April 7, 1894. s. Joseph Flowers and Sarah Picker- 
ing, m. February 23, 1865, Sarah Lavinia Bump. 

fHarkness, Howard F. 

Entered May, 1856, and left at close of Sophomore year, 1859. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa. (?), October 16, 1841. d. . s. Charles 

Harkness and . 

fjones, Ivins Davis. 

Entered 1856 and left 1859. 

Civil engineer. Captain, 1st New Jersey Cavalry, 1861 ; Major, 

b. Hanover Furnace, N. J., May 25, 1842. d. New York, May 
25, 1867. s. Richard Jones and Alice Woodmancey Davis. 


Lippincott, Charles. 

Entered 1857 and left at close of Sophomore year. 

A founder of the Dorian Cricket Club ; Editor of The Bud. 
Graduated from New Jersey State Normal School, 1861 ; teacher 
for 12 years ; during this time Principal of Friends' School, Salem, 
N. J., also of Friends' Seminary, Easton, N. Y. Farmer and 
fruit grower, 1875-86. Retired. Compiler of "Lippincott Genea- 
logical Tree." 

b. Westfield, N. J. (Cinnaminson), June 16, 1842. s. Isaiah 
and Mary Ann Lippincott. m. (1) December 22, 1875, Anna G. 
Hill, of Springfield, Pa. ; (2) Isabella Smith. Address, Moores- 
town, N. J. 

Mellor, Alfred. (Ph.G., Phila. College of Pharmacy, 1863.) 

Entered February, 1858, and left at the close of the Junior year. 
Secretary of Everett Society ; one of the founders of the Dorian 
Cricket Club. Graduated from Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, 
March, 1863; Private in 1st Troop, Philadelphia City Cavalry, in 
the Gettysburg Campaign, 1863 ; member of firm, Parrish & Mel- 
lor, 1863 ; member and later president of firm, Mellor & Ritten- 
house (1902); First Vice-President of MacAndrews & Forbes 
Company. Retired as manufacturing chemist, May, 1919. Fellow, 
Royal Society of Arts, London, England ; Member, Franklin In- 
stitute of Pennsylvania ; Member, Philadelphia College of Phar- 
macy ; Member, American Pharmaceutical Association ; Member, 
Germantown Cricket Club; Merion Cricket Club; Philadelphia 
Academy of Fine Arts. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 21, 1841. s. Thomas Mellor 
and Martha Bancroft, m. June 12, 1873, at "Bilbro," Chelten 
Hills, Montgomery County, Pa., Isabella Latham, c. Ralph, Feb- 
ruary 10, 1878; Walter, April 25, 1880. Address, 152 West Wal- 
nut Lane, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 

fMurray, Joseph King. 

Entered Junior Class 1859 and left February, 1861, during the 
Senior year. 

Member, Loganian Society; Editor of Collegian. Studied at 
Harvard Law School; Vice-President, Haverford Alumni, 1887; 
Alumni Orator, 1878. Enlisted in Hamilton Rifles ; practiced 
Law. New York City, 1863-1910. 1910, retired from practice; 
1886, first President, Flushing Association (welfare) ; founder of 
Fireside Club. 

b. New York City, January 17, 1836. d. January 3, 1916. s. 
Lindley Murray and Mary A. King. m. June 20, 1866. Harriet 
Charlotte Griffith. 


Parsons, Samuel. (Ph.B., Yale, 1862.) 

Entered 1857 and left at close of Junior year, 1860. 
Student at Yale Sheffield Scientific School, 1860-62 ; Superin- 
tendent of the planting of the Parks of New York City, 1882-83 ; 
Superintendent, Parks of New York City, 1884-97 ; President, 
Parks in the Park Department, New York City, for 29 years. 
Author, "Landscape Gardening;" "How to Lay Out Home 
Grounds;" "Landscape Gardening Studies;" "Art of Landscape 
Architecture ;" author of various articles published in magazines ; 
Editor of "Hints on Landscape Gardening," by Prince Von Puck- 
ler-Muskau ; Member, Society of Landscape Architects ; Century- 
Club, New York City. 

b. New Bedford, Mass., February 8, 1844. s. Samuel Bowne 
Parsons and Susan Howland. m. October 25, 1865, Martha E. 
Francis, c. Mabel. Address, 101 Park Avenue, New York City. 

Smith, William Eastwick. 

Entered Preparatory Department 1855 and left 1857 on account 
of ill health. 


b. Philadelphia, Pa., January 4, 1844. s. Hugh Smith and Ellen 
Chamberlin. m. November 7, 1876, Helen Cope. Last address, 
Center Square, Greencastle, Pa. 

fStarr, Theodore. 

Entered Academical Department 1856 and left 1859, at close 
of Junior year. 

Accountant. Interested in philanthropical and social work. 
Author of many lectures, etc., in connection with charity work. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 20, 1841. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
June 1, 1884. s. Isaac Starr and Lydia Ducoing. 

Street, John. 

Entered 1857 and left at close of the year. 

b. Carthage, Ind. (?), November 3, 1836. s. and . 

Last address, Kokomo, Ind. 

fTomlinson, Edwin. 

Entered Academical Department 1855 and left at the close of 
the Sophomore year, 1859. 


b. Laurel Mills, N. J., January 2, 1841. d. Kirkwood, N. J., 
April 22, 1896. s. Ephraim Tomlinson and Sarah T. Inskeep. 



fCoates, Henry Troth, A.B., A.M., Hon., 1882. 

Entered 1858. 

Editor of The Bud and of The Collegian, Vice-President, 
Alumni Association, 1881 ; Member, Phi Beta Kappa, 1898. 
Member, Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, Pa. ; His- 
torical Society of Pennsylvania ; University Archaeological Asso- 
ciation of Philadelphia, Pa. Treasurer of Zoological Society. 
Editor of "Comprehensive Speaker," "Fireside Encyclopaedia of 
Poetry," "Children's Book of Poetry," etc. Publisher and book- 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 29, 1843. d. January 22, 1910. 
s. George Morrison Coates and Anna Troth, m. June 25, 1874, 
Estelle Barton Lloyd. 

fHadley, Samuel Allen, A.B. 

Entered 1858, from Osceola, la. 

President of Everett Society; Vice-President, Loganian, 
1861-62. Teacher, 
b. December 4, 1838. d. 1864. s. Jeremiah Hadley and . 

Lippincott, Horace Greenough, A.B. 

Entered Academical Department 1857; left late in Senior year 
on account of weak eyes. 

One of the founders of the Everett and its first Secretary; one 
of the founders of the Dorian Cricket Club. Granted A.B. de- 
gree in 1883. Member, Historical Society of Pennsylvania; Genea- 
logical Society ; American Academy of Political and Social Sci- 
ence. Wholesale grocer, 1865. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., August 29, 1844. s. George Lippincott 
and Mary Greenough. m. April 15, 1873, Caroline Rowland. 
Address, Wyncote, Pa. 

Mellor, George Brown, A.B. 

Entered Academical Department, February, 1858. 

Member Dorian Cricket Club. Farmer. School Director. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 25, 1843. s. Thomas Mellor and 
Martha Bancroft, m. Parkerville, Pa., December 17, 1868, Sarah 
Savery. c. Thomas S., October 10, 1869; Elizabeth M. Bring- 
hurst, May 10, 1871; Hanna S. M. Pennell, December 20, 1872; 
George B., Jr., November 13, 1877. Address, R. F. D. No. 4, 
West Chester, Pa. 


Williams, Horace, A.B. (M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1865.) 

Entered 1858. 

Physician. Fellow of the College of Physicians of Philadel- 
phia, 1868-81; Physician to the Howard Hospital, 1871-76; one 
of the founders of the Maternity Hospital, Philadelphia, 1872; 
one of the Obstetricians from its incorporation, 1873 until 1881 ; 
Member of the Philadelphia County Medical Society, 1880; Con- 
sulting Obstetrician, 1885-1907. Large private practice until 1907. 

b. Rocky Brook, R. I., August 13, 1842. d. Oberlin, O., June 
12, 1918. s. John D. Williams and Hannah Brown. 

fWood, Isaac Francis, A.B. (Formerly known as Francis Augus- 
tus Napoleon Wood, then as Francis Augustus Wood. 

Entered 1856. 

Founder of Everett Society; Vice-President, Loganian; Vice- 
President, Alumni Association, 1877; President, 1878. Member, 
American Numismatical Society, New York Academy of Sciences, 
etc. Author of numerous papers on Numismatical subjects. Mer- 

b. New York City, July 15, 1841. d. Rahway, N. J., July 5, 
1895. s. Isaac Wood, M.D., and Margaret Street, m. Sarah 
Browne, of New York City. 


f Cox, Robert B. 

Entered 1858 and left 1860. 

b. Hertford, N. C, January 31, 1842. d. . s. Joseph M. 

Cox and Eliza E. Hollowell. 

fFarnum, Samuel 

Entered 1858 and left during the Senior year, 1862. 

Enlisted 1862 as Private in R. I. United States Volunteers; 
promoted to Corporal, Sergeant, Captain of Colored Troops. Bat- 
tle of Fredericksburg. 

b. Uxbridge, Mass., January 1, 1840. d. October 15, 1865 
(lost at sea from S. S. Atlanta on way home from New Orleans), 
s. Jonathan Farnum and Minerva Buxton. 

fHaines, Samuel Bunting. 

Entered 1858 and left 1859. 

Lieutenant, 121st Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers, July, 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., November 19, 1840. d. In Camp near 
Belle Plain, Va., February 23, 1863. s. Josiah Lippincott Haines 
and Deborah Bunting. 


fLippincott, Heulings. 

Entered 1858 and left at close of Sophomore year. 

Farmer, lumber manufacturer and ice dealer, 1866-87; Presi- 
dent, National State Bank of Camden, N. J., 1887. 

b. Chester Township, Burlington County, N. J., July 6, 1842. 
d. Riverton, N. J., March 25, 1921. s. Samuel R. Lippincott and 
Mary Woodward, m. Anna Stevenson, October 17, 1866. 

f Morris, Anthony Jones. 

Entered 1857 and left at close of the Freshman year. 

Chief Burgess of Pemberton, N. J., several times. Private, 
1st Battalion, New Jersey Volunteers, 1863. Miller and farmer. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 26, 1842. d. January 6, 1916. 
s. Anthony Saunders Morris and Anne Emlen Jones, m. April 
26, 1866, Mary Ridgway Smith. 

fStarr, Edward. (S.B., Univ. of Pa., 1862.) 

Entered 1858 and left during the Junior year. 

Studied at University of Pennsylvania, 1861-62. Stock broker. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., August 17, 1844. d. At home, "The 
Lilacs," Wyncote, Pa., January 14, 1914. s. Isaac Starr and 
Lydia Ducoing. m. 1866, Mary Williams Sharpless. 

fStokes, J. Spencer. (M.D., Jefferson Medical College, Phila., Pa., 
Entered Academical Department 1857 and left 1859. 
Physician. Military Hospital at York, Pa., as Assistant Sur- 
geon, and remained there until it was closed after the war was 

b. Moorestown, N. J., October 4, 1842. d. Moorestown, N. J., 
September 18, 1868. s. John H. Stokes, M.D., and Tabitha 

fThurston, William Richardson. 

Entered 1858; left 1861. 

Studied at Yale for a short time. Wholesale druggist. 

b. New York, October 27, 1843. d. Morristown, N. J., October 
19, 1890. s. William Richardson Thurston (1837, Manager 1871- 
75) and Jane R. Day. m. November 4, 1869, Maria Sampson. 

fWillets, William Henry. 

Entered Academical Department 1856 and left 1859. ■ 

b. Westbury, N. Y., October 12, 1840. d. 1903. s. Robert R. 
Willets and Lvdia Titus. 


Wood, George. 

Entered Introductory Department 1855 and left 1860. 

Member, Loganian and Dorian Cricket Club. Merchant ; manu- 
facturer; farmer. Member of firm, Wood & Garrett, 1863, now 
known as George Wood, Sons & Co. President and Principal 
Owner of The Millville Manufacturing Company and The May's 
Landing Water Power Company; Vice-President, Philadelphia 
Manufacturers' Mutual Fire Insurance Company ; Director, Phila- 
delphia National Bank, The Provident Life and Trust Company 
of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Railroad (since 1893) ; West Jer- 
sey & Seashore Railroad Company. Member, Union League, 
Manufacturers' Club, Art Club, Philadelphia; Lawyers' Club, New 
York City; Royal Arts Association of London, England. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., July 1, 1842. s. Richard Davis Wood and 
Julianna Randolph, m. October 12, 1864, Mary Sharpless Hunn. 
c. Richard D. Wood ; b. August 16, 1865 ; (d. December 22, 1865) ; 
Lydia Wood Baily ; b. March 23, 1867 ; George B. Wood ; b. June 
11, 1869; (d. December 14, 1894); Caroline Wood Furness; b. 
February 25, 1871 ; Grahame Wood ; b. December 6, 1873 ; Rich- 
ard D. Wood; b. December 12, 1877; Mary Wood; b. July 20, 
1883; Dorothea Wood; b. September 12, 1889. Address, "Red 
Roof," Wawa, Pa., and 1313 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Business Address, 512-514 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 


Battey, Thomas Jesse, A.B., A.M., 1889. 

Entered 1859. 

Librarian, Loganian ; Member of Everett Society. Studied at 
Harvard Summer School, 1871 and 1878; at Cold Spring Harbor 
Summer School, 1901 ; at Martha's Vineyard Summer School at 
Woods Hole; and at R. I. Agricultural College; Extension 
Course at Brown University. 1863-1867, New York Yearly Meet- 
ing School at Union Springs, N. Y. ; farmer at Burrillville, R. I.; 
teacher in private school at Burrillville, winter 1867-68 ; teacher 
of the Natural Sciences in Moses Brown School, 1868 to date. 

b. Burrillville, R. I., January 25, 1842. s. Smith Battey and 
Ruth Muzzey Aldrich. m. April 5, 1865, M. Augusta Heaton, at 
Plattekill, Ulster County, N. Y. c. Charles Heaton; b. March 27, 
1868; Edward Heaton; b. January 1, 1873 (deceased in infancy) ; 
William Aldrich ; b. July 22, 1876. Address, Moses Brown School, 
Providence, R. I. 


fCoates, George Morrison, A.B., A.M., 1866. 

Entered 1859. 

Secretary, Vice-President, President, Everett Society. Wool 
merchant in Philadelphia, Pa. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., March 29, 1845. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
November 12, 1894. s. Joseph Potts Hornor Coates (Class 1839) 
and Elisa Henri Troth, m. November 9, 1871, Laura Lloyd. 

Coates, William Morrison, A.B. 

Entered 1859. 

Private, "Grey Reserves," 1863-65 ; Member, Veteran Corps, 
1st Regiment, Pennsylvania National Guard. 1863, bookkeeper, 
De Coursey, Hamilton and Evans. 1864, Coates Brothers; Presi- 
dent, Philadelphia Board of Trade ; President, Apprentices Library 
Company. Trustee, Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company; Di- 
rector, American Security and Trust Company, Washington. 
Member, University Club, Philadelphia; Rittenhouse Club, Phila- 
delphia ; Union League, Philadelphia ; Art Club, Philadelphia ; 
Metropolitan Club, Washington, D. C. ; University Club, Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., October 19, 1845. s. George Morrison 
Coates and Anna Troth, m. Philadelphia, Pa., September 30, 
1869, Anne Morris Lloyd, c. Esther M. Coates Sharp, 1870; 
Samuel Coates, 1874 (d. 1876) ; Benjamin Coates, 1877 (d. 
1912) ; John Lloyd Coates, 1878; Helen Langdale Coates Huston, 
1890. Address, 1717 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

f Jones, Richard Thomas, A.B. 

Entered 1859. 

Vice-President, Logan ian ; President, Athenaeum. Iron mer- 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., May 8, 1844. d. Philadelphia, Pa., June 
6, 1868. s. Jacob Paul Jones, Benefactor, and Mary Thomas, 
m. 1868, Marie Louise Bailey. 

Morris, William Henry, A.B. 

Entered 1859. 

Member Loganian and Athenaeum Societies. Iron and steel 
merchant and manufacturer. Member, American Institute Min- 
ing Engineers; Iron and Steel Institute, Great Britain; Art Club. 
Philadelphia, Pa. Retired from business January 1, 1912. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., March 25, 1846. s. Israel Morris and 
Elizabeth Longstreth. m. Decemlier 3, 1868, Sallie W. Paul. c. 
Richard J. Paul, 1869; Mary P., 1871; Alfred P., 1875; Arthur 
W., 1877; Francis B., 1885; Reginald H., 1887. Address. Villa 
Nova, Pa. 


Pinkham, Joseph Gurney, A.B., A.M., 1866; (M.D., 1866, Long 
Island College Hospital.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1860. 

Alumni Undergraduate Prize Essay, 1863; Alumni Orator, 
1874. Medical Student at University of Michigan and Long 
Island College Hospital. Physician and Surgeon of Lynn Hos- 
pital for many years ; now Consulting Surgeon of Lynn Hospital ; 
Medical Examiner of Ninth District Essex County, Mass. ; Fel- 
low of the American College of Surgeons. President of the Com- 
monwealth Savings Bank, Lynn, Mass. Published numerous 
papers on medical and surgical and medico-legal subjects. 

b. West Gardiner, Me., October 20, 1839. s. Elias Pinkham 
and Fanny Sampson, m. November 2, 1867, at Somerville, Mass., 
Emily G. Williams. Address, 64 Nahant Street, Lynn, Mass. 


Corbit, Daniel Wheeler. 

Entered Sophomore year 1860 and left on account of the Civil 
War early in Junior year, 1862. 

Final Honors in Greek. Private in 7th Delaware Emergency 
Men, July 11 to August 12, 1864. Owner and manager of farms; 
President of New Castle County National Bank; President of 
Cantwell Mutual Fire Insurance Company and of the Odessa 
Building and Loan Association ; Director, The Equitable Security 
and Trust Company of Wilmington, Del. ; President of the State 
Free Library Commission of Dover, Del. ; Trustee, New Castle 
County Workhouse ; Member of G. A. R. ; Member, Sons of 
Colonial Wars ; Delaware Historical Society ; Board of Trustees 
of Delaware College. 

b. Odessa, Del., March 17, 1843. s. Daniel Corbit and Eliza 
Naudain. m. October 13, 1870, Mary Clark Higgins. c. Sara 
Clark; Louise Naudain, 1871. Address, Odessa, Del. 

fDavis, Henry Wilkins. 

Entered 1859; left at close of Freshman year. 

Member of "Grey Reserves" (1st Regiment, National Guard, 
Philadelphia, Pa.), 1861-65. Some time member of 1st Troop 
Philadelphia City Cavalry. 

b. May 12, 1842. d. June 28, 1904. s. Thomas Wilkins Davis 
and Phoebe Shotwell Townsend. m. June 29, 1875, Elizabeth 
Corlies Allen. 


fHandy, Thomas Poultney. 

Entered 1859 and left during the Junior year. 

Iron merchant. 

b. Baltimore, Md., December 19, 1844. d. Baltimore, Md., 
January 28, 1877. s. William Winder Handy, M.D., and Mary 
Ann Poultney. m. October 31, 1865, Maria Poultney. 

Holme, John Gibbon. 

Entered 1859 and left at close of Freshman year. 

Orderly Sergeant, 24th New Jersey Regiment, 1862-63 ; Battles 
of Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville. Retired farmer. 

b. Salem County, N. J., February 4, 1842. d. June 11, 1921. 
s. Benjamin Seeley Holme and Elizabeth Dennis, m. April 26, 
1866, Helena Woolman. c. Elizabeth Dennis, 1867; James 
Henry, 1868; Benjamin Seeley, 1870; Mary Woolman, 1873; Mar- 
garet Morris and Eleanor Gibbon, 1877. 

Jessup, George White. 

Entered 1859 and left during the Sophomore year. 

Retired farmer. 

b. Cinnaminson, N. J., August 28, 1842. s. Charles Jessup and 
Mary Lippincott. m. December 6, 1866, Esther Anna Handcock. 
Address, Moorestown, N. J. 

fKnight, Thomas Walter. 

Entered 1859 and left in 1861. 

Wounded in Battle of Potomac, Va. Member, 119th Pennsyl- 
vania Volunteers. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., March 1, 1844. d. May 25, 1864 (Carver 
Hospital, Washington, D. C). s. Walter Knight and Elizabeth 

fLeeds, Albert Ripley. (A.B. Central H. S., Phila., Pa. 1860; 
A.B., Harvard, 1865. Hon. Ph.D., Princeton, 1876.) 

Entered Class of 1863 at beginning and left at close of Sopho- 
more year. 

Studied, Central High School, Philadelphia, 1856-60; Harvard 
College, 1861-65; School of Mines, Berlin, Germany, 1869; The 
Lawrence Scientific School, Cambridge, Mass., 1870. State 
Chemist of New Jersey, 1879-95 ; Chemist of Water De- 
partment, Philadelphia, Pa., 1883-85 ; Professor of Chem- 
istry, Philadelphia High School ; in the Franklin Insti- 
tute of Pennsylvania; in the Philadelphia Dental College; in 
the Haverford College, 1867; in the Stevens Institute of Tech- 
nology, 1871-1902. Author of numerous papers on Ozone, Water 
Analysis and Supply, and other Chemical Subjects, in the Journal 


of American Chemical Society, etc., Franklin Institute Journal, 
etc. Member of American, English and German Societies; Fellow 
and Corresponding Member of British and American Associations 
for Advancement of Science. Fellow of the Academy of Science 
of New York; Member of State Board of Health, New Jersey, 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., June 27, 1843. d. Philadelphia, Pa., March 
13, 1902. s. Benjamin Sykes Leeds and Beulah Bassett. m. (1) 
Philadelphia, Pa., September 12, 1871, Margaretta Reed West; 
(2) Philadelphia, Pa., December 12, 1890, Anne Griscom Webb. 

fLevick, Robert. 

Entered Introductory Department 1858 and left at close of 
Sophomore year, 1861. 

Wholesale shoe merchant. 

b. Frankford, Philadelphia, Pa., July 24, 1844. d. Frankford, 
Philadelphia, Pa., January 30, 1897. s. Robert R. Levick and 
Hannah Jefferson, m. October 19, 1882, Jeannette Savage. 

fMatthews, William W. 

Entered 1859 and left 1860. 


b. Cockeysville, Md., October 7, 1842. d. Philopopolis, Md., 
January 30, 1899. s. Thomas H. Matthews and Elizabeth Ann 
Price, m. Mary Alice Matthews. 

fMerritt, J. Walter. 

Entered Academical Department 1858 and left at end of Sopho- 
more year. 

b. Poughkeepsie, N. Y., March 21, 1841. d. . s. Joseph 

Merritt and Eliza L. Corlies. 

fMorris, James Thompson. 

Entered Academical Department 1857 and left at close of Soph- 
omore year, 1861. 

Engineer and iron manufacturer. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 18, 1842. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
September 23, 1874. s. Isaac P. Morris and Rebecca Thompson, 
m. December 5, 1872, Jane Montague. 

fPancoast, Henry Boiler. 

Entered 1858 and left at close of Sophomore year, 1861. 

Iron manufacturer. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 12, 1843. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
July 2, 1911. s. Joshua Pancoast and Anna Paxson. m. January 
31, 1870, Elizabeth Hammeken. 



tParrish, Joseph, Hon. A.M., 1884. 

Entered 1859 and left at close of Freshman year, 1860. 

Everett Prize Poet, 1860. Alumni Orator, 1866. Alumni Poet, 
1873. President, Alumni, 1881. Author of Haverford College 
Cricket Song, "Scarlet and Black," 1877. Lawyer. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., July 6, 1843. d. Philadelphia, Pa., Novem- 
ber 11, 1893. s. Dilwyn Parrish and Susan Maxfield. m. Paris, 
France, September 3, 1868, Isabelle Pelham Mott. 

Scott, Thomas, Jr. 

Entered Academical Department 1858; left at close of Sopho- 
more year, 1861. 

b. Pittsburgh, Pa. (?), September 28, 1843. s. Thomas Scott 
and . Last address known, Westinghouse Building, Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 

fThorne, Johnathan, Jr. 

Entered Academical Department 1858 and left at close of 
Sophomore year, 1861. 

Served as Private in 7th New York Militia, 1863. Merchant. 
Member, New York Historical Society; American Geographical 

b. New York City, 1843. d. New York City, January 10, 1920. 
s. Jonathan Thorne and Lydia Ann Corse, m. December 15, 1867, 
Harriett S. Van Schronhoven. 

fToms, Richard H. R. 

Entered Academical Department 1858 and left in 1859. 
Probably joined the Confederate Army. 

b. Holly Grove, Va., November 9, 1845. d. . s. and 

Mary A. E. . 

fTyler, John Edgar. 

Entered 1858 and left 1861. 

b. Salem, N. J., October 5, 1842. d. Media, Pa., October, 1892. 
s. Hugh L. Tyler and Mary Shipley Miller, m. 1881, Anne Hicks. 

fVaux, Roberts. 

Entered Academical Department 1855 and left in 1861. 

Alumni Poet, 1882. Member, Philadelphia City Troop. Cap- 
tain, A. D. C, General Snowden's Staff, National Guard, Penn- 
sylvania. Merchant. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., July 10, 1843. d. Philadelphia, Pa., Julv 
24, 1888. s. Richard Vaux and Mary M. Wain. 



fAngell, Franklin, A.B., A.M., 1869. 
Entered 1860. 

b. Greenfield, Saratoga County, N. Y., December 10, 1841. d. 
Seneca County, N. Y., August 2, 1882. s. Benjamin Angell and 
Mary Anthony. 

fAshbridge, William, A.B. (M.D. College of Phys. and Surgeons, 
Entered 1860. 

Physician. Studied medicine at College of Physicians and Sur- 
geons, Philadelphia, Pa. 

b. West Whiteland, Pa., March 15, 1846. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
December 13, 1884. s. Richard Ashbridge and Mary Bennett 

fCoates, Edward Hornor, A.B. 

Entered 1860. 

Secretary, Vice-President and President of Everett. Merchant 
until 1889. Chairman of Committee on Instruction, 1883-90; 
President, 1880-1906, of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts; 
Chairman of Muybridge Committee for the Investigation of Ani- 
mal Locomotion, University of Pennsylvania, 1883. Founder of 
Contemporary Club of Philadelphia, 1886; President of Gilbert 
Stuart Memorial Association, 1890. President, Trans-Atlantic 
Society of America, 1900; President, Corporation for Relief of 
Widows and Children of Clergymen in the Commonwealth of 
Pennsylvania. Director of Pennsylvania Company for Insurance 
on Lives and Granting Annuities. Director of Philadelphia Sav- 
ings Fund Society ; Director of Insurance Company of North 
America. Manager of Pennsylvania Hospital ; Manager of Penn- 
sylvania Hospital for the Insane. Gold Medal of Honor, Penn- 
sylvania Academy of Fine Arts, 1915. Member Rittenhouse Club. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., November 12, 1846. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
December 23, 1921. s. Joseph Potts Hornor Coates (1839) and 
Eliza Henri Troth, m. (1) Ella Mary Potts; (2) January 7, 1879, 
Florence (Earle) Nicholson, c. Alice N. and Josephine W. 

Cooper, Howard Mickle, A.B., A.M., 1867. 
Entered Sophomore Class 1861. 

Editor of The Bud. First Cricket Eleven, 1864. Lawyer. 
President of Security Trust and Safe Deposit Company ; Presi- 


dent of Harleigh Cemetery Association; President, Free Public 
Library ; President, West Jersey Orphanage for Destitute Colored 
Children ; Director of Camden National Bank ; Director of West 
Jersey Title and Guaranty Company, all of Camden, N. J. Vice- 
President, Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Children; Presi- 
dent of Society of Prevention and Relief of Poverty ; President, 
Camden City Dispensary. Member, New Jersey State Bar As- 
sociation; Member, United States Bar Association; Member, Cam- 
den County Bar Association; Member, New Jersey State Board 
Bar Examiners, 1902-12. Member, State Board Library Com- 
missioners, 1898 to date. Author of Historical Sketch of Cam- 
den, N. J., and Sketches of Local Places. Member, New Jersey 
Historical Society. 

b. Camden, N. J., June 24, 1844. s. John Cooper and Mary 
Mickle Kaighn. m. (1) October 23, 1872, Alice M. Mears; (2) 
April 22, 1-884, Lucy Smyth, c. Emily Smyth Cooper. Address, 
106 Market Street, Camden, N. J. 

fGarrett, Albin, A.B. 

Entered 1860. 

President of Class; Vice-President, Loganian Society; Presi- 
dent of Athenaeum Society. Merchant. 

b. Willistown, Pa., April 22, 1844. d. February 27, 1913. s. 
Albin Garrett and Esther Painter James, m. November 24, 1885, 
Mary Hickman. 

fLongstreth, Morris, A.B. (A.B., Harvard, 1866; A.M., 1869; 
M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1869.) 

Entered 1860. 

Member of First Cricket Eleven. Physician. Student at Har- 
vard, 1864-66; Medical Student, University of Pennsylvania, 
1866-69. Alumni Orator, 1888. Some time Professor of Patho- 
Anatomy, Jefferson College, Philadelphia; some time Attending 
Physician at Philadelphia Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa. Author, 
"Rheumatism, Gout, etc.," 1882; Catalogue of Pathological 
Museum of Pennsylvania Hospital; Clinical Lectures; Articles in 
Medical Journals, etc. Lowell Institute Lecturer, Boston. 1883- 
84. Member, American Philosophical Society ; Member, College 
of Physicians, Philadelphia, Pa. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., February 24, 1846. d. Barcelona, Spain, 
September, 1914. s. Thomas Bedford Longstreth and Lydia 
Noble, m. Cambridge, Mass., October 11, 1871, Mary Oliver 


fPancoast, Albert, A.B. 

Entered Academical Department 1858. 

Banker and broker. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 15, 1842. d. Elberon, N. J., 
August 19, 1898. s. Joseph Pancoast, M.D., and Rebecca Abbott. 
m. Baltimore, Md., November 28, 1871, Rebecca Emily Thomas. 

fRoberts, Charles, A.B. 

Entered 1860. 

Editor of The Bud; The Collegian; Secretary, President of 
Council, Everett. Manufacturer. Entered commercial life with 
Whitall, Tatum & Co., 1864. 1869-85, partner in firm of Whitall, 
Tatum & Co.; 1891, Vice-President, Spring Garden Insurance 
Company; 1895, President, Spring Garden Insurance Company; 
Treasurer, Alumni Association, 1866-69; President, 1886-88. 
Manager, Haverford College, 1872-1902. Secretary of the Cor- 
poration, 1883-86. President, Apprentices Library Company ; Di- 
rector of Academy of Fine Arts; President of 8th and 9th Wards 
Charity Organizations ; Vice-President, Fuel Savings Society ; 
Overseer of William Penn Charter School ; Member, Common 
Council, Philadelphia, Pa., 1882-84, 1886-1902. Member, Council 
of Historical Society of Pennsylvania; Life Member, American 
Historical Association ; Honorary Member, Historical Society of 
Salem, N. J., and Wisconsin Historical Society ; Life Member, 
Academy of Natural Sciences of the Horticultural Society; of 
the Zoological Society ; of the Genealogical Society ; of the Frank- 
lin Institute of the Colonial Society ; of the Photographic Society ; 
of the Fairmount Park Arts Association. Member, Phi Beta 
Kappa, 1898. His collection of manuscripts and works relating 
to Friends was unsurpassed in this country, and he had also gath- 
ered a large and valuable collection of autographs which was pre- 
sented to the College in 1902, together with a donation of about 
$50,000 to found the hall named after him. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., August 21, 1846. d.' Philadelphia, Pa., 
January 23, 1902. s. Elihu Roberts and Anne Pettitt. m. Phila- 
delphia, Pa., November 23, 1892, Lucy Branson Longstreth. 

fSampson, Elijah Pope, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1861. 

Manufacturer of oilcloths. 

b. Hallowell, Me., August 6, 1843. d. New York City, May 18, 
1893. s. Alden Sampson and Sarah Taber Pope. m. September 
14, 1876, Florence de Wolfe Smith. 


fScull, Edward Lawrence, A.B. 

Entered 1860. 

Librarian, Loganian ; President of Council Everett ; Editor of 
The Bud; Editor of The Collegian. Secretary, Alumni Associa- 
tion, 1868-69 ; Manager of Haverford College, 1875-84, and bene- 
factor by his will. Overseer, William Penn Charter School. Mem- 
ber, Philadelphia Sketch Club; Founder of Friends' Institute, 
Philadelphia, Pa. Wool merchant. 

b. March 7, 1846. d. Oaklands Park, Surrey, England, June 
14, 1884. s. David Scull (Manager 1855-65, Benefactor) and 
Lydia Lippincott. m. Philadelphia, Pa., November 26, 1879, Sarah 
Elizabeth Marshall. 

fWood, Randolph, A.B. 

Entered Academical Department 1857. 

Iron manufacturer. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., November 5, 1845. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
April 19, 1876. s. Richard Davis Wood and Julianna Randolph, 
m. 1869, Elizabeth H. Wood. 


fBacon, George Warder. 

Entered Academical Department 1859 and left during the Soph- 
omore year, 1862. 

Private Secretary 25 years to Wistar Morris; some time Presi- 
dent of Corporation of Haverford College, Philadelphia, Pa. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., April 30, 1843. d. Atlantic City, N. J., 
August 11, 1908. s. George Vaux Bacon and Sarah Ann Paul. 

fBarney, William Henry. 

Entered Academical Department 1859 and left at middle of 
Freshman year. 

b. August 24, 1844. d. October, 1891. s. William Henry 
Barney and . 

f Dawson, Charles Poultney. 

Entered Academical Department 1858; left Freshman year, 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., May 5, 1842. d. Philadelphia, Pa., Jan- 
uary 2, 1885. s. Mordecai L. Dawson (Manager 1838-39) and 
Elizabeth Poultney. m. October 28, 1863, Emily Elizabeth 


fDennis, James, Jr. 

Entered 1860 and left during the Sophomore year. 

Cotton manufacturer; manufacturer of machinery; farmer. 

b. Pawtucket, R. I., April 24, 1842. d. September, 1919. s. 
James Dennis and Anna T. Lockwood. m. (1) December 12, 
1865, Angeline Willcox ; (2) May 23, 1889, Laura C. Curtis. 

fGrier, George. 

Entered 1860 and left 1861. 

Machinist at Altoona, Pa., at Frankstown, Pa., at Johnstown, 

b. Altoona, Pa. (?), March 10, 1842. d. . s. George W. 

Grier and . 

fHaines, Howard Lippincott. 

Entered 1860 and left during the Sophomore year. 

Entered Junior Class, University of Pennsylvania, as a partial 
student and left at close of the Junior year. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., April 19, 1845. d. Philadelphia, Pa., April 
16, 1913. s. Josiah Lippincott Haines and Deborah Bunting. 

fHall, Frank Stevens. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1861 and left during the Senior year. 

b. Casco, Me., December 2, 1839. d. . s. William Hall 

and . 

fHiatt, Oliver Smith. 

Entered 1860 and left at the close of the Freshman year. 

Farmer, stock dealer, and contractor. Member, Board County 
Commissioners of Leavenworth, Kans. ; Auditor of Leavenworth 
County for 12 years. Member, Board of Directors of Kansas 
State Penitentiary. 

b. Richmond, Ind., February 4, 1839. d. Leavenworth, Kans., 
July 15, 1901. s. Elam B. Hiatt and Sarah Horn. m. December 
31, 1861, Mary Eleanor Maris, c. Erne Hiatt Van Tuyl and 
Mary Eleanor Lloyd. 

fLindley, John Hadley. 

Entered Sophomore year 1861 and left 1862. 

Captain, United States Volunteers, Civil War ; Deputy Treas- 
urer, Parke Company ; Treasurer, Parke Company ; Secretary and 
Treasurer, Sand Creek Coal Company, Ind. 

b. Morgan County, December 4, 1841. d. Indianapolis, Ind., 
December 26, 1892. s. James Lindley and Ruth Hadley. m. ( 1 ) 
November 29, 1866, Alice Silliman; (2) Mrs. Annetta Bates. 


Merritt, Charles Frost. 

Entered 1860 and left at close of the Freshman year. 

Everett Society. Clerk, General Store, Bristol, 111. ; Clerk in 
mercantile business and in bank ; in office of Delaware and Raritan 
Canal, 1871-81. Bookkeeper and note teller in Hamilton Bank, 
Brooklyn, N. Y., 1889-1900. 1900, to date, laundry and coal 

b. Millbrook, Dutchess County, N. Y., September 24, 1844. s. 
Isaac Merritt and Eliza Hart. m. December 27, 1871, Amanda 
A. Blake. Address, 89 Henry Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

fParrish, William Wright. 

Entered 1859 and left during Sophomore year, 1861. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., June 27, 1845. d. , March 20, 1886. 

s. William D. Parrish and Elizabeth Miller. 

fParry, Charles. 

Entered Junior Class 1862 and left at close of year. 


b. Cinnaminson, N. J., February 18, 1846. d. Riverton, N. J., 
August 23, 1920. s. William Parry and Alice Stokes, m. Anna 

fPhillips, Albert Shreve. 

Entered 1860 and left at close of the year. 

b. Trenton, N. J., May, 1845. d. . s. Philip Phillips and 

Susanna Shreve. m. Virginia Scherum. 

tShepherd, Caleb William. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1862 and left at close of year. 

Clerk in Albany, N. Y. ; Grain and Flour Merchant in New 
York City; Member of New York Produce Exchange. 

b. Saratoga, N. Y., October 4, 1841. d. New York City, No- 
vember, 1917. s. William R. Shepherd and Eliza Ann Keese. m. 
October 8, 1879, Sarah M. Willets. 

fSmyth, Horace. 

Entered 1859 and left 1862. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., March 9, 1844. d. October 22, 1902. s. 
Lindley Smyth and Elizabeth S. Ferris, m. October 3, 1865, Mary 
Elizabeth Hanson. 

fThomas, Jonas Preston. 

Entered 1860 and left at close of Sophomore year, 1862. 
Farmer. Manager of Haverford College, 1887-1905. 


b. West Whiteland, Chester County, Pa., August 7, 1842. d. 
Whitford, Pa., November 20, 1905. s. George Thomas, M.D., 
and Anna Townsend. m. Hannah Gibbons. 

Zook, John Miller. 

Entered 1860 and left at close of Sophomore year, 1862. 

1862, Pennsylvania Volunteers, 12th Regiment; 1863, Assistant 
Postmaster, West Chester, Pa.; 1864-1899, with Hoopes & Town- 
send, Philadelphia, Pa.; 1899-1921, Treasurer, Hoopes & Town- 
send. Member, Historical Society, Chester County, Pa. ; Athletic 
Association, University of Pennsylvania; City Club of Philadel- 

b. Conestoga Valley, Pa., January 12, 1844. s. Isaac M. Zook 
and Leah Miller, m. May 15, 1873, Susan J. Davis, c. S. Town- 
send, 1874; Frank, 1876; John M., Jr., 1878. Address, 1728 
North Nineteenth Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

fBringhurst, John Richardson, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1862. 

Iron and steel manufacturer. Farmer. 

b. Wilmington, Del., January 8, 1845. d. Wilmington, Del., 
December 7, 1903. s. Joseph Bringhurst and Anna Richardson, 
m. ( 1 ) Wilmington, Del., February 17, 1870, Elizabeth Tatnall 
(d. January 19, 1874) ; (2) June 16, 1881, Annie S. Stokes (d. 
April 23, 1882) ; (3) Darlington, Md., April 20, 1887, Esther 
Harlan Wilson. 

fBrown, Edward Taylor, A.B. 
Entered 1861. 

Clerk ; bookkeeper ; banker's confidential clerk, 
b. Doylestown, Pa., March 20, 1845. d. Swarthmore, Pa., No- 
vember 1, 1892. s. John S. Brown and Rebecca J. Taylor. 

Chase, James Anthony, A.B. 

Entered Freshman Class, February, 1862. 

Apprentice, Chase, Sharpe and Thompson's Stove and Hollow 
Ware Foundry, 1865-66; Rodman of Engineer Corps, Pennsyl- 
vania Railroad, 1867; Rodman on the Wilmington & Reading 
Railroad, 1867-69 ; Assistant Engineer on St. Paul & Duluth Rail- 
road, 1869-70; Assistant Engineer on Philadelphia & Erie Rail- 
road, 1871 ; Superintendent and Engineer, Junction & Breakwater 
Railroad (now a part of Pennsylvania Railroad), March 1, 1871, 
to January 8, 1872 ; Assistant Engineer in United States Corps. 
1873 ; Assistant Engineer of Atlantic & Great Western Railroad. 


Draughtsman and apprentice in Edward O. Chase Machine Shop, 
1873. Draughtsman, Lehigh Valley Railroad, Lehigh Valley 
Coal Company, and numerous other coal companies, 1874-1921. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., April 4, 1844. s. Pliny Earle Chase (Pro- 
fessor of Philosophy, 1871-86, and Acting President, Haverford, 
1886) and Elizabeth Brown Oliver, m. At Brookfield, Chester 
County, Pa., December 7, 1870, Mabel Elma Marshall, c. Oscar 
Marshall Chase, 1871; Warren Abner Chase, 1875 (d. July 3, 
1876) ; Anna Eliza Chase (Mrs. Harry Frank Margwarth), 1881. 
Address, 239 West Broad Street. Hazleton, Pa. 

fDowning, Joseph Miller, A.B. 

Entered 1861. 

Iron manufacturer, Coatesville, Pa., 1865-79; New Castle, Pa.; 
Tyrone, Pa.; Danville, Pa., 1879-86; manufacturer of wheel ma- 
terials, Wilmington, Del., 1886. 

b. West Whiteland, Pa., July 23, 1846. d. Elsmere, Del., April 
4, 1915. s. Thomas Stalker Downing and Eliza Sharpless Valen- 
tine, m. June 3, 1880, Hannah Pennock Steele, of Coatesville, 
Pa. c. T. S. Downing, 1905, and G. V. Downing, 1914. 

fHaviland, Arthur, A.B. 

Entered Preparatory Department 1860. 

Cricket teams. Clerk in Mercantile House, 1865-68; Civil En- 
gineer, 1869-92 ; Real Estate Department, New York City & Hud- 
son River Railroad, 1892-98; Captain of 1st Regiment of Volun- 
teers, United States Military Engineers, 1898. 1910-1919, Special 
Assistant Engineer in Law Department, New York Central Rail- 
road ; Member, American Society Civil Engineers. 

b. Brooklyn, N. Y., March 8, 1848. d. New York City, June 
18, 1919. s. Daniel Griffin Haviland and Hannah Ouinbv. m. 
April 11, 1888, Mary Ann (Martin) Burt. 

jNichoIs, David Holder, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1862. 

President, Everett; Editor, The Bud. Entered Harvard, 1865. 
b. East Vassalboro, Me., July 21, 1842. d. 1865. s. Thomas 
B. Nichols and Ruth Anna Holder. 

fSharpIess, Henry Williams, A.B. 
Entered 1861. 

Dry goods merchant; retired 1899. 

b. Near Philadelphia, Pa., February 9, 1849. d. November 11, 
1905. s. Charles Leeds Sharpless (Class 1837) and Anna Reeves 


fSmith, George, Jr., A.B. 

Entered 1861. 

On first Cricket Eleven. Manufacturer, Darby, Pa.; also 
Bridgewater Paper Mills in Aston, Delaware County, Pa. 

b. Upper Darby, Delaware County, Pa., November 14, 1846. 
d. Palatka, Fla., March 21, 1872. s. George Smith, M.D., and 
Mary Lewis. 

fTaber, Robert Barney, A.B., A.M., 1869. 

Entered Junior Class 1863. 

Alumni Orator, 1870. Bookseller and Publisher ; President, 
New England Association Gas Engineers ; Gas and Electric Engi- 

b. New Bedford, Mass., May 4, 1846. d. Washington, D. C, 
March 27, 1905. s. William Congdon Taber and Hannah T. 
Shearman, m. September 16, 1878, Annie P. Beard. 

fThomas, Allen Clapp, A.B., A.M., 1882. 
Entered 1861. 

Secretary, Everett Society; Loganian; First Cricket Eleven. 
Baseball Team. Librarian, Loganian, 1865. President, Everett 
Society. Valedictorian. Alumni Poet, 1866. Orator, 1875. Vice- 
President, 1896. Mercantile, shipping and commission business, 
1865-78. Prefect, Haverford College, 1878-87. Professor His- 
tory and Political Science, 1887-93. Professor, History, 1893- 
1912. Professor, History, Emeritus, 1912-1920. Librarian, 1878- 
1915. Librarian Emeritus, 1915-20. Consulting Librarian, 1915- 
20. Editor, Bulletin of Friends' Historical Society of Pennsyl- 
vania. Author of "The Mystics" ; "A Memoir of Edward Law- 
rence Scull"; "The Family of Love or Familists" ; "History of 
the United States for Schools and Academies" ; "History of the 
Society of Friends in America" (Joint Author with R. H. Thomas, 
'72) ; "William Perm, Founder of Pennsylvania"; "Attitude of the 
Society of Friends Toward Slavery in the Seventeenth and Eight- 
eenth Centuries"; "An Elementary History of the United States." 
Editor of "Matriculate Catalogue of Haverford College" ; "Some 
Letters and Papers of John Hancock" ; "John Hancock, the Man 
and the Patriot" ; "A History of England for Schools" ; "A His- 
tory of Pennsylvania for Schools." Contributor to the Friends' 
Review, American Friend, Bulletin of "Friends' Historical So- 
ciety," and other periodicals. Member of Baltimore Corn Ex- 
change, 1875-78 ; Original Member, American Historical Associa- 
tion; American Society of Church History; American Antiquarian 
Society; Friends Historical Society of Pennsylvania; Friends His- 


torical Society of London. Some time member of the following: 
Maryland Historical Society; Historical Society of Pennsylvania; 
American Philosophical Society ; Pennsylvania Library Club ; Phi 
Beta Kappa, 1898. American Library Association; Minister of 
the Society of Friends and Presiding Clerk of Baltimore Yearly 
Meeting of Friends (Orthodox), 1897-1920. 

b. Baltimore, Md., December 26, 1846. d. Haverford, Pa., De- 
cember 15, 1920. s. Richard Henry Thomas, M. D. (Manager 
1850-59) and Phebe Clapp. m. Woonsocket, R. L, August 20, 
1872, Rebecca H. Marble, c. Edward Thomas, 1877; Miriam 

Vail, Benjamin Augustus, A.B. 

Entered 1861. 

Lawyer. Member of House of Assembly, N. J., 1876-77 ; State 
Senator, Union County, 1879-84; President, Senate, 1884; County 
Judge, Union County, 1898-1905; Circuit Court Judge, State of 
New Jersey, 1906-1914; Government Agent, Union County, N. J., 
for the Draft Law. Member, New Jersey Historical Society. 

b. Woodbridge Township, Middlesex County, N. J., August 15, 
1844. s. Benjamin Franklin Vail and Martha C. Parker. Ad- 
dress, Essex Club, 44 Park Place, Newark, N. J. 

fWistar, Caleb Cresson, A.B. 

Entered 1861. 

Cricket Team, 1864. Studied Law at University of Pennsyl- 
vania; Secretary, Howard Hospital; Manager, Philadelphia 
Bourse; Provident Life and Trust Company; Wholesale and Com- 
mission Merchant for 24 years. Member, Historical Society of 
Pennsylvania; Zoological Society, and the Union League, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., July 21, 1846. d. Philadelphia, Pa., Au- 
gust 8, 1917. s. Bartholomew Wyatt Wistar (1837) and Anna- 
bella Elliott Cresson. m. Philadelphia, Pa., 1876, Mary Emlin 
Cresson. c. 4. 


fClapp, Samuel Hicks. 

Entered 1861 and left in Senior year. 

Merchant and Lawver. Studied at University' of Pennsylvania, 

b. New York City, November 10. 1846. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
June 28, 1891. s. Samuel Hicks Clapp and Phebe M. Kimber. 
m. Fishkill-on-Hudson, 187-, Anna Verplanck. 


fDrake, James Haines. 

Entered 1861 and left during Freshman year. 

Grain merchant and exporter. Served in Civil War. Grain 
business in Chicago. Owner of several sections of prairie land 
in Minnesota. Land Commissioner. Member of House of Rep- 
resentatives of Minnesota. Connected with railroads of Minne- 
sota and South Dakota ; Developer of the Petrified Forests in 
Arizona; Exhibitor at the Chicago, Paris, Buffalo and St. Louis 
Expositions. Member of Board of Trade of Chicago. 

b. Waynesville, O., November 1, 18+4. d. Pasadena, Cal., De- 
cember 15, 1912. s. Henry E. Drake and Ann S. Haines. 

Febiger, Christian Carson. 

Entered 1861 and left at close of Sophomore year. 

Publisher of Medical Books. Took active part in securing In- 
ternational Copyright. Director of P. B. & W. Railroad; Man- 
ager of Wistar Saving Fund ; Director of Bank of North 
America ; West End Trust Company ; William Sellers Company ; 
Edge Moor Iron Company; Philadelphia Warehouse Company, 
and many others. Member, Historical Society of Pennsylvania; 
Vice-President, Zoological Society; Member, Loyal Legion of 
Philadelphia; Order of the Cincinnati; Union League; Ritten- 
house Club; Merion Cricket Club. 

b. Cincinnati, O., April 2, 1845. s. Col. Christian Febiger and 
Sarah Tatnall. m. Philadelphia, Pa., June 6, 1877, Katharine M. 
Sellers, c. Christian Febiger, 1878; Mary S. Febiger, 1880; Eliza- 
beth S. Febiger, 1882; William S. Febiger, 1888; Katharine 
Febiger, 1884. Address, 3421 Powelton Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. 

fGillis, John Pritchett. 

Entered 1861 and left at close of Sophomore year. 

Iron merchant and fruit grower. 

b. Brandywine, Del., December 24, 1845. d. Orange, N. J., 
February 24, 1912. s. John Pritchett Gillis and Elizabeth Tatnall. 
m. West Orange, N. J., June 23, 1886, Harriette Tillinghast. 

vHaines, Frederic. 

Entered Academical Department 1860 and left 1861. 

b. Marietta, Pa., April 9, 1845. d. . s. Haines and 

Sarah . 

fJones, William Brinton. 

Entered Academical Department 1860 and left same year. 

b. Birmingham, Pa., . d. . s. Brinton Jones and Mary 



fLawrence, William Henry. 

Entered 1862 and left during the Freshman year. 

b. Delaware County, Pa., February 26, 1846. d. Philadelphia, 
Pa., October 16, 1865. s. Henry Lawrence and Mary Davis 

fMiller, Charles Martin. 

Entered 1860 and left at close of the year. 

Connected with H. Disston & Sons, Keystone Saw Works, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

b. Nashville, Tenn., October 16, 1847. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
1893. s. Miller and Martha . 

fMorris, Isaac Wistar. 

Entered Academical Department 1859 and left in 1861. 

Clerk with I. P. Morris, Towne & Co., Iron Manufacturers, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., July 14, 1844. d. Philadelphia, Pa., May 
11, 1872. s. Isaac P. Morris and Rebecca Thompson. 

Pharo, Joseph John. 

Entered 1861 and left at close of Junior year, 1864. 

Mercantile business at Tuckerton, N. J., 1865-77. Mercantile 
and transportation business at Tuckerton, N. J., 1877-89. Asso- 
ciated with lumbering business in Virginia and North Carolina. 

b. New York City, February 22, 1847. s. Joseph Willits Pharo 
and Beulah Hooten Oliphant. m. Memphis, Tenn., April 28, 1878, 
Katharine A. Napier. Address, Tuckerton, Ocean County, N. J. 

fRichardson, Henry Banning. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1862 and left in 1863. 


b. Wilmington, Del., January 10, 1846. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
April 3, 1876. s. George Richardson and Sarah Woolston. m. 
November 8, 1866, Sarah T. Speakman. 

Roberts, Edward Churchman. 

Entered Preparatory Department 1860 and left 1862. 

Accountant, merchant and broker. 

b. New York City, June 24, 1845. s. John S. Roberts and 
Sarah Anna Churchman, m. March 26, 1872, Eleanor Merritt. 
Address, 100 Broadway, New York City. 

fShannon, John Relph. 

Entered 1861 and left at close of Sophomore year, 1863. 
Tea dealer. Author of many newspaper articles. 


b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 12, 1846. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
February 3, 1882. s. Elwood Shannon and Mary Relph. m. Sq> 
tember 2, 1869, Helen Cromwell. 

Swift, Henry Hinsdale. 

Entered Sophomore year 1862 and left at close of the year. 

Minister in Society of Friends; farmer; lumber and coal dealer. 

b. Millbrook, N. Y., October 5, 1869. s. Nathan G. Swift and 
Esther Lane. m. October 5, 1869, Mary Wood. Address, Mill- 
brook, N. Y. 


fEUiott, Aaron Marshall, A.B., A.M., 1878, (A.B., Harvard, 1868; 
Hon. Ph.D., Princeton, 1877; LL.D., Wake Forest College, 

Entered 1862. 

Studied at Harvard; College de France, Paris, 1868-71, 1871- 
72, Instituto degli Studii Superiori, of Florence, Italy ; 1873, Uni- 
versity of Madrid ; 1874-76, at Munich, Tiibigen, and Vienna ; 
graduated from latter. On original staff of Johns Hopkins Uni- 
versity; Associate in Romance Languages, Johns Hopkins Uni- 
versity, 1876-84; Associate Professor, 1884-92; Professor, 1892 
to 1910 (?). Editor of "Modern Language Notes." Author of 
many papers on Philological subjects, etc. President, Haverford 
Alumni Association. Delegate to Paris Exposition. Member of 
numerous philological and geographic societies. 

b. Wilmington, N. C, January 24, 1846 (?). d. Baltimore, 
Md., November 9, 1910. s. T. Aaron Elliott and Rhoda Menden- 
hall. m. June 14, 1905, Lily Tyson (Manly). 

t Valentine, Benjamin Eyre, A.B., (LL.B., Harvard, 1868.) 

Entered Sophomore year, 1866. 

Valedictorian and Honor Man; Greek Orator, Junior Exhibi- 
tion. Harvard Law Department, 1866-68 ; Justice of Peace for 
Essex County, Mass., 1868. Colonel, 2d Division, N. G. S. 
N. Y., 1873-79; Inspector of Rifle Practice of 5th Brigade in 
1873, and of 2d Division, New York, 1874-77. Lawyer, 1869- 
1906. 1892-1920 (?), interested in real estate. Member, New 
England Society, Brooklyn. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., March 5, 1847. d. August 15, 1920. s. 
Benjamin Eyre Valentine and Elizabeth Hacker Hope. m. No- 
vember 5, 1872, Marie Antoinette Storrs. c. Ethel Eyre, 1874; 
Marie Antoinette, 1875; Elizabeth Hacker, 1876; Harriet Storr 
and Marguerite, 1878. 

128 haverford college [1866 


Brown, Henry Clay. (A.B., 1866, U. of Pa. ; A.M., 1869, U. of Pa.) 

Entered 1862 and left 1865. 

Studied at University of Pennsylvania, 1865-66. Lawyer, 1877- 
1922. Entered commercial house, Lippincott & Trotter, Phila- 
delphia, Pa., 1866. Member of Union League; Merion Cricket 

b. Doylestown, Pa., November 20, 1847. s. John S. Brown 
and Rebecca J. Taylor, m. Doylestown, Pa., December 28, 1882, 
Emma C. Ruckman. Address, 1220 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, 

-j-Carpenter, Samuel Preston. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1863 and left at end of year. 

b. Salem, N. J., October 25, 1846. d. Salem, N. J., April 17, 
1917. s. Samuel Preston Carpenter and Hannah H. Acton, m. 
1869, Rebecca Bassett. 

Cloud, Joseph Cooper. 

Entered 1862 and left at close of Junior year. 

Farmer until 1877; produce commission merchant, 1877-84; 
electrician, General Electric Company, Philadelphia, Pa., 1884 to 

b. Woodbury, N. J., December 4, 1844. s. Benjamin Cloud 
and Sarah French Cooper, m. February 11, 1868, Mary Scull, 
c. Anna W., 1872; William W., 1874; Sarah F., 1876; Joseph 
C, 1878; Herbert S., 1883. Address, Philadelphia Young Friends' 
Association, 140 North Fifteenth Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

fCongdon, Samuel Hopkins. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1863 and left 1864. 

Farmer ; merchant. 

b. Providence, R. I., October 7, 1845. d. Baltimore, Md., Feb- 
ruary 1, 1898. s. Gilbert Congdon and Mary Hopkins, m. Balti- 
more, Md., November 27, 1867, Henrietta Cromwell. 

fGummere, Richard Morris. 

Entered 1862 and left at close of the Sophomore year. 

Secretary-Treasurer, Jefferson Coal Company ; Secretary, Board 
Trustees, and Treasurer, Lehigh University. Member, University 
Club, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Buffalo Club, Buffalo, N. Y. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., February 8, 1846. d. South Bethlehem, 
Pa., February 16, 1914. s. William Gummere (Class of 1836) 
and Martha Moore Morris, m. February 15, 1872, Elizabeth Hunt. 


fPendleton, Charles Mason. 

Entered 1862 and left at close of the year. 
Served in Confederate Army as Colonel. 

b. Martinsburg, Ya., 1846. d. Berkeley Springs, W. Va., 1919. 
s. Philip Pendleton and . 

Pendleton, Edward Gray. 

Entered 1862 and left during the Freshman year. 

Captain in Cavalry of United States Army, 1864; severely 
wounded at Monocacy, 1864. 

b. Martinsburg, Va., January 24, 1844. s. Philip Pendleton and 

. m. May 12, 1890, Emily Barton. Address, 1750 N Street, 

Washington, D. C. 

fRedman, Samuel Bispham. 

Entered 1862 and left during the Junior year. 

Teacher and farmer. 

b. Haddonfield, N. J., April 24, 1846. d. Near Marlton, N. J., 
June 7, 1885. s. James Redman and Harriet Offley. m. October 
14, 1875, Florence H. Elfreth. 

fSands, William Leach. 

Entered 1862 and left 1863. 

b. New York, June 7, 1848. d. Berkeley Springs, W. Va., Feb- 
ruary 19, 1919. s. David Sands and Paulina Leach, m. Rosalie 
V. Ackerman. 

fWoodward, Thomas, Jr. 

Entered 1862 and left at close of the Freshman year. 

Member, Company A, 22d Regiment, New York National 
Guard, 1865-72. Clerk, 1866-68; merchant, 1868-1918. 

b. New York City, April 2, 1846. d. New York City, February 
3, 1918. s. Thomas Woodward and Elizabeth Cromwell, m. (1) 
October 7, 1869, Emma E. Smith, c. Thomas; Frank M. ; Crom- 
well, m. (2) Emily M. Hamilton. 


Ashbridge, George, A.B., A.M., 1870. (LL.B., Univ. of Pa.) 
Entered 1863. 

Captain, Cricket Eleven, 1866. Studied at University of Berlin. 
Germany, 1871-72; at Law School of University of Pennsylvania, 
1880-82. Farmer and Herder of Shorthorn Cattle, 1873-88; Prac- 
ticed Law, 1882-84. 1884-1921, Land Valuation, Liquidation, 
etc. ; local officer, 1873-88. Author of sundry articles on Stock 
Breeding ; on public questions ; and on Cricket. Fellow, American 



Geographical Association; Member, Merion Cricket Club; Mem- 
ber, Philadelphia Bar. 

b. West Whiteland, Pa., August 29, 1850. s. Richard Ash- 
bridge and Mary B. James, m. Elm Station (now Narberth), 
Pa., November 4, 1875, Jeannette B. Campbell, c. William, 1876; 
Mary Dorsey, 1879; George, Jr., 1883. Address, Whitford, Pa. 

fAshbridge, John, A.B. 

Entered 1863. 


b. West Whiteland, Pa., March 20, 1849. d. Colorado Springs, 
Col., December 3, 1881. s. Richard Ashbridge and Mary Ben- 
nett James, m. November 12, 1874, Phebe H. Benners. 

fClark, William Penn, A.B., A.M., 1870. (LL.B., Univ. of Ind., 
Entered Sophomore Class 1864. 

Studied at Earlham College, Ind., 1859-61. Law Student, Uni- 
versity of Indiana, 1870-71. Lawyer; teacher. 

b. Alamance County, N. C, August 16, 1841. d. Paonia, Delta 
County, Col., March 22, 1920. s. Alexander Clark and Anna 
Johnson, m. Springdale, la. (?), August 31, 1871, Martha Pick- 
ering, c. Marcella, 1873 ; Thomas, 1875 ; Mary, 1877. 

fCollins, Samuel Craft, A.B., A.M., 1870. 

Entered 1863. 

President, Athenaeum ; Librarian, Loganian ; Vice-President of 
same. Editor of The Collegian. Alumni Orator. Principal, New 
Garden Boarding School (now Guilford College), N. C, 1867-70; 
Chappaqua Mountain Institute. Chappaqua, N. Y., 1870-98 (?). 
Author of numerous magazine and newspaper articles. 

b. Monmouth County, N. J., November 11, 1846. d. Trenton, 
N. J.. July 13, 1900. s. Mark Collins and Edith Craft. 

fCrenshaw, Nathaniel Bacon, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1864. 

President of Everett. Secretary, Alumni Association, 1889-99. 
Magistrate in Virginia. Conscript in Confederate Army; ex- 
empted by payment of $500. Conscripted again, but relieved of 
duty through personal influence of Assistant Secretary of War, 
C. S. A. Farmer, 1869-71 ; with iron manufacturing firm, 1871- 
79; merchant, 1879-84; insurance and real estate, 1884-86; Real 
Estate Officer of Girard Trust Company, Philadelphia, Pa., 1886 
to 1903 (?). 

b. Loudoun County, Va., December 18, 1845. d. Baltimore, 
November 16, 1903. s. John B. Crenshaw (1839) and Rachel 


Hoge. m. Baltimore, Md., May 13, 1869, Elizabeth Hopkins 

Darlington, Charles Howard, A.B., A.M., 1870. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1864. 

Curator of Loganian. Clerk in mercantile business, 1867-70; 
teacher, 1870-73; editor and printer. 1873-1920, farmer. 

b. West Chester, Pa., August 23, 1848. s. Howard Darlington 
and Anna Maria Haines, m. Woodstock, 111., February 5, 1874, 
Louise Hart. c. Hart, Ernest Marshall, Ethel, Edith. Address. 
R. F. D. No. 3, Phoenixville, Pa. 

fDorsey, William Tagart, A.B. (M.D., Univ. of Maryland, 1870.) 
Entered 1863. 

Medical Student, University of Maryland, 1867-70. Physician, 
b. Baltimore, Md., June 4, 1848. d. Baltimore, Md., April 15, 

fEshleman, Benjamin Franklin, A.B. 

Entered 1863. 

President of Athensum. Lawyer. District Attorney of Lan- 
caster County, Pa., 1878-81. Delegate to convention in Cincinnati 
which nominated Hayes. Lieutenant Colonel on staffs of Gov- 
ernor Hoyt, of Pennsylvania, and of Governor Beaver. Private 
in First City Troop Cavalry. Judge Advocate General on staff 
of Governor Hastings. 

b. Lancaster, Pa., March 10, 1847. d. Lancaster, Pa., Decem- 
ber 17, 1904. s. Benjamin Eshleman and Elizabeth Gyger. m. 
December 21, 1876, Mary E. Mercur. 

fJones, Richard Mott, A.B., Hon. A.M., 1879; LL.D., 1891. 
(LL.D. Univ. of Pa., 1902.) 

Entered 1863. 

President of Class; President of Everett; Valedictorian. Mem- 
ber, Phi Beta Kappa. Manager of Haverford College, 1892-1906 
( ?) ; Vice-President, Alumni Association; Orator, 1876. Teacher. 
Headmaster, Oak Grove Seminary, Me., 1870-74; Headmaster, 
William Penn Charter School, Philadelphia, Pa., 1875-1917. 

b. South China, Me., June 29, 1843. d. Philadelphia, Pa., Au- 
gust 1, 1917. s. Eli Jones and Sibyl Jones, m. June 5, 1873, 
Annie Virginia Costello. 

fSharpless, Charles Williams, A.B. 
Entered 1863. 
Dry goods merchant. 


b. January 19, 1851. d. Montgomery County, Pa., December 
26, 1889. s. Charles Leeds Sharpless (Class of 1837) and Anna 
Reeves Williams. 

Wood, Walter, A.B. 

Entered 1863. 

Secretary of Class 1867. Member of Loganian and Everett 
Societies. Studied at Harvard, 1867-68. Secretary, Alumni As- 
sociation, 1873-78. Manager, Haverford College, 1890- ; Civil 
Service Examiner of City of Philadelphia, Pa., from 1887; Presi- 
dent, Florence Iron Works ; President, Camden Iron Works ; 
Treasurer, Millville, N. J., Gas, Water and Electric Company, 
and 12 or 15 other water and gas companies; Director of several 
banks and trust companies. Manufacturer, firm of R. D. Wood 
& Co. Member, University Club, New York, Philadelphia, and 
Washington ; Harvard Club, New York ; Engineers' Club, Phila- 
delphia ; City Club, Philadelphia ; Art Club, Philadelphia ; Union 
League, Philadelphia; Manufacturers' Club, Philadelphia; Ameri- 
can Water Works Association, Pacific Gas Light Association ; 
American Institute Mining Engineers; American Institute Me- 
chanical Engineers; American Institute Electrical Engineers. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 6, 1849. s. Richard Davis Wood 
and Julianna Randolph. Address, 1620 Locust Street, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

fBeatty, H. J. 

Entered 1863 and left soon after entering. 

b. Harrisburg, Pa. (?), April 2, 1847. d. . s. . c. 

and . 

fBeck, Charles Bayard. 

Entered 1863 and left Freshman year. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., ■ . d. . s. . 

fChase, Robert Howland, Hon. A.M., 1885. (M.D., Univ. of Pa., 

Entered 1863 and left at close of the Junior year. 

President of Class. Studied Medicine, University of Pennsyl- 
vania, 1867-69; special study, 1869-70. Alumni Orator, 1887. 
Physician ; alienist. Author : General Paresis; Mental Medicine 
and Nursing; The Ungeared Mind. Assistant Physician, Govern- 
ment Hospital for Insane, Washington, 1872-80; Medical Superin- 
tendent, Male Department, State Hospital of Insane, Norris- 
town, Pa., 1880-93 ; Medical Superintendent, Friends' Hospital, 
Philadelphia, many years, from 1893. Member, American Medico- 


Psychological Association ; American Medical Association ; Penn- 
sylvania State Medical Society; Philadelphia Neurological Society; 
Philadelphia Medico-Legal Society; Philadelphia Medical Cluh; 
Vice-President, Secretary, of Psychological Medicine, International 
Medical Congress, Washington. 

b. Salem, Mass., January 30, 1845. d. Wyncote, Pa., March 
13, 1921. s. William Henry Chase and Elizabeth Howland. m. 
(1) Philadelphia, Pa., October 10, 1871, Amanda H. Adams (d. 
October 20, 1885) ; (2) Philadelphia, Pa., Jane Sovereign Rum- 
sey. c. Elizabeth Chase McDaniel, 1874; Mary C. Whitaker, 
1877; Amanda C. Hilles, 1885. 

tCoffin, Elijah. 

Entered 1863 and left end of Sophomore year. 

Fellow, Royal Geographical Society. Member of Palestine Ex- 
ploration Society. Member, Egypt Exploration Society. Dealer 
in bonds. 

b. Richmond, Ind., May 3, 1848. d. Philadelphia, Pa., August 
28, 1917. s. Charles Francis Coffin and Rhoda M. Johnson, m. 
July 8, 1869, Sarah E. Fletcher, c. Charles F. ; Elizabeth. 

fCoIes, David Budd, Jr. 

Entered 1863 and left 1864. 
Retired farmer. 

b. Mt. Hollv, N. J., September 18, 1845. d. Lumberton, N. J., 
May 12, 1922! s. David Budd Coles and . 

fColes, Isaac Woolston. 

Entered 1863 and left 1865. 

b. Moorestown, N. J., June 7, 1844. d. Ellisburg, N. J. (?), 
about 1910. s. Joseph K. Coles and . 

De Cou, Franklin. 

Entered 1863 ; left second session of Senior year. 

Captain, Baseball Club. Sash and door business. St. Paul, 
Minn., 1868-78. 1878-88, Trenton, N. J., real estate. 1888-94, 
St. Paul, Minn., seed business. 1894-1912, St. Paul, Minn., farm- 
ing. 1912-15, Sacramento Valley, Cal.. ranching. 1915-17, New 
Jersey and Minnesota, farming. 1919, working, Borden's Milk 
Condensery. Life Member, Humane Society of St. Paul, Minn. ; 
Honorary Member, New Jersey Humane Society. Organizer of 
Mercer County, N. J., Agricultural Fair in 1884 (now the State 
Fair) ; President in 1885. Organizer and President of Hamilton 
Township Agricultural Society, Mercer County, N. J. 


b. Trenton, N. J., June 23, 1845. s. Nathan De Cou and 
Deborah Coleman, m. St. Paul, Minn., April 19, 1870, Mary 
Castle Allis. c. Lida Ashton, 1876; Lorenzo Allis, 1879; Mary 
Allis, 1881; Sarah Satterthwaite, 1883; Harold Allis, 1886; Lily 
Deborah, 1889. Address, 825 Franklin Street, Modesto, Cal. 

fGriffith, Richard Edward. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1864 and left during the year. 
Clerk; Postmaster, Winchester, Va. 

b. Winchester, Va., April 15, 1847. d. . s. Aaron H. 

Griffith and Mary Parkin Hollingsworth. 

Haines, Zebedee. 

Entered 1863 and left for a time, then returned, finally leaving 
in 1866. 

Minister in Society of Friends. Teacher ; farmer ; Superin- 
tendent of Westtown Boarding School, Westtown, Pa. ; farmer. 

b. Medford, N. J., September 20, 1843. s. Zebedee Haines and 
Elizabeth Hendrickson. m. Westgrove, Pa., December 22, 1870, 
Anna Philips Harvey, c. T. Harvey, 1871 (Haverford, 1896); 
Edgar T., 1873; Alfred S., 1875 (Haverford, 1898) ; Debora P., 
1876; W. Herbert, 1881 ; Mary Elizabeth, 1885. Address, West- 
grove, Pa. 

Heulings, Isaac W. (M.D., Jefferson, 1870.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1864 and left at close of year. 
Physician for 6 years in Haddonfield, N. J. Member of firm 

of I. W. Heuling's Sons, afterwards known as A. C. Heulings 

& Bros. Retired from business. 

b. Moorestown, N. J., August 9, 1848. s. Israel W. Heulings 

and Sarah M. Hornor. m. Philadelphia, Pa., October 10, 1879, 

Annie N. Chew. c. Joseph C, 1880; Alice, 1888; Edythe. 1891. 

Address, 231 East Main Street, Moorestown, N. J. 

; Hopkins, Frank Neville. 

Entered 1863 and left first session of Sophomore year, 1864. 


b. Baltimore, Md., February 3, 1848. d. Philadelphia. Pa., 
February 16, 1879. s. Gerard Thomas Hopkins and Elizabeth R. 
Coates. m. Baltimore, Md., Fannie Monroe. 

Jackson, Charles West. 

Entered 1863 and left in 1864. 
United States Marine Corps (?). 

b. Baltimore, Md. (?), September 22, 1847. s. Charles M. 
Jackson and . Address, . 


Jackson, Walter. 

Entered 1863 and left in 1864. 

b. Baltimore, Md. (?), 1849 (?). s. Charles M. Jackson and 
. Address, , New York City. 

fLevick, Lewis Jones. 

Entered 1863 and left at close of the Sophomore year. 

Secretary, Athenaeum; Vice-President, Alumni, 1892-94. Mem- 
ber of Civil Service Commission ; Executive Committee of Phila- 
delphia Board of Trade, and Director of Philadelphia Chamber 
of Commerce; Vice-President, Pennsylvania Paraffine Company, 
Titusville, Pa. ; President Director in Darby, Media and Chester 
Street Railway Company ; Director of United States Light and 
Heating Company of Philadelphia; Righter Coal and Coke Com- 
pany, and many other corporations in Philadelphia and through- 
out Pennsylvania ; President of Crew Levick Company, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. Oil merchant and refiner of petroleum. Member, 
Union League; Penn Club; Colonial Society of Pennsylvania; 
Society of Colonial Wars ; affiliated for many years with Academy 
of Fine Arts and the City Parks Association. 

b. Quakertown, Pa., October 15, 1845. d. Bala, Pa., November 
27, 1914. s. Samuel Jones Levick and Susanna Morris Mather, 
m. Philadelphia, Pa., September 6, 1876, Mary A. d'Invilliers. 
c. Henry L., Mrs. Winthrop C. Neilson; Mrs. George B. Atlee, 
Jr., and Suzanne Levick. 

fLippincott, Joseph Kay. 

Entered 1863 and left 1865. 

b. Woodstown, N. J., July 2, 1848. d. Haddonfield, N. J., 
. m. Gertrude White. 

fMorris, John Thompson. 

Entered 1863 and left at close of the Sophomore year. 

Manager of Haverford College, 1881-84, 1891-96; Overseer, 
William Penn Charter School; Vice-President, Pennsylvania 
Museum and School of Industrial Art ; Director, Fairmount Park 
Art Association; Member, Franklin Institute; Numismatic and 
Antiquarian Association, Philadelphia; Academy of Natural Sci- 
ences, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Historical Society of Pennsylvania. 1912, 
donated Morris Infirmary to Haverford College. Iron manufac- 
turer. President, I. P. Morris Company, 1876-91. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 18, 1842. d. Bretton Woods, 
N. H., late in summer of 1915. s. Isaac Paschall Morris and 
Rebecca Thompson. 


fParrish, Alfred. 

Entered 1863 and left at close of Sophomore year. 
Manufacturer of machinery. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., May 5, 1848. d. July 24, 1921. s. William 
D. Parrish and Elizabeth Miller. 

fSwift, William Lane. (A.B., Harvard, 1868; A.M., 1873.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1864 and left middle of Junior year. 
Studied two years at Harvard University ; teacher five years ; 

machinist seven years ; editor five years ; always a surveyor, 
b. Hart's Village (now Millbrook), N. Y., December 17, 1846. 

d. Millbrook, N. Y. '(?), 1906. s. Nathan G. Swift and Esther 

Lane. m. September 1, 1874, Henrietta Swift. 

fTatham, Henry Billington. 

Entered 1863 and left at close of Freshman year, 
b. Philadelphia, Pa., October 29, 1847. d. Philadelphia. Pa., 
February 12, 1901. s. Henry Billington Tatham and . 

Tomlinson, Benjamin Albert. 

Entered 1862 and left 1865. 


b. Laurel Mills, N. J., March 29, 1846. s. Ephraim Tomlinson 
and Sarah T. Inskeep. m. (1) Mary Volins Cooper; (2) Emily 
Hilyard. Address, Laurel Springs, N. J. 

fTomlinson, Ephraim, Jr. 

Entered 1862 and left 1864. 

b. Laurel Mills, N. J., March 29, 1846. d. August 30, 1888. 
s. Ephraim Tomlinson and Sarah T. Inskeep. 

Wistar, John. 

Entered 1863 and left 1865. 

b. Salem, N. J., July 21, 1847. s. John Wistar and Letitia M. 
Acton, m. 1869, Annie Harlan. Address, . 

fWitmer, Adam Exton. 

Entered February, 1864, and left 1865. 

Merchant. Some time engaged in making Historical Investiga- 
tions for State Library, Harrisburg, Pa. Member, Lancaster 
County Historical Society. 

b. Paradise, Pa., August 4, 1846. d. , 1908. s. Adam K. 

Witmer and Hannah Steele, m. June 1, 1871, Mary Augusta 


Cook, Edward Hanson, A.B. 

Entered 1864. 

Principal, Oakwood Seminary, Union Springs, N. Y. ; Prin- 
cipal, East Hamburg Friends' Institute, two years; Principal, Oak 
Grove Seminary, Vassalboro, Me., nine years. Fruit farmer and 
wholesale dealer in apples. Superintendent, Public Schools. 
Farmer, 1883 to date. Two terms in State Legislature. 

b. Milo, Me., June 10, 1844. s. Elijah Cook and Judith Meader. 
m. November 27, 1868, Annie Louisa Hamblin. c. Edward C, 
1869; Harriett H., 1874; Edith M., 1876; Anna G. (Starkey), 
1886. Address, Waterville, Me., R. D. No. 39. 

fCope, Alexis Thomas, A.B. 

Entered 1864. 

Member of Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, Pa. 

b. Susquehanna County, Pa., February 5, 1850. d. Susque- 
hanna County, Pa., September 22, 1883. s. William Drinker 
Cope and Susan Newbold. m. May 27, 1875, Elizabeth Steward- 
son Cope. 

Satterthwaite, Benjamin Cadwallader, A.B. 

Entered 1864. 


b. Oxford Valley, Pa., April 17, 1847. s. Joseph H. Satter- 
thwaite and Mary Cadwallader. m. Elizabeth C. French. Ad- 
dress, . 

Starr, Louis, A.B., LL.D., 1908. (M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1871.) 
Entered 1864. 

Captain of Cricket Eleven. Studied Medicine at University of 
Pennsylvania, 1868-71. Interne in Episcopal Hospital, 1871-73. 
Assistant Physician in 1873-74 and Visiting Physician from 1875- 
84. 1874, Assistant Physician to Children's Hospital ; Visiting 
Physician in 1879. 1874-78, Physician to the Southern Home 
for Destitute Children; 1878-80, Out- Patient Physician to Uni- 
versity Hospital. Since 1879, Consulting Pediatrist to the Ma- 
ternity Hospital. Instructor of Physiology and Therapeutics, 
1874-77; Lecturer on Symptomatology, 1877-79; Lecturer on Dis- 
eases of Children, 1880-84; Clinical Professor of Diseases of 
Children, 1884-90; at University of Pennsylvania. Assistant 
Editor, Pepper's System of Medicine ; American Editor, Good- 
hart's Diseases of Children ; An American Text Book of the 
Diseases of Children ; Editor of Department of Diseases of Chil- 
dren, in the American Year Book of Medicine and Surgery. 


Author: Diseases of Digestive Organs in Infancy and Childhood; 
Hygiene of the Nursery; Diets for Infants and Children in Health 
and Disease. A Synopsis of the Physiological Action of Medi- 
cines. (Non-Professional, "The War Story of Dillwyn Parrish 
Starr.") Member, Association American Physicians; Foundation 
Member, Pediatric Society ; Honorary Member, Chicago Academy 
Medicine. Elected Fellow of the College of Physicians of Phila- 
delphia, Pa., 1875 ; in 1892 a Member of the Council and Chair- 
man of the W. F. Jenks Prize Fund Committee. Physician. Fel- 
low, Royal Society of Medicine, London, 1915. Fellow, Royal 
Society of Arts, London. Member, Historical Society of Penn- 
sylvania. Member, Phi Beta Kappa, and of various social clubs 
in Philadelphia and London. Retired from practice of medicine 
in 1914. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., April 25, 1849. s. Isaac Starr and Lydia 
Ducoing. m. Bickley, Kent, England, September 16, 1882, Mary 
Parrish. c. Louis, Jr., 1883; Dillwyn Parrish, 1884; Elizabeth 
Parrish, 1888. 

fTomlinson, Samuel Finley,A.B., (Hon. A.M., Trinity, N. C, 

Entered Sophomore Class 1865. 

Teacher, Sylvan Academy, N. C, 1868-70; in Legislature, N. C, 
1870-72; Principal, State Institution for Deaf and Dumb, 1872- 
73; manufacturer, 1873-1920. Alderman of Durham, N. C. ; 
Mayor of Durham, N. C. ; Member, State Board of Education, 
25 years. In service of Confederate States Government, Depart- 
ment of Supplies, two and one-half years. Engaged in literary 
work. President, Tomlinson Chair Company. 

b. Archdale, N. C, October 3, 1840. d. Durham, N. C, Jan- 
uary 22, 1920. s. Allen Unthank Tomlinson and Rachel English, 
m. 1872, Angela J. Lawrence. 

fWills, Joseph Henry, A.B., A.M., 1871. (M.D.) 

Entered Junior Class 1866. 

Secretary and President, Camden City Medical Society. Resi- 
dent Physician and Surgeon, Orthopaedic and Pennsylvania Hos- 
pitals, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Surgeon and Pathologist to Cooper Hos- 
pital, Camden, N. J. ; Consulting Surgeon, Camden City Dis- 
pensary; Lecturer to New Jersey Training School for Nurses, 
Camden, N. J.; Contributor to Medical Journals. Teacher; book- 
keeper ; physician. 

b. Mt. Holly, N. J., March 13, 1844. d. . s. Joseph T. 

Wills and Mary Ballinger. m. May 11, 1882, Lillian C. Bunting. 

1869] matriculate catalog 139 


f Abbott, Charles Tucker. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1865 and left at close of year. 

b. Salem, N. J., April 12, 1848. d. . s. George Abbott 

and Ruth Smith Baker. 

fHunt, Howard Abbott. 

Entered 1864 and left during Freshman year, 
b. Philadelphia, Pa., June 14, 1848. d. St. Paul, Minn., July 
13, 1873. s. Caleb S. Hunt and Rebecca A. Abbott. 

Pinkham, Gilbert Latey. (A.B., Iowa State Univ., 1869; A.M., 

Entered 1864 and left in the Spring of 1867. 

Studied at Iowa State University, 1869. Assistant Professor, 
English, Literature and History, Iowa State University, 1869-70; 
Professor of same, 1871-73; also Professor of Elocution, 1873-78. 
State Superintendent of Education, South Dakota, 1889-90. Min- 
ister in Society of Friends. Published "Chart of English Litera- 
ture." "Report of State Superintendent of Education." Various 
business pursuits, 1878- . Retired from business. 

b. Brownsville, Pa., September 9, 1843. s. Thomas Pinkham 
and Mary Beede. m. March, 1876, Mary E. Meyers, c. James 
E. Pinkham; Mrs. Leda P. Wilbur. Address, 434 Thirty-fifth 
Avenue, Seattle, Wash. 

•{-Thompson, David Allen. (A.B., Princeton, 1868; A.M., Princeton, 
1871 ; LL.B., Albany Law School, 1869.) 

Entered 1864 and left during Sophomore year, 1865. 

Studied at Princeton, 1866-68. Private Secretary to May, of 
Albany, N. Y., 1874-76; Member, Albany Institute; Lawyer, Al- 
bany, 1869-1912; President, Home Savings Bank, Albany, 1910. 

b. Mannington, Salem County, N. J.. May 29, 1844. d. Albany, 
N. Y., October 23, 1919. s. Andrew Thompson and Mary Thomp- 
son Tyler, m. Albany, N. Y., October 4, 1871, Margaret Mc- 


fCongdon, Johns Hopkins, A. B. 

Entered 1865. 

Member and later (1892-1918) Vice-President of the Congdon- 
Carpenter Company, iron manufacturers. Director of Mechanics 
National Bank; Chairman of the Providence Dispensary; Trustee 


of the Rhode Island Hospital. Memlier of the Hope and Agawam 
Hunt Clubs and at one time President of the former. 

b. Providence, R. I., June 3, 1847. d. Providence, R. I., Jan- 
uary 7, 1918. s. Gilbert Congdon and Mary Hopkins, m. Provi- 
dence, R. I., Caroline Buffum. c. Eleanor B. ; Harold; Louise 
Buffum (Mrs. Richard S. Francis, of Bryn Mawr) ; Elizabeth 
Arnold (Mrs. J. Neverette Steele, Jr.) ; Johns Hopkins, Jr., and 

Cope, Henry, A.B.; A.M., 1877. 

Entered 1864. 

Member, Everett and Loganian. Member, First Cricket Eleven. 
Vice-President, Alumni Association, 1895. Enthusiastic supporter 
of the game of cricket; laid out cricket ground, 1876-77, which 
afterwards was named "Cope Field" by the Managers and Alumni 
of Haverford ; Donor of "Cope Prize Cricket Bat" ; Organizer 
and Director of trips of Haverford Cricket Teams to England 
in 1896, 1900, 1904, 1910 and 1914. For many years member of 
Executive and Athletic Committees. Treasurer of Alumni ; Presi- 
dent, Alumni, 1913-14. Chairman of Committee to build Isaac 
Sharpless Hall, 1916-17. Manager of Haverford College. Man- 
ager of House of Refuge, 20 years. Manager, Friends' Asylum, 
Frankford, 30 years. A founder and the first editor of "American 
Cricketer," in 1877. Member, University Club, Philadelphia ; 
Germantown Cricket Gub; Philadelphia Cricket Club. Some time 
member Young America Cricket Club. Member, Merion Cricket 
Club ; Baltimore Cricket Club ; Union League, Philadelphia ; Art 
Club, Philadelphia. Various mercantile and manufacturing occu- 
pations. Retired. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 16, 1850. s. Thomas Pirn Cope 
(Class 1839; Manager, 1864-71) and Elizabeth Wain Stokes. 
Address, "Awbury," Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 

fEstes, Ludovic,A.B., (A.M., Univ. of Mich., 1877; Ph.D., 1888.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1866. 

Salutatorian ; President of Class. Teacher, Sand Creek Semi- 
nary, Ind., 1869; Instructor, Wilmington College, Wilmington, O., 
1871-72; Civil Engineer, Pennsylvania Railroad, at Harrisburg, 
Pa., 1872. Student at University of Michigan, 1876-77; Teacher, 
Spiceland Academy, 1878; Student at University of Michigan, 
1885-88; Student at Harvard and Cornell; Instructor at University 
of Michigan, 1887; Professor Mathematics and Physics at Uni- 
versity of North Dakota, 1888-98 ; Author of Astronomical Papers, 
etc. Teacher in Haverford a short time. Public schools of 


b. Richmond, Ind., March 4, 1849. d. Grand Forks, N. D., 
March 10, 1898. s. Lewis Alden Estes and Hulda Case Hoag. 
m. July 6, 1881, Mary Belle Chambers. 

fEvaul, Henry, A.B. 

Entered 1864 and left at end of the Freshman year. Re- 
entered Junior Class, 1867. 

b. Palmyra, N. J., November 14, 1846. d. 1877. s. Abraham 
Evaul and . 

fKaighn, William Bartram. 

Entered Junior Class 1867. 

Teacher, Moorestown, N. J. ; Teacher, Classics, Westtown 
Boarding School, Westtown, Pa. ; Bookkeeper, National State 
Bank, Camden, N. J. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., April 17, 1851. d. Moorestown, N. J., 
March 11, 1876. s. Bartram Kaighn and Mary Ann Edwards. 

jKing, Pendleton, A.B., A.M., 1872. 

Entered Sophomore Class, February, 1866. 

Teacher ; Acting Secretary, United States Legation, Constanti- 
nople, Turkey, 1889 ( ?) ; Chief of Bureau of Accounts of United 
States, Department of State, Washington, D. C. ; United States 
Consul to Aix-la Chapelle, Germany. Author "Life of Grover 

b. North Carolina, April 2, 1844. d. July 31, 1913. s. John 
King and . 

Randolph, William Henry, A.B. 

Entered in 1867. 

Bookkeeper and Accountant. General Manager and Treasurer. 
Retired from business. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., July 17, 1848. s. George Randolph (Class 
1839) and Rebecca Cope. m. Millboro, Bath County, Va., No- 
vember 26, 1880, Virgilia Hopkins, c. Elizabeth Cope, 1882; 
Walter Randolph, 1884 (deceased). Address, Lenoir, N. C. 

Taylor, Edward Ballinger, A.B. (B.C.E., 1870, and M.C.E., 
1873, Polytechnic College of Pa.) 
Entered Sophomore, 1866. 

President, Everett Society ; Librarian, Loganian ; Student at 
Polytechnic College of Pennsylvania, 1869-70; Rodman and Clerk, 
Pennsylvania Railroad, 1870-81 ; Supervisor, Pennsylvania Rail- 
road, 1871-72; Assistant Engineer, Pennsylvania Railroad, 1872- 
76; Superintendent, Lewistown Division, Pennsylvania Railroad, 


1876-79; Superintendent, Western Pennsylvania Division, Penn- 
sylvania Railroad, 1878-81 ; Superintendent, P. C. and St. L. Rail- 
way, 1881-88; General Superintendent, Northwestern System, 
Pennsylvania Lines, 1888-90; General Superintendent, Transpor- 
tation, all Pennsylvania Lines West of Pittsburgh, 1890 to 1901. 
Fourth Vice-President, Pennsylvania Railroad Company, and 
Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and St. Louis Railway Company, 1902- 
1907. Third Vice-President, 1907-1914. Second Vice-President, 
1914-1920. Retired. Member, American Society of Civil Engi- 
neers; Engineers' Society, Western Pennsylvania (President, 
1886) ; Franklin Institute, Philadelphia; Academy of Science and 
Art, Pittsburgh ; American Academy Political and Social Science, 
etc. ; American Bankers, New York City ; Member, Pittsburgh 
Club; Allegheny County Club; Edgeworth. Member, Chamber of 
Commerce, Pittsburgh. President of Board, Water Commission- 
ers, Sewickley, Pa. 

b. Near Riverton, N. J., February 6, 1850. s. John Gardiner 
Taylor and Rebecca Haines Ballinger. m. Fallsington, Pa., Mari- 
anna Satterthwaite. c. Marion Satterthwaite, 1873 ; Bertha Anna, 
1875; Edward Ballinger, Jr., 1879; Rebecca Wright, 1880; Edith 
Knight, 1892. Address, 72 Linden Place, Sewickley, Allegheny 
County, Pa. 

fTaylor, William Shipley, A.B. 

Entered 1864 and left 1864 on account of trouble with eyes. 
Re-entered 1865 (Freshman Class). 

Vice-President, Alumni, 1882. Farmer, near Burlington, N. J., 
1866-68 ; merchant ; Real Estate Officer, United Security Life In- 
surance and Trust Company, Philadelphia, 1887-89; with Mis- 
souri, Kansas and Texas Trust Company, Kansas City, Mo., 1889- 
91; Third Vice-President of same in Philadelphia, 1891-99; Sec- 
retary and Treasurer, Kansas City, Pittsburgh & Gulf Railroad 
Company ; President, Texarkana & Fort Smith Railroad Com- 
pany ; State Visitor to State Agricultural College, New Jersey ; 
President, several years, State Experiment Station, New Jersey ; 
Secretary, several years, of New Jersey State Board of Agricul- 

b. Cincinnati, O., June 20, 1847. d. Overbrook, Pa., March 12. 
1909. s. James Taylor and Elizabeth C. Shipley, m. March 16, 
1871, Julia Clarke Kirkbride. 

Whitlock, James Gilbert, A.B. 

Entered middle of Freshman year 1866. 

Farmer, 1891-1902. Dredge business, 7 years. Retired. 


b. Richmond, Va., February 28, 1849. s. Richard Henry Whit- 
lock and Jane Copeland Jordan. Address, 104 South Third Street, 
Richmond, Va. 

Wood, Henry, A.B. (Ph.D., Leipsic, 1879.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1866. 

Student at University of Berlin, 1875-77; at Leipzig, 1877-79. 
Instructor (Tutor), Haverford College, 1869-70; Instructor, 
Modern Literature, Moses Brown School, Providence, R. I., 1879- 
81. Associate in English, Johns Hopkins University, 1881-85; 
Associate Professor, Germanic Languages, at Johns Hopkins Uni- 
versity, 1885-92; Professor of German Language and Literature, 
Johns Hopkins University, since 1892 (retired June, 1919). 
Alumni Orator, 1881. Author: "Faust Studien; Ein Beitrag zum 
Verstandnis Goethes in seiner Dichtung" ; Study of Bettina von 
Arnim ; of various monographs on German and English Literature 
in American Journal of Philology ; Vierteljahrschrift fur Litera- 
turgeschichte, Germanistic Society Quarterly, etc. Member, Aca- 
demic Council, Johns Hopkins Uniyersity ; Co-editor of "Hes- 
peris." Decorated Order of the Red Eagle, 1910. President of 
the American Folk-Lore Society, 1898. LL.D., Wake Forest 
College, 1914. 

b. New Bedford, Mass., July 8, 1849. s. Henry Taber Wood 
and Anna Greene Russell, m. Potsdam, Germany, June 16, 1902, 
Clothilde von Kretschman. c. Carl Anton Wood, 1903 ; Henry 
Russell Wood, 1905 ; Ernst Friedrich Wood. 1918. Address, 17 
Scott Street, Cambridge, Mass. 

Wood, Walter, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1866. 

1876-1882, Student of Greek, Philology, History (Ancient and 
Mediaeval), Music Harmony, Piano, Singing. Teacher of Greek 
and Latin at Swarthmore College, 1871-73. Clerk in Greene and 
Wood's Lumber Business, New Bedford, Mass., 1873-76. Uni- 
versity of Berlin, 1876-78; University of Leipzig, 1879-82. 
Teacher of Music, also German and Italian, 1882-1910. Author, 
1914-20: "The Scarlet Queen of Enchantment"; a long nature- 
drama entitled "The Halloween Bride," and other poems. Mem- 
ber numerous choral clubs and singing societies in Massachusetts, 
California, Europe, etc. Author, student. 

b. New Bedford, Mass., June 30, 1847. s. Henry Taber Wood 
and Anna Greene Russell. Address, 247 Burton Court, Pasadena, 

144 haverford college [1870 


fHaines, Lindley. 

Entered 1865 and left at close of Freshman year. 

Member, Board of Guardians of the Poor, Philadelphia, Pa., 
1866-90. Member, Common Council, Philadelphia, Pa., 1890-91. 
Stock broker. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., August 12, 1849. d. . s. Lindley 

Haines and Anne Lindsey Sharp, m. January 14, 1874, Lillie L. 

fLongstreth, Benjamin Taylor. 

Entered 1865 and left 1867, at close of Sophomore year. 

Iron manufacturer and merchant. 

b. Morton, Delaware County, Pa., August 16, 1849. d. No- 
vember 11, 1912. s. William Collins Longstreth (Class 1837; 
Manager, 1864-81) and Abby Ann Taylor, m. (1) Fannie Halde- 
man; (2) November 14, 1889, Sara G. Haldeman. 

fPearson, George. (A.B., Harvard Univ., 1870.) 
Entered 1865 and left at close of the Junior year. 
Student at Harvard University, 1868-70. Message Clerk, Sen- 
ate of Pennsylvania, 1877-78; Reading Clerk, House of Repre- 
sentatives, Pa., 1881 ; Reading Clerk, Senate, 1883 ; Chief Clerk, 
House of Representatives, 1887 ; resigned to accept position of 
Private Secretary to Governor Beaver, 1887-91 ; Prothonotary, 
Supreme Court, Western District, Pittsburgh, Pa., 1892; ex -officio 
Prothonotary, Superior Court, 1895. Secretary, Republican State 
Committee, 1880-86. Lawyer. 

b. Mercer, Pa.. April 3, 1850. d. . s. Johnson Pearson 

and Sarah Jane Templeton. m. (1) October 11, 1875, Jessie 
Patton (d. June 2, 1889) ; (2) November 15, 1892, Helen Hester 

fWalton, William Kite. 

Entered 1865 and left at close of Freshman year. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., January 2, 1849. d. July 5. 1887. s. 
Charles Walton and Deborah Lightfoot. m. Baltimore, Md., Oc- 
tober 31, 1879, Dolores Palmer. 


Brown, James Stuart, A.B. 
Entered 1866. 
Iron manufacturer; President, Pennsylvania Drop Forging 


Company; President, Brown & Co., Inc., Pittsburgh, Pa. Di- 
rector, Bank of Pittsburgh, N. A., Fidelity Title & Trust Com- 
pany, National Union Fire Insurance Company, Allegheny Ceme- 
tery, St. Margaret's Hospital ; Director and Treasurer, Clyde Coal 
Company. Member, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Duquesne, Univer- 
sity, Allegheny Country, Pittsburgh Golf, Edgeworth, Church and 
Automobile Clubs. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., May 18, 1850. s. John H. Brown and 
Anna Sharpless. m. October 31, 1888, Lily Shiras Forsyth, c. 
Stuart, Jr., 1890; Lilian F., 1894; Laurence F., 1902. Address, 
care of Brown & Co., Inc., Tenth Street, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Carey, John Ellicott, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1867. 

Commission cotton goods merchant and promoter and financier 
of cotton mills in the Southern States. Founder of Baltimore 
Cricket Club, 1874. 

b. Baltimore, Md., June 28, 1852. s. James Carey (1839) and 
Susan Budd Kimber. m. December 21, 1880, Sarah H. Murdoch, 
of -Claiborne County, Miss. Address, "The Cedars," Walbrook 
P. O., Baltimore County, Md. 

fCoale, Alford Gable, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1867. 


b. Baltimore, Md., March 22, 1852. d. — . s. Isaac Coale, 
Jr. (1846) and Mary Gable, m. October 25, 1891, Elsie Jauncey 
fComfort, Howard, A.B. 

Entered 1866. 

President of Class ; President, Athensum ; Librarian, Loganian ; 
Member, Phi Beta Kappa, 1898; Treasurer, Alumni Association, 
1871-73; Vice-President; President, 1884-85; Manager of Haver- 
ford College, 1880-1912, Secretary, Board of Managers, 1884- 
1908. Merchant. Trustee, Bryn Mawr College. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., April 21, 1850. d. April 14, 1912. s. 
Edward Comfort and Susan Edge. m. May 16, 1872, Susan 
Foulke Wistar. 

Hilles, Thomas Allen, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1867. 

Manufacturer of machine tools, Hilles & Jones Company, Wil- 
mington, Del. ; retired. Water Commissioner, City of Wilming- 
ton; Trustee, New Castle County Workhouse; various social 
service associations; Chairman of Board, Artisans' Savings Bank, 



Wilmington; officer or director of various corporations and banks, 
b. Wilmington, Del., January 21, 1852. s. William Samuel 
Hilles (1842, Manager, 1857-71) and Sarah Lancaster Allen, m. 
Mt. Pleasant, O., September 28, 1878, Anna Edith Updegraff. 
c. Edith, 1891. Address, 1600 West Seventh Street, Wilmington, 

fHubbard, William Harrison, A.B. (M.D., Indiana Medical Col- 
lege, 1878.) 

Entered Junior Class 1868. 

Teacher, High Schools, Monrovia, Mooresville and Webster, 
Ind., until 1876. Student at Indiana Medical College, 1876-78. 
Physician at Fairmount and Marion, Ind., 1883-96; retired; 
farmer and miller, Monrovia, Ind. President, Indiana Medical 
College Alumni Association, 1892. Wrote numerous papers on 
medical subjects. 

b. Monrovia, Ind., November 14, 1848. d. August, 1919. s. 
William B. Hubbard and Ludah Vestal, m. October 13, 1881, 
Emma J. Woolen. 

fLongstreth, Thomas Kimber, A.B., A.M., 1873. 

Entered 1866. 

Studied Law at University of Pennsylvania. Lawyer, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

b. Springfield, Delaware County, Pa., August 30, 1851. d. 
Philadelphia, Pa., March 3, 1883. s. William Collins Longstreth 
(1837, Manager, 1864-81) and Abby Ann Taylor, m. October 27, 
1880, Lucy Branson. 

fOwen, Oliver, A.B., A.M., 1874 (formerly known as Oliver Gold- 
smith Owen). 
Entered Sophomore Class 1867. 

Assistant Superintendent and Tutor in Classics and Ethics, 
1870-71; teacher; recorded Minister in Society of Friends; be- 
came clergyman in Protestant Episcopal Church, 187- ; in charge 
of parish in Clinton, N. Y. 

b. Iowa (?), September 22, 1846. d. Clinton, N. Y., April 13, 
1907. s. Samuel Owen and . m. Maria Elizabeth Wilson. 

fPratt, Charles Eadward, A.B., A.M., 1877. 

Entered 1866. 

Vice-President, Loganian ; President, Everett ; Alumni Orator, 
1872; Alumni Poet, 1877. Admitted to Suffolk Bar, June, 1871; 
to United States Bar, July, 1872; Attorney and Counsel for Pope 
Manufacturing Company; represented Ward 21, Boston Com- 
mon Council, 1877-82; President, Boston Common Council, 


1881-82; Solicitor of Patents; specialty, patent cases. First 
member of the Society of Friends to hold office in Boston 
and first to speak on Boston Common since execution of Mary 
Dyer in 1660; this he did as Orator for Post 113, G. A. R., Deco- 
ration Day, 1882. Trustee of Boston Public Library ; Projector 
of League of American Wheelmen ; first president of same ; 
founder of The Bicycling World; editor, 1879-81 ; editor of Out- 
ing, 1883-94; author, "The American Bicycler," 1879; contributor 
to many periodicals. Member, Papyrus, St. Botolph, University, 
Odd Volume, Walt Whitman Clubs, of Boston, and Societe des 
Bibliophiles Contemporains of Paris, etc. 

b. Vassalboro, Me., March 13, 1845. d. Roxbury, Boston, 
Mass., August 20, 1898. s. Joseph Howland Pratt and Martha 
Eunice Hanson, m. (1) October 16, 1872, Georgiana E. Folie; 
(2) June 18, 1893, Ella Augusta (Chute) Heath. 

fRose, David Franklin, A.B., 

Entered 1866. 

Student at University of Pennsylvania Law School, 3 years. 
Attorney-at-Law, Chester, Pa. ; School Director, City of Chester. 

b. Rockdale, Pa., October 28, 1850. d. Chester, Pa., July 19, 
1914. s. David Rose and Sarah Rutter. m. January 17, 1893, 
Florence Murray Worrell, c. Sarah Rutter, 1894; David, 1896; 
Florence Marguerite, 1897 ; Rebecca, 1899. 

fSteele, John Dutton, A.B., 

Entered 1866. 

Iron manufacturer, Coatesville, Pa., New Castle, Pa., and Mc- 
Keesport, Pa. 

b. Coatesville, Pa., November 27, 1850. d. McKeesport, Pa., 
March 31, 1886. s. Hugh Exton Steele and Hannah Baldwin 
Rakestraw. m. April 14, 1884, Sophia M. Bard. 

Wood, Charles, A.B., A.M,. 1873. (D.D., Princeton.) 

Entered 1865. 

Studied at Princeton Theological Seminary, 1870-73. Pastor, 
Central Presbyterian Church, Buffalo, N. Y., 1873-78; studied in 
Germany; pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Germantown, Phila- 
delphia, Pa., 1886-97; pastor, Second Presbyterian Church, Phila- 
delphia, Pa., 1897-1908; pastor, Church of the Covenant, Washing- 
ton, D. C, 1908 to date. Author, "Memoir John C. Lord," 
"Saunterings in Europe," "Beginning Life," "Friends and Foes 
of Youth," "Some Moral and Religious Aspects of the War," 
"The Living Christ," William B. Noble Lecture at Harvard Uni- 


b. Brooklyn, N. Y., June 3, 1851. s. John Jay Wood and Mary 
Lyon. m. (1) September 6, 1883, Mary Hollingsworth Morris 
(d. 1891); (2) June 20, 1905, Alice Cox. c. Charles Morris, 
Marguerite P. (Mrs. Logan MacCoy). Address, 2110 S Street, 
Washington, D. C. 

fWood, Stuart, A.B. (Ph.D., Harvard, 1875.) 

Entered 1866. 

Studied at Harvard University. Iron manufacturer, R. D. 
Wood & Son, Philadelphia, Pa. Author of "New Theory of 
Wages," American Economic Association. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., May 30, 1853. d. March 2, 1914. s. 
Richard Davis Wood and Juliana Randolph. 

fCarey, Thomas Kimber. 

Entered 1866; left close of Sophomore year. 


b. Baltimore, Md., February 23, 1851. d. Baltimore, Md., May 
29, 1906. s. James Carey (1839) and Susan Budd Kimber. m. 
Mary Thomas King. 

fDelaplain, Louis Springer, Jr. 

Entered 1866 left close of Freshman year, 
b. Wheeling, W. Va., July 24, 1851. d. March 2, 1884. s. 
Louis Springer Delaplain and . 

tGriscom, William Woodnutt. (A.B., Univ. of Pa., 1870; A.M., 

Entered 1866; left at close of Junior year. 

Entered Senior Class, University of Pennsylvania. Graduated 
1870. President, Electro-Dynamic Company. Author, "Some 
Storage Battery Phenomena." Member, American Institute of 
Electrical Engineers; Franklin Institute; American Philosophical 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., July 6, 1851. d. Near Penelanguishene, 
Ont, Canada, September 24, 1897. Killed by accidental discharge 
of rifle while hunting, s. John D. Griscom and Margaret Wood- 
nutt Acton, m. 1877, Dora Ingham Hale. 

fLevick, Samuel Jones, Jr. 

Entered 1866; left close of Sophomore year. 

Oil merchant. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., February 19, 1849. d. Quakertown, Pa., 
July 28, 1880. s. Samuel Jones Levick and Susanna Morris 
Mather, m. June 13, 1872, Anna E. Bullock. 


fWistar, Bartholomew. 

Entered 1865 ; left close of Junior year. 

Resided in Wellington, Ontario, Canada, 15 years. Merchant. 
Minneapolis, Minn., and Cleveland, O. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 29, 1849. d. East Cleveland, O., 
May 6, 1920. s. Bartholomew Wyatt Wistar (1837) and Anna- 
bella Elliott Cresson. m. Minneapolis, Minn., May 28, 1872, May 
Dorland. c. John Dorland, 1874; Bartholomew Wyatt, 1876; 
Bessie Louisa, 1879; Mary Emlen S., 1881; Dillwyn Caspar, 
1883; Charles Emlen, 1886; Robert Warder, 1889; Helen Mar- 
jorie, 1895. 

fBrown, Henry Graham, A.B. 
Entered 1867. 

Iron and steel manufacturer, Brown & Co., Inc., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
b. Chester County, Pa.. June 20, 1852. d. — . s. John H. 
Brown and Anna Sharpless. m. June 6, 1895, Nannie Price 

fEvans, William Penn, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1868. 

Valedictorian. Manager, 1881-87. Manufacturer of flour; 
manufacturer of platinum; retired. 

b. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., October 19, 1850. d. Phila- 
delphia, Pa., May 8, 1893. s. Josiah Evans and Susan M. Thomas, 
m. September 28, 1881, Mary Tatum. 

Garrigues, John Sharpless, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class, 1868. 

Engineering, surveying and conveyancing, 1871-89; Secretary 
and Treasurer, Brvn Mawr Trust Company, Bryn Mawr, Pa., 
1889 to date. 

b. Haverford, Pa., July 15, 1851. s. Haydock Garrigues (Man- 
ager, 1859-66) and Sidney Sharpless. m. Ardmore, Pa., January 
28, 1885, Elizabeth Ashmead. c. Sidney G., 1886; Margaret A., 
1889; John K., 1892; Albert G., 1894; Ruth M., 1896. Address, 
Haverford, Pa. 

fHaines, Reuben, A.B., A.M., 1878. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1868. 

Treasurer, Alumni Association, 1875-78. Took special course 
in Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania, 1872-75 ; received cer- 
tificate of proficiency, 1875 ; teacher of Science in various schools, 
1876-79; analytical chemist, 1880-1909; retired. Member, Acad- 


erny Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, Pa.; Franklin Institute; 
American Chemical Society; American Institute of Mining Engi- 
neers; Society of Chemical Industry (England). 

b. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., November 1, 1851. d. Ger- 
mantown, Pa., February 18, 1920. s. John Smith Haines (1838, 
Manager, 1869-71) and Mary Drinker Cope. m. July 3, 1879, 
Sophia Phelps Hartshorne. 

Haines, William Henry, A.B. 

Entered 1867. 

Vice-President, Alumni, 1888; Manager, Haverford College. 
October 11, 1887, to date. Manufacturer and dealer in plumbers' 
supplies ; retired. Member, University and Huntingdon Valley 
Country Clubs. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., April 1, 1854. s. Lindley Haines and Anne 
Lindsey Sharp, m. (1) 1877, Mary Howell; (2) 1893, Phebe 
Emlen Howell, c. Joseph H., 1878; Rachel H. (Bacon), 1880; 
Mary H. (Peacock), 1882; William H., Jr., 1885. Address, 5433 
Wayne Avenue, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 

fHartshorne, Joseph, A.B. 

Entered 1867. 

Special Student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1871- 
72; Special Student, Towne Scientific School, University of Penn- 
sylvania, 1872-73. In employ of Pennsylvania Steel Company, 
1873-76; Assistant Chemist on Geological Survey of Pennsylvania, 
1876-78; Assistant and Superintendent, Open Hearth Department, 
Cambria Iron Company, 1878-81 ; Superintendent, Bessemer De- 
partment of Cambria Iron Company, 1881-84; General Superin- 
tendent, Steel Department, Pottstown Iron Company, 1884-94; 
member, firm of Hartshorne & Robeson, as Consulting Metallurgi- 
cal Engineer. Author of various articles in Iron Age and other 
journals. Member and ex-councilor, American Institute of Min- 
ing Engineers; Member, British Iron and Steel Institute; "Verein 
deutscher Eisenhuttenleute" ; American Iron and Steel Institute, 
and Franklin Institute; Member, Pottstown School Board, 1907- 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., January 21, 1852. d. Pottstown, Pa., Au- 
gust 23, 1918. s. Edward Hartshorne and Adelia Coffin (Swett) 
Pearse. m. (1) January 11, 1893, Marv Ives Hobart (d. January 
7, 1894) ; (2) April 15, 1896, Anna Potts Hobart. 

fHoskins, Jesse Franklin, A.B. 
Entered Sophomore Class 1869. 


b. Summerfield, N. C, March 21, 1849. d. November 17, 1900. 
s. Joseph Hoskins and . 

Moore, Walter Thomas, A.B. 

Entered Junior Class 1869. 

Steamship and railroad transportation ; Foreign Freight Agent, 
Lehigh Valley Railroad Company. 

b. Salem, O., February 24, 1854. s. Calvin C. Moore and Sarah 
Walter, m. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., May 14, 1896, Sarah 
Emlen, Jr. Address, 121 West Coulter Street, Germantown, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Reeves, Ellis Riddle, A.B. 

Entered 1867. 

Bookseller ; mercantile pursuits. Author religious booklets : ( 1 ) 
"No Salvation Beyond the Grave"; (2) "Christ the Incarnate 
God." Political historical article, "Does the Victor Own the 

b. Phoenixville, Pa., September 7, 1851. s. Ellis Reeves and 
Rebecca Myer. 

fRoberts, Alfred Reginald, A.B. 

Entered September 11, 1867. 

Civil Engineer. Assistant Commissioner of Highways and 
Superintendent of Bridges, Philadelphia, Pa. Member, Franklin 

b. Allegheny, Pa., March 14, 1853. d. . s. Solomon White 

Roberts and Anna S. Rickey, m. April 15, 1880, Emily I. Lewis. 

Taylor, Charles Shoemaker, A.B. 

Entered 1867. 

Vice-President, Alumni Association. Manager, Haverford Col- 
lege, 1876-80. Trustee, Bryn Mawr College until 1893. Member, 
Merion Cricket Club, Haverford, Pa. ; Life Member, University 
Club, Philadelphia, Pa., and Haverford College Union. 

b. Cincinnati, O., November 26, 1850. s. Abraham M. Taylor 
and Elizabeth R. Shoemaker, m. (1) West Grove, Pa., June 12, 
1873, Rebecca Hughes, c. A. Merritt, 1874; C. Clifford, 1876; 
Joseph W., 1878; Marianna, 1881; Frederick Raymond, 1887. 
m. (2) Beverly, N. J., November 14, 1894, Gertrude Allinson. 
c. Margaret Wood, 1898; Edward Allinson, 1900; Lawrence New- 
bold, 1903. Address, Haverford, Pa. 

Thurston, Edward Day, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1868. 

Marble merchant ; partner, Taljer & Co., New York City. 


b. New York, March 4, 1851. s. William Richardson Thurston 
(1837, Manager, 1871-95) and Jane R. Day. m. November 11, 
1880, Sara F. Leggett. Address, 444 East 106th Street, New 
York City. 

Winslow, Randolph, A.B., A.M., 1874. (M.D., Univ. of Md, 1873.) 

Entered 1867. 

Studied at University of Maryland Medical School, 2 years; 
University of Pennsylvania Medical School, 1873 ; University of 
Vienna, 1883. Assistant Demonstrator and Demonstrator of 
Anatomy, University of Maryland, 1874-86; Lecturer on Clinical 
Surgery, 1886-91 ; Professor of Anatomy and Clinical Surgery, 
1891-1902; Professor of Surgery, 1902-20. Now Emeritus Pro- 
fessor of Surgery. Professor of Surgery, Women's Medical Col- 
lege of Baltimore, Md., 1882-93. Formerly First Lieutenant, 
Medical Reserve Corps, United States Army. Author of numer- 
ous articles contributed to the medical journals. Member and ex- 
President, Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland ; Fellow 
and Member of Judicial Council, American Medical Association ; 
Fellow, American College of Surgeons ; Fellow, American Surgical 
Association; Fellow and ex- President, Southern Surgical Asso- 
ciation. Formerly Member of Merion Cricket Club, Philadelphia ; 
a founder of Baltimore Cricket Club, Baltimore, Md. 

b. Hertford, N. C, October 23, 1852. s. Caleb Winslow, M. D. 
(1842) and Jane Paxson Parry, m. December 12, 1877, Rebecca 
Fayssoux Leiper. c. Nathan, 1878; John Leiper, 1880; Fitz 
Randolph, 1881 ; Edwards Fayssoux, 1883 ; Mary Fayssoux, 1885 ; 
Tane Parry, 1886; Caleb, 1889; Eliza Leiper, 1891 ; George Leiper, 
1893; Oliver Parry, 1895; Richard Randolph Parry, 1897; St. 
Clair Spruill, 1899; Callender Fayssoux, 1901. Address, 1900 Mt. 
Royal Terrace, Baltimore, Md. 


fComfort, William. 

Entered Sophomore Class ; left at close of year, 
b. Philadelphia, Pa., February 18, 1852. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
July 18, 1872. s. Edward Comfort and Susan Edge. 

Hartshorne, William Davis. (C.E., Lehigh Univ., Pa., 1874.) 

Entered 1867; left 1869. 

Student, Lehigh University, Pa., 1871-74; first recipient of 
"Wilbur Scholarship." Alumni Trustee, Lehigh University. 
Studied chemistry of dyeing, Massachusetts Institute of Tech- 
nology, Boston, Mass., Fall of 1879. On Drinker's Engineer 


Corps, Musconetcong Tunnel, 1874-75. Engineer, Lehigh Valley 
Railroad and E. & A. Railroad, 1875-76; Teacher of Mathe- 
matics and Natural Philosophy, Howland School, Union Springs, 
N. Y., 1876-78; Assistant Engineer in charge of part gauging 
Mississippi River under Major Benyard and Hiero B. Herr, 1879; 
Chemist, Arlington Mills, Lawrence, Mass., 1879-80; in charge 
of Dyeing and Finishing Department, 1881-82; Superintendent. 
Worsted Department, 1882; Agent of Arlington Mills, 1898-1913; 
Consulting Engineer, textile mill conditions a specialty, 1913 to 
date. Author of numerous articles relating to the textile arts. 
Member, Boston Society Civil Engineers ; American Society Me- 
chanical Engineers ; American Chemical Society ; New England 
Branch, Society Chemical Industry ; American Society for Test- 
ing Materials; Life Member and Past President, National Asso- 
ciation of Cotton Manufacturers; President, National Bank of 
Methuen, Mass. ; Director, Merchants Trust Company, Lawrence, 
Mass. ; Trustee, Broadway Savings Bank, Lawrence, Mass. Mem- 
ber and Chairman, Methuen School Committee. President, Texet 
Corporation, Lawrence, Mass. Member, Merrimack Valley 
Country Club. 

b. Montgomery County, Md., January 18, 1853. s. Isaac Hart- 
shorne (1844) and Anna Elizabeth Stabler, m. Cambridge, Mass., 
October 25, 1877, Eliza J. Cutler, c. Elsie Cutler, 1878; Miriam, 
1880; Isaac, 1882; Hugh, 1885. Address, 40 Pleasant Street, 
Methuen, Mass. 

fMcDowell, Henry. 

Entered 1867; left 1868. 

b. Baltimore, Md., March 4, 1851. d. Baltimore, Md., . 

s. Edward Gable McDowell and . 

fPainter, Howard. 

Entered 1867; left close of Sophomore year. 

United States Commissioner, Vienna International Exhibition, 
1873; in Government Printing Office, Washington, 1875; Mining 
Engineer. Author, Report on Metallurgy, Lead, Silver, Copper 
and Zinc. 

b. West Chester, Pa., January 29, 1851. d. San Francisco, 
Cal., 1876. s. Samuel M. Painter and Anna Vickers. 

Thomas, Charles Yarnall. 

Entered 1868; left 1869. 

Clerk, 1869-78; farmer and canner, 1878-88; retired. 
Enumerator of Eleventh Census of the United States, 1890. 
Recorded Minister in Society of Friends, 1888. 


b. Baltimore, Md., October 16, 1851. s. Richard Henry 
Thomas, M. D. (Manager, 1850-59) and Phebe Clapp. m. Dar- 
lington, Md., August 16, 1877, Rebecca Smith Edge. c. Richard 
H., Jr., 1881; Elizabeth S., 1882; Joseph E., 1884; Charles Ed- 
gar, 1888. Address, Darlington, Md. 

fTomlinson, Allen Josiah. 

Entered Sophomore Class, February, 1869; left February, 1870. 

Class President. Studied at Trinity College, N. C. ; taught 
three years ; manufacturer. 

b. Bush Hill, now Archdale, N. C, May 16, 1843. d. July 2, 
1900. s. Allen Unthank Tomlinson and Rachel English, m. 
November 10, 1880, Anna Fawcett. 


Ashbridge, Richard, A.B. (M.D., Univ. of Pa„ 1875.) 

Entered 1868. 

Studied medicine at University of Pennsylvania; Surgeon, 
United States Navy, 1876-93 ; physician. Former Member, Col- 
lege of Physicians of Philadelphia, Philadelphia Club, Merion 
Cricket Club, Army and Navy Club, Washington, D. C. 

b. West Whiteland, Pa., July 16, 1854. s. Richard Ashbridge 
and Mary B. James, m. Philadelphia, Pa., April 15, 1880, Emily 
Baker Benners. c. Margaretta Benners, 1882. Address, care of 
Commander A. J. Geiger, M. C, United States Navy, Mare Island, 
San Francisco, Cal. 

Cadbury, Richard Tapper, A.B. (A.B,, Harvard, 1877; A.M., 
Harvard, 1878.) 

Entered 1868. 

Vice-President, Everett. Member, Phi Beta Kappa, 1898 
President, 1915-16. Studied, Harvard University, 1876-78. In 
manufacturing business, 1873-75 ; teacher, 1875-76, 1878-79 
Superintendent, Deaf and Dumb Institution, Philadelphia, Pa. 
1880-83 ; Superintendent, University Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa. 
1884-86; in Trust Department, Provident Life & Trust Company 
Philadelphia, Pa., 1886 to date. 

b. Philadelphia. Pa., October 11, 1853. s. Richard Cadburv 
(1842, Manager, 1865-97) and Lydia Comfort Shinn. m. Phila- 
delphia, Pa., August 28, 1884, Helen Virginia Nathans, c. Rich- 
ard, Tr., 1885; Helen, 1886; Earl Shinn, 1888; Leah Tapper, 
1892." Address. Box 185, Haverford, Pa. 


Carey, James, Jr., A.B. (LL.B., Univ. of Maryland, 1874.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1869. 

Studied at Law School, University of Maryland, Baltimore, Md. 
Lawyer to 1888; merchant; President, Carey Machinery and 
Supply Company, Baltimore, Md. Author with brother, Francis 
King Carey, "Forms and Precedents." 

b. Baltimore, Md., March 11, 1854. s. James Carey (1839) 
and Susan Budd Kimber. m. (1) May 23, 1887, Anna Tacy 
King. c. Frances King. m. (2) Caroline Maccoun. Address, 
119 East Lombard Street, Baltimore, Md. 

Downing, Thomas Stalker, A.B. 
Entered 1868. 

Farmer, 1872, to April, 1920. 

b. West Whiteland, Pa., March 4, 1852. s. Thomas Stalker 
Downing and Eliza Sharpless Valentine. Address, Whitford, Pa. 

Erben, Walter, A.B. 

Entered 1868. 

Manufacturer, worsted yarns; entered employ Fiss, Banes, 
Erben & Co., 1872; partner in successors to company, Erben, 
Search & Co. (afterwards Erben-Harding & Co.) ; President, 
Erben, Harding & Co., 1901 to date. Director, Philadelphia 
Manufacturers Mutual Fire Insurance Company and Bank of 
North America. Member, Merion Cricket Club, Union League, 
St. Davids Golf Club, Tredyffrin Country Club. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., March 23, 1854. s. Peter C. Erben and 
Mary Davis, m. Philadelphia, Pa., September 3, 1877, Emma 
Ten Broeck Mentz. c. Helen Ten Broeck, 1878; Agnes C. Van 
B., 1880; Walter, 1887; Philip Van R., 1889. Address, Radnor, 

fEstes, Thomas Rowland, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore year 1869; left on account of ill health. 
Re-entered Haverford, 1871. 

Vice-President, Loganian. Student, Wabash College, Craw- 
fordsville, Ind., 1870-71; teacher, 1872-79; banker, 1879-91; mer- 
chant, 1893-95; teacher, 1895-97. 

b. Richmond, Ind., December 14, 1851. d. Westfield, Ind., Oc- 
tober 13, 1897. s. Lewis Alden Estes and Hulda Case Hoag. m. 
March 30, 1881, Ida A. Moudy. 

Forsythe, John Evans, A.B. (Degree granted, 1879.) 

Entered Junior Class 1870; left Senior year on account of ill 


Entered Senior Class, Harvard ; left during year on account 
of ill health. Teacher. 

b. Near West Chester, Pa., February 1, 1850. s. James Forsythe 
and Emily Evans. Address, 22 South Oakland Avenue, Ventnor, 

Gibbons, William Henry, A.B., A.M., 1875. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1869. 

Valedictorian. Iron manufacturer; Vice-President and Presi- 
dent, Parkesburg Iron Company ; Vice-President and Treasurer, 
Pulaski Iron Company, Pulaski, Va. ; Vice-President, National 
Bank of Chester Valley, Coatesville, Pa. Retired in 1919. Mem- 
ber, Pennsylvania Historical Society ; Merion Cricket Club. 

b. Coatesville, Pa., September 16, 1852. s. Abraham Gibbons 
and Martha Pennock Lukens. m. Philadelphia, Pa., June 11, 
1884, Harriet Lucretia Fuller, c. Caroline Martha; Elizabeth; 
Harriet ; Ruth Anna ; Martha Lukens. Address, Ardmore, Pa. 

fGummere, Francis Barton, A. B., A.M., 1875. (A.B., Harvard, 
1875; Ph.D., Univ. of Freiburg, 1881; LL.D., Haverford, 
1908; Litt.D., Harvard, 1909.) 

Entered 1869. 

Cricket Eleven. Alumni Orator, 1877; Poet, 1878; Vice-Presi- 
dent, Alumni Association, 1890; President, 1891-94. Teacher, 
Friends' School, Providence, R. I., 1875-79; Instructor in English, 
Harvard College, 1881-82; Head Master, Swain Free School, New 
Bedford, Mass., 1882-87; Professor of English. Haverford Col- 
lege, 1887-1919. Author: "The Anglo-Saxon Metaphor," 1881; 
"Handbook of Poetics," 1885; "Germanic Origins," 1892; "Old 
English Ballads," 1894; "Beginnings of Poetrv," 1901; "Popular 
Ballads," 1907; "Oldest English Epic," 1909; "Democracy and 
Poetry," 1911; "Lives of Great English Writers," 1908 (collab- 
oration with W. S. Hinchman, 1900) ; contributor to numerous 
periodicals and author of many occasional poems. Member, 
American Modern Language Association (President, 1905) ; 
American Dialect Association ; American Academy of Arts and 
Letters; Committee on Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, 
Harvard ; American Philosophical Society ; Appalachian Club of 
America; Franklin Inn Club; Contemporary Club, Philadelphia; 
University Club, Philadelphia ; Elizabethan Club, Yale University ; 
St. Davids Golf Club; Phi Beta Kappa; Founders' Club. 

b. Burlington, N. J., March 6, 1855. d. Haverford, Pa., May 
30, 1919. s. Samuel J. Gummere, A. M. (President, Haverford 
College, 1862-74) and Elizabeth Hooton Barton, in. Burlington, 


N. J., September 14, 1882, Amelia Smith Mott. c. Richard Mott, 
1883; Samuel J., 1885; Francis B., Jr., 1888. 

Haines, Caspar Wistar, A.B., A.M., 1884. (C.E., Lehigh Univ., 

Entered 1868. 

Engineering positions on Pennsylvania Railroad and Pittsburgh, 
Fort Wayne & Chicago Railroad, 1874-80; engineering on rail- 
roads and private practice in Mexico, 1880-1901 ; Clerk on Mex- 
ican Commission to Cotton Exposition, New Orleans, 1884-85 ; 
Second Assistant in National Astronomical Observatory, Cordoba, 
Argentine, 1885-87; Assistant Engineer, Intercontinental Railway 
Commission, Central American Section, 1891-92; Chief Engineer, 
Richmond-Washington Line, 1901-07; Mexican Vice-Consul, 
Philadelphia, 1901-14. Trustee, The Wistar Institute of Anatomy 
and Biology, 1913 to date. Member, American Society of Civil 
Engineers; Franklin Institute; Horticultural Society of German- 
town ; City History Society ; University Club, Philadelphia ; Auto- 
mobile Club, Philadelphia. 

b. Cheltenham, Pa., February 11, 1853. s. Robert Bowne Haines 
(1844, Manager, 1870-95) and Margaret Vaux Wistar. Address, 
6026 Main Street, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Huston, Abram Francis, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1869. 

Manager, Haverford College, 1886 to date. Steel manufacturer; 
President, Lukens Steel Company, Coatesville, Pa. Trustee, Bryn 
Mawr College; President, Coatesville Trust Company, Coatesville, 
Pa. ; Vice-President, National Bank of Chester Valley, Coates- 
ville, Pa. ; Director, Commercial Trust Company ; Pennsylvania 
Sugar Company, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Member, Steel Committee of 
American Iron and Steel Institute during World War; fixed 
prices in co-operation with the War Industries Board, Washing- 
ton, D. C. President, Coatesville Chamber of Commerce; Presi- 
dent, Y. M. C. A., Coatesville, Pa. ; President, Coatesville Hos- 
pital ; Good Samaritan Hospital, Florida. Member, Merion Cricket 
Club, St. Davids Golf Club, Northfield Country Club, Manufac- 
turers Club of Philadelphia. 

b. Coatesville, Pa., July 7, 1852. s. Charles Huston and Isa- 
bella Pennock Lukens. m. (1) Philadelphia, Pa., January 17, 
1889, Alice Calley (d. April 28, 1906). c. Isabel, 1890; Alice R., 
1897; Marjorie, 1899. m. (2) October, 1907, Alfie Frances Sly. 
Address, 53 South First Avenue, Coatesville, Pa. 


fKimber, Marmaduke Cope, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1869. 

Studied in Germany, Greece and Italy, 1875-76; Professor of 
Greek and Latin, Wilmington College, Wilmington, O., 1874-75 ; 
Teacher of Classics, Germantown Academy, 1876-78. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., April 1, 1854. d. Philadelphia, Pa., Feb- 
ruary 17, 1878. s. Anthony Morris Kimber (1840, Manager, 1849- 
71) and Margaret Cooper Cope. 

fLongstreth, William Morris, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1869. 

Salutatorian. Commission merchant; Schell, Longstreth & Co., 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

b. Springfield, Delaware County, Pa., July 7, 1853. d. Decem- 
ber 8, 1918. s. William Collins Longstreth (1837, Manager, 
1864-81) and Abby Ann Taylor, m. Germantown, Pa., October 
17, 1888, Elizabeth I. Church. 

fThomas, Richard Henry, A.B. (M.D., Univ. of Md., 1875.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1869. 

Student at University of Maryland Medical School, 1872-75 ; 
special student in Biology, Johns Hopkins University, 1876-77; 
studied in London Hospitals, 1876; Medical Department, Univer- 
sity of Vienna, Austria, 1880-81. Professor of Diseases of Throat 
and Chest, Woman's Medical College, Baltimore, Md., 1882-93; 
Dean of Faculty, 3 years ; Visiting Physician, Baltimore House of 
Refuge, 1877-87; physician. Author of numerous papers relating 
to medicine; joint author with his brother, Allen C. Thomas 
(1865), "The History of the Society of Friends in America" 
(Vol. XII, American Church History Series), N. Y., 1894, Phila- 
delphia, 1895; author of number of essays on religious subjects; 
also "Echoes and Pictures" (poems), London, 1895; "Penelve," 
a story, London and Philadelphia, 1898. Recorded a Minister of 
Society of Friends, 1883. 

b. Baltimore, Md., January 26, 1854. d. Baltimore, Md., Oc- 
tober 3, 1904. s. Richard Henry Thomas, M. D. (Manager, 1850- 
59) and Phebe Clapp. m. London, England, March 28, 1878, 
Anna Lloyd Braithwaite, of London, England. 


fChase, William Barker. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1869; left Senior year on account 
of ill health. 


b. Philadelphia, Pa., January 6, 1853. d. May 26, 1872. s. 
Pliny Earle Chase, LL.D. (Professor of Philosophy, 1871-86; 
Acting President, 1886) and Elizabeth Brown Oliver. 

fHarlan, William Brick. 

Entered 1868; left at close of year. 

Civil Engineer, 1870-76; broker, 1876-77; accountant in rail- 
road, 1877-78. 

b. Westtown, Pa., January 31, 1852. d. Fredericksburg, Va., 
August 31, 1878. s. Joseph Gibbons Harlan (Professor of Mathe- 
matics, 1853-57; Principal (President) 1857) and Anna Amelia 
Stevenson, m. June 14, 1875, Caroline Murray. 

fHowIand, Charles Samuel. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1869; left Senior year. 

President, Everett; Librarian, Loganian. Manufacturer. 

b. Union Springs, N. Y., September 4, 1851. d. October 23, 
1914. s. Charles W. Howland and Gulielma M. Hilles. m. De- 
cember 17, 1873, Mary C. Shipley. 

Huston, William Perot. (A.B., Univ. of Pa., 1872; A.M., 1875.) 

Entered 1868; left 1871. 

Entered University of Pennsylvania, 1871. With Huston & 
Penrose, iron manufacturers, 1873-76; connected with Baird, 
Huston & Co., ship builders, Philadelphia, Pa. 1876-78; Actuary, 
Girard Trust Company, Philadelphia, Pa., 1878-88; dealer in 
stocks and bonds, 1888 to date. Member, American Protective 
League during War ; President, Philadelphia Society for Supply- 
ing Poor with Soup ; President, Mountain Golf Club, Santa Cruz 
Country and Parks Swimming Clubs. Member, Zeta Psi Fra- 
ternity, and Atlantic City Country Club. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., February 2, 1854. s. Samuel Huston and 
Sarah Sansom Perot, m. Haddonfield, N. J., October 11, 1888, 
Caroline Bettle. c. Aubrey, 1889; Lawrence B., 1892; Norman, 
1894; William B., 1904. Address, 5007 Ventnor Avenue, Vent- 
nor, N. J. 

Morris, Isaac Tyson. (A.B., Univ. of Pa., 1874; A.M., 1877; 
LL.B., 1877.) 
Entered February, 1869; left Junior year. 

Entered Junior Class, University of Pennsylvania, 1872. Stu- 
dent, Law School, University of Pennsylvania. Received Shars- 
wood Prize for graduating essay in Law Department. Lawyer ; 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 3, 1854. s. James Cheston 
Morris and Hannah Ann Tyson. 


Sharpless, Samuel Franklin. 

Entered February, 1869; left close of Junior year. 

Iron broker, 1876-84; retired, 1884. Member, Historical So- 
ciety ; Academy of Fine Arts ; Philadelphia Club ; Travelers' Club, 
Paris, France; Automobile Club; The Athenaeum, and Academy 
of Natural Sciences, of Philadelphia, Pa. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., April 7, 1853. s. Samuel J. Sharpless and 
Charlotte Ann Heberton. m. Ardmore, Pa., May 26, 1913, Eliza- 
beth McKean Rhodes, c. Franklin, 1917. Address, 1919 Walnut 
Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Wistar, Edward Morris. 

Entered January, 1869; left January, 1871. 

Librarian of Athenaeum ; Vice-President, Loganian ; President, 
Class. Read law a short time; banking and life insurance, 17 
years; traveled in Europe, 1887-88; Treasurer and President, 
Real Estate Company; in cotton yarn business; executor, trustee, 
auditor, etc. ; much time given to educational organizations, in- 
cluding Indian Missions and Freedman work; in 1896, visited 
Eastern Turkey in interest of persecuted Armenians and took 
charge of an expedition of relief for the American Red Cross 
during massacres of 1895-96. Interested in gardening, 1890 to 
date. Chairman, Associated Executive Committee of Friends on 
Indian Affairs, 1895-1919; Member and Vice-President, Indian 
Rights Association, 1889-1917; President, Pennsylvania Prison 
Society, 1917 to date; Member, Historical Society of Pennsyl- 
vania; Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia; Asiatic So- 
ciety; Home Missions Council. 

b. Abington, Montgomery County, Pa., January 3, 1852. s. 
Thomas Wistar, 3d, and Priscilla Foulke. m. Germantown, Pa., 
November 16, 1876, Margaret Cooper Collins, c. Thomas, 1877; 
Caspar. 1880; Elizabeth Cope, 1884. Address, 5449 Wayne Ave- 
nue, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 


fComfort, James Cooper, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1870. 

Member of firm of Samuel C. Eastbirm & Co., dry goods, 
1876-78; connected with firm of William M. Lloyd Company, 
coal and lumber, for number of years ; merchant ; retired ; worked 
in woolen goods warehouse of American Red Cross, Philadelphia, 
1917-18. Director, William M. Lloyd Company; Member, Ger- 
mantown Cricket Club; Huntington Valley Country Club. 

b. Byberry, Philadelphia, Pa., June 1, 1854. d. Germantown, 


Philadelphia, I'a., March 16, 1921. s. Edward Comfort and Susan 
Edge. m. Germantovvn, Philadelphia, Pa., June 4, 1907, Martha 

Cope, Thomas Pirn, A.B. 

Entered 1869. 

Merchant, 1874-82; manufacturer, 1882-1906; retired. Over- 
seer, William Penn Charter School, Philadelphia. 

b. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., October 2, 1852. s. Francis 
Reeve Cope ( 1839) and Anna Stewardson Brown, m. Saybrook, 
Conn., June 2, 1917, Lilla B. Dimock. Address, 698 Arden Road. 
Pasadena, Cal. 

Emlen, George Williams, A.B. 

Entered February, 1870. 

Manufacturer ; insurance. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., May 4, 1853. s. Samuel Emlen and Sarah 
Williams, m. 1877, Eleanor Cope. Address, Awbury, German- 
town, Philadelphia, Pa. 

fFox, Joseph Mickle, A.B. 

Entered 1869. 

President, Athenaeum. Captain and Aide-de-Camp, Pennsylvania 
Militia ; lawyer. President, Racquet Club, Philadelphia ; Member, 
Historical Society of Pennsylvania; Philadelphia Academy of Nat- 
ural Sciences. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., February 4, 1853. d. September 5, 4918. 
s. Samuel Mickle Fox and Mary Rodman Fisher, m. May 10, 
1883, Emily A. Read, of Charleston, S. C. 

fHaines, Henry Cope, A.B. 
Entered 1869. 
"Spoon Man." 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., August 7. 1853. d. Philadelphia, Pa., Jan- 
uary 15. 1900. s. John Smith Haines (1838, Manager, 1869-71) 
and Mary Drinker Cope. 

fLowry, Benjamin Howard, A.B., A.M., 1876. 
Entered Sophomore Class 1870. 

Valedictorian ; Treasurer, Alumni Association, 1884-85 ; Orator, 
1891. Lawyer. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., November 4, 1855. d. April 13, 1902. s. 
John Stroud Lowry and Elizabeth Collins Stokes. 

Sampson, Alden, A.B., A.M. (Harvard A.B., 1876; A.M., 1877.) 
Entered 1869. 
Loganian Orator, Freshman year ; President, Athenaeum ; prize 



for best essay in The Collegian (Loganian Society), Senior year; 
prize for best essay in The Gem (Athenaeum Society), Senior 
year; one of the founders of The Grasshopper (1873), and one 
of the editors of Ho Tc'ttix (1874), the first undergraduate 
papers published at Haverford ; Member, Phi Beta Kappa. Stu- 
dent, Harvard University, 1874-77; Harvard Law School, 1878- 
80; Alumni Orator, Haverford, 1886; Vice-President, Alumni 
Association, 1888 ; Author. Game Preserve Expert, United States 
Biological Survey, 1907; Lecturer on Literature, Art and Archae- 
ology, etc.; Author of Milton's Sonnets, A Bear Hunt in the 
Sierras, The Establishment of Game Refuges, Essays on the Wild 
Life, Studies in Milton and an Essay on Poetry (the last re- 
published in England by John Murray). Member, American In- 
stitute of Archaeology; American Geographical Society; National 
Geographical Society; American Philosophical Society of Phila- 
delphia ; American Society for the Advancement of Science. Mem- 
ber of Century, University, Harvard Clubs; Artist Member of 
Salmagundi Club, New York City; Member of the Boone and 
Crockett Club of New York ; Member of the Cosmos, Metro- 
politan, Chevy Chase, Harvard Clubs, and of the Biological So- 
ciety, Washington, D. C. ; Member of the Alpine Club of the 
United States; Member of the Appalachian Club of Boston; the 
Sierra Club of San Francisco. 

b. Manchester, Me., March 13, 1853. s. Alden and Sarah Taber 
(Pope), m. Haverford, Pa., Mary Agnes Yarnall. c. Edward, 
1891. Address, The Chastleton, Sixteenth and R Streets, Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

fTomlinson, Julius Lines, A.B., A.M., (Hon.), 1886. 

Entered Senior Class 1872. 

Student at Trinity College, N. C. Teacher in North Carolina, 
California and Baltimore, Md. 

b. Archdale, N. C, June 21, 1852. d. 1890. s. Allen Unthank 
Tomlinson and Rachel English. 


fClark, Charles Granville. ( M.D., 1880, Bellevue College, N. Y. ; 

1882 L.R.C. P.I. The Royal College of Physicians, Ireland; 

also L.M.R.C. P.I.) 

Entered 1869 and left at close of Sophomore year. 

Medical Officer at Bessbrook, Ireland, for 23 years. Fellow 

of the Ulster Medical Society, Belfast. President of the North 

of Ireland District Union of Young Men's Christian Associations. 


Recorded a Minister of the Society of Friends in Ireland, 1885. 
Superintendent for 3 years of "Chester House" Missionary Train- 
ing Home, London; for 8 years of Friends' Hall Mission of the 
Society of Friends (Bethnal Green, London). On the staff of 
two medical missions. Maintained a small private practice. 
Author: "On Pernicious Anemia"; "The Balance of Truth"; 
"Friends as the Pioneers of Reform"; "The Epistle to the Philip- 
pians" ; "The Prophet Hosea," etc., etc. 

b. New Garden, Guilford County, N. C, February 4, 1853. d. 
London (?), August 27, 1920. s. Dougan Clark (Class of 1852) 
and Sarah Jordan Bates. 

fPeitsmeier, Edward. 

Entered Freshman Class 1869. 

b. Minden, Prussia, August 8, 1847. d. Cape May (drowned), 
July 17, 1872. s. David Peitsmeier and . 

Warner, George Malin. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1870 and left at close of Junior year. 

Secretary of Class ; Secretary of Everett. 1872, entered whole- 
sale grain business, in same business to date. Member, Board 
of Directors of Commercial Exchange of Philadelphia, several 
times, 1906 to 1922. Chairman of Grain Committee of the Com- 
mercial Exchange, 1914-1921. Member, Board of Managers, 
Grandom Institution (charitable) ; Treasurer and later Vice-Presi- 
dent of Fuel Savings Society of Philadelphia (charitable) ; 1902, 
recorded Minister in the Society of Friends. Clerk of Repre- 
sentative Meeting of Society of Friends in Philadelphia, 1918 
to date. 

b. Chester County, Pa., November 15, 1855. s. Yardley Warner 
and Hannah Allen, m. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., Septem- 
ber 18, 1879, Elizabeth B. Wistar. Address, 462 Bourse, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 


fAllinson, Edward Pease, A.B., A.M., 1874. 

Entered 1870. 

Loganian Society. 1876, admitted to Bar. 1878-79, Editor, 
"The Quaker Alumnus"; 1879, "The Alumnus." Secretary of 
Alumni Association, 1879-89. Alumni Orator, 1890. Vice-Presi- 
dent, Alumni Association, 1896-98; President, 1898-1900. Mem- 
ber, Phi Beta Kappa. Reporter for Superior Court of Pennsyl- 
vania, 1895-1900. Lawyer. Author: "Philadelphia, 1682-1882; 
A History of Municipal Development." 


b. Burlington, N. J., November 21, 1852. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
January 16, 1901. s. William J. Allinson and Rebecca W. Hinch- 
man. m. October 14, 1886, Anna G. Roberts. 

Bullock, John Griscom, A.B. (Ph.G., Phila. College of Pharmacy.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1871. 

President, Everett Society. Valedictorian. President of Class. 
Editor, The Bud. Publisher, The Grasshopper, 1873, and other 
papers which were the forerunners of The Haver jordvan. Chemist 
and wholesale druggist in firm of Bullock & Crenshaw, Philadel- 
phia, 1874; firm member for 31 years. A founder of the "Photo 
Secession," an organization for the advancement of photography 
as an art. Received many medals for work in photography. Presi- 
dent, Photographic Society of Philadelphia. 1890. Member, 
Franklin Institute, for many years; Board of Managers of Ap- 
prentices' Library, Philadelphia ; the Church Club, Diocese of 
Pennsylvania. Member of Site and Relic Society. 

b. Wilmington, Del., September 27, 1854. s. William R. Bul- 
lock, M. D. (Class 1843) and Elizabeth A. Emlen. m. June 6, 
1888, Rebecca M. Downing, c. Marjorie. 1889; John Emlen, 
1891 ; Francke Rumsey, 1895 ; Richard H. Downing, 1900. Ad- 
dress, 6439 Greene Street, Germantown, Pa. 

Emlen, James, A.B. 

Entered 1870. 

Captain, Cricket Team. "Spoon Man." Manufacturer; Dry 
Goods Commission ; Secretary and Treasurer, Charleston, S. C. 
Mining and manufacturing company. Retired, 1900. Engaged 
in Social Service Work, Director, Executor and Trustee. Trustee, 
Friends' Hospital, Frankford, Philadelphia. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., November 12, 1854. s. Samuel Emlen 
and Sarah Williams, m. Philadelphia, Pa., December 13, 1877, 
Susan Trotter Thompson, c. John Thompson, 1878. Address, 
121 West Coulter Street, Germantown, Pa. 

Hartshorne, Charles Robinson, A.B. (LLP. Harvard, 1878.) 

Entered 1868. 

Loganian Orator. Editor, The Bud. First Cricket Eleven. 
Editor, The Collegian. President, Council of Loganian. Student, 
Harvard, 1876-78. Clerk. Farmer, lumberman, surveyor, ac- 
countant. President, Maryland Public Health Association ; Vice- 
President, State Horticultural Society. Interested and engaged 
in social, political and religious affairs. Contributor to magazines. 
Master of Brighton Grange. State Grange General Deputy. 

b. Brighton. Md., January 27, 1856. s. Isaac Hartshorne (1844) 


and Anna Elizabeth Stabler, m. Unity, Md., November 24, 1886, 
Ella M. Lansdale. c. William Davis, Jr., 1889; Anna (Brown), 
1890; Elizabeth L. (Ligon), 1892. Address, Brighton, Md. 

Hilles, Samuel Eli, A.B. 

Entered 1870. 

Vice-President, Everett. Salutatorian of Class. Draughtsman; 
clerk and salesman, coal business, Philadelphia, Pa. Clerk in 
foundry and machine shop, Cincinnati, O. ; President, The Samuel 
C. Tatum Company, Foundry and Machine Works, Cincinnati, 
O., 1891-1914. Director of National Bank of Cincinnati, 1888- 
1915. Retired in 1914. Interested in charities and travel. Con- 
tributor to many magazines. Poet. Member, Haverford Corpora- 
tion ; Associated Charities, Cincinnati ; Avondale Club, Cincinnati ; 
Cincinnati Union Bethel ; Hope Gospel Mission ; Business Men's 
Club, Cincinnati ; Hamilton County Golf Club, Cincinnati ; Mem- 
ber and Director of numerous business concerns. 

b. Wilmington, Del., March 7, 1854. s. William Samuel Hilles 
(1842, and Manager from 1857-71) and Sarah Lancaster Allen. 
m. (1) Cincinnati, O.. October 28, 1880, Amy Y. Tatum. c. 
William Tatum, 1883. m. (2) Cincinnati, O., February 8, 1909, 
Mina B. Colburn. c. Elizabeth Mary (adopted 1917). Address, 
911 Marion Avenue, Avondale, Cincinnati, O. 

fJones, John Barclay, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1871. 

Member of Baseball Nine and Cricket Eleven for 3 years. Con- 
nected with cotton manufacturing firm; window glass manufactur- 
ing firm; paper manufacturing firm; Conard & Jones Company, 
Westgrove, Pa. ; Christiana Construction Company. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 26, 1854. d. Germantown, Pa., 
August 20, 1920. s. Charles Jones (1837) and Ann Magarge. 
m. October 24, 1889, Helen Lee Hopkins, c. Esther Edmundson, 
1897; John Barclay Jones, Jr., 1900. 

fKirkbride, Mahlon, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class, 1871. 

In employ of Cambria Iron Company, 1874-89. Auditor of 
Johnson Steel Street Rail Company. 

b. Lower Makefield, Bucks County, Pa., April 30, 1855. d. 
Johnstown, Pa., May 31, 1889. s. and . m. . c. 3. 

Price, Theophilus Pharo, A.B. 
Entered Sophomore Class. 
Published The Grasshopper, 1873. Student at Crozer Theo- 


logial Seminary, Upland, Pa. ; graduated 1882. Pastor, Cape May 
City Baptist Church, 1883; Cedarville Baptist Church, N. J., 1884- 
88; West Creek Baptist Church, 1888-91; Hatboro Baptist 
Church, 1891-94. Surveyor, conveyancer and farmer, 1894-1906. 
New Jersey State Fire Warden, 1906-11. Searcher of Land 
Titles, 1911-21. Secretary and Valuation Engineer of the Tuck- 
erton Railroad. Member, New Jersey State Forest Commission. 
Author, "An Account of the Disastrous Fires," New Jersey Geo- 
logical Survey, 1885. 

b. Tuckerton, N. J., August 7, 1855. s. Theophilus Townsend 
Price and Eliza Pharo. m. March 4, 1884, Emma Leach, c. Flor- 
ence Eliza, 1885; Walter Pharo, 1886 (deceased) ; Frank Willing 
Leach, 1887 (deceased) ; Granville Manning, 1890; Eleanor 
Browning, 1893. Address, Main Street, Tuckerton, N. J. 

-(-Thompson, James Beatin, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class, February, 1872. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., February 20, 1855. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
January 8, 1915. s. John J. Thompson and Elizabeth Hough 
Trotter, m. Emilia Garrison Brinton. 

Trotter, Joseph, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1871. 

Student at University of Pennsylvania, 1870-71. Stock broker, 
1874-1907. Retired, 1907. Member, Historical Society of Penn- 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., May 12, 1853. s. Joseph H. Trotter and 
Edith Newbold. m. Ellen M. Dudley. Address, "The Grange," 
Camden, N. J. 


Bangs, William. 

Entered 1870 and left at close of Sophomore year, 1872. 

Salesman, oil business. 

b. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., September 24, 1856. s. 
William Perm Bangs and Sarah Cresson Emlen. m. Philadelphia, 
Pa., October 28, 1886, Annie B. Davis. Address, 165 West Coulter 
Street, Germantown, Pa. 

Deacon, Frederick Howard. 

Entered 1870 and left at close of Freshman year. 

Member, Pennsylvania State Militia, 3 years. Electrical Engi- 
neer, Accountant, Assistant Treasurer, Cresson-Morris Company, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 


b. Burlington, N. J., May 30, 1853. s. John C. Deacon and 
Maria W. Buzby. m. Brooklyn, N. Y., 1882, Margaret Louise 
Lipman. c. Joseph G., 1890; Frederick S., 1892. Address, care 
of Cresson-Morris Company, Eighteenth Street and Allegheny 
Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Longstreth, Henry. 

Entered Freshman Class, February, 1871, and left at close of 
the Junior year. 

Clerk, Provident Life & Trust Company, Philadelphia, 1873; 
Manager, Western Mortgage Department, Provident Life & Trust 
Company of Philadelphia, 1920; Investments, Tacoma, Wash. 

b. Springfield, Delaware County, Pa., June 27, 1855. s. William 
Collins Longstreth (Class 1837, Manager, 1864-81) and Abby 
Ann Taylor, m. Philadelphia, Pa., June 1, 1887, Emma V. Smith, 
c. Henrv. 1888; Grellet. 1890; Margaret, 1892; Gerald, 1893; 
Evelyn, 1895 ; Edward, 1898 ; Winifred, 1904. Address, Tacoma, 

fSmith, Franklin Whitall. 

Entered 1870 and left at close of Freshman year, 1871. 

Student, Princeton, 1871-72. 

b. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., August 12, 1854. d. Near 
Haddonfield, N. ]., August 8, 1872. s. Robert Pearsall Smith 
(Class 1854, Manager, 1849-59) and Hannah Whitall. 

fStabler, Charles Miller. (A.B., Yale, 1876; LL.B., Univ. of the 
City of New York, 1880.) 

Entered 1870 and left during the Freshman year. 

Student at Yale, 1872-76; University City of New York, 1877- 
80. Teacher, Friends' High School, Baltimore, Md., for 3 years; 
Stevens Institute, Hoboken, N. J., 3 years ; practiced law in New 
York City for 9 years. Principal, Sherwood Friends' School, 
Sandy Spring, Md., 2 years. Instructor in Higher Mathematics, 
George School, Pa., for 4 years. 

b. Alexandria, Va., June 6, 1853. d. George School, Pa., 1902. 
s. Francis Stabler and Cornelia Miller, m. George School, Pa., 
August 7, 1895, Mary Ida Palmer, c. Eleanor (Clarke) ; Cornelia; 
Sarah ; C. Norman. 

fWarrington, Curtis Hoopes. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1871 and left during Senior year. 

b. Near Moorestown, N. J., October 23, 1851. d. West Goshen, 
Pa., June 27, 1896. s. Thomas Warrington and Anna Mary 


Hoopes. m. (1) October 7, 1875, Helen A. Smith; (2) October 
12, 1893, Elizabeth L. Walton. 


Bispham, Edward Koons, A.B. 

Entered 1871. 

Member of Philadelphia Club and Philadelphia Country Club. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., February 20, 1856. s. Samuel Augustus 
Bispham and Cornelia Koons. Address, 2313 De Lancey Street, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Brown, Alonzo, A.B., A.M., 1878. 

Entered Junior Class 1873. 

Student at Earlham College, Richmond, Ind., 1869; Ripon Col- 
lege, Wis., 1870-73. Teacher, 1875 to date. Conducting a private 
school (Brown Preparatory School, Philadelphia, Pa.). Member 
of Arts and Letters Society ; Browning Society. 

b. Hamilton County, Ind., July 9, 1849. s. Jabez Brown and 
Sarah Durflinger. m. Philadelphia, Pa., October 11, 1884, Mary 
Elizabeth Van Leer. Address, 4048 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, 

Davis, James Franklin, A.B. , A.M., 1879. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1872. 

Vice-President, Loganian. Valedictorian. Teacher. Studied 
half year at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md. ; also at 
University of Leipzig, Strassburg, Germany. Teacher at Oak- 
wood Seminary, Union Springs, N. Y., 1877; Assistant Professor 
of Greek and Assistant Superintendent, Haverford College, 1879- 
80. Teacher in various places, 1881-88. Professor of Greek and 
German, Guilford College, N. C, 1889; of Biblical Literature 
since 1915. Member, Phi Beta Kappa. 

b. Deep River, N. C, July 4, 1850. s. Henry Davis and Anna 
Henley, m. (1) Deep River, N. C, May 4, 1881, Laura Menden- 
hall. c. Henry, 1886; Margaret, 1890; Anna Laura, 1891. m. 
(2) June 3, 1897, Mary E. Mendenhall. Address, Guilford Col- 
lege, N. C. 

fHaines, Charles Edward, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1872. 

Captain, Cricket Eleven, and of Baseball Nine. Manufacturer 
of plumbers' supplies. Retired. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa.. May 13, 1856. d. Philadelphia. Pa., De- 
cember 1, 1917. s. Lindley Haines and Ann Lindsey Sharp, m. 
November 19. 1878, Elizabeth Montgomery. 


tHunt, William, Jr., A.B. 

Entered 1871. 


b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 2, 1857. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
November 21, 1898. s. William Hunt, M. D., and Rebecca Thomp- 
son Price. 

Huston, Charles Lukens, A.B. 

Entered 1871. 

Clerk and bookkeeper of Huston & Penrose, and Huston, Pen- 
rose & Co. (now the Lukens Steel Company), 1875-80; in charge 
of the Puddle Mill, 1881-90; Plate Mills, 1882. Became member 
of firm, Huston, Penrose & Co., 1880, and Charles Huston & Sons, 
1881. Elected Second Vice-President and Works Manager of the 
Lukens Steel Company, and Vice-President, 1897. Director of 
the Belmont Iron Works. Director of the Poor for Chester 
County, Pa. Chairman, General Assembly's Permanent Commit- 
tee on Evangelism ; Chairman, Philadelphia Conference of Chris- 
tian Fundamentals; President, Philadelphia School of the Bible. 
Associated Member, American Society Mechanical Engineers. 
Member, American Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Engi- 
neers ; American Society for Testing Materials. 

b. Coatesville, Pa., July 8, 1856. s. Charles Huston, M. D., 
and Isabella Pennock Lukens. m. Savannah, Ga., July 23, 1895, 
Annie Stewart, c. James Stewart, 1898; Ruth, 1899; Charles 
Lukens, Jr., 1906. Address, 64 South First Avenue, Coatesville. 

fNewlin, Harold Parker, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1872. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., October 7, 1855. d. 1907 (?). s. William 
Parker Newlin and . 

fPharo, Walter Willits, A.B. 

Entered 1871. 

Iron manufacturer and dealer. 

b. Tuckerton, N. J., May 31, 1855. d. Haverford, Pa., October 
10, 1919. s. Archelaus R. Pharo and Louisa Willits. m. October 
30, 1894, Elizabeth Bellerby Wilson. 

Tebbetts, Charles Edwin, A.B., A.M., 1880. (Ph.B., Iowa State 
Univ., 1877; A.M., 1880.) 
Entered 1871. 

On First Cricket Eleven. Honor Student. 1876, Teacher for 
brief time at Oakwood Seminary, N. Y. ; 1876-77, P. G. Student 


at Iowa State University; 1877-82, Professor. Science; 1882-87, 
Professor, Mathematics, Penn College, Oskaloosa, la.; 1889-90, 
Principal, Pasadena High School, Cal. ; 1892-1903, Pastor, Friends' 
Church, Pasadena, Cal. ; 1900-07, President, Whittier College, Cal. ; 
1908-17, General Secretary, American Friends' Board Foreign 
Missions. Honorary Secretary, American Friends' Board of For- 
eign Missions. Engaged in ministerial work in Great Britain 
(1905 and 1910) and in American Yearly Meetings, 1892-1920. 
Pastor, Brooklyn, N. Y., Friends, 1920-21. Occasional articles 
in American Friend and other Church Periodicals on missionary 
and religious subjects and some sketches of travel, pamphlets on 
missionary subjects, etc. For 8 years (1908-16), Member of 
Executive Committee of Federated Council of Churches of 
America. Delegate to Friends' Five Year Conferences. 1892, 
1897, 1902, 1907, 1912, 1917. Delegate to Edinburgh Missionary 
Conference (1910) and Panama Congress of Religions for Latin 
America (1917), etc. Minister in Society of Friends. 

b. Muscatine, la., April 25, 1855. s. Charles Albert Tebbetts 
and Mary Hill Bean. m. Muscatine, la., July 30, 1879, Imelda 
A. Painter, c. Edith Mary, 1882; Clara Imelda, 1884; Herbert 
Edwin, 1887; J. Walter, 1889. Address, 501 North Painter Ave- 
nue. Whittier, Cal. 

White, Miles, Jr., A.B. 

Entered 1871. 

"Spoon Man." President, Everett, 1874 and 1875. Clerk with 
P. T. George & Co. several years; clerk in father's office; then 
assistant in care of his estate. For a number of years Chairman, 
Western District Board Charity Organization Society ; Member 
of Board of Managers of same, and Chairman of same. Trustee 
of Thomas Wilson Sanatorium for Children ; also of Baltimore 
Manual Labor School, and of the New Mercantile Library ; Dele- 
gate from Baltimore Yearly Meeting to the Five Years' Meeting, 
1902, 1907. Ten years as Treasurer of Five Years' Meeting; now 
Chairman of Finance Committee and Member of Executive Com- 
mittee. Former Director and Vice-President of Union Trust 
Company ; Central Railway Company ; Georges Creek Coal and 
Iron Company; Finance Commissioner of City of Baltimore. 
Trustee and President of Miles White Beneficial Association. 
Member. Permanent Board Baltimore Yearly Meeting, and Chair- 
man of Yearly Meetings Committee on Education ; Treasurer of 
Baltimore Monthly Meeting; Director of Merchants National 
Bank ; Director and Vice-President of Central Savings Bank ; Di- 
rector of Baltimore Trust Company ; Colonial Trust Company ; 


Equitable Society. Member, Historical Society of Maryland. 
Author of articles pertaining to history, published in periodicals. 
Member, Baltimore Club (Treasurer, 1883-85; Secretary, 1885- 
87; Vice-President, 1893) ; Maryland; Johns Hopkins; Merchants; 
University ; Baltimore Country ; Elkridge Fox Hunting ; Bache- 
lor's Cotillion; also York Country Club, and formerly of New 
York Club. Capitalist. 

b. Baltimore, Md., January 17, 1856. s. Francis White and 
Jane Eliza Janney. m. Baltimore, Md., Virginia Purviance Bon- 
sal, c. Stephen Bonsai, 1891 ; Francis, 1892; Sara Elizabeth, 1894 
(d. 1919); Miles, III, 1904 (d. 1904). Address, 607 Keyser 
Building, Baltimore, Md. 

Richards, Archer. (Formerly known as Ellis Archer Richards.) 

Entered 1871 and left 1873. 

Member of Dorian Cricket Team; Member, Everett Society. 
Draughtsman and designer. Special course in Stevens Institute 
of Technology, Hoboken, N. J., 1877. Published papers in Sci- 
entific Journals. In charge of structural and decorative design of 
Palace, Dining and Private Cars for the Delaware Car Company 
of Wilmington, Del., for 14 years. Draftsman of Wason Car 
Works, 1899-1905 (Springfield, Mass.). Charge, Special Car 
Construction for St. Louis Car Company, etc. Studied painting 
in oil and portraiture. Portrait painter and painter of miscellane- 
ous art works until 1912. Retired. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., April 30, 1857. s. William T. Richards 
and Anna Matlack. m. Milwaukee, Wis., August 24, 1882, Caro- 
line Nelson, c. Archer William, 1885; Charles Nelson, 1887. 
Address, 212 South Laird Avenue, Warren, Ohio. 

fStokes, N. Newlin, Jr. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1872 and left at close of year. 

Insurance. Member of University Club. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., October 10, 1856. d. December 2, 1921. 
s. John H. Stokes and Lydia Lukens Jones, m. Baltimore, Md., 
June 1, 1887, Helen C. McCreary. c. Nancy Evans Stokes (Hew- 
son), 1893. 
fTrotter, Walter Newbold. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1872 and left at close of the year. 

Clerk in Penn Mutual Insurance Company; clerk in Fidelity 
Trust Company. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., October 25, 1855. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
March 6, 1918. 



Allinson, Francis Greenleaf, A.B. A.M., 1879. (A.B., Harvard, 
1877; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins Univ., 1880; Hon. A.M., Wil- 
liams, 1895; Litt.D., Trinity College, 1922.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1873. 

Member of First Cricket Eleven. Student (at various times) 
at Heidelberg, Bonn, Berlin, Rome, Athens. Fellow of Johns 
Hopkins University, 1877-80. Assistant Professor of Greek and 
Latin, Haverford. 1880-82; 1882-91, Headmaster of Classics, Uni- 
versity School for Boys. Baltimore, Md. ; 1892-95, Assistant Pro- 
fessor, Greek and Latin, at Williams College ; 1895-98, Associate 
Professor, Greek and Classical Philology, Brown University ; 1898- 
1915, David Benedict Professor, Classical Philology, Brown Uni- 
versity, 1915- , Professor, Greek Literature and History and 
D. B. Professor of Classical Philology and Director of Museum 
of Fine Arts, Brown University. 1910-11, Annual Professor, 
American School Classical Studies, Athens, Greece, and, 1917, 
Sather Lecturer at University of California. Member, Managing 
Committee American School of Classical Studies, Athens, Greece, 
1913- ; Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences 
(Boston), elected 1914. Member, American Philological Asso- 
ciation; Archaeological Institute; Phi Beta Kappa (Johns Hopkins 
University) ; Haverford College Corporation; Trustee, Providence 
Public Library, 1904- ; Author and Editor: Greek Prose Com- 
position ; Lucian, Greek text and commentary ; Greek Lands and 
Letters; Virgil (for English Schools); Menander, Greek text, 
notes and translation ; Contributions to American Journal Philol- 
ogy ; Transactions, American Philological Association. Studies in 
honor of B. L. Gildersleeve ; Classical Philology, etc. University 
Club, Providence ; Art Club, Providence ; Philological Club, Brown 
University. President of American Philological Association (1921- 
22). Read for Government, during Great War, the newspapers 
published in Greek in this country. 

b. Burlington, N. J., December 16, 1856. s. William J. Allin- 
son and Rebecca W. Hinchman. m. (1) Mary Irwin Carey, c. 
Susanne Carey Allinson. m. (2) Hancock Point, Me., August 22, 
1905, Anne Crosby Emery. Address, Brown University, Provi- 
dence, R. I., or 163 George Street, Providence, R. I. 

fBispham, David, A.B., LL.D., 1914 (Formerly known as David 
Scull Bispham.) 
Entered 1872. 

Studied vocal music in Philadelphia, London, and Florence, 
Italy, from 1880-1895. Leading Baritone at Royal Opera, Covent 


Garden, London, 1891-1903. For 7 years, Metropolitan Opera 
House, New York City. Principal, American Lieder Singer. 
Opera, Oratorio and Concert Singer. Actor and Teacher of Song 
and Speech. Published numerous magazine articles pertaining to 
vocal music ; The Bispham Album ; Celebrated Recital Songs ; A 
Quaker Singer's Recollections, etc., etc. Member, Century Asso- 
ciation, Players' Club, MacDowell Club, all of New York ; Musical 
Art Club, Philadelphia; Y. M. C. A., New York; Symphonia, 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., January 5, 1857. d. New York City, N. Y., 
October 2, 1921. s. William D. Bispham and Jane L. Scull, m. 
Philadelphia, Pa., April 28, 1885, Caroline Russell, c. Vida 
(Daddi-Borgheri), 1889; Leonie, 1893; David (deceased), 1898. 

Colton, Reuben, A.B. 

Entered 1872. 

Captain of Baseball. Librarian, American Antiquarian Society 
for 11 years. Landscape architect for about 20 years. President, 
New England Haverford Alumni Association, 1920- . Member, 
American Antiquarian Society ; Saint Botolph Club, Boston. 

b. Worcester, Mass., November 27, 1855. s. Samuel Horton 
Colton and Ann King. m. Worcester, Mass., October 21, 1889, 
Grace Goddard Cleveland. Address, 157 Newbury Street, Boston, 

fDudley, Henry Wilson, A.B. 
Entered 1872. 

b. East Vassalboro, Me., January 28, 1850. d. East Vassalboro, 
Me., January 16, 1909. s. Henry Dudley and . 

Gifford, Seth Kelley, A.B., A.M., 1879, (Ph.D., 1892.) 

Entered 1873 Sophomore Class. 

President of Class ; President, Athenaeum ; Valedictorian. Vice- 
President, Alumni, 1892. Studied, Berlin, Bonn and Munich, 
1883-85. Teacher. Teacher at Friends' School, Providence, R. I.; 
Assistant Professor of Greek and Latin, Haverford, 1882-83; 
Professor, German, Latin, 1885-86; Professor, Greek and Ger- 
man, 1886-88; Professor, Greek, 1888-1904. Principal, Moses 
Brown School, Providence, R. I., 1904 to date. Member, Board 
of Managers of Haverford College; American Philological Asso- 
ciation ; American Archaeological Association ; Barnard Club ; 
Head Masters' Association ; New England Association of Colleges 
and Secondary Schools ; Providence Biblical Association ; Mem- 
ber, Phi Beta Kappa, 1898. 

b. West Falmouth, Mass., July 29, 1854. s. Azariah S. Gifford 


and Lois Bean. m. (1) St. Albans, Me., July 15, 1878, S. Elma 
Winslow; (2) Providence, R. I, June 28, 1883, Mary Amy Col- 
lins, c. Margaret Amy, 1888; Philip Collins, 1891. Address, 257 
Hope Street, Providence, R. I. 

Hobbs, Lewis Lyndon, A.B., A.M., 1882; LL.D., 1908. (LL.D. 
1909, Univ. of N.C.) 

Entered 1872. 

Vice-President, Loganian. President, Everett. Professor of 
Education, Guilford College, N. C. Teacher in New Garden 
School (later Guilford College), 1876-88. President, Guilford 
College, 1888-1915; 1915 to date, Professor of Education. Clerk 
of North Carolina Yearly Meeting of Friends, 1886-1916. Mem- 
ber, Board of Education, Guilford County, N. C. ; State Board of 
Examiners for Public Teachers. Member, North Carolina His- 
torical Society and of Phi Beta Kappa. 

b. New Garden, N. C, May 17, 1849. s. Lewis Hobbs and 
Phoebe Cook. m. Deep River, N. C, November 4, 1880, Mary 
Mendenhall. c. Walter M., 1881; Louis Lvndon, 1883; Allan 
Wilson, 1885; Richard J. M., 1888; Gertrude Mendenhall, 1896. 
Address, Guilford College, N. C. 

fHolme, Richard Henry, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1865 ; left 1867 ; returned 1873. 

Alumni Prize for Oratory, 1876. Farmer and dealer in milk. 
County Superintendent Schools, Salem County, N. J., for 9 years. 
Superintendent, Schools, City of Salem, 3 years. First Vice- 
President, City Dairy Company, Baltimore, Md. ; member of firm 
of Holme & Waddington, Baltimore, Md. ; member of firm, Wad- 
dington & Holme, Canners, Naylors, Va. Candidate for the 
Comptroller of the State of Maryland, also a candidate for the 
United States Senate. President, Haverford Society of Mary- 
land, 1912-1913. 

b. Salem County, N. J., October 27, 1846. d. Mt. Washington. 
Md., April 22, 1921. s. Benjamin Seeley Holme and Elizabeth 
Dennis, m. Salem, N. J., October 11, 1883, Pauline Waddington. 

fKimber, Thomas William, A.B. 

Entered 1871 and left at close of Sophomore year; returned in 
1874; graduated with Class of 1876. 


b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 1, 1855. d. January 9, 1885. s. 
Anthony Morris Kimber (Class 1840, and Manager, 1849-71) and 
Margaret Cooper Cope. m. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., Feb- 
ruary 16, 1881, Maria B. Shoemaker. 


fLongstreth, Charles Albert, A.B. 

Entered 1872. 


b. Springfield, Delaware County, Pa., May 20, 1857. d. Bryn 
Mawr, Pa., March 9, 1916. s. William Collings Longstreth (Class 
1837, and Manager, 1864-81) and Abby Ann Taylor, m. Phila- 
delphia, Pa., November 4, 1885, Ellen Warder Pearsall. 

Nicholson, John Whitall, A.B. 

Entered 1872. 

President of class several times. Glass manufacturer. Entered 
office of Whitall, Tatum & Co. Vice-President and Director of 
Whitall, Tatum & Co. ; Director, Burlington County Trust Com- 
pany, Moorestown, N. J. ; Director, Provident Trust Company, 

b. Camden County, N. J., March 31, 1856. s. William Hopkins 
Nicholson (1846) and Sarah Whitall. m. Moorestown, N. J., 
October 22, 1885, Eliza E. Stokes, c. John W., Jr., 1886; Edith 
(Perry), 1889; Arthur S.. 1890; Agnes (Stokes), 1894; Alfred, 
1898. Address, 245 East Main Street, Moorestown, N. J. 

Roberts, Percival, Jr., A.B. 

Entered 1872. 

Manufacturer. P. G. Course, University of Pennsylvania, 1877. 
Director, United States Steel Corporation (Member of Finance 
Committee). Member, American Society of Civil Engineers; 
American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Rittenhouse Club. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., July 15, 1857. s. Percival Roberts and 
Eleanor Williamson, m. Philadelphia, Pa., November 11, 1885, 
Bessye Wolcott Frothingham. c. Percival, III, and Francis Wol- 
cott, both deceased. Address, Narberth, Pa. 

Taylor, Frank H., A.B. (A.B. Harvard, 1877.) 

Entered 1872. 

Captain. Cricket Team. "Spoon Man." Vice-President, 
Alumni, 1895-97. Studied at Harvard, 1877. Superintendent, 
George Fox Starch Manufacturing Company, Cincinnati, O., 
1878. 1881, Wholesale Dry Goods Business. 1882, Treasurer, 
Belmont Iron Company, Philadelphia, Pa. ; President in 1887. 
1888-89, with Taylor & Shoemaker, Paper Folding Machines. 
1890, Manager of Yale & Towne Manufacturing Company. 1897- 
1902, Westinghouse Electrical Manufacturing Company, Pitts- 
burgh, Pa.; 1897, Sales Manager; 1900, Fourth Vice-President; 
1902, Second Vice-President; 1906, Vice-President, Yale & Towne 
Manufacturing Company, New York. 1909-15, General Man- 


ager. Linotype and Machinery, Ltd., London. 1915 to date, Presi- 
dent, S. S. White Dental Manufacturing Company, Philadelphia, 
Pa. Director, Engineers' Club, New York ; Belmont Iron Com- 
pany ; Westinghouse Electric Manufacturing Company ; Yale & 
Towne Manufacturing Company; Provident Life and Trust Com- 
pany, Philadelphia; Linotype and Machinery, Ltd.; S. S. White 
Dental Manufacturing Company; American Manufacturers Ex- 
port Association ; Councillor of the Chamber of Commerce of 
United States; Council of National Defense; Member, National 
Foreign Trade Council ; American Society Mechanical Engineers ; 
American Institute of Electrical Engineers ; Racquet and Phila- 
delphia Cricket Club of Philadelphia ; Harvard and Engineers' 
Club of New York ; Devonshire, Surrey County, Cricket Club ; 
Stoke Poges Golf Club of London; City of London Chess Club; 
Poor Richard Club, Philadelphia. 

b. Cincinnati, O.. November 20, 1855. s. David Taylor and 
Laura Carroll, m. Philadelphia, Pa., March 31, 1880, Rebecca M. 
Nicholson, c. William N., 1882; Frank C. 1884; Roger W., 
1890; Norman H., 1892. Address. 8016 Seminole Avenue, Chest- 
nut Hill, Pa. 

Taylor, Howard Gardiner, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1873. 

Curator of Loganian. First Cricket Eleven. Retired farmer. 
Township Committee, Cinnaminson, N. J.; Township Treasurer 
for 1 year. President, Board of Education for 8 years. Secre- 
tary of New Jersey State Horticultural Society, 1908-21, inclusive. 
President, Burlington County Board of Agriculture for one term. 
President, Township Board of Health, 1915 to date. 

b. Near Riverton, N. J., March 9, 1858. s. J. Gardiner Taylor 
and Rebecca H. Ballinger. m. October 28, 1886, Anna M. Com- 
fort, c. Alice C, 1888; Howard G„ Jr., 1890; Ruth, 1897. Ad- 
dress, Riverton, Burlington County, N. J. 

fTaylor, Lewis Alfred, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1873. 

b. Tecumseh. Mich., April 6, 1857. d. 1881, s. Joshua Taylor 
and . 

No n -Graduates 

fCope, Alfred, Jr. 

Entered 1872 and left at close of Junior year. 


b. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., January 31, 1857. d. Saranac 


Lake, N. Y., January 14, 1897. s. Francis Reeve Cope (1839) 
and Anna Stewardson Brown, m. June 2, 1887, Margaret Cheston 

fHaines, Francis Cope. 

Entered 1872 and left during Senior year. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., May 8, 1857. d. June 27, 1918. s. John 
Smith Haines (1838, and Manager, 1869-71) and Mary Drinker 

Longstreet, Jacob Holmes. 

Entered 1872 and left 1874. 

b. Bordentown, N. J., March 19, 1857. s. H. H. Longstreet, 
M. D., and . Address, 114 Liberty Street, New York City. 

Warrington, Thomas Francis 

Entered Sophomore Class 1873 and left at close of the Junior 

Machinist ; farmer ; miller ; draughtsman ; engineer ; painter. 

b. West Chester, Pa., October 11, 1856. s. Thomas Warrington 
and Anna Mary Hoopes. m. ( 1 ) September 18, 1879, Josephine 
L. Smith; (2) Maiden Creek, Berks County, Pa., February 3, 
1886, Ellen Parvin. c. Anna S., 1889; Deborah P., 1892. Ad- 
dress, 549 North Walnut Street, West Chester, Pa. 

White, David Francis. 

Entered 1872 and left at close of the Junior year. 

Treasurer, Loganian. Teacher ; farmer ; bookkeeper in grain 
house; agent and solicitor of Richmond (Ind.) Weekly Enterprise. 
Reporter to The Miami Daily Metropolis, Miami, Fla. ; Circulation 

b. Belvidere, N. C, October 7, 1850. s. Josiah T. White and 
Elizabeth Wilson, m. April 20, 1876, Angelina G. Hough, c. 
Anna H. (Williams), 1877; Elizabeth W. (Sutton), 1879; Edith 
W. (Fickel), 1882; Elma W. (Clark), 1887. Address, 620 Mon- 
roe Street, Media, Pa. 


Anderson, Isaac W., A.B. 

Entered 1873. 

"Spoon Man." General Manager, Tacoma Land Company. 

b. Haverford, Pa., February 17, 1856. s. Isaac W. Anderson, 
M. D., and Martha Crawford, m. Olympia, Wash., June 4, 1884, 
Maude Parker, c. Helen, 1885. Address, Rutland Apartments, 
Tacoma, Wash. 



Baily, Frederick Lang, A.B. 

Entered 1873. 

Vice-President, Loganian. First winner of "Cope Prize Bat" 
in Cricket. Captain, First Eleven. Senior Member, firm Joshua 
L. Baily & Co., Dry Goods Commission Merchants. Director, 
Franklin National Bank ; Manager, Girard Trust Company ; Presi- 
dent, University Club, Philadelphia ; Governor, Merion Cricket 
Club; Member, Radnor Hunt, Bryn Mawr Polo Club, etc. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., October 31, 1857. s. Joshua Longstreth 
Baily and Theodate S. Lang. m. April 10, 1884, Caroline Atlee 
Corlies. Address, Ardmore, Pa. 

Forsythe, Isaac, A.B. 

Entered Junior Class middle of the year 1876. 

Real estate and insurance broker. Studied a short time at 
University of Pennsylvania. Farmer; civil engineer; clerk. Stew- 
ard at Friends' Asylum two and one-half years. 

b. Near West Chester, Pa., December 27, 1853. s. James For- 
sythe and Emily Evans, m. Westtown, Pa., March 14, 1894, 
Sarah Cope Garrett, c. Jesse G, 1896 ; Alice D., 1898 ; Lydia T., 
1900; James E., 1904. Address, R. F. D. No. 3, Media, Pa. 

K rider, James Delaplaine, A. B. (Ph.G, Phila. College of Phar- 
macy, 1883.) 
Entered 1873. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 25, 1857. s. Richard C. Krider 
and Jane McCay. Address, 115 South Fiftieth Street, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

fMercer, George Gluyas, A.B. (LL.B., Univ. Pa., 1877; LL.M., 
Yale, 1878; D.C.L., Yale, 1879.) 

Entered Senior Class 1876. 

Alumni Orator, 1889. Lawyer. Director, Geographical Society, 
Philadelphia, Pa. ; Pennsylvania Ballot Reform Association ; Phila- 
delphia "Committee of Fifty"; Civil Service Reform Association; 
Indian Rights Association; Municipal League, Philadelphia, Pa.; 
Counsellor of American Academy of Political and Social Science; 
American Institute of Civics; Treasurer, Free Library of Eco- 
nomics and Political Science, Philadelphia ; Member, Philadelphia 
City Councils, 1897-1906. Member, American Bar Association; In- 
ternational Law Association ; American Economic Association ; 
Historical Society of Pennsylvania; International Arbitration and 
Peace Association ; American Social Science Association ; Law 
Association, Philadelphia, Pa. ; American Statistical Association ; 


Pennsylvania Bar Association ; Member, Phi Beta Kappa, 1898. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 20, 1853. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
May 28, 1906. s. John Alexander Mercer and Anna Van Arsdalen. 

Smith, William Foulke, S.B. 

Entered Senior Class 1876. 

President, Everett Society ; President, Loganian Society. Law- 
yer. Taught school 1 year. Admitted to Bar, 1879. Practiced 
Law, 1880-96. Judge of Probate Court, Belmont County, O., 
1896-1903. Director, First National Bank, Barnesville, O. ; Presi- 
dent, Dollar Savings Bank, Barnesville, O. ; President, Belmont 
County Bar Association, 1919-21. Member of numerous lodges. 

b. Chesterhill, O., June 5, 1854. s. David Smith and Mary 
Foulke. m. Malta, O., June 23, 1880, Blanche Pond. c. Frances 
S. (Bradfield), 1883; Harold D., 1895. Address, 602 N. Chestnut 
Street, Barnesville, O. 

Townsend, Wilson, A.B. 

Entered Junior Class 1875. 

Valedictorian. Teacher and private tutor, 1877-82. Book- 
keeper and private secretary, 1882 to date. 

b. Rahway, N. J., September 29, 1857. s. Joseph S. Townsend 
and Mercy Wilson. Address, Longdale, Va. 


fBell, Charles Dutilh. 

Entered 1873 and left 1874. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., November 21, 1856. d. October 19, 1885. 
s. Samuel Bell and . 

fCongdon, Gilbert Arnold. 

Entered 1873 and left at close of Freshman year, 
b. Providence, R. I., November 25, 1856. d. 1884. s. Gilbert 
Congdon and Elizabeth A. Crenshaw, m. Elizabeth G. Abbott. 

fLyon, John Stewart. 

Entered 1873 and left at close of Freshman year. 

Iron manufacturer. 

b. Bellefonte, Pa., January 4, 1856. d. January, 1899. s. 
Samuel Stewart Lyon and Annie Valentine, m. April 2, 1885, 
Margaret McKnight. 

Metcalf, Charles A. 

Entered as special student, 1873, and left the same year. 
Clerk ; financial manager, Wallace Theater, Boston, Mass. 


b. Providence, R. I., May 30, 1857. s. Henry B. Metcalf and 
Mary T. Haskell, m. Chicago, 111., April 17, 1892, Maude Harold. 
Address unknown. 

Thompson, John James, Jr. 

Entered Freshman Class, January, 1874, and left during the 
Junior year. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 20, 1858. s. John James Thomp- 
son and Elizabeth Hough Trotter. Address, Roxborough, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 


Baily, Albert Lang, A.B. 

Entered 1874. 

"Spoon Man." Secretary of Class. Secretary, Athenaeum ; 
President of same. Winner of Cricket Fielding Belt ; on First 
Eleven. Dry Goods Commission Merchant, 1878-1921. 

b. Vassalboro, Me., June 22, 1859. s. Joshua Longstreth Baily 
and Theodate S. Lang. m. Bryn Mawr, Pa., April 2, 1888, Eliza 
Montell Lycett. c. Joshua L., Jr., 1889; Albert L., Jr., 1890. 
Address, Haverford, Pa. 

Baily, Henry, A.B. (A.B., Harvard, 1879; A.M., 1880.) 

Entered 1874. 

Student at Harvard University, 1878-80. Tutor at St. Mark's 
School, Southboro, Mass., 1880-81. At Chauncy Hall School, 
Boston, 1881-85. Student, Boston Law School, 1889-92. Ad- 
mitted to Massachusetts Bar, 1896. Lawyer, 1896 to date. Chair- 
man of Board of Assessors, Newton, Mass., and other civic offices. 

b. Newport, Pa., January 18, 1857. s. Hon. Joseph Baily and 
Rebecca Watson, m. Nashua, N. H., December 31, 1885, Frances 
Emerson. Address, 976 Center Street, Newton Centre, Mass. 

Carey, Francis King, A.B.. A.M., 1881. (LL.B.) Univ. of Md., 

Entered 1874. 

Alumni Prize Orator, 1877. Vice-President, Alumni Association. 
Lawyer. President, National Sugar Company. Author : "The Law 
of Husband and Wife," with David Stewart; with James Carey, 
Jr., "Forms and Precedents." Contributor to Princeton Review 
and American Law Review. 

b. Baltimore County, Md., July 1, 1858. s. James Carey (1839) 
and Susan Budd Kimber. m. Baltimore, Md., April 26, 1886. 
Anne Galbraith Hall. c. Louise (Rosett) ; Francis James; Andrew 


Galbraith ; Reginald Shober ; Margaret Townsend (Cadwallader) ; 
Eleanor (deceased). Address, 509 Cathedral Street, Baltimore, 

Comfort, Edward Thomas, A.B. 

Entered middle of the Freshman year, 1875. 

Captain, Cricket Eleven ; President of Class ; President, 
Athenaeum; Prize in Batting and Bowling, 1877-78. Retired. 
Mercantile business, 1878-1913. 

b. Byberry, Philadelphia, Pa.. August 24, 1858. s. Edward 
Comfort and Susan Edge. m. May 8, 1915, Mary May Dunn. 
Address, Dongan Hills, Staten Island, N. Y. 

Crosman, Charles Sumner, A.B. (A.B., Harvard, 1879; LL.B., 
Columbian Univ., Washington, D. C, 1884.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1875. 

Student at Harvard University, 1878-79; 1879-84, Tutor in 
Washington, D. C. ; Columbian University, 1884 ; Headmaster, 
Haverford School, 1884-1912. 1911-12, travel. 1913-15, Lecturer 
for Raymond & Whitcomb Company; 1915-18, Lecturer of the 
Curtis Publishing Company, Philadelphia, Pa. ; 1918 to date, Man- 
ager of Fisk Teachers' Agency, New York City. Lecturer of 
Department of Public Lecture of New York City. Speaker, United 
States Food Administration ; United States Shipping Board ; 
Emergency Fleet Corporation ; National Security League ; United 
States War Work Council, Y. M. C. A. Speaker, Liberty Loan 
Committee, New York; Victory Minute Man. Member, Merion 
Cricket Club; Harvard Club of Philadelphia; Pan-American So- 
ciety of United States ; Member, Administrative Committee, Fed- 
eral Council of Churches of America. 

b. Lynn, Mass., June 3, 1858. s. John Henry Crosman and 
Deborah Wing Holway. m. Lynn, Mass., September 1, 1885, 
Sarah Elizabeth Fuller, c. Marion (Philips), 1887; Charles 
Henry, 1890; Elizabeth, 1904. Address, 225 Fifth Avenue, New 
York City. 

Eldridge, Jonathan, S.B. 

Entered Senior year 1877. 

Farmer. School Director, Birmingham Township, Chester 
County, Pa., 20 years. Road Commissioner for 6 years. Clerk, 
Birmingham Preparative Meeting of Friends for 34 years. Clerk 
of Monthly Meeting of Friends for 15 years. Assistant Clerk, 
Concord Quarterly Meeting for 6 years. Member and President, 
Brandywine Valley Farmers Club; American Guernsey Cattle 
Club; Organizer, Chester County Farm Bureau. 


b. Darlington, Md., November 17, 1855. s. David Eldridge and 
Susanna Hall. m. Goshen, Pa., March 4, 1886, Anne Thomas. 
Address, West Chester, Pa. 

Forsythe, Edward, SB. 

Entered Senior Class 1877. 

Principal, Moorestown Academy, N. J., 2 years; Principal, Mor- 
ris Normal School, Morris, 111.; Investment Brokerage Business; 
General Manager, Des Moines Loan & Trust Company (Phila- 
delphia Office), 1886-96; Hamilton Loan & Trust Company of 
New York and Nebraska, 1887-97; Security Loan & Trust Com- 
pany of Seattle, Wash., 1888-98; Agent, E. H. Rollins & Sons; 
Member of firm, Edward & F. H. Forsythe, to date. Farmer. 

b. Pennsbury Township, Chester County, Pa., July 7, 1856. s. 
John Forsythe and Mary Parvin Smith, m. April 16, 1885, Han- 
nah J. Yerkes. c. Grace Laetitia Edythe, 1892; F. Hamlin Gar- 
land, 1896. Address, 729 Perry Building, Philadelphia, Pa., and 
Chadds Ford Junction Post Office, Chester County, Pa. 

Frazier, Cyrus Pickett, S.B. (A.B., Trinity College, N. C, 1877; 
A.M., 1879.) 

Entered Senior Class 1877. 

Student, Trinity College, N. C, 1874-77. 1879-80, Instructor 
of French and German, Trinity College, N. C. Principal of the 
High Schools of Goldsboro and Archdale, N. C, for 7 years. 
Superintendent of City Schools of Greensboro, N. C, until 1887. 
Director, Southern Life & Trust Company of North Carolina ; 
South Greensboro Bank; Trustee, Guilford College. Republican 
Nominee for Superintendent Public Instruction of North Caro- 
lina, 1904 and 1912. Real Estate Broker and Manufacturer, 1888 
to 1918. 1918, retired. 

b. Archdale, N. C, August 25, 1853. s. Harrison Frazier and 
Grace Pickett, m. Kingston, N. C, Lucetta Churchill, c. Cyrus 
Clifford, 1884; Gertrude, 1889; Robert H., 1899. Address, 313 
West Washington Street, Greensboro, N. C. 

Haines, Robert Bowne, Jr., S.B. 

Entered 1874. 

Brush Electric Light Company ; Thompson-Houston Electric 
Light Company ; Harrison Safety Boiler Works ; Philadelphia 
Drop Forge Company; Lukens Iron & Steel Company; Haines 
Gauge Company ; Scripture Gift Mission. Member, Franklin In- 
stitute of Philadelphia ; Geographical Society of Philadelphia ; The 
Automobile Club; The Pennsylvania Prison Society; Y. M. C. A. 


and Certificate and Premium from Franklin Institute of Phila- 
delphia for patent automatic micrometer rolling mill plate gauge. 

b. Cheltenham, Pa., April 10, 1857. s. Robert Bowne Haines 
(1844, Manager, 1870-95) and Margaret Vaux Wistar. m. Cain, 
Chester County, Pa., June 18, 1890, Mary West Huston, c. Isa- 
belle Pennock (Nicholson), 1891; Robert Bowne, III, 1893; Mar- 
garet Wistar, 1896; Charles Huston, 1898. Address, 156 West 
School House Lane, Germantown, Pa. 

Hill, Samuel, A.B. (Formerly known as Samuel H. Hill.) (A.B., 
Harvard, 1879; LL.D., Penn College, la.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1875. 

Life President of Class. Student at Cornell and Harvard, 1878- 
79. Admitted to Bar, 1880. President, Minneapolis Trust Com- 
pany ; President, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Manitoba Railway Com- 
pany ; the Montana Central Railway Company ; the Eastern Rail- 
way Company of Minnesota; the Great Falls Water Power and 
Townsite Company; the Sand Coulee Coal Company; Vice-Presi- 
dent of the Minneapolis Union Railway Company; of the Minne- 
apolis Athenaeum; General Manager of the Minneapolis Western 
Railway Company. President, Pacific Highway Association. Vice- 
President, Columbia Highway Association; Honorary Life Presi- 
dent, Washington Good Roads Association; Director in the Great 
Northern Railway Company ; Willmar & Sioux Falls Railway 
Company ; Duluth, Watertown & Pacific Railway Company ; and 
in the Northern Steamship Company. Director, Lakewood Ceme- 
tery Association; President, Alumni Association, Minneapolis High 
Schools. President, Gas and Telephone Companies, etc., etc. 
Honorary Consul General of Belgium for Idaho, Oregon and 
Washington. Member, Society of Earth Knowledge of Germany 
(because of earthquake theory). Commander of the Order of 
the Crown. Member of the Royal Household of King Albert of 
Belgium. Member, Seattle Harvard Club (President) ; College, 
Rainier (Seattle), University, Harvard, Minnesota (New York), 
Cosmos, Chevy Chase (Washington), Arlington (Portland, Ore.), 
Minnesota (St. Paul), Chicago (Chicago). 

b. Uwahree, N. C, May 13, 1857. s. Nathan Branson Hill and 
Eliza Leonora Mendenhall. m. St. Paul, Minn., September 6, 
1888, Mary Hill. c. Mary Mendenhall, 1889; James Nathan, 1893. 
Address, 814 East Highland Drive, Seattle, Wash. 

fReynolds, Lindley Murray Hoag, A.B. 
Entered 1874. 
Valedictorian. President of Class; President, Everett Society; 


Editor, The Bud and of The Collegian. Teacher in Friends' 
Select School, Philadelphia, Pa., 1878-84; Teacher in Friends' 
Central School, Philadelphia, Pa., 1884-90; Principal, High School. 
Winston, N. C, 1890-95. 

b. Guilford County, N. C, January 7, 1852. d. High Point, 
N. C, April 21, 1910. s. Joash Reynolds and Anna English Blair. 

Smiley, Daniel, A.B. 

Entered 1874. 

President, Everett, 1887-88. Teacher, William Penn Charter 
School, Philadelphia, Pa., 1878-81. Clerk and Manager of Lake 
Mohonk House, 1881 to date. Trustee of Vassar College, New 
York, since 1892. Manager of Haverford College. President, 
Board Trustees, State Normal School at New Paltz, Ulster County, 
N. Y. Trustee, Redlands, California University. Member, United 
States Board Indian Commissioners. Conference of Friends of 
the Indians and Other Dependent Peoples held at Lake Mohonk 
yearly; Conference on International Arbitration; Member, Execu- 
tive Committee, National Peace Conference, N. Y. (1907) and 
Chicago, 1909. Member, American Society International Law; 
Life Member, American Geographical Society. 

b. Vassalboro, Me., November 29, 1855. s. Daniel Smiley and 
Dorcas Burnham Hanson, m. Boston, Mass., June 18, 1881, Effie 
Florence Newell, c. Albert Keith, 1883; Hugh, 1886; Francis 
Gerson, 1889; Ruth (Sanborn), 1892. Address, summer, Mohonk 
Lake, N. Y. ; winter. Canon Crest Park, Redlands, Cal. 

Stokes, Henry Newlin, (Ph.D., Johns Hopkins Univ., 1884.) 

Entered 1874. 

Student, Johns Hopkins for 6 years; \ l / 2 years, Chemistry, 
University of Munich; 2y 2 years, Chemistry, Federal Poly- 
technic, Zurich, Switzerland. Chemist in United States Geo- 
logical Survey, 1889-92. Associate Professor, Chemistry, Uni- 
versity of Chicago, 1892-93. Chemist in United States Geo- 
logical Survey, 1893-1903. Chemist in Bureau of Standards, 
about 1903-07. Since then interested in philanthropic and similar 
work. Published many original research papers in chemistry, in- 
organic, organic, geological. Editor for 10 years, The O. E. 
Library Critic, Organ of the O. E. Library League, devoted to 
Prison Reform; President of the O. E. Library League. Mem- 
ber, Phi Beta Kappa ; Cosmos Club, Washington ; O. E. Library 
League, President and General Manager ; Social Worker. 

b. Moorestown, N. J., October 24, 1859. s. John H. Stokes, 
M. D., and Tabitha Jenkins, m. Baltimore. Md., 1884, Wil- 


helmina F. van den Berg. c. John Hinchman ; Harmina W. ; 
Dorothy N. Address, 1207 Q Street, N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Taylor, Henry Longstreet, A.B., A.M., 1885. (M.D., Medical 
College of Ohio, 1882.) 

Entered 1875. 

First Cricket Eleven; Vice-President, Loganian. Loganian 
Orator. Student of medicine, Cincinnati, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, 
Strassburg, London, until 1884. Practiced medicine, 1884-89, Cin- 
cinnati ; 1889-92, Asheville; 1893 to date, St. Paul. Author of 
many professional articles. Managing Editor, St. Paul Medical 
Journal, 1899-1908. President, Minnesota State Tuberculosis 
Committee, 1901-18; Medical Director, Pokegama Sanatorium for 
Tuberculosis, 1905 to date; Medical Director, Ramsey County 
Children's Preventorium; Medical Director of Ramsey County 
Tuberculosis Pavilion. Member, later Vice-President, American 
Climatological Association, 1892- . Corresponding Member 
(Honorary), International Anti-Tuberculosis Association, Berlin. 
Member, The Minnesota Club; the St. Paul Association of Public 
and Business Affairs, several times director of same ; the St. Paul 
Institute; Minnesota State and American Medical Associations; 
National Tuberculosis Association ; Congress of American Physi- 
cians and Surgeons; National Sanatorium Association; President, 
Ramsey County Medical Society, 1904. 

b. Cincinnati, O., August 19, 1857. s. David H. Taylor and 

Laura Carroll, m. (1) . c. Louise Taylor. (2) St. Paul, 

Minn., September 8, 1910, Ethelberta Geer. c. Henry Longstreet, 
Jr., 1912; Laura Carroll, 1915. Address, 748 Linwood Place, St. 
Paul, Minn. 

fThomas, John Mickle Whitall, A.B. 

Entered 1874. 

Glass manufacturer, 1878-96; engraving and printing, 1896 to 

b. Baltimore, Md., April 11, 1859. d. January 24, 1919. s. 
James Carey Thomas, A. M., M. D. (Class 1851, Manager, 1860- 
97) and Mary Whitall. m. Philadelphia, Pa., October 24, 1883, 
Mary Clark Nicholson. 

fWhite, George Wilson, A.B. 

Entered 1874. 

Athenaeum Society Medal ; Class President, 1878. Teacher of 
Science and Mathematics; Principal, Sunbury Academy, N. C, 
1878-79; Principal, Belvidere Academy, N. C, 1880-83; New 
London Academy, Ind., 1883-84 ; Central Academy, Plainfield, 


Ind., 1884-92; Treasurer, Guilford College, N. C, 1893-1913. 
Assistant in Mathematics, 1913-17. 

b. Belvidere, N. C, June 22, 1855. d. February 22, 1917. s. 
Rufus White and Lydia Wilson, m. September 16, 1886, Mary 
Elizabeth White. 


Black, John Maris Lindsay. 

Entered partial course (Arts), 1873, and entered full course, 
1874. Left middle of Sophomore year. 

Student 1 year, Philadelphia Polytechnic College. Printer; rail- 
road freight clerk. Retired, 1901. 1921-22, conducting subscrip- 
tion agency. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., June 8, 1857. s. Samuel Anderson Black 
and Elizabeth Cochran Lindsay, m. Camden, N. J., May 28, 1891, 
Lydia Kite Abell. c. Dorothy Lindsay, 1892 ; Jeannette Hotchkin, 
1893; Henry Maris, 1894; Samuel Lindsay (d. 1896), 1895; 
Bertha Parker, 1897; Elizabeth Lindsay, 1901. Address, Villa 
Nova, Pa. 

f Brown, Thomas Wistar, Jr. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1875 ; left 1876. 


b. Philadelphia, Pa., February 7, 1858. d. April 16, 1916. s. 
Moses Brown, Jr., (Class 1848) and Mary Wain Wistar. m. 
Scotland, October 4, 1890, Margaret Muir Coldstream. 

fPaul, Joseph William. 

Entered 1873 and left 1876. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., May 12, 1858. d. 1911. s. William W. 
Paul and . m. Margaret Parrish. 

fPearce, Robert Kester. 

Entered 1873 as Special Student and left at close of the Fresh- 
man year. 

Manufacturer and merchant. 

b. Bordentown, N. J., October 29, 1855. d. June 1, 1917. s. 
Joseph Pearce and Emily Thompson, m. June 19. 1877, Emily 
Nelson Wynne. 

White, Oliver H. 

Entered 1874 and left at close of Freshman year. 

Farmer; merchant; teacher; President of Topeka Transfer & 


Storage Company. Member, Chamber of Commerce of City of 
Topeka. Member of Board of Trustees, Y. M. C. A. ; Rotary 

b. Belvidere, N. C, October 9, 1852. s. Josiah T. White and 
Elizabeth Wilson, m. Charlottesville, Ind., December 30, 1880, 
Caroline Hill. c. Mary Elizabeth, 1882; lone Hill, 1886; Florence 
Ruth, 1889; Olive, 1893; Eliott Hill, 1902. Address, 1327 Lane 
Street, Topeka, Kan. 


Bispham, Samuel, Jr., A.B. 

Entered 1875. 


b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 12, 1858. s. Samuel Augustus 
Bispham and Cornelia Koons. m. Philadelphia, Pa., April 4, 1894, 
Ella Mount, c. Eleanor, 1895; Samuel, Jr., 1896; John B., 1899; 
Roger, 1904. Address, 2306 De Lancey Place, Philadelphia, Pa. 

fGibbons, Edward, A.B. 
Entered 1874. 

b. Wilmington, Del., March 9, 1858. d. 1891. s. Richard P. 
Gibbons and . 

fGifford, John Henry, A.B. (M.D., Harvard Univ., 1884.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1876. 

President, Athenaeum. Alumni Medal for Oratory and Com- 
position, 1878. Valedictorian. Teacher, South Pittsburg, Tenn., 
1879-80. Assistant Governor, Friends' School, Providence, R. I., 
1881-82. Graduate, Harvard Medical School, 1884. Councillor 
of Massachusetts Medical Society; President, Fall River Medical 
Society ; President, Home Training School for Nurses, Fall River. 
Secretary, Staff, Fall River Hospital ; Physician at Fall River, 
Mass., 1884-1919. Consulting Physician, Highland Hospital, Fall 
River. Served on Exemption Board during Great War. Director 
of hospital to care for wounded during the war. Member : Phi 
Beta Kappa; New England Haverford Club; Fall River Harvard 
Club; Fall River Chamber of Commerce; Fall River Congrega- 
tional Club; Fall River Adams Club. 

b. West Falmouth, Mass., February 6, 1858. d. Fall River, 
Mass., December 14, 1919. s. Azariah S. Gifford and Lois Bean, 
m. Fall River, Mass., September 14, 1886, Phebe E. Newton, c. 
Edward S. A., 1889 (d. 1890) ; Newton R., 1890. 


Henderson, Francis, A.B. (LL.B., Univ. of Pa.) 
Entered 1875. 

Studied Law, University of Pennsylvania, 
b. Philadelphia, Pa., November 30, 1859. s. Henry Henderson 
and Helen A. Gaubaugh. Address, Scotch Plains, N. J. 

fLowry, William Chalkley, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1876. 

Secretary, Everett. Numismatic Curator, Loganian. Winner, 
Comfort Cricket Prize for Bowling; First Cricket Eleven. "Spoon 
Man." Clerk. Collector. Wholesale grocer. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., June 11, 1860. d. Philadelphia, Pa., June 
29, 1919. s. John Stroud Lowry and Elizabeth Collins Stokes, 
m. Way 23, 1887, Elizabeth Webster, c. Alfred, 2d., 1888; Ed- 
mund W., 1889; Herbert M., 1891 ; William C. Jr., 1894; Benja- 
min H., 1906. 

Newkirk, John Bacon, A.B. (M.E., 1897.) 

Entered 1875. 

First Cricket Eleven. Manufacturer. Firm, John B. Newkirk 
& Co., Iron and Steel Products. Retired 1909. Member, various 
clubs and organizations. Treasurer, Monthly Meeting of Friends 
of Philadelphia for the Western District. 

b. Near Bridgeton, N. J., March 6, 1859. s. Nathaniel R. New- 
kirk, M. D., and Martha R. Bacon, m. Moorestown, N. J., De- 
cember 15, 1915, Mary Chapman Borton. Address, 119 East 
Montgomery Avenue, Ardmore, Pa. 

fSheppard, John E., A.B. (M.D., Univ. of Pa.. 1882.) 

Entered 1873. 

President of Everett Society. Student, University of Pennsyl- 
vania School of Medicine, 1879-82 ; University of Berlin, Ger- 
many, 1888-89; University of Vienna, Austria, 1889. Interne, 
Pennsylvania and University Hospitals, 1882-83. Attending Phy- 
sician, Mercer Memorial Home, Atlantic City, 1884-88. Health 
Officer, Atlantic City, 1885-86. Instructor in Otology, New York 
Post-Graduate School and Hospital, 1890-92; Professor, Otology. 
New York Polyclinic, 1893-96. Long Island College Hospital 
Medical School, 1895-1915. Assistant Surgeon and Surgeon, Ear 
Department, Brooklyn Eye and Ear Hospital ; then Consulting 
Aurist, Attending Aurist, Long Island College Hospital, 1903-15. 
Aurist, Methodist-Episcopal, St. Catharine's, Brooklyn Hospital, 
and Day-Kimball Hospital, Putnam, Conn. Author of various 
monographs on otological subjects and Contributing Otologist to 
Reference Handbook of Medical Sciences. Member, American 
Otological Society; American Laryngological, Rhinological and 


Otological Society; A. M. A.; American Academy Medicine; New 
York Otological Society (President, 1908-09) ; New York State 
Medical Society; Kings County Medical Society (President, 1905) ; 
Brooklyn Pathological Society ; Association of Physicians ; Long 
Island Medical Club; Brooklyn Practitioners' Club. 

b. Stoe Creek, Cumberland County, N. J., June 1, 1859. d. 
Putnam, Conn., September 13, 1915. s. George Wood Sheppard 
and Ruth Bacon, m. August 11, 1894, Juanita Argyle Campbell, 
c. Ruth. 

Beezley, James. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1876 from Earlham, la., and left 
Junior year. 1878. 

b. May 2, 1853. s. Joseph Beezley and . Last address, 

Yazoo City, Miss. 

Bishop, William, SB. 

Entered Junior Class 1878. 

Assistant in Astronomical Observatory and Instructor in Me- 
chanical Drawing, Haverford College, 1880-81. Recorded Minister 
in Society of Friends. Merchant. Secretary and Treasurer, Bucks 
County Contributionship (Fire Insurance). Member, National 
Education Association ; American Water Works Association. 

b. Columbus, N. J., December 23, 1856. s. John Bishop (Class 
1838) and Rebecca F. Biddle. m. Flushing, Belmont County, 
O., May 26, 1883, Martha M. Holloway. c. Edward, 1884; 
William, Jr., 1891 ; Sarah, 1901. Address, 63 Trenton Avenue, 
Morrisville, Bucks County, Pa. 

Brede, Charles Frederic, A.B., A.M., 1891. (B.S., Whittier Col- 
lege, Iowa, 1877. Ph.D. at Univ. of Pa., 1905.) 
Entered Sophomore Class 1877. 

Salutatorian Honors in Greek, Latin, Mathematics. Student, 
Whittier College, la., 1875-77; Johns Hopkins University, 1886- 

87. Clerk, 1880-81. Teacher. 1881-86, Ely Lamb's Elementary 
and High School, Greek, Latin and German, Baltimore, Md. 1887- 

88, English, Latin and German in German Classical School, Balti- 
more, Md. Greek, Latin and German in Friends' School, German- 
town, Philadelphia, Pa., 1888-98; 1898-1900, Pennsylvania College, 
Gettysburg, Pa., Professor of Modern Languages. 1903-05, As- 
sistant Instructor in French. University of Pennsylvania; 1905-21, 
Teacher of German, French and Spanish, Philadelphia Northeast 


High School. During several seasons between 1889 and 1893, Pro- 
fessor of German at the Sauveur Summer School at Amherst, 
Mass., Burlington, Yt., and Rockford, 111. 1903-08, Central High 
School, Philadelphia (Night School), French and English for 
foreigners. Teacher in Northeast High School, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Contributor to German American Annals. Author of "The Ger- 
man Drama in English on the Philadelphia Stage," 1918. Lec- 
turer on various literary subjects. Member, Modern Language 
Association; Association of Modern Language Teachers of Phila- 
delphia (President, 1912-13) ; Teachers' Association of Philadel- 
phia; High School Men Teachers' Association; American Academy 
of Political and Social Science; National Geographical Society; 
German Society of Pennsylvania; Secretary of Library Commit- 
tee, 1897-1921 ; Friends' Institute, etc., etc. 

b. London, England, 1857. s. Carl Brede and Johannot Mc- 

Mahon. m. December 19, 1906, Voll. c. Marie Therese 

Hilpert, 1907; Anna Marie Johannot, 1909. Address, 176 Man- 
heim Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Corbit, Alexander Peterson, S.B. 

Entered 1876. 

Farm owner and manager. Member of Delaware Assembly, in 
the House, Sessions 1907 and 1919 ; Speaker, latter session. State 
Senate, Sessions 1909 and 1911. Member, University Club, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. ; Swedish Colonial Society ; Pennsylvania Society for 
Promotion of Agriculture; Grange. 

b. Odessa, Del., February 20, 1861. s. John Cowgill Corbit 
(Class of 1853) and Emily Peterson. Address, Odessa, New 
Castle County, Del. 

Cox, Charles Ellwood, A.B. (Hon. A.M., Univ. of the Pacific, 
San Jose, Calif., 1889; A.M., Leland Stanford, Jr., Univ., 
Calif., 1893.) 

Entered 1876. 

Librarian, Everett; President, Everett; Member, Loganian. 
Student, 1 year at Kansas State University. Principal, Friends' 
Academy, Le Grand, la., 1880-85 ; Instructor of Private Pupils, 
Santa Cruz, Cal., 1885-86; Professor, Mathematics, College of 
the Pacific, San Jose, Cal., 1886-91 ; Instructor and Assistant 
Professor, Mathematics, Stanford University, 1891-1900; Teacher 
of Mathematics, Washburn School, San Jose, 1901-02. Manager 
of two small orchards, 1890-1905. Assessor, College Park Sani- 
tary District, 1905-09; President of College Park Association of 
Friends, 1893-1904. Minute Clerk in Senate, California State 


Legislature, Session of 1913. Insurance business. Provident Life 
& Trust Company ; New York-California Underwriters, etc. 1899, 
elected a member of the Corporation of Haverford College; Di- 
rector of the Mutual Building and Loan Association of San Jose 
and College Park since organization in April, 1889. 

b. Azalia, Ind., August 10, 1854. s. Benjamin Cox and Mary 
Morris, m. San Jose, Cal., June 26, 1884, Lydia Shipley Bean. c. 
Mary Hannah, 1885 (d. 1885); Anna Shipley, 1887; Catharine 
Morris, 1890. Address, 855 Chapman Street, San Jose, Cal. 

Edwards, Josiah Pennington, A.B. 

Entered 1876. 

Won Gold Medal Alumni Prize for Oratory and Composition, 
1879. Teacher, Bloomingdale Academy, Ind., 2 years; General 
Agent for Book Concern, Nashville, Tenn., 2 years ; Homesteader 
and Lumber Dealer, Colorado, 4 years ; General Agent, Book Con- 
cern, Kansas City, Mo., 2 years; Insurance Agent, Richmond, 
Ind., 1 year; shingle manufacturer, State of Washington, 1 year; 
Teacher in Washington, 2 years. Editor of The Record, Mt. Ver- 
non, Wash. Mechanician and inventor. 

b. Spiceland, Ind., March 22, 1852. s. David Edwards and 
Susanna Pennington, m. Kansas City, Mo., June 25, 1890, Ella 
Henry Bailey, c. Carleton Bailey, 1892; Ella Louise (Maxwell), 
1897. Address, Spiceland, Ind. 

Gause, Charles Edward, S.B. 

Entered Junior Class 1878. 

Alumni Prize for Oratory. Editor, The Haverfordian, 1880. 
Student at Harvard, 1884-85. Instructor in Mathematics and 
Curator of the Museum, Haverford College, 1883-84. Teacher. 
Compiler and Editor, two School Readers. Tutor. 

b. Rahway, N. J., November 27, 1859. s. Charles E. Gause and 
Mary Jane Townsend. Address, 14 Llandilo Road, Llanerch, Pa. 

Jones, Edward Megarge, SB. 

Entered Junior year 1878. 

Vice-President, Everett. Editor, The Bud. Cricket Team. 
Lumber merchant, 1881-87; commission merchant, 1887-1907. Re- 
tired. Member, Philadelphia Cricket Club; Germantown and 
Chestnut Hill Improvement Association; Germantown Horticul- 
tural Society ; Young Men's Christian Association ; Independent 
Republican Club. Keystone Automobile Club. 

b. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., February 22, 1859. s. Charles 
Jones (1837) and Ann Magarge. Address, 114 West Coulter 
Street, Germantown, Pa. 


Lynch, James Lewis, A.B. 

Entered 1876. 

Teacher; Superintendent, Public Schools, Fayette, and County 
School Commissioner, Howard County, Mo., 6 years. Bookseller 
and stationer at Fayette, 8 years. County Superintendent, Schools, 
Saline County, Mo., 1909-19. 

b. Fayette, Mo., November 19, 1848. s. Robert Lynch and 
Matilda Hall. Address, 362 South Jefferson Avenue, Marshall, 

Mason, Samuel, A.B. 

Entered 1876. 

Won Freshman Cricket Prize Belt ; Sophomore-Freshman Prize 
Bat, 2 years ; First Eleven Prize Bat, Junior and Senior years ; 
Captain of First Eleven. Treasurer, Alumni Association, 1886-90. 
Director in Trust Company, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., and 
also in various manufacturing companies. 

b. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., October 15, 1859. s. Samuel 
Mason and Jane T. Edge. m. January 7, 1886, Katharine E. 
Stokes, c. Samuel, Jr., 1887; Katharine W. (Elkinton), 1892; 
Evelyn, 1896. Address, 704 Locust Avenue, Germantown, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Perry, William Francis, A.B. 

Entered 1877. 

Various offices in Athenaeum and Loganian. Honor Student. 
Associate Principal, New Paltz Academy, 3 years; Principal, Ver- 
milion Grove Academy, 1 year ; Hotel Clerk, Minnewaska, Ulster 
County, N. Y., 8 years; Manager, Aldine Hotel, Philadelphia, Pa., 

b. Providence, R. I., March 12, 1857. s. William Henry Perry 
and Sarah Anna Nichols, m. December 23, 1883, Ellen Elizabeth 
Markle. Address, Aldine Hotel, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Rhoads, Joseph, A.B., A.M., 1883. 

Entered 1877. 

Valedictorian. Editor, The Haverfordian, 1879-80. Instructor 
in Natural History and Curator, Museum, Haverford College, 
1880-83. Principal, Friends' Central Academy, Plainfield, Ind. 
Teacher, Wilmington, Del., and at Westtown. Salesman. Adver- 
tising Manager. Minister in the Society of Friends. 

b. Marple, Delaware County, Pa., April 3, 1857. s. Jonathan 
Evans Rhoads and Rebecca C. Garrett, m. Pennsdale, Pa., July 
5, 1882, Harriet E. Masters, c. Joseph Edgar Rhoads, 1883. 
Address, Moylan, Delaware County, Pa. 

1880] matriculate catalog 193 

Bachman, Frank Eshleman. (S.B., Lafayette College, 1880.) 
Entered 1876 and left at close of Freshman year. 
Student, Lafayette College, Pa., 1877-80. Analytical Chemist 
and Blast Furnace Manager. 

b. Strasburg, Pa., December 9, 1858. s. Jacob Bachman and 
Elizabeth Eshleman. m. October 20, 1888, Bessie Timberlake. 
Address, Port Henry, N. Y. 

Bines, David Adams. 

Entered 1876; left 1877. 

Farmer. Coal Dealer. Solicitor. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., April 18, 1859. s. David Adams Bines 
and Tacy M. Trump. Address, Fifty-third and Berks Streets, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

fCope, Francis Hazen. 

Entered 1876 and left 1879, at close of the Junior year. 


b. Awbury, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. d. Boston, Mass., 
January 7, 1909 (accident), s. Francis Reeve Cope (Class 1839) 
and Anna Stewardson Brown. 

fHill, Mahlon Patterson. 

Entered 1876 and left at close of Sophomore year. 


b. Mt. Pleasant, O., January 27, 1857. d. October 12, 1916. 
s. Joseph Hill and Deborah Patterson, m. June 11, 1885, Anna E. 

Roberts, Joseph Russel Evans. 

Entered 1876 and left at close of the Freshman year. 

Rockhill Iron & Coal Company; Secretary and Treasurer, Phila- 
delphia National Baseball Club; with Marshall Spader & Co. 
(stock brokers). Member, Philadelphia Club; Racquet Club; 
Philadelphia Country Club ; Maryland Jockey Club. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., January 16, 1860. s. Edward Roberts and 
Martha Price Evans, m. November 15, 1910, Ethel Inez Tiera. 
Address, 1833 Delancey Place, Philadelphia, Pa. 

fSchively, Edwin Ford. (A.B., A.M., LL.B., Univ. of Pa., 1884. 

Entered 1876 and left 1877. 

Student at University of Pennsylvania, 1877-80. Instructor of 
Latin and Greek, Germantown Academy, 1880-81. Lawyer, Real 
Estate Title & Trust Company, 1889. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., May 9, 1860. d. August, 1912. s. W. 
Henry Schively and Anna Thomas Ford. m. Mary Esther Roots. 



fTownsend, Clayton William. (M.D., 1870, College of Phys- 
icians and Surgeons, N. Y. City.) 
Entered Junior Class 1878 and left at close of the year. 
Editor, The Havcrfordian. Studied medicine at University of 
Michigan, 1868-69, and at College of Physicians and Surgeons, 
New York City, 1869-70. Physician; teacher. 

b. Near Fredericktown, O., November 8, 1847. d. Lanthol, O., 
June 30, 1880. s. Asa M. Townsend and Elizabeth G. Wood. 
m. August 23, 1872, Rachel Annette Levering. 

tUpdegraff, William Ross. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1877 and left at end of the year. 

Student at Earlham College, Richmond, Ind., two years. Mer- 
chant. Manufacturer of and jobber in pottery wares. 

b. Mt. Pleasant, O., May 12, 1859. d. 1907. s. David Brainard 
Updegraff (Class 1853) and Rebecca Ballinger Price, m. Febru- 
ary 14, 1887, Laura Alda Heberling. 

Whitall, John Mickle. 

Entered 1876 and left at close of Junior year. 

Overseer, William Penn Charter School. Manager of Haver- 
ford College. Glass manufacturer. Member, University Club; 
Huntingdon Valley Country Club; Sunnybrook Golf Club; Ger- 
mantown Cricket Club. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., January 8, 1858. s. James Whitall (Class 
of 1853) and Mary Wistar Cope. m. Philadelphia, Pa., October 
20, 1881, Margaret Haines Bacon, c. Margaret M., 1882; Mil- 
dred, 1884; James, 1888; Helen, 1890; William H. B., 1892. 
Address, 512 Church Lane, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 

fWhite, Thomas Newby. (M.D., 1882, College of Phys. and Sur- 
geons, Baltimore, Md.) 
Entered 1876 and left at end of Sophomore year. 
Studied medicine. Vice-President, Seaboard Medical Associa- 
tion of Eastern North Carolina and Virginia. 

b. Belvidere, N. C. December 12, 1857. d. Franklin, Va., April 
2, 1918. s. David White and Isabel Wilson, m. Franklin, Va., 
October 20, 1909, Jane Densur Pretlin (?). c. Mary Winston, 
1911; Thomas N., Jr., 1913. 


Blair, William Allen, A.B. (A.B., Harvard, 1882. Hon. A.M., 
Trinity College, N. C, 1889.) 
Entered 1877. 
President, Everett. One of the first Editors of The Haver- 


fordian. Business Manager of the same. Student at Harvard 
University, 1881-82; at Johns Hopkins University, 1885-86. Prin- 
cipal, High Point School, N. C, 1882; Superintendent of Schools, 
High Point, 1883; Principal, High School, 1885; Lecturer on 
Pedagogy, Swarthmore College, 1886. Principal, High School, 
Winston, N. C, and Editor Educational Magazine, 1887. 1888, 
Superintendent, State Normal Schools; 1889, State Representative 
to Paris Exposition. 1889, Delegate to World's Sunday-School 
Convention, London. 1890, President, Bank ; Board of Examiners, 
Trinity College. 1891, State Board Charities and Public Wel- 
fare; Delegate to National Association Charities and Corrections. 
1894, admitted to Bar. 1898, President, North Carolina State 
Bankers' Association. 1901, assisted in organizing a powerful 
Life Insurance Company. 1904 to date, President, State Board 
Charities and Public Welfare. 1905, Member, United States As- 
say Commission. Special Aide on personal staff of President of 
United States, with rank of Colonel. 1908, appointed, Inaugura- 
tion Committee. 1909, Trustee, George Peabody College for 
Teachers; Trustee, Salem College. Speaker for Liberty Loan 
Campaign. Lawyer, banker, welfare worker, etc. Director and 
Chairman, Finance Committee, Jefferson Standard Life Insurance 
Company ; Scout Commissioner for Winston-Salem ; State Board 
of Pardons. Member, Winston-Salem Board of Trade; Cosmos 
Club; Twin City Club; Forsythe Country Club; State Bankers' 
Association ; American Bankers' Association ; Vice-President of 
same, 1919. Member, State Historical Association; United States 
Historical Association; Southern Historical Association; Na- 
tional Geographic Society; Shakespearian Society; Phi Beta 

b. High Point, N. C, June 4, 1859. s. S. I. Blair and Abigail 
Hunt. m. Winston-Salem, N. C, November 20, 1895, Mary 
Eleanor Fries, c. Margaret Agnes, 1896; Marian Hunt, 1899; 
John Fries (Class 1924), 1903. Address, 210 South Cherry Street, 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Brinton, Walter. 

Entered Junior Class 1879. 

Associate Editor, The Haver fordian; on First Football Team. 
Civil Engineer. Surveyor and Regulator of Fifth Survey of Dis- 
trict of Philadelphia, Pa. Member, Board of Surveyors for City 
of Philadelphia since 1892. Member, Engineers' Club of Phila- 
delphia; American Institute of City Planning; Pennsylvania His- 
torical Society; Union League of Philadelphia. 

b. Chadds Ford, Pa., July 10, 1859. s. Emmor Brinton and 


Deborah Garrett, m. Frarikford, Philadelphia, Pa., April 16, 1891, 
Elizabeth W. Smedley. c. W. Carroll (d. 1918), 1894; Mary S., 
1896; Elizabeth, 1900. Address, 4540 Adams Avenue, Frank- 
ford, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Carey, Anthony Morris, A.B. 

Entered 1877. 

Captain of First Cricket Eleven. Minister in Society of Friends. 
Vice-President, Carey Machinery and Supply Company. 

b. Baltimore County, Md., January 11, 1861. s. James Carey 
(Class of 1839) and Susan Budd Kimber. m. January 18, 1893, 
Margaret Cheston Thomas, c. G. Cheston, 1894; James Carey, 
III, 1895; M. Millicent, 1899; Anthony Morris, Jr., 1900; Susan 
Shober, 1904; Richard H. T., 1906. Address, 1004 Cathedral 
Street, Baltimore, Md. 

Collins, William Henry, SB., A.M., 1892. 

Entered 1877. 

"Spoon Man" ; Secretary of Athenxum. Member, Phi Beta 
Kappa, 1898. Member, Loganian; Founders' Society. Secretary 
of Class of 1881 to date. Author several articles on "Observa- 
tions of Sun Spots," "Position of Comets," etc. Mercantile pur- 
suits, 1884-87; Assistant in Haverford College Observatory, 1891- 
92. Director, 1892-1904; Superintendent, Buildings and Grounds 
of Haverford College, 1897-1920. Member, National Geographi- 
cal Society ; American Astronomical Society ; Save the Redwoods 
League; Foreign Missionary Association of Friends of Philadel- 
phia; Member of the Corporation of Haverford College; of the 
Cheyney Training School for Teachers ; Member of the Keystone 
Automobile Club; Member of Society of Friends; Member of the 
Main Line Citizen's Association. Retired. 

b. Peekskill, N. Y„ October 22, 1859. s. William Bowne Col- 
lins and Mary Griffen. m. Philadelphia, Pa., May 22, 1894, Julia 
Cope. Address, Haverford, Pa. 

Cook, Joseph Horace, S.B. 

Entered 1877. 

Civil Engineer and Architect, Pennsylvania Railroad, 1881-84; 
Board of Public Education, Philadelphia, Building Department, 
1885-1918. 1918, retired. Member, Union League, Philadelphia. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., April 18, 1862. s. Joseph Harris Cook and 
Anna Pharo. m. ( 1 ) Philadelphia, Pa., November 26, 1906, Mar- 
garet Miller Bradlev (d. November 25, 1911); (2) Philadelphia, 
Pa., July 10, 1918, Mary M. Fuller. Address, Holliston and 
Rubio Streets, Altadena, Cal. 


Edwards, Levi Talbot, A.B., A.M., 1889. 

Entered 1877. 

President of Class. First Prize, Haverfordian Essay. Teacher, 
Bloomingdale Academy, Ind., 1881-82. Professor of Mathe- 
matics, Wilmington College, O., 1882-86; Professor of Mechanics 
and Engineering, Haverford College, 1886-1905. Consulting Engi- 
neer, 1905-17. Awarded Edward Longstreth Medal of Merit by 
Franklin Institute of Philadelphia for inventon of Talbot Com- 
pound Air Lift System. Member, Phi Beta Kappa. Member, 
American Society of Mechanical Engineers ; Society for the Pro- 
motion of Engineering Education. Member, City Club of Phila- 
delphia. Engineer. Municipal and Industrial Water Supply. In- 
ventor and Patentee. 

b. Ogden, Ind., January 29, 1854. s. David Edwards and 
Susanna Pennington, m. (1) Blanchester, O., July 1, 1885, Elvie 
L. Aikin; (2) Haverford, Pa., June 25, 1890, Mariana C. Ladd. 
c. Edward Aikin, 1886; Earle Nelson, 1888; Alethea Talbot, 1892. 
Address, 1478 North Lake Avenue, Pasadena, Cal. 

Forsythe, Davis Hoopes, S.B. 

Entered Junior Class 1879. 

Teacher for 33 years at Germantown Friends' School and at 
Westtown. Editor, The Friend. Superintendent of Office Build- 
ing in Philadelphia. 

b. Near Chadds Ford. Pa., August 25, 1858. s. Lewis For- 
sythe and Mary Ann Hoopes. Address, 400 North Church Street, 
West Chester, Pa. 

Hartshorne, Edward Yarnall, A.B. 

Entered 1877. 

President, Everett Society; President of Class; Treasurer of 
Alumni Association. Railroading, 1882-1903. Banking, 1903-19. 
Retired. Treasurer of several charitable organizations. Member, 
Main Line Citizens' Association; American Academy of Political 
and Social Science ; Pennsylvania Historical Society ; various chari- 
table organizations. 

b. Overbrook, Pa., October 11, 1861. s. Charles Hartshorne 
(Class of 1846) and Caroline Cope Yarnall. m. Ardmore, Pa., 
October 15, 1896, Clementina Borie Rhodes, c. Caroline C, 1897; 
Emily B., 1898; Clementina R., 1903; Edward Y., 1912. Address, 
Oakley Road, Haverford, Pa. 

Johnson, Isaac Thorne, A.B., A.M., 1887. 
Entered 1877. 
Principal, Friends' School, Wilmington. Del.. 1881-98; Treas- 


urer and Literary Editor, The John C. Winston Company, Phila- 
delphia, Pa., 1899-1906; Secretary-Treasurer, The Johnson Manu- 
facturing Company, makers of railway supplies, Urbana, O., 1907 
to date. Manufacturer. Member, The American Academy of 
Political and Social Science. Member of Friends' Publication 
Board (appointed 1912 by the Five Years' Meeting) ; Member of 
Board of Trustees of Wilmington College, O. ; Member of Haver- 
ford College Corporation. 

b. Mooresville, Ind., February 6, 1858. s. Alfred Johnson and 
Anna M. Thorne. m. Dwight, 111., October 7, 1902, Lida Manson 
Kimball. Address, 200 South High Street, Urbana, O. 

Kennard, Edwin Orson, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1878. Won First Prize, Loganian 
Debating Contest. President, Athenaeum. Valedictorian. Sub- 
scription book business, 1881-85. Teacher, Central High School, 
Columbus, O., 1885-90; furniture business, 1891; orange and 
lemon grower; instrumental in development of irrigation in upper 
San Gabriel Valley. 

b. Greensboro, Ind., October 23, 1852. s. Jacob Kennard and 
Rebecca Polk. m. Columbus, O., October 23, 1884, Flora Hesse. 
c. Earle H., 1885; Helen Rose, 1888; Roberta Claire, 1890; Ruth, 
1892; Theodore Gladden, 1904. Address, Glendora, Cal., R. F. 
D. 118. 

Moore, Jesse Hollowell, A.B. 

Entered 1877. 

Secretary, Loganian ; Secretary, Everett ; Editor of The Haver- 
fordian. Secured organization of Y. M. C. A. in the College; 
Corresponding Secretary of same for 1 year. Teacher, 1881-90, 
North Carolina; Principal, High School in Illinois, 1890-91. 
Teacher in High School in Texas, 1891-94. Principal, Friendsville 
Academy, Tenn., 1894-1902. Professor, Greek, Washington Col- 
lege, 1904-05. Dean and Professor of Latin and Greek in Lincoln 
Memorial University, Tenn., 1905-09. Professor, Latin and 
Greek, Lincoln Memorial University, 1909 to date. Recorded a 
Minister of the Society of Friends, 1884. Chairman, Chapter 
Red Cross, 1918-19. Member, The Classical Association of the 
Middle West and South ; National Geographical Society. 

b. Goldsboro, N. C, April 18, 1855. s. Curtis P. Moore and 
Jinnette Smithey. m. Lagrange, N. C, December 26, 1889, 
Blanche Headen. c. Ruth, 1894. Address, Harrogate, Claiborne 
County, Tenn. 


Page, William Enoch, A.B. (A.B., Harvard, 1882.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1878. 

President, Athenaeum; Editor of The Havcrfordian. Student 
at Harvard University, 1881-82; at Harvard Law School, 1883. 
Teacher, Newport, R. I., 1883-88; Chicago, 111., 1889. Manager 
of Carnegie property, Cumberland Island, Ga., 1890-1915. Man- 
ager of Estate of Lucy C. Carnegie (deceased), 1916-22. Di- 
rector of First National Bank of Fernandina, 1896-1922. Secre- 
tary of Fernandina Dock & Realty Company, 1903-22. Member, 
Harvard Law School Thayer Club; Seminole Club, Jacksonville, 

b. South Danvers, Mass., August 7, 1862. s. Enoch Page and 
Ruth Devol. m. Chicago, 111., November 23, 1903, Elinor Tucker 
Bickford. Address, Cumberland Island, Ga. 

Price, Walter Ferris, A.B., A.M., 1882. (A.M., Harvard, 1884.) 

Entered 1877. 

Won Prize Belt for Fielding in Cricket, twice; Bat, once. Mem- 
ber, Phi Beta Kappa. Assistant Librarian, Haverford College, 
1881-83. Teacher in Haverford Grammar School, 1884-91. 
Studied architecture and traveled. 1892-1902; since, practiced as 
an architect. 

b. Delaware County, Pa., August 31, 1857. s. James Martin 
Price and Sarah D. Lightfoot. m. Philadelphia, Pa., December 8, 
1906, Felicia H. Thomas, c. Eleanor M., 1910. Address, 119 
South Fourth Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Smith, Albanus Longstreth, S.B. 

Entered 1877. 

United States Coast Survey; Structural Iron Contractor; Im- 
porter of Metallic Tubing ; Trustee and Manager of Cemeteries. 

b. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., March 29, 1859. s. Horace 
J. Smith and Margaret Longstreth. m. Germantown, Philadel- 
phia, Pa., October 20, 1885, Emma Brooks Mellor. c. Mayburry 
Mellor, 1888; Lloyd Mellor, 1890; Elizabeth P. (Satterthwaite), 
1897. Address, 45 East Penn Street, Germantown, Philadelphia, 

Winslow, Thomas Newby, A.B. 

Entered 1877. 

First Cricket Eleven. Teacher, 2 years. Lawyer. Life Insur- 
ance, about 15 years. Income Tax Agent, 5 years. Accountant, 2 
years. Life Insurance. 

b. Belvidere, N. C, April 19, 1861. s. Thomas E. Winslow 
and Mary Ann Peele. m. Guilford County, N. C, June 5, 1901, 


Louise Palmer, c. Thomas P., 1904; Louis J., 1907. Address, 
183 William Street, East Orange, N. J. 

fWinston, John Clark, A.B. 

Entered 1877. 

Alumni Prize for Oratory, 1881. Class President; Vice-Presi- 
dent, Loganian Society ; President, Alumni Association, 1895-96. 
Manager of "Branch Office" of the "Christian Union" of New 
York, 2 years; and at Indianapolis, Ind., 1884-1920; President, 
John C. Winston Publishing Company, Philadelphia. One of the 
originators of the Philadelphia reform movement, and Chairman, 
Committee of Seventy; Chairman of Citizens' Committee, which 
secured a new charter for Philadelphia, 1919. Active in politics 
and civic duties, 1904-1920. December, 1919, appointed Director 
of Public Works, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Member, Historical Society 
of Pennsylvania; The University Club; the City Club; the Ger- 
mantown Cricket Club; the Huntingdon Valley Country Club. 
1916, President, Arts and Science Club of Germantown. 

b. Darlington, Ind., November 22, 1856. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
May 6, 1920. s. Bowling Henry Winston and Anna Clark, m. 
Richmond, Va., July 19, 1883, Samuella Terrell Ricks, c. Lucy 
A. Winston. 


Chase, William Cromwell. 

Entered 1877 and left at close of Sophomore year, 1879. Re- 
entered Junior Class 1880 and left during the year. 

b. Haverford, Pa., September 27, 1862. s. Thomas Chase (Pro- 
fessor of Philology, 1885-86; President, 1874-86) and Alice Un- 
derbill Cromwell. Address, care of T. H. Chase, 6558 Greenwood 
Avenue, Chicago, 111. 

Davis, George Frederick. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1878 and left at close of Sophomore 

School teacher; farmer; bookkeeper; express agent; agent of 
State Board of Lunacy and Charities; Member, Town School 
Committee; Assistant in the State Department of Public Welfare. 

b. Westport, Mass., September 8, 1857. s. Benjamin Davis and 
Esther M. Gifford. m. Tiverton, R. I., Christina R. Sanford. 
Address, 281 Grove Street, Fall River, Mass. 

fHadley, Walter Carpenter. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1878 and left because of ill health at 
close of Junior year. 


One of the founders of The Havcrfordian and its first Business 
Manager. Student at Chicago University. Member, American 
Institute of Mining Engineers; President, Southwestern Mining 
Association; Secretary, Historical Society of New Mexico. Sen- 
ator, New Mexico Thirty-first Assembly. President, New Mexico 
School of Mines. Member of Board of Regents. Journalist; 
Mining Engineer, Merchant and Railroad Builder. 

b. Richmond, Ind., September 8, 1857. d. Albuquerque, N. M., 
February 16, 1896. s. Hiram Hadley (Class 1856) and Hannah 
Fulghum. m. Philadelphia, Pa., 1883, Alice C. Paxson. 

fHarvey, Lawson Moreau. (LL.B. Central Law School, Ind., 

Entered 1877 and left at close of Freshman year. 

Student at Butler University, Ind., 1878-80; Central Law School 
of Indiana. Lawyer. Judge of Superior Court, Marion County, 
Ind., 1894-98. Lawyer. Justice of Supreme Court of Indiana, 
at Indianapolis, 1916-20. 

b. Plainfield, Ind., December 5, 1856. d. Indianapolis, Ind., 
June 25, 1920. s. Thomas Burgess Harvey, M. D., LL. D., and 
Delitha Butler, m. October 18, 1882, Kate Parrott. 

fHussey, George Frederick. (LL.B., Univ. of Md.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1878 and left at close of the year. 
Student at Law School of University of Maryland. Lawyer. 
Advertising Agent, Cincinnati, O. ; then at Rochester, N. Y. ; 
then New York City ; Book Publisher ; Assistant Secretary, Ameri- 
can Bible Society. 

b. Peekskill, N. Y., September 24, 1859. d. East Orange, N. J., 
April 27, 1894. s. George Frederick Hussey and Margaret Clapp. 
m. July 2, 1890, Kate Philip. 

fJenkins, Charles Williams. 

Entered 1877 and left at close of the Freshman year. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., May 26, 1860. d. Germantown, Philadel- 
phia, Pa., August 17, 1881. s. Jabez Jenkins and Margaret Wil- 

Marshburn, William Valentine. (M.D., Univ. of Louisville, Ky., 
Entered 1877 and left at close of Freshman year. 
Student at Louisville Medical College, 1880-81, and at Uni- 
versity of Louisville, Tenn., 3 years; Principal, Sylvan Academy, 
N. C, 1877-79; Principal of Friendsville Academv, Friendsville, 
Tenn, 1881-84. Physician, Estacade, Tex., 1886-1895; Physician, 
El Modena, Cal., 1895-1903; at Whittier, Cal., 1903-12; Superin- 


tendent, Whittier Hospital, Cal., 1907-12. Physician at Yorba 
Linda, Cal., 1912-20. Surgeon for Pacific Electric Railway since 
1907. Physician and Surgeon. Fruit grower. Director in First 
National Bank. 

b. Snow Camp, N. C, June 13, 1855. s. Obed Marshburn and 
Catherine Pickett, m. Danville, Ind., July 26, 1881, Alzora E. 
Hadley. c. Clara (Semans), 1887; Albert L., 1889; Elma (Pear- 
son), 1891; Cora A. (Sydnor), 1893; Oscar O., 1896. Address, 
Yorba Linda, Cal., Box 65. 

fPhiUips, John Lougeay. (M.D., Jefferson Medical College, 
Phila., Pa., 1883.) 
Entered 1875 and left during Junior year, 1880. 

b. Pittsburgh, Pa., March 1, 1859. d. . s. R. B. Phillips 

and . 

Shipley, Walter Penn. (LL.B., Univ. of Pa., 1883.) 

Entered 1877 and left at close of Junior year. 

First Cricket Eleven. Treasurer of Alumni Association, 2 years. 
Law Student at University of Pennsylvania, 1880-83. Licensed 
Pilot of Delaware River. Member of Law Firm, Shipley & Vaux, 
for over 30 years. For over 14 years Editor of Chess Column 
in Philadelphia Inquirer. Half owner of Shipley & Vaux Shoe 
Manufacturing Company, Philadelphia, Pa., since 1915. Director 
and Treasurer, Trustees Germantown Preparative Meeting of 
Friends. Treasurer of Home for Aged and Infirm Colored Per- 
sons ; Director of The John C. Winston Company. Co-editor with 
G. C. Reichholm, "History of Chess in Philadelphia." Chess 
champion of Pennsylvania for years 1898, 1902, 1909. Chess 
champion of Philadelphia for years 1888, 1890, 1901, 1906, 1913. 
President, Franklin Chess Club for many years. Member, Uni- 
versity Club; Historical Society of Philadelphia. Member, Man- 
hattan Chess Club of New York City ; Boot and Shoe Manufac- 
turers' Association of Philadelphia ; National Boot and Shoe Manu- 
facturers' Association. Attorney at Law and Manufacturer. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., June 20, 1860. s. Thomas Shipley and 
Eliza M. Drinker, m. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., October 
17, 1889, Anne Emlen. c. Thomas Emlen, 1890; James Emlen, 
1894; Walter Penn, Jr., 1897. Address, 477 Locust Avenue, Ger- 
mantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 

fVail, George Requa. 

Entered 1877; left during Junior year. 

b. February 13, 1860. d. Los Angeles, Cal., 1880. s. Nathan 
R. Vail and Anna Walker. 


fVail, John Randolph. 

Entered 1877 and left Sophomore year, 1878. 

b. May 28, 1861. d. 1891. s. Nathan R. Vail and Anna Walker. 

White, Walter. 

Entered 1877 and left at close of Freshman year. 

Farmer. Clerk. Minister in Society of Friends. Operator of 
lumber and shingle mill. Bookkeeper and stenographer for manu- 
facturing plant. 

b. Belvidere, N. C, November 26, 1858. s. Rufus White and 
Lydia Wilson, m. Belvidere, N. C, October 20, 1880, Alice Law- 
ton Nicholson, c. Lydia Nicholson, 1881 ; Percival Bassett, 1883 ; 
Alice Everett, 1887; Charles Nicholson, 1889; Ellen Mildred, 
1896; Marianna, 1900. Address, 309 Johnson Street, High Point, 
N. C. 


Barton, George Aaron, A.B., A.M., 1885; LL.D.. 1914. (A.M., 
Harvard, 1890; Ph.D., Harvard, 1891.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1879. 

Associate Editor of The Haverfordian; President of Class; 
Valedictorian ; President of Council of Loganian Society ; Presi- 
dent, Everett Society. Editor-in-Chief, The Haverfordian. Presi- 
dent of Y. M. C. A. Everett Prize for Debating. Member, Phi 
Beta Kappa. Recorded Minister in Society of Friends, 1879-1918. 
Deacon in the Episcopal Church, 1918-19; Presbyter, 1919 to 
date. Insurance business, Boston, Mass., 1882-84. Teacher of 
Bible, Philosophy, Mathematics and Classics, Friends' School, 
Providence, R. I., 1884-89; Student at Harvard University, 1889- 
91. Lecturer on Bible Languages, Haverford College, 1891-95; 
Associate in Biblical Literature and Semitic Languages, Bryn 
Mawr College, 1891-96; Associate Professor, 1896-1904; Pro- 
fessor, 1904 to date ; Director of the American School of Oriental 
Research in Jerusalem. 1902-03. Professor of the Literature and 
Language of the New Testament in the Divinity School of the 
Protestant Episcopal Church in Philadelphia. 1921 to date; Di- 
rector of the American School of Oriental Research in Bagdad, 
1921 to date. Author : A Sketch of Semitic Origins. Social and 
Religious; The Roots of Christian Teaching as Found in the Old 
Testament; A Year's Wandering in Bible Lands; Haverford 
Library Collection of Cuneiform Tablets (3 vols.) ; Ecclesiastes; 
The Heart of the Christian Message; Commentary on Job; The 
Origin and Development of Babylonian Writing; Sumcrian Busi- 


ness and Administrative Documents; Arclucology and the Bible; 
The Religions of the World; Miscellaneous Babylonian Inscrip- 
tions; Sumerian Religious Texts; The Religion of Israel; Jesus 
of Nazareth, a Biography. Author, important monographs in 
memorial volumes to the late President Harper, of Chicago, and 
the late Professor Toy, of Harvard ; also more than ninety articles 
in the Jewish Encyclopedia; the article "Number" in the Encyclo- 
pedia Biblica; more than thirty articles in Hastings' Dictionary 
of the Bible in One Volume; and more than twenty articles in 
Hastings' Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics; also numerous 
articles in the Journal of the American Oriental Society, the Jour- 
nal of Biblical Literature, the American Journal of Archeology, 
the American Journal of Semitic Languages; the Biblical World, 
Orientalische Literaturzcilung, the Friends Review, American 
Friend, Present Day Papers, Frieiuis' Quarterly Examiner and 
other journals. Member, American Oriental Society (President, 
1916-17) ; Society of Biblical Literature and Exegesis (President, 
1913-14) ; Archaeological Institute of America (President of its 
Pennsylvania Society, 1916 to date) ; American Philosophical So- 
ciety ; Phi Beta Kappa (President of Haverford Chapter, 1911- 
12); Society for the Promotion of Liberal Studies; Society of 
Biblical Archaeology, London; Victoria Institute, London; 
Deutsche Morgenlande Gesellschaft ; Deutsche Orients-Gesell- 
schaft; Vorderasiatische Gesellschaft; Palestine Oriental Society, 
Jerusalem; Palestine Exploration Fund, London; Egypt Explora- 
tion Fund, London; Egyptian Research Account, London; Text 
and Translation Society, London ; and the Oriental Club of Phila- 
delphia (President, 1897-98 and 1908-09). Corresponding Mem- 
ber of the Societe Archeologique Franchise. For 12 years ( 1906- 
18) Manager of the American Sunday School Union, and since 
1919 its Educational Adviser. Member of "American Land 
Army," 1917-19. Member, The Harvard Biblical Club and the 
Philadelphia Clericus. Examining Chaplain of the Diocese of 

b. East Farnham, Province of Quebec, Canada, November 12, 
1859. s. Daniel Barton and Mary Stevens Bull. m. Boston, 
Mass., Caroline Brewer Danforth. c. Rhoda C. Barton. Address, 
237 Roberts Road, Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

Coffin, John Elihu, SB. 

Entered 1878. 

First and Second Cricket Teams. President, Cricket and Base- 
ball Associations, 2 years ; Captain, Baseball Team, 2 years. Mem- 
ber, Athenaeum Society. Assistant in Astronomical Observatory, 


1882-83. Compiler of Porter and Coates Interest Tables, 1883. 
Principal, Vermillion Academy, 111., 1883-84. Real estate, Los 
Angeles, Cal, 1887-88. Treasurer's Office, Los Angeles, 1889-90. 
Assistant Superintendent and Superintendent, State School, Whit- 
tier, Cal., 1891-97. Lumber business, Southern Oregon and 
Northern California, 1897-1903. 1906 to date, California Furni- 
ture (Vice-President and President). Empire Arizona Consoli- 
dated Copper Company. Member, University Club; Los Angeles 
Athletic Club; Los Angeles; Merchants and Manufacturers As- 
sociation of Los Angeles ; Chamber of Commerce, Los Angeles ; 
Automobile Club of Southern California. 

b. New Garden, N. C, September 17, 1860. s. Samuel D. 
Coffin and Mary Ann Newlin. m. Los Angeles, Cal., December 
31, 1889, Bertha Lindley. Address, 202 South Washington Ave- 
nue, Whittier, Cal. 

Corbit, Daniel, S.B. 

Entered 1878. 

Member First Cricket Eleven (3 years) and First Football 
Eleven (3 years). Farmer and Farm Manager. Member, Uni- 
versity Club, Philadelphia. 

b. Odessa. Del., January 15, 1863. s. John Cowgill Corbit 
(Class of 1853) and Emily Peterson. Address, Odessa, Del. 

Cox, Isaac Milton, SB. 

Entered 1878. 

Teacher. Principal, School, Fairmount, Kan., 1878; Principal 
of Schools, Montana, la., 1883; Principal, Academy, 1883-86; 
Professor, Greek, Wilmington College, O., 1886-87; Teacher, 
Greek and Latin, Friends' School, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., 
1887-89. Tutor in Latin, San Jose, Cal., 1890-91 ; fruit grower, 
1891-97. Inspector, Schools, Hawaii. Principal of Kalihiwaena 
School (?), Honolulu. President of the Territorial Teachers' 
Association ; Member of Board of Directors of Associated Chari- 
ties, Honolulu. Member, National Education Association; Na- 
tional Geographical Society. 

b. New Providence, la., April 12, 1861. s. Benjamin Cox and 
Mary Morris, m. College Park, San Jose, Cal., May 7, 1891, 
Catherine Elizabeth Bean. c. Joel Bean, 1892; Mary Morris, 
1893 (d. 1898). Address, 919 Twelfth Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii. 

Crosman, George Loring. 

Entered 1878. 

Business Manager of The Haverfordian. City Office Manager, 
Thomson-Houston Electric Company, Chicago, 111. President, G. 


A. Crosman & Sons Company, Portland, Me. ; Chairman, Public 
School Board, Swampscott, Mass.; Chairman, Trustees, Oak 
Grove Seminary, Vassalboro, Me.; Mayor, City of Saco, Me., 
March 18, 1901 ; President, Board of Foreign Missions, New 
England Y. M. Friends; President, Y. M. C. A., Portland, Me.; 
President, Chamber of Commerce, Portland, Me.; President, 
Maine Peace Society, 1914-15; Member, Rotary Club; Portland 
Club; National Association of Box Manufacturers. Manufac- 
turer, lumber and box shooks. 

b. Lynn, Mass., June 14, 1860. s. George A. Crosman and 
Evaline Brown, m. Chicago, 111., September 28, 1886, Mary Agnes 
Pickering, c. Helen C, 1888; Loring Pickering, 1892; Aquila 
Hurford, 1897. Address, Deering Junction, Portland, Me. 

Hazard, Richard Bowne, A.B. 

Entered 1878. 

Teacher for 10 years. Principal. Superintendent, City Schools, 
River Falls, Wis. Proprietor of the Hazard Teachers' Agencies, 
Minneapolis and Spokane, established 1892; incorporated, 1905. 
Also engaged in farming and fruit growing. Author, various 

b. N. Ferrisburg, Vt., August 26, 1859. s. Seneca Hazard and 
Achsah Meader Huntington, m. (1) June, 1884, Isabel Merriam. 
c. Rowland M., 1885; Margery I., 1891. (2) May, 1896, Hattie 

B. Shepherd, c. Frederick S., 1897; Mary S., 1899; T. Hartley, 
1901; Lillian A., 1905; Ruth H., 1907; Richard B., II, 1914. 
Address, Excelsior, Lake Minnetonka, Minn, (home), and 703-4 
Globe Building, Minneapolis, Minn, (business). 

Jones, Frederick Dilwin, SB. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1879. 

Treasurer, Athenaeum. Treasurer, Union Reform League, 1899- 

. Proprietor, Jones Book Store, Los Angeles, Cal., 1886-1906; 
President and Treasurer, Jones Book Company, Los Angeles, Cal., 
1906-13. Published some "Practical Helps for Teachers in Pri- 
mary Grades." Member, Los Angeles Academy of Science. 
Treasurer of Intercollegiate Socialist Society of Los Angeles. 
Member, Proximo Club. Jones Realty Company. 

b. South China, Me., November 30, 1855. s. Clarkson Jones 
and Alvina P. Runnels, m. San Jose, Cal., June, 1891, Minnie 
Hanby. Address, 25 North Wilson Avenue, Alhambra, Cal. 

| Jones, Wilmot Rufus, A.B. 
Entered 1878. 
Won Alumni Prize Medal for Composition and Oratory, 1882. 


Won Prizes for Debate and Declamation, 1882. Vice-President, 
Loganian. Teacher in Friends' School, Providence, R. I., 1882-86; 
Superintendent of Schools and Principal, High School, South 
Hadley Falls, Mass., 1886-89; Headmaster, High School, Brad- 
ford, Mass., 1889-90; Stamford, Conn., 1890-1904; Allegheny 
Preparatory School, Pittsburgh, 1904-10; Headmaster and 
Founder of Mill Brook School, Concord, Mass., 1910-1915. Mem- 
ber of Council of Education, Conn., 1895-1915. President, State 
Teachers' Association, Conn, 1904. Member, National Commis- 
sion on Graded Worship, 1912-15. 

b. South China, Me., October 27, 1859. d. Concord, Mass., 
June 2, 1919. s. Jeremiah Rogers Jones and Mary C. Jones, m. 
(1) July 31, 1883, Julia E. Jones (d. November 16, 1886) ; (2) 
July 30, 1890, Mirah L. Judd (d. August 3, 1897). 

fLeeds, Wilmer Pancoast, A.B. 

Entered Junior Class 1880. 

First Scholar, 1882. Principal, Moorestown Academy. Teacher, 
Friends' Select School, Philadelphia, Pa. 

b. January 12, 1859. d. Atlantic City, N. J., August 10, 1885. 
s. Allen T. and Hannah Leeds. 

Morgan, Jesse Henley, SB. 

Entered from Oskaloosa, la., 1878. 

Student at Earlham College, 1875-76; at Penn College, 1876-78. 
Honor Student. Bookkeeper, Kansas City, Mo., 1883-84; Town- 
ship Trustee, 2 years. School Director. President, Board of 
Directors, Lowell Polytechnic Institute, Lowell, Kan. ; miller, Low- 
ell, Kan. Local traveling salesman. Farmer. Promoter of short 
line of railroad ; railroad contractor ; real estate agent. 

b. Richmond, Ind., July 6, 1861. s. William B. Morgan and 
Sarah Henley, m. August 30, 1893, Ida M. George, c. Raymond 
L. Address, 823 Fourth Street, Alva, Woods County, Okla. 

Palmer, Thomas Chalkley, SB. 

Entered 1878. 

First Scholar, 1882 (Scientific Section) ; President, Everett So- 
ciety ; "Spoon Man," 1882. Special Chemistry Student, Philadel- 
phia College of Pharmacy. 1883-84. Chemist to John M. Sharp- 
less & Co., Chester, Pa., 1882; later a Director in Sharpless Dye- 
wood Extract Company until 1904; Director and Chemist at plant 
of American Dyewood Company, Chester, Pa., 1904- . Manager 
of plant, Chester, Pa., and Director and Second Vice-President of 
American Dyewood Company ; Author, Technical Articles on dyes 
and their uses, in trade journals, and Nature Studies, and more 


technical articles on Natural History, e. g., Notes on Isoetcs, 
Botanical Gazette ; Structure of the Diatom Girdle; Delaware Val- 
ley Forms of Trachelomonas ; A New Diatom; Apparatus of Loco- 
motion in Surirella; various Diatom papers in scientific proceed- 
ings. Member, Phi Beta Kappa; Fellow of Royal Microscopical 
Society; Member, Franklin Institute and Academy of Natural 
Sciences, Philadelphia; Delaware County Institute Sciences, Media, 
Pa. ; University Club, Philadelphia ; Authors' Club, London. Some 
time member, Society Chemical Industry, England; Society Dyers 
and Colorists, England ; Societe Chimique de Paris. 

b. Media, Pa., October 25, 1860. s. Lewis Palmer and Mary 
Comfort Wildman. m. Parkerville, Chester County, Pa., October 
21, 1886, H. Jane Walter, c. Walter, 1888; Lewis, 1889. Ad- 
dress, R. F. D. No. 2, Media, Delaware County, Pa. 

Randolph, Edward, A.B. 

Entered 1878. 

Class Secretary and Treasurer. Bookkeeper. In export and 
import trade with west coast of Africa. Civil Engineer, Chemist 
and Bacteriologist. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., March 6, 1861. s. Edward Taylor Ran- 
dolph and Mary Sharpless. m. August 2, 1893, Anna J. Moon. 
c. Jane C, 1902. Address, R. F. D. No. 4, Hampton, Va. 

Winston, Lindley Murray, S.B. 

Entered 1878. 

Civil Engineer, with C. B. & Q. Railway System, 1 year ; City 
of Philadelphia, Pa., 3 years; Santa Fe Railroad Company in 
Colorado and in Chicago, 1 year ; with John C. Winston & Co., 
Philadelphia, 1889-91. Orange grower, at Redlands, Cal. Secre- 
tary and Manager, Redlands Fruit Association, 7 years. Vice- 
President of same, 1905-20; President, to date. Vice-President 
of the Redlands Co-operative Fruit Association. President, Red- 
lands Highlands Fruit Exchange since 1912. Charter Member of 
Redlands Fortnightly Club. 

b. Darlington, Ind., August 24, 1861. s. Bowling Henry Win- 
ston and Anna Clark, m. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., April 
30, 1891, Lily Palmer White, c. Juliana, 1893 (d. 1893) ; John 
Clark, 1896. Address, 832 Stillman Avenue, Redlands, Cal. 

fGamble, Elisha. 

Entered Junior Class 1880 and left during Senior year. 

b. East Carmel, O. (?), November 28, 1855. d. March 10, 
1895. s. Harrison Gamble and . 


fJay, William Charles. (M.D., Bennett Medical College, 1883.) 
Entered Sophomore Class 1879 and left during Junior year, 

Studied medicine, Bennett Medical College, Chicago, 111., 1881- 

83. Manager of Penn College, la. Physician, Richmond, Ind., 

until on account of failing health removed to a farm near Sharon, 

b. Farmers' Institute, Ind., December 2, 1860. d. Richmond, 

Ind., January 10, 1898. s. Allen Jay and Martha Ann Sleeper. 

m. May 2, 1883, Anna Florence Newby. 

Mott, Richard. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1879 and left at end of the year. 

In earthenware and china jobbing business. Banker. Member, 
Union League ; Huntingdon Valley Country Club ; Pine Valley 
Golf Club. 

b. Burlington, N. J., September 3, 1861. s. Richard Field Mott 
and Susan Thomas, m. Marietta, Pa., October 26, 1892, Emily 
Mehaffey. c. Gertrude (Detwiler) ; Richard F. ; George M. Ad- 
dress, 211 East Union Street, Burlington, N. J. 

Robinson, Herbert Winslow. (M.D., Bowdoin College, 1892.) 
Entered Sophomore Class 1879 and left December, 1879. 
Physician at Epping, N. H., 7 years; in Medford, Mass., 11^4 

years; in Candia, N. H., hy 2 years. 

b. Windham, Me., July 27, 1857. s. Henry Robinson and Lydia 

Varney. m. March 23, 1887, Mary G. Moody, c. Kenneth, 1896. 

Address, Sterling, Mass. 

Robinson, William Henry. (A.B., Colby University, 1882; A.M., 

Entered 1878 and left 1880, at close of Sophomore year. 

Teacher in Oakwood Seminary for 1 year; Teacher of Greek 
and Latin, Dundee Preparatory School, 1883-84. Student of 
Theology, Oberlin College. Minister of the Gospel in northern 
Ohio, Southern California, Northern California; 1892, ordained 
Minister of Congregational Church. Retired from Ministry. Con- 

b. Windham, Me., April 15, 1856. s. Henry Robinson and 
Lydia Varney. m. (1) South Durham, Me., August 14, 1884, 
Alice May Coombs (d. June 26, 1910). c. Ervin Varney, 1903; 
Ruth Lois, 1893. m. (2) Mary Alice Moore (Wilder). Address, 
657 Tularosa Drive, Los Angeles, Cal. 



Rushmore, Townsend. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1879 and left at close of the year. 

Secretary, Athenaeum. President of Class. Entered business 
shortly after leaving college. Member of firm, Carlowitz & Co., 
of China and Japan, until 1919. One term, Member of Common 
Council of the City of Plainfield. Member, Chamber of Com- 
merce of State of New York; Down Town Association of New 
York ; various local organizations and clubs in Plainfield. Retired. 

b. Brooklyn, N. Y., July 27, 1861. s. Isaac W. Rushmore and 
Mary J. Quinby. m. December 3, 1890, Jean Bertram Murray, 
c. Murray Rushmore, 1891 ; Mary Rushmore, 1893. Address, 524 
Stelle Avenue, Plainfield, N. J. 

Thomas, Henry M. (M.D., Univ. of Maryland, 1884; Hon. A.M., 
Johns Hopkins, 1902.) 

Entered 1878 and left at the close of the Freshman year. 

Won Freshman Prize Cricket Belt for Fielding, 1879. Mem- 
ber, Board of Managers, Haverford College. Pre-Medical Stu- 
dent at Johns Hopkins University, 1879-82; Medical Student, Uni- 
versity of Maryland, 1882-85. Post-graduate Student, Johns Hop- 
kins University, 1882- . Post-graduate, Heidelberg, Berlin and 
Vienna, 1886 and 1887. Neurologist. Clinical Professor of 
Neurology, Johns Hopkins University; Visiting Physician to Bay 
View Hospital, representing Johns Hopkins University, 1887-88. 
Physician-in-Chief to Neurological Dispensary, Johns Hopkins 
University Hospital; Neurologist to Johns Hopkins Hospital; 
Consulting Neurologist to Bay View Hospital, Union Protestant 
Infirmary and several other hospitals. Ex- President, Board of 
Trustees, Thomas Wilson Sanitarium for Children. Member, 
Haverford Society of Maryland ; American Neurological Associa- 
tion ; American Medical Association ; other medical societies ; Balti- 
more Country Club. 

b. Baltimore, Md., May 25, 1861. s. James Carey Thomas, 
M. D. (Class 1851, Manager, 1860-97) and Mary Whitall. m. 
Baltimore, Md., October 10, 1889, Josephine Carey, c. Henry 
M., Jr. ; Edward Trudeau. Address, 1228 Madison Avenue, Balti- 
more, Md. 


Baily, William Lloyd, SB. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1880. 

Secretary, Everett; President, Cricket Club. Won following 
prizes in cricket: First Prize for Bowling, 1883; First Prize for 
Fielding, 1883; First Prize for Highest Score (56), 1883. Perma- 


nent Class Secretary. Student, Academy of Fine Arts, 1886. 
Studied Architecture in Europe, 1889. Professor of Architecture, 
University of Pennsylvania, 1889-90. Entered Profession of 
Architecture, 1891. Critic on Competitions at University of Penn- 
sylvania and Pennsylvania Railroad Company. Architect of firm, 
Baily & Bassett. Architect of Haverford College Infirmary, 
Chemical Building; Library Extensions and Stack Room, and 
Sharpless Hall, and of many other prominent buildings in Phila- 
delphia and elsewhere; residences, churches, hotels, schools, office 
buildings, banks, etc. Lecturer on Ornithology in schools, col- 
leges, etc., in eastern states. Founder of the Delaware Valley 
Ornithological Club (the largest and most active Bird Society in 
the United States) ; Red Cross and Liberty Loan Worker, 1917- 
18; War Garden Committee, etc. Member, Merion Cricket Club; 
American Institute of Architects; Pennsylvania State Association 
of Architects; T-Square Club of Philadelphia; Academy of Nat- 
ural Science; American Ornithological Union; Pennsylvania 
Audubon Society, Treasurer ; Member, Board of Managers, Whit- 
tier Centre (in interest of negroes). 

b. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., December 26, 1861. s. 
Joshua Longstreth Baily and Theodate Lang. m. Wayne, Pa., 
April 27, 1893, Sarah S. Boyd. c. William L., Jr., 1895 ; Living- 
ston B., 1899; Sarah B., 1903. Address, 220 East Lancaster Ave- 
nue, Ardmore, Pa. 

Blanchard, John, A.B. (LL.B., Univ. of Pa., 1886.) 

Entered 1879. 

President of Class. Law Student, University of Pennsylvania, 
1884-86; Graduate Student at Law School, University of Penn- 
sylvania. Lawyer. 

b. Bellefonte, Pa., October 23, 1862. s. Evan Miles Blanchard 
and Eliza Thomas Harris. Address, Bellefonte, Pa. 

Briggs, Frank Elwood, A.B. 

Entered 1879. 

With West Shore Railroad, 1883-86. With New York Central 
& Hudson River Railroad, January 1, 1886, to date. Chief Clerk 
to the Auditor Freight Account. Auditor of Freight Accounts, 
New York Central Railroad Company. 

b. Winthrop, Me., July 18, 1858. s. Moses Briggs and Lavinia 
Winslow. m. New York, N. Y., December 7, 1892, Ella Loutrel. 
c. Lutrel W., 1893; Elizabeth L. (deceased), 1895. Address, 225 
West Eighty-sixth Street, New York, N. Y. 


Collins, Stephen Willets, S.B., 1883. (LL.B., Columbia Univer- 
sity, N. Y., 1885.) 

Entered 1879. 

Treasurer and President, Council, Athenaeum ; Manager, Haver- 
ford College, 1896-1919. Attorney and Counsellor at Law. Mem- 
ber of Society of Friends ; Trustee, Treasurer and Attorney, New 
York Colored Mission; Trustee, Secretary and Attorney of 
Twenty-first Ward Mission and Industrial School Association. 
Member, Union League Club; Bar Association of City of New 
York ; Life Member, New York Historical Society. Canoe Brook 
Club; Civic Club of Summit; Director or Attorney for Imperial 
Investing Corporation; Prospect Investing Company; Purchase 
Holding Corporation ; Lenox Hill Corporation ; Lowerre Com- 
pany; W. S. Kitchell Company, Inc.; Purchase Property Owners' 

b. Purchase, N. Y., October 12, 1862. s. Richard Smith Collins 
and Sarah Willets. m. Arietta Hope Prentice, New York City, 
November 15, 1911. c. Stephen Willets, Jr., 1913; Arietta Hope, 
1917. Address, 40 Wall Street, New York City. 

Edwards, David William, SB. 

Entered 1879. 

President of Class. First Scholar in Scientific Section of Class, 
for 4 years. General Agent for Indiana, of Provident Life & 
Trust Company of Philadelphia, Pa. Member of Chamber of 

b. Henry County, Ind., June 17, 1857. s. David Edwards and 
Susanna Pennington, m. Philadelphia, Pa., June 24, 1885, Fannie 
Lytle. c. L. Murray (deceased), 1886; William L. (deceased), 
1888; Edith A., 1890; Walter J., 1893 ; Carroll P., 1895. Address, 
2054 North New Jersey Street, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Evans, George Henry, A.B. 

Entered 1879. 

Editor of The Haverfordian. Merchant and manufacturer, 
1885-95. Secretary and Superintendent, Evans Linseed Oil Com- 
pany. Manager, Mica Roofing Company, Branch Plant. Now 
with Evans Milling Company, Indianapolis, Ind. President, In- 
dianapolis Board of Trade, 1915-16. Treasurer, Midwest Ele- 
vator Company; Member, City Council, 1 term; Member, Wood- 
stock Club (Social). Interested in transportation, railway and 
ocean. Traffic expert. 

b. Waynesville, O., October 15, 1863. s. William R. Evans and 
Margaret A. Hadley. m. Indianapolis, Ind., June 19, 1888, Edna 


B. Pyle. c. William R. ; Mary M.; Edith A. Address, 5019 
North Meridian Street, Indianapolis, Ind. 

ScuU, William Ellis, S.B. 

Entered 1879. 

Publisher. Vice-President, John C. Winston Company of Phila- 
delphia. Editor, "Westminster Abbey and The Cathedrals of 
England," and "Concerning a Cathedral Proposed for the Diocese 
of Pennsylvania." Vestryman for 30 years of St. Asaph Church, 
Bala. Incorporator of Christ Church, Dark Harbor, Me. Pro- 
poser, incorporator and first Canon Registrar of the Cathedral 
Church of Christ of the Diocese of Pennsylvania. Member of 
the Austin Riggs Foundation. Member, "Charter Revision Com- 
mittee" of Philadelphia; Member, Philadelphia Club; Rittenhouse 
Club; Racquet Club; Radnor Hunt Club; Merion Cricket Club; 
Bryn Mawr Polo Club; Historical Society; Church Club. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., March 3, 1862. s. David Scull (Class of 
1854) and Hannah Ellicott Coale. m. February 16, 1887, Flor- 
ence Moore Prall. c. Margaret (Biddle). Address, Philadelphia 
Club, Philadelphia, Pa. 

fShoemaker, Samuel Bines, A.B., (M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1886.) 
Entered 1878; absent part of Freshman year; re-entered 1879 
Student, University of Pennsylvania, Medical Department. 
Resident Physician, Pennsylvania Hospital, 1886-87; Member of 
the County Medical Society; Physician, Out-Patient Department, 
Pennsylvania Hospital, 1890. Physician, Germantown, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 6, 1861. d. Germantown, Phila- 
delphia, Pa., April 2, 1893. s. Benjamin Hallowell Shoemaker 
(Manager, 1880-1916) and Susan Brinton Trump, m. Baltimore 
Md., February 8, 1888, Mary Dawson Tyson. 

Spruance, John Spotswood, S.B. 

Entered 1879. 

Civil Engineer, Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, 1884-86. Manu- 
facturer, Woolen and Worsted Goods, Kensington, Philadelphia, 
1886-92; of Woolen Yarns, Camden, N. J., 1892-99; of Wool and 
Worsted Yarns, Philadelphia, 1899-1902. Cashier, Street Rail- 
way, Wilmington, Del., 1902-06. Operator of farms and real 
estate, 1906-20. Owner and operator of three farms. 

b. New Castle, Del., March 25, 1863. s. William Corbit Spru- 
ance and Mary Louisa Spotswood. m. Spring Lake, N. J., June 
2, 1902, Sarah Keller Johnson, c. William Corbit, Jr., 1904; 
Emily Louisa, 1906; John Spotswood, Jr., 1913. Address, 2210 
Gilpin Avenue, Wilmington, Del. 


Stuart, Francis Bacon, A.B. 

Entered 1879. 

Cricket and Football Teams. School Teacher, Danville, 111., 
"Friends' Academy" ; General Mercantile and Stock Raising, New 
Mexico; established "Union Stock Yards," El Paso, Tex.; Presi- 
dent and Manager, "Atlas Brick Company," El Paso, Tex. Justice 
of Peace ; Postmaster ; Chairman of "Board of Commissioners" in 
New Mexico. Community War Service. Member of Chamber 
of Commerce. Thirty-third degree Mason. 

b. Deep River, N. C, August 15, 1859. s. Amos Stuart and 
Matilda Hadley. Address, 400 Dallas Street, El Paso, Tex. 

fThomas, Bond Valentine, A.B. 

Entered 1879. 

First Scholar in Class. Vice-President, Loganian; President of 
Class. Won Haines Prize Cricket Fielding Belt, 1881 ; Congdon 
Prize Cricket Ball, 1880. Alumni Orator, 1894. Student at Johns 
Hopkins University, 1883. Studied Law. Superintendent, Glass 
Works; General Manager of Gold Mining Company, 1899-(?). 
With Bedell & Co., New York City. 

b. Baltimore, Md., March 23, 1863. d. January 25, 1920. 
s. James Carey Thomas, M. D. (Class 1851; Manager, 1860-97), 
and Mary Whitall. m. (1) Concord, N. H., October 13, 1886. 
Edith Carpenter; (2) . 1901. c. Anne Carey Thomas. 

White, William Alpheus, SB. 

Entered 1879. 

"Spoon Man." Valedictorian. Teacher in public schools and 
in Guilford College. Farmer. Minister of Friends. Member, 
Farmers' Union ; Permanent Board of North Carolina Yearly 

b. Randolph County, N. C, March 26, 1852. s. John White 
and Jane Wilson, m. Snow Camp, N. C, Roxie Dixon, c. Hugh 
Dixon, 1887; Flora Wilson, 1889; Mary Mendenhall, 1891; Wil- 
liam Alpheus, Jr., 1893; John Gurney, 1897; Joseph Dixon, 1899. 
Address, Guilford College, N. C. 

Whitney, Charles Henry, SB. 

Entered 1879. 

Cricket Team, 2 years; Football Team, 2 years. Clerk in Car 
Wheel Foundry, Mechanical Draughtsman, Baldwin Locomotive 
Works; A. Whitney & Sons, cashier and assistant to head of the 
business; Samuel H. French & Co., clerk and salesman; Best, 
Fox & Co., salesman and assistant in Philadelphia office; Member 
of firm of W. K. Mitchell & Co. ; Charles H. Whitney Company, 


manufacturers' representative; President and Treasurer, Whitney, 
MacDonald Company, manufacturers of high and low pressure 
piping systems. Member, Rotary Club; Keystone Automobile 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., July 11, 1861. s. John R. Whitney and 
Louisa Caldwell Butler, m. (1) Overbrook, Philadelphia, Pa., 
December 9, 1903, Mary Dorothy Bians. (2) Bryn Mawr, Pa., 
Mary Frances Smith. Address, Tioga and Memphis Streets, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Whitney, Louis Butler, S.B. 

Entered 1879. 

Clerk at Baldwin Locomotive Works ; at A. Whitney & Sons ; 
at 12 North Seventh Street, Philadelphia. Manager, Alpha Port- 
land Cement Company, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., February 13, 1863. s. John R. Whitney 
and Louise Caldwell Butler, m. Philadelphia, Pa., October 30, 
1889, Mary E. Head. Last address, 529 Pine Road, Sewickley, 

Worthington, Thomas Kimber, A.B. (Ph.D., Johns Hopkins 
Univ., 1888; LL.B., Univ. of Md, 1890.) 

Entered 1879. 

President, Everett Society; of the Loganian; and Editor of 
The Haverfordian. Alumni Orator, 1892. Vice-President, 
Alumni Association. Graduate Student at Johns Hopkins Uni- 
versity, 1883-88; University of Maryland Law School, 1888-90. 
Author, "Historical Sketch of Pennsylvania Finance and Taxa- 
tion." Lawyer ; Editor, Baltimore News; President, Maryland 
Title Insurance & Trust Company ; real estate business. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., April 23, 1863. s. Dr. Joshua H. Worth- 
ington and Mary Morris Kimber. m. (1) May 24, 1887, Mary 
Grace Thomas; (2) Lancaster, Pa., April 4, 1899, Helen Baker 
Higbee. Address, Maryland Casualty Company, Liability Depart- 
ment, Baltimore, Md. 


Cates, Edward Earle. (A.B., 1883; A.M., 1888, Colby Univ.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1880 and left 1881. 

Teacher. Principal of High School in New York, 1884-93 ; 
Principal of High School, Los Angeles, Cal., 1893-97; President, 
Frederick College, Frederick, Md., 1897; Principal, High School, 
Parker, Ariz. Author of articles in "School Bulletin" ; "Journal 


of Education"; "Inland Journal" (educational); "School Re- 
view" ; "Education" ; Author of "Genealogy of the Cate-Cates 
Family of New England." 

b. East Vassalboro, Me., September 12, 1860. s. Charles 
Bunker Cates, M. D., and Margaret Buffum Barker, m. August 
18, 1886, Maggie Wightman. Address, 3830 Homer Street, Los 
Angeles, Cal. 

fCates, Horace Getchell. (A.B., 1883; A.M., 1885, Colby Univ.; 
M.D., Maine Hospital College, 1887.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1880 and left 1881. 

Student at Colby University, 1879 and 1882-83 ; Physician and 
Surgeon to various railroads; Assistant Surgeon to Southern Pa- 
cific Railroad Company; County Coroner, Los Angeles, Cal., 

b. East Vassalboro, Me., May 22, 1863. d. Los Angeles, Cal., 
March 27, 1911. s. Charles Bunker Cates, M. D., and Margaret 
Buffum Barker, m. June 15, 1895, Mary Bichnell. 

Dunn, Robert Rowe. 

Entered 1879 and left 1881. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., April 25, 1863. s. Charles R. Dunn and 
. No address. 

Frissell, Walker Irwin. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1880 and left at close of the year. 

Chemist at Wheeling Iron & Steel Works. 

b. Wheeling, W. Va., December 25, 1862. s. John Frissell, 
M. D., and Elizabeth Ann Thompson, m. Wellsburg, W. Va., 
June 8, 1894, Clara Beale. Address, 54 Fourteenth Street, Wheel- 
ing, W. Va. 

Osborne, William Elmore. 

Entered 1879 and left at close of Freshman year. 

Farmer and sheep raiser, 
b. Near Ashley, O., September 27, 1856. s. John Osborne and 
Minerva Oliver, m. August 22, 1882, Laura Levering. Last 
address, Stantontown, O. 

Price, William Farmer. 

Entered 1879 and left at close of Sophomore year. 

Student at Western Reserve College, Hudson, O., .1874-75. 
Sheep raising in Southwestern Virginia, 1881-83; farming in 
Chester Valley, Pa., 1883-89. Superintendent, New Brunswick 
City Railway Company, and Brunswick Traction Company, 1890- 
98. Philatelist, 1899 to date. 


b. Milwaukee, Wis., August 12, 1860. s. William Ballinger 
Price (Class 1856) and Ellen Farmer, m. Germantown, Pa., 
April 27, 1882, Eleanor French Richards, c. William T. Richards, 
1885 ; Charles Matlack, 1887 ; Edith Ballinger, 1897. Address, 7 
Arnold Avenue, Newport, R. I. 

Rhodes, Richard Somers Smith. 

Entered 1879 and left during the Junior year. 

Member, Glee Club; Captain, Football Team; First Cricket 
Eleven. Manufacturer of cotton and woolen goods, 1887-1902. 
Fire insurance business. Member, Delaware County Historical 
Society; Springhaven Golf Club, Wallingford, Pa. 

b. Crozerville, Pa., March 11, 1861. s. John B. Rhodes and 
Ann Warren, m. Chester, Pa., April 28, 1887, Fannie Wallace 
Price, c. William Warren, 1888. Address, care of William War- 
ren Rhodes, 1309 West Thirteenth Street, Wilmington, Del. 

'Smith, Stephen Decatur, Jr. 

Entered 1880 and left at close of the Freshman year. 

Student at University of Pennsylvania, 1879-80. Author of 
Poems, "Hallo, My Fancy !" in collaboration with Charles Henry 
Liiders, etc. Iron manufacturer. Associate Editor of Ladies' 
Home Journal. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., October 28, 1861. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
December 17, 1909. s. Stephen Decatur Smith and Elizabeth 
Cuthbert. m. January 25, 1887, Florence Eustis. 

Starkey, Howard Abbott. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1880 and left at close of the year. 

In employ of the Elevator Companies, Duluth, Minn., 1881- 
1922. President of Consolidated Elevator Company, Duluth, 
Minn., since 1915. 

b. Vassalboro, Me., February 1, 1860. s. John Warren Starkey 
and Charity Cam m. July 9, 1885, Jennie M. Fellows. Address, 
2602 East Third Street, Duluth, Minn. 

Vail, Herbert Eli. (A.B., Hobart College, N. Y., 1883; A.M., 

Entered Sophomore Class 1880; left December, 1880. 

Student, Hobart College, Geneva, N. Y. Teacher. Observer, 
United States Weather Bureau Station, Mobile, Ala. Meteorolo- 
gist, United States Weather Bureau. Newspaper work, tutoring, 
teaching and government service since 1898. Member, Theta 
Delta Chi Fraternity. 

b. Waterloo, N. Y., November 21, 1858. s. Alfred Vail and 
Mary Jane Pound, m. Rochester, N. Y., June 6, 1900, Mary 


Blanche Sperry. c. Elizabeth Mary, 1904. Address, Elsmere, 
Albany County, N. Y. 

Wetherell, John Mcllvane. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1880 and left at close of the year. 

Quarterback on Football Team. Lumber business, 1887-89. 
Chief Estimator for Nicola Building Company, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Manager, Standard Lumber Company, Butler, Pa. ; Estimator in 
charge of construction, C. H. Mead, Boston, Mass. At present, 
General Contractor and Builder. Member, Rockport Social Club. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., June 10, 1864. s. John Macllvain Wetherell 
and Mary Smith, m. June 26, 1889, Nellie Choate. c. Mary 
Eleanor, 1890; Helen Choate, 1892. Address, 49 Broadway, Rock- 
port, Mass. 

t Wilbur, Harry Lawrence. (A.B., Amherst, 1884.) 

Entered 1879 and left at close of the Sophomore year. 
Student at Amherst College, Mass., 188 -84. Chocolate manu- 

b. Kingston, Pa., December 10, 1863. d. Chicago, 111., Decem- 
ber 23, 1900. s. Henry O. Wilbur and Harriet Almira Lawrence, 
m. October 20, 1896, Clara Mattison Derby. 


Allen, John Henry, A.B., A.M., 1890. (Litt.D., Univ. of Denver, 

Entered Sophomore Class 1881. 

Permanent Class President. First honors. Teacher since 1884. 
District School, Cayuga County, N. Y. ; Principal, Yates Academy, 
N. Y. ; Principal, Schools, Rockvale, Col. ; Superintendent, City 
Schools, Montrose, Colo.; High School Principal in Canon City, 
Colo. ; 1 1 y 2 years, Superintendent of City Schools in Canon City, 
Colo.; for 14 years, 1904-18, Superintendent, City Schools, Grand 
Junction, Colo. ; Buhl, Idaho, at present. Author of many articles 
on school work, school management, etc. A "4-minute" speaker 
during the war. Many times president of local or county teachers' 
associations ; President of Superintendents' and Principals' Round 
Table of the S. T. A. in Denver, Colo. ; Lecturer at Teachers' 
College, Greely, Colo.; Y. M. C. A. active worker; Member, Na- 
tional Education Association ; Idaho State Teachers' Association. 
Member of Chamber of Commerce, Buhl, Idaho ; Chairman, local 
Junior Red Cross, etc., etc. City School Superintendent. 

b. East Hamburg, N. Y., November 1, 1861. s. Franklin G. 


Allen and Hannah Patience Thomas, m. Rockvale, Colo., March 
14, 1888, Jennie Zelle Jones, c. Arthur Jones, 1891 ; Florence, 
1894; Harold Franklin, 1896; Edward Jones, 1898; Winifred, 
1901 ; Ruth, 1904. Address, Corner Eighth and Locust Streets, 
Buhl, Idaho. 

Bates, Orren William, A.B. (LL.B., Yale, 1891.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1881. 

Student, Yale Law School, 1889-91. Member, "Book and 
Gavel" of Yale. Politician. Town Clerk of Sterling, Conn, 1896- 
1920, 1922- . Member, Connecticut House of Representatives, 
1897 and 1905. Town Clerk, Oneco, Conn. 

b. Coventry, R. I., August 17, 1862. s. Ambrose Hopkins Bates 
and Diana E. Kenyon. m. September 16, 1887, Julia Helena 
Seeley. Address, Oneco, Conn. 

Chase, Thomas Herbert, A.B. (A.B., Harvard Univ., 1885, A.M., 

Entered 1880. 

Vice-President of Class, Freshman year; President of Class; 
Vice-President, Loganian; President, Everett. Member, First 
Cricket Eleven. Student at Harvard University, 1884-85 and 
1902. Clerk. Teacher, Oakwood Academy, Union Springs, N. Y., 
1898-1901. Private Tutor, Cambridge, Mass., 1902-10. Teacher, 
Waller High School, Chicago, 111., 1910- . 

b. Haverford, Pa., April 17, 1864. s. Thomas Chase and Alice 
Underhill Cromwell, m. Chicago, 111., August 26, 1909, Elizabeth 
Clifford. Address, 6558 Greenwood Avenue, Chicago, 111. 

Haines, William Jones, A.B. 
Entered 1880. 

Secretary, Everett. Real estate. Office, Manly & Cooper Manu- 
facturing Company, 1884-85 ; Morris Wheeler & Co., Iron and 
Steel, 1886-87 ; Stephen, Jones & Co. ; Haines, Jones & Co. ; Wil- 
liam J. Haines & Co.; William J. Haines Company, Inc. (Iron 
and Steel Manufacturing) ; Penn Supply Company (Bicycle Sup- 
plies), 1887-97. Waterhouse, Forbes Company (J. S. Forbes, 
Water Sterilizers), 1898-99; Real Estate Department, Fidelity 
Trust Company, 1901-04; Registered Law Student (office Biddle 
& Ward), 1901; real estate, 1904. President, Penn Canadian 
Mines, Ltd., 1912; of Indian Peninsula Mining Company, Ltd., 
1918; of St. Maurice Mines Company, Ltd., 1918. Member, Auto- 
mobile Club of Philadelphia, 1909; Honorary Agent, Women's 
S. P. C. A., 1886; Life Member, Franklin Institute, 1884. Cor- 


poration, Philadelphia Polyclinic and College for Graduates in 
Medicine, 1895. 

b. Cheltenham, Montgomery County, Pa., October 14, 1865. 
s. Robert B. Haines (Class 1844) and Margaret Vaux Wistar. 
m. Philadelphia, Pa., May 26, 1903, Katharine W. Cheston. c. 
Murray Cheston, 1904 ; Ellen Randall, 1906 ; Katharine Wirt, Jr., 
1908; William Jones, Jr., 1910. Address, 124 Chestnut Avenue, 
Chestnut Hill, Pa. 

•j-Hall, Arthur Dillwyn, A.B., (A.M., 1895, Univ. of Minn.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1881. 

Won Athenaeum Prize for Essay. Librarian, Athenaeum ; Editor 
of The Gem. Student, University of Minnesota, 1894-95. Teacher. 
Windham, Me., rural school; Beverly, Mass., High School, Assist- 
ant Principal; Goshen, Conn., High School, Principal; Bethel, Me., 
Academy, Principal; Fargo, N. D., Fargo College, Dean; Minneap- 
olis, Minn., Minneapolis Academy, Instructor; Minneapolis Classi- 
cal School, Principal; Anamoose, N. D., High School, Principal; 
Van Hook, N. D., High School, Principal; Three Forks, Mont., 
Consolidated Schools, Superintendent. Member, Royal Arcanum; 

b. Providence, R. I., July 22, 1861. d. Three Forks, Mont., 
November 13, 1919. s. John Hacker Hall and Anna Frye Hoag. 
m. Minneapolis, Minn., Jennie M. Briggs. c. Raymond A., 1903; 
Alice E., 1904; Rufus H., 1908; Philip A., 1911; Lawrence E., 

Hill, Louis Taber, SB. 

Entered 1880. 

Teacher and School Superintendent until 1909. Five years as 
rancher in New Mexico. West Branch, Iowa, 1914, newspaper 

b. Mt. Pleasant, Ohio, November 11, 1860. s. Joseph Hill and 
Deborah Patterson, m. West Branch, Iowa, June 27, 1893, Rachel 
W. Vore. Last address, West Branch, Iowa. 

f Jacob, Charles Richard, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1881. 

President, Athenaeum ; Secretary, Loganian ; Editor, The 
Haz<erfordian; President of Class in Senior year; "Spoon Man"; 
won Alumni Oratorical Prize ; Member, Phi Beta Kappa. Teacher. 
Teacher, Drury College, Mo., 1888-90. Teacher, French and Ger- 
man, at Moses Brown School, Providence, R. I., 1890-1915. In- 
terested in holding Yearly Meeting. 

b. South China, Me., July 11, 1863. d. Providence, R. I., April 


3, 1916. s. William Jacob and Sibyl Narcissa Jones, m. Union 
Springs, N. Y., July 14, 1892, Hattie Elizabeth Jones. 

Moore, Walter Linton, S.B. 

Entered Junior Class 1882. 

Teacher, Friends' Academy, Moorestowm, N. J., 1884-92. En- 
tered business with Abbott's Alderney Dairies, when incorporated ; 
became Secretary, Abbott's Alderney Dairies, Inc., Philadelphia, 

b. Near Kennett Square, Chester County, Pa., October 27, 1858. 
s. Kirkwood Moore and Esther Linton, m. West Grove, Pa., 
April 13, 1887, Gulielma Harvey, c. Helen M. Brinton, 1888; 
Thomas Harvey. 1896. Address, Drexel Hill, Pa., and 3034 
Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Smith, Alfred Percival, A.B. (A.B., Harvard, 1885; LL.B., U. 
of P., 1888.) 

Entered 1880 (from Germantown Academy). 

Won Everett Society Prize for Declamation. Class Secretary; 
Editor of The Bud; Founded Freshman-Sophomore Contest in 
Public Speaking; donated Everett Society Medal; and later, 
Trophy ; donor, The Haverf ord Union. Student 2 years at Har- 
vard ; and at Law School, University of Pennsylvania. Life Mem- 
ber, American Academy of Political and Social Science; Harvard 
and Haverf ord Unions; Boston Harvard Club; Law Academy of 
Philadelphia ; Law Association of Philadelphia ; American Bar As- 
sociation; Charter Member of Pennsylvania Bar Association; 
Elder in Overbrook Presbyterian Church ; Life Member, German 
Society ; Pioneer Verein of Philadelphia ; Pennsylvania German 
Society, its Executive Committee ; Historical Society of Pennsyl- 
vania; Presbyterian Historical Society, its Executive Council, and 
Curator of its Museum these many years; Societe de l'Histoire du 
Protestantisme Francaise ; Colonial Society of Pennsylvania ; 
Netherlands Society of Philadelphia ; Swedish Colonial Society 
of Pennsylvania ; Pennsylvania Genealogical Society ; New Eng- 
land Historic Genealogical Society; Society for the Preservation 
of N. E. Antiquities; Life Member and Fellow of Society of 
London Genealogists ; Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts ; Life 
Member and Past Master of Colonial Lodge No. 631, F. & A. M. ; 
Life Member, Scottish Rite Bodies ; The Union League of Phila- 
delphia ; The City Club of Philadelphia ; Guild of Book Workers ; 
The Grolier Club. Lawyer. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., July 11, 1863. s. Alfred Smith and Cor- 
nelia Stanley Allen, m. February 4, 1890, Elizabeth Wandell 


David. Address, Rooms 704-05, Northeast Corner Broad and 
Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia, Pa. ; 6391 Overbrook Avenue, 
Overbrook, Philadelphia, Pa. ; and Summer Residence, "Juniper 
Lodge," Israel's Head, Ogunquit, Me. 

Vaux, George, Jr., (IX), S.B. (LL.B., Univ. of Pa., 1888.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1881. 

President, Council, Everett Society; Vice-President of same. 
Manager, Haverford College, 1891 to date. Student at Wharton 
School, University of Pennsylvania. Attorney-at-Law. Shoe 
manufacturer. Author, two chapters in History of Haverford Col- 
lege. Scientific Reports on Investigations of Glaciers of British 
Columbia, etc. Member, Board of Inspectors, Eastern Penitentiary, 
Philadelphia, over 7 years. Member, United States Board of 
Indian Commissions (appointed by President Roosevelt) since 
1906; Chairman, 1913 to date. Member, American Philosophical 
Society; Fellow, A. A. A. S.; Founder, American Alpine Club; 
Treasurer, Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia; Man- 
ager, Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Biology, Philadelphia; 
Clerk, Philadelphia Quarterly Meeting of Friends; Associate, 
Legal Advisory Committee to Local Draft Board, 1918. Mem- 
ber, University Club, Philadelphia ; National Educational Associa- 
tion; National Conference of Social Work; Horticultural Society 
Philadelphia, Pa. ; Franklin Institute ; Geographical Society, Phila- 
delphia; Appalachian Mountain Club, Boston; Alpine Club of 
Canada; Archaeological Institute of America, etc., etc. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 18, 1863. s. George Vaux, VIII, 
and Sarah H. Morris, m. Philadelphia, Pa., April 2, 1907, Mary 
W. James, c. George Vaux, X, 1908; Henry James Vaux, 1912. 
Address, Gulph Road, Bryn Mawr, Pa., and 1606 Morris Building, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

White, Francis Albertson, L.B. 

Entered 1880. 

Secretary and President of Everett Society. Manager of Havei 
ford College, 1895 to date. Clerk. Manager of estates. Capitalist. 
Director in Provident Savings Bank, Baltimore, Md. ; from 1902- 
21, President, Young Men's Christian Association, Baltimore, Md. 
Member, Merchants' Club and Maryland Club. 

b. Maryland, December 4, 1860. s. Francis White (Class 1834) 
and Jane E. Janney. m. Baltimore County, Md., June, 1887 
Sarah P. Ellicott. Address, 607 Keyser Building, Baltimore, Md 

1884] matriculate catalog 223 


fButler, Frederick C. 

Entered 1880 and left at close of Freshman year. 
Publisher. Member of firm, Butler & Smythe, paper manu- 
facturers and dealers, Philadelphia, Pa. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., . d. . s. Edgar H. Butler and 

Clothier, John Birely. 

Entered 1880 and left 1881. 

Student at University of Pennsylvania for 2 years. Real estate. 
Brokerage, since 1886. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., May 23, 1862. s. Conrad F. Clothier and 
Mary Victoria Birely. m. October 6, 1896, Emma Virginia Dabbs. 
c. Elizabeth King, 1890; John Birely, Jr., 1901. Address, 60 
North Windemere Avenue, Lansdowne, Pa. 

fCraig, Andrew Catherwood, Jr. 

Entered 1878 and left at close of Junior year, 1883. 

Law Student. Travel. Hunter of big game. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., August 20, 1863. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
January 18, 1917. s. Joseph C. Craig and Emma G. Leibert. m. 
June 1, 1898, Adaline J. Crilly. 

Ellicott, William Miller, Jr. 

Entered 1880 and left at close of Sophomore year. 

Special Course in Architecture at University of Pennsylvania. 
Studied, Atelier Pascal (Architecture), 1887-88. Practiced, Port- 
land, Ore., 5 years, and afterward in Baltimore, Md. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., May 8, 1863. s. William Miller Ellicott, 
Jr., and Nancy Morris Ellis, m. (1) Baltimore, Md., March 3, 
1900, Elizabeth Taber King; (2) December 29, 1917, Mrs. Anna 
Campbell McFee, nee Anna Goldthwaite Campbell, of Washing- 
ton, D. C. Address, 714 St. Paul Street, Baltimore, Md. 

fEstes, Joseph Stanley. 

Entered 1880 and left at close of Sophomore year. 

b. Vassalboro, Me., May 13, 1861. d. . s. Jonathan Estes 

and Julia Ann Wadsworth. 

fFerris, David Sands. 

Entered 1880 and left at close of Sophomore year. 

Student at Harvard, 1882-83. Sugar planter and refiner. 

b. New York City, August 13, 1863. d. New York City, Au- 


gust 20, 1915. s. Lindley Murray Ferris (Class 1856) and Martha 
Sands, m. Eloise Polk. 

fGummere, William Henry. 

Entered 1880; absent during the Junior year with the Cambria 
Iron Company; returned at beginning of Senior year and took 
special course, receiving certificate of proficiency in Mathematics. 

One year in National Bank of Northern Liberties, Philadelphia, 
Pa. ; for several years connected with various estates, trusts, etc. ; 
Acting Treasurer, Lehigh University, South Bethlehem, Pa., June, 
1894. General Baggage Agent, Lehigh Valley Railroad. Author, 
"Land o' Cakes" ; "Claims Legitimate and Otherwise" ; "Rev. John 
Jasper, Philosopher," etc. 

b. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., May 3, 1864. d. Burlington, 
N. J., July 22, 1901. s. William Gummere (Class 1836, and In- 
structor, 1834-38) and Martha Moore Morris. 

Jones, Samuel Rufus. 

Entered 1880 and left at close of Sophomore year. 

President of Class. Assistant Secretary, Mutual Home and 
Savings Association, of Dayton, Ohio; Assistant Manager of 
same; General Manager of same to date. 

b. West Milton, Ohio, November 12, 1859. s. Samuel Jones 
and Anna Jay. m. Erie, Pa., June 5, 1888, Mary Adele Yost. 
c. Rufus B., 18%; Robert Howard, 1899; Alfred William, 1902. 
Address, 931 Grand Avenue, Dayton, Ohio. 

Ladd, Isaac Gifford. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1881 and left 1882. 


b. Brooklyn, N. Y., April 6, 1864. s. Thomas Wood Ladd 
(Class 1854) and Hannah Peckham Gifford. Address, Waldorf- 
Astoria, New York City. 

List, John Kilbourne. 

Entered 1880 and left at close of Junior year. 

Assistant Cashier, City Bank of Wheeling, W. Va. Member, 
City Council of Wheeling. 

b. Wheeling, W. Va., June 26, 1861. s. Henry K. List and 
Sarah J. Shaw. m. April 20, 1884, Harriet Glass. Address, 
Winter Park, Fla. 

Peet, William Fellows. 

Entered 1880 and left at close of the Freshman vear. 
b. Philadelphia, Pa. (?), April 16, 1864. s. E. W. Peet and 
. Last address, 110 Virginia Avenue, St. Paul, Minn. 


Tyson, James Wood, Jr. 

Entered 1879 and left 1881. 

Copper mining and smelting, 20 years. Mine Manager ; Man- 
ager of Steel Rolling Mill ; Receiver for Steel Company. Author. 
a few political articles. Legislative representative. Member, 
Board of School Directors for residential township; Trustee for 
Memorial Fund. Member, American Institute of Mining Engi- 
neers. Farmer. 

b. Baltimore, Md., December 20, 1861. s. James Wood (Class 
1845) and Elizabeth Dawson, m. New York City, October 25, 
1887, Esther S. Buchanan, c. Buchanan, 1888; Elizabeth Daw- 
son, 1894; Richard ■, 1896; James Wood, IV, 1898; Rosa 

Buchanan, 1900; Mordica Dawson, 1901. Address, South Straf- 
ford, Vt. 

Yarnall, Charlton. 

Entered 1880 ; left 1882, at close of Sophomore year. 

Merchant. Junior Member of firm. Ellis Yarnall & Son. 1911, 
Editor of Correspondence of "Forty Years of Friendship." Vice- 
Chairman, Department of "Medical Sanitation and Hospitals" of 
Committee of Public Safety (later called Pennsylvania Council 
of National Defense). Director, Franklin National Bank; Com- 
mercial Trust Company ; Buffalo & Susquehanna Railroad Cor- 
poration ; Hale & Kilburn Corporation ; Central Realty Company, 
etc. ; Vice-President and Chairman, Executive Committee, Bryn 
Mawr Hospital. Trustee, Estate of Alexander B. Coxe; Trustee, 
Church Pension Fund, etc. Member, Philadelphia Club; Ritten- 
house Club ; Franklin Inn ; Radnor Hunt ; Racquet Club ; Merion 
Cricket Club ; Rabbit ; New York Yacht Club, etc., etc. 

b. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., August 1, 1864. s. Ellis Yar- 
nall and Margaret Anne Harrison, m. Philadelphia, Pa., May 23, 
1889, Anna Brinton Coxe. c. Alexander Coxe, 1890; Margaret 
Yarnall Newbold, 1892; Anna Sophia, 1902; Agnes, 1904. Ad- 
dress, Franklin Bank Building, Philadelphia, Pa. 


Baily, Charles Winter, SB. 

Entered 1881. 

Business Manager, The Haverfordian; Treasurer, Carpenter 
Shop Association; Treasurer, Football Association; President of 
Class, etc. Dry goods commission merchant, firm, Joshua L. Baily 
& Co. Member, Rittenhouse Club, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Racquet 
Club, Philadelphia, Pa. 



b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 1, 1866. s. Joshua L. Baily and 
Theodate Lang. m. Haverford. Pa., April 23, 1892, Lydia Hunn 
Wood. c. Mary Wood ; Charles Frederick. Address, Strafford, 
Chester County, Pa. 

Bettle, Samuel, A.B. 

Entered 1881. 

Won the following Cricket Prizes: "Improvement Bat," Fresh- 
man year ; "Fielding Belt," Second Eleven Prize Ball ; "First 
Eleven Bat," 2 years. General Freight Agent in the International 
Navigation Company. Contractor, New York City. 

b. Oaklyn, N. J., October 15, 1884. s. William Bettle and Mary 
Sharpless. m. Haverford, Pa., June 20, 1889, Helen Biddle Gris- 
com. Address, 17 West Forty-second Street, and 101 East Sev- 
enty-second Street, New York City. 

Blair, John Jay, S.B. 

Entered 1881. 

Studied 2 years, Guilford College, 1879-81. Halfback, Class 
Football Team; President of Class; Cricket and Football Teams; 
Editor, The Havcrfordian; The Gem; Member, Everett Society. 
Principal, High Point High School, 1885 ; Teacher, Winston- 
Salem, N. C, 1888-99. Superintendent, City Schools, Wilmington, 
N. C, 1899-1920. President, North Carolina Teachers' Associa- 
tion, 1893. President, Association City Superintendents, 1895 ; 
Instructor, Drawing and Architecture, University of Virginia, 
1907-14. President, Tree and Park Commission, Wilmington, 
N. C. ; Chairman, Civic Committee, Chamber of Commerce; Mem- 
ber of State Building Commission ; Member, State Board Trus- 
tees, Stonewall Jackson Training School (State Reformatory). 
Instructor, Drawing, University of North Carolina Summer 
School, 1915-20. Lectures and papers on Astronomy and on 
Birds of North Carolina. President, Springfield Memorial Asso- 
ciation. Member, Cape Fear Club; President of same, 1900; Cap- 
tain of Golf Team, 1901-08. Chairman, Boy Scout Commission, 
and Court of Honor, 1917-20. Superintendent, City Schools, 
Wilmington. N. C. 

b. High Point, N. C, September 15, 1860. s. Solomon I. Blair 
and Abagail Prudence Hunt. Address, Director of School House 
Planning, Office of State Superintendent of Public Instruction, 
Raleigh, N. C. 

fDoan, Enos L., A.B. 
Entered 1881. 
Won Athenreum Debating Prize, 1882. President. Class, 1881- 


82, 1882-83; Editor, The Haverfordian, 1882; Editor-in-Chief, 
1884 ; President, Athenaeum, 1884 ; Librarian, Loganian, 1883 ; 
President, Council, 1884. Student at University of Bonn, Ger- 
many, 2 semesters, 1889-90. Teacher, Friends' School, Wil- 
mington, Del., 1885-89. Associate Principal of Friends' School, 
Wilmington, Del., 1891-95 ; Teacher of French, High School, Den- 
ver, Colo., 1897; Teacher, Friends' School, Wilmington, Del., 1897- 
98; Principal, Friends' School, Wilmington, Del., 1898-99; Li- 
brarian, Wilmington Institute Free Library, Wilmington, Del., 

b. Valley Mills, Ind., May 14, 1860. d. Wilmington, Del, De- 
cember 18, 1900. s. Amos Doan and Martha Furnas, m. June, 
1891, Mary Louisa Clark. 

Ferris, William Taber, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1882. 

Assistant manager and later manager, New York Branch, Provi- 
dent Life & Trust Company of Philadelphia. 

b. Chappaqua, N. Y., July 16, 1866. s. Robert Murray Ferris 
and Mary Anna Taber. m. Wilmslow, England, June 1, 1905, 
Sophie Neave. c. Philip Livingston, 1909; Francesca, 1912; Wil- 
liam T., Jr., 1913. Address, 149 Broadway, New York, N. Y., 
and Dobbs Ferry, West Chester County, N. Y. 

Hilles, William Samuel, A.B. 

Entered 1881. 

Alumni Prize Orator, 1885. Student of Law. Lawyer. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., May 5, 1865. s. John Smith Hilles and 
Sarah Cooper Tatum. m. Wilmington, Del., Florence Bayard, 
c. Katherine Lee Bayard. Address, New Castle Hundred, Del. 

Hussey, William Timothy, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1882. 

Secretary, Athenaeum; President, Y. M. C. A. Business Man- 
ager of The Haverfordian. Manufacturer of agricultural imple- 
ments. Retired ( ?). 

b. North Berwick, Me., June 10, 1863. s. Timothy Buffum 
Hussey and Anna Mekeel. m. Plainfield, N. J., June 8, 1892, 
Florence J. Rushmore. c. Anna Rushmore, 1899. Address, North 
Berwick, Me. 

Jones, Arthur Winslow, A.B., A.M., 1890. 
Entered Sophomore Class 1882. 

Graduate Student in Greek, 1889-90. Graduate Student, Uni- 
versity of Chicago, Greek and Latin, 1894-95. Teacher in Friends' 
University, Wichita, Kans. 


b. South China, Me., November 30, 1864. s. William A. Jones 
and Ann Runnels, m. Windham Center, Me., June 22, 1891, 
Lenora Louise Hawkes. c. Ruth Murray, 1892; Marietta, 1894; 
Leroy Michener, 1899 (d. 1914). Address, 2016 Maple Avenue, 
Wichita, Kans. 

Jones, Rufus Matthew, A.B., A.M., 1886. (Litt.D., Perm College, 
1898; D.D., Harvard, 1920; LL.D., Swarthmore, Haver- 
ford, 1922.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1882. 

President of Class in Senior year. Editor-in-Chief and Busi- 
ness Manager of The Haverfordian. President, Y. M. C. A.; 
President, Athenaeum. "Spoon Man." Alumni Orator. Member, 
Phi Beta Kappa. Student, Heidelberg University, 1887; Univer- 
sity of Pennsylvania, 1894-96; Harvard, 1900-01 (A. M.) ; Ox- 
ford University, 1908; Philosophy, at Marburg University, 1911 ; 
Hon. Degree Litt.D. from Penn College, 1898. Instructor, then 
Professor of Philosophy in Haverford College, 1893 to date. 
Recorded Minister in Societv of Friends, 1890. Teacher at Union 
Springs, N. Y. ; 1885-86; Moses Brown School, 1887-89; Prin- 
cipal, Oak Grove Seminary, 1889-93 ; Professor at Haverford 
since 1893. Chairman of American Friends' Service Committee, 
1917 to date. Editor, Friends' Review, 1893-94; American Friend, 
1894-1912; Present Day Papers, 1913-15. Author: Life of Eli 
and Sybil Jones; A Dynamic Faith; Practical Christianity; An 
Autobiography of George Fox; Social Law in the Spiritual World; 
A Double Search; Studies in Mystical Religion; Quakers in the 
American Colonies; The Children of the Light; Selections from 
Clement of Alexandria; Spiritual Reformers in the Sixteenth and 
Seventeenth Centuries; Hcbrctv Heroes ; The Inner Life; A Boy's 
Religion; St. Paul the Hero; The World Within; The Story of 
George Fox; The Remnant; A Sendee of Love in War Time; 
The Abundant Life; Quakerism, A Religion of Life; The Later 
Periods of Quakerism. Memlier, American Philosophical Asso- 
ciation, The Theological Club; Founders Club (Haverford). 

b. South China, Me., January 25, 1863. s. Edwin Jones and 
Mary Hoxie. m. (1) Ardonia, N. Y., 1888, Sarah H. Coutant; 
(2) Elizabeth Bartram Cadburv. c. (1) Lowell Coutant, 1892 
(d. 1903). c. (2) Mary Hoxie, 1904. Address, Haverford, Pa. 

Markley, Joseph Lybrand, A.B.. A.M.. 1886. (S.B.. State Nor- 
mal School, West Chester, Pa., 1883; A.M., Harvard Univ., 
1887; Ph.D., 1889.) 
Entered Junior Class 1883. 
Graduate Student in Mathematics, 1885-86; Assistant, Astro- 


nomical Observatory, 1885-86 ; Graduate Student at Harvard Uni- 
versity, 1886-89. Holder of Morgan Fellowship, Harvard Uni- 
versity, 1887-89; Instructor in Mathematics, Harvard University, 
1889-90; Instructor in Mathematics, University of Michigan, 
1890-96; Assistant Professor of Mathematics, University of Mich- 
igan, 1896-1904; Junior Professor, 1904-07; Professor of Mathe- 
matics, University of Michigan, 1907 to date. Member, Univer- 
sity Club, Ann Arbor, Mich. ; American Mathematical Society ; 
Mathematical Association of America; Phi Beta Kappa at Haver- 
ford and at University of Michigan. 

b. East Nantmeal, Chester County, Pa., October 6, 1859. s. 
Napoleon Bonaparte Markley and Ellen Ann Liggett, m. Engle- 
wood, N. J., July 6, 1893, Mary Elizabeth Butler. Address, 1816 
Geddes Avenue, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Morris, Marriott Canby, A.B. 

Entered 1881. 

Treasurer of Class ; Treasurer of Cricket Club ; Treasurer, Foot- 
ball Association; Registrar of Everett Society; Editor, The Bud; 
Treasurer, Everett Society. Executor and trustee for estates. 
Member of Board of Managers, Provident Life & Trust Com- 
pany; Member of Board of Managers of Saving Fund Society 
of Germantown and vicinity. Member, Photographic Society of 
Philadelphia. Treasurer of Germantown Boys' Club, Inc., and 
Member of its Board of Managers. 

b. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., September 7, 1863. s. Ellis- 
ton P. Morris (Class 1848; Manager, 1884-91; Secretary of the 
Corporation, 1886-91 ) and Martha Canby. m. Germantown, Phila- 
delphia, Pa., June 8, 1897, Jane G. Rhoads. c. Elliston P., 1899 ; 
Marriott C, Jr., 1900; Janet, 1907. Address, 131 West Walnut 
Lane, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Murray, Augustus Taber, A.B. (Ph.D., Johns Hopkins Univ., 

Entered 1882. 

Member, Everett ; Vice-President, Loganian ; Awarded Alumni 
Prize for Oratory, 1884; Latin Salutatorian, 1882; College Foot- 
ball Team (2 years) ; Staff of Haverfordian; Phi Beta Kappa, 
1898. Student, Johns Hopkins University, 1885-88; University 
of Leipzig, and Berlin, 1890-91 ; Professor of Greek, Earlham 
College, 1888-90; at Colorado College, 1891-92; at Leland Stan- 
ford Junior University, 1892 to date. Published: The Antigone 
of Sophocles (translated) in conjunction with H. R. Fairclough ; 
College Greek Prose Composition; Xenophon's Anabasis, with 


notes and vocabulary; Homer, the Odyssey (translated), 2 vol- 
umes; also numerous articles in philological magazines. War 
Service, Food Administrator for Northern Unit of Santa Clara 
County, Cal. Member, American Philological Association; San 
Francisco Society of the Archaeological Institute of America; 
American Association of University Professors ; President, Col- 
lege Park Association of Friends ; Minister of New England 
Yearly Meeting. Professor of Greek in Leland Stanford Junior 

b. New York City, October 29, 1866. s. Robert Lindley Mur- 
ray (Class 1842; Manager, 1855-58) and Ruth Shearman Taber. 
m. New Bedford, Mass., September 2, 1891, Nella Howland 
Gifford. c. Robert Lindley, 1892; Frederic Seymour, 1894; 
Francis King, 1895 ; Minerva, 1898 ; Lydia, 1905. Address, 1019 
Bryant Street, Palo Alto, Cal. 

Newlin, Thomas, S.B., A.M., 1892. (Ph.M., Univ. Chicago, 1905; 
LL.D., Whittier Col., 1915; D.D., Univ. of So. Calif., 1915.) 

Entered 1884. 

Granted Degree upon Special Examinations and ranked with 
Class of 1885. Professor of Zoology and Botany, and in charge 
of the Discipline, Haverford College, 1884-86. Principal, Spice- 
land, Ind., Academy, 1886-91 ; President, Pacific College, New- 
berg, Ore., 1891-1900; Vice-President, Wilmington College, Ohio, 
1900-02 ; Dean, Guilford College, N. C, 1902-07; President, Whit- 
tier College, 1907-15; President, Guilford College, 1915-17; Army 
Y. M. C. A., Camp Jackson, S. C. ; Park Field, Tenn. ; Paris 
Island, S. C. ; Ordained Minister in Society of Friends, 1892. 
President, Board of Trade, Whittier, Cal., 1908-13. Real estate 
and insurance agent. Loans and securities. Head of Department 
of Philosophy in Fullerton Junior College, Fullerton, Cal., 1920- . 

b. New London, Ind., December 28, 1855. s. John Newlin and 
Elizabeth King. m. Spiceland, Ind., July 10, 1884, Olive Wilson. 
Address, 201 North Washington Avenue, Whittier, Cal. 

Reeve, Augustus Henry, A.B. 
Entered 1881. 

Loganian Society. Read law during Senior year and for six 
months afterward. Entered business of father, manufacturer of 
oil cloths and linoleums, until 1901. 1901, insurance broker; 
Superintendent of Agencies of the Employers' Indemnity of Phila- 
delphia, in 1903. Manager of Travelers' Insurance Company, 
1904 to date. During war served as member of the Philadelphia 
Home Defense Reserve. Member, Philadelphia Cricket Club, 


Chestnut Hill; The Fire Insurance Society of Philadelphia; The 
Insurance Federation of Pennsylvania; The Down Town Cluh. 

b. Alloway, N. J., November 11, 1865. s. Richard H. Reeve and 
Sarah W. Carpenter, m. Washington, D. C, Margaretta Willis 
Baldwin, c. Katharine, 1892; Augustus Henry, Jr., 1895; Richard 
H., 2d, 1904. Address, 417 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Reeve, William Foster, A.B. 

Entered 1881. 

Vice- President, Everett; Member, Cricket Eleven; Football 
Eleven and Baseball Nine; won Freshman Fielding Belt and two 
or three Prize Bats ; held record for best batting up to 1885. 
Manufacturer of brick, sewer pipe and fire brick. 

b. Safe Harbor, Pa., October 18. 1865. s. Augustus Reeve and 
Rebecca Cooper Wood. m. October 22. 1890, Mary Joy Guy. 
Address, Moorestown, N. J. 

Richards, Theodore Wiiiiam, S.B., LL.D., 1908. (A.B., Harvard, 
1886; A.M. and Ph.D., Harvard, 1888; Sc.D., Yale, 1905 
Chem.D., Clark, 1909; Ph.D., Prague, 1909; Sc.D., Harvard, 
1910; M.D., Berlin, 1910; D.Sc, Cambridge, 1911; D.Sc, 
Oxford, 1911; D.Sc, Manchester, 1911; Ph.D., Christiania, 
1911; LL.D., Pittsburgh, 1915; LL.D., Pennsylvania, 1920. 
Entered Sophomore Class, 1882. Secretary of Everett Society; 
Member, Phi Beta Kappa, 1899; Studied at Harvard, 1885-88; 
Gottingen, 1888-89; Dresden, 1889; Leipzig, 1895; Highest 
Honors in Chemistry at Harvard; Morgan Fellow in Graduate 
Department, Harvard, 1886-88; Parker Fellow, 1888-89; Assist- 
ant in Quantitative Analysis, Harvard, 1889-91 ; Instructor in 
Chemistry, Harvard, 1891-94; Assistant Professor in Chemistry, 
Harvard, 1894-1901; Professor of Chemistry, Harvard, 1901-12; 
Visiting Professor to University of Berlin, 1907; Erving Pro- 
fessor of Chemistry, Harvard, 1912- ; Director, Wolcort Gibbs 
Memorial Laboratory, Harvard, 1912- ; Member, International 
Committee on Atomic Weights, 1899-1902; Advisor, Carnegie In- 
stitution of Washington, 1901-02; Associate. Carnegie Institution, 
1902- ; Member, National Research Council, 1916-19; Consult- 
ing Chemist, Bureau of Mines, War Department, 1918; Author 
of 250 papers on Chemical and Physical Subjects, and 2 books, 
"The Scientific Work of Morris Loeb," and "Experimentelle 
Untersuchungen uber Atomgewichte" ; Fellow of American 
Academy of Arts and Sciences (President, 1919-21) ; Member, 
National Academy of Sciences of Washington ; Honorary Mem- 
ber, Royal Institution of Great Britain; Foreign Member, Royal 
Swedish Academy of Sciences; Foreign and Honorary Member, 


Chemical Society of London ; Corresponding Member, Prussian 
Academy of Sciences; Corresponding Member, Brooklyn Institute 
of Arts and Sciences ; Honorary Member, Harvey Society ; Mem- 
ber, American Philosophical Society of Philadelphia ; Fellow, 
American Association for the Advancement of Science (President, 
1917); Member, American Electrochemical Society; Member, 
American Chemical Society (President, 1914) ; Corresponding 
Member, Royal Bologna Academy of Science ; Honorary Member, 
Royal Irish Academy; Honorary Member, Franklin Institute, 
Philadelphia; Foreign Member, Academia dei Lincei (Italy) ; 
Foreign Member, Royal Society, London; Foreign Member, Royal 
Danish Academy of Sciences ; Honorary Member, Chemists' Club, 
New York City; Davy Medal of Royal Society (London), 1910; 
Faraday Medal of Chemical Society (London), 1911; Willard 
Gibbs Medal of American Chemical Society (Chicago Section), 
1912; Nobel Prize for Chemistry of 1914 (Stockholm) ; Franklin 
Medal (Philadelphia), 1916. 

b. Germantown, Pa., January 31, 1868. s. William T. Richards 
and Anna Matlack. m. May 28, 1896, Miriam Stuart Thayer, 
c. Grace Thayer, 1898; William Theodore, 1900; Greenough 
Thayer, 1905. Address, 15 Follen Street, Cambridge, Mass. 

Sutton, Isaac, A.B., A.M., 1891. ( A.B., Trinitv, N.C., 1882 ; A.M., 

Entered Sophomore Class 1878 and left during the Senior year, 
re-entering Senior Class 1884. 

Baseball Team, 3 years ; Manager, Carpenter Shop ; Athenaeum 
(Secretary), and Loganian. Teaching in North Carolina. 1882-84; 
Haverford Grammar School, 1885-94; Oakwood Seminarv, 1894- 
95. Manager, Fiske Teachers' Agency, 1895-1900. Mining. 1895 
to date. Mine Examiner. Member, Y. M. C. A. ; Member, Colo- 
rado Metal Mining Association. 

b. Brooklyn, N. Y., February 20, 1857. s. Aaron Sutton and 
Mary Heaton Gough. m. (1) 1880, Lizzie Maria Dalton ; (2) 
1888, Harriet Kennedy Chase, c. Oliver G. (deceased), 1889; 
Elizabeth (Brown), 1892; James E., 1898; Richard M., 1900. 
Address, 1547 Clarkson Street, Denver, Colo. 

White, Elias Henley, A.B. (LL.B., Univ. of Pa., 1891.) 
Entered 1881. 

Studied, Earlham College, Ind., 1880-81. Prefect at Girard 
College, Philadelphia, Pa., 1885-95. Student at Law School, Uni- 
versity of Pennsylvania, 1888-91. Lawyer. 

b. Raysville, Ind., June 21, 1861. s. James White and Jemima 


D. Henley, m. Philadelphia, Pa., November 7, 1908, Clara B. 
Patterson. Address, Box 190, West Palm Beach, Fla. 

Wickersham, William Frederic, A.B., A.M., 1891. 

Entered Junior Class 1883. 

Assistant Librarian, Haverford College, 1883-85. Teacher, 
1885-92, Westtown Boarding School, Westtown, Pa. ; 1892-96, at 
Friends' Select School, Philadelphia, Pa.; 1896-1912, Principal of 
Westtown Boarding School, Westtown, Pa. Retired. 

b. Avondale, Chester County, Pa., October 31, 1864. s. Benja- 
min Franklin Wickersham and Mary Ann Pyle. m. Philadelphia, 
Pa., June 26, 1906, Winona B. Crew. c. Wilfred Hargrave, 1908. 
Address, 324 South Marshall Street, Kennett Square, Pa. 

f Wilson, Matthew Terrell, SB. 

Entered 1881. 


b. Dublin, Ind., January 29, 1863. d. Richmond, Ind., April 5, 
1891. s. Timothy Wilson and Elizabeth Ann Terrell, m. June 
22, 1887, Isadore Hall. 


Brick, Joseph Coles. (M.D., Jefferson Medical College, Phila., 
Pa., 1894.) 

Entered 1881 and left at close of Sophomore year, 1883. 

First Prize in Elocution. Business pursuits until 1891. 1891- 
94, Student of Medicine, Jefferson Medical College. Philadelphia, 
Pa. Physician and Surgeon. President, Jefferson Alumni Asso- 
ciation, 1919. President, City Council, Ventnor, N. J., 2 years, 
ending 1919. Assistant Surgeon, 2d Regiment, Pennsylvania Na- 
tional Guard, 4 years. Author of medical articles on Proctology, 
published in medical journals. Inventor of surgical instruments 
for use in Proctology. Member, American Medical Association; 
Philadelphia County Medical Society ; American Proctologic So- 
ciety; Philadelphia Medical Club. 

b. Crosswicks, N. J., October 10, 1861. s. William French 
Brick and Anna Coles, m. Birdsboro, Pa., October 1, 1905, Laura 
Clingan. c. Mary; Clementine; Ann. Address, 1327 Spruce 
Street, Philadelphia, Pa., and 5800 Ventnor Avenue, Ventnor, 

fBrooke, Benjamin. (M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1889.) 

Entered September, 1881, and left near the close of the Fresh- 
man year. 


Student at University of California, 1884-86; University of 
Pennsylvania Medical School, 1886-89. Resident Physician, Phila- 
delphia Hospital, 1890-91. First Lieutenant and Assistant Sur- 
geon, United States Army, 1891. Captain. 

b. Radnor, Delaware County, Pa., October 17, 1866. d. . 

s. Major John Brooke, Surgeon, United States Army, and Esther 

Buffum, Edward. 

Entered Sophomore Class. February, 1883, and left during the 

b. Newport, R. I., August 19, 1861. s. Thomas B. Buffum and 
Lydia Potter, m. Elizabeth Griffith. Last address, care of Indian 
Motocycle Company, Toronto, Canada. 

fCoIlins, Benjamin. 

Entered 1881 and left at end of the Freshman year. 


b. Purchase, N. Y., November 14, 1864. d. Purchase, N. Y., 
February 18, 1919. s. Richard Collins and Sarah Willets. m. 
November 12, 1890, Esther Carpenter. 

Harding, George Franklin. (M.D., Harvard Univ., 1889.) 

Entered Sophomore Class, February, 1883, and left at end of 
the year. 

Student at Harvard University, 1881-83 ; Massachusetts Insti- 
tute of Technology, 2 years; Harvard Medical School; Physician 
to Skin Department, Boston City Hospital, and Cancer Hospital. 
Member, Massachusetts Medical Society ; Boston Dermatological 
Club; Boston Society for Medical Improvement; Boston Society 
of Medical Sciences. Physician. Skin specialist. 

b. Dorchester, Mass., October 18, 1862. s. George W. Harding 
and Harriet Russell, m. June 19, 1890, Elizabeth S. Clarke. Ad- 
dress, 419 Boylston Street, Boston, Mass., and 7 Regent Circle, 
Brookline, Mass. 

fHill, Joseph Gurney. 

Entered 1881 and left at close of Freshman year on account of 
ill health. 

Student, Earlham College, Ind., 1880-81. Bridge building under 
General Sooy Smith, at Vicksburg, Miss. 

b. Carthage, Ind., January 27, 1863. d. Western Springs, 111., 
May 15, 1883. s. Thomas Clarkson Hill (Class of 1854) and 
Adaline Amanda Butler. 


Jay, Isaac E. 

Entered Sophomore Class as special student, 1882, and left 
during the year. 

Student, Earlham College. Ind., 1881-82 and 1883-85; at Rose 
Polytechnic Institute, Terra Haute, Ind., 1886; Purdue Univer- 
sity, Lafayette, Ind., 1887. Civil engineer. Electrical street railway 
work ; oil producer. 

b. Farmers' Institute, Ind., October 5, 1865. s. Allen Jay and 
Martha Ann Sleeper, m. May 25, 1893, Anne Horton. Address, 
1305 South Baltimore Street, Tulsa, Okla. 

fLee, Philip. 

Entered from New Iberia, La., 1881, and left at close of Fresh- 
man year. 

Bookkeeper. Druggist. Commissary, Iberia Guards, during 
political strife, 1884. 

b. New Iberia, La., July 14, 1865. d. New Orleans, June 12, 
1908. s. James Augustin Lee and Lucinda Ray. 

Smith, Logan Pearsall. (Formerly known as Lloyd Logan Smith.) 
(B.A., Univ. of Oxford, Eng., 1892.) 

Entered 1881 and left 1884. 

Student, Harvard University, 1884-85 ; Berlin University, 1885- 
86; Student, University of Oxford, England, 1888-92. One year 
in business; since then, literary work. Author: "The Youth of 
Parnassus and Other Stories" ; "Life and Letters of Sir Henry 
Wolton"; "Songs and Sonnets"; "Trivia"; "A Treasury of Eng- 
lish Prose" ; "Donrie's Sermon : Selected Passages with an Essay" ; 
"Little Essays from the Writings of George Santayana." Author. 

b. Millville, N. J., October 18, 1865. s. Robert Pearsall Smith 
and Hannah Tatum Whitall. Address, 11 St. Leonard's Terrace, 
London, S. W. 3, England. 

jWhitall, Thomas Wistar. 

Entered Freshman Class 1877 and left during the year on ac- 
count of ill health. Re-entered Sophomore Class 1882 and left 
during the year on account of ill health. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 30, 1859. d. October 1, 1894. 
s. James Whitall (Class 1852; Manager, 1857-96; Secretary, Board 
of Managers, 1866-76) and Mary Cope. m. Boston, Mass., Jan- 
uary 10, 1888, Sarah Whitmore. 



fBetts, Thomas Wade, S.B. 

Entered from Wilmington, Ohio, 1882. 

Studied architecture, Washington, D. C. Architect, Denver, 

b. Martinsville, Ohio, June 17, 1864. d. Wilmington, Ohio, 
June 20, 1893. s. Madison Betts and Caroline Janney. 

fDickinson, Jonathan, Jr., A.B., A.M., 1898. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1883. 

Won First Prize for Debate, Everett Society ; First Prize for 
Public Speaking. President, Everett Society, 2 years. Member, 
Phi Beta Kappa, 1899. Teacher. Professor, Greek, Wilmington 
College, Ohio, 1886-90; Teacher and Vice-Principal, West End 
Military School, New York City, 1890-95; Proprietor and Head 
Master, University Grammar School, New York City, 1895-96; 
Teacher and Principal, Oakwood Seminary, Union Springs, N. Y., 
1896-1900. Owner and Head Master, Ingleside School, Levari na, 
N. Y., 1900-02. Superintendent of Raisin Valley Seminary, 
Adrian, Mich., 1902-04; Mercantile Life, 1904-05; Superintendent 
of Schools, Chester Township, Clinton County, Ohio, 1905-12; 
Ideal Steel Wheel Company. Cincinnati, Ohio, 1912-15; Kemper 
Military School, Boonville, Mo., 1915, Latin, Greek and English. 

b. Brooklyn, N. Y, April 7, 1861. d. Boonville, Mo., February 
8, 1920. s. Jonathan Dickinson and Anna Willis Smith, m. Sep- 
tember 12, 189-, Clara J. Oren. 

f Johnson, Guy Roche, S.B. 

Entered Freshman Class, January 1883. 

Bookkeeper and Assistant Manager, Malaga Glass Works, 1886- 
87; Assistant Manager and Engineer, Allegheny Mining Company, 
1887; Engineer and Assistant Manager, Longdale Iron Works, 
Longdale, Va., 1888-95; General Manager, Embreville Iron Com- 
pany, Ltd., 1895. Author of a number of papers on Mining Engi- 
neering, Manufacture of Iron, etc. Member of American Insti- 
tute of Mining Engineers; North of England Institute of Mining 
and Mechanical Engineers. 

b. , September 28, 1866. d. June 24, 1910. s. Joseph Esrey 

Johnson, Major, United States Army, and Man,' Catharine Roche, 
m. April 26, 1892, Edith Ashley Whelen. 

fMcFarland, William Stuart, S.B. 

Entered 1882. 

President of Class; President of Cricket Club. Analytical 


Chemist. Six years, Superintendent. Pottstown Iron Company; 
Superintendent, Chemical Department, Barrett Manufacturing 

b. Williams' Mills, N. J., March 31, 1865. d. Long Beach, Cal., 
January 4, 1922. s. James McFarland and Sarah Ryan. m. April 
1, 1891, Mary Price. 

f Morris, Israel, Jr., S.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1883. 

Iron business. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., January 23, 1867. d. Ampersand, Adiron- 
dacks, N. Y., February 13, 1891. s. Theodore Hollingsworth 
Morris (Class of 1860) and Mary Lownes Paul. 

Morris, William Paul, SB. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1883. 

Iron and steel merchant. Blast furnace business at Pottstown, 
Pa., September, 1886. 1893, Morris, Wheeler & Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa. ; 1896, Troy Steel Company, Troy, N. Y. ; returned to Morris, 
Wheeler & Co., Philadelphia ; Member of firm, Morris, W r heeler 
& Co. Member, Union League, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Tredyffrin 
Country Club, Paoli, Pa. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., January 23, 1867. s. Theodore H. Morris 
(Class 1860) and Mary Lownes Paul. m. "Hawthorn," Berwyn, 
Pa., June 11, 1889, Mary B. Sharp, c. Sydney Sharp (Class 
1912), 1890; Mary Paul, 1894; Ellenor, 1905. Address, Ber- 
wyn, Pa. 

Scott, Alexander Harvey, A.B. (LL.B., Univ. of Pa., 1889.) 

Entered 1882. 

Class Secretary, Freshman year; Class President, Senior year. 
"Spoon Man." Law Student, 1888-90, University of Pennsyl- 
vania. Attorney-at-Law. Member, Philadelphia Club; Sons of 
Revolution ; Society of Colonial Governors ; Colonial Wars ; Phila- 
delphia Country Club. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 25, 1866. s. Lewis Allaire Scott 
and Frances Anna Wistar. m. Philadelphia, Pa. (?), February 
21, 1920, Helen von L. Struthers. Address, 1815 De Lancey 
Place, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Smith, Horace Eugene, A.B. (A.B., Harvard, 1887.) 

Entered 1882. 

Everett Society; Loganian Society; Captain, College Bicycle 
Club, 2 years. Student, Harvard University, 1886-87. Banker. 
Member firm, Charles Smith & Sons, 1889-1915. Director, West- 


inghouse Air Brake Company, Pittsburgh, 1909-12; of Westing- 
house Machine Company, Pittsburgh, 1908-15; of Electric Prop- 
erties Company, New York, 1908-13 ; of Bank of North America, 
Philadelphia, 1913-21. Trustee, The Lankenau Hospital, Phila- 
delphia, since 1895. President, Board of Trustees, The Lankenau 
Hospital, since 1917. Inspector, Eastern State Penitentiary. 
Member, University Club; The Union League; Markham Club; 
Manufacturers' Club; Philadelphia Country Club; Merion Cricket 
Club; Corinthian Yacht Club of Philadelphia; Bachelors' Barge 
Club ; Harvard Club of Philadelphia ; Harvard Club of New York ; 
Penn Club; Cape May Yacht Club; New England Society of 
Pennsylvania ; American Geographical Society ; Geographical So- 
ciety of Philadelphia ; Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania ; His- 
torical Society of Pennsylvania; Academy of Natural Sciences, 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., August 1, 1866. s. Charles Smith and 
Catharine Iungerich. m. Philadelphia, Pa., April 29, 1891, Amelia 
Benham Matthews, c. Mary Christine, 1892 ; Edith Louise 
(Fahnestock), 1893. Address, Glyn Wynne Lane, Haverford, Pa. 

fUnderhill, Alfred Mott, Jr., SB. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1883. 

Three years on College Football Team. Civil Engineer, P. C. 
C. and St. L. R. W. Company ; Special Superintendent, Con- 
struction Station Buildings, P. C. C. and St. L. Railway. Engi- 
neer on Peoria Division of Terre Haute and Indianapolis; Engi- 
neer on Vandalia. 1894, published lithographic map of city of 
Logansport, Ind. 

b. Clinton Corners, N. Y.. June 22, 1865. d. Terre Haute, Ind., 
December 17, 1902. s. Alfred A. Underhill and Mary Gillingham 
Turner, m. April 8, 1890 ( ?), Lillian V. Lemon. 

Wadsworth, Edward Dorland, A.B., (LL.B., Univ. of Pa., 1888.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1883. 

Editor of Havcrford'mn, 3 years; Salutatorian ; President of 
Class ; President of Athenaeum. Law Student, University of 
Pennsylvania, 1886-88. Attorney and Counsellor-at-Law. School 
Director. Meml>er, Pennsylvania State Legislature, 1898 and 
1900. Secured passage of first Juvenile Court Bill. Member, 
Commission to confer with other State Legislatures about election 
of United States Senators by popular vote. 

b. Manchester, Me., March 28, 1864. s. George Wadsworth and 
Sarah Austin Gifford. Address, 609 Lincoln Building, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 


White, Wilfred Walton, S.B. 

Entered 1882. 

President and Secretary of Athenaeum; Secretary of Loganian; 
Business Manager, Haverfordian. Studied at Earlham College, 
Ind., 1881-82. "Spoon Man." Teacher and Surveyor. County 
Surveyor of Ector County, Tex., 1891-94. With Henry Holt & 
Co., Publishers, Chicago, 111., for 17 years. Farmer and fruit 

b. Raysville, Ind., November 12, 1861. s. Charles White and 
Lucy Haughton. m. Reading, Mich., June 1, 1901, Edith Dunton. 
c. Ferris Dunton. Address, Newberg, Ore. 


Brooke, Hugh Jones. 

Entered 1882 and left at close of Sophomore year, 1884. 

Member, Everett Society. Captain, Class and College Football 
Teams, 2 years. Member, Military Order of the Loyal Legion of 
United States. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 25, 1865. s. Nathan Brooke 
(Class 1849) and Anna Elizabeth Thomas, m. Norristown, Pa., 
April 26, 1893, Harriet Boyer Weand. Address, 1448 Powell 
Street, Norristown, Pa. 

fCarmalt, Charles Churchill. (A.B., Harvard, 1887; M.D., Co- 
lumbia, 1891.) 

Entered 1882 and left at close of the Freshman year. 

Student, Harvard University, 1883-87; Columbia College 
Medical School, 1888-91; Hospital Interne, 1892-93; Physician. 
Demonstrator of Anatomy, Columbia University, 1894. 

b. Montrose, Pa., June 15, 1866. d. New York City, January 
8, 1905. s. James E. Carmalt (Class of 1859) and Charlotte Jane 
Churchill, m. Tivoli, N. Y., December 4, 1902, Alice Kidd. c. 
Elizabeth, 1903; Churchill, 1905. 

Kimber, John Shober. (A.B., Whittier College.) 
Entered 1882 and left at end of Freshman year. 
Student for eighteen months at Brown University, Providence, 
R. I. Real estate business. Retired. Mission work. Author: Re- 
ligious addresses entitled, "Following the Star." Minister 
(Evangelist) in Society of Friends. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., July 24, 1864. s. Anthony Morris Kimber 
(Class 1840; Manager, 1849-71) and Margaret Cooper Cope. m. 
Muncy, Pa., Mary Haines Ecroyd. c. J. A. Morris; James Ecroyd; 


Thomas ; Margaret C. ; and John Shober, Jr. Address, 849 North 
Mariposa, Los Angeles, Cal. 

f Lippincott, Samuel Parry. 

Entered 1882 and left 1884. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., October 23, 1865. d. October 18, 1915. 
s. Joshua W. Lippincott (Class of 1860) and Mary E. Perry. 

Savery, William H. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1883 and left at close of the year. 

Order Clerk; Salesman; Assistant to Vice-President, Pusey & 
Jones Company, Engine Builders, Wilmington, Del., 1900-07; 
1907, Parsons Engineering Company, of Wilmington, Del. ; 1910, 
elected Secretary, General Manager, and Director, until 1914. 
1915, Vice-President and General Manager and Director of Dela- 
ware Railway Specialty Company; 1910 to date, President and 
Director, Shenandoah Pulp Company of Harpers Ferry, W. Va. ; 
1910 to date, President, Harpers Ferry Electric Light and Power 
Company; 1910 to date, Vice-President, Harpers Ferry Paper 
Company. 1911 to date, Vice-President, Jefferson Power Com- 
pany; 1915, Director, York Haven Paper Company. Local Secre- 
tary, Y. M. C. A. Holder of four United States Patents. Ad- 
visory Member, Old Colony Club ; Member, Technical Association ; 
American Paper and Pulp Association. 

b. Wilmington, Del., October 24, 1865. s. Thomas H. Savery 
and Sarah Pirn. m. Economy, Ind., September 5, 1894, Nellie 
Goodrich Clark, c. Sarah Louisa, 1897. Address, 1204 Rodney 
Street, Wilmington, Del. 

Starr, Isaac Tatnall. 

Entered 1882 and left during Sophomore year. 

Treasurer, Everett. Stock Broker. 

b. August 7, 1867. s. Edward Starr (Class 1862) and Mary 
William Sharpless. Address, 400 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia 

fTrotter, Francis Laurie. 

Entered 1882 and left 1884. 

Connected for many years with Fidelity Trust Company, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., June 20, 1865. d. Philadelphia, Pa., May 
26, 1910. s. Joseph H. Trotter and Edith Newbold. 

Tunis, Joseph Price. (A.B., Univ. of Pa., 1886; M.D., 18S9.) 
Entered 1882 and left at end of Sophomore year, 1884. 
Student, Junior Class, University of Pennsylvania, 1884; Stu- 


dent, Medical School, 1886-89. Physician ; Specialist on Ear, Nose 
and Throat, 1906-18. First Lieutenant and Assistant Surgeon, 
1st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, during Spanish-American 
War. Captain in World War in Medical Corps of Base Hospital 
at Camp Meade, Md. On Staff of Methodist Episcopal Hospital, 
1897-1901. Assistant Editor: Internationa! Clinics, 1892-98; 
Editor, International Medical Magazine, 1893 ; Author of various 
articles on medical subjects. Member, Historical Society of Penn- 
sylvania ; College of Physicians and Surgeons ; Philadelphia County 
Medical Society; of A. M. P. O. ; University Barge Club; Uni- 
versity Club of Philadelphia, etc. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., February 7, 1866. s. Thomas Roberts 
Tunis and Anna Callender Price, m. Philadelphia, Pa., February 
24, 1903, Annis Wister Russell, c. Annis Lee, 1903 ; Lily Wister, 
1906. Address, 2216 De Lancey Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

fUnderhill, Joseph Turner. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1883. 

b. Clinton Corners, N. Y., June 22, 1865. d. . s. Alfred 

A. Underhill and Mary Gillingham Turner. 


t Adams, Jedediah Howe, A.B. (M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1889.) 

Entered from Philadelphia, Pa., 1883, and left at close of 
Junior year, but in consideration of studies pursued elsewhere and 
examinations, was granted the Degree of A.B. in 1890 and ranked 
with his class. 

President, Everett; Vice-President, Loganian; Editor, The 
Haverfordian. Student, Medical School, University of Pennsyl- 
vania, 1886-89. President, D. Hayes Agnew Surgical Society of 
University of Pennsylvania. 1889-92, Editor, University Medical 
Magazine. Author of numerous articles in medical journals. 
Author: "Life of D. Hayes Agnew." Until 1900, engaged in 
general practice of medicine. After 1900, Specialist on Neurology. 
Neurologist at Paoli Hospital. 

b. Union Springs, N. Y., August 19. 1866. d. "Dingley Dell," 
Paoli, Pa., May 25, 1919. s. Charles Henry Adams and Caroline 
Howland Chase, m. May 6, 1889, Margaret Agnew Stuart, c. 
Marguerite Agnew; D. Hayes Agnew; J. Howe, III (d. October, 

fBaily, Arthur Ha Hum, SB. 
Entered Junior Class 1885. 

b. , Ind.. December 3, 1860. d. February 1, 1889. s. 

and Phebe . 



Bedell, Charles Hampton, SB. (A.M., 1894.) 

Entered from Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 1883. 

Student of Electrical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, 
1887-88. 1888-1908, Electro-Dynamic Company of Philadelphia. 
1908, transferred to Electric Boat Company, Electrical Engineer. 
Engaged in building submarines for United States and Allies dur- 
ing World War. Member, Franklin Institute ; American Institute 
of Electrical Engineers, and of various social clubs. 

b. Lynn County, la., December 18, 1861. s. Edwin Bedell and 
Mary Hampton, m. Philadelphia, Pa., June 6, 1889, Florence 
Gardner Whetstone, c. Marion Gardner, 1899 ; Charles Hampton, 
Jr., 1905. Address, 189 Pequot Avenue, New London, Conn. 

fCassatt, Edward Buchanan, A.B. (Diploma of Graduation, West 
Point, 1893.) 

Entered 1883. 

"Student-Soldier" Ecole Speciale Militaire, St. Cyr, France. 
1887-89; United States Military Academy, West Point, N. Y., 
18S9-93; 2d Lieutenant, Fourth United States Cavalry, 1893-95, 
at Fort Walla Walla, Wash. ; Assistant Instructor of Modern 
Languages, West Point, 1895-98 ; Captain in Roosevelt's "Rough 
Riders" in Cuba, Spanish-American War, 1898. Major, Twenty- 
seventh Infantry, 1899-1901 (Volunteers) ; Captain, Cavalry 
(Regulars), 1901-13. 1901. Military Attache. United States Em- 
bassy in London. October, 1917, Major Inspector General's Re- 
serve Corps; 1918, Lieutenant Colonel, Inspector General's De- 
partment; Honorable Discharge, March, 1919. Member, Ranelagh 
Club, London ; Union Club, New York ; Brook Club, New York ; 
Philadelphia Club, Philadelphia; Rittenhouse Club, Philadelphia; 
Merion Cricket Club, Philadelphia; Radnor Hunt Club; University 
Barge Club, Philadelphia ; Maryland Club, Baltimore ; Metro- 
politan Club, Washington ; Chevy Chase Club, Washington ; Army 
and Navy Club. Washington; and at Manila, P. I.; Manila Club, 
P. I. ; The Jockey Club, New York. 

b. Altoona, Pa., August 23, 1869. d. Berwyn, Pa., Jan. 31, 1922. 
s. Alexander Johnston Cassatt and Maria Lois Buchanan, in. ( 1 ) 
Philadelphia, Pa., December 28, 1893, Emilv Louise Phillips; (2) 
Broad Run, Va., October 7, 1908, Eleanor Blackford Smith, 
c. Lois Buchanan (Mrs. J. B. Thayer, III). 

Clement, Allen Ballinger, SB.. A.M., 1892. (LL.B., Univ. of 
Pa., 1901.) 

Entered 1885, Junior Class, and left during Senior year, 1887. 
Returned 1890, completing Senior studies and taking Graduating 


Course in Electricity. Granted in 1891 degree of S.B. to rank 
with Class of 1887, and degree of A.M. to date from 1892. 

Secretary of Class, 1886-87; President, Council, Everett, and 
President of same; one of the editors of The Haverfordian. 
Honors in Scientific Section. Attorney-at-Law. Teacher, Barnes- 
ville, Ohio; Darlington, Md. ; Westtown, Pa.; Kennert Square, 
Pa.; Wilmington, Del. Since 1901, Lawyer. 

b. Leeds Point, N. J., September 5, 1864. s. Charles Allen 
Clement and Susanna Troth Ballinger. m. Haddonfield, N. J., 
June 8, 1915, Bertha E. Jones, c. Robert Allen, 1916. Address, 
225 South Sixth Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Evans, Horace Young, S.B. 

Entered 1883. 

Left End, Class and Varsity Football Teams, 3 years. Civil 
Engineering and Ranching. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., October 14, 1866. s. Horace Young Evans, 
M. D., and Anna Louise Richards, m. (1) Redlands, Cal., No- 
vember 16, 1893, Sue McAbee. c. Eleanor E., 1895. m. (2) 
Santa Ana, Cal., July 19, 1913, Esther Mildred Wollaston. c. 
Horace Young, III, 1917; Frederick Wollaston, 1921. Address, 
R. F. D. No. 5, Santa Ana. Cal., Box 34 

Futrell, William Harrison, A.B. 

Entered 1883. 

Vice-President of Class; 1907, elected President; Wentworth 
man of Class and duly cremated ; Business Manager, The Haver- 
fordian; won the Everett Society Essay, Debating and Oratory 
Prizes ; Debating and Oratory Prizes of the Loganian Society ; 
also the Alumni Prize for Oratory and Composition, 1887 ; Presi- 
dent, Everett Society, and Vice-President, Loganian Society; De- 
livered Loganian Annual Address, 1887; Vice-President, College 
Y. M. C. A.; Athletic Activities, tennis. Lawyer. Member of 
the New York Bar, and the Bar of the Supreme Court of the 
United States. 1895, Junior Counsel for Senatorial Investigating 
Committee of Pennsylvania. Varied practice. Member, New 
York County Lawyers' Association ; State Bar Association ; Ameri- 
can Society of International Law; Society of Medical Jurispru- 
dence of New York. Author of many addresses and orations, in- 
cluding "The Declining Days of a National Literature," "The 
Problem of a Hundred Years," "Friends in Politics," "The Inter- 
pretation of the Scriptures According to the Society of Friends." 
Member for several years. Board of Managers of Fuel Savings 
Society of Philadelphia ; Indian Rights Association ; American 


Sunday School Union; and Member, Historical Society of Penn- 
sylvania ; American Academy of Political and Social Science ; 
Union League; and University Club. 1913, Special Field Secre- 
tary of New York Parks and Playgrounds Association. 1918, 
served in the Personnel Division of National War Work Council 
of Y. M. C. A., Eastern Department; 1919, elected Member of 
Republican County Committee of New York ; 1920, was Delegate 
to Republican State Convention. Active member of Charity Or- 
ganization Society, New York. Member of Corporation of Haver- 
ford College. , 

b. Rich Square, N. C, June 17, 1863. s. Harrison Futrell and 
Lydia E. Stalker, m. Archdale, N. C, July 5, 1888, Ellen M. 
Hammond. Address, 19 West Eighty-fourth Street, New York 

Garrett, Alfred Cope, A.B. (A.B., Harvard, 1889; A.M., 1890; 
Ph.D., 1892.) 

Entered 1883. 

President of Class ; President, Football Association ; Captain of 
Football Team ; President, Cricket Club ; Captain, Cricket Eleven ; 
President, Everett; Winner, various Cricket Prizes; Alumni 
Orator. 1893. Lumber business, 1887-88; Student, Harvard, 
1888-92 (Ph.D., 1892) ; Assistant in Anglo-Saxon in Harvard 
University and Radcliffe College, 1892-93 ; Instructor in English, 
Harvard University, 1893-94; University Extension Lecturer in 
Philadelphia, 1894-95 ; Instructor in English and Member of 
Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University, 1895-1900. 
Lecturer in Biblical Literature, Haverford College, 1904-08, in- 
cluding instructing in Greek Testament, 1904-06. Author: 
"Studies on Chaucer's House of Fame" ; "A Brief Biography of 
Stephen Grellet," and various articles in periodicals and pamphlets. 
Member of Board of Overseers, William Penn Charter School ; 
Chairman, Teaching Training Committee of Philadelphia County 
Sunday School Association; Dean of "Philadelphia Training 
School for Religious Teachers." Member, Phi Beta Kappa; So- 
ciety of Biblical Literature and Exegesis ; Religious Education 
Association; Member of Meeting of Ministers and Elders of 
Philadelphia Yearly Meeting ; of Council on the Organic Union 
of Protestant Denominations of America; Pennsylvania Historical 
Society ; Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts ; City Club of Phila- 
delphia, etc. Retired. 

b. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., November 3, 1867. s. Philip 
C. Garrett (Class 1851; Manager, 1862-1905) and Elizabeth 
Wain Cope. m. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., June 18, 1896, 


Eleanor Evans, c. Eleanor Wistar, 1898 ; Thomas C, 1903 ; Philip 
C, 1903. Address, 5301 York Road, Logan, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Goddard, Henry Herbert, A.B., A.M., 1889. (Ph.D., Clark Univ., 
Worcester, Mass., 1899.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1883 and left to become teacher at 
the close of the year. Returned and entered Junior Class 1885. 

Athenaeum Prize for Declamation ; Alumni Prize for Oratory 
and Composition, 1886; Vice-President, Y. M. C. A.; Business 
Manager, The Haverfordicm; Member, Football Team. 1887, In- 
structor in University of Southern California (Los Angeles) ; 
1888-89, Student, Haverford; 1889-91, Principal, Damascus 
Academy, Ohio ; 1891-94, Assistant, Oak Grove Seminary, Vassal- 
boro, Me.; 1894-%, Principal of same; 1896-99, Student, Clark 
University (Ph.D.); 1899-1906, Instructor (Head of Depart- 
ment) in Psychology and Pedagogy, West Chester State Normal 
School, Pa. ; 1901-02, Instructor in Psychology, Haverford, substi- 
tute for R. M. Jones; 1903-04, abroad; 1906-18, Director, Psycho- 
logical Research, Training School for Feeble Minded, Yineland, 
N. J.; 1908-16, Lecturer in New York University on Psychology 
of Defectives ; and Director of Summer School for Training 
Teachers of Defectives; 1915, Lecturer in Summer Session of 
University of California on Psychology of Defectives. Present, 
Director, Ohio State Bureau of Juvenile Research for the Investi- 
gation of Juvenile Delinquency and Mental Abnormality. Author : 
"The Kallikak Family" ; "Feeble Mindedness, Its Causes and Con- 
sequences" ; "The Criminal Imbecile"; "The School Training of 
Defective Children"; "Psychology of the Normal and Subnormal"; 
"Human Efficiency and Levels of Intelligence" ; Article, "Faith 
Cure," in International Encyclopedia; Articles, "Mental Defi- 
ciency," and "Intelligence Tests" ; Article, "Defectives, Schools 
for," in Cyclopedia of Education; "The Educational Treatment 
of the Feeble Minded" in Jelliffe and White's "Modern Treatment 
of Nervous and Mental Diseases." Author of Article, "Feeble 
Minded," in Encyclopedia Americana, and numerous journal ar- 
ticles. Member, American Association for Advancement of Sci- 
ence ; American Psychological Association ; American School Hy- 
giene Association ; American Association for the Study of Feeble 
Mindedness; Phi Beta Kappa (Haverford); Sigma Xi (Univer- 
sity of Pennsylvania) ; Societe Belgique de Pedotechnie; Ameri- 
can Association of Clinical Psychologists; American Alpine Club; 
Columbus Athletic Club; Columbus Country Club; Philadelphia 
Psychiatric Society. Mountain Climbing as recreation, in Switz- 
erland, Colorado, Canada, Glacier Park, Mont., etc. 


b. Yassalboro, Me., August 14, 1866. s. Henry C. Goddard 
and Sarah Winslow. m. Winthrop, Me., August 7, 1889, Emma 
Florence Robbins. Address, 1638 Granville Street, Columbus, 

Hazard, Willis Hatfield, A.B. (A.M., Harvard, 1892; Ph.D., 1894; 
graduate, Gen. Theological Seminary, N.Y., 1891.) 

Entered Freshman Class 1882 and left at close of year on ac- 
count of ill health ; re-entered February, 1883. 

Clergyman. Student at Harvard and at General Theological 
Seminary, New York. Deacon, 1891 ; priest, 1896, Protestant 
Episcopal Church; Rector, Concord, Pa., 1895-98; Worcester, 
Mass., 1898; editorial writer on The Churchman, New York, 1899; 
Editorial Department, D. Appleton & Co., 1900-02 ; Agency Man- 
ager, North East Mutual Life Insurance Company, 1903-15; 
Editor, New England Pilot, and head of Department of Publi- 
cations, North East Mutual Life Insurance Company; Associate, 
Victoria Institute of Great Britain. Author, introduction to "The 
Reasons for the Higher Criticism of the Hexateuch." by Rev. 
Isaac Gibson. Contributor to various reviews. Member, American 
Oriental Society; Society Biblical Literature and Exegesis; Ori- 
ental Society, New York; Board of Managers, American Sunday 
School Union, Philadelphia. Member, University Club; Harvard 
(Philadelphia) ; Harvard (Boston). 

b. Maple Knoll, West Chester, Pa., July 27, 1866. s. Willis 
Pope Hazard and Susan Robinson Gilpin, m. West Chester, Pa., 
November 14, 1898, Marv Dunbar Creigh. c. Vincent Hatfield. 
1902; Colton Dunbar, 1902; Willis Gilpin, 1907. Address, 87 
Milk Street, Boston, Mass., and 35 Greenough Avenue, Jamaica 
Plain, Mass. 

Lesley, Hugh, S.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1884. 

Summer vacations, 1885 and 1886, on Civil Engineer Corps, 
Pennsylvania Railroad. Electro Dynamic Company, Philadelphia, 
1888-94; Superintendent, Plante Company. New York. 1895- (11 
months) ; Electric Storage Battery Company. Philadelphia, Pa., 
1895 to date; 1900 to date. Operating Department of same. Elec- 
trical Engineer. Member, Engineers' Club, Philadelphia; Ameri- 
can Institute of Electrical Engineers. Class Secretary. 1917- . 

b. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., August 10, 1867. s.- Joseph 
Lesley and Emily Louise Davis, m. ( 1 ) Philadelphia, Pa., Feb- 
ruarv 9. 1893, Cecilia Katherine Austin (d. 1898). c. Toseph 
Davis, 1894 (d. 1806). m. (2) Philadelphia. Pa.. June 29, 1 ( X)4. 


Luella L. Leighton. c. Dorothy Elizabeth, 1905; Joseph, 1907; 
Mary Leighton, 1912. Address, 155 West Washington Lane, 
Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Morris, Paschall Holiingsworth, B.E. 

Entered 1883. 

Clerk with George H. McFadden & Bro. (Cotton Factors), 
1887-90; with Henry G. Morris (Mechanical Engineer), 1890-96; 
P. H. Morris (Machinist), 1896-1907; President, Morris Engi- 
neering Company, 1907-12. President, Cresson-Morris Company, 
since 1912. Member, Merion Cricket Club; Racquet Club. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., July 25, 1867. s. Henry G. Morris (Class 
of 1859) and Sallie Marshall Morris, m. Pottstown, Pa., Sep- 
tember 17, 1890, Mary Paul Morris, c. Marjorie Paul, 1895; 
P. Holiingsworth, Jr., 1904. Address, Villa Nova, Pa. 

Newhall, Barker, A.B., A.M., 1890. (Ph.D., Johns Hopkins Univ., 

Entered Sophomore Class 1884. 

Corresponding Secretary and President, Y. M. C. A.; Saluta- 
torian ; Associate Editor, The Havcrfordian. Alumni Orator, 
1899. University Scholar and Fellow in Greek at Johns Hopkins, 
1887-91. Student, University of Berlin, Munich and Athens, 
1891-92. Fellow by Courtesy, Johns Hopkins, 1895-96. In- 
structor in Greek, Brown University, 1892-95 ; Classical Master, 
Monson Academy, 1896-97; Author, "Dramatic Features of 
Plato's Gorgias" ; Editor of Plato's "Charmides Laches and Lysis" ; 
Associate Editor, with J. S. Manatt, in the "Mycenaean Age." 
Senior Warden and Treasurer of Harcourt Parish. Professor of 
Greek and Registrar, Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio, 1897 to date. 

b. Lynn, Mass., June 20, 1867. s. Joseph Philbrick Newhall 
and Elizabeth Huntington Barker, m. New York City, July 1, 
1902, Marie Verena Valet, c. Margaret Elizabeth, 1905; Anne 
Marie, 1910. Address, Gambier, Ohio. 

Philips, Jesse Evans, A.B., A.M., 1891. 

Entered 1883. 

Assistant Librarian; Editor, The Havcrfordian ; Valedictorian. 
Teacher, West Chester High School, 1887-90; Student in Mathe- 
matics. University of Gottingen, Germany, 1890-91 ; Head De- 
partment Mathematics, Worcester Academy, Worcester, Mass., 
1891-92; Master of Mathematics, Roxbury Latin School, Boston, 
Mass., 1892-96. 1896-1905, Head Department Mathematics, Wor- 
cester Academy, Worcester, Mass. Headmaster, Cedarcroft School. 
Kennett Square, Pa., 1905-17. Associate Headmaster, St. Luke's 


School, Wayne, Pa., 1917 to date. Author, various articles on 
local history of Chester County, and Vice-President, Chester 
County Historical Society. Secretary, Headmasters' Club, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

b. Chester County, Pa., October 6, 1862. s. Lewis Philips and 
Jane Amanda Keeley. m. December 26, 1891, Mary J. Durham. 
c. Edith, 1892; J. Evan, 1898; Amy L., 1900. Address, St. Luke's 
School, Wayne, Pa. 

Stokes, Henry Warrington, A.B. 

Entered 1883. 

Secretary, Class, 1883-84. Clerk, 1887-88. Publisher, 1888-89; 
Treasurer, York Haven Paper Company, 1889- ; Treasurer, 
Beaver Creek Lumber Company, 1890-93. President, York Haven 
Paper Company since 1889. Member, Union League; University 
Club, Philadelphia and New York. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., June 24, 1867. s. Francis Stokes (Class 
1852; Manager, 1885-1917) and Katherine Wistar Evans, m. 
Philadelphia, Pa., May 20, 1905, Helen B. Tyson, c. James Ty- 
son, 1906. Address, 906 Land Title Building' Philadelphia, Pa. 

Strawbridge, Frederic Heap, A.B. 

Entered 1883. 

Won Second Prize, Tennis Championship in Singles, 1885. 
Secretary, Everett, 1885-86. Vice-President of Everett Society, 
1886-87. Member of First Cricket Eleven (Junior and Senior 
years). One of the six speakers at Commencement. Entered 
store of Strawbridge & Clothier, 1887; (1) Clerk in Transfer, 
Packing and Delivery Departments; (2) Cashier's Office and Pay- 
master; (3) Superintendent's Office and Credit Department; (4) 
admitted to firm, January 1, 1900. Supervising, Executive and 
Mechanical Departments (Alterations, Additions and Improve- 
ments), Delivery Equipments, Displays and Decorations. "Di- 
rector of Supplies and Transportation" for Pennsylvania-Delaware 
Division. American Red Cross, 1917-18. Member, Troop A, 
Philadelphia Home Defense Reserves, 1918-19. Member, "Com- 
mittee of Seventy," 1904; University Club, Philadelphia; German- 
town Cricket Club; Fairmount Park Art Association; City Parks 
Association; The Four-in-Hand Club of Philadelphia, 1909; White 
Marsh Valley Hunt Club, 1914; Union League, Philadelphia, 1919; 
Board of Managers, Haverford College, 1905 to date; German- 
town Saving Fund Board, 1905 to date; Provident Life & Trust 
Company Board, 1906 to date ; Bryn Mawr College Board. 1908 
to date. 


b. Philadelphia, Pa., August 24, 1866. s. Justus Clayton Straw- 
bridge (Manager, 1883-1911) and Mary Lukens. m. Brookline, 
Mass., June 5, 1894, Bertha Gordon Walter, c. J. Clayton, 1895; 
Frederic H., Jr., 1899; Anna Walter (Mrs. J. W. Claghorn), 
1899; Gordon Weld, 1900; Edward Richie, II, 1903. Address, 
801 Market Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

jTrimble, William Webster, SB. 

Entered 1883. 

Bookkeeper, 1887-88; Conveyancer; Civil Engineer, Pennsyl- 
vania Railroad, 1888-91. 

b. Exton, Pa., April 16, 1867. d. Huntingdon, Pa., September 
21, 1891. s. Abram Vickers Trimble and Mary Vickers Webster. 

White, Richard Janney, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1884. 

President of Class, last half of Senior year. Member, Everett 
Society; President, Tennis Association. "Spoon Man." Graduate 
Student of History and Law, Johns Hopkins University, 1887-88. 
1888-94, Clerk in banking and shipping office of C. Morton Stewart 
Company, Baltimore, Md. 1895, Founder of firm of Whitridge, 
White & Co., Baltimore, Md., importers. At present member of 
same firm. Trustee, Johns Hopkins Hospital ; Hopkins Place 
Savings Bank ; Member of Corporation of Haverford College. 
Member, Haverford Alumni Association of Maryland ; Maryland 
Club ; Baltimore Country Club ; Treasurer, Baltimore Yearly Meet- 
ing ; Member, City Club of Baltimore ; Merchants' Club, Balti- 

b. Baltimore, Md., June 9, 1867. s. Francis White (Class 1843; 
Manager, 1878-1904) and Jane E. Janney. m. New York, April 
13, 1912, Janet H. MacLaren. c. Jane, 1915; Janet M., 1917. 
Address, 10 South Street, Baltimore, Md., and St. George's Road, 
Roland Park, Md. 

fWood, George Bacon, A.B. 

Entered 1883. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., June 11, 1869. d. Philadelphia, Pa., De- 
cember 19, 1894. s. George Wood (Class 1862) and Mary Sharp- 
less Hunn. 

Wood, William Condon, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1884. 

Publisher. Partner in firm, William Wood & Co., since 1889. 
Member and foreman of New York Grand Jury for many years. 
Author, articles, chiefly on entomological subjects in scientific jour- 


nals. Meml>er: Union Club; University Club (New York) ; New 
York Academy of Sciences ; American Geographical Society ; New 
York Zoological Society ; American Museum of Natural His- 
tory; New York Entomological Society; Brooklyn Entomological 
Society. Avocations : Entomology ; Book Collecting ; Motoring ; 
Cabinet Carpentry. 

b. Mt. Kisco, N. Y., July 22, 1866. s. William H. S. Wood 
(Class 1859) and Emma Congdon. Address, 51 Fifth Avenue, 
New York City. 


fBacon, John. (M.D., 1889, Univ. of Pa.) 

Entered Freshman Class 1882; dropped out because of illness. 
Left again at close of Sophomore year, 1885. 

Won Everett-Athensum Prize for Oratory. Studied medicine, 
University of Pennsylvania, 1886-89. Resident Physician, Wilkes- 
Barre Hospital ; Resident Physician, University Hospital, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. ; Resident Physician, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Balti- 
more, Md. ; Resident Physician in Eastern State Penitentiary 
Philadelphia, Pa. Physician. 

b. Greenwich, N. J., July 21, 1865. d. August 2, 1915. s 
Josiah Bacon and Caroline Wood. 

fBarr, Ernest Kirby. 

Entered from Philadelphia, Pa., 1883, and left during Sopho- 
more year. 

Iron business in Philadelphia, Pa. With Herendeen Manufac- 
turing Company, of Geneva, N. Y. 

b. Pittsburgh, Pa., December 14, 1864. d. Old Forge, N. Y., 
September 5, 1908. s. George Washington Barr and Martha 
Elkins Kirby. m. May 28, 1891, Margaret Butler Barbour. 

Chase, Alfred. 

Entered 1883 and left at close of Junior year. 

Commercial photographer. 

1). Haverford, Pa., June 21, 1858. s. Thomas Chase, LL.D., 
Litt.D. (Professor, Philology, 1855-86; President, Haverford Col- 
lege, 1874-86) and Alice Underbill Cromwell, m. San Francisco, 
Cal., May 19, 1915. Barbara Chalmers Murray (Haydn). Ad- 
dress, 1229 Federal Boulevard, Denver, Colo. 

Chillman, Edward Fennemore. ( C.E., Rensselaer Polytechnic In- 
stitute, Troy, N. Y., 1888.) 
Entered 1883 and left at close of the Freshman year. 
Student for four years at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, 


N. Y. Instructor in Descriptive Geometry, Stereotomy and Draw- 
ing at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1888-1902; Assistant Pro- 
fessor of same, 1902-08; Associate, 1908-16; Professor and Head 
of Department of Descriptive Geometry, Stereotomy and Drawing, 
1916 to date. Until 1910, spent three or four months each year in 
Structural Engineering work with Cooper, Hewitt Company, Tren- 
ton, N. J.; American Bridge Company, New York City; R. H. 
Hood, Contractor, New York City ; and others. Also did miscel- 
laneous consulting work. For over ten years General Secretary 
of the Alumni Association of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; 
Member, Rensselaer Society of Engineers ; Sigma Xi ; Tau Beta 
Pi. Formerly meml>er of various social, political and athletic 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., August 26, 1866. s. Philip Edward Chill- 
man and Annette Lomas. m. Trenton, N. J., 1894, Virginia Yard, 
c. Virginia Delmar, 1907. Address, 552 Fourth Avenue, North, 
Troy, N. Y. 

fCope, Alban. 

Entered Partial Course, Sophomore Class 1884. and left during 
the year. 

b. Awbury, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. d. . s. Thomas 

Pirn Cope (Class 1839; Manager, 1864-71) and Elizabeth Wistar 

Dean, William. 

Entered 1883 and left at close of Freshman year. 

President of Class, Freshman year. Photographer. 

b. North Ferrisburg, Vt., February 24, 1863. s. William Lind- 
ley Dean and Mary Houghten Paige, m. Roanoke, Ya., November 
12, 1889, Martha Bowers. Address, 44 South Main Street, Har- 
risonburg, Va. 

Grafflin, Frederick Lincoln. 

Entered 1882 and left during the year 1883-84. 

b. Baltimore, Md., June 6, 1865. s. John C. Grafflin and . 

No address. 

Hacker, William Estes. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1884 and left at close of Junior year. 


b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 12, 1867. s. William Hacker 
and Hannah Jones Wistar. m. April 28, 1897, Mabel R. Tilton. 
Address, 2091 West Adams Street, Los Angeles, Cal. 


Herendeen, Francis Albert. 

Entered 1883 and left at close of the Sophomore year. 

Student, Hobart College, Geneva, N. Y., 1885-86. 

b. Macedon, N. Y., February 12, 1866. s. Edward Welcome 
Herendeen (Class 1852) and Anna Nickerson. m. New York 
City, February 5, 1891, Annie Boynton. c. Frances Irene, 1907. 
Address, Geneva, N. Y. 

Hussey, Arthur Mekeel. (A.B., Univ. Mich., 1889.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1884 and left at close of the year. 
Student, University of Michigan, 1886-89; Manufacturer of 

Agricultural Implements, North Berwick, Me. 

b. North Berwick, Me., July 21, 1861. s. Timothy B. Hussey 

and Anna Mekeel. Address, North Berwick, Me. 

Janney, John Hall. 

Entered 1883 and left at close of Junior year. 

Secretary of Class. Farmer and raiser of Jersey Cattle. Teacher 
of Agriculture, Montgomery County High Schools, 1914-19. 
Member, The Senior Farmers' Club of Montgomery County, Md. 

b. Montgomery County, Md., September 19, 1866. s. Samuel 
A. Janney and Mary Catharine Hall. m. Plains, Va., November 
11. 1891, Sallie Randolph Turner, c. John H.. 1893; Mary R., 
1895; Edward T., 1896; Richard W., 1904 (Class 1922). Ad- 
dress, Brookville, Md. 

fLewis, Edmund Coleman. 

Entered 1883 and left at close of Junior year. 

Cotton business, 1886-88; mechanical engineer; salesman. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., February 24, 1868. d. . s. Edmund 

Lewis and Elizabeth Coleman Maule. m. November 15, 1892, 
Emma S. Snodgrass. 

MacLear, Walter. 

Entered 1883 and left 1884. 

b. Wilmington, Del., January 3, 1865. s. Henry C. MacLear 
and . Address, . 

fMartin, L. Lanphier. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1884 and left 1885. 
b. West Chester, Pa. (?). May 26, 1866. d. April, 1893. s. 
and . 

fMowry, Allan McLane. 

Entered 1883 and left at end of Freshman year. 

Student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1885 ; Cornell Uni- 


versity, 1886. On New York State Engineer Corps, 2 years. With 
Diamond Match Company, 1893-1921 ; Manager of same. Thirty- 
second Degree Mason. Member, Sons of Revolution, Connecticut ; 
Cornell University Club; Delta Kappa Epsilon ; Bankers' Club of 

b. Greenwich, N. Y., June 18, 1867. d. September 23, 1921. 
s. Charles Townsend Mowry and Harriet Martin Blanchard. m. 
Alameda, Cal., April, 1896, Isabel Ramsey, c. Janet, 1898; Har- 
riet, 1900; Allan, Jr., 1910. 

Parker, John Eberly. (A.B., Earlham, 1887.) 

Entered Junior Class 1885 and left at close of the year. 
Wholesale produce dealer. Trustee of Stillwater Sanitorium for 
Tubercular Patients for the past 11 years; Trustee of Earlham 
College, 3 years. Member, Tourist Club, Richmond, Ind. 

b. Knightstown, Ind., July 17, 1862. s. Isaac Parker and Han- 
nah M. Newby. m. December 20, 1893, Anna M. Wildman. c. 
Edna A., 1895; James W., 1896; Priscilla, 1899; Elisabeth, 1902; 
John E., Jr., 1905. Address, Eaton, Ohio. 

Purdy, Ellison Reynolds. 

Entered Freshman Class 1883 and left at close of the year. 

Nursery business and Minister, High Point, N. C, 1885-88; 
Pastor, following Friends' Meetings; West Laurens and Morris, 
N. Y., 1888-91; West Branch, N. Y., 1891-95; Portland, Me., 
1895-1901; Marshalltown, la., 1901-03; Oskaloosa, la., 1903-10; 
Wilmington, Ohio, 1910-19; Minneapolis, 1919- . Chairman, 
Board of Home Mission of Five Years Meeting of Friends. Mem- 
ber, Minneapolis Ministers' Federation ; Commission on Evangel- 
ism of Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America. 

b. Manchester, Ontario County, N. Y., November 30, 1864. 
s. Alexander Monmouth Purdy and Mary Reynolds, m. (1) 
Palmyra, N. Y., 1884, Amelia F. Converse, c. Alexander Con- 
verse, 1890. m. (2) Boston, Mass., 1901, Harriet E. Wyman. 
Address, 2440 Stevens Avenue, Minneapolis, Minn. 

jTanner, Clarence Lincoln. 

Entered Freshman Class 1883 and left at end of the year. 
Lawver. City Clerk, Augusta, Me. 

b. Sidney, Me., March 25, 1865. d. March 29, 1898. s. William 
A. Tanner and Sarah Ella Sawtelle. 

fTrotter, Frederick Newbold. 

Entered 1882 and left 1885. 

With bond house of Borden & Knoblauch, Philadelphia, Pa. 


Member, Philadelphia Barge Club and Markham Club. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., 1866. d. Philadelphia, Pa., March 25, 
1918. s. Joseph H. and Edith Newbold Trotter. 

Wilson, Calvert. 

Entered from Washington, D. C, Sophomore Class 1884 and 
left during the year. 

b. , Md.,' April 18, 1867. s. T. F. Wilson and . Last 

address, Washington, D. C. 

Wright, William Townsend. (Entered as William Moorhead 
Entered 1883 and left 1885. 
Student at University of Pennsylvania, 1885-87. 
b. Philadelphia, Pa., March 14, 1866. s. Charles Berston Wright 
and Susan T. Townsend. m. November 9, 1887, Daisy Coxe. Ad- 
dress, St. Davids, Pa. 

jYarnall, Harold Ellis. 

Entered from Haverford, Pa., 1883, and left 1885. 

Clerk in Lehigh Valley Railroad, 5 years. Local Treasurer and 
Passenger Agent, Choctaw, Oklahoma & Gulf Railroad Company; 
Assistant Treasurer and Assistant Secretary of Chicago, Rock 
Island & Pacific Railway Company, 1902-04. Secretary and Treas- 
urer, Midland Yallev Railroad Company, 1904- . 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., March 7, 1867. d. March 26, 1917. s. 
Ellis Yarnall and Margaret Harrison, m. Philadelphia, Pa., May, 
1905, Adele Locke Gilpin. 

Young, Frank Levi. (A.B., Cornell, 1888.) 

Entered Junior Class 1885 ; left 1886, at close of Junior year. 

Student, Cornell University, 1887-88. Teacher in Mt. Pleasant 
Military Academy, Sing Sing, N. Y., 1888-92; Admitted to Bar 
of State of New York, May, 1892. Lawyer, 1892 to date; Mem- 
ber, New York State Legislature, 1908-12. County Judge of 
Westchester County, N. Y., 1916-22. Justice, Supreme Court, 
January 1, 1922, to date. Member, Masons; Royal Arcanum; 
Knights of Pythias ; Junior Order United States Mechanics, etc. 

b. Port Byron, Cayuga County, N. Y., October 31, 1860. s. 
Levi Wayland Young and Margaret Lane. m. (1) July 31, 1889, 
Mary Yawger; (2) July 11, 1900. Mary Lee Lockwood. c. Frank 
L., Jr., 1901; Margaret L., 1903; John A., 1908. m. (3) Decem- 
ber 27, 1916, Mary E. Cumming. Address, i2 Linden Avenue, 
Ossining, N. Y. 



Battey, Charles Heaton, S.B. 

Entered from Providence, R. I., Sophomore Class 1885. 

Editor, The Gem; Treasurer and Vice-President, Athenaeum. 
Artist. Author ; Portrait Painter ; Landscape Painter ; Sculptor. 
Student, 1888-89, in Art Students' League, New York; in Rhode 
Island School of Design. Student, Royal Academy, Antwerp, 
Belgium, 1901. Violinist, giving concerts. Author, "Shorter 
Poems," and "Tales and Sketches" ; a long operetta, "The En- 
chanted Wood." Interested in arranging poems into oratorios, 
such as "The Vision of Sir Launfal" ; "Chambered Nautilus" ; 
"Waiting at the Gate," by Bryant, etc. 

b. Burrillville, R. I., March 27, 1868. s. Thomas Jesse Battey 
(Class 1863) and M. Augusta Heaton. m. Minneapolis, Minn., 
August 14, 1895, S. Edith Thompson, c. Richard Thompson, 
1897; Ernest Heaton, 1899. Address, 284 Lloyd Avenue, Provi- 
dence, R. I. 

Beidelman, Lawrence Peterson, B.E. 

Entered from Little Rock, Ark., 1884. 

Editor, The Gem; Secretary, Athenaeum. Designed Class 
Memorial Shield presented to College, 1888. Draftsman, Cotton 
Belt Railway, 1888-91 ; Mexican National Railway, 1891-1903. In 
charge of large cotton plantation, 1903-06; Clerk to Vice-Presi- 
dent, Ozon Graysonia Lumber Company, 1906- . Vice-President, 
Ozon Graysonia Lumber Company. Wholesale manufacturers, 
yellow pine lumber. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 18, 1868. s. John Wilmer 
Beidelman and Marianna Yard Peterson, m. Texarkana, Tex., 
December 4, 1894, Nelle Parish Rosborough. c. Elizabeth, 1895 ; 
Mary, 1901; Martha, 1901. Address, Prescott, Ark. 

fCorbit, John Cowgill, Jr., SB. 

Entered 1884. 

Manufacturer. Employed with Haines, Jones & Cadbury. 

b. Odessa, Del., June 21, 1868. d. Philadelphia, Pa. (killed by 
train), March 31, 1906. s. John Cowgill Corbit (Class 1853) and 
Emily Peterson, m. Odessa, Del., November 7, 1901, Anna P. 

Cox, Exum Morris, A.B. 

Entered from McPherson, Cal., Junior Class 1886. 
Won First Prize, Everett Oratorical Contest, 1888. President 
Y. M C. A.; Latin Salutatorian. College Football Team, 1887 


Student at University of Kansas, 1882-85 ; Leland Stanford, Jr., 
University, Cal., 1892-93. Teacher. 1888-89, in business; 1889- 
1921, in Educational Work. Assistant City Superintendent of 
Schools, Oakland, Cal., since 1910. Author, Educational Articles. 
Member, Rotary Club; California Schoolmasters' Club; President, 
California Teachers' Association, 1913 to date. President, "Bay 
School Administrators' Association," 1918 to date. 

b. New Providence, la., October 15, 1865. s. Benjamin Cox 
and Mary Morris, m. Santa Rosa, Cal., July 10, 1901, Mary 
Eleanor Anderson, c. Morris, Jr., 1903; Eleanor, 1906; Millicent, 
1908; Anna, 1910. Address, 3059 Capp Street, Oakland, Cal. 

England, Howell Stroud, A.B., A.M., 1890. 

Entered from Wilmington, Del., 1884. 

First Scholar in Classical Section of Class. Won Alumni Prize 
for Oratory and Composition, 1888 ; Associate Editor, The Haver- 
fordian, 2 years ; Editor-in-Chief, Senior year. Librarian, Everett; 
Member, Loganian. Editor of "Class Book." Lawyer. 1893, 
Admitted to Bar of Delaware. 1908-12, Director of Wilmington 
Board of Trade. 1908-13, Delegate from Wilmington to annual 
conventions of Atlantic Deeper Waterways Association and Na- 
tional Board of Trade. 1911, traveled extensively through United 
States and Canada, studying city problems, etc., in behalf of Wil- 
mington Board of Trade. 1912-14, Director of Wilmington Mer- 
cantile Association. 1915, Admitted to Bar of Michigan, and 
practiced Law in Detroit. Author : "Shots at Random" ; "Gold 
and Clay"; "Book of Free Verse, Very Free" (last in course of 
preparation). Enlisted, E Company, 550th Infantry, Michigan 
State Troops, and served during the war at Detroit as Supply 
Sergeant. "War Camp Community Service," Camp Sherman, 
Ohio ; Camp Zachary Taylor, Ky. ; Camp Lee, Va. ; Camp Dix, 
N. J., and at Harrisburg, Pa. Member, Detroit Republican Club; 
Detroit Board of Commerce; Wolverine Lodge; Palestine Chapter, 
Michigan Sovereign Consistory, 32d degree; Monroe Council; 
Detroit Commandery, Knights Templar; North Woodward Resi- 
dents' Club (Civic Association), President; Moslem Shrine; Mem- 
ber, American Bar Association ; Michigan State Bar Association ; 
Wayne County Bar Association; Commercial Law League. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., August 21, 1864. s. James England and 
Anna Stroud, m. Wilmington, Del., October 18, 1893, Elizal>eth 
Pusey. c. Jane Richardson, 1894; Elizabeth Pusey, 1896; Mary 
Stroud, 1897; Sarah Stroud, 1899; Josephine Pusey, 1901; James, 
1904. Address, 321 Trowbridge Avenue, Detroit, Mich. 


Gummere, Henry Volkmar, A.B., A.M., 1889. (A.M., Harvard, 

Entered Sophomore Class 1885. 

Member, Athenaeum ; Loganian ; Editor, The Gem. Graduate 
Student in Astronomy, 1888-89; Student, Harvard, 1889-90. In- 
structor in Mathematics, Swarthmore College, 1893-98. Graduate 
Student, Harvard, 1898-99. Professor, Mathematics, Ursinus Col- 
lege, Pa., 1899-1904; 1904-18, Professor, Mathematics, Drexel 
Institute, Philadelphia, Pa.; 1914-18, Director of Evening 
Courses, Drexel Institute; Swarthmore College, 1920-21. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., March 20, 1870. s. John Gummere and 
Rebecca Volkmar. m. Swarthmore, Pa., December 27, 1899, Lydia 
Craft Flagg. Address, Breezy Knoll Farm, Glen Mills, Pa. 

Hartshorne, Francis Cope, S.B., A.M., 1894. (LL.B., Univ. of Pa, 

Entered 1884. 

First Honors, 1888. Class Historian and President ; Assistant 
Business Manager and Associate Editor, The Havcrfordian; Sec- 
retary and Librarian, Everett Society. Loganian. Student, Uni- 
versity of Pennsylvania Law School, 2 years. Law Student, 3 
years. Lawyer, 1 year. One year, General Theological Seminary, 
New York; Philadelphia Divinity School, \y 2 years. Clergyman 
of Protestant Episcopal Church. Author : "The Railroads and the 
Commerce Clause." Editor, "The Church News, of the Diocese 
of Pennsylvania," 1917-19. Rector of St. Paul's Church, Kittan- 
ning, Pa., 1897-1909; St. Peter's, Phoenixville, Pa, 1909 to date. 
Member, Executive Council and of the Committee on Canons of 
the Diocese of Pennsylvania ; President, Phoenixville Playground 
Association, 1914-17. Member, City Club of Philadelphia; 
Phoenixville Country Club ; Phi Beta Kappa, Haverf ord Chapter. 

b. Overbrook, Pa, October 4, 1868. s. Charles Hartshorne 
(Class 1846; Manager, 1871-1908) and Caroline Cope Yarnall. 
m. Bryn Mawr, Pa, April 25, 1895, Marguerite Hartshorne. c. 
Frances, Charles, James, Henry, Richard, Alfred C. Address, 121 
Church Street, Phoenixville, Pa. 

Hilles, Joseph Tatum, A.B. 

Entered from Wilmington, Del, 1884. 

Editor, The Bud; President of Class, Junior year ; President, 
Baseball Association ; Captain, Second Cricket Eleven ; Captain. 
First Eleven Football Team ; Won First Eleven Prize Cricket Bat 
and Second Eleven Prize Ball. Pitcher on College Baseball Nine, 
Freshman year. Iron manufacturer. Coal operator. Member, 



American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers; Uni- 
versity Club of Philadelphia ; Wilmington Club, etc. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., February 26, 1868. s. John Smith Hilles 
(Class 1848; Manager, 1873-76) and Sarah Cooper Tatum. m. 
Norristown, Pa., March 2, 1918, Alice Stewart Saylor. Address, 
1301 Rodney Street, Wilmington, Del. 

fJohnson, Joseph Esrey, Jr., B.E., M.E., 1891. (M.M.E., Cornell, 

Entered Sophomore Class 1885. 

Student, Cornell University, N. Y., 1891-92; Draughtsman at 
Baldwin Locomotive Works ; Designer ; Draughtsman ; Assistant 
Engineer, Solway Process Company ; with Ames Iron Works ; 
Superintendent of Furnaces and Mines, Alabama Coal & Iron 
Company, Gadsden, Ala.; 1901-06, Assistant Manager, Longdale 
Iron Company ; 1906-09, General Manager, Princess Furnace Com- 
pany, Glen Wilton, Va. ; 1909-10, General Superintendent, Repub- 
lic Iron and Steel Company, Southern Blast Furnaces and Coke 
Ovens; 1910-13, Manager, Lake Superior Iron & Chemical Com- 
pany, Ashland Plant, Wisconsin; 1913- , Consulting Engineer 
and Metallurgist. Author of important technical papers, e. g., 
"Notes on Physical Action of Blast Furnaces" ; comprehensive book 
on the blast furnace. Member, American Institute Mining Engi- 
neers ; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. 

b. Longdale, Va., July 10, 1870. d. April 4, 1919. s. Joseph 
Esrey Johnson and Mary Catherine Roche, m. Wilmington, Del., 
April 24, 1902, Margaret H Hilles. 

Leeds, Morris Evans, S.B. 

Entered Junior year 1886. 

Everett Society. Student. Physics and Mathematics, University 
of Berlin, 1892-93. 1888-90, Teacher, Westtown Boarding School. 
1890-99, in employ of Queen & Co.; 1899-1903, Managing Partner 
of Morris E. Leeds & Co. ; 1903 to date, President and Treasurer 
of Leeds & Northrup Company, manufacturers of electrical and 
scientific apparatus. 1909 to date, Manager, Haverford College; 
1916 to date, Secretary of Board of Managers, Haverford College; 
1899 to date, Secretary, Friends' Freedmen's Association; 1917, 
in France for 3 months as Special Commissioner with Red Cross, 
representing at same time American Friends' Service Committee. 
For 18 months on Executive Committee and Personnel Committee 
of American Friends' Service Commission. Member, Phi Beta 
Kappa Association of Philadelphia ; University Club, Philadelphia ; 
Franklin Institute; American Physical Society; Academy of Nat- 
ural Sciences; Engineers' Club, Philadelphia; Huntingdon Valley 


Country Club; Germantown Cricket Club; Country Club of At- 
lantic City, N. J. ; City Club, Philadelphia ; Fellow, American As- 
sociation for the Advancement of Science. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., March 6, 1869. s. Barclay R. Leeds and 
Mary Maule. Address, 4901 Stenton Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Lewis, William Draper, S.B. (LL.B., Univ. of Pa., 1891 ; Ph. D., 
Univ. of Pa., 1891.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1885. 

Vice-President, Loganian ; President, Everett ; played on College 
Football Team, 2 years ; Alumni Orator, 1895 ; President, Alumni, 
1897-98. Student at University of Pennsylvania, Law Department, 
1888-91 ; University of Pennsylvania, Philosophy Department, 
1888-91 ; Lawyer; Lecturer on the History of Law in the Whar- 
ton School, University of Pennsylvania, 1893-96; Dean of the De- 
partment of Law, University of Pennsylvania, 1896-1914 (resigned 
Deanship, 1914). Instructor in Economics and Political Science, 
Haverford College, 1892-96. At present, Professor of Law, Uni- 
versity of Pennsylvania, since 1896. Author : Federal Power Over 
Commerce and Its Effect on State Action; Our Sheep and the 
Tariff; Restraint of Infringement of Incorporeal Rights; also 
numerous articles on legal, economic and historical topics for peri- 
odicals. Editor: Lewis' Edition of Greenleaf's Evidence; Whar- 
ton's Criminal Law ; Lewis' Edition Blackstone's Commentaries ; 
Digest of Decisions of United States Supreme Court and Circuit 
Court of Appeals; Pepper & Lewis' Digest of Statutes of Penn- 
sylvania (co-editor) ; Digest of Decisions and Encyclopedia of 
Pennsylvania Lazvs ; Great American Lawyers; Pepper and LeztHS 1 
Cases on Lazv of Association (co-editor). Member, Advisory 
Council of World's Best Orations and World's Best Essays. 
Chairman, Resolutions (platform) Committee, First and Second 
Progressive National Conventions, Chicago, 1912 and 1916; Pro- 
gressive Candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., April 27, 1867. s. Henry Lewis and Fanny 
Hannah Wilson, m. Awbury, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., 
June 22, 1892, Caroline Mary Cope. c. Henry, 1893; Alfreda 
Cope (Sampson), 1897; Anna, 1898; William Draper, Jr., 1903. 
Address, Awbury, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Morris, Frederick Wistar, Jr., B.E. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1885. 

Editor, The Haverfordian ; President, Council, Loganian; Edi- 
tor of The Gem; Secretary, Athenaeum; President, Athenaeum; 
President of Class, Senior year ; First Cricket Eleven Club, Junior 


and Senior years. Member, First Regiment, N. G. P., Private; 
First Naval Battalion, N. G. P., Ensign; iron merchant. Member, 
firm, Morris, Wheeler & Co. Member, Rittenhouse Club; Hunt- 
ingdon Valley Country Club; Sons of Revolution; Society of 
Colonial Wars; Military Order of Foreign Wars. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., May 26, 1867. s. Frederick Wistar Morris 
(Class 1860) and Elizabeth Flower Paul. m. Chelten Hills, Pa., 
June 5, 1902, Sophia Starr, c. Elisabeth Flower, 1904; Frederick 
Wistar, 3d, 1905; Edward Starr, 1911. Address, Church Road 
and Washington Lane, Wyncote, Pa. 

Morris, Richard Jones, B.E. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1885 ; absent during part of Senior 
year; returned and received degree, 1889; ranked with Class 1888. 

Member, Athenasum; Editor, The Gem; College Cricket Team. 
Student, Divinity School, Protestant Episcopal Church, Philadel- 
phia, 1897-99. Pottstown Iron Company, Pottstown, Pa., 1888- 
93 ; Assistant Engineer, Superintendent of Department, and As- 
sistant to President ; Morris Wheeler & Co., Philadelphia, Pa., 
1894-96, Cashier, Salesman; Norwich Lock Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Roanoke, Va., 1895, Secretary ; Curate, St. Peter's Church, 
Philadelphia, Pa., 1899-1903; Vicar, St. Paul's Church, Philadel- 
phia, Pa., 1900-03 ; Rector, Epiphany Church, Germantown. Phila- 
delphia, Pa., 1904-15; Assistant Secretary to Bishop of Pennsyl- 
vania, Philadelphia, Pa., 1915- ; Secretary, Protestant Episcopal 
Diocese of Pennsylvania, 1920- ; Curate, Ascension Church, 
Philadelphia, Pa., 1915-18; Treasurer, Alumni, Philadelphia Di- 
vinity School, 1904- ; Manager, Philadelphia City Institute Li- 
brary, 1916- ; Member, American Institute Mining Engineers; 
Germantown Automobile Club ; Zoological Garden, Philadelphia. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 2, 1869. s. William Henry 
Morris (Class 1863) and Sallie Wheeler Paul. m. (1) Ports- 
town, Pa., Tune 1, 1892, Elizabeth Mintzer Hobart. c. Mildred, 
1893; Elizabeth Hobart, 1895. m. (2) Philadelphia, Pa., June 16, 
1900, Mary Sellers. Address, 202 South Nineteenth Street, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Roberts, George Brinton, S.B. 

Entered from Bala, Pa., 1884. 

Member, Everett. Member of firm, David E. Williams & Co.. 
wholesale bituminous coal and coke. Philadelphia, Pa. Vice-Presi- 
dent and Director, Third National Bank. Philadelphia; Director, 
West End Trust Company ; Director in various corporations. 
Member, Rittenhouse Club; Merion Cricket Club; Philadelphia 


Country Club, and various other clubs. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., May 24, 1869. s. George B. Roberts and 
Sallie L. Brinton. m. Philadelphia, Pa., October 25, 1898, Alice 
Tyson Butcher, c. George B., 1900; Brinton P., 1901; Laurance 
P., 1907; Henry B., 1914. Address, Bala, Pa. 

Entered 1884. 

Sharp, Joseph Webster, Jr., S.B. 

President of Class; Class Prophet; Secretary, Everett Society; 
also President, Everett Society ; Class Valedictorian ; Freshman 
Prize Belt in Cricket ; First Prize Belt in Cricket ; First Prize Ball 
in Cricket, twice; Member, First Cricket Eleven, 1884-88; Mem- 
ber, College Football Team, Freshman and Sophomore years ; Col- 
lege Baseball Team ; "Spoon Man." Manufacturer. Retired. 

b. Berwyn, Pa., July 4, 1867. s. Joseph Webster Sharp and 
Sidney Serrill Bunting, m. Philadelphia, Pa., October 22, 1896, 
Esther Malcolm Coates. c. Joseph W., Ill; Anna Coates; Estelle 
Lloyd ; May Bunting ; Rachel. Address, Berwyn, Pa. 

Slocum, Allison Wing, A.B., A.M., 1889. (A.M., Harvard, 1893.) 
Entered Sophomore Class 1883 and left at close of the year; 
re-entered Junior Class 1886. 

Played on all College Baseball Teams. Secretary, Haverford 
College, 1888-89; Vice-President and President, Athenaeum, 1887- 
88. Graduate Student, 1888-89. Student, Harvard. 1891-93— 
Shattuck Scholar, Tyndal Fellow and Harris Fellow. Student, 
University of Berlin, 1893-94. Professor of Physics, University 
of Vermont. Member, American Physical Society ; American 
Welding Society; Ethan Allen Club; St. Bernard Club. 

b. Dartmouth, Mass., April 22, 1866. s. Henry A. Slocum and 
Elizabeth Hooker Brownell. m. Burlington, Vt., June 14, 1900, 
Mary W. Bowers, c. Edward B., Allison W. Address, 295 Maple 
Street, Burlington, Vt. 

Stubbs, Martin Bell, A.B., A.M., 1889. (Ph.D., Johns Hopkins 
Univ., 1892.) 

Entered from Philadelphia, Pa., 1884. 

Everett Society. Student. Johns Hopkins University, 1889-92. 
Chemist, Millville, N. J. ; Teacher at Toledo High School. Chem- 
ist, La Salle, 111. Chemist, Pencoyd Iron Works ; Instructor, Guil- 
ford College, N. C. ; Assistant in Chemistry, Haverford College, 
1898-99. Professor, Chemistry and Physics, Fort Worth Univer- 
sity, Fort Worth, Tex., 1899. 1900, Professor, Chemistry, Ur- 
sinus College, Pa. Author: "Nitro-Ortho-Sulpho-Benzoic Acid." 

b. Vienna, Austria, June 17, 1866. s. George E. Stubbs, M. D., 


and Annie Bell. Last address, United States Weather Bureau, 
Local Office, Omaha, Neb. 


Binns, Edward Hussey. 

Entered 1884 and left in middle of Sophomore year. 

Manufacturer. Pittsburgh Copper & Brass Rolling Mills, C. G. 
Hussey & Co., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

b. New Brighton, Pa., August 9, 1866. s. Edward Binns and 
Anna M. Hussey. m. Philadelphia, Pa. t June 19, 1894, Cecilia 
Kerrigan, c. One daughter and four sons living. Address, C. G. 
Hussey & Co., Pittsburgh, Pa., and West Woodland Road, Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 

Binns, Ralph Holden. 

Entered 1884 and left 1886. 

Manufacturer. Hussey, Binns Shovel Company, President; 
Vice-President, Exchange National Bank ; Trustee, Dollar Savings 
Bank. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

b. Pittsburgh, Pa., January 15, 1869. s. Edward Binns and 
Anna M. Hussey. m. M. Lulu Cavitt. Address, Portland, Me. 

fBowne, Howland. 

Entered 1884 and left December, 1885. 

Played on College Football Team, Freshman and Sophomore 
years ; on First Cricket Eleven, Sophomore year ; on College Base- 
ball Nine. Clerk in Mercantile House, New York. 

b. New York City, November 5, 1867. d. . s. Robert 

Bowne and Anna F. Willis. 

Brooks, Edward, Jr. (A.B. Yale, 1890; LL.B., Univ. of Pa., 1893.) 
Entered from Philadelphia, Pa., 1884, and left at close of 
Freshman year. 

Won Second Prize for Declamation, Freshman year ; Member, 
Baseball Nine; Freshman Baseball and Cricket Clubs; Member, 
Glee Club. Student, Yale University, 1886-90. University of 
Pennsylvania Law School, 1890-93. Lawyer. Author : "An Essay 
on the Law Relating to Telegraph Companies." Member, Univer- 
sity Club ; Union League ; Philadelphia Country ; Mask and Wig ; 

b. Millersville, Lancaster County, Pa., May 10. 1868. s. Edward 
Brooks and H. Marie Dean. m. Atlantic City, N. J., October 14, 
1911, Mary White Carstairs. Address, care of Carstairs & Co., 
1419 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 


Collins, Frederic, Jr. 

Entered Sophomore Class and left at middle of Senior year. 

Won "Improvement Bat" in Cricket, 1888; Member, First 
Eleven, Cricket, 1886. Reading Iron Works, 1888 ; Lindsay, Par- 
vin & Co., 1889; Crane Company in 1890. 1893-99, in business 
for himself. 1899-1909, Philadelphia Manager for the Philip 
Carey Manufacturing Company, of Lockland, Ohio. 1909 to date, 
Collins Office Machinery Company, 831 Chestnut Street, Philadel- 
phia. (Dealer in rebuilt and slightly used adding machines and 
calculating machines.) Member, Philadelphia Cricket Club; Mark- 
ham Club; Cedar Park Driving Club; Member, The Chestnut 
Street Association. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., February 4, 1868. s. Frederic Collins 
(Class of 1839) and Letitia Poultney Dawson, m. (1)" Philadel- 
phia, Pa., June 25, 1895, Lily M. Brown, c. Frederic, III, 1896. 
m. (2) Philadelphia, Pa., November 9, 1898, Janet Rae. c. Daw- 
son Rae, 1899; Marjorie Janet, 1900. Address, Penllyn, Pa. 

Dawson, Charles Wilmott. 

Entered from Lowell, Mass., 1884, and left at end of Sopho- 
more year. 

Student, Architecture, 1886-87; 1887-88. Architect since 1891. 
Vice-Consul, L. A. W. for Colorado, 1895-96; Chief Consul, L. 
A. W., for Colorado, 1896-97. President, Rotary Club, Mus- 
kogee, Okla., 1914-15; Governor, Eleventh District (Missouri, 
Oklahoma, Kansas), International A. R. C, 1917-18. Special 
Representative, War Camp Community Service, 1917-19 (18 
months). Member, Masons; Elks; Knights of Pythias; Sequoyah 
Club (Fishing and Hunting) ; American Society for Testing Ma- 
terials ; American Institute of Architects ; Society of Technology 
Architects ; National Fire Protection Association ; British Fire 
Prevention Committee; Muskogee Chamber of Commerce; Fort 
Smith (Ark.) Business Men's Club; Fort Smith Realtors; Di- 
rector, Muskogee United Charities ; Secretary, Muskogee County 
Public Health Association ; Muskogee Council, Boy Scouts of 
America; President, Muskogee Emeritus Community Service As- 
sociation; President, Muskogee Historical Society; President, 
Oklahoma Commission for the Adult Blind. 

b. Plainfield, N. J., December 10, 1867. s. Charles Carroll Daw- 
son and Jeanette M. Simonson. m. (1) Kansas City, Mo., Janu- 
ary 27, 1888, Louisa Krauss (deceased), c. Dorothy, 1889 (d. 
1890) ; Bernhard Hildebrandt, 1890. m. (2) Toledo, Ohio, Oc- 
tober 27, 1900, Jessie Barlow. Address, 207 Barnes Building, 
Muskogee, Okla. 


Howell, Herbert Charles. 

Entered 1884 and left Freshman year. 

Everett Society. Member, College Baseball Team. Roll turner. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa. ( ?), January 6, 1867. s. William J. Howell 
and Maria Brown. Last address, 11 Madison Terrace, Paterson, 

tJanney, Richard Mott. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1885 and left December, 1886. 

Played on College Baseball Team. Clerk in mercantile house, 
Baltimore, Md. 

b. Baltimore, Md., August 2, 1866. d. Baltimore, Md., January 
7, 1894. s. Johns Hopkins Janney (Class 1856) and Caroline 

Johnson, Joseph Henry. 

Entered 1884 and left at close of Freshman year. 

Farmer. With J. Spencer Turner Company, yarns, Mariner 
& Merchants Building, Philadelphia, Pa., 1908. 

b. Ardmore, Pa., September 3, 1867. s. Edwin Johnson and 
Elizabeth Lowber Thompson. No address. 

Nields, John P. 

Entered 1884 and left at close of Junior year. 

Won First Prize, Everett Oratorical Contest, 1887. Graduated 
at Harvard University, Class 1889. Two years in Harvard Law 
School, 1890-92. Lawyer. Appointed United States District At- 
torney for Delaware by President Roosevelt, 1903 ; re-appointed 
by President Roosevelt, 1907; reappointed by President Taft, 

b. Wilmington, Del., August 7, 1868. s. Benjamin and Gertrude 
Nields. Address, 401 Broome Street, Wilmington, Del. 

Orbison, Thomas, (M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1898; also Certificate of 
Medical Jurisprudence, 1898.) 

Entered from Bellefonte, Pa., 1884, and left during Senior 
year, 1888. 

President of Class, Sophomore year. Played on College Foot- 
ball and Baseball Teams, Sophomore. Junior and Senior years. 
Member, Everett. Student, University of Pennsylvania, 1894-98. 
Member. D. Hayes Agnew Surgical Society; Iron Furnace Works; 
Chain Works ; Soft Coal Region Store Company ; Union Switch 
and Signal Company (New York City) ; Beaver Creek Coal & 
Lumber Company, W. Va. ; 1st Troop, Philadelphia City Cavalry, 
in expedition against Porto Rico, Spanish-American War, 1898 


(private). Physician. Assistant in Department of Neurology: 
University of Pennsylvania, Polyclinic Hospital, and Orthopedic 
Hospital, all of Philadelphia ; Member, Philadelphia Neurological 
Society. Moved to Los Angeles, Cal., March, 1907. Member, 
Clinical and Pathological Society; Professor of Clinical Thera- 
peutics, University of California, in the Los Angeles Medical De- 
partment. Neurologist to Los Angeles County Hospital ; Member 
of Lunacy Commission, Los Angeles County ; Vice-President, 
California Academy of Medicine, 1915. Author: Monographs of 
Neurological Subjects. 1918, Captain in Medical Corps of United 
States Army, at Camp Kearney, San Diego, Cal. 1920, Head of 
American Relief Association, Russia. 

b. Rawal Pindee, India, November 13, 1866. s. James Orbison 
and Nannie Dunlop Harris. Address, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Patterson, George Stuart. (Ph.B., Univ. of Pa., 1890; LL.B., 

Entered 1884 and left at close of Sophomore year, 1886. 

Class President, Freshman year ; Treasurer, Everett ; Member, 
First Eleven Cricket Team, Freshman and Sophomore years ; and 
Captain, Sophomore year ; won Cope Prize Bat, 1886. Student in 
College Department, University of Pennsylvania, 1886-88, 89-90; 
Law Department, 1890-91 ; Fellow, Department of Law, Univer- 
sity of Pennsylvania, 1891-94; Professor in Department of Law, 
1894-1910. 1899-1900, Assistant District Attorney, Philadelphia; 
1900-18, Assistant General Solicitor and General Solicitor, Penn- 
sylvania Railroad Company. 1918-19, General Solicitor, United 
States Railroad Administration; 1919, entered the firm of George 
H. McFadden & Bro., cotton merchants. Member, Philadelphia 
Club; Racquet Club; Union League; Philadelphia Country; 
Metropolitan (Washington) ; National Golf Club, etc. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., October 10, 1868. s. Christopher Stuart 
Patterson and Ellen Stuart, m. May 24, 1904, Eleanora Willing. 
c. Beatrice Willing, 1906; George Stuart, Jr., 1909; Arthur 
Willing, 1910. Address, 121 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

fPope, Edward Morrill. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1885. 
Led his class from the first. Editor, The Bud. 
b. Cleveland, Ohio, October 8, 1869. d. At Haverford College, 
December 19, 1886. s. John L. Pope and Frances E. Whipple. 

Takasaki, Koh Ichi. 

Entered 1884 and left during the Freshman year. 

Studied. Bellefonte, Pa., Academy, 1885 ; Ann Arbor High 


School, Mich., 1886-87. University of Michigan, 1888-89; Pro- 
fessor in College of Peers, Tokyo, Japan, 1891 ; Director of Eng- 
lish Department of same, 1893; Member of the College Senate, 
1893 ; Member of English Speaking Society at Tokyo, and of 
Meiji Club. 

b. Kagoshima, Japan, January 8, 1864. s. Kishichiro Takasaki 
and Yumi Oshikawa. m. September 28, 1889, Woota Takasaki. 
Address, 25 Nakarokubancho, Kojimachiku, Tokyo, Japan. 

Wood, Charles Randolph. 

Entered 1884 and left during the Senior year. 

Clerk; Assistant Paymaster in United States Navy, 1898. Iron 
manufacturer. Director, Florence Iron Works; of Camden Iron 
Works; of Rockhill Iron & Coal Company. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., March 1, 1871. s. Edward Randolph Wood 
(Class 1856) and Mary H. Kneass. m. Philadelphia, Pa., April 
28, 1902, Margaret S. Voorhees. c. Theodore Voorhees ; Richard 
Davis, 2d. Address, 400 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa., and 
Elkins Park, Pa. 

fWright, Robert Cassel. 

Entered 1884 and left 1885. 
Member, College Football Team. 

b. Dennisville, N. J. (?), January 27, 1867. d. . s. 

and Rachel B. (Wright). 


Banes, Robert Coleman, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1886. 

Student, 1 year, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; School 
of Biology, University of Pennsylvania. Biologist. Farmer. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 3, 1868. s. Charles H. Banes 
and Mary E. Coleman, m. December 20, 1894, Margaret Wrenn. 
Address, Krumleigh Farms, Wallingford, Pa. 

Branson, Thomas Franklin, A.B. (M.D, Univ. of Pa., 1892.) 
Entered Sophomore Class 1886. 

President of Class ; Member, Baseball Team, 3 years. First 
Cricket Eleven, 2 years. Captain, Football Team, Senior year; 
Member of same, 2 years. "Spoon Man." Student of Medicine, 
University of Pennsylvania, 1889-92. Interne in Pennsylvania 
and St. Agnes Hospitals, 1892-94. Physician. Physician to Coun- 
try Branch of Presbyterian Hospital, Devon, Pa. ; to Bryn Mavvr 
Hospital since 1899; Physician-in-Chief to Bryn Mawr College 


since 1904; Physician to Shipley School, Bryn Mawr, Pa., since 
1906. Manager of Haverford College since 1902. Member, 
Medical Advisory Board, United States Army, during World War. 
Member, College of Physicians, Philadelphia; Merion Cricket 
Club, Haverford, Pa. ; University Club, Philadelphia ; Union 
League, Philadelphia; Montgomery County Medical Society; Penn- 
sylvania State Medical Society; American Medical Association; 
Main Line Branch of Montgomery County Medical Society ; Presi- 
dent of latter, 1918-20; Geographical Society of Philadelphia; 
Historical Society of Pennsylvania ; Pennsylvania Academy of Fine 
Arts, Philadelphia ; Associate Member of Orpheus Club, Philadel- 
phia; Nassau Club, Princeton, N. J. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., July 10, 1868. s. Thomas Branson, Jr., 
and Rebecca J. Roberts, m. Haverford, Pa., October 3, 1894, 
Frances Biddle Garrett, c. Mary Garrett, 1896; Frances Garrett, 
1898; Thomas F., Jr., 1901 ; John Biddle Garrett, 1906. Address, 
Airdale and Wendover Avenues, Rosemont, Pa. 

Burr, Charles Henry, Jr., A.B., A.M., 1890. (LL.B., Univ. of 
Pa., 1893.) 

Entered Sophomore Class, 1886. 

Graduate Student in English, 1889-90. "Haverford Fellow." 
Member, Phi Beta Kappa, 1899. Studied, Law School, University 
of Pennsylvania, 1890-93. Lawyer. 1900, entered partnership 
with Malcolm Lloyd and R. D. Brown for the practice of law, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 1912, won $2,000 prize of American Philo- 
sophical Society for essay on "Treaty Making Power of the United 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 28, 1869. s. Charles Henry 
Burr and Henrietta Maria Thomas, m. Philadelphia, Pa., May 27, 
1899, Anna Robeson Brown. Address, 328 Chestnut Street, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Dunton, William Rush, Jr., S.B., A.M., 1890. (M.D., Univ. of 
Pa., 1893.) 

Entered 1885. 

Vice-President of Glee Club; President of same, 2 years. Stu- 
dent of Medicine, 1890-93, University of Pennsylvania. Assistant 
Physician at Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital, Towson, Md., 
since August, 1895. Instructor in Psychiatry, Johns Hopkins Uni- 
versity; Dispensary Psychiatrist, Henry Phipps Psychiatric Clinic, 
Johns Hopkins Hospital. Secretary, Maryland Psychiatric Society, 
since organization, 1908. Neurologist to Advisory Board No. 2, 
Baltimore, Md., during war; an Organizer of the National So- 
ciety for Promotion of Occupational Therapy ; Treasurer of same 


1 year ; President and Treasurer, 1 year ; President, 1 year ; and 
Member of Board of Management since organization, 1917-21. 
Author : numerous book reviews, editorials. Co-editor of Mary- 
land Psychiatric Quarterly since 1911. Editor, Archives of Occu- 
pational Therapy, 1922. Frequent contributor to American Medi- 
cine; American Journal of Insanity; Medical News; Proceedings 
American Medico-Psychological Association; Maryland Medical 
Journal; Medical Record; Modern Hospital, etc., etc. Occupation 
Therapy, A Manual for Nurses. Reconstruction Therapy. Mem- 
ber, American Psychiatric Association ; American Medical Asso- 
ciation ; Baltimore County Medical Association ; Maryland Medical 
and Chirurgical Faculty ; Baltimore Neurological Society ; Or- 
ganizer and First Secretary, Haverf ord Society of Maryland ; 
Member, Society of Colonial Wars, Sons of the Revolution ; 
American Philatelic Society ; The Johns Hopkins Orchestra. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa. (Chestnut Hill), July 24, 1868. s. Jacob 
Dunton and Annie Gordon Gemmill. m. Philadelphia, Pa., Edna 
Drusilla Hogan. c. Helen McClean, 1899 ; William Rush, 1903 ; 
Hairy Hurd, 1905. Address, Towson, Md. 

Evans, Thomas, A.B. 

Entered 1885. 

Member of Second Cricket Team. Winner in Doubles in Tennis 
Tournament. Salesman for Manufacturing Company, 1890-92; 
Secretary and Treasurer, Manufacturing Company, 1892-1915; 
Vice-President and Director, Pelham Trust Company, Mt. Airy, 
Philadelphia, Pa., 1916 to present date. Member, University Club, 
Philadelphia ; Germantown Cricket Club ; University Barge Club, 
Philadelphia ; Orpheus Club, Philadelphia. 

b. Germantown, Pa., June 17, 1869. s. J. Wistar Evans and 
Eleanor T. Stokes, m. Germantown, Pa., October 13, 1917, Sarah 
Wood Wagner. Address, care of Pelham Trust Company, 6740 
Germantown Avenue, Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Fite, Warner. ( Formerly known as Warner Hutchinson Fite.) 
A.B. (Ph.D., Univ. of Pa., 1894.) 

Entered 1885. 

Editor of Haverf ordian, 2 years; Chairman of Editorial Board, 
1 year; Class Prophet. Student, Theology, Philadelphia Divinity 
School, 1889-90; Philosophy, University of Pennsylvania, 1889- 
90, 1890-91, 1893-94; University of Berlin, 1891-92; University 
of Munich, 1892-93; University of Pennsylvania, Ph.D., 1894. 
Instructor in Philosophy, Williams College, 1894-96; Dean of 
the Faculty, Williams College, 1895-97; Docent, Assistant, In- 


structor in Psychology, University of Chicago, 1897-1903; In- 
structor in Philosophy, University of Texas, 1903-06 ; Junior Pro- 
fessor, Philosophy, Indiana University, 1906-08 ; Professor, Phi- 
losophy, Indiana University, 1908-15 ; Lecturer in Philosophy, Har- 
vard University, 1911-12 (Second Term); Acting Professor of 
Philosophy, Leland Stanford Junior University, Fall Term, 1913 ; 
Chairman of the Department of Philosophy, Princeton University, 
1916-22; Stuart Professor of Ethics, Princeton University, 1915- . 
Author: An Introductory Study of Ethics; Individualism; also 
about fifty articles and one hundred or more reviews in philo- 
sophical journals, The Nation, the Atlantic Monthly, the Unpopular 
Review, etc. Member, American Philosophical Association ; 
American Association of University Professors ; Phi Beta Kappa ; 
The Nassau Club, Princeton. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., March 5, 1867. s. George Fite and Sallie 
Gibs Liddle. m. June 29, 1901, Esther Wallace Sturges (d. Oc- 
tober 2, 1916). c. Charles Sturges, 1902; George Liddle, 1904; 
Mary Delafield, 1906; Franklin Kirkbride, 1911. Address, 64 
Nassau Street, Princeton, N. J. 

Goodwin, Warren Clarkson, A.B. (M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1902.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1886. 

Member, College Football Team. Teacher of Greek and Latin, 
Bridgewater College, Bridgewater, Va., 1889-90; Teacher and 
Governor, Westtown Boarding School, Pa., 1890-95 ; Life Insur- 
ance Agent, 1895- ; Medical Student, University of Pennsyl- 
vania, M. D., 1902; Demonstrator of Anatomy, University of 
Pennsylvania ; Author : articles on Tuberculosis, etc. 

b. Near Salem, N. J., September 7, 1863. s. Morris Goodwin 
and Anna Thompson Harmer. m. December 16, 1910, A. Louise 
Palmer. Address, 3740 Powelton Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Haughton, Victor Mellet, A.B. 

Entered from Bryn Mawr, Pa., Junior Class 1887. 

Student at Columbia, 1885-87 (Freshman and Sophomore 
years). Student, General Theological Seminary, New York City, 
1889-93. Clergyman. Rector, St. Luke's Church, Charlestown, 
N. H., 1893-97; Good Shepherd, Clinton, Mass., 1897-1903; Christ 
Church, Exeter, N. H., 1903. 

b. Boston, Mass., March 24, 1866. s. James Haughton and 
Augustine Mellet. m. Boston, Mass., January 16, 1901, Jennie 
Leonard Hodges, c. James, 1901; Nancy Creux, 1909; Victor 
Mellet, 1911; John Danforth, 1916. Address, 10 Eliot Street, 
Exeter, Mass. 


Kirkbride, Franklin Butler, A.B. 

Entered 1885. 

Secretary of Class; Class Historian; Editor-in-Chief, Class 
Book; Secretary, Everett; President, Council, of same; Vice- 
President, Alumni Association, 1896-97. Secretary and Treasurer 
of Matriculate Catalogue Committee, 1900. Member, Phi Beta 
Kappa. In a Marine Insurance Broker's office, Liverpool, Eng- 
land, 1889-90. In charge of Philadelphia office of the Caledonia 
Mining and Manufacturing Company, 1890-91. Stockkeeper, Mail 
Bag Repair Shop, 1891. Superintendent, Mail Equipment Shops 
(including Mail Bag Repair Shop, Mail Bag Storehouse and Mail 
Lock Repair Shop), Washington, D. C, 1891-93; Assistant Sec- 
retary, Pennsylvania Company for Insurance on Lives and Grant- 
ing Annuities, 1893-98; Secretary of same, November, 1898, to 
April, 1899; Treasurer and Secretary of same, April, 1899, to Oc- 
tober, 1899; Treasurer of same, October, 1899, to June, 1905. 
Partner, Alfred Booth & Co. ; Treasurer and Director, Surpass 
Leather Company ; Director, Booth Steamship Company, Ltd., 1905- 
07; Receiver of Rogers & Pyatt, Inc., 1908-10. President, Eclipse 
Tanning Company, 1909-16; President, Empire Cream Separator 
Company, 1912-20; Chairman of Board, 1920-22. Director, Mc- 
intosh & Seymour Corporation, 1913 to date; Director, Skayef 
Ball Bearing Company, 1915-22; Hess-Bright Manufacturing Com- 
pany, 1916-22 ; Skayef Industries, Inc., 1917-22 ; Director, Atlas 
Ball Company, 1918-22; President of same, 1920-21; Chairman 
of Board of same, 1921-22. Member, Historical Society of Penn- 
sylvania ; Chamber of Commerce of the State of New York ; New 
York Society Library ; Century Association ; Down Town Asso- 
ciation; University Club; City Club; National Republican Club; 
Adirondack League Club; Trustee, Philadelphia Polyclinic and 
College for Graduates in Medicine, 1894-1905; Philadelphia Va- 
cant Lots Cultivation Association, 1897-1905; Public Baths Asso- 
ciation of Philadelphia, 1898-1905. Organized the Lighthouse 
Savings Fund, 1901. Commissioner to select a site for the Eastern 
New York State Custodial Asylum, 1907-09; Manager, Letch- 
worth Village, 1909 to date ; New York Association for Improv- 
ing the Condition of the Poor, 1908 to date. Trustee. Stevens 
Institute of Technology, 1907 to date. Director, The Westchester 
Association, 1913 to date. A. E. F. ; Y. M. C. A.; Member, Hoyt 
Commission, France. 1917-18; War Work Council, Y. M. C. A.; 
Member, Finance and Executive Committees. With Frederic W. 
Spiers and Samuel McCune Lindsay, author, "Vacant Lot Culti- 
vation," the Charities Review, April, 1898. Contributor to Haver- 


ford History, 1892, pp. 536-557; author, Reports (11), 1894-1904, 
of the Philadelphia Polyclinic; Reports (7), 1898-1904, of the 
Public Baths Association; Reports (2), 1908-09, of the Committee 
to Select a Site for the Eastern New York State Custodial Asylum ; 
Reports (13), 1909-19, of Letchworth Village; the Dispensary 
Problem in Philadelphia, 1903 ; with J. E. Sterrett and Henry 
Parker Willis, author, "The Modern Trust Company, its Func- 
tions and Organization." Author, "The Journey of a Cheque," 
"Some Random Remarks on the Rights, Duties and Opportunities 
of Managers of State Institutions." Report of Hoyt Commission, 
1917. Decorated, 1921, by the King of Sweden, Commander of 
the Order of Vasa. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., August 10, 1867. s. Thomas S. Kirkbride, 
M. D., LL.D., and Eliza Ogden Butler, m. Grasmere, England, 
July 13, 1913, Lydia B. Humphreys (Bell). Banker. Address, 
840 Park Avenue and 7 Wall Street, New York. 

Leeds, Arthur Newlin, SB., A.M., 1890. 

Entered Junior Class 1887. 

Graduate Student in English, 1889-90. Manufacturer of wool 
and cotton yarns. With Millville Manufacturing Company, Phila- 
delphia, as buyer and yarn salesman, 1890-1900; President and 
Treasurer, Wabash Mills Company, 1900 to date; Vice-President, 
Carpet and Blanket Yarn Spinners' Association of Philadelphia 
and Vicinity ; Treasurer, Philadelphia Botanical Club, 1892 to date ; 
Treasurer, Photographic Society of Philadelphia. 1904-14; Presi- 
dent, Friends' Historical Society, 1917-19. Member, University, 
City, Germantown Cricket and Philadelphia Cricket Clubs. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., October 14, 1870. s. Barclay R. Leeds and 
Mary Maule. Address, 5321 Baynton Street, Germantown, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Lewis, Daniel Clark, A.B. 

Entered from Suspension Bridge, N. Y., 1885. 

Secretary of Class; Secretary of Everett; Editor, The Bud; 
Member, Phi Beta Kappa, 1899. Student in Massachusetts Insti- 
tute of Technology, 1890-91. Purchasing Agent, The Millville 
Manufacturing Company, Philadelphia, Pa., 1889-90; Chemist of 
the same, Millville, N. J., 1890-1902; Agent in charge of plant 
for same, Millville, N. J., 1902 to date; Director of the same, 
1902-12, and 1916 to date. Director and Treasurer, various local 
corporations subsidiary to the Millville Manufacturing Company; 
Member, Board of Education, Millville, N. J., 5 years; 3 years. 
President of same; Trustee and Treasurer of Millville Hospital; 


Director, Millville Library; Chairman, Millville Branch, Red 
Cross; Vice-Chairman, Cumberland County, N. J., Chapter A. R. 
C. ; Chairman, Second War Fund, Cumberland County, N. J. ; 
Chapter A. R. C. ; Chief, Millville Division, American Protective 
League; Vice- President, Cumberland County, N. J., Council, Boy 
Scouts of America; Member, National Council of the National 
Economic League; Member, Committee on Education of the Na- 
tional Economic League; Trustee, The Training School at Vine- 
land, N. J. Incorporator and Trustee of the Cohanzick Country 
Club, Bridgeton, N. J. ; Member, Society of Chemical Industry ; 
American Chemical Society ; Franklin Institute ; Chemists' Club 
of New York ; University Club of Philadelphia ; American Asso- 
ciation for the Advancement of Science ; American Association for 
Labor Legislation ; American Academy of Political and Social 
Science; Phi Beta Kappa Association of Philadelphia. 

b. Lockport, N. Y., February 24, 1869. s. Seth Clark Lewis 
and Helen Virginia Worrell, m. (1) Millville, N. J., September 
28, 1892, Martha E. Radcliffe (d. August 2, 1898). c. Helen 
Worrell, 1893; Richard Radcliffe, 1896 (d. 1906). m. (2) Na- 
tional Park, N. J., July 1, 1903, Florence S. Davis, c. Daniel 
Clark, Jr., 1904; Davis Draper. 1907. Address, 825 Columbia 
Avenue, Millville, N. J. 

Morris, Herbert, BE. 

Entered 1885. 

President of Class, Freshman year. Draughtsman. 1889-1902. 
Foreman of Repairs, Engine and Boiler Indicating and Testing. 
Foreman of Repairs at Bessemer Steel Works; Foreman, Rail 
Finishing Plant, all the above in the employ of Cambria Iron 
Company, Johnstown, Pa. 1902-05, Keystone Drop Forge Works; 
1906-11, Ransome Concrete Machinery Company and with A. J. 
Haws & Sons, Ltd. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 23, 1866. s. Galloway Cheston 
Morris and Hannah Perot, m. September 3, 1891, Fanny L. 
Haws. c. Hannah Perot, 1892; Galloway Cheston, 3d, 1898. Ad- 
dress, Lake George, Warren County, N. Y. 

Morris, Lawrence Johnson, A.B. 

Entered 1885. 

Secretary, Treasurer and Historian of Class. Won One-Mile 
Walk, 1889. With Lawrence Johnson & Co. since graduation 
(Member of the Firm). Vice-President and Director, Abrasive 
Company, Philadelphia. Pa. ; Director, Philadelphia Warehouse 
Company; Kittaning Coal Company; National Bank of Chester 


County, West Chester, Pa. ; Trustee, North Coast Power Com- 
pany, Portland, Ore. ; Justice of the Peace, Birmingham Town- 
ship, Chester County, Pa. Attended First Military Training 
Camp, Plattsburg, N. Y., "private" ; Second Military Training 
Camp, Plattsburg, N. Y., Company Supply Sergeant. Member, 
Philadelphia Local Draft Advisory Board No. 6. Member, Phila- 
delphia Club ; Rittenhouse Club ; University Club ; Merion Cricket 
Club; University Barge Club (President, 1919-20); Philadelphia 
Skating Club; Humane Society; Treddyfrin Golf Club; West 
Chester Hunt; West Chester Golf and Country Club; Historical 
Society ; Genealogical Society ; Geographic Society of New York ; 
University Museum; Academy of Natural Sciences; Philadelphia 
Society for Promoting Agriculture ; Transatlantic Society ; English 
Speaking Union ; National Security Society ; Navy League, etc., 
etc. Manager and formerly Acting Secretary, Philadelphia Dis- 
pensary; Manager, Pennsylvania Epileptic Hospital and Colony 
Farm ; Protestant Episcopal Society for Advancement of Chris- 
tianity in Pennsylvania ; Manager, Pennsylvania Hospital, etc. 

b. "Fernbank," near West Chester, Pa., September 27, 1870. 
s. James Cheston Morris, M. D., and Mary Ella Johnson. Ad- 
dress, 212 Lafavette Building, 437 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, 

Overman, William Franklin, A.B. 

Entered 1885. 

Won Prize for Essay in Sophomore year; Prize for Declama- 
tion in Sophomore year ; Member, College Football Team, all four 
years ; President of Class, Freshman year. Teacher, Jenkintown 
Friends' School, 3 years ; Officer at Girard College, 1 year ; Prin- 
cipal. Moorestown Friends' School, for 23 years. Sales Agent for 
The Provident Life and Trust Company, Philadelphia, Pa. Con- 
tributor to School Journals and to "Rural Manhood." Member, 
Board of Managers of Moorestown Field Club, 8 years; Captain 
of Golf Team, several years ; Chairman, Burlington County, N. J., 
Y. M. C. A., for past 10 years. President for 1 year of New 
Jersey Agency for the Provident Life and Trust Company; Presi- 
dent, Moorestown University Extension Center, for 14 years. 
Overseer of Chester Monthly Meeting of Friends, Moorestown, 

b. Goldsboro, N. C, August 22, 1862. s. William H. Overman 
and Margaret Davis, m. Philadelphia, Pa., April 2, 1890, Hannah 
T. Lytle. c. Edna Overman RatlifFe. Address, 118 East Maple 
Avenue, Moorestown, N. J. 



Painter, Joseph Henry, S.B. (S.B., Wilmington College, O. 1888.) 
A.M. . 

Entered Senior Class 1888. 

Graduate of Miami Commercial College, Dayton, Ohio. Teacher. 
Principal of Academy, Kennett Square, Pa., 4 years. Nursery- 
man, near Wilmington, Ohio; Principal, Wilmington High School; 
Principal of Parker High School, Dayton, Ohio, 4 years; Prin- 
cipal of Steele High School, Dayton, Ohio (at present). 

b. Wilmington, Ohio, August 1, 1865. s. Joseph C. Painter 
and Hannah Shields, m. September 10, 1889, Elva Hinshaw. c. 
Donald H., 1894; Herbert J., 1896; Helen M., 1897. Address, 
318 Grand Avenue, Dayton, Ohio. 

Peirson, Frank Warrington, A.B. , A.M., 1890. 

Entered 1885. 

Graduate Student in English, 1889-90; Assistant Librarian, 
1889-90. Student at Heidelberg, Germany, 1892-93. Rancher. 

b. Garence, N. Y., December 11, 1865. s. Thomas V. Peirson 
and Marian Oddie. Address, 1077 New York Avenue, Pasadena, 

Ravenel, Samuel Prioleau, A.B. (LL.B., Univ. of Pa.) 
Entered from Charleston, S. C, Sophomore Class 1886. 
President of Class, Senior year; President, Everett- Athenaeum 

Society; Vice- President, Loganian Society; Valedictorian. Law 

Student, University of Pennsylvania, 1890-93. Lawyer. 

b. Paris, France, January 12, 1868. s. Samuel Prioleau Ravenel 

and Margaretta Amelia Fleming, m. December 10, 1903, Florence 

Leftwich. Address, Asheville, N. C. 

Read, Walter George, A.B. (A.B, Harvard Univ., 1890.) 

Entered from Philadelphia, Pa., 1885. 

Student at Harvard University, 1889-90; 3 years at General 
Theological Seminary, New York City, 1892-95 ; 1896, Ordained 
Priest in the "Episcopal" Church. Curate in different parishes ; 
Chaplain, St. Luke's School, Wayne, Pa. ; Rector, St. Margaret's 
Church, Brighton, Mass. Member, University Club, Philadelphia, 

b. Mt. Holly. N. J., February 2, 1869. s. Zachariah Read, M. D., 
and Elizabeth Grandin Wurts. Address, 434 Washington Street, 
Brighton, Mass. 

Reinhardt, David Jones. 

Entered 1885 from Marlboro, Pa. 

Teacher until 1896. Lawyer. City Solicitor of Wilmington, 


1901-03. State Senator in General Assembly of Delaware, 1913. 
Attorney General of the State of Delaware, 4 years, from 1917. 

b. Norristown, Pa., November 6, 1867. s. William D. Reinhardt 
and Rebecca Hawley. m. Wilmington, Del., June 30, 1896, Anna 
M. Hewes. c. Rebecca, 1897; Louise, 1899; David, Jr., 1903; 
Margaret, 1910. Address, 1107 Franklin Street, Wilmington, Del. 

Stevens, Lindley Murray, A. B., A.M., 1891. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1886. 

Business Manager, The Haverfordian. President of Class. Stu- 
dent of Hebrew at Christian Biblical Institute, Stanfordville, N. Y. ( 
1896-97. Teacher at Oak Grove Seminary, Vassalboro, Me., 1889- 
90; Instructor in Mathematics, Haverford College, 1890-91; 
Teacher, High School, Westerly, R. I., 1891-92; Office of N. W. 
Ayer & Son, Philadelphia, Pa., 1892. Pastor, Friends' Meeting, 
at Clinton Corners, N. Y., from 1895-1901. Superintendent of 
Oakwood Seminary, Union Springs, N. Y., 1901-04. Recorded 
a Minister among Friends, 1896. Farmer. 

b. East Farnham, Province Quebec, Canada, September 9, 1861. 
s. Hiram Stevens and Rachel Barton, m. Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 
October 27, 1898, Elizabeth Golden Ferris. Address, Ferris 
Lane, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Stokes, John Stogdell, A.B. 

Entered 1886. 

Member, College Baseball Team, 1886-89 ; First Cricket Eleven, 
1888-89; Second Eleven, 1887; won First Eleven Fielding Belt, 
1889; Manager of Haverford College, 1898 to date; Secretary, 
Haverford College Corporation, 1900 to date; Chairman of the 
Endowment Fund Committee, 1920-21 ; President of the Alumni 
Association, 1920-21 and 1921-22. 1889-99, employed in firm of 
Queen & Co., Philadelphia, a stockholder and director of same 
most of that time; 1900 to date, President, Stokes & Smith Com- 
pany, manufacturers of machinery, Philadelphia, Pa. Member, 
University Club of Philadelphia ; Merion Cricket Club ; Pine Val- 
ley Golf Club ; Huntingdon Valley Country Club ; Huntingdon Val- 
ley Hunt ; Geographical Society of Philadelphia ; Philadelphia 
Academy of Fine Arts; Art Alliance of Philadelphia; Print Club 
of Philadelphia ; American Academy of Political and Social Sci- 
ence; Historical Society of Pennsylvania; Philadelphia Board of 
Trade (Executive Committee). 

b. Moorestown, N. J., February 26, 1870. s. N. Newlin Stokes 
and Martha E. Stokes, m. Amboy, 111., May 31, 1919, May Mar- 
garet Egan. Address, Summerdale, Philadelphia, Pa. 


Thompson, Frank Earle, S.B., A.M., 1890. 

Entered 1885. 

"Haverford Fellow," 1889-90; Graduate Student in Chemistry, 
1889-90. Won several events in first two track meetings of Ath- 
letic Association. Chemist, Metallurgist and Mill Superintendent. 
Author : "Sulphur in the Basic Bessemer Process," "The Casting 
Temperature of Soft Steel," and other articles in The Iron Age, 
1894 and 1895, and articles in The Scientific American. Member, 
American Institute Mining Engineers; Kew Gardens Country 
Club, Kew Gardens, Long Island, N. Y. ; 1890-95, Pottstown Iron 
Company, Pottstown, Pa., Superintendent ; 1895-96, Chemist, 
Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Company, South Pittsburg, 
Tenn. ; 1896-99, Chemist and Superintendent, Embreville Iron 
Company, Embreville, Tenn.; 1899-1918, Superintendent and Man- 
ager, Cambria Steel Company, Johnstown, Pa.; 1918-19, Section 
Chief, War Industrial Board, Washington, D. C. ; 1919 to date, 
Manager, Consolidated Steel Corporation, 25 Broadway, New York 

b. Little Rock, Ark., August 19, 1869. s. Andrew L. Thompson 
and Emily Hubbard, m. Pottstown, Pa., September 25, 1893, Rose 
Davis, c. Edith H., 1902; Frank E., Jr., 1907. Address, 8417 
Church Street, Richmond Hill, N. Y., and 25 Broadway, New 
York City. 

fTodhunter, Layton Wilson, A.B. (A.B., Wilmington College, 
Entered from Wilmington, Ohio, Senior Class 1888. 
Student at Wilmington College, Ohio, 1885-88. "Wilmington 
Fellow" elect (Haverford College), at time of death. 

b. New Martinsburg, Ohio, March 30, 1866. d. Sheldrake. 
N. Y., August 24, 1889 (drowned in Cayuga Lake), s. Amos 
Todhunter and Emily Elizabeth McNeal. 

Vail, Frederic Neilson, A.B., A.M., 1890. 

Entered from Los Angeles, Cal., 1885. 

Graduate Student in English, 1889-90. General Eastern Man- 
ager of the Alcatraz Company (asphalt and asphalt pavements). 
Civil Engineer. Member, Brooklyn Engineers' Club; Touring 
Club of France; Los Angeles Athletic Club; Yosemite Club. Stock- 
ton; Stockton Country Club; California Auto Association; Wil- 
shire Country Club. 

b. London, England, April 28. 1870. s. Nathan Randolph Vail 
and Anna Walker, m. New York, September 7, 1904, Matie 
Emma Sargent, c. Betty Anne. 1905. Address. Stockton, Cal. 


Wood, Gilbert Congdon, A.B. 

Entered 1885. 

Medical publisher. 

b. New York, N. Y., June 21, 1869. s. William H. S. Wood 
(Class 1859) and Emma Congdon. m. (1) New York City, April 
6, 1896, Ethel Hunt; (2) Greenwich, Conn., December, 1906, 
Beulah L. Field, c. Beulah, 1907; Gilbert Congdon, Jr., 1915. 
Address, 51 Fifth Avenue, New York City. 


Bond, Francis Edward, Jr. 

Entered from Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., 1885, and left 
at close of Sophomore year. 

With Quaker City Dye Works, 3 years; Westmoreland Coal 
Company, \ l / 2 years; banker and broker. Retired, 1909. 1902, 
elected a trustee of Polyclinic Hospital. 

b. Montevideo, Uruguay, S. A., July 18, 1867. s. Francis Ed- 
ward Bond, M. D., and Sarita McCall. m. (1) Philadelphia, Pa., 
June, 1896, Margaret Tyson; (2) London, England, February, 
■ , Florence Lloyd Eels. Address, Spring House, Pa. 

Causey, Foster. 

Entered 1885 and left at the end of the Freshman year. 

Clerk in Pennsylvania Railroad Ticket Office, Washington, D. 
C, 1889-1905; Chief Clerk in same office; Engineering Depart- 
ment, District of Columbia, Surveyor's Office, 1905 to date. 

b. Milford, Del., January 3, 1869. s. William F. Causey and 
Anna Polk. m. Washington, D. C, November 11. 1896, Ella M. 
Johnson, c. Frederick Polk, 1905. Address, 324 Tenth Street, 
S. E., Washington, D. C. 

Causey, Trusten Polk. (LL.B., St. Louis Law School.) 
Entered 1885 and left at close of Sophomore year. 
Student of Law, St. Louis, Mo., Law School. Lawyer. Insur- 
ance Agent. Member, Bar Association of Sussex County, Del. 

b. Milford, Del., December 27, 1867. s. William F. Causey 
and Anna Polk. Address, 202 South Walnut Street, Milford, Del. 

fEvans, William Henry. (A.B, Harvard, 1890.) 

Entered from Colorado Springs, Colo, 1885, and left at close 
of Junior year. 

Student, Harvard University, 1888-90. Mining and Stock 
Broker. Horticulturist. Pikes Peak Floral Company, Colorado 
Springs, Colo. 


b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 7, 1867. d. July 10, 1918. s. 
George O. Evans and Elizabeth Mellor. m. Cleveland, Ohio, Oc- 
tober 8, 1908, Augusta D. Beckwith. 

Firth, Henry Heberton. 

Entered from Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., 1885, and left, 

President of Class, Sophomore year. Captain, Class Cricket 
Team, Sophomore year ; won Alumni Prize Fielding Belt, Fresh- 
man year. Secretary, William M. Lloyd Company, wholesale and 
retail luml>er and coal company, 1887-98; President of same to 
1913. Retired. 

b. Williamsport, Pa., June 30, 1868. s. Frank J. Firth and 
Annie Lloyd. Address, 373 Church Lane, Germantown, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

Geary, John White. 

Entered from Philadelphia, Pa., 1885, and left, December of 
same year. 

Student, University of Pennsylvania, 1886-87 ; at Harvard Uni- 
versity, 1887-91. Banker and Broker. Manager, Western Sav- 
ing Fund Society, Philadelphia, Pa. Commanding Captain, United 
States Army, December 26, 1917, in charge of Military Intelli- 
gence Office, Philadelphia ; Major, United States Army, August 
5, 1918; Honorably Discharged, February 28, 1919. Command- 
ing Lieutenant Colonel, United States Reserves, November 6, 1919. 
Member, Zeta Psi and Delta Kappa Epsilon; Philadelphia Club; 
State in Schuylkill; The Rabbitt; Corinthian Yacht Club; Phila- 
delphia Cricket Club ; The Knickerbocker Club, New York ; The 
Harvard Club, New York ; Tennis and Racquet Club, Boston. 

b. Harrisburg, Pa., February 22, 1869. s. John White Geary 
and Mary Church, m. June 11, 1896, Mary de Forest Harrison, 
c. John White, Jr., 1897 ; Alfred Harrison, 1899 ; Mary de Forest, 
1903. Address, 511 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa., and Chest- 
nut Hill, Pa. 

Griscom, Rodman Ellison. (Ph.B., Univ. of Pa., 1889.) 

Entered from Haverford, Pa., 1885, and left at close of Sopho- 
more year. 

Entered Junior Class, University of Pennsylvania, and gradu- 
ated, 1889. Investment Banker. Entered steamship business upon 
leaving college; in same business until December, 1903. 1903, 
joined firm of Bertron & Storrs, 40 Wall Street, New York City; 
Bertron, Storrs & Griscom, now Bertron, Griscom & Co., Inc. ; 


Director, Girard National Bank of Philadelphia; Manager, West- 
ern Savings Fund of Philadelphia; United Gas and Electric Cor- 
poration; Pennsylvania Water and Power Company of Pennsyl- 
vania, and a number of other companies. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., October 21, 1870. s. Clement Acton Gris- 
com and Frances Canby Biddle. m. Philadelphia, Pa., February 
17, 1897, Anne Starr, c. Clement Acton, 3d, 1899; Mary Starr, 
1901 ; Rodman Ellison, Jr., 1904. Address, Haverford, Pa. 

Jansen, Cornelius Henry vonRiesen. (A.B., Univ. of Nebraska, 

Entered from Beatrice, Neb., 1885, and left at close of Fresh- 
man year. 

Student, University of Nebraska, 2 years ; at Sorbonne, Paris, 
summer, 1900; Columbia University, 6 months, 1906; University 
of Southern California, 9 months, 1912-14. In charge of bank 
for several years. Teacher in High School at Beatrice, Neb., for 
6 years. In business for a few years. Teacher for 3 years, Throop 
College of Technology. Teacher in Los Angeles, Cal, City 
Schools. Member, Schoolmen's Club, Los Angeles. 

b. Berdiansk, South Russia, April 30, 1863. s. Cornelius Jan- 
sen and Helene von Riesen. m. June 21, 1906, Christine Fossler. 
Address, 5201 Aldama Street, Los Angeles, Cal. 

fMorris, Samuel Buckley. 

Entered 1885 and left late in Freshman year on account of ill- 
ness, from which he died. 

b. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., October 10, 1868. d. Ger- 
mantown. Philadelphia, Pa., June 20, 1886. s. Elliston Perot 
Morris (Class 1848; Manager, 1884-91; Secretary of Corporation, 
1886-91) and Martha Canby. 

fRogers, James Wadsworth. 

Entered 1885 and left at close of Freshman year, 
b. Philadelphia, Pa. ( ?), May 28, 1867. d. March, 1916. s. M. 
Edward Rogers and . 

Sachse, Albert Frederic. 

Entered 1885 and left at close of Freshman year, 
b. Berwyn, Pa. (?), May 11, 1869. s. Julius F. Sachse and 
. No address. 

Schwartz, John Loeser. 

Entered 1885 and left at close of the Freshman year. 
Studied one term at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 
and at University of Heidelberg, Germany, two semesters. Sec- 


retary, Pennsylvania Lead Company, 2 years. Study and news- 
paper work. Member, Royal Archaeological Institute of Great 
Britain and Ireland. 

b. Allegheny, Pa., December 6, 1868. s. James Ernest Schwartz 
and Emma Nicholson. Address, 1631 Massachusetts Avenue, 
Washington, D. C. 

Shupert, Charles M. 

Entered 1885 and left at close of Freshman year. 

Farmer. At present, Superintendent of Haver ford Township 

b. Bryn Mawr, Pa., March 5, 1867. s. Daniel Shupert and 
Mersey Davis, m. Gladwyne, Pa., November 14, 1894, Catherine 
B. Halberstadt. Address, Llanerch, Delaware County, Pa. 

fSmith, Walter Emanuel. (A.B., Harvard Univ., 1890.) 
Entered 1885 and left at close of Junior year. 
Student at Harvard University, 1888-90. Banker. 
b. Philadelphia. Pa., July 3, 1868. d. New York, N. Y., Janu- 
ary 8, 1904. s. Charles Smith and Catherine Iungerich. 

fSmith, Wilson Longstreth. 

Entered 1885 and left at close of Sophomore year. 

Merchant. Member, Philadelphia Historical Society, Art Club, 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., April 28, 1867. d. Philadelphia, Pa., Oc- 
tober 3, 1915. s. Horace John Smith and Margaret Longstreth. 
m. (1) September 21, 1893, Frances Evelyn Busiel, of Laconia, 
N. H.; (2) November 7, 1912, May Kimball. 

Veeder, Herman Greig. 

Entered 1885 and left at middle of Sophomore year, 1887. 

Miner and manufacturer. About 5 years, C. G. Hussey & Co., 
Pittsburgh, Pa., copper manufacturing; 5 years. Mining and Elec- 
tric Power Building Construction, San Francisco, Cal. ; 15 years, 
Hussey Binns Shovel Company, Pittsburgh, Pa., shovel manufac- 
turing; retired, 1917. At present, Silver Mining, Arizona. Treas- 
urer and Director, Kingman Consolidated Mines Company, of 
Kingman, Ariz. (Pittsburgh, Pa., office). Member, Holland So- 
ciety, New York ; Sons of American Revolution, Pittsburgh ; Du- 
quesne Club, Pittsburgh. 

b. Allegheny, Pa. (now N. S. Pittsburgh), May 24, 1867. s. 
Nicholas Veeder and Mary Jane Greig. m. October 25, 1899, 
Mabel L. Marshall, c. Herman Greig, Jr., 1903; James Marshall, 
1905; Nicholas Phipps, 1910. Address, 1308 Denniston Avenue, 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 



Angell, Edward Mott, A.B. (LL.B., Univ. of Minnesota, 1893.) 

Entered from Glens Falls, N. Y., 1886. 

Editorial Staff, The Haverfordian, 1887-90. Editor-in-Chief, 
Senior year ; President of Class, Sophomore year ; played on Col- 
lege Football Team, Sophomore year; won Alumni Prize, Speak- 
ing Contest, Junior year; Manager, Football Team, Junior year; 
Class Historian, Senior year. President, Everett- Athenaeum So- 
ciety; Vice-President, Loganian; Vice-President, Athletic Associa- 
tion. Admitted to Bar, New York State, 1892 ; Admitted to Bar, 
Minnesota, 1893 ; Editor, West Law Publishing Company, St. 
Paul, Minn., 1892-93. Practiced Law, Minnesota, 1893-97; Glens 
Falls, N. Y., 1897 to January 1, 1922. November, 1921, elected 
as Justice Supreme Court, State of New York, for 14-year term, 
from January 1, 1922. Member, New York State Bar Association, 
and formerly of Executive Committee thereof ; Director of Glens 
Falls Trust Company ; Member, New York State Constitutional 
Convention, 1915. Formerly Corporation Counsel for Glens Falls. 
President of Glens Falls Club, 1901-07. Various local committees 
in charge of war activities ; made numerous addresses in connec- 
tion with war work. Lawyer. 

b. Moreau, N. Y., January 6, 1868. s. William Penn Angell and 
Francena Frost Mott. m. 1913, Gertrude Sheldon. Address, 247 
Glen Street, Glens Falls, N. Y. 

Auchincloss, James Stuart, A.B. 

Entered from Bryn Mawr, Pa., 1886. 

Vice-President of Class. Member, Class Football and Cricket 
Teams. Member, 1889, College Football; 1890, College Cricket 
Team. Merchant. Investment Securities. 1890-94, J. & P. Coates 
Thread Company, Philadelphia; 1896-1902, D. L. & W. Railroad, 
Traveling Auditor; 1902-14, N. W. Halsey & Co., New York 
City, Sales Manager; 1914-20, Kissel Kinnicutt & Co., Sales Man- 
ager; January 1, 1920, to May 15, 1921, Sales Manager, Harvey 
Fisk & Sons; May 15, 1921, to date. Local Sales Manager, John 
Nickerson, Jr. Member, East Orange Republican Club. 

b. Wilmington, Del., April 12, 1872. s. William Stuart Auchin- 
closs and Martha Tuthill Kent. m. East Orange, N. J., April 3, 
1899, Hazel Gage Hulbert. c. William Stuart, 2d, 1900. Address, 
Room 2007, 61 Broadway, New York City. 

Audenried, William Grattan, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class from Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pa., 


Secretary of Class, 1887-88; President, 1888-89; President, 
Cricket Association, 1889-90 ; Secretary and Treasurer, Glee Club, 
1888-89. First Eleven Cricket Team, 3 years. Banker. Pennsyl- 
vania Representative of New York Bankers (N. W. Harris & 
Co.). Secretary and Treasurer, Philadelphia Milling Company; 
President, Eastern Milling and Export Company; Audenried & 
Bowker, Investment Bankers, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Vice-President, 
J. S. & W. S. Kuhn, Inc., Bankers, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and 
Paris; Vice-President, W. G. Souders & Co., Bankers, Chicago, 
111.; Harvey Fisk & Sons, Bankers, New York City. Author: 
"Irrigation," a treatise. Engaged in Liberty Loan work during 
the war, serving as Chairman. Honor Flag Committee, Press 
Agent, and writing propaganda for farmers. Third Federal Re- 
serve District. Member, University Club, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Na- 
tional Republican Club, New York City. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 13, 1870. s. William G. Auden- 
ried and Emma A. Martin, m. Birmingham, Pa., September 12. 
1894, Edith Grier. Address, 55 East Sixty-fifth Street, New York 

Bringhurst, Henry Ryan, Jr., A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1887. 

Secretary of Class, Junior year. Vice-President of Class, Senior 
year. Law Student, 1890-93. Lawyer. Member, Wilmington 
Club; Wilmington Country Club; Historical Society of Delaware. 

b. Wilmington, Del., July 2, 1869. s. Henry Ryan Bringhurst 
and Elizabeth Ashburnham Smith, m. Philadelphia, Pa., Novem- 
ber 10, 1915, Edna Tatnall Warner. Address, 1019 Rodney Street, 
Wilmington, Del. 

Coffin, Thomas Amory, S.B. 

Entered 1886. 

Draughtsman, Phoenix Iron Company, 1890-92; Engineering 
Draughtsman, with T. P. Lonsdale, Architect, Philadelphia, 1892- 
93 ; 1893, Engineer Draughtsman, David Evans, Architect, Phila- 
delphia; also with George M. Newhall, Engineer, Philadelphia; 
1893-99, Assistant Engineer, C. W. Hunt Company, Elevating 
and Conveying Machinery, Staten Island, N. Y. ; 1899-1902, part- 
nership, Haskins & Coffin, Engineers, 32 Broadway, New York 
City ; 1902-09, Engineer and Contractor, 45 Broadway, New York 
City; 1909-12, Engineer, Structural Department, New York Edi- 
son Company, New York City; 1912 to date, Chief Engineer, 
Phoenixville Shop, Heine Safety Boiler Company ; responsible for 
changes of designs for boilers for many industrial offices and gov- 


ernment plants ; water tube boilers for Emergency Fleet Corpora- 
tion. Member, Phoenixville Club; Phoenixville Country Club; 
American Society Civil Engineers. 

b. Phoenixville, Pa., October 21, 1868. s. Amory Coffin and 
Emma Edings Hopkinson. m. October 10, 1894, Maude Vander- 
slice. c. Lauretta, 1898 ; Jessie Edmondston, 1902. Address, 
Nutts Avenue and Main Street, Phoenixville, Pa. 

Cottrell, Charles Thurston, A.B., A.M., 1892. (LL.B., Har- 
vard, 1894.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1887. 

Graduate Student in English, 1890-91 ; Assistant Librarian, 
1890-91. Law Student in office, 1891-92; in Harvard Law School, 
1892-94. Attorney-at-Law. Various local offices in Jamestown, 
R. I.; Member of Town Council, 3 years, 1892-95; Member, 
Rhode Island Legislature, 1895 and 1896 (2 years). Admitted to 
Rhode Island Bar, 1893, and to Massachusetts Bar, 1894, and 
later to Bar of United States Court. Political offices in Ward 16, 
Boston. President of Roxbury Historical Society ; Director in 
Roxbury Trust Company ; Member of Executive Committee of 
Middlesex Club; during war, Member of Local Draft Board 16, 
Boston. Formerly a Member of Harvard Club; Member, Repub- 
lican Club of Massachusetts; Mason (Past Master of Lodge). 

b. Jamestown, R. I., July 22, 1869. s. Frederick Northup Cot- 
trell and Ellen Tucker, m. Roxbury, Mass., October 7, 1896, 
Carolyn R. Frink. c. Alden Tucker, 1901 ; Avis Slocum, 1905 ; 
Ellen Folsom, 1908. Address, 17 Mayfair Street, Roxbury, Mass., 
and 148 State Street, Boston, Mass. 

Darlington, Percy Smedley, S.B. 

Entered 1886. 

Investment Broker. Lawyer. Private, Sixth Regiment, Penn- 
sylvania Volunteers, 1898. 

b. Chester County, Pa., October 7, 1869. s. Smedley Darlington 
and Mary E. Baker, m. Atlanta, Ga., April 28, 1903, Julia Lowry 
Taylor, c. Percy Smedly, Jr., 1913. Address, 418 North High 
Street, West Chester, Pa. 

Davies, Guy Hulett, A.B. 

Entered 1886. 

Attorney-at-Law; Private Secretary to Governor Hastings, of 
Pennsylvania; Attorney General's Department, Harrisburg, Pa. 
Member, Bradford, Dauphin and Cumberland County Bars, Su- 
perior and Supreme Court. Member, County Bar Association; 
Pennsylvania Bar Association. 


b. Towanda, Pa., July 17, 1869. s. William T. Davies and 
Mary Watkins. m. Harrisburg, Pa., June 8, 1898, Annie Weakley 
Hench. c. Ann, 1899; Mary Watkins, 1903. Address, Carlisle, 

Fox, Robert Eastburn, A.B. 

Entered from Bryn Mawr, Pa., 1886. 

Insurance business. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 31, 1868. s. Samuel Lewis Fox 
(Class 1854) and Harriet Brown, m. York Springs, Adams 
County, Pa., June 29, 1909, Anna Eliza Trostel. c. Elizabeth 
Rebert, 1910; Nancy Roberta. 1918. Address, 401 Chestnut Street, 
Philadelphia, Pa., and 510 West Avenue, Jenkintown, Pa. 

fGilbert, Henry Lee, A.B., A.M., 1891. (Ph.D., Univ. of Pa., 

Entered Sophomore Class 1887. 

President, Class, 1890; Vice-President, Loganian, 1890; won 
Alumni Prize for Composition and Oratory, 1890; Graduate Stu- 
dent in Semitic Languages. 1890-91 ; Catalogued "Gustav Baur 
Library," Haverford College Library, 1890-91. Fellow in Semitic 
Languages, University of Pennsylvania, 1894-95. Instructor in 
Languages. Member of American Oriental Society. Author, "A 
Study in Old Testament Names" ; "Names in I Chronicles 1 :7, 
compared with Parallel Passages." Ordained Minister of 
Protestant Episcopal Church, December 18, 1898. Rector, St. 
Ann's Church, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; at Caldwell, N. Y. ; and Rector, 
St. James Episcopal Church, Lake George, N. Y. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., August 31. 1865. d. Lake George, N. Y., 
June 23, 1904. s. Joseph Gilbert and Sylvania Lee. m. June 21, 
1892, Florence Wells, c. Four. 

fGuildford, William Moore, Jr., S.B. 

Entered 1886. 

President, Glee Club. 1889-90. Mechanical Engineer. With 
Pennsylvania Bolt and Nut Company, Lebanon, Pa., 1899. Mem- 
ber, American Society of Mechanical Engineers. 

b. Lebanon, Pa., February 6, 1878. d. Lebanon, Pa., Novem- 
ber 20, 1906. s. William Moore Guilford, M. D., and Ann Mary 

Guss, John Noble, S.B. 

Entered 1886. 

President of Class, Freshman year. Attorney-at-Law. Served 
in Spanish-American War, in Battery A, Light Artillery of Phila- 
delphia, Pa. Meml>er, West Chester Club. 


b. West Chester, Pa., July 23, 1868. s. Henry Ruhl Guss 
(Colonel and Brevet Brigadier General, United States Army) and 
Rachel Morton Noble, m. Philadelphia, Pa., April 23, 1919, 
Clarita Consuelo Azogue. Address, 405-06 F. & M. Building, and 
111 Dean Street, West Chester, Pa. 

Haley, Edwin James, SB., A.M., 1891. 

Entered 1886, from West Chester, Pa. 

Graduate Student in Chemistry, 1890-91. Member, Baseball, 
Football and Cricket Teams throughout college course. 1891-92, 
Assistant, Chemical Laboratory, Pennsylvania State College, State 
College, Pa. 1892-95, Assistant Chemist, Pennsylvania Experi- 
ment Station, State College, Pa.; 1895-1900, Chemist, Elk Tanning 
Company, Ridgway, Pa.; 1900-10, Manager, Tanning Material, 
Department A, Klepstein & Co., New York; 1910-12, Vice-Presi- 
dent and General Manager, Argam Tanning Company, New York. 
1913, Treasurer, The Binder Company, New York; 1914, Presi- 
dent, Independent Quebracho Company, New York; 1912-19, 
President, Haley Hammond Company, New York; 1918-19, Chief, 
Tanning Material and Natural Dyewood Section, Chemicals Divi- 
sion, War Industries Board, Washington, D. C. 1918-19, Mem- 
ber, Shoe and Leather Control Board, Quartermasters' Corps, 
United States Army, Washington, D. C. ; 1919, President, E. J. 
Haley, Inc., 39-41 Cortlandt Street, New York. Member, Ameri- 
can Leather Chemists' Association; Essex County Country Club, 
West Orange, N. J. ; West Chester Country Club, West Chester, 
Pa. ; Sons of Revolution, Pennsylvania Chapter ; Hope Lodge, 
F. & A. M., East Orange, N. J.; Elk Chapter, F. & A. M., Ridg- 
way, Pa. ; Knapp Commandery, Ridgway, Pa. ; Williamsport Con- 
sistory, Williamsport, Pa. ; 1922, President, Quebracho Production 
Company, New York. 

b. Leopard, Pa., October 9, 1870. s. Brinckle H. Haley and 
Hannah J. James, m. Washington, D. C, April 15, 1903, Helen 
B. Prehn. c. Edwin Wayne, 1904; Elinor, 1905; Ruth J., 1906. 
Address, 39-41 Cortlandt Street, New York City. 

Hibberd, Dilworth Potts, S.B., A.M., 1891. (LL.B., Univ. of Pa., 

Entered Freshman Class from Malvern, Pa., 1887. 

"Haverford Fellow," 1890. Member, College Football and 
Baseball Teams. Won 440-yard dash, 1888; and 1-mile run, 
1888; 1-mile run, 1889; Treasurer, Class, 1890; Treasurer of 
College Baseball and Football Teams; Phi Beta Kappa, Haver- 
ford, 1899. Student of Law, University of Pennsylvania, 1894-97. 


(LL.B., 1897). Attorney-at-Law. Member, Phi Delta Phi, Uni- 
versity of Pennsylvania; Art Club, Philadelphia, Pa.; Chevy Chase 
Club, Washington, D. C, Chevy Chase, Md. ; American Bar As- 
sociation; Pennsylvania State Bar Association; Law Association 
of Philadelphia. 

b. Edgemont, Delaware County, Pa., February 21, 1868. s. 
Joshua Evans Hibberd and Anna Mary Taylor, m. Washington, 
D. C, June 9, 1910, Caroline Jenkins Hickey. c. Jocelyn Plowden, 
1912. Address, 1204 Land Title Building, Philadelphia, Pa. 

t Jenkins, William Grant, A.B. (A.B., Wilmington College, O., 
1887; C.E. Ohio State Univ., 1893.) 

Entered Senior Class 1889. 

At Wilmington College, Ohio, 1885-87; Student at Ohio State 
University, 1890-93. Deputy County Auditor, 1893- . 

b. Wilmington, Ohio, November 21, 1868. d. . s. Asa 

Jenkins and Nancy Ray. m. Wilmington, Ohio, July 20, 1898, 
Estella De Larm. 

fKirkbride, Thomas Story, Jr., A.B. (M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1893.) 

Entered 1886. 

Secretary of Class. President of Council and President, Everett- 
Athenaeum. Medical Student, University of Pennsylvania, 1890- 
93 ; and at Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1893-94. Resident Physician 
of the Pennsylvania Hospital, 1894-96. Continued Medical Studies 
in Vienna and in Gottingen, 1896-98. Director of the Polyclinic 
Laboratories, January, 1899- . Assistant Physician to Univer- 
sity Hospital. Assistant Pathologist to Philadelphia Hospital 
Member, Philadelphia College of Physicians ; County Medical So- 
ciety ; Pathological and Neurological Societies. Physician. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., August 25, 1869. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
July 19, 1900. s. Thomas S. Kirkbride, M. D„ LL.D., and Eliza 
Ogden Butler, m. Philadelphia, Pa., December 18, 1899, Mabel 
Chauvenet Holden. 

Lewis, John Frazier Taylor, B.E. 

Entered 1886. 

First Honor at Graduation. Studied at West Chester Normal 
School, West Chester, Pa., 1885-86. Farmer, 1890-92; Civil Engi- 
neer, 1892; with Choctaw Coal and Railway Company, and Grady 
Trading Company, Indian Territory, 1892. Merchant. Dealer in 
building materials. 

b. Broomall, Delaware County, Pa., November 12, 1868. s. 
Mordecai Lawrence Lewis and Hannah Ann Taylor, m. Broomall, 


Pa., December IS, 1892, Sabella Phebe Moore, c. Benjamin Jones, 
1894; Andrew Lindsay, 1901. Address, Broomall, Pa. 

Longstreth, Edward Rhoads, B.E. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1887. 

Mechanical Engineer. 1890-94, Baldwin Locomotive Works; 
1895-1901, Maris Brothers; 1901 to date, Secretary, West Laurel 
Hill Cemetery Company, 609 Finance Building, Philadelphia, Pa. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., January 31, 1871. s. William Collins Long- 
streth (Class 1837; Manager, 1864-81) and Abby Ann Taylor, 
m. Philadelphia, Pa., October 16, 1900, Helen C. Loomis. c. 
Emily T., 1903 (d. 1903) ; Anne, 1905; Mary Underwood, 1908. 
Address, Moylan, Pa. 

Simpson, William Percy, BE. 

Entered 1886 from Overbrook, Pa. 

"Spoon Man." 1890, entered the employ of the Eddystone 
Manufacturing Company, finishers of textile fabrics ; same busi- 
ness at present. President of the company. Director of the Bank 
of North America and the Delaware County National Bank. Mem- 
ber, University Club ; Union League ; Racquet Club ; Merion 
Cricket Club; Corinthian Yacht Club; etc. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., August 21, 1870. s. William Simpson, Jr., 
and Emma C. Morgan, m. Philadelphia, Pa., January 10, 1894, 
Jessie G. Seaver. c. William, 3d (Class of 1919), 1896. Address, 
Lancaster Pike, Overbrook, Pa. 

Steere, Jonathan Mowry, A.B., A.M., 1892. 
Entered Sophomore Class 1887. 

Treasurer, Athenaeum Society ; and Vice-President, Loganian 
Society; Secretary of Y. M. C. A.; Assistant Business Manager 
of The Hazvrfordian; Business Manager thereof in Senior year. 
Secretary of Haverford College, 1890-92. 1892-93, Principal, 
Tioga Friends' School, Philadelphia, Pa. ; September, 1893, en- 
tered employ of Girard Trust Company ; 1909, became Trust Offi- 
cer. Same occupation at present. Member, Board of Managers, 
Haverford College, 1910- . Treasurer since 1894, The Associated 
Executive Committee of Friends on Indian Affairs; Manager, 
Woolman School; Manager, Indian Rights Association; Member, 
Committee of Management, Tunesassa Indian School, New York. 
Treasurer, Philadelphia Vacant Lots Cultivation Association ; 
Treasurer, New England Society of Pennsylvania; Committee of 
Management, Central Branch, Y. M. C. A., Philadelphia; Trustee, 
American Oncologic Hospital, Philadelphia ; Treasurer, Alumni 
Association of Haverford College, 1894-1909; Manager, Minehill 


and Schuylkill Haven Railroad Company, 1919; Director, Dobbins 
Soap Manufacturing Company, 1917; Vice-President and Director, 
Turner and Harrison Steel Pen Manufacturing Company, 1919; 
Treasurer and Director, Pennsylvania Crusher Company ; Treas- 
urer, Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Biology, Philadelphia ; 
Treasurer, Philadelphia Fountain Society ; 1919, Elder in Society 
of Friends. Member, University Club, Philadelphia; City Club, 
Philadelphia; Merion Cricket Club, Philadelphia; New England 
Society of Pennsylvania ; Founders' Club of Haverford College. 

b. Harrisville, R. I., April 26, 1870. s. Isaac Steere and Avis 
Battey. m. Newton Highlands, Mass., September 9, 1910, Flor- 
ence Esther Trueblood. c. Jonathan M., Jr., 1917; David True- 
blood, 1918. Address, Walnut Lane, Haverford, Pa. 

Tatnall, Robert Richardson, S.B., A.M., 1891. (Ph.D. Johns 
Hopkins, 1895.) 

Entered Junior Class 1888. 

Studied at Johns Hopkins University, 1891-93 ; 1894-95 ; North- 
western University, 1893-94. Instructor in Physics, University 
of Pennsylvania, 1895-97; Honorary Fellow, Clark, 1897-98; In- 
structor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor Northwestern 
University, 1899-1914; Head of Department of Physics, Syracuse 
University, 1914-19. Research Engineer, with J. E. Rhoads & 
Sons, Wilmington, Del. Author : Laboratory Manual of Physics; 
Laboratory Problems in Physics (with F. T. Jones; with H. 
Crew). Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of 
Science ; Member, American Physical Society ; Phi Beta Kappa ; 
Sigma Xi ; Phi Kappa Phi. 

b. Wilmington, Del., February 4, 1870. s. Edward Tatnall, Jr., 
and Rachel G. Alsop. m. Wilmington, Del., July 2, 1896, Eliza- 
beth Rhoads. c. Mary W. ; Frances R. ; Charles R. Address, 805 
Franklin Street, Wilmington, Del. 

fTevis, Alfred Collins, S.B. 

Entered from Haverford, Pa., Junior Class 1888. 

Electrician ; with Yale & Towne Manufacturing Company ; Trus- 
tee of Home for Deaf Children, Bala, Pa., 1895- . 1901, ap- 
pointed Vice and Deputy Consul of United States at Sheffield, 
England. United States Consular Agent, Switzerland. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., January 27, 1872. d. May 7, 1907. s. 
Marshall Tevis and Clara Garrett. 

f Walton, Ernest Forster, BE. 

Entered 1886. 

President, Athletic Association; won 440-yard dash and 100- 


yard dash; influential in building track on "Walton Field," named 
for him. Transit Man in Engineer Corps; Manager, Refrigerator 
Business; Vice-President and Manager, Cycle Company; Member, 
New York Stock Exchange. 

b. New York City, April 5, 1871. d. Train wreck, New York 
City, January 8, 1902. s. James Morris Walton and Mary Forster 
Collins, m. June 2, 1894, Blanche Wetherill. c. Two. 

Baily, Henry Paul. 

Entered as Special Student, 1886, and left 1890. 

Member, First Cricket Eleven, all four years; Captain, Class 
Cricket, all four years ; Captain, First Eleven Cricket Team, Junior 
and Senior years ; Member, First Eleven Football Team, Junior 
and Senior years; Member, Philadelphia Cricket Team visiting 
England, 1889, and won the George W. Child's Bowling Prize 
Cup ; won First Prize for "putting shot," 1887 ; won Cricket Bowl- 
ing Prize, First Eleven, 1888, 1889, 1890; First Prize, Freshman 
Tennis Tournament, 1887 ; Second Prize, Tennis, 1888. Whole- 
sale dry goods commission merchant since leaving college. Mem- 
ber, City Club's Committee, and Chairman, Racquet Club Liberty 
Loan Committee for the Third and Fourth Loans; Red Cross 
Special Committee Membership Drives, 1918; War Chest Special 
Committee, 1918; Emergency Aid, Packing Committee, Special 
Work, 1918-19; Member, Merion Cricket Club. Military Drill 
Corps for Home Defense, 1918. Member, Merion Cricket Club, 
Haverford, Pa. ; Racquet Club, Philadelphia, Pa. ; University Club, 
Philadelphia, Pa. ; City Club of Philadelphia, Pa. ; Automobile 
Club of Philadelphia, Pa. (director since 1912) ; Photographic So- 
ciety of Philadelphia (President for 5 years). 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 3, 1868. s. Joshua Longstreth 
Baily and Theodate Lang. m. Philadelphia, Pa., September 7, 
1893, Anna Correy Smith, c. Frances West, 1894; Theodore L., 
1903. Address, 229 East Lancaster Avenue, Ardmore, Pa. 

Butler, George Thomas. (LL.B., Univ. of Pa., 1894.) 

Entered 1886 and left at close of Junior year on account of 

ill health. 

Won Prize for Throwing Shot and Hammer. Civil Engineer, 

1889-90; Machinist, 1890-91; Studied Law, 1891-94; Lawyer, 
b. West Chester, Pa., March 5, 1870. s. William Butler and 

Letitia M. Thomas, m. Media, Pa., June 3, 1902, Eleanor Baird 

Reed. c. Mary, 1903. Address, 513 West Front Street, Media, 




Cabo, Angel Rodriguez. 

Entered Sophomore year, 1887, and left during the year. 

b. , Las Palmas, Mex. s. and . Last address, 

Las Palmas, Mex. 

fConard, Henry Norman. 

Entered 1886 and left at close of the year. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., June 29, 1869. d. December 27, 1904. s. 
Samuel Conard and Mary B. 

fDuBarry, Joseph N., Jr. 

Entered 1886 and left Sophomore year 1888. 

Student at Rensselaer Technical, Troy, N. Y. With Westing- 
house Electric Company, New York City, 1908. 

b. Harrisburg, Pa., May 4, 1870. d. Philadelphia, Pa., March 
19, 1918. s. J. N. DuBarry and Caroline St. Clair Denny, m. 
. c. Lieutenant Joseph N., 3d, and Lieutenant William H. 

fHipple, William Levis. 

Entered 1886 and left at close of Sophomore year. 
Mining Engineer. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., October 19, 1868. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
June 1. 1895. s. Frank K. Hippie and Elizabeth Gray Levis. 

Janney, Thomas Symington. 

Entered Freshman Class in January, 1887, and left at close of 
Junior year. 

Treasurer, Everett-Athenaum ; won 440-yard run in track 
events, 1888-89. Clerk, Coffee Importing Firm, 1890-98; Clerk, 
Wholesale Coal, 1899; Salesman, Wholesale Coal, 1900; Sales 
Agent and Manager, Wholesale Coal, 1904 to date. National 
Guard, 1891-1910, Private, Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant and 
Captain ; Spanish- American War, Second Lieutenant, Company 
B, 5th Maryland Volunteer Infantry ; World War, 1918, Assistant 
Adjutant General, State of Maryland, with rank of Major in 
State Guard. Member, Baltimore Country Club. 

b. Baltimore County, Md.. January 6, 1871. s. Johns Hopkins 
Tanney (Class 1856) and Caroline Symington, m. Norfolk, Va., 
October 10, 1909. Lucy Landon Walton, c. Carolyn A., 1910; 
Tohns H., 1913. Address, 106 Chamber of Commerce, Baltimore, 

Jones, Lewis, Jr. 

Entered 1886 and left at close of Freshman year. 

President of Lewis Jones, Inc. (a public service corporation 


supplying heat to a part of Overbrook) ; and President of the 
Lewis Jones Knitting Company of Winchester, Va. 

b. Overbrook, Pa., September 22, 1869. s. Lewis Jones, 3d, 
and Elizabeth Hughes, m. Overbrook, Pa., June 3, 1907, Dorothea 
K. Frismuth. c. Louise F., 1911; Dorothea H., 1915. Address, 
1825 Wynnewood Road, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Shaw, James George, Jr. 

Entered 1886 and left at close of Junior year, 
b. Newcastle, Del., March 8, 1868. s. James George Shaw and 
. Address, Newcastle, Del. 

Stotesbury, William Alfred. 

Entered from Philadelphia, Pa., 1886, and left at close of Fresh- 
man year. 

Inspector of Rifle Practice, with rank of Major, Montana Na- 
tional Guard, under Governor Robert Smith, resigned, 1899 

b. Philadelphia, Pa. (?), August 17, 1879. s. J. M. Stotesburj 
and Lucy H. Butler. Address, Beverly Hills, Cal. 

Uhler, Harvey Thomas. 

Entered 1886 and left in 1887. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., July 26, 1869. s. T. M. Uhler and . 

Address, 1825 North Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

-j-Valentine, John Reed. 

Entered 1886 and left 1888. 

Studied at University of Pennsylvania, 1888-89, Sophomore 
year. Lawyer. Owner of Stock Farm. President, Board of 
Commissioners, Haverford Township, 1890. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., July 22, 1869. d. Bryn Mawr, Pa., July 
2, 1921. s. John K. Valentine and Virginia P. Reed. m. Bryn 
Mawr, Pa., June 8, 1897, Elizabeth Simpson. 


t Alger, Harry, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1888. 

Teacher at Westtown Boarding School, 1891-98. Principal of 
Grammar School Building, and Teacher of Seventh Grade, Public 
Schools, Newport, R. I., 1898- . 

b. Newport, R. I., October 10, 1865. d. Newport, R. I. May 
4, 1912. s. Nicholas Benjamin Alger and Elizabeth Bentley 


Blair, David Hunt, A.B. 

Entered 1887. 

Secretary, Class, Freshman year; President of Class, Junior 
year ; Member, Class Baseball, Football and Cricket Teams, Fresh- 
man year ; President, Cricket Association ; winner, Congdon Ball 
for best batting average, Senior year. Alumni Prize for Oratory, 
1891. Student, Guilford College, N. C, 1886-87. Teacher, 
Winston-Salem, N. C, 1891-94; Principal, North Graded School, 
Winston-Salem, 1894. Law Student, University of North Caro- 
lina, 1897-98. Lawyer. 1921, appointed Commissioner of In- 
ternal Revenue by President Harding. Member, North Carolina 
Bar Association ; Twin City Club. 

b. High Point, N. C, January 13, 1868. s. Solomon I. Blair 
and Abigail Hunt. m. Concord, N. C, November 28, 1917, Ade- 
laide Cannon, c. David H., Jr., 1919. Address, 512 Brookstown 
Avenue, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Handy, William Winder, S.B. 

Entered 1887. 

President, Football Association, 1890; President of Class, 1891. 
Student at Johns Hopkins University, 1891-93. Electrical Engi- 
neer. Consulting Public Utility Engineer, Vicher's Building, Balti- 
more, Md. ; Member, American Institute Electrical Engineers. 

b. Baltimore, Md., April 3, 1871. s. Thomas Poultney Handy 
(Class of 1863) and Maria Poultney. c. Elizabeth Preston, 1915. 
Address, Ruxton, Md. 

Hoopes, Arthur, SB. 

Entered Freshman Class 1888 and completed the course in three 

Secretary of Class, Sophomore year. Honors in Senior year. 
Won 1-mile Bicycle Race, 1891. Won Bat on Second Cricket 
Eleven, Junior year. Testing at Edison's Laboratory, Orange, 
N. J., 1891-92; Superintendent, Edison Electric Illuminating Com- 
pany, West Chester, Pa., 1892-93 ; Inspector, Salem, Mass., 1893 ; 
with Lynn and Boston Railroad Company, 1894-95 ; Estimating 
and Installing Electric Plants. Philadelphia, Pa., 1895- ; Clerk, 
Hoopes Bro. and Darlington, West Chester, Pa.; 1898-1901, Gen- 
eral Manager, Chester County Telephone Company, West Chester ; 
6 years with Lukens Steel Company, Coatesville, Pa. ; 10 years, 
Secretary and Treasurer, Coatesville Trust Company, from organi- 
zation. Two years, sundry clerical positions, including 8 months 
with Hoopes Bro. and Darlington. Wheel manufacturing, West 
Chester, Pa. Member, West Chester, Pa., Y. M. C. A.; Inter- 


national Free Trade League; Brotherhood of the Commonwealth, 
b. West Chester, Pa., October 1, 1872. s. Thomas Hoopes and 
Amanda W. Russell, m. Phoenixville, Pa., July 17, 1902, Chris- 
tine O. Lippert. Address, Box 64, West Chester, Pa. 

Hutton, John Wetherill, SB., A.M., 1892. 

Entered from Westtown, Pa., Junior Class 1889. 

Editor, The Haverfordian, 1891 ; Assistant Librarian, 1891-92. 
Teacher at Friends' Boarding School, 1892-98; next year in Eu- 
rope; Westtown Boarding School for 9 years, as teacher and in 
care of the boys. One year with Biddle Press in Philadelphia, 
Pa. ; since, Teacher and Principal of Friends' Boarding School, 
Barnesville, Ohio. Clerk of Stillwater Monthly Meeting; Mem- 
ber of Representative Body of Ohio Yearly Meeting; Member, of 
their committee that had care of young men drafted during the 
great war. Member, National Geographic Society ; National 
Teachers' Educational Association. 

b. Landenberg, Pa., April 28, 1866. s. Richard W. Hutton and 
Elizabeth A. Thompson, m. Winona, Ohio, August 21, 1914, 
Ellen S. Cope. c. Elizabeth R., 1915 ; Charles W., 1917. Address, 
R. F. D. No. 1, Barnesville, Ohio. 

Mekeel, David Lane, S.B., M.E, 1892. 

Entered from Yorktown Heights, N. Y., 1887. 

President of Class, Sophomore year. Secretary, Loganian. 
Graduated with First Honors. Graduate Student in Mechanical 
Engineering, 1891-92. "Haverford Fellow." Mechanical Engi- 
neer. With Cambria Steel Company, Johnstown, Pa., June, 1892, 
to April, 1894; Draftsman, Johnson Company, Johnstown, Pa., 
and Lorain, Ohio, April, 1894, to August, 1896, Draftsman; 
Cleveland Rolling Mill Company and successor, American Steel 
and Wire Company, Cleveland, Ohio, March, 1897, to September, 
1900, Draftsman and Works Engineer; Jones & Laughlin Steel 
Company, Pittsburgh, Pa., October, 1900, to date, Works Engi- 
neer and Chief Engineer. 

b. Somers Township, N. Y., June 30, 1869. s. Jacob Mekeel 
and Mary Jane Haight. m. Sewickley, Pa., September 2, 1901, 
Mary Alice Graff, c. David Lane, Jr., 1903. Address, Jones & 
Laughlin Steel Company, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

fMorris, John Stokes, S.B., A.M., 1892. 

Entered from Germantown, Pa., Junior Class 1889. 

Graduate Student in Mathematics, 1891-92. Treasurer, Presi- 
dent of the Council, and President of Everett-Athenaeum ; Vice- 
President, Loganian; Vice-President of College Association; 


President, Tennis Association ; President, Class, Senior year ; 
played on College Football Team, 1890-91 ; won 440-yard dash, 
1891-92; half-mile run, 1891; won Tennis Championship, Col- 
lege, 1891. Member, Phi Beta Kappa. Student, Johns Hopkins 
University, 1892-96. Teacher; Instructor in Mathematics, Cen- 
tral High School, Philadelphia, 1896-1911. 

b. Moorestown, N. J., June 24, 1873. d. September 30, 1911. 
s. Joshua Husband Morris (Class of 1839) and Elizabeth Stokes 
m. Haverford, Pa., May 23, 1894, Mary Eastbourne Fox. 

Thomas, George, 3rd, A.B. 

Entered 1887. 

Class President, Junior year; President, Athletic Association, 
Senior year ; on Ground Committee and Treasurer, Cricket Asso- 
ciation ; won Sophomore Improvement Bat and First Eleven Field- 
ing Belt. "Spoon Man." Member, Phi Beta Kappa, 1899. Open 
Hearth Superintendent, Pennsylvania Steel Company, Steelton, 
Pa. ; Superintendent, Open Hearth Department, Standard Steel 
Works, Burnham, Pa.; Treasurer, Parkesburg Iron Company, 
Parkesburg, Pa. ; Superintendent, Steel Department, Diamond 
State Steel Company, Wilmington, Del. ; Second Vice-President, 
Treasurer, and General Manager, Sales, Parkesburg Iron Com- 
pany, Parkesburg, Pa. Member, Union League, Philadelphia, Pa. ; 
University Club, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Tredyffrin Country Club 
Paoli, Pa. ; Wilmington Country Club, Wilmington, Del. ; West 
Chester Golf and Country Club, West Chester, Pa. ; West Chester 
Club, West Chester, Pa.; American Iron and Steel Institute, Xew 

b. Whitford. Pa., April 13, 1871. s. J. Preston Thomas (Class 
of 1864) and Hannah J. Giblxms. m. Wilmington, Del., October 
3, 1903, Ethel Gause. c. George, IV (Class of 1925), 1904; J. 
Preston, 1907; Horace G., 1912; Elizabeth H., 1915. Address, 
Whitford, Pa. 

Todd, Henry Arnold, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1888. 

Won 1-mile run in 1890. Teacher, Mathematics and Classics 
Doylestown, Pa., 1891-93 ; Friends' School, West Chester, Pa... 
Principal, 1893-95 ; Principal, Public Schools. Swarthmofe, Pa., 
1898-1901 ; Latin Master, Friends' Select School, Philadelphia 
Pa., since 1901. 

b. Salem. Mass., October 11, 1866. s. John Henry Todd and 
Elizabeth F. Arnold, m. Dnvlestown, Pa., June 20,'l894, Ellen 
Hart. c. James Arnold, 1897; Elizabeth Eastbum, 1899. Address, 
Doylestown, Pa. 

1891] matriculate catalog 295 


Canby, William Marriott. (A.B., Williams College, Mass., 1891.) 
Entered 1887 and left at close of the Sophomore year. 
Editor, The Haverfordian, 1888-89. Rodman, Engineers' Corps, 
Park Commission, Wilmington, Del., 1891 ; Clerk, Wilmington 
Savings Fund Society, 1892 ; Investment Clerk, Girard Trust 
Company, Philadelphia, Pa., 1892-1904; Bond Salesman and Office 
Manager, Bertron Griscom & Co., Philadelphia, Pa., 1904-12; 
partner, Mellor, Petry & Canby, Philadelphia, Pa., 1913-14. Since 
1914, in business under own name, Investment Banker, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. Member, University Club, Union League and His- 
torical Society, of Philadelphia ; Colonial Society of Pennsylvania ; 
Germantown Cricket Club, Science and Art Club, of Germantown ; 
Site and Relic Society, and Williams Club, of New York. Di- 
rector, Public Education and Child Labor Association of Pennsyl- 
vania; some time Director of Huntingdon and Broad Top Moun- 
tain Railroad and Coal Company. 

b. Wilmington, Del., April 7, 1871. s. William M. Canby and 
Edith D. Mathews, m. (1) Germantown, Pa., October 15, 1896, 
Edith Wistar. c. Marjorie Wistar, 1899; William Marriott, 3d, 
1903. m. (2) Germantown, Pa., February 10, 1912, Leila Kurtz, 
c. Henry Kurtz, 1912 ; Leila, 1918. Address, "Thornelawn," 
Westview and Wissahickon Avenues, Germantown, Pa., and 437- 
41 Land Title Building, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Coale, Carey. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1888 and left at the close of the year. 

Studied at Baltimore City College, 1883-88. Electric lighting 
and manufacturing, 1889-90; since that time in firm of Hufnagel, 
Plottier & Co., importing and exporting business. 

b. Baltimore, Md., September 8, 1868. s. Thomas Ellicott Coale 
(Class of 1853) and Cecilia Harvey. Address, 126 East Ninth 
Street, Plainfield, N. J. 

fCrawford, John Yocum. 

Entered from Bryn Mawr, Pa., 1887, and left 1889. 

b. February 10, 1871. d. . s. V. V. Crawford and . 

fFischer, William Gustavus, Jr. 

Entered 1887 and left during the Freshman year. 

Piano and Organ Merchant, 1888-92; Wholesale Dealer in 
Specialties. Insurance Broker at time of death. Member of Ger- 
mantown Cricket Club. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., November 7, 1868. d. January 5, 1915. 


s. William Gustavus Fischer and Mary Ann Willing, m. German- 
town, Philadelphia, Pa., October 12, 1899, Laura S. Henson. c. 
Marion, 1900. 

fFuller, George Llewellyn. 

Entered 1887 and left during Junior year, 1890. 

b. Catasauqua, Pa. ( ?), July 27, 1869. d. . s. J. W. Fuller 

and . 

Mitchell, Jacob Thomas. 

Entered 1887 and left at the close of the Junior year. 

Attorney-at-Law. Borough Solicitor. Since 1919, owner, Wil- 
lard Storage Battery Company Distributing Station, Greenwood 
Battery Company. Member, Local Board, during war. Member, 
B. P. O. E. and various local clubs. 

b. Bellefonte, Pa., September 25, 1870. s. Isaac Mitchell and 
Deborah Downing Thomas, m. Indianapolis, Ind., April 28, 1905, 
Lina Bario. Address, Greenwood, Miss. 

Rhoads, Joseph Howard. (LL.B, Univ. of Pa., 1893.) 
Entered 1887 and left at close of the Junior year. 
Studied at University Law School, 1890-93; Assistant District 
Attorney, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Solicitor of Pennsylvania Railroad, 
1902- ; Professor of Constitutional and Criminal Law and Part- 
nership Law and Corporation Law at Law School, Temple Uni- 
versity, 1900-13. Lecturer on Dental Jurisprudence, Philadelphia 
Dental College, 1910, 1911, 1912. Member, Philadelphia Country 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., June 3, 1870. s. Joseph R. Rhoads and 
Amanda Seal. m. Bala, Pa., June 9, 1897, Elise Stewart Logan. 
c. James Logan, 1898; Esther Lowrey, 1901. Address, 715 Otis 
Building, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Valentine, Edward Abram Uffington. (LL.B., Univ. of Mary- 
land, 1894.) 

Entered 1887 and left at close of Sophomore year. 

Studied at University of Maryland, Baltimore, Md., 1891-94. 
Lawyer in New York City and Baltimore; Notary Public; Literary 
Editor, Baltimore Evening News, 1897- ; Author, Class Poem, 
1894 (published in Albany Law Journal) ; Author, collection of 
poems, "Ship of Silence" ; novel, "Hecla Sandwith" ; novel, "Laby- 
rinth of Life" ; "Red Sphynx" ; a novel in collaboration with 
S. E. Harper, etc. Member, Journalists' Club. 

b. Bellefonte, Pa., January 29, 1870. s. Abram Sharpless Val- 
entine (Class of 1857) and Elizabeth Uffington Natt. m. 1912, 
Eleanor Elkins. Address, 18 Yamachita-Cho, Hyobashi-Ku, 
Tokyo, Japan. 


Valentine, George, Jr. 

Entered 1887 and left at close of Sophomore year. 

Member of Football Team. Member of Loganian. Studied 
Law, 1890. Studied Art at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine 
Arts, 1891 ; farming, 1891-93. 1894-99, Artistic pursuits. 1903 
to date, agriculture. 

b. Bellefonte, Pa., October 28, 1869. s. Jacob D. Valentine 
(Class of 1846) and Deborah Elizabeth Downing. Address, 29 
High Street, Bellefonte, Pa. 

Whitney, John Drayton. 

Entered 1887; left 1890. 

Captain of Class Football Team, 3 years. Class President, 
Sophomore year. Studied Mining Engineering, 1894-1900; also 
Cost Accounting, Assaying, etc. Examining and Consulting Min- 
ing Engineer. Clerk in Philadelphia, 1890-95. 1900-01, Surveyor 
and Engineer for Midas Gold Mining Company, Harrison Gulch, 
Cal. ; 1902-06, Superintendent, New York Mines Company, Green- 
ville, Cal. ; 1906-09, Reporting Engineer and Examining Gold 
Mines in California, Colorado, Arizona, Mexico, Oregon, Wash- 
ington, British Columbia, Idaho. 1910- , Superintendent, Idaho 
Mining Company, Elk City, Idaho. 1911 to date, Examining and 
Consulting Engineer for various clients in various parts of the 
Western States. Member, Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity ; B. P. 
O. E. ; American Institute, Mining and Metallurgical Engineers. 

b. Bryn Mawr, Pa., November 25, 1869. s. John Randall Whit- 
ney and Mary Graham Young. Address, 417 Montgomery Street, 
San Francisco, Cal., or Red Bluff, Cal. 


Blair, Augustine Wilberforce, S.B., A.M., 1896. 

Entered Junior Class 1890. 

Studied as Graduate Student in Chemistry, 1895-96. At Guil- 
ford College, 1889-90. B. S., Guilford College, 1890. Teacher, 
Science and History, Abington Friends' School, Jenkintown, Pa., 
1892-95 ; Teacher of Science and History, Guilford College, N. C, 
1896-97; Assistant Chemist, North Carolina Agricultural Experi 
ment Station, 1897-98; State Chemist, North Carolina Agricul- 
tural Experiment Station, 1898-99; Assistant Chemist, Florida 
Agricultural College and Experiment Station, 1899-1906; Chemist, 
Florida Agricultural Experiment Station, 1906-11; Associate Soil 
Chemist, New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station, 1911 to 
date; Associate Professor, Agricultural Chemistry, Rutgers Col- 


lege, 1913-17; Professor, Agricultural Chemistry, same, 1917 to 
date. Member, American Chemical Society; Fellow, American 
Association for the Advancement of Science; Member, Society for 
the Promotion of Agricultural Science; American Society of 
Agronomy. Author and joint author of many reports and bul- 
letins of the Florida and New Jersey Experiment Stations. Phi 
Beta Kappa. 

b. Archdale, N. C, September 12, 1866. s. Benjamin Franklin 
Blair and Rachel E. Anderson, m. Guilford College, N. C, July 
1, 1897, Judith Genevieve Mendenhall. c. Mary Mendenhall, 1900. 
Address, 202 Lawrence Avenue, New Brunswick, N. J. 

Brinton, Christian, A.B., 1892; A.M., 1906; Litt. D., 1914. 

Entered 1888. 

Editorial Board, The Haverfordian, all four years. Studied, 
Sorbonne and Ecole du Louvre. Member, Phi Beta Kappa ; Hon- 
orary Member, Cap and Bells ; Member, Founders' Club. Vice- 
President, Alumni Association, 1914-15. Associate Editor, The 
Critic, 1900-04; Advisory Editor, Art in America, since 1915. 
Author: Modern Artists, 1908; Catalogue, The Ignacio Zuloaga 
Exhibition, 1909; Die Entwicklung der amerikanischen Malerei 
(Berlin and New York), 1910; Catalogue, The Prince Paul 
Troubetzkoy Exhibition, 1911; Catalogue, The Walter Greaves 
Exhibition, 1912 ; Catalogue, The Scandinavian Exhibition, 1912 ; 
La Peinture Americaine (Paris), 1913; Catalogue, The Constantin 
Meunier Exhibition, 1913; Catalogue, The Swedish Exhibition, 
1916; Impressions of the Art of the Panama-Pacific Exposition, 
1916; Catalogue, The Ignacio Zuloaga Exhibition, 1916; Cata- 
logue, The Boris Anisfield Exhibition, 1918; Catalogue, The Offi- 
cial Exhibition of War Paintings and Drawings by British Ar- 
tists, 1919; Catalogue, The Nicholas Roerich Exhibition, 1920; 
Catalogue, The Swiss Government Exhibition of Paintings, 1921 ; 
Catalogue, The Birger Sandzen Exhibition, 1922; Author, Intro- 
duction to History of Scandinavian Art, 1922. Contributor, Icono- 
graphic Dictionary of Art; articles on art to International Studie, 
Art in America, L'Art et les Artistes, American Magazine of Art, 
Scribner's, Century, Harper's, Vanity Fair, etc. Member of the 
International Jury of Award, Department of Fine Arts, Panama- 
Pacific International Exposition, 1915; Committee Medal, 1916; 
Decorated, 1917, by King Gustav V of Sweden, Knight of the 
First Class of the Royal Order of Vasa of Sweden. Member, 
American Institute of Social Sciences; American-Scandinavian 
Foundation; Pennsylvania Society of New York; The Players; 
The National Arts, and The Coffee House, of New York ; and 


the West Chester, Pa., Golf and Country Club. Art Critic, Author 
and Lecturer on Art. 

b. Homestead Farm, West Chester, Pa., September 17, 1870. 
s. Joseph Hill Brinton and Mary A. Herr. m. Ardrossan Park, 
West Chester, Pa., October 15, 1914, Caroline Peart. Address, 
16 Gramercy Park, New York City, and Quarry House, West 
Chester, Pa. 

Brumbaugh, Isaac Harvey, A.B. (A.B., Harvard, 1895; A.M., 
1899; Hon. Litt.D., Ursinus College, 1920.) 

Entered from Huntingdon, Pa., Sophomore Class 1889. 

Editor, The Haverfordian, 1890-92. Student at Harvard, 1894- 
95 and 1898-99. University of Jena, summer, 1896. Instructor 
of Latin and Greek, Juniata College, 1892-94; Professor, Latin, 
1895-1911; Vice-President, 1896-1911; President of Juniata Col- 
lege, Huntingdon, Pa., since 1911. Trustee, J. C. Blair Memorial 
Hospital, Huntingdon, Pa. ; Director, Standing Stone National 
Bank, Huntingdon, Pa. ; Member, N. E. A. ; College Presidents' 
Association of Pennsylvania ; Harvard Club of Philadelphia. 

b. James Creek, Pa., March 10, 1870. s. Henry Boyer Brum- 
baugh and Susan Fink Peightal. m. Cambridge, Mass., April 26, 
1900, Amelia Henrietta Johnson, c. Barbara, 1901 ; Catherine 
Bulfinch, 1902; Marian Johnson, 1907; Henry Martin. 1912 (d. 
1919). Address, Huntingdon, Pa. 

Cadbury, Benjamin, A.B., A.M., 1893. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1889. 

Class Secretary, Junior year. Member of Gym Team ; Sec- 
ond Honors in Modern Languages, Senior year. Class Secre- 
tary and Member of Class Cricket Eleven, Senior year. Graduate 
Student in English, 1892-93. Assistant in Library, 1892-93. Mem- 
ber, Phi Beta Kappa, 1898. Permanent Class Secretary, Class 
1892. With Haines, Jones & Cadbury Company since leaving 
College, and now Secretary of the Company; Secretary, Ap- 
prentices' Library Company, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Clerk, Western 
District Monthly Meeting of Friends of Philadelphia, Pa. ; Clerk 
of Committee having charge of Friends' Select School, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. ; Member of Board of "Overseers" of William Penn 
Charter School, Philadelphia, Pa. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., October 14, 1873. s. Joel Cadbury (Class 
of 1856) and Anna Kaighn Lowry. m. November 4, 1909, Anna 
M. Moore, c. Joseph Moore, 1910; Benjamin Bartram, 1913. 
Address, 260 East Main Street, Moorestown, N. J., and 1136 
Ridge Avenue. Philadelphia, Pa. 


Cary, Egbert Snell, S.B. 

Entered from Baltimore, Md., Junior Class, 1890. 

Second Honors in Physics, Senior year. Record in Pole Vault. 
Superintendent of Pocono Lake Preserve. 1892-96, Queen & Co., 
Scientific Instruments; 1896-1911, Teacher, Westtown School; 
1911-16, Superintendent, Pocono Lake Preserve; 1917, Talbot 
Air Lift Company; 1918 to date, Superintendent, Pocono Lake 

b. Charles Count)-, Md., February 25, 1871. s. Egbert Cary 
and Martha Snell. m. October 10, 1894, Elizabeth M. Allen, c. 
Dorothy, 1898; Egbert S., Jr., 1907. Address, 425 Camden Ave- 
nue, Moorestown, N. J. 

Collins, Minturn Post, S.B. 

Entered 1888. 

Vice-President of Class; Vice-President, Athletic Association; 
President, Athletic Association; Secretary, Football Association; 
Treasurer of same; Class Historian; Class Speaker at Commence- 
ment ; Secretary of Athenaeum ; Treasurer of same ; Treasurer, 
Y. M. C. A. ; Manager, Football Team, 2 years ; won half-mile run. 
Real Estate Broker and Operator; Notary Public. 

b. Purchase, N. Y., September 7, 1870. s. Richard Smith Col- 
lins and Sarah Willets. m. Kings Bridge, N. Y., June 25, 1903, 
Flora Isham. Last address, 16 East Seventy-fifth Street, New 
York City. 

Cook, Charles Gilpin, S.B., A.M., 1893. (Ph.D., Johns Hopkins 
Univ., 1898.) 

Entered Junior Class 1890. 

Honors in Chemistry, Senior year; Graduate Student in Chem- 
istry, Haverford, 1892-93. Teacher, Bridgewater College, 1893- 
94. Principal of Aurora Academy, 1894-95 ; Chemist, Mathi, 
Inghram & Co., Baltimore, Md., 1898-99. Teacher of Chemistry, 
Boys' High School, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1899 to date. Author: 
"Some Double Halides of Tin with the Aliphatic Amines and with 
Tetramethylammonium." "A Practical Chemistry for High 
School Students." Member, New York Chemistry Teachers' Club. 

b. Glenville, Md., November 25, 1866. s. Joel Cook and Martha 
G. Pearson, m. Brooklyn, N. Y., July 31, 1901, Anna E. Travis. 
c. Katharine Elizabeth, 1904; Mary Gilpin, 1906. Address, 227A 
Monroe Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

fDennis, Joseph Henry, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1869. 

Taught in Martin Academy, Kennett Square, Pa., 1892-93; 


elected Principal, 1893, but resigned to take position of Teacher of 
Languages (Latin and Greek), State Normal School, Blooms- 
burg, Pa. 

b. Dover, N. H., February 27, 1868. d. May 18, 1915. s. Wil- 
liam Brown Dennis and Leah Helen Goodwin, m. December 21, 
1894, Susan Elizabeth Elliott. 

fDetwiler, Warren H., A.B., A.M., 1898. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1889. 

Second Honors in History and Political Sciences, Senior year. 
President, College Association ; President, Football Association ; 
Captain, Football Team, 1891. Teacher of History, State Normal 
School, Bloomsburg, Pa., 1892-1901. 1901, elected to Chair of 
History and Economics, Northeast Manual Training School, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

b. Ironbridge, Pa., March 21, 1867. d. Hatboro, Pa., August 
31, 1903. s. Isaiah Detwiler and Mary Hallman. m. Hatboro, 
Pa., July 21, 1892, Ella Van Horn. 

fHall, Rufus Hacker, A.B. (M.D., Bellevue Hospital, N.Y.) 
Entered from Boston, Mass., Sophomore Class 1889. 
b. , October 6, 1869. d. Everett, Mass., April 28, 1908. 

s. John Hacker Hall and Anna Fry Hoag. m. West Acton, Mass., 

April 30, 1901, Bertha L. Gardner. 

Hart, Walter Morris, A.B., A.M., 1893. (M.A., Harvard, 1901; 
Ph.D., Harvard, 1903.) 

Entered 1888. 

Second Honors in Modern Languages; Graduate Student in 
English, 1892-93. Class President, 1890-91. Editor, The Haver- 
fordian; Editor-in-Chief, Junior and Senior years, of The Haver- 
fordian; President, Everett- Athenaeum ; winner, Haverfordian Es- 
say and Poetry Prizes. Alumni Orator, 1901. Earlham Fellow, 
1892-93. Phi Beta Kappa, 1903. University Professor. In- 
structor in English, University of California, 1895-1900, 1903-04; 
Assistant Professor of English, University of California, 1904- 
10; Associate Professor of same, 1910-18; Professor of English 
at same, 1918 to date. Dean of the Summer Sessions, University 
of California, 1916 to date. Author: Ballad and Epic; Kipling, 
the Story Writer; Editor: Twelfth Night (Tudor Shakespeare) ; 
English Popular Ballads. Contributor to Publications of Modern 
Language Association, Modern Philology, etc. Papers on the 
narrative art, mediaeval literature, Chaucer, etc. Organized War 
Emergency Courses, Summer Sessions, University of California, 
1917 and 1918. Established Summer Sessions conducted by the 


University of California in Los Angeles, 1918. Member, Phi 
Beta Kappa. President, Alpha Chapter, California, 1915-16; Phi 
Kappa Sigma; Claremont Country Club; Berkeley Club; Uni- 
versity Club (San Francisco) ; Harvard Club of California; 
Berkeley Tennis Club; Faculty Club (President) ; Modern Lan- 
guage Association ; Philological Association of the Pacific Coast 
(President, 1916-17); English Teachers' Association; American 
Association of University Professors. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., November 23, 1872. s. William R. Hart 
and Harriet Newell Wilcox, m. Oakland, Cal., December 28, 
1898, Agnes Borland. Address, 2255 Piedmont Avenue, Berkeley, 

Jenks, William Pearson, S.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1889. 

Cotton merchant. Broker and farmer. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 25, 1872. s. William H. Jenks 
and Hannah M. Hacker, m. Philadelphia, Pa., June 10, 1899, 
Bertha Johnes Cooke, c. William, 1902 ; Josephine Johnes, 1903 ; 
Elizabeth Story, 1906; George Cooke, 1908; Priscilla, 1909; Ran- 
dolph, 1912; Nicholas, 1916. Address, Mount Kemble, Morris- 
town, N. J. 

McAllister, Franklin, S.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1889. 

Won Fielding Belt and Bowling Prize, Second Eleven, 1890 
and 1891 ; Scarf-Pin Bowling Prize, Harvard Game, 1892. Clerk, 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., May 31, 1873. s. James Walker McAllister 
and Annabella Cresson. Address, 1510 Walnut Street, Philadel- 
phia, Pa., and Haverford, Pa. 

Muir, John Wallingford, S.B. 

Entered from Philadelphia, Pa., 1888. 

Vice-President, Class 1889; President, 1890; President, Cricket 
Association, 1890-91; President, College Association. 1890-91. 
Bank Clerk; Insurance Broker; Treasurer, The American Pulley 
Company; Member, Markham Club; Philadelphia Barge Club; 
Philadelphia Cricket Club; Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity. 

b. Saratoga, N. Y., March 3, 1871. s. William Muir and Au- 
gusta Elizabeth Sawtell. m. Philadelphia, Pa., November 15, 
1905, Mary Frothingham Brinley. c. John Brinley, 1905; Alice 
King, 1910. Address, 126 Highland Avenue, Chestnut Hill, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 


Nicholson, William Hopkins, Jr., S.B. 

Entered 1888. 

Millville Assistant Manager, Whitall, Tatum & Co., Millville, 
N. J., Glass Manufacturers. 

b. Haddonfield, N. J., August 7, 1872. s. William Hopkins 
Nicholson (Class 1846) and Sarah Whitall. m. November 6, 1906, 
Katherine Leonard Lea. c. Anne Lea, 1907; William Hopkins, 
3d, 1909; Joseph Tatnall Lea, 1911; Richard Matlack, 1912; 
Philip, 1914. Address, 327 South Second Street, Millville, N. J. 

Palen, Gilbert Joseph, Jr.,A.B. (M.D., Hahnemann Medical Col- 
lege, Phila., Pa., 1895.) 

Entered from Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., 1888. 

Member of College Football Team, all four years, "End" and 
"Quarterback." Student, Hahnemann College, 1892-95 ; at Dres- 
den, Berlin, Vienna, Paris and London, 1895-98. Physician, 
Specialist on Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Professor of Otology, 
Hahnemann Medical College, Philadelphia ; Otologist, Hahnemann 
Hospital ; Chief, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Department, Women's 
Homeopathic Hospital, Philadelphia; Consultant Otologist, Allen- 
town State Hospital for Insane, and to various other hospitals. 
Author of various articles upon medical subjects. Member, Union 
League; Art Club; City Club; Musical Art Club; Woodbury 
Country Club, and of various medical organizations. 

b. Tunkhannock, Pa., May 12, 1870. s. Gilbert E. Palen and 
Elizabeth Gaul. m. (1) June 11, 1895, Mary Eleanor Adamson; 
(2) Parsons, Kan., October 1, 1908, Eva B. Matthewson. c. 
Gilbert Matthewson, 1913; John Gould, 1914. Address, 230 Pop- 
lar Avenue, Woodbury, N. J., and 2102 Chestnut Street, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. (office). 

Shipley, William Ellis, S.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class. 

Won Ring- Vault Tie, 1889-90; Rope Climbing, 1889-90, 1890- 
91; Fence- Vault Tie, 1890-91. Carriage manufacturer and sales- 
man. The Cook Carriage Company, Cincinnati, Ohio; The Spe- 
cialty Carriage Company, Cincinnati, Ohio; The Lodge & Shipley 
Machine Tool Company, Cincinnati, Ohio; W. E. Shipley (Ma- 
chine Tools), Philadelphia, Pa.; W. E. Shipley Machinery Com- 
pany, Philadelphia, Pa. Member, University Club, Philadelphia; 
New York Machinery Club. 

b. Cincinnati, Ohio, May 21, 1870. s. Murray Shipley and 
Hannah Taylor, m. Philadelphia, Pa., October 23, 1900, Caroline 
Warder Cadbury. c. Dorothea Caroline, 1903; Beatrice, 1907; 
Jeanette, 1909. Address. 1500 Morris Building, Philadelphia, Pa. 


Stone, Ralph Warren, A. B. (LL.B., Georgetown Univ., D. C, 

Entered 1888. 

Member, College Football Team, Junior and Senior years. Mem- 
ber, Baseball Team, 1890-92. Attorney-at-Law. Secretary to 
Committee on Coinage, Weights and Measures, House of Repre- 
sentatives, Washington, D. C, until 1896; 1896 to date, Practice 
of Law at Warren, Pa. Member, Conewango Club of Warren, 
Pa. ; Director of Warren Savings Bank and Trust Company, and 
Director in many business corporations. 

b. Warren, Pa., July 16, 1872. s. Charles Warren Stone and 
Elizabeth Moorhead. m. Titusville, Pa., April 10, 1900, May 
Ruland. c. Warren Moorhead, 1901 ; Annette, 1906. Address, 
308 Fifth Street, Warren, Pa. 

West, William Nelson Loflin, A.B. (LL.B., Univ. of Pa., 1895) 
Entered 1888. 

"Spoon Man." Member, Y. M. C. A.; First Cricket Eleven, 

3 years; First Eleven Football, 2 years; Loganian and Everett- 
Athenaeum Societies; Member of Glee Club, 4 years. Leader, 2 
years; Organized Mandolin Club; Leader, 3 years; Banjo Club, 

4 years. Lawyer. Fellow, University of Pennsylvania Law 
School, 1895-98. Member, Phi Kappa Sigma ; University Club, 
Philadelphia ; Merion Cricket Club ; Geographical Society of Phila- 
delphia ; American Academy of Political and Social Science ; 
Founders' Club, Haverford. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., March 19, 1871. s. William Nelson West 
and Mary Pennell Loflin. m. Moorestown, N. J., Anna Ervina 
West. c. Elinor, 1899; William Nelson, 3d, 1903; Anne, 1910. 
Address, Wynnewood, Pa. 

fWood, Joseph Remington, S.B., A.M., 1898. (Ph.G., College of 
Pharmacy, N. Y., 1894.) 
Entered from Flushing, N. Y., Sophomore Class 1889. 
Secretary, Glee Club, 1890-91; President. of same, 1891-92; 
Treasurer, Everett-Athenaeum. Student at New York City Col- 
lege of Pharmacy, 1892-94; First Prize, Junior year, at College 
of Pharmacy ; Scholarship Prize for Senior year. Chemist. 

b. New Bedford, Mass., July 5, 1872. d'. June 21, 1911. s. 
David Shoe Wood and Lydia Hart Remington. 

Yarnall, Stanley Rhoads, A.B., A.M., 1893. 
Entered 1888. 

Second Honors in Classics; General Honors on Graduation; 
President of Class ; President, Everett-Athenajum ; Secretary of 


same; Vice-President, Loganian; President, Y. M. C. A. ; Member, 
Phi Beta Kappa, 1899; Graduate Student in Classics, 1892-93. 
"Haverford Fellow." Summer Student, Cornell, Harvard and 
Columbia Universities. Clerk in Bookselling' and Publishing 
Business, 1893-98. Teacher and Principal in Germantown 
Friends' School, Philadelphia, Pa., 1898 to date. Treasurer, 
Association of Colleges and Preparatory Schools of Middle 
States and Maryland, 1910 to date; Secretary, Board Man- 
agers, Cheyney Training School for Teachers, 17 years, to 1922; 
President, Richard Humphreys Foundation ; Member, Board 
Managers, Haverford College ; Vice-President, Dunwoody Home 
for Convalescents ; Member, Philadelphia Council, Boy Scouts of 
America ; Member of Representative Meeting, Education and 
Peace Committees, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of Friends; Mem- 
ber, College Entrance Examination Board ; Member, Phi Beta 
Kappa ; Science and Art Club of Germantown ; Headmasters' As- 
sociation of United States. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., August 29, 1871. s. Hibberd Yarnall and 
Mary Ashbridge Rhoads. m. Downingtown, Pa., August 9, 1917, 
Susan Ashbridge Roberts, c. Stanley R., Jr., 1919. Address, 
5337 Knox Street, Germantown, Philadelphia. Pa. 


Crozer, Edward P. 

Entered 1888 and left during the year. 

b. Upland, Pa., April 12, 1871. s. S. A. Crozer and Abigal C. 
Crozer. Address, 955 Park Avenue, New York City. 

fDaCosta, John Chalmers, Jr. (M.D., Jefferson Medical Col- 
lege, 1893.) 

Entered 1888 and left during the Freshman year. 

Student at Princeton and at Jefferson Medical College. First 
Lieutenant and Assistant Surgeon, United States Volunteers, 1898- 
99; Associate Professor of Medicine, Jefferson Medical College; 
Attending Physician, Jefferson Medical College ; Consulting Physi- 
cian, Northwestern General Hospital ; Hematologist, German Hos- 
pital. Fellow, College of Physicians, Philadelphia; American 
Academy of Medicine; Member, American Therapeutic Society; 
American Medical Association; American Climatological Associa- 
tion; Pennsylvania State Medical Society; Philadelphia County 
Medical, Pathological and Pediatric Societies. Author: Clinical 
Hematology; Principles and Practice of Physical Diagnosis; 



Diseases of the Blood; Sccottdary Anemia; also monographs and 
articles in medical journals. 

b. Pottstown, Pa, June 13, 1871. d. Philadelphia, Pa, 1920. 
s. John C. Da Costa and Mary Gould Meigs, m. Carlisle, Pa, 
October 24, 1905, Elizabeth S. Hays. 

Davis, Henry Lamont, Jr. 

Entered 1888; left 1891. 

Lumber business in West Virginia over 2 years. Office work, 
about 3 years, in St. Louis, Mo, with Davis & Chambers, deco- 
rators ; 5 years in lumber business in Philadelphia, afterwards 
with father, and now Executor and Trustee of Estate of father. 
Member of The Home Defense, taking part in three-day race riot 
in South Philadelphia, also drilling "rookies" to prepare for camp 
life during the draft. Member, Union League of Philadelphia; 
University Club; City Club, Philadelphia; Cricket Club, all of 
Philadelphia. Vice-President of Philadelphia Rescue Band (Door 
of Hope), at Whitemarsh. 

b. Oil City, Pa, September 15, 1870. s. Henry L. Davis and 
Eleanor Bushnell. m. St. Louis, Mo, October 7, 1896, Willie 
Webb. c. Eleanor Bushnell, 1898; Mary Castleman, 1907. Ad- 
dress, 106 Westmoreland Avenue, Chestnut Hill, Pa, and 124 
South Seventeenth Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

fFirth, Samuel Lloyd. 

Entered 1888 and left at close of the Sophomore year. 

President of Class. Electrician with Novelty Electric Com- 
pany, Philadelphia, Pa. 

b. Germantown, Pa, March 5, 1872. d. Germantown, Pa, 1897. 
s. Frank J. Firth and Annie Lloyd. 

Griswold, Frank Tracy. (A.B, Harvard, 1894.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1889 and left at close of the year. 
Studied at University of Pennsylvania, 1888-89 (Freshman 
year). Studied at Harvard University, 1890-94. Banker. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa, September 7, 1871. s. William Andrew 
Griswold and Eliza Tracy. Address, 333 Chestnut Street Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Hoffman, Miles Atlee. 

Entered 1888 and left Junior year to enter Princeton College. 
Class 1893, but left before graduation. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa. (?), June 13, 1871. s. Dr. Washington 
Atlee Hoffman and Clara Tracy. No address. 


Lloyd, Richard Leonard. 

Entered 1888 and left after a few days. 

b. , August 4, 1870. d. . s. Lloyd and M. A. 

Martin, Robert Linwood. 

Entered 1888 and left 1889. 

Studied at University of Pennsylvania, 1889-90. 

b. September 29, 1871. s. Luther Martin and . Address, 

25 South Nineteenth Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Parrish, Maxfield, (Formerly known as Frederick Maxfield 
Parrish.) LL.D., 1914. 

Entered 1888 and left at close of the Junior year. 

Artist. Illustrator, Harper's Weekly, Harper's Magazine, Scrib- 
ner's Magazine, etc. Pupil of Pennsylvania Academy of Fine 
Arts and of Howard Pyle. Honorable Mention, Paris Exposition, 
1900; Silver Medal, Buffalo Exposition, 1901; Gold Medal, Archi- 
tectural League, New York, 1917. A. N. A., 1905; N. A., 1906; 
Member, National Institute of Arts and Letters; Union Interna- 
tionale des Beaux Arts et des Lettres ; Phi Beta Kappa ; Phi 
Kappa Sigma ; National Academy of Design ; Honorary Mem- 
ber, Philadelphia Water Color Society ; The Players ; The Coffee 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., July 25, 1870. s. Stephen Parrish and 
Elizabeth Bancroft, m. Philadelphia, Pa., June 1, 1895, Lydia 
Austin, c. Dillwyn, 1905; Maxfield, 1907; Stephen, 1910; Jean, 
1912. Address, Windsor, Vt. 

Strawbridge, Robert Early. 

Entered 1887 and left 1890. 

Played on College Football Team, 3 seasons. Wholesale dry 
goods, member of firm, Strawbridge & Clothier, 1900 to date. 
Captain. Remount Division, 2d M. C, 1917; Major, January, 
1918; second in command in above division until 1919; Lieutenant 
Colonel, O. R. C. Member, Philadelphia Club; Rittenhouse Club; 
Union League; Racquet Club; Merion Cricket and Golf Club; 
Country Club. 

b. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., February 15, 1871. s. Justus 
Clayton Strawbridge (Manager, 1883-1911) and Mary Lukens. 
m. November 6. 1895, Anita Berwind. c. Robert E., Jr., 1897; 
Anita, 1903. Address, 813 Filbert Street, Philadelphia, Pa., and 
Bryn Mawr, Pa. 


Westcott, Harry Mackmann. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1889 and left in 1890. 
b. Richmond, Ind. (?), March 25, 1872. s. M. Wescott and 
. Last address, Richmond, Ind. 


Bailey, Leslie Adelbert, A.B.. A.M., 1894. 

Entered 1889. 

Won First Reading Prize. Graduate Student in Classics and 
Science, 1893-94. Assistant Librarian, 1893-94. Curator, Col- 
lege Museum. Graduate Student. University of Chicago, Classics, 
1894-95. Teacher, Simmons College, Abilene, Tex. ; Principal, 
Raisin Valley Seminary, Adrian, Mich.; Principal, Oakwood 
Seminary, Union Springs, X. Y. ; Principal, McCullom Institute, 
Mt. Vernon, X. H.; Principal, Bridge Academy, Dresden Mills, 
Me. ; Principal. Mattanawcook Academy, Lincoln. Me. ; Principal, 
High School, Windham, Me. ; Principal, Sullivan High School, 
West Sullivan, Me. ; Superintendent, District Xo. 50, Maine, 
1918-22; Farmer and Fruit Grower. Member. Maine Teachers' 
Association ; Xational Geographic Society ; Xational Educational 
Association; Independent Order of Odd Fellows; Masons; and 
Improved Order of Red Men; Order of Rebeccas, Pocahontas, 
Patrons of Husbandry. Member. Society of Friends. 

b. Dresden. Me., April 7, 1865. s. Jesse Bailey and Mary Ann 
Bailey, m. Woolwich. Me., August 24. 1898. Laura Isabel Main, 
c. June, 1899. Address, Dresden Mills, Me. 

iBrown, John Farnum, A.B. 

Entered 1889. 

Studied at Harvard University, 1893-94 (Class of 1894). 

b. Philadelphia. Pa.. April ' 19, 1873. d. May. 13. 1894 
(drowned in Boston Harbor, Mass.). s. Thomas Wistar Brown 
(Manager. 1853-1916; President of Corporation of Haverford 
College. 1891-1916) and Man- Farnum. 

Davis, Francis Franklin, S.B.. A.M.. 1894. i A.M.. Harvard. 1894.) 

Entered 1889. 

Graduate Student in Mathematics. 1893-94. "Haverford Fel- 
low." Member, Phi Beta Kappa, 1899. Student. Graduate School, 
Harvard Universitv. 1894-95. Equitable Life Insurance Societv, 
120 Broadway. Xew York City. 1899-1906; with New York 
Branch of William Whitmer & Son, Inc. (Wholesale Lumber 
Dealers). 1906-14; with Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, 


1915 to date (Actuarial Work). Associate Member of the Ac- 
tuarial Society of America. 

b. Coatesville, Pa., January 10, 1871. s. Francis F. Davis and 
Abbie Galliner. Address, care of Metropolitan Life Insurance 
Company, 1 Madison Avenue, New York City. 

Estes, Wilbur Albert, A.B. 

Entered 1889. 

Vice-President, Class. Teacher, Oak Grove Seminary, Vassal- 
boro, Me., 1893-96; Principal of same, 1896-98; Missionary to 
China, 1900; General Missionary Work for 5 years; Teacher, 2 
years, in Anglo-Chinese College, Shanghai ; later at Huchow, 
China, as Principal of the Soochow University, Middle School, 
Number Three. 

b. Vassalboro, Me., February 22, 1869. s. Jonathan Estes and 
Julia Ann Wadsworth. m. June 7, 1897, Julia Fassett Brown. 
Address, Soochow University, Middle School, Number Three, 
Huchow, China. 

Haviland, Walter "Winchip, A.B. 

Entered 1889. 

Won Second Prize for Systematic Reading, 1892 ; Second 
Honors in History and Philosophy, Senior year ; President of 
Class, Sophomore year; President, Y. M. C. A., Senior year. 
Student, University of Jena, Greifewold ; University of Pennsyl- 
vania; Chicago; Cornell; Columbia. Instructor in History and 
Mathematics, Guilford College, 1893-96; in German, Bible, etc., 
Friends' Select School, 1896-1911; Principal of Friends' Select 
School, 1911 to date. Minister in the Society of Friends. Dele- 
gate to World Missionary Conference, 1910. 

b. Glens Falls, N. Y., February 9, 1871. s. Harris G. Haviland 
and Adelia Winchip. m. Philadelphia, Pa., June 17, 1902, Olive 
Louise Robbins. c. Paul Robbins, 1903 (Class 1924) and Harris 
Goddard, 1905 (Class 1926). Address, The Knoll, Lansdowne, 

Hoag, Clarence Gilbert, A.B. (A.B., Harvard, 1894; A.M., 1898.) 
Entered from Roxbury Latin School, Roxbury, Mass., Sopho- 
more Class 1890. 

Won Alumni Prize for Oratory and Composition, 1892; Class 
President, Junior year ; Secretary, Vice-President, President of 
Council, and President of Everett-Athensum ; Captain, Class 
Baseball Nine, 1 year; Member of Class and College Football, 
Cricket, Athletic and Baseball Teams ; an Editor of The Haver- 
fordian. Student, Harvard University, 1893-94; Berlin and 


Zurich, 1894-95; Harvard, 1897-98. Instructor in English and 
German, Haverford College, 1895-96; Instructor in English, Bel- 
mont School, California; Instructor in English, Bates College, 
Lewiston, Me., 1898-1900; Agent, Provident Life and Trust Com- 
pany, 1900-01 ; Instructor in English, University of Pennsylvania, 
1901-08; 1908-12, writing. Author: A Theory of Interest, Mac- 
millan, 1914. 1912 to date, Secretary-Treasurer, Proportional 
Representation League; and Editor, Proportional Representation 
Review. Honorary Vice-President, Proportional Representation 
Society of Canada. Trustee of the C. F. Taylor Trust. Member 
of the Board of Directors of the Commonwealth Association of 
Pennsylvania. Member of City Club of Philadelphia; Merion 
Cricket Club and Golf Association ; Founders' Club ; Contemporary 
Club; American Academy of Political and Social Science; Ethical 
Culture Society; Social Workers' Club; Cooperative League of 
America; Proportional Representation League; American Political 
Science Association; National Municipal League; Public Educa- 
tion Association ; Survey Association ; National Voters' League ; 
Public Ownership League ; Pennsylvania Forestry Association ; 
Society for the Preservation of New Hampshire Forests. 

b. Lynn, Mass., February 15, 1873. s. Gilbert Congdon Hoag 
and Louisa Phoebe Oliver, m. Philadelphia, Pa., June 5, 1897, 
Anna Scattergood. c. Mary Scattergood, 1898; Gilbert Thomas, 
1899; Garrett Scattergood, 1901; John Hacker, 1905. Address, 
Walnut Lane, Haverford, Pa. 

fJacobs, Carrol Brinton, A.B. (LL.B., Univ. of Pa., 1896.) 
Entered 1889. 

b. West Chester, Pa., October 11, 1870. d. March 16, 1915. 
s. Francis Jacobs and Jane Brinton Johnson. 

Jones, George Lindley, A.B. 

Entered 1889 from Amesbury, Mass. 

Class Secretary, Senior year. Second Honors in Mathematics 
and Astronomy. Principal, Westtown School, Westtown, Pa. 
1893-95, Teacher, Oakwood Seminary, Union Springs, N. Y. ; 
1895-97, Principal, High School, North Berwick, Me.; 1897-1903, 
Sub-Master, High School, Medford, Mass.; 1903-09, Principal, 
Oak Grove Seminary, Vassalboro, Me.; 1911-17, Teacher, West- 
town School, Westtown, Pa. 1917 to date, Principal, .Westtown 
School, Westtown, Pa. 

b. North Weare, N. H., August 31, 1874. s. Charles H. Jones 
and Huldah Elizabeth Farr. m. July 1, 1897, Lydia T. Jenkins. 
Address, Westtown. Pa. 


Morton, Arthur Villiers, S.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class (Mechanical Engineering), Febru- 
ary, 1891. 

Member, First Cricket Eleven. University of Pennsylvania, 
Student, 1889-91. 1893-94, Quaker City National Bank, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 1894, to date, with Pennsylvania Company for In- 
surances on Lives and Granting Annuities, in various capacities ; 
Assistant Treasurer, Vice-President of same. Director, Girard 
National Bank ; Union Traction Company. Manager, Pennsyl- 
vania Hospital ; Trustee, Public Baths Association of Philadelphia ; 
President, Pennsylvania Bankers' Association, 1919-20. Member, 
Philadelphia Club, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Racquet Club, Philadelphia, 
Pa. ; Civic Club, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Philadelphia Cricket Club ; 
Down Town Association, New York ; Tredyff rin Country Club ; 
Delta Psi Fraternity. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 2, 1873. s. Thomas George 
Morton, M. D., and Ann Jenks Kirkbride. Address, 1342 Spruce 
Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Okie, John Mickle, S.B. 

Entered 1889. 

Assistant Real Estate Officer, Girard Trust Company, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 1893, Mattson & Magee, wholesale grocers ; T. H. 
Doan, representing Mattson & Magee; F. E. Okie Company, ink 
manufacturers, 1895-97; Tradesmen's National Bank, 1897-98; 
Girard Trust Company, since 1899. Y. M. C. A., June, 1918, to 
August, 1919. Service in Paris. Base warehouse, Headquarters, 
Information, Paris Division in Information. 

b. Camden, N. J., September 25, 1873. s. Richardson B. Okie 
and Clara Mickle. m. Bala, Pa., June 3, 1896. c. John Alden, 
1900; Francis Brognard (?), 1902; Delphine Harrison, 1903; 
Matilda Whipple, 1907. Address, 4112 Pine Street, Philadelphia, 

Osborne, Charles, A.B. (A.B., Harvard Univ. 1900.) 

Entered 1889. 

Second Honors in Modern Languages; Secretary of Loganian. 
Assistant Examiner of Claims, New York State Industrial Com- 
mission, 1920 to date. 1893, Teacher; 1894-98, Teacher, Farmer 
and Surveyor; 1899-1900, Student at Harvard. 1900-1908, 
Teacher and Land Surveyor; 1908-17, Engineer, New York State 
Highway Department ; New York State Industrial Commission, 
1918 to'date. 

b. North Weare, N. H., September 29, 1865. s. Lindley H. 
Osborne and Lucy P. Thorndike. Address, North Weare, N. H. 


Rhoads, Charles James, A.B. 

Entered 1889. 

Class President, 1892-93; Treasurer, Y. M. C. A.; Editor-in- 
Chief, The Haverfordian, 1892-93 ; President, Students' Associa- 
tion, 1892-93 ; Treasurer, Athletic Association ; Captain, Cricket 
Eleven, 1893; Secretary, Cricket Club; Member, Football Eleven, 
1892. General Honors. Member, Phi Beta Kappa, 1899. En- 
tered employ of Girard Trust Company, 1893 ; elected Assistant 
Treasurer, then Treasurer, then Vice-President of same; resigned, 
1914, to become Governor of Federal Reserve Bank of Philadel- 
phia. 1918, resigned to take up relief work in Europe first with 
Y. M. C. A. (Chairman of War Prisoners Aid Work in Switzer- 
land). November, 1918, made Chief of the Friends' Bureau. 
American Red Cross in France ; returned to United States, Sep- 
tember, 1919. January 1, 1920, elected President of Central Na- 
tional Bank, Philadelphia, Pa.; resigned, January 1, 1921, to be- 
come partner in firm of Brown Brothers & Co. ; Trustee and Di- 
rector, Bryn Mawr College; Manager, Haverford College; Over- 
seer, William Penn Charter School; Director, Girard Trust Com- 
pany, Philadelphia; Director, Provident Life & Trust Company, 
Philadelphia ; Manager, Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia ; 
Trustee, American-Scandinavian Foundation. Member, Philadel- 
phia Club; University Club; Racquet Club; Merion Cricket Club; 
University Barge Club; Treasurer and Director, Indian Rights 
Association ; Treasurer and Director, Philadelphia Housing Asso- 
ciation ; Treasurer and Director, American Academy of Political 
and Social Science; Member, Founders' Club, Haverford, Pa. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., October 4, 1872. s. James E. Rhoads and 
Margaret Wilson Ely. m. Radnor, Pa., November 9, 1912, Lillie 
Frishmuth. Address, 1914 South Rittenhouse Square, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

fRhoads, Edward, S.B. (Ph.D., Johns Hopkins Univ., 1898.) 

Entered 1889. 

Second Honors in Physics. Graduate Student in Johns Hop- 
kins University, 1896-98. In Machine Shops of William Sellers 
& Co., Inc., Philadelphia, Pa., 1893-94. Instructor in Physics, 
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 1898-1900. 1900-01, Student, 
- Cambridge University, England. 1901-03, Instructor in Physics, 
Haverford College. Author of a paper on the effect of the fibrous 
structure of sheet iron on the changes in length accompanying 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., 1873. d. July 4, 1903 (drowned in Sus- 
quehannah River while canoeing), s. William Gibbons Rhoads 
(Class of 1858; Manager, 1871-80) and Sarah Wistar. 


Roberts, John, S.B. 

Entered 1889. 

Numerous athletic prizes on track, including all-round contest 
prize medal ; also some cricket prizes for batting and bowling. 
"Spoon Man." Two and one-half years in Accounting Depart- 
ment of Lehigh Valley Railroad ; farming, 2 l / 2 years ; Signal De- 
partment, New York Central Railroad, 5 years; Signal Depart- 
ment, Long Island; New York Central Signal Department, 2J^ 
years; Union Switch & Signal Company. 2 years; New York, 
West Chester & Boston Railway, Signal Engineer and Engineer 
Maintenance, 2 years ; General Electric Company, Schenectady, 
N. Y., General Officer, Railway Department; in charge of sale of 
apparatus for power supply for railway signal systems, also elec- 
trical apparatus used on steam railroads. Member, New York 
Railroad Club; American Railway Association; Signal Division, 
Transportation Club, New York ; Mohawk Club, Schenectady, 
N. Y. ; Mohawk Golf Club, Schenectady, N. Y. 

b. Whitford, Pa., March 12, 1871. s. Samuel Jones Roberts 
and Phebe Taylor, m. Little Falls, N. Y., June 19, 1902, Grace 
Washburn Palmer, c. John Palmer, 1913; Samuel Washburn, 
1915. Address, Rankin Avenue and Bedford Road, Schenectady, 
N. Y. 

Sensenig, Barton, S.B. (A.M., Gallaudet College, 1894.) 

Entered 1889. 

Student, Gallaudet College, Washington, D. C, 1893-94. Super- 
visor, Pennsylvania Institution for Deaf and Dumb, 1894-95 ; 
Teacher in Manual Department of same, 1895-97; Teacher in 
Mathematical Department of same, 1899 to date. Principal of 
Summer School at Girard College, 1918 to date. Author, various 
pedagogical articles for American Annals of the Deaf and the 
Volta Rez'iew. Director, Home for the Aged and Infirm Deaf, at 
Doylestown, Pa. ; President of the Penn-Georgia Nut & Fruit 

b. Goodville, Pa., July 12, 1865. s. Martin M. Sensenig and 
Martha Root. m. Goodville, Pa., July 21, 1896, Anna Mary 
Rodgers. c. Pauline Rodgers, 1897; Carol Rodgers, 1899; Miriam 
Josephine, 1901; Anna Rodgers, 1903; Barton, Jr., 1907; Sara 
Helen, 1911. Address, 201 West Mt. Pleasant Avenue, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

fVaux, William Sansom, Jr., S.B. 
Entered 1893. 
Secretary, Loganian. Second Honors in Engineering. Student 


at University of Pennsylvania, 1893-94. Member, Academy of 
Natural Sciences of Philadelphia; Franklin Institute; Photographic 
Society of Philadelphia; American Society of Mechanical Engi- 
neers (Junior Grade) ; Engineers' Club of Philadelphia. Me- 
chanical Draughtsman. Architect for dining hall at Haver- 
ford College, also of heating plant. Assistant Clerk of Twelfth 
Street Philadelphia Monthly Meeting, 1901. Manager, Pennsyl- 
vania Training School, and of the Christiansburg Institute for 
Colored Youths. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., April 1, 1872. d. Bryn Mawr, Pa., July 
22, 1908. s. George Vaux, VIII, and Sarah H. Morris. 

Wescott, Eugene Marion, A.B. (Doctor of Jurisprudence, Chi- 
cago Law School.) 

Entered from William Penn Charter School, Philadelphia, 1889. 

Won Alumni Prize for Oratory, 1893. Lawyer, Shawano, Wis. 
1918-19, civilian employe in United States Quartermaster Division 
at Chicago. Member, Sigma Delta Kappa Law Fraternity, Chi- 
cago Chapter. Member, Wisconsin Bar. A Mason of Shawano, 
Wis., Lodge No. 170. Member, Wisconsin State Historical So- 

b. Shawano, Wis., March 24, 1872. s. Marion Wescott and 
Margaret Crone, m. Shawano, Wis., July 11, 1900, Mary Eliza- 
beth Ainsworth. c. Llewellyn Ainsworth, 1901. Address, Shawano, 

fWhitall, Franklin, A.B. 
Entered 1889. 

Student at Harvard, 1893-94. 

b. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., October 11, 1871. d. Boston, 
Mass., May 13, 1894 (drowned in Boston Harbor), s. James 
Whitall (Class 1853; Manager, 1857-96) and Mary Wistar Cope. 

Woolman, Edward, SB. (B.S. in Engin. 1894, Univ. of Pa.) 

Entered 1889. 

Treasurer, Cricket Association ; President of same ; Captain, 
Class Football Team, 4 years; Halfback, College Team, 2 years; 
Third Baseman on College Nine. Mechanical Engineer. United 
Electric Improvement Company ; Welsbach Light Company, Ex- 
pert in Test Department thereof; Barnes & Erb Laundry Ma- 
chinery Company ; F. J. Stokes Chemical Machinery Company ; 
E. W. Woolman Dairy Company; Supplee-Wills- Jones Milk Com- 
pany; Highland Dairies, Inc. Member, Psi Upsilon Fraternity; 
Engineers' Club; City Club; Franklin Institute; Academy of Nat- 
ural Sciences ; National Association of Audubon Societies. 


b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 4, 1872. s. Edward Wetherill 
Woolman and Rebecca Shotwell Townsend. m. Philadelphia, Pa., 
January 27, 1910, Lilian Estelle Whitman, c. Lydia Rowland, 
1913. Address, Buck and Panmure Roads, Haverford, Pa. 

Wright, Gifford King, A.B. 

Entered from Germantown Academy, Philadelphia, Pa., 1889. 

Member, Football Team, 2 years. Track. Reporter on Chronicle- 
Telegraph of Pittsburgh, Pa. ; Teacher of Classics, State Normal 
School, Indiana, Pa. ; Student of Law. Lawyer, 1897 to date, first 
alone, then in partnership with George E. Alter (Alter & Wright), 
until 1908; 1908-20, McKee, Mitchell & Alter; 1920, Alter, Wright 
& Barron. Member, Duquesne Club; Allegheny Club; Edgeworth 
Club; National, State and County Bar Associations. Member, 
Alumni Advisory Committee, 1921 ; Chairman, Pittsburgh Alumni 

b. Greenville, Pa., March 19, 1874. s. John Eliot Wright, D. D., 
and Ellen M. Kerr. m. Lock Haven, Pa., April 19, 1900, Eliza- 
beth Ball (d. April 28, 1919). Address, Park Building, Pitts- 
burgh, Pa., and 39 Thorn Street, Sewickley, Pa. 


Bechtel, Harry Oliver. 

Entered 1889 and left at close of Freshman year. 

County Solicitor, Schuylkill County, 1897-98. President Judge, 
21st Judicial District, Pennsylvania, since 1908. Member, B. P 
O. E. No. 207. 

b. Pottsville, Pa., January 7, 1872. s. Oliver P. Bechtel and 
Mary Elizabeth Epting. m. Pottsville, Pa., June 26, 1899, Bessie 
Adams Seidell, c. Josephine, 1901; Hilores, 1908. Address, 1500 
Mahantongo Street, Pottsville, Pa. 

Brinton, Horace. 

Entered 1889 and left 1890. 

b. West Chester, Pa., March 22, 1872. s. Frederic C. Brinton 
and Mary Huey. Address, West Chester, Pa. 

Crowther, William Mortimer. (Ph.B., Univ. of Pa., 1895., 
LL.B., 1896.) 
Entered 1889 and left 1891, at close of Sophomore year. 
Entered University of Pennsylvania, Junior Class. Studied 
Law at University of Pennsylvania. Lawyer. Contributing Edi- 
tor, Corpus Juris, Ruling Case Law, Lawyers' Reports Annotated. 
b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 27, 1870. s. Samuel Crowther 


and Frances McKeagne. m. Philadelphia, Pa., June 17, 1896, 
Anna R. Brown. Address, 213 Liherty Building, Philadelphia, 
Pa., and 5802 Greene Street, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 

fEdwards, Clarence Kinley. 

Entered from Hastings, Neb., 1889, and left at close of Fresh- 
man year. 


b. , December 10, 1872. d. Oakland, Cal, December 24, 

1914. s. Henry L. Edwards and Caroline Cox. m. . 

Gates, Thomas Sovereign. (Ph.B., Univ. of Pa., 1893; LL.B., 

Entered 1889 and left at close of Sophomore year. 

Studied at University of Pennsylvania, 1893-96. Lawyer. 
Banker. President, Philadelphia Trust, Safe Deposit and Insur- 
ance Company ; Director of same and of Philadelphia National 
Bank ; Fourth Street National Bank, Philadelphia ; Rapid Transit 
Company ; Catawissa Railroad Company ; Philadelphia and Grays 
Ferry Railroad Company ; Savings Fund Society of Germantown ; 
1905, Trust Officer of Pennsylvania Company for Insurance on 
Lives and Granting Annuities; in 1910, Vice-President and Trust 
Officer of same; 1911, Vice-President; 1920, elected City Repre- 
sentative in Philadelphia Rapid Transit Directorate. 

b. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., March 21, 1873. s. Jabez 

Gates and Rebecca Toy Sovereign, m. . Address, 322 West 

Willow Grove Avenue, St. Martins, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Knipe, Arthur. (M.D., 1894, Univ. of Pa.) 

Entered 1886 and left 1891. 

Practiced Medicine, Iowa City, 1897-1902; Professor, Physical 
Training, University of Iowa, 1897-1902. Author: juvenile fic- 
tion, special articles, short fiction, plays, etc. In collaboration with 
Emilie Benson Knipe : Little Miss Falcs; The Missing Pearls; 
The Lucky Sixpence ; Beatrice of Denezvood; Remember Rhymes; 
Peg 0' the Ring ; A Maid of '76; also (alone) Captain of the 
Eleven; The Last Lap, etc. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., June 26, 1870. s. Oscar A. Knipe and 
Delia Arthur, m. New York City, 1902, Emilie Benson. Address, 
142 East Eightieth Street, New York City. 

Lippincott, Horace Greenough, Jr. 

Entered 1889 and left 1891. 

Wool merchant. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa. (?), August 10, 1871. d. Wyncote, Pa. 
(?), October 24, 1915. s. Joshua W. Lippincott (Class 1860) 
and Eliza Lippincott. 


Oberteuffer, James Pritchett. 

Entered 1889 and left during the same year. 

Lumber Inspector, Pacific Lumber Inspection Bureau, Inc. 
Part Owner, Novelty Mill Company, Seattle, Wash., 1893-98; 
Temporary Foreign Civil Service, 1898-1901, China and Manila, 
P. I.; Lumber Inspector for Railroads, Chicago, Milwaukee & St. 
Paul; Oregon & Washington; Southern Pacific. Since 1915, 
Lumber Inspector with Pacific Lumber Inspection Bureau, Inc. 
Member, Loyal Legion Loggers and Lumbermen. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., February 10, 1871. s. George Herman 
Oberteuffer and Sarah Souder Moulder, m. July 22, 1918, Amy 
Alberta Gaul. Address, 1021 Cherree Street, Port Angeles, Wash. 

Pennypacker, William Gause, Jr. 

Entered 1889 and left in middle of Freshman year, 1890. 

Manufacturer of barrels. 

b. Wilmington, Del., September 26, 1872. s. William Gause 
Pennypacker and Sallie Ann Hollingsworth. m. Wilmington, Del., 
November 9, 1898, Amelia Spencer Pyle. c. William Gause, 3d, 
1899. Address, 188 Bidwell Parkway, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Read, William Johns, Jr. 

Entered 1889 and left during the year. 

b. Cumberland, Md. ( ?), December 24, 1870. s. William Johns 
Read and . No address. 

Reeves, Francis Butler. 

Entered 1889 and left at close of the Sophomore year. 

1891, Stock Boy; 1892, Clerk; 1893, Salesman; 1894, Member 
of Firm of Reeves, Parvin & Co. 1921, President, Reeves-Tyson 
Company. Director, Girard National Bank; Theodore Starr Sav- 
ing Bank ; Germantown Saving Fund ; Pennsylvania Society for 
Prevention of Tuberculosis; Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce; 
Philadelphia Fountain Society. During war, Director, and for a 
time Secretary, of the S. E. Chapter of The American Red Cross. 
Formerly President, Grocers and Importers Exchange, and of 
Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware Wholesale Grocers Asso- 
ciation. Member, University Club; Germantown Cricket Club; 
Huntingdon Valley Hunt Club; Chester Valley Hunt Club. 

b. Germantown, Pa., May 20, 1873. s. Francis Brewster and 
Ellen Bernard Thompson, m. Baltimore, Md., February 16, 1897, 
Lillian Primrose, c. Josephine Primrose, 1898 ; Mary Primrose, 
1899; Francis Brewster, 1901 ; Johnson, 1903; Lloyd, 1905. Ad- 
dress, Abbottsford Avenue, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 


Taylor, James Gurney. (M.D., Univ. of Pa, 1895.) 

Entered 1889 and left at close of Sophomore year 1891. 
Student at Medical School of University of Pennsylvania, 1891- 
95. Graduate Course at London, England, for 1 year. Physician. 
Resident Physician, Mercer Memorial House, Atlantic City ; St. 
Christopher's Hospital, Philadelphia; Pennsylvania Hospital; Vis- 
iting Physician, Union Mission Hospital; St. Christopher's; Penn- 
sylvania Institute for Blind, Overbrook; Visiting Physician to 
Milwaukee Infants Hospital; Milwaukee Fresh Air Pavilion; 
Pediatric Clinic, Milwaukee County; Columbia Hospital, Mil- 
waukee. Chief of Red Cross Nutritional Clinic for Infants; Uni- 
versity of Wisconsin Extension Division Post-Graduate Medical 
Lecturer on Pediatrics. President, Milwaukee Pediatric Society. 
Ex- Vice-President, Philadelphia Medical Alumni ; ex-Secre- 
tary, Physicians' Motor Club, Philadelphia; ex-Secretary, Medical 
Club, Philadelphia ; ex-Director, Philadelphia County Medical So- 
ciety ; Chairman, Public Health Committee, City Club, Milwaukee ; 
Secretary, Wisconsin Anti-Tuberculosis Association ; Delegate, 
1917, from Wisconsin State Society to House of Delegates, Ameri- 
can Medical Association ; Vice-President, Associated Alumni Clubs, 
University of Pennsylvania, at present. President, Wisconsin 
Alumni of University of Pennsylvania. Ex-Director of Central 
Alumni Association, University of Pennsylvania. Ex-Director, 
Medical Alumni, University of Pennsylvania. Military service, 
September, 1917, to April, 1919. Lieutenant, 1917; Captain, 1918; 
Major, Medical Reserve Corps, United States Army. President, 
Board of Tuberculosis Examiners, Camp Robinson, Wis. ; Camp 
McArthur, Tex. ; President, Cardio Vascular Boards at Camp 
Pike, Ark, and Camp Custer, Mich. ; Chief of Medical Service, 
Base Hospital 115, and General Hospital No. 9; Chief of Medical 
Service, Base Hospital No. 130, Camp Crane, Allentown; 
Medical Consultant, Base Hospital, Annex, Camp Custer; At- 
tached to Surgeon General's Office, Washington, Division of Re- 
construction. Ex-Secretary and Treasury, Overbrook Golf Club; 
ex-Secretary, Overbrook Club; Member, Medical Congress of 
Physicians, etc, etc. Practiced in Overbrook until 1912 ; in Mil- 
waukee since 1914. Ex-Member, University Club; City Club; 
Overbrook Golf; Overbrook Civic; Union League, Philadelphia; 
ex-Fellow, College Physicians; ex-Member of Philadelphia Pedia- 
tric, Pathological, County Medical, Pennsylvania State Medical So- 
cieties ; Member, Milwaukee Medical Society ; Milwaukee County 
Medical Society; Fellow of American Medical Society; American 
Climatological Society ; Wisconsin State Medical Society ; Phi 


Gamma Delta, and Alpha Mu Pi Omega Medical Fraternity. Mem- 
ber, Milwaukee Rotary Club; Member, American Legion. 

b. Burlington, N. J., May 23, 1872. s. William Shipley Taylor 
(Class 1869; Manager, 1880-96) and Julia Clark Kirkbride. m. 
(1) Philadelphia, Pa., December 7, 1898, Mary Lippincott Rich- 
ards, c. Anne R., 1900; J. Gurney, Jr., 1902. m. (2) New York, 
1913, Elizabeth Broughton. Address, 692 Summit Avenue, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Wood, James Henry. 

Entered from Philadelphia, Pa., 1889, and left 1890. 

Entered Sophomore Class, University of Pennsylvania, 1890, 
and left 1893. Local Staff, Philadelphia Public Ledger, 1893-96 ; 
Superintendent of Agents, Equitable Life Association's (?) So- 
ciety, 1896-1901; E. H. Gay & Co., Bankers, 1901-04; Redmond 
& Co., Bankers, 1904-05; H. W. Noble & Co., Bankers, 1905-11; 
Flint & Co., Industrial Bankers, 1911-19; Detroit Motorbus Com- 
pany, Manager, Organization Staff, 1919. Factors, Inc., Financial 
Agents and Negotiating Representatives, President and General 

b. New Bedford, Mass., February 8, 1873. s. Jabez Wood and 
Mary Needles. Address, 50 Broad Street, New York City. 


Bartlett, Jarvis Henry, S.B. 

Entered Junior Class 1882 and left before close of the year. 
Completed course and passed special examination, 1894, for De- 
gree of S. B., and ranked with Class of 1894 on account of techni- 

Editor, The Friend. Teacher. Governor at Westtown School. 
For 18 years, Superintendent, Friends' Select School, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

b. Tuckerton, N. J., February 5, 1862. s. Jarvis Henry Bart- 
lett and Martha Leeds, m. Philadelphia, Pa., June 20, 1893, Jane 
J. Wetherell. Address, Tuckerton, N. J., and 207 Walnut Place, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Beyerle, George Albert, A.B. 

Entered Junior Class 1892. 

Studied at West Chester Normal School, 3 years. Real Estate 
and Investments, Buffalo, since 1898. Member, Masonic Club of 
Buffalo ; University Club, Buffalo ; Buffalo Athletic Club. 

b. Bernville, Pa., July 2, 1872. s. Wellington George Beyerle, 
M. D., and Annie Elizabeth Hine. Address, 702 Erie County 
Bank Building, Buffalo, N. Y. 


Chase, Oscar Marshall, SB, S.M, 1895. 

Entered from Hazleton, Pa, 1890. 

General Honors and Honors in Engineering. Draughtsman, 
Baldwin Locomotive Works. Secretary and Instructor in Draw- 
ing, Haverford College; Registrar and Assistant Professor of 
Drawing, Haverford College, 1916 to date. Member, Phi Beta 
Kappa; Founders' Club; National Geographical Society; Keystone 
Automobile Club. 

b. Chadds Ford, Pa, December 16, 1871. s. James Anthony 
Chase (Class 1865) and Mabel Elma Marshall. Address, Haver- 
ford College, Haverford, Pa. 

fCollins, Charles, A.B. (LL.B, N.Y. Law School, 1899.) 

Entered 1890. 

Secretary of Class ; Treasurer, Glee Club ; Treasurer, Athletic 
Association. Clerk. Lawyer. Admitted to New York Bar. 1900. 
Entered practice with brother, Stephen W. Collins, 1883, in New 
York City. 

b. Purchase, N. Y, September 8, 1872. d. April 11, 1916. s. 
Richard Smith Collins and Sarah Willets. 

Comfort, William Wistar, A.B. (A.B, Harvard, 1895; A.M., 
1896; Ph.D., 1902; Litt.D, Univ. of Pa, 1917; LL.D, Univ. 
of Maryland, 1918.) 
Entered 1890. 

President, Class, Junior year ; President, College Association, 
Senior year ; President, Y. M. C. A, Senior year ; President, 
Athenaeum ; Honors in Modern Languages. First Cricket Eleven, 
2 years. Member, Music Clubs. Student at Harvard University, 
1894-97; abroad, 1898-1901. Instructor in Romance Languages, 
Haverford College, 1897-98, 1901-03 ; Associate Professor of Ro- 
mance Languages, Haverford College, 1904-09; Professor of 
Romance Languages and Literatures and Head of Department in 
Cornell University, 1909-17. President of Haverford College, 
1917 to date. Author: French Prose Composition; Editor: Cal- 
deron's La Vida cs Sue no; Editor, Lcs Maitres de la Critique 
litteraire an dix-ncuvicuic siecle. Rivarol's De IT mversalite de 
la langue francaise. Translator: Eric and Enid, being four 
Arthurian Romances by Chretien de Troycs. Contributor of occa- 
sional articles to Quarterly Review, Dublin Review, The Nation, 
Atlantic Monthly, South Atlantic Quarterly, Modern Language 
Notes, Modern Philology, Publications of the Modern Language 
Association, The Friend, etc. Member, Phi Beta Kappa; Modern 
Language Association; University Club, Philadelphia. 


b. Germantown, Pa., May 27, 1874. s. Howard Comfort (Class 
1870; Manager, 1880-1912) and Susan Foulke Wistar. m. Lake 
Forest, 111., June 26, 1902, Mary Lawton Fales. c. Howard, 
1904; Mary Lawton, 1906; Susan Wistar, 1909; Anne Wistar, 
1911; Priscilla Fales, 1917. Address, Haverford, Pa. 

Conard, Henry Shoemaker, S.B., A.M., 1895. (Ph.D., Univ. of 
Pa., 1901.) 

Entered 1892. 

General Honors at Graduation. Resident Fellow, 1894-95. Sum- 
mer Study at Harvard, Clark. Teacher of Science, Westtown 
School, Westtown, Pa., 1895-99; Fellow and Instructor in Botany, 
University of Pennsylvania, 1901-05; Johnston Scholar, Johns 
Hopkins, 1905-06; Professor of Botany, Grinnell College, Grin- 
nell, Iowa, 1906 to date. Visiting Lecturer, State University of 
Iowa, 1913; Visiting Lecturer, Harvard University, 1916. Patholo- 
gist and Field Assistant, United States Department of Agricul- 
ture, 1918, 1921. Professor of Ecology, Cold Spring Harbor, 
N. Y., 1909, 1910, 1911. Author, Waterlilies, Carnegie Institute; 
Waterlilies and How to Grow Them; Structure and Life History 
of the Hay-Scented Fern; Revegetation of a Denuded Area; 
Structure of Simblum spaerocephalum ; Structure and Develop- 
ment of Secotium agaricoides ; Nymphaea and Nuphar Again ; Tree 
Growth in the Vicinity of Grinnell, Iowa ; The White Waterlily of 
Clear Lake, Iowa, etc., etc. Member, Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Xi; 
American Association of College and University Professors ; 
American Association for the Advancement of Science (Fellow) ; 
Iowa Academy of Science (Fellow, and one time, President) ; 
American Phytopathological Society ; Botanical Society of 
America; National Geographic Society; Fellowship of Reconcilia- 
tion; Plumb Plan League; Y. M. C. A.; Chinese Students' Chris- 
tian Association; Life Member, State Horticultural Societies of 
Iowa and Minnesota. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 12, 1874. s. Thomas P. Conard 
and Rebecca Savery Baldwin, m. Philadelphia, Pa., April 13, 
1900, Elizabeth Laetitia Moon. c. Elizabeth Moon, 1903; Re- 
becca S., 1909; Alfred F., 1911. Address, 1310 Elm Street, Grin- 
nell, Iowa. 

Dean, George Brookhouse, (M.D., Miami Medical College, O., 

Entered Freshman Class 1891 and completed the course in 3 

Member, Phi Beta Kappa, 1899. Wholesale Glass and Queens- 
ware Merchant, 1894-95 ; Student of Medicine, Miami Medical 



College, Ohio, 1895-98. "Interne" at Cincinnati, Ohio, Hospital, 
as a result of competitive examination. Farmer and horticulturist. 
Member, University Club, Medford, Ore. 

b. Cincinnati, Ohio, July 27, 1872. s. George Henry Dean and 
Elizabeth Lippincott Taylor, m. Medford, Ore., October 9, 1916, 
Florence P. Folger. c. Anne Folger, 1918. Address, Medford, 

fDeCou, John Allen, A.B., A.M., 1897. (A.B., Harvard, 1895.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1891. 

Won Second Prize for Systematic Reading, 1893. Honors in 
Greek and Latin, Senior year. Entered Harvard University, 1894. 
Instructor, Oakwood Seminary, Union Springs, N. Y., 1895-96; 
Friends' Academy, Moorestown, N. J., 1896-97; Assistant in Latin 
and Greek at University of California, 1898 ; Teacher of Latin in 
Red Bluff High School, Red Bluff, Cal., 1900. Principal of same, 
1902. Elected a Member of American Philological Association, 
July, 1900. 

b. Columbus, N. J., April 30, 1874. d. Moorestown, N. J., 
February 25, 1910. s. Daniel DeCou and Ruthanna Leeds Allen. 

Farr, Clifford Bailey, A.B. (M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1898.) 

Entered 1890. 

An Editor of The Haverfordian; Loganian Society. Clerk, 
Farr & Bailey Manufacturing Company, Camden, 1894. Studied 
Medicine, Medical School, University of Pennsylvania, 1894-98. 
Resident Physician, Methodist Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa., 1898- 
99; Episcopal Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa., 1899-1901. Studied at 
Goettingen, summer, 1896; at Harvard Medical School, summer, 
1908. Practice of Medicine, 1901 to date (specializing on "In- 
ternal Medicine"). Formerly, for various periods, Pathologist, 
Methodist, and later, Presbyterian Hospital ; Assistant Visiting 
and Visiting Physician to several "Homes" and Hospitals ; In- 
structor and later Professor, in Philadelphia Polyclinic, etc. ; In- 
structor and later Associate in Medical Department (undergrad- 
uate), University of Pennsylvania; and 1918, Professor, Grad- 
uate School of Medicine; Visiting Physician, Philadelphia Hos- 
pital for Contagious Diseases ; Assistant Visiting Physician, Phila- 
delphia General Hospital. Author : "Internal Medicine for 
Nurses." Section on Diseases of Metabolism in Da Costa's Hand- 
book of Treatment. 1917-19, Military Service; First Lieutenant; 
Captain ; and Major in Medical Corps. Gas Officer of Thirty- 
second Division ; Member of "Hospital Unit A." Five months, 
medical work, principally at C. H. 27 at Tours; six months in 


experimental and pathological work, Chemical Warfare Service, 
at field near Chaumont. Member, American Medical Association 
and subordinate societies; College of Physicians of Philadelphia; 
Pathological and Pediatric Societies; Phi Beta Kappa, etc., etc. 

b. Vineland, N. J., April 17, 1872. s. Lincoln Dow Farr and 
Hannah Bailey, m. November 22, 1904, Katharine Elliott, c. 
Robert Lincoln, 1908 ; Frank Winslow Elliott, 1909 ; James Bailey, 
1912; Anne Bailey, 1914. Address, 88 Casterton Avenue, Akron, 

Green, Kane Stovell, S.B. 

Entered 1890. 

Member, First Cricket Eleven ; Tennis Doubles Championship 
(with President Comfort). President, Automobile Club of Phila- 
delphia. With Pennsylvania Railroad Company from October 1, 
1894, to December 31, 1910 (retired on account of ill health). 
Assistant Secretary, Pennsylvania Railroad, January, 1900-10. 
Member, Merion Cricket Club; Philadelphia Country Club; 
Racquet Club; Loyal Legion; Bryn Mawr Polo Club; Nassau 
Club of Princeton ; American Automobile Association. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., January 27, 1874. s. John Pugh Green 
and Elizabeth C. Stovell. m. Philadelphia, Pa., June 9, 1898, Kate 
Howell Warren, c. Elisabeth Warren, 1904. Address, Radnor 
Road, Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

Harvey, Anson Burlingame, S.B., A.M., 1895. 

Entered Junior Class 1892. 

Graduate Student in American History, 1894-95. Assistant in 
Library, 1894-95. Left Tackle, Football Team ; President of Chess 
Club. Two years a student of Psychology and Philosophy at 
University of Pennsylvania. Teacher in Friends' Select School, 
1 year; Principal, Spring River Academy, Galena, Kan., for 4 
years ; Principal, Whittier School, near Springville, Iowa, for 1 
year ; Professor, Biology and Psychology, Friends' University, 
Wichita, Kan., 6 years ; Principal, Mapleside School, near Paulbina, 
Iowa, 2 years ; Superintendent of Schools for Conservative Friends 
of Iowa, for 1 year of this time. Entered business. One year with 
National Metal Edge Box Company, Philadelphia ; short time with 
Brown & Bailey Box Company, Philadelphia ; for more than 3 
years, Assistant to Advertising Manager of J. E. Rhoads & Sons, 
Leather Belting. For about 10 years, Associate Member, Ameri- 
can Branch, Society Psychical Research; Member, Delaware 
County Institute of Science. 

b. Near Baxter Springs, Kan., June 29, 1870. s. Cvrus W. 


Harvey and Lavina Jane Carter, m. Bloomfield, Ontario, Canada, 
August 30, 1901, Carrie B. Robinson, c. Henry Conard, 1902; 
Cyrus Robinson, 1906; Deborah Louella, 1908; Anson Burlingame, 
Jr., 1912. Address, 25 East Fourth Street, Media, Delaware 
County, Pa., and 12 North Third Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Haughton, John Paul, A.B. 

Entered from Bryn Mawr, Pa., 1889, and left 1892 at close of 
Junior year. Re-entered 1893. 

Treasurer, Everett- Athenaeum. Insurance. Retired on account 
of poor health. 

b. Hanover, N. H., April 11, 1872. s. James Haughton and 
Augustine Mellet. m. Erie, Pa., October 30, 1919, Mary B. Mont- 
gomery. Address, Paoli, Pa. 

Hughes, James Edward, A.B. (A.B., Central High School, Phila., 
Pa., 1889; A.M., 1894.) 

Entered Junior year, December, 1892. 

At Central High School and at Lehigh University previously. 
Assistant Principal, New Berne Collegiate Institute, New Berne, 
N. C, 1894-95. Teacher, Languages and Mathematics, 1895-96, 
Mt. Holly Military School, N. J.; 1895-96, University of Penn- 
sylvania Law School, \ l / 2 years. General Manager, Coastwise 
Transportation and Towage Company, 115 Walnut Street, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. Member, Merion Cricket Club; Aronimink Golf 
Club, Drexel Hill, Pa.; Automobile Club of Philadelphia; Phila- 
delphia Maritime Exchange ; Maritime Association, Port of New 
York ; Philadelphia Director, Mclntyre Oil and Gas Company, 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. ; Member, New York and Philadelphia Philatelic 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., November 19, 1871. s. Asa S. Hughes and 
Jane Emma Molloy. m. Philadelphia, Pa., November 12, 1910, 
Adele G. Smith. Address, Garrett Road, Drexel Hill, Pa. 

Morris, Samuel Wheeler, S.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1891. 

Captain of Cricket Team, 1894. With Girard Trust Company 
since graduation. Banker. Secretary of Girard Trust Company. 
Member, Philadelphia Club; Merion Cricket Club; Philadelphia 
Cricket Club; L T niversity Barge Club; Sunnvbrook Golf Club. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., January 16, 1874. s. Frederick Wistar 
Morris (Class 1860) and Elizabeth F. Paul. m. Bryn Mawr, Pa., 
June 6, 1917, Barbara Warden Strawbridge. c. Barbara W. 
Strawbridge, 1910; William J. Strawbridge, 1911; Samuel W., 
Jr., 1918. Address, Girard Trust Company, Broad and Chestnut 
Streets, Philadelphia, Pa. 


Palmer, Louis Jaquette, A.B. 

Entered Freshman Class 1891 and completed course in 3 years. 

Assistant Principal, Pottstown High School, 1894; Principal, 
Pottstown High School, 1897; Instructor, West Chester State 
Normal School, 1898; Assistant Principal, West Chester High 
School, 1899; Principal, Boys' Department, Pennsylvania Insti- 
tute for the Instruction of the Blind, 1900; Admitted to Chester 
County Bar, 1902; Admitted to the Philadelphia Bar, 1903. At- 
torney-at-Law. Member, Triangle Society, Haverford College; 
Director of the Neighborhood League of Wayne, Pa. ; Manager 
of Foulke & Long Institute; Manager of Glen Mills Schools; 
Member of Union League, Philadelphia, Pa. Vestryman of St. 
Mary's Protestant Episcopal Church, Wayne, Pa. 

b. West Chester, Pa., May 24, 1874. s. Eli Palmer and Marianna 
Smedley. m. Philadelphia, Pa., April 15, 1905, Anne Knox Buzby. 
c. Marian Knox, 1906; Dorothy, 1910 (d. 1910) ; Anne Smedley, 
1912. Address, 632 Commercial Trust Building, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Quimby, Edward Entwisle, S.B. 

Entered from Bryn Mawr, Pa., 1890. 

Treasurer of Class during Senior year. Draughtsman. City 
Engineer, Hazleton, Pa. ; Lehigh Valley Coal Company, Hazleton, 
Pa. ; Lehigh Valley Coal Company, Centralia, Pa. ; Sewer Depart- 
ment, District of Columbia; Great Falls and Old Dominion Rail- 
road, Washington, D. C. ; Superintendent of Yards and Buildings 
Department, American Bridge Company, Pencoyd Plant, at 

b. Phoenixville, Pa., February 10, 1874. s. Alden Walker 
Quimby and Malinda Jane Brower. Address, 3729 Manayunk 
Avenue, Wissahickon, Philadelphia, Pa. 

fRex, Frank Clayton, A.B. (S.B., West Chester Normal School, 
Pa., 1892.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1891. 

Honors in English and allied subjects. 1894-95, Teacher of 
English. West Chester, Pa., Normal School; 1895-96, Principal, 
Waterford Academy, Waterford, Pa.; 1896-97, Teacher, Potts- 
town, Pa., High School; 1897-99, Teacher, Reading, Pa., Boys' 
High School. 1900-01, Advertising Department, Strawbridge & 
Clothier, Philadelphia; 1901-06, Advertising Manager, Austin 
Nichols & Co., New York ; 1906-09, Treasurer, The Canister Com- 
pany, Phillipsburg, N. J. ; 1909-12, Real Estate, New York ; 1912- 
16, engaged in agriculture and horticulture in South, because of 
ill health. 1916-17, Acting Receiver for The Canister Company, 


bankrupt; 1917-18, Vice-President and General Manager, The 
Canister Company, of Phillipsburg, N. J.; President and General 
Manager of same, and President, Republic Can and Metal Com- 
pany, Inc., Brooklyn, N. Y., at time of death. During war, Sec- 
retary-Treasurer, War Service Committee, Febei Can Industry. 
1919, Director, Phillipsburg National Bank, Phillipsburg, N. J. 
Member, The Pomfret Club (social), Easton, Pa.; The Whitehall 
Club (business men's), New York City. 

b. East Nantmeal, Chester County, Pa., February 14, 1872. d. 
Phillipsburg, N. J., December 13, 1920. s. William Francis Rex 
and Elizabeth Ann Duchman. m. Waterford, Pa., September 20, 
1900, Mary Glover Barton, c. Millicent Barton, 1901. 

Ristine, Frederick Pearce, A.B. 

Entered 1890. 

Manager and President, Football Association ; Leader, Banjo 
Club, 1893-94. Member, Glee Club, Mandolin and Banjo Clubs. 
Member, Baseball Team, Freshman year; Cricket Team, Senior 
year. Triangle Society. Stock Broker. 1894, entered employ, 
Real Estate Trust Company, Philadelphia; 1902, formed partner- 
ship, Ristine & Conklin, Brokers ; 1912, formed partnership, F. P. 
Ristine & Co., successors to Ristine & Conklin. At present, F. P. 
Ristine & Co., Brokers, Members, New York and Philadelphia 
Stock Exchanges. Member, Triangle Society, Haverf ord ; St. 
Davids Golf Club ; Philadelphia Stock Exchange ; Crescent Lodge, 
F. & A. M. ; Union League of Philadelphia. 

b. Bryn Mawr, Pa., November 11, 1871. s. George Carpenter 
Ristine and Susannah Shank, m. Wayne, Pa., November 17, 
1904, Elizabeth Whetstone, c. Elizabeth Ann, 1912. Address, 
Widener Building, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Scarborough, Henry Wismer Stover, S.B., A.M., 1895. (LL.B, 
Univ. of Pa., 1896.) 

Entered 1890. 

Studied at West Chester State Normal School, 1887-90. Stu- 
dent at University of Pennsylvania Law School, 1894-96. At- 
torney-at-Law. Teacher of Commercial Law, Conveyancing and 
Real Estate Law, for 12 years, beginning 1896. Established in 
Temple University the first course in Conveyancing and Real Es- 
tate Law given for laymen. Solicitor for the Diamond Building 
and Loan Association. Member, Pennsylvania State Bar Asso- 
ciation; Law Association of Philadelphia; Independent Order of 
Odd Fellows ; American Academy of Political and Social Science ; 
Germantown and Chestnut Hill Improvement Association ; Chair- 


man of Board of Directors of the Alumni Association, West Ches- 
ter Normal School. 

b. Solebury Township, Bucks County, Pa., July 24, 1870. s. 
Watson Scarborough and Anna M. Stover, m. Plumsteadville, 
Bucks County, Pa., July 20, 1904, Clara Hagerty. c. J. Watson, 
1905; Marian Stover, 1906; Mary Hagerty, 1908; Henry Wis- 
mer, Jr., 1910. Address, 1200 Lincoln Building, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Stokes, Francis Joseph, A.B. 

Entered 1891. 

President, Cricket Association. Member, First Cricket Eleven, 
3 years. Engineer and Machinist. 1894, started as apprentice in 
machine shop of Robert Shoemaker, Jr., Philadelphia ; 1895, pur- 
chased the business, which was then called the F. J. Stokes Ma- 
chine Company. At present, proprietor of the same. Manufac- 
turers of chemical, medicinal and special machinery. Member, 
University Club, Philadelphia ; City Club, Philadelphia ; Hunting- 
ton Valley C. C. ; American Society of Chemical Engineers ; Drug 
and Chemical Club, and Chemists' Club of New York ; Franklin 
Institute; American Academy of Political and Social Science; 
Academy of Fine Arts; Zoological Gardens Association. 

b. Philadelphia (Germantown), Pa., December 24, 1873. s. 
Francis Stokes (Class 1852; Manager, 1885- ) and Katharine 
Wistar Evans, m. Scranton, Pa., June 28, 1912, Lelia T. Wood- 
ruff, c. Francis Joseph, Jr., 1913; Allen Woodruff, 1915; Henry 
Warrington, 1917; Alison, 1919. Address, 629 Church Lane, 
Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 

fStrawbridge, William Justus, S.B. 

Entered 1890. 

Captain, Football Team, Fall of 1893. Civil Engineer, in 
Cramp's Ship Yard, Philadelphia, Engine Department. Head of 
Drafting Department, Naval Shops at Cavite, P. I. 

b. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., October 2, 1873. d. August 
13, 1911. s. Justus Clayton Strawbridge (Manager, 1883-1911) 
and Mary Lukens. m. Germantown, Pa., April 21. 1909, Barbara 
Warden, c. A daughter. 

Taber, David Shearman, Jr., A.B. 

Entered 1890. 

Member, Banjo Club, all four years; President, Everett- 
Athenaeum Society, Sophomore year; President, Class, Senior 
year. With firm, Taber & Co., Importers of Italian Marble. 
Clerk of New York Monthly Meeting of Friends, 1912 to date. 


Appointed Correspondent, New York Monthly Meeting, 1915; 
of New York Yearly Meeting, 1915. 

b. New York City, June 6, 1873. s. David S. Taber and Elisa- 
beth Underhill Wood. m. Pittsfield, Mass., April 19, 1911, Char- 
lotte Bliss, c. David Shearman, Jr., 1917. Address, 411 West 
114th Street, New York City. 

Williams, Parker Shortridge, A.B. 

Entered 1890. 

Won Essay Prize, Class of 1870; Alumni Orator, 1900; Presi- 
dent, Class, Sophomore year; Editor-in-Chief, The Havcrfordian, 
Senior year ; Delivered Commencement Address, 1903 ; President, 
Alumni Association, 1912-13; President, Haverford Chapter, Phi 
Beta Kappa, 1913-15. 1898, Admitted to Philadelphia Bar. Man- 
ager, Pennsylvania Hospital ; Haverford School ; Director, Provi- 
dent Life and Trust Company ; Merion Title and Trust Com- 
pany ; John Farnum Company, and other business corporations. 
Legal Department, Pennsylvania Railroad Company, 1894-99; 
Member of firm, Innes & Williams, 1899-1908; Member of firm, 
Williams & Sinkler, 1910 to date. Attorney-at-Law. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 18, 1873. s. Henry N. Williams 
and Ella Souder. m. Bryn Mawr, Pa., July 15, 1908, Mary Wis- 
tar Brown. Address, 601 Commercial Trust Building, Fifteenth 
and Market Streets, Philadelphia, Pa. 


Beale, Horace Alexander, Jr. 

Entered from Parkesburg, Pa., 1890, and left in 1892, end of 
Sophomore year. 

Chemist in Laboratory of the Pennsylvania Steel Company, 
Steelton, Pa., 1892-93, 1893-99. Chemist, Superintendent of 
Puddling Mill, Bloomery & Skelp Mill, and Vice-President of 
Parkesburg Iron Company, Parkesburg, Pa., personally directing 
and supervising these departments. January 1, 1900, to date, 
President of the Parkesburg Iron Company, Pa. Member, Ameri- 
can Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers, New York 
City ; American Society of Mechanical Engineers ; Engineers' Club, 
New York City, and same, of Philadelphia ; Union League, Art 
Club, Racquet Club, Quaker City Motor Club, Automobile Club, 
all of Philadelphia; Merion Cricket Club; Automobile Club of 
America, New York ; Franklin Institute, Philadelphia ; American 
Iron and Steel Institute, New York; American Society for Test- 
ing Materials; Wilmington Country Club, Wilmington, Del.; Wil- 


mington Club, Wilmington, Del. ; Pittsburgh Athletic Club, Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. ; Corinthian Yacht Club, Philadelphia, Pa. 

b. Hibernia Iron Works, Pa., February 10, 1870. s. Horace 
Alexander Beale and Ellen Mary Mendenhall. m. Wilmington, 
Del., April 17, 1900, Mary Rogers Hartshorn Dunning, c. Horace 
Alexander, 3d, 1901. Address, Parkesburg, Pa. 

Busselle, Alfred. 

Entered 1890 and left at close of the Sophomore year. 

Won First Prize, Everett-Athenaeum, 1891-92. Treasurer, Foot- 
ball Association, 1891-92; Vice-President, Class, Sophomore year. 
Architect. Manager of practice of Bruce Price, Architect, to 
1903. General practice of Architecture, specialist in country 
houses, to date. Justice of the Peace, 1911-15. Treasurer, New 
York Yearly Meeting of Friends, 1903 to date. Member, New 
York Haverford Association; Architectural League of New York; 
Transportation Club; American Institute of Architects. 

b. New York City, May 26, 1874. s. Samuel D. Busselle and 
Sarah Elizabeth Moss. m. Chappaqua, N. Y., October 1, 1903, 
Harriet C. Murray, c. Robert M., 1904; Alfred, Jr., 1905; Ann, 
1910. Address, 347 Madison Avenue, New York City. 

fFoulke, Edward Jeanes 

Entered 1890 and left at close of Freshman year. 

Two years at Princeton University ; Clerk in Real Estate De- 
partment, Germantown Real Estate, Deposit and Trust Company, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., May 24, 1874. d. , 1905. s. W. G. 

Foulke and Anna E. Jeanes. 

Harvey, LeRoy. (AB. Harvard, 1894.) 

Entered 1890 and left, end of Freshman year. 

With William Ropes & Co., St. Petersburg, Russia, Oil Refiners, 
to 1899. Lumber business (wholesale and manufacturing), until 
1915. Mayor of Wilmington, 1921- . Member, Harvard Club, 
New York; same, of Delaware (Vice-President). Member, 
Orpheus Club of Philadelphia ; Wilmington Savings Fund Society, 
Manager ; Wilmington Institute Free Library, Treasurer and Man- 
ager; Y. M. C. A., Manager; Wilmington Club; Wilmington 
Country Club; West Chester Golf Club. 

b. Wilmington, Del., April 28, 1873. s. Huxley Harvey and 
Mary Louisa Belt. m. Wilmington, Del., January 9, 1904, Renee 
de Pelleport du Pont. c. Alice Hounsfield, 1905 ; Mary Van Dyke, 
1908; Edmund Huxley, 1911; Sophie Renee de Pelleport, 1915. 
Address, 907 Broome Street, Wilmington, Del. 


Lancaster, George. (Ph.B., Wesleyan Univ., Bloomingtton, 111., 

Entered from Wyoming, Pa., 1890, and left at close of Sopho- 
more year, 1892. 

Studied at Wesleyan University, Bloomington, 111., 2 years. 
Winner of Shakespeare "Bat." Teacher. Teacher in District 
School in Minneapolis; High School Teacher, 3 years, Hutchinson, 
Minnesota; Principal, High School, 6 years, Everett, Wash.; 
Superintendent, Schools, 9 years, Arlington, Wash. ; Head of 
Historical Department, Tacoma High School, Tacoma, Wash., 
since 1914. Member, N. E. A., since 1898. 

b. Durham County, England, January 8, 1868. s. George Lan- 
caster and Sarah Wood. m. Everett, Wash., August 20, 1905, 
Bertha Juergens. c. Lotte, 1907; Mimi Isabel, 1910. Address, 
4118 South Kay Street, Tacoma, Wash. 

Lewis, Eugene Caryl. 

Entered as Special Student, 1892 and left 1894. 

Secretary of the College, 1892-94. Studied at Miami Valley 
College, Springboro, Ohio, 1879-80. Librarian, West Chester State 
Normal School, West Chester, Pa. Employed with Reyburn 
Manufacturing Company, Philadelphia; Teacher in business 
schools, Amsterdam, N. Y. (Acting as Principal), and Philadel- 
phia; Owner and Editor of The New Viemia Reporter, 1910-16. 
Farming until recently. Author: A Brief History of the American 
Tariff, 1789-1860. Member, Union Grange, No. 77, New Vienna, 

b. Near New Vienna, Ohio, June 20, 1860. s. Christopher 
Lewis and Louisa K. Hallowell. m. Philadelphia, Pa., June 6, 
1917, Irene Blackburn. Address, New Vienna, Ohio, R. F. D. 
No. 3. 

Miller, Martin Nixon. 

Entered 1890 ; left at close of Junior year. 

Electrical, Mechanical and Structural Engineer; Designer of 
Power Plant Installations, Supervising Building Construction and 
Installation of Machinery. For 7 years, Electric Storage Battery 
Company, from office boy to chief draftsman and engineer in 
charge installing power plants. With Keasbey & Mattison Com- 
pany, Ambler, Pa., for 1 year as Mechanical Engineer and Assist- 
ant Superintendent. Thirteen months, in Panama, first 6 months 
as Expert Electrical and Mechanical Draftsman, and balance of 
time, Assistant Engineer of Staff of Colonel George W. Goethals, 
United States Army, on Panama Canal Construction. For many 


years with the American Bridge Company, both at Ambridge and 
Pencoyd Plants, as Assistant Chief Draftsman in the Mechanical 
Department. For several years as Assistant Chief Draftsman, 
Marine and Engine Department, New York Shipbuilding Com- 
pany; Superintendent of Construction, McClintic-Marshall Com- 
pany, Pottstown, Pa., in charge of erecting and installing the 
bridge shop ($1,000,000). Prior to the war with Germany was 
Supervising Engineer in charge of ($2,000,000) building work 
and installing the machinery at the Frankford Arsenal. May 4, 
1917, enlisted as a private in the United States Army, Philadel- 
phia. Sent to the First Officers' Training Camp and earned a 
commission as Captain, Corps of Engineers, United States Army. 
Organized the First Battalion of the 20th Engineers; organized, 
quartered, messed, equipped and drilled the first Camouflage Com- 
pany of United States Army (see Literary Digest, October 13, 
1917). With 21 volunteers of 10th Engineers, organized, messed, 
quartered, drilled, and took to France, November 26, 1917, Com- 
pany B, 501st Engineers. Built hospitals, base headquarters, bar- 
racks, machine shops, and a large dam at Pontcheteau, where the 
water for St. Nazaire was held in reserve. Was Camp Commander 
on the dam construction for 2 l / 2 months. With 19th Engineers. 
Company A, for 2> l / 2 months. Two months, on detached service, 
as Engineer of Machine Shops in the Department of Military 
Engineering and Engineering Supplies at Tours, France. Re- 
turned to United States on December 29, 1918, and sent to Camp 
Humphreys, Va., in charge of Company A, 2d Engineer Training 
Regiment. Honorably discharged, January 18, 1919. Previous 
military training with National Guard, Pennsylvania, 7^ years, 
and on riot duty at Hazleton, Pa., October and November, 1902, 
during the coal strike. Mechanical Engineer with Emergency 
Fleet during year 1919; Assistant to President, Philadelphia Gear 
Works, 1920; Designing Engineer, Wharves, Docks and Ferries, 
Philadelphia, Pa., during year 1921. January, 1922, to date, Super- 
intendent of Construction and Plant Maintenance Engineer, Ellis 
Island, New York Harbor. Member, American Legion, B. Frank- 
lin Pepper Post No. 425, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pa., 1st 
Regiment Infantry Veteran Corps, National Guard, Pennsylvania, 
Philadelphia, Pa. ; American Society Mechanical Engineers, New 
York ; Engineers' Club of Philadelphia, Pa. ; Franklin Chess Club, 
Philadelphia, Pa. ; Republican Club of Germantown, Philadelphia, 
Pa.; The Masonic Club, New York City; Lodge 51, F. & A. M., 
Philadelphia, Pa. 
b. Philadelphia, Pa., February 3, 1873. s. Alfred Gowen Miller 


and Martha Brown Nixon, m. Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pa., 
October 9, 1901, Helen MacGreagor Pidjeon. c. Martha Nixon, 
1902. Address, Ellis Island, New York Harbor, N. Y. 

Morris, Howard. 

Entered from Parkesburg, Pa., 1890, and left at close of the 

Stationary Engineer ; Machinist. 

b. Coatesville, Pa., July 4, 1871. s. Charles Brooke Morris and 
Mary Jane Gross, m. June 22, 1893, E. Jane Osmond. Address, 
Parkesburg, Pa. 

Pancoast, William Howard. 

Entered 1890 and left in the spring of 1893. 

Reporter ; Assistant Sporting Editor ; Commercial Editor ; Ex- 
change Editor ; Assistant News Editor ; Philadelphia Evening Tele- 
graph, for 4 years. Banker and Broker. 2d and 1st Lieutenant, 
Light Battery "A," Pennsylvania Volunteer Artillery, Spanish- 
American War. Office Management, Philadelphia Office of Naval 
Intelligence, World's War. President, Central Land and Mining 
Company. Investments, Redmond & Co. Member, Philadelphia 
Club; Racquet Club; Philadelphia Country Club. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., October 2, 1873. s. William Henry Pan- 
coast, M. D. (Class 1853), and Gertrude Lewis, m. February 18, 
1896, Mary Warburton. c. Gertrude L., 1897; Mary W., 1899. 
Address, 2024 De Lancey Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

fPinkham, Charles Heber. 

Entered from Lynn, Mass., 1890, and left at close of the Fresh- 
man year on account of ill health. 

b. Canton, Ind., December 12, 1872. d. Woonsocket, R. I., May 
8, 1896. s. William Penn Pinkham and Emma Cecilia Curry. 

Rorer, Jonathan Taylor, Jr. (A.B., Colorado College, 1895; 
Ph.D., Univ. of Pa., 1901.) 
Entered from Hatboro, Pa., 1890, and left at the close of the 
Sophomore year. 

Editor of The Havcrfordian, 1892. Student at Colorado Col- 
lege, Colo., 1894-95, and in the Graduate School, University of 
Pennsylvania, 1896-1901. Professor of Mathematics, Central 
High School, Philadelphia, Pa., 1895-1909; Head of Department 
of Mathematics, William Penn High School, Philadelphia, 1909 
to date; Vice-Principal, Central Evening High School, Philadel- 
phia, 1907-15; Principal, William Penn Evening High School, 
1916-20; Principal, Central Evening High School, 1920 to date. 


Member of the Educational Corps, A. E. F., 1919 (German Oc- 
cupation), and Superintendent of Instruction, 2d Division (Reg- 
ular Army), A. E. F., February 8 to July 13, 1919. Instructor, 
Summer School, and in College Courses for Teachers, Johns Hop- 
kins University, 1920-21. Member, American Mathematical So- 
ciety; American Astronomical Society; American Association for 
the Advancement of Science (Fellow) ; Phi Beta Kappa. (Beta 
of Colorado.) Treasurer, Philadelphia Association of Phi Beta 
Kappa, 1916-18; Military Order of Loyal Legion; Schoolmen's 
Club of Philadelphia, Vice-President, 1916-18; President, 1915- 
17, Association of Teachers of Mathematics in Middle States and 

b. West Chester, Pa., August 21, 1871. s. Jonathan T. Rorer 
and Helen V. Bitting, m. Philadelphia, Pa., June 14, 1899, Mabel 
Marion Ballon. Address, 333 North Thirty-fourth Street, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Shoemaker, Benjamin Hallowell, 2nd. 

Entered 1890 and left during the Junior year. 

Glass Merchant. 

b. Germantown, Pa., March 3, 1872. s. Benjamin Hallowell 
Shoemaker (Manager, 1880-1916) and Susan Brinton Trump, m. 
Germantown, Pa., January 17, 1898. c. Benjamin Hallowell, 3d 
(Class 1923). Address, 523 Church Lane, Germantown, Pa., and 
205 North Fourth Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Thomas, Frank Snowden. 

Entered 1890 and left during the Freshman year. 

Student at Johns Hopkins University. Secretary and Treasurer, 
Battersby Mercantile Agency. Photo Engraving. Owner and 
Manager, Alpha Engraving Company, Baltimore, Md. Broker in 
business in New York City for a number of years. Overseas 
Service as Lieutenant, American Red Cross, assigned to duty at 
the front. Member, St. Nicholas Club, New York City. 

b. Baltimore, Md., February 14, 1873. s. James Carey Thomas 
(Class of 1851; Manager, 1860-97) and Mary Whitall. m. New 
York City, February 20, 1920, Eleanor Bridgeland. Address, 5 
Nassau Street, New York City. 

Walker, Frank Dinwiddie. 

Entered 1890 and left 1891, at close of Freshman year. 

Testing Laboratories of Electro-Dynamic Company ; Founder, 
Walker Electric Company ; Eastern Agent, Electrical Department, 
National Brake and Electric Company ; Freight Traffic Manager, 
U. G. I. Company (at present). Member, Overbrook Golf Club. 


b. Philadelphia, Pa., October 29, 1873. s. Henry H. Walker and 
Esther Walker, m. June 19, 1900, Mabel O. Combs. Address, 
108 Elmwood Avenue, Narberth, Pa. 

Warden, Herbert Watson. 

Entered 1890 and left at close of Sophomore year, 1892. 

Treasurer and Manager. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., February 13, 1872. s. William G. Warden 
and Sarah W. Bushnell. m. (1) Alice Pardee; (2) Stella Bur- 
nand. Address, Talcombe, South Devon, England. 

Warden, Nelson Bushnell. 

Entered 1890 and left at close of Junior year, 1893. 

Secretary. Member, Philadelphia First City Troop, Spanish 
War, 1898' 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., November 3, 1874. s. William G. Warden 
and Sarah W. Bushnell. m. Edinburgh, Scotland, November 21, 
1906, Cecile Angelesco Ghika. Address, 1012 Witherspoon Build- 
ing, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Wood, Arnold. 

Entered 1890; left at close of Freshman year. 

Studied at College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, 
1891-92. Associate Director, Military Relief in Hospital Service, 
Atlantic Division, American Red Cross, during the World War, 
1918-20. Published "A Bibliography of Isaac Walton." Mem- 
ber, Union Club, Racquet and Tennis Club, Delta Kappa Epsilon 
Club, all of New York City. 

b. New York City, September 23, 1872. s. William H. S. Wood 
(Class 1859) and Mary Emma Congdon. m. New York City, No- 
vember 11, 1896, Ethel Hartshorne. c. Arnold, Jr., 1899; Louise 
Hartshorne, 1907. Address, 1 East Fifty-first Street, New York 


Bettle, Samuel, Jr., A.B. 

Entered, Spring, 1892. 

Assistant Manager, Football Team, Junior year. Manager, 
Football Team, Senior year. In business for self as manufac- 
turer's agent. With H. W. Middleton Company; A. B. See Elec- 
tric Elevator Company ; Detroit Steel Products Company. Assist- 
ant to Manager, du Pont Fabrikoid Company, manufacturer of 
leather substitutes, since 1916. Served as Private with Battery 
"A," Pennsylvania Volunteers, in Spanish-American War, 1898. 


Served on all (chairman of some) committees on Y. M. C. A., 
Liberty Bond, Red Cross, etc., "drives" during "World War." 
Member, Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity; Newburgh Chamber of 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 24, 1874. s. Edward Bettle, Jr. 
(Class 1861 ; Manager, 1872-1912; Secretary of Corporation, 1875- 
83; Secretary of Board of Managers, 1877-83; Treasurer, 1883- 
84) and Elizabeth H. Tatnall. m. Philadelphia, Pa., August 10, 
1904, Isabel Stockton, c. Betty, 1905; Nancy, 1907. Address, 
236 Liberty Street, Newburgh, N. Y. 

Blanchard, Edmund, A.B. (LL.B., Univ. of Pa., 1899.) 

Entered 1891. 

Alumni Prize Orator, 1894. Vice-President of Class, 3 years. 
Practiced Law in Centre County, Pa. Courts for 2 years. Mayor 
of Bellefonte for 2 terms. President of McCoy-Linn Iron Com- 
pany, Drilling Contractors, to date. Member, Markham Club of 
Philadelphia; Bellefonte Club and Nittany Country Club; Phi 
Kappa Sigma Fraternity, "Alpha Chapter." 

b. Bellefonte, Pa., February 20, 1873. s. Evan M. Blanchard 
and Eliza F. Harris, m. Ridley Park, Pa., December 28, 1912, 
Ellen Donnelly. Address, Bellefonte, Pa. 

Brown, Samuel Hulme, A.B. (A.M. Harvard Univ., 1915.) 

Entered Junior Class 1893. 

1895-1904, Bookkeeper and Claim Clerk, Philadelphia & Read- 
ing Railway Company. 1904 to date, Head of History Depart- 
ment, Westtown School, Westtown, Pa. Cornell University, Stu- 
dent of Research History, 1917. Member, American Historical 
Association ; Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. 

b. Norristown, Pa., December 10, 1874. s. William Henry 
Brown and Elizabeth Kirkbride Hulme. m. West Chester, Pa., 
June 27, 1901, Elizabeth Wood Hoopes. c. Malin Hoopes, 1903; 
Emily Smedley, 1905; S. Hulme, Jr., 1906; Elizabeth Emily, 
1910; Constance Kirkbride, 1918. Address, Westtown, Pa. 

Conklin, Frank Henry, A.B. 

Entered 1891. 

Vice-President, Class, Freshman year; President, Class, Senior 
year ; President, Athletic Association, 1894-95 ; President, Tennis 
Association ; Vice-President, Football Association ; "Spoon Man." 
Teller in Girard Trust Company, Philadelphia, Pa., until Febru- 
ary, 1902. Banking and Brokerage under firm name of Ristine 
& Conklin, 1902-12. 1912 to date, Duck Grower. 

b. New York City, March 30, 1873. s. William Conklin and 


Ellen Coffin Ladd. m. Haverford, Pa., December 10, 1904, 
Frances Smyth, c. Margaret, 1905 ; John Titus, 1907. Address, 
Main Street, Lakeville, R. F. D. No. 1, Middleboro, P. O., Mass. 

fCookman, Charles Howland, A.B. (Bachelor of Divinity, Drew 
Theol. Sem., 1901.) 

Entered 1891. 

An Editor of The Haverfordian; Member, Banjo Club; Charter 
Member, Triangle Society; President, Y. M. C. A. Private Sec- 
retary to Mr. S. M. Sayford, College Evangelist and Bible Study 
Promoter, 1895 ; Teacher of Latin, Greek and Ancient History, 
and Assistant Principal, Friends' School, Wilmington, Del., 1896- 
98. General Secretary, Wilmington, Delaware City Y. M. C. A., 
1895. Member, Evangelistic and Visiting Staff, Camp Thomas, 
Chickamauga, Ga., Spanish-American War, summer, 1898. Pas- 
tor, St. James and Montgomery Street Churches, Newark, N. J., 
1899; Associate Pastor, Grace Methodist Episcopal Church, Har- 
lem, N. Y., 1900. Pastor, Central Valley Church, New York, 
1902; St. Paul's Church, Middletown, N. Y., 1903-08; Grace 
Church, Harlem, N. Y., 1908-10; St. James, Kingston, N. Y., 
1910-15; First Church, Yonkers, N. Y., 1915-19. Teacher of Re- 
ligious Education, Deaconess School, New York City. Member, 
Board of Examiners, New York Annual Conference ; of Board 
of Ministerial Qualifications Conference; Writer for Sunday 
School Periodicals of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Member, 
Fortnightly Club, Middletown, N. Y. ; Middletown Clerical Asso- 
ciation ; Monday Club, New York ; Kingston Clerical Association ; 
President, Yonkers' Ministerial Association (2 terms) ; Chairman, 
City of Yonkers, Billy Sunday New York Campaign ; New York 
District Chairman on Sunday School Teachers' Training. During 
World War, Member, City Committee in Seeing Boys Off for 
Front, and on Committee for Welcoming Them Home. Local 
Church Correspondent for Boys of First Methodist Church; on 
committees for all "drives," Y. M. C. A., Red Cross, Armenian 
and Syrian Relief. 

b. Wilmington, Del., March 2, 1873. d. Englewood, N. J., De- 
cember 5, 1921. s. Rev. John Emory Cookman and Margaret 
Smith Howland. m. Wilmington, Del., June 14, 1904, Alma 
Frances Groves, c. Frances Evelyn, 1906; Elisabeth Howland, 

Engle, James Linton, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1892. 

First Prize for Systematic Reading, 1894. Graduate Student 


in Latin, 1895-96. Assistant in Library, 1895-96. President and 
Treasurer (Majority Stockholder), The Holmes Press, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. President, Haddonfield Board of Education ; President, 
Haddonfield Safe Deposit and Trust Company; President, United 
Typothetas of America; Chairman, United War Work Campaign 
in Haddonfield ; Chairman, Victory Liberty Loan Drive in Phila- 
delphia for Printers, Electrotypers, Engravers. Member, Uni- 
versity Club ; Poor Richard Club ; Tavistock Country Club ; Had- 
don Field Club ; Haddonfield Civic Association ; Haddonfield Re- 
publican Club; Meridian Club; Pocono Lake Preserve; Philadel- 
phia Typothetse ; Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce. 

b. Haddonfield, N. J., May 6, 1874. s. Joseph Engle and Mar- 
garet Taylor De Cou. m. April 12, 1899, Florence Hill Redman. 
c. Joseph Redman, 1900. Address, 140 Westmont Avenue, Had- 
donfield, N. J., and 1315 Cherry Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Evans, Joseph Spragg, Jr., A.B. (M.D, Univ. of Pa., 1899.) 

Entered 1891. 

Studied Medicine, University of Pennsylvania. Resident Physi- 
cian, Hospital, University of Pennsylvania, 1900-01 ; 1901-02, Uni- 
versity of Vienna; 1902-09, Instructor in Medicine, University 
of Pennsylvania ; 1902-09, Associate in Medicine, William Pepper 
Laboratory of Clinical Medicine. 1910, Professor of Clinical 
Medicine, University of Wisconsin. 

b. West Chester, Pa., March 6, 1875. s. Joseph Spragg Evans 
and Ruth Peirce. m. Philadelphia, Pa., April 9, 1907, Mary 
Elizabeth Eagan. Address, 821 State Street, Madison, Wis. 

Goodman, William, S.B. (A.B., Harvard, 1896.) 

Entered 1891. 

President of Class, 1892-93. Student at Harvard University, 
1895-96. Draftsman, Laidlaw-Dunn-Gordon Company, Cincinnati, 
Ohio, 1896. 1898, Ensign, United States Navy. 1899, Drafts- 
man, E. D. Leavitt, Cambridge, Mass. ; 1900, Engineer, Laidlaw- 
Dunn-Gordon Company; 1901, Chief Engineer of same; 1905, 
Assistant Manager of same; 1909, Manager of same. 1918, As- 
sistant to Vice-President, Worthington Pump and Machinery Cor- 
poration, 115 Broadway, New York. Member, University Club, 
Cincinnati, Ohio; Commonwealth Club, Cincinnati, Ohio, and 
Business Men's Club of same place ; Englewood Field Club, Engle- 
wood, N. J. ; Lawyer's Club, New York City ; Knickerbocker 
Country Club, Tenafly, N. J. ; American Society Mechanical Engi- 

b. Cincinnati, Ohio, July 8, 1874. s. William Austin Goodman 



and Grace Hastings Griswold. m. Coronado, Cal., October 15, 
1902, Mary Wilber Healy. c. William, Jr., 1905; Helen Mary, 
1909. Address, 115 Broadway, New York City, or Chestnut 
Street, Englewood, N. J. 

Harris, Henry John, A.B. (A.B., Central High School, Phila., 
Pa., 1892; Ph.D., Univ. of Pa., 1900.) 

Entered Freshman Class 1892 and completed course in 3 years. 

Honors in Economics on Graduating. Phi Beta Kappa. Stu- 
dent of Economics and History, University of Pennsylvania, 1895- 
97; at Halle, Germany, 1897-98; University of Berlin, 1898-99; 
University of Pennsylvania, 1900, Ph.D. Statistician, United 
States Treasury Department, 1900-01. Research Expert, United 
States Department of Labor, 1901-11. Chief, Division of Docu- 
ments, Library of Congress, 1911 to date. Special Lecturer on 
Social Insurance, Johns Hopkins University, 1915. Author: 
"Handworking Industries in Germany," "Workmen's Insurance in 
Germany," "Workmen's Insurance in Austria," "Maternity Bene- 
fit Systems in Europe," and numerous articles in economic jour- 
nals. Member, Phi Beta Kappa ; Cosmos Club, Washington ; 
American Economic Association; American Statistical Associa- 
tion ; American Association for Labor Legislation. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 10, 1872. s. John Thomas Har- 
ris and Elizabeth Saville. m. Washington, D. C, June 21, 1913, 
Dora Gertrude Knight, c. John Knight, 1915. Address, 1857 
Lamont Street, N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Hay, Arthur Moorhead, S.B. 

Entered January, 1891, from Lehigh University. 

Member of Triangle Society. Draughtsman, Baldwin Locomo- 
tive Works, 1895 ; Special Student of Physics and Chemistry, Uni- 
versity of Pennsylvania, 1896. J. W. Queen & Co., Philadelphia, 
Electrical Instrument Testing and "X-Ray" Coil Department, 
1897; Student at Law School, University of Pennsylvania, 1899; 
Secretary and Treasurer, Collins Wireless Telegraph and Tele- 
phone Company, 1900; Secretary and Treasurer, and Assistant 
Manager and Designer, Vitreous Stone Company, 1901 ; Fruit 
Farming and Poultry Raising, Bradford Hills, Pa., 1904; Real Es- 
tate Business in Pasadena, Cal., 1910; The Pequa Land Improve- 
ment Company, consulting engineer, 1911; Representative, Metro- 
politan Life Insurance Company, 1912-14. Investigation, Test- 
ing, Repair and Sale of "Electric Storage Batteries." Formerly 
a Member of Engineers' Club, Philadelphia, 1895-1904; Franklin 
Institute, 1895-1904; American Academy of Political and Social 


Science, 1897-1904; Browning Society, 1899-1904; Camera Club 
of University of Pennsylvania, 1899-1900. Member, Triangle 
Society, Haverford. United States Weather Bureau Cooperation 
Observer for West Chester, 1921- . 

b. Beirut, Palestine, February 7, 1872. s. John Baldwin Hay 
(Consul General to Syria) and Cora Holmes Badger, m. South 
Coventry, Chester County, Pa., July 9, 1902, Mary Ellen Scholl. 
c. Robert Arthur, 1903; Dorothy Alice, 1910. Address, 127 East 
Chestnut Street, West Chester, Pa. 

Hay, Erroll Baldwin, SB. 

Entered from Philadelphia, Pa., 1891. 

Secretary of Class, 1891 ; Vice-President, 1895 ; Manager, The 
Haverfordian; Member, Loganian Society and Triangle Society. 
Captain, Basketball Team ; Member, Varsity Football and Baseball 
Teams. Won College Record in High Dive, Gym. Team and 
Bicycle Race. Entered Intercollegiate Bicycle Races. Wrote 
Play for Class Day Exercises. Student at University of Penn- 
sylvania, 1896. On the Editorial Staff of New York Tribune for 
1 year. With Thomas A. Biddle & Co., Bankers and Brokers, 
Philadelphia, 1898-1904. Manufacturer of Building Materials, 
1904-07. Director in Philadelphia Security Life Insurance Com- 
pany. Managers' Department of John Wanamaker Store, and in 
the Educational Department on Cotton, Wool, Silk and History of 
Design. In United States Army (National Guard) on Mexican 
Border, 1915-16. Lieutenant in War with German Empire, to 
July, 1920. In engagements at Chateau Thierry, Argonne Forest, 
and in Belgium with the 108th Field Artillery, 28th Division. 
With United States Army Claims Board in Paris and Washing- 
ton, 1919-20, on General Staff. Graduate, French Artillery School, 
Valdahon, France, Captain of Field Artillery. 1921-22, business; 
address, Martin & Co., Banking and Bond House, 1411 Walnut 
Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Member, Philadelphia Barge Club and 
Franklin Chess Club. 

b. Beirut, Syria, March 28, 1873. s. John B. Hay (Consul 
General to Syria) and Cora Holmes Badger, m. Philadelphia, 
Pa., November, 1901, Mary G. Bradley, c. Erroll B., Jr., 1903 ; 
Margaret, 1905 ; Mary Louise, 1907. Address, 7423 Boyer Street, 
Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Hilles, William Smedley, SB. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1892. 

Cricket Team, 2 years. Journalist. City Editor, Philadelphia 
Bulletin; City Editor, Philadelphia Press; News Editor, Baltimore 


News; Night Editor, Baltimore Sun; Second Lieutenant, United 
States Marine Corps, October 20, 1917, to July 11, 1918; First 
Lieutenant, United States Marine Corps, July 11, 1918, to June 
17, 1920. Member, University Club, Philadelphia, Pa. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., July 23, 1875. s. Albert Letchworth Hilles 
and Mary Webster Smedley. m. Baltimore, Md., June 2, 1906, 
Louise Estelle Robertson, c. Mary Louise, 1908. Address, 27 
East Mt. Vernon Place, Baltimore, Md. 

Leeds, John Bacon, S.B., A.M., 1911. Ph.D., 1913. 

Entered from Seal, Pa., Junior Class 1893. 

Clerk, Penn National Bank ; 1895-98, Philadelphia Saving Fund ; 
Assistant Teller, Franklin National Bank ; Secretary, Seventh and 
Eighth Wards Association of the Municipal League; Secretary, 
Proportional Representation League of Community Center Asso- 
ciation of Philadelphia ; of Home and School League ; Professor, 
Sociology and Economics, Temple University. State Secretary, 
Anti-Tuberculosis Association of Florida. Collateral Department, 
Federal Reserve Bank, Philadelphia, Pa. Professor, Sociology, 
and Dean of Men, Olivet College. Author: "The Household 
Budget." Member, Social Workers' Club of Philadelphia. 

b. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., December 24, 1874. s. Josiah 
Woodward Leeds and Deborah Ann Crenshaw, m. Philadelphia, 
Pa., October 8, 1901, Alice Cary Hay. c. Albert Erroll, 1902; 
Winthrop Moorhead, 1905 ; Kingsley Bacon, 1907. Address, 304 
West School Lane, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Lippincott, George, A.B. (A.B., Harvard Univ., 1896.) 

Entered 1891. 

President of Class, Junior year. President, College Associa- 
tion; President, Cricket Club. Entered Senior Class, Harvard, 
1895. Member of firm, Lippincott & Co., Wholesale Grocers, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., November 29, 1875. s. Horace Greenough 
Lippincott (Class 1862) and Caroline Rowland. Address, Chelten 
Hills, Wyncote P. O., Pa., and 20 North Delaware Avenue, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Taylor, Charles Clifford, SB. 

Entered 1891. 

Triangle Society. Insurance. 1895-97, Employers' Indemnity 
Company; 1897-1908, Insurance Broker; 1908-12, Insurance 
Broker, associated with Piatt, Yungman & Co., Philadelphia, Pa. ; 
1912 to date, Member of firm, Piatt, Yungman & Co., 400 Walnut 
Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Member, Union League, Philadelphia ; 


Art Club; Bachelors' Barge Club; Down Town Club; Merion 
Cricket Club; St. David's Golf Club; Tredyffrin Country Club; 
Megantic Fish and Game Corporation ; Beideman Gun Club. 

b. Burlington, N. J., August 6, 1876. s. Charles Shoemaker 
Taylor (Class 1871; Manager, 1876-80) and Rebecca Hughes. 
m. Westminster, Md., February 21, 1905, Alice Wright Bond, 
c. Alice Bond, December 13, 1905. Address, St. David's, Pa. 

Thomas, Allen Curry, S.B., A.M., 1896. (LL.B., Univ. of Pa.) 

Entered 1891. 

Class Secretary ; Secretary, Everett- Athenaeum ; Vice-President 
of same. Honors in History, 1895. Winner of Second Eleven 
Batting and Bowling Prizes. Member, Football Team; on Cricket 
Eleven, English Tour, 1896. Graduate Student in History and 
Assistant in Mechanical Drawing Room and Machine Shop, 1895- 
96. Principal, Night School, Philadelphia, Pa., 1896-97. Student 
in Law School, University of Pennsylvania. Instructor in Epis- 
copal Academy; Assistant City Solicitor, 1909-12; Member, Legal 
Staff, Local Draft Board, 1918-19. Attorney-at-Law, Member of 
firm, Thomas & Palmer, 632-34 Commercial Trust Building, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. Author: "Haverford College Cricket," in "Outing." 
Member, Torresdale Country Club ; Masonic Fraternity ; Bursar 
Welsh Society ; Associate Member, General George G. Meade 
Post No. 1, G. A. R. ; Member, Union League, Philadelphia, Pa. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., May 27, 1874. s. Glendon L. Thomas, 
M. D., and Margaret Frances Curry, m. Philadelphia, Pa., March 
1, 1904, Mary E. Hunter, c. Allen Curry, Jr., 1907. Address, 
2868 Frank ford Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. 

jThomas, Henry Evan, SB. 

Entered 1891. 

Honors in Chemistry, Senior year. Member, Phi Beta Kappa, 
1899. Special Student in Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of 
Technology, 1895-96. Chemist at Cambridgeport, Mass., 1896-97. 
Real Estate. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., March 31, 1875. d. Philadelphia, Pa. (?), 
November 2, 1905. s. William Paca Thomas and Caroline Bullock 

Webster, Walter Coates, S.B. (A.B., Harvard, 1897.) 
Entered 1891. 

Vice-President of Class, 1895 ; Vice-President, Loganian So- 
ciety; Captain, Football Team, 1894. Member of Football Team, 
Sophomore year. Manager, College Football Team, Junior year. 


Member, College Cricket Team, Junior year; Member, Triangle 
Society and Founders' Club. 1898-1910, Manager, Westinghouse 
Electric and Manufacturing Company ; until 1918, General Man- 
ager, Nichols Copper Company ; until 1920, Director and Officer 
in Alien Property taken over by Government during the war. 
Vice-President and Director, Pearson Syndicate, 115 Broadway, 
New York. Member, Harvard Club of New York; Engineers' 
Club of New York; Bankers' Club of New York; Merion Cricket 
Club, Haverford ; University Club of Philadelphia. 

b. Downingtown, Pa., September 24, 1872. s. Ezra Webster 
and Gertrude Coates. m. Lancaster, Pa., November 10, 1903, Eva 
E. Foster, c. Walter Foster, 1905; Marriott Coates, 1906; Bay- 
ard, 1917. Address, 179 Prospect Street, East Orange, N. J., and 
115 Broadway, New York City. 


Brown, Francis Head. 

Entered 1891 and left at close of Freshman year. 

Research Student in Biology, University of Pennsylvania, 1894- 
95. 1895, entered Germantown Trust Company as Clerk. To 
date, Manager, Chestnut Hill Office, Germantown Trust Com- 
pany. Director, Flexible Compound Company ; Chestnut Hill 
Mutual Building and Loan Association; Treasurer, Chestnut Hill 
Business Men's Association; Member, Germantown Cricket Club; 
Philadelphia Cricket Club ; The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine 
Arts; Associate Member, The Orpheus Club. From time to time 
identified with different charitable and church organizations as 

b. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., January 20, 1874. s. Amos 
Peaslee Brown and Frances Brown. Address, 20 East Penn Street, 
Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Carter, Charles Lybrand. 

Entered 1891 and left 1892. 

Guard on Football Team. With MacAndrews & Forbes, Cam- 
den, N. J. Paper Board Salesman. 

b. Elkton, Md., January 20, 1874. s. J. D. Carter and Eliza 
Ann Levis, m. December 2, 1903, Linda M. Landenberger. Ad- 
dress, 28 South Marshall Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

fDerderian, Navaret Kevork. 

Entered 1891 as special student in Biology and Physiology, and 
left. 1892. 

Studied at Rol>ert College, opposite Constantinople, Turkey. 


Studied at Chicago to prepare himself for Medical Missionary in 

b. Constantinople, Turkey (?), 1866. d. Chicago, 111., 1898. 

fGardner, Larner Somers. 

Entered 1890. 

b. Atlantic City, N. J. (?), January 27, 1874. d. August 7, 
1894, during summer vacation, s. John J. Gardner, M. C, and 

fGriffith, Joseph Henry Oglesby. 

Entered from Philadelphia, Pa., 1891, and left January, 1892. 

b. Pau, France, May 26, 1872. d. , 1908. s. John R. 

Griffith and Josephine Sidney Oglesby. 

Johnson, Charles Hadley. 

Entered 1891 and left 1892. 

b. Topeka, Kan. ( ?), December 14, 1872. s. G. Y. Johnson and 
. No address. 

Male, Jonathan Tamblyn.( A.B., Univ. of Rochester, 1895; M.D., 
Univ. of Buffalo, N. Y., 1898.) 

Entered 1891 and left at close of Sophomore year. 

Studied at University of Rochester, N. Y., 1894-95 ; University 
of Buffalo, N. Y., Medical School, 1895-98; Physician and propri- 
etor of a drug store. Member of County, State and American 
Medical Associations. Health Officer for several years in New 
York State. Treasurer of School Board, 3 years. 

b. Beech Lake, Pa., October 14, 1868. s. John C. Male and 
Ann Spry. m. Buffalo, N. Y., June 29, 1898, Edith H. Hartman. 
c. Beatrice J., 1899 ; Frances Helen, 1901 ; William Benson, 1905 ; 
Florence Edith, 1909; Jonathan M., 1911. Address, Yampa, Col. 

Miller, Harry March. 

Entered 1891 and left 1892. 

Triangle Society. Wholesale Jobber, Stoves, Furnaces and Re- 
frigerators. Director, The March, Brownbach Stove Company. 
Member, Stichter Lodge, F. & A. M., Pottstown, Pa.; Union 
League. Philadelphia, Pa. ; Phoenixville Country Club ; The 
Phoenixville Club; The Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce. 

b. Parry ville, Carbon County, Pa., February 11, 1872. s. Rev. 
J. P. Miller and Emma Catherine March, m. Philadelphia, Pa., 
June 4, 1904, Mae Williams, c. Amelia Catherine, 1905 ; Priscilla 
Grace, 1910. Address, Phoenixville, Pa., and 50 North Second 
Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 


fMorris, Alfred Paul. 

Entered 1891 ; left during Senior year, 1895. 

Inspector. Member of firm, Bauerle & Morris, Coppersmiths. 

b. Philadelphia. Pa., September 2, 1875. d. Villa Nova, Pa., 
December 31, 1913. s. William Henry Morris (Class 1863) and 
Sallie Wheeler Paul. m. Bryn Mawr, Pa., May 31, 1899, Mildred 

fO'Neill, John Lamond. 

Entered from Haverford, Pa., 1891, and left Freshman year, 
b. , May 24, 1872. d. . s. Thomas J. O'Neill and 

Supplee, William Wagner. 

Entered 1891 ; left close of Sophomore year, 1893. 

Winner, Haines Fielding Belt, 1893. Miller. Member, F. & 
A. M.; I. O. O. F. 

b. Gulf Mills, Pa., October 12, 1874. s. Henderson Supplee 
and Elizabeth Ellen Wagner, m. January 6, 1895, Isabelle D. 
Lennen. c. Elizabeth E., 1895; Kathryn F., 1897; William W., 
Jr., 1898; Elsie L., 1900; Henderson, 1906; Albert, 1908. Ad- 
dress, Hampton, N. J. 

Tatnall, Samuel Alsop. 

Entered 1891 as a special student, for 1 year only. 

Draughtsman. Queen & Co., Scientific Instruments; Falkenau 
Engineering Company ; S. L. Allen & Co., Farm Implements, until 
1902; with Provident Life and Trust Company, Philadelphia, Pa., 
as Clerk, since 1902. Member, Germantown Cricket Club; Photo- 
graphic Society of Philadelphia ; Delaware Valley Ornithological 

b. Wilmington, Del., May 23, 1873. s. Edward Tatnall, Jr., and 
Rachel Alsop. m. Philadelphia, Pa., June 15, 1895, Helen Acton, 
c. Alice, 1897. Address, 503 Hansberry Street, Germantown, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Wood, Grahame. 

Entered 1891 and left at close of Sophomore year. 

Manufacturer and Merchant of Cotton Goods. Director, Bank 
of North America ; Manager, Lankenau Hospital. Meml>er, Phila- 
delphia Club; Rittenhouse Club; Racquet Club; Philadelphia 
Country Club; Merion Cricket Club; St. Anthony Club; all of 
Philadelphia. St. Anthony Club, Boston ; St. Anthony Club, New 
York ; Union Club, Boston. 

1). Philadelphia, Pa., December 6, 1873. s. George Wood and 


Mary Hunn. m. Philadelphia, Pa., January 3, 1906, Florence 
Wetherill. c. Margaret, 1913; Grahame, Jr., 1915; Sara Chattin, 
1917; David, 1919. Address, Wawa, Pa. 


Adams, Douglas Howe, A.B. (A.B., Harvard, 1897.) 

Entered from Philadelphia, Pa., 1892. 

Honors in Greek and Latin and General Honors, 1896. Treas- 
urer, Cricket Association; Vice-President, Cricket Association; 
Member, Cricket Eleven, all four years; Member, Basketball 
Team ; Member, Cricket Eleven, English Tour ; Business Manager, 
Havcrfordian; Secretary, Y. M. C. A. Member, Phi Beta Kappa. 
Graduate Student at Harvard, 1896-97. (Honors in Greek.) 
Teacher at Cloyne House School, Newport, R. I., 1897-98. 
Teacher in Haverford School, 1898-1909; Vice-Principal and 
Physical Director and Coach of Football Team, Baseball and 
Cricket. 1910, returned to Cloyne House School, Newport, R. I., 
as Headmaster. Founder and Headmaster of "Winchester School 
for Boys," Atlantic City, N. J., 1911 to date. 1916, Coach of 
Haverford College Baseball Team which beat Pennsylvania 2 to 
0. Member, Merion Cricket Club; Atlantic City Yacht Club; 
Chairman of Regatta Committee, 2 years ; New England Teachers' 
Association; Classical Club of New Jersey. 

b. Cape May, N. J., August 12, 1876. s. Samuel Douglas Adams 
and Sophie Hampton. Address, Winchester School, Longport, 
Atlantic City, N. J. 

Allen, George Raymond, A.B. (A.B., Guilford College, N. C. 
1895; LL.B., New York University, 1904.) 

Entered from Greensboro, N. C, Senior Class, 1895. 

Student at Guilford College, N. C, 1892-95. Teacher, 1897. 
1904, graduated from New York University Law School ; Ad- 
mitted to Bar in New York. Practiced Law in New York City, 
1904-15. Assistant General Solicitor, Pennsylvania Railroad 
Company, Broad Street Station, Philadelphia, Pa., 1916 to date. 

b. Bordentown, N. J., March 21, 1876. s. William W. Allen 
and Linda Rogers, m. Wareham, Mass., August 23, 1910, S. 
Jemima Beaton, c. Marion Rogers, 1911; Monawee, 1912; Don- 
ald Beaton, 1916; Mima, 1918. Address, 22 East Essex Avenue, 
Lansdowne, Pa. 

AIsop, William Kite, SB. 

Entered 1892. 

Football Eleven, all four years; Cricket Eleven, Junior and 
Senior years ; President of Class, Senior year ; Honors in Chem- 


istry. 1896-99, Assistant Chemist, United States Leather Com- 
pany, New York ; 1900-08, Chemist for same ; 1908 to date, Chief 
Chemist, Central Leather Company, Ridgway, Pa. Some time 
Member of the Council, Secretary-Treasurer, Vice-President and 
President of the American Leather Chemists' Association; and, 
since 1910, Editor of The Journal of The American Leather 
Chemists' Association. Member, Chemists' Club, New York; 
American Chemical Society; Society of Chemical Industry 
(British) ; Society of Leather Trades Chemists (British) ; Ameri- 
can Leather Chemists' Association. 

b. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., July 26, 1872. s. Samuel 
Alsop, Jr. (Professor of Physics and Astronomy, and Superin- 
tendent, 1876-78), and Esther Kite. m. Jersey City, N. J., Feb- 
ruary 3, 1904, Jane Ransom, c. Elizabeth Billings, 1904; William 
Kite, Jr., 1907. Address, 229 Euclid Avenue, Ridgway, Pa. 

Babbitt, James Addison, A.M., 1896. (A.B. Yale, 1893; M.D., 
Univ. of Pa., 1898.) 

Grad. Student in Biology. 

Medical Student, Univ. of Pa., 1894-98. Teacher and Phys- 
ician. Numerous intercollegiate committee positions ; Fellow of 
College of Physicians, Phila. ; Fellow, Amer. Laryngological, Rhin- 
ological and Otological Society ; Fellow, College of Surgeons ; 
numerous hospital affiliations and positions (Lankenau, Chil- 
dren's, Univ. of Pa., Misericordia, School for Deaf, Overbrook, 
etc. Instructor in Otology, Univ. of Pa. Grad. School of Medi- 
cine. Member, College of Physicians ; Phila. County Medical ; 
Masonic organizations ; Medical and college fraternities ; Merion 
Cricket Club ; University Club ; Union League ; Phila. Country 

b. Waitsfield, Vt., Oct. 22, 1869. s. Rev. James Howard Bab- 
bitt and Mary French Abbott, m. (1) Swanton, Yt., Sept. 11, 
1895, Mary Abigail Adams, (d.) (2) Marcella G. Courdrey. 
c. Mary Evelyn, 1896; Helen Adams, 1899; Elizabeth, 1906, (d) ; 
Mary Adams, 1911. Address, Haverford College, Haverford, Pa. 

Bettle, William Henry, SB. 

Entered 1892. 

Manager, Cricket Team, 1896. Assistant Naval Architect, In- 
ternational Navigation Company ; Assistant Superintendent of 
Meters, Philadelphia Gas Works ; Township Commissioner, Had- 
don Township, N. J. ; Superintendent Distribution. Kansas City 
Gas Company ; Gas Engineer, Peoples' Gas, Light and Coke Com- 
pany, at present. Member, American Gas Association ; Western 
Society of Engineers; Illinois Gas Association; Beta Rho Sigma, 
Haverford College. 


b. Oaklyn, N. J., December 27, 1876. s. William Bettle and 
Mary Offley Sharpless. Address, 38 West Sixty-fourth Street, 
Chicago, 111. 

Brccht, Samuel Kriebel, S.B. (M.A., Univ. of Pa., 1911.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1893. 

President, College Chess Club, 1895-96. Student, West Chester 
State Normal School, 1888-91. Degree of B. E., 1891, and M. E., 
1893, from West Chester State Normal School. Newspaper Re- 
porter, Junior and Senior years. Teacher of Mathematics and 
Bookkeeping, Perkiomen Seminary, Pennsburg, Pa., 1896-97; 
Solicitor of Insurance, 1897-98; Assistant Principal, Pottstown 
High School, Pa., March, 1898, to June, 1899; Principal, Rush- 
ford Union School, Rushford, N. Y., 1899-1901 ; Bookkeeper for 
Flour Commission Merchant, 1901-02. Teacher, Mathematics and 
Science, Norristown High School, Norristown, Pa., 1902-05 ; Pro- 
fessor, Mathematics, Boys' Central High School, Philadelphia, 
Pa., 1905 to date. Member of Board of Commissioners, Upper 
Darby Township, Delaware County, Pa., 1913-18. Editor of 
The Sclvwenkfeldian, 1904 to date. Editor, Revised Edition of 
Genealogy of The Schwenkf elders. Secretary to General Con- 
ference of the Schwenkfelder Church, 1911-15, 1919 to date. 
Member, Mathematical Association of Middle States and Mary- 
land ; Pennsylvania State Educational Association ; Philadelphia 
Teachers' Association ; National Education Association ; Pennsyl- 
vania German Association ; Montgomery County, Pa., Historical 
Society ; Member, Pennsylvania Historical Society ; Genealogical 
Society of Pennsylvania; ex-Member, Schoolmen's Club, Phila- 

b. Montgomery County, Pa., December 14, 1869. s. John Ernst 
Brecht and Sarah Kriebel. m. Rushford, N. Y., August 2, 1898, 
Alberta Williams, c. Harold Walton. 1899 (Class 1920) ; Arthur 
Malcolm, 1902. Address, 11 Eagle Road, Manoa, Pa. 

Brooke, Mark, A.B. 

Entered 1892. 

Second Lieutenant, Corps of Engineers, United States Army, 
June, 1902; Major, 1915 to date; Colonel, Engineers, United 
States Army, 1917-19; Commanding 33d Engineers, January. 1918, 
to July, 1919; Section Engineer, Base Section No. 5, Brest, France, 
July, 1918, to July, 1919. Decorated Officer Legion of Honor 
(France), April, 1919. Member, Army and Navy Club, Wash- 
ington, D. C. ; Chevy Chase Club ; Loyal Legion ; Sons of the 

b. Columbia, S. C, August 27, 1876. s. John Brooke and 


Esther Willing, m. Washington, D. C, December 12, 1906, Marie 
Fauntleroy Barnes, c. Harriet Marie, 1907. Address, care of 
Chief of Engineers, United States Army, Washington, D. C. 

Clauser, Milton, A.B. 

Entered from Haverford, Pa., 1892. 

Keystone State Normal School, Kutztown, Pa., 1887-89, De- 
gree B. E.; M. E., 1890. Teacher in North Side High School, 
District No. 17, Denver, Colo., 1896-98; Supervisor of Manual 
Training, District No. 17, Denver, Colo., 1898-1903; Supervisor 
of Manual Training, City and County of Denver, Colo., 1903-15; 
Supervisor of Manual Training at Salt Lake City, Utah, 1915-18. 
Developing Estes Park Real Estate, 1918-22. 

b. Shartlesville, Pa., December 30, 1867. s. Adam Clauser and 
Matilda Nunemacher. m. May 18, 1888, Anna H. Hettinger. 
Address, Estes Park, Colo. 

Coca, Arthur Fernandez, A.B., A.M., 1899. (M.D., Univ. of Pa., 

Entered from Wayne, Pa., 1892. 

Member, Cricket Eleven on English Tour. Physician; Patholo- 
gist and Assistant Professor of Immunology. Instructor and 
Demonstrator of Pathology, University of Pennsylvania, 1900-05 ; 
Student in Heidelberg University (Physiological Chemistry), 
1905-07; Assistant in Chemistry-, Cancer Institute, Heidelberg, 
1907-09; Bacteriologist, Bureau of Science, Manila, P. I., 1909-10; 
Instructor in Experimental Medicine, Cornell Medical College, 
1910-17; Instructor in Bacteriology and Immunology, at Cornell, 
1919-21. Assistant Professor of Immunology, Cornell Medical 
College, New York, 1922- . Pathologist to New York Hospital, 
1915-17; to Flushing Hospital, 1916 to date. Founded Journal of 
Immunology, 1916; Editor of same since that time. Published 
thirty to forty reports of original research in Experimental Medi- 
cine. Secretary-Treasurer, American Association of Immunolo- 
gists; American Association for Cancer Research; American So- 
ciety of Bacteriologists; American Society for the Advancement 
of Science ; New York Pathological Society ; New York Academy 
of Medicine ; Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., March 20, 1875. s. Joseph F. Coca and 
Augustine Ware, m Philadelphia, Pa., April 27, 1905, Marietta 
A. Clews, c. Paul F., 1910; Augustine, 1912. Address, 55 Dela- 
ware Avenue. Flushing, N. Y. 

fDeuell, George Henry, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1893. 

Secretary and Treasurer, Class, 1895-96. Editor, The Haver- 


fordian, 1895-96. Won Class of 1870 Prize in English Composi- 
tion; General Honors, Senior year, Highest Honors in Political 
Science and Economics. Member, Phi Beta Kappa. Student, 
Agricultural School, Cornell University, N. Y., 1897-98. Fanner, 
b. Bangall, N. Y., August 29, 1873. d. May 5, 1906. s. George 
S. Deuell and Maria L. Haight. 

Haines, Thomas Harvey, A.B, A.M., 1897. (A.M., Harvard, 1899; 
Ph.D. Harvard, 1901 ; M.D. Starling, O., 1912.) 

Entered from Westtown, Pa., Sophomore Class 1893. 

Secretary, Loganian Society, 1894-95 ; President of Council and 
Vice-President of same, 1895-96; Secretary of College, 1895-96. 
Associate Editor, The Havcrfordian. Honors in Chemistry. Phi 
Beta Kappa. Teacher of Chemistry, Westtown School, 1897; 
(Student of Psychology, University of Pennsylvania) Student and 
Assistant (Psychology), Harvard University, 1898-1901; Assist- 
ant Professor of Philosophy and Professor of Psychology, Ohio 
State University, 1901-16; Student of Medicine, Starling, Ohio, 
Medical College, 1908-12; 1911, Summer Interne at Post-Graduate 
Hospital, New York City; 1912-13, on leave of absence from Ohio 
State University, University of Munich ; Biirgholzle, Zurich ; and 
at National Hospital for Paralyzed and Epileptic, London. First 
Assistant Physician, Psychopathic Hospital, Boston, Mass., 1913- 
14; Clinical Director, Bureau of Juvenile Research, Ohio Board 
of Administration, 1914-17; Director of Mental Deficiency Survey 
in Kentucky, 1917; Member of Committee on Psychological Ex- 
amination of Recruits which devised "Army Tests." Psychological 
Examiner at Camp Dix and Camp Stuart, 1917-18; Field Con- 
sultant for National Committee for Mental Hygiene in Tennessee, 
Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana, 1918; Professor of Medicine, 
Nervous and Mental Diseases, Ohio State University, 1916 to date. 
Author of various articles on Psychological Research. Member, 
Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Si Society ; American Psychological Asso- 
ciation; American Association for the Advancement of Science 
(Fellow) ; American Medico- Psychological Association; American 
Medical Association (Fellow) ; Columbus Academy of Medicine; 
Ohio State Medical Association; National Conference of Social 
Work ; The Columbus Club ; The Kit Kat Club, Columbus, Ohio. 

b. Moorestown, N. J., November 4, 1871. s. Zebedee Haines 
(Class 1867) and Anna Philips Harvey, m. August 15, 1912, 
Helen Manley Hague. Address, 1194 Oak Street, Columbus, 

Hartley, Albert Dempsey, SB. 

Entered from Camden, N. J., Sophomore Class 1893. 

Student at Harvard University, 1896-97; University of Penn- 


sylvania, 1897-98. Teacher. Instructor, Juniata College, Hunt- 
ingdon, Pa., 1898. Teacher of Mathematics in Chester High 
School, Pa., to date. 

b. East Bethlehem, Pa., January 26, 1868. s. Isaiah L. Hartley 
and Mary Elliot Rankin, m. Parker Ford, Pa., June 28, 1898, 
Ella S. Eisenberg. Address, Pottstown, Pa. 

Hinchman, Charles Russell, S.B. 

Entered Junior Class 1895. 

Junior Oration; First Cricket Eleven, Junior and Senior years; 
Football, Senior year ; Member, English Cricket Tour, 1896. Stu- 
dent, University of Pennsylvania, 1891-94. Office work, 1896-98; 
officer of sundry corporations, 1898-1908; farmer, 1908-11 ; officer 
of corporations, 1912-20. Treasurer. Member, University Club, 
Philadelphia ; Merion Cricket Club. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., February 21, 1875. s. Charles S. Hinch- 
man and Lydia S. Mitchell, m. (1) April 24, 1901, Elizabeth 
S. B. Hopkins, c. Martha T. H., 1902. m. (2) March 10, 1915, 
Anna L. B. Babson. c. Anne B., 1916. Address, 1912 Spruce 
Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Hunsicker, John Quincy, Jr., S.B. (LL.B., Univ. of Pa, 1900.) 

Entered 1892. 

Vice-President, Class, Freshman year. Left at end of Fresh- 
man year and returned in 1894. In employ of Equitable Trust 
Company, Philadelphia, Pa, 1897. Entered Law Department, 
University of Pennsylvania, 1897. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa, September 22, 1875. s. John Quincy Hun- 
sicker and Mary Elton Stiles, m. West Chester, Pa, June 19, 
1901, Helen Gheen. Address, 1420 Chestnut Street, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

Lester, John Ashby, A.B. (Ph.D., Harvard, 1900.) 

Entered from Westport, Mo, 1892. 

Class of 1870 Prize in Composition, 1895, and First Prize for 
Systematic Reading, 1895. General Honors in Senior year. 
President, Class, 1892; President, Athletic Association, 1896; 
President, Cricket Association, 1896. Cope Prize Bat, 1892-96; 
Shakespeare Bat, 1892, etc. Captain, Cricket Eleven, English 
Tour, 1896. Graduate Student in English, 1896-97; "Haverford 
Fellow." First Holder of Haverford Graduate Fellowship, 1897- 
98, Harvard University. Member, Football Team. Teacher. 
Edited Thackeray's "Henry Esmond," "School Spelling," etc. 
Teacher of English, The Hill School, Pottstown, Pa. 

b. Penrith, Cumberland, England, August 1. 1871. s. Edward 
Lester and Mary Hannah Ashby. m. Haverford, Pa, Margaret 


Ashmead Garrigues. c. Elizabeth, 1913; John Ashby, 1915. Ad- 
dress, The Hill School, Pottstown, Pa. 

Maier, Paul David Irvin, A.B. (A.B., Central High School, 
Phila., Pa., 1892. LL.B., Univ. of Pa., 1900.) 

Entered 1892. 

Secretary of Class. Business Manager of Havcrfordian, 1895- 
96. In business, 1896-97; Student, Law School, University of 
Pennsylvania, 1897-1900. Attorney-at-Law. Associated with 
Thomas Cahall, firm of Cahall & Maier, Philadelphia, Pa. Min- 
ister in Society of Friends. Active in various religious and 
charitable organizations. Member, Triangle Society, Haverford; 
City Club, Philadelphia, Pa. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., January 15, 1874. s. William Maier and 
Rosine E. Koegel. m. Philadelphia, Pa., April 28, 1906, Anna 
Morris Shinn. c. James Shinn, 1907 ; William Morris, 1909. Ad- 
dress, 313 South Forty-first Street, Philadelphia, Pa., and 1218 
Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Middleton, Samuel, S.B. 

Entered 1892. 

Member, Beta Rho Sigma and Triangle Societies. Inspector 
in Engineer and Tests Department, B. & O. Railroad Company, 
Mt. Clare Shops, Baltimore, Md., for 5 years. Farmer. 

b. Wilmington, Del., March 3, 1875. s. Samuel Middleton and 
Emilie Pusey. m. Baltimore, Md., October, 1900, Mary Robert- 
son, c. Samuel Atherton, Alex. Hanson Robertson, Emilie B. 
Address, Gunston Farm, Centreville, Md. 

fNason, Charles Dickens, S.B. (A.B., Central High School, 
Phila., Pa.; Ph.D., Univ. of Pa., 1899.) 

Entered from Philadelphia, Pa., 1893, and completed course in 
3 years. 

Studied at Central High School, Philadelphia, Pa., 1889-93; 
Secretary of Class, Freshman year. Student at University of 
Pennsylvania, 1897-99. Member, Graduate Club, University of 
Pennsylvania, 1897-99; President, 1898-99; Secretary, Kensing- 
ton Centre, University Extension, 1897-99; Member, Biological 
Club, University of Pennsylvania, 1897-99; "Harrison Fellow" in 
Pedagogy, University of Pennsylvania, 1897-99; Professor of 
Pedagogy, Tri-State Normal College, Angola, Ind., until 1901. 
Author of various articles on education published in various edu- 
cational journals. 

b. Lagrange, Me., April 16, 1874. d. Angola. Ind., April 21, 
1901. s. Edwin Hersey Nason and Georgiana Johnson. 


Scattergood, Joseph Henry, A.B. (A.B., Harvard, 1897.) 

Entered 1892. 

Member of Football Team, 2 years. Treasurer, Tennis Asso- 
ciation, Sophomore year; President of same, Junior year; Mem- 
ber, First Cricket Eleven, 2 years ; winner of Haines Fielding 
Belt ; Business Manager of Havcrfordian, 1894-95 ; General 
Honors at Graduation; Honors in Mathematics; Secretary and 
Treasurer of Class; President of Y. M. C. A. Member of Cricket 
Team, First Tour to England, 1896; Phi Beta Kappa; Founders' 
Club. Student at Harvard University, 1896-97. American Pul- 
ley Company, Philadelphia, Pa., 1897-99; Director since 1916; 
Sharpless Dyewood Extract Company, Philadelphia, Pa., 1900-04; 
Secretary, American Dyewood Company, 1904-06; Director to 
date; Director, United Dyewood Corporation, 1912 to date; Presi- 
dent, Union Insurance Company and Insurance Company of State 
of Pennsylvania, 1908-11, when these companies were combined 
with Spring Garden Insurance Company ; Vice-President and Sec- 
retary, American Water Softener Company, Philadelphia, Pa., 
1907 to date; President, Kent Building Company, Brooklyn, N. Y., 
1907-20; Trustee of sundry estates, 1907 to date; Registration 
Commissioner for Philadelphia, 1906-12; Member of First Ameri- 
can Red Cross Commission to France in 1917, and Organizer of 
American Friends' Reconstruction Work in France, and First 
Chief of Friends' Bureau of American Red Cross in France, 1917; 
Treasurer of Christiansburg School, Va., 1900 to date; Treasurer 
of Pennsylvania Working House for Blind Men, Philadelphia, 
1914 to date; Treasurer of Haverford College Corporation, 1916 
to date ; Director of Bureau of Municipal Research, Philadelphia ; 
Executive Committee of Committee of Seventy, of Philadelphia; 
Director, Philadelphia Y. M. C. A. ; Manager, Pennsylvania Train- 
ing School, Elwyn, Pa. Author, various articles for "Appalachia" ; 
"Report for Congress on French Spoliation Claims" ; Co-Editor 
with William Allen White and Rev. John A. Ryan, "Russian- 
American Relations, 1917-20." Member and Governor, Merion 
Cricket Club ; Member of University Club, City Club, Down Town 
Club, Harvard Club, all of Philadelphia ; Cosmos Club, Washing- 
ton, D. C. ; Pennsylvania Historical Society; Academy of Natural 
Sciences; American Alpine Club; Geographical Society of Penn- 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., January 26, 1877. s. Thomas Scattergood 
and Sarah Garrett, m. Villa Nova, Pa., 1906. Anne Theodora 
Morris, c. Mary Morris, Thomas, Alfred G., 2d, Ellen Morris, 
Evelyn. Address, Villa Nova, Pa., and 355 Bourse Building, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 


fWay, Marshall Warren, S.B. (LL.B., Univ. of Pa., 1899.) 
Entered Freshman Class middle of die year 1893. 
Secretary, College Association ; Treasurer, Athletic Association. 

Student at University of Pennsylvania Law School, 1896-99. 


b. West Chester, Pa., August 6, 1874. d. West Chester, Pa., 

July 27, 1909. s. Marshall S. Way and Anna E. Smedley. 

fWebster, Homer Jeptha, S.B., A.M., 1897. (Ph.M., 1902, Univ. 
of Chicago; Ph.D., Univ. of Wisconsin, 1914 ( ?) .) 

Entered 1892. 

Alumni Prize Orator, 1895. Graduate Student in MaUiematics 
and History, 1896-97; Assistant Librarian, 1896-97. Teacher. 
Instructor, Bethel College, Newton, Kan., 1897-1900; Principal 
of Naugonee, Mich., High School, 1901 ; Head of History De- 
partment, Mt. Union College, Alliance, Ohio, 1911; Dean of same, 
1912. Head of History Department, University of Pittsburgh, 
Pa., 1914-20. Published various articles on political history. Mem- 
ber, American Historical Association; Mississippi Valley Historical 
Association ; American Association University Professors ; 
Authors' Club of Pittsburgh. 

b. Quaker City, Ohio, February 1, 1871. d. Pittsburgh, Pa., 
October 7, 1920. s. Jeptha Sharp Webster and Hannah Ann Hall, 
m. 1913, Edith Francisco, of Richmond, Ind. c. One son. 

Wood, Levi Hollingsworth,A.B. (LL.B., Columbia Univ., 1899.) 

Entered 1892. 

Honors in Modern Languages, 1896. President of College As- 
sociation, 1896 ; President of Class, 1895 ; Member, Cricket Eleven, 
English Tour, 1896; Member, Football Team, 4 years; Captain 
of same, Senior year. Lawyer. Studied at Columbia University 
Law School, 1896-99. Admitted to New York State Bar, March, 
1899; partnership for Law Practice, with Gustavus T. Kirby, 
1904; at present in association with Edwards, O'Laughlin & 
George, New York City. President, National League on Urban 
Conditions Among Negroes; Manager of Haverford College; 
Member, American Friends' Service Committee ; Trustee and Vice- 
Chairman, Trustees, Fisk University ; Trustee, Penn Normal and 
Industrial School ; Thessalonica Agricultural and Industrial 
School. Member, Association of the Bar of the City of New 
York ; Columbia University Club ; City Club of New York ; As- 
sistant Clerk of New York Yearly Meeting of Society of Friends ; 
Member, Executive Committee, Peace Association of Friends ; 
Treasurer, Fellowship Press, Inc. 

b. Mt. Kisco, N. Y., August 14, 1873. s. James Wood (Class 



1858; Manager, 1885 to date) and Emily Hollingsworth Morris, 
m. Jericho, Long Island, N. Y., October 28, 1915, Helen Under- 
bill. Address, Mt. Kisco, N. Y. 


Brinton, Howard Futhey. (A.B., Yale Univ. 1898.) 

Entered 1892 and left Sophomore year, 1894. 

President of Class, Sophomore year ; Editor, The Haverfordian. 
Instructor in History, Episcopal Academy, Summit, N. J. ; 
Cheshire Academy, Conn. At present, First Room Master and 
Instructor in History at Nazareth Hall Military Academy. Author, 
"Patriotic Songs of the American People," a history ; "The Paci- 
fist," a book of poems. Four-Minute Man during the war. Mem- 
ber, Yale Union; Society of Colonial Wars; Colonial Society; 
Sons of Revolution ; Member, The Board of Governors of the 
Society of the War of 1812; Loyal Legion; Pennsylvania His- 
torical Society ; Virginia Historical Society ; Chester County His- 
torical Society ; University Club of Bethlehem. 

b. West Chester, Pa., September 28, 1872. s. William Bowen 
Brinton, M. D., and Ida Parkinson Futhey. m. Philadelphia, Pa., 
July 31, 1915, Una Ballou. Address, Nazareth, Pa. 

fField, Thomas Yardley, Jr. 

Entered 1892 from Wayne, Pa., and left at close of Sophomore 

Clerk. Member, First Regiment, National Guard, Pennsylvania, 
for 7 years ; Member, Second City Troop, First Pennsylvania 
Cavalry, 2 years ; 8 years, Member, Veteran Corps, First Regi- 
ment, National Guard ; 3 years, Member, Naval Reserves ; 10 
years, Member, Sons of Veterans; Member, Aztec Club; Mili- 
tary Order of Foreign Wars ; Member of Socialist Party and an 
active worker in same for 20 years ; Member, Ethical Society, 10 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 2, 1873. d. August 7, 1919. 
s. Thomas Yardley Field and Margaret Elliot, m. Arden, Del., 
September 6, 1917, Louise H. Kumme. 

fHuey, Robert, Jr. 

Entered 1892 and left 1894. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., June 10, 1875. d. 189-. s. Robert Huey 
and . 

Okie, Richardson Brognard.(S.B., Univ. of Pa., Architect. Dept, 
Entered from Berwyn, Pa., 1892, and left at close of Sopho- 
more year. 



b. Camden, N. J., June 26, 1875. s. Richardson B. Okie, M. D., 
and Clara Mickle. m. Devon, Pa., October 15, 1903, Christine L. 
Thomas. Address, Devon, Pa. 
Oliver, Cyrus Hicks. (Ph.B., Rochester, 1906.) 

Entered 1892 and left Freshman year. 

b. Beech Pond (now Beech Lake), Pa., August 26, 1868. s. 
James A. Oliver and . No address. 

fRoberts, Thomas Batten. 

Entered 1892 and left on account of illness. 
b. Whitford, Pa., May 16, 1875. d. Whitford, Pa., November 
25, 1892. s. Samuel J. Roberts and Phebe Taylor. 

Sharpless, William Clemson. 

Entered Junior Class, Partial Course, 1894, and left at close 
of Senior year. 

Received Certificate of Proficiency in Chemistry. Assistant 
Chemist of Lukens Iron and Steel Company; and with Worth 
Brothers ; served a 4 years' apprenticeship as machinist with 
Chambers' Bros. Company, and traveled as journeyman machinist 
for about 4 years ; Draughtsman, New York City ; Chief Draughts- 
man of Rome Wire Company, Rome, N. Y. ; Victor Talking Ma- 
chine Company ; Baldwin Locomotive Company ; Atlas Ball Com- 
pany, in charge of designing machinery ; Globe Machinery Com- 
pany ; Globe Automatic Sprinkler Company ; Fire Protection, Me- 
chanical Engineer, Consultant. Member, Philadelphia Engineers' 

b. West Chester, Pa., November 3, 1874. s. John Clemson 
Sharpless and Lydia Coale Johnson, m. Rome, N. Y., November 
27, 1907, Clarissa R. Brewer. Address, Woodside Avenue, 
Primos, Delaware County, Pa. 


Brown, Richard Cadbury, A.B., A.M., 1900. 

Entered Sophomore year. Assistant Editor, Havcrfordian, 
1895-96; Editor-in-Chief, 1896-97. Teacher at Westtown School, 
Pa. ; at Wilmington College, Ohio ; again at Westtown School ; at 
Bootham School, York, England ; at Friends' Select School, Wash- 
ington, D. C. ; with J. B. Lippincott Company, Publishers, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. ; Teacher at Westtown School ; with Strawbridge & 
Clothier, Philadelphia; with Philadelphia Quartz Company, Phila- 
delphia, Pa., at present. 

b. Westtown, Pa., July 20, 1877. s. Thomas K. Brown and 


Caroline Cadbury. m. Brookline, Mass., December 3, 1904, Annie 
Browning, c. Emma Perry, 1906; Clarissa Browning, 1909. Ad- 
dress, Eastbourne Terrace, Moorestown, N. J. 

Burns, William John, S.B. 

Entered from Bryn Mawr, Pa., 1893. 

Associated with Williams, Brown & Earle, Philadelphia. Op- 
tician. Optical and Scientific Instruments. 

b. Chester, Pa., July 27, 1877. s. James Burns and Martha 
Trainer, m. Philadelphia, Pa., November 9, 1905, Ada R. Holm. 
c. Donald Holm, 1907; William Douglas, 1909; Arthur Greaves, 
1916. Address, Highland Park, Delaware County, Pa., and 918 
Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Darlington, Morton Pennock, A.B. 

Entered 1893. 

Treasurer of Class, 1896-97 ; General Honors ; Honors in Mod- 
ern Languages. Phi Beta Kappa. Employed in The National 
Bank of Kennett Square since 1899. Assistant Cashier and Sec- 
retary of Board of Directors of same to date. 

b. Rosedale, Pa., August 15, 1875. s. Edward B. Darlington 
and Elizabeth Townsend. m. Kennett Square, Pa., Sara G. Bar- 
nard, c. Edward B., 1907; A. Barnard, 1908; Elizabeth B., 1909; 
Ruth B., 1921. Address, Rosedale, Pa. 

Dean, Morris Burgess, A.B. 

Entered Freshman Class 1894 and completed the course in 3 

President, Football Association; Treasurer, Athletic Associa- 
tion ; Vice-President, Y. M. C. A. Advertising Department of 
Proctor & Gamble Company, Cincinnati, Ohio; Partner in firm, 
Samuel C. Tatum Company, General Hardware, Cincinnati, Ohio; 
Manufacturer of Gasoline Engines and Gasoline Engine Driven 
Air Compressors, Pumps, Hoists and Mixers. Firm name, Chris. 
D. Schramm & Son, Inc. 

b. Cincinnati, Ohio, January 17, 1876. s. George H. Dean and 
Elizabeth L. Taylor, m. Detroit, Mich., September 22, 1902, 
Helen Marion Cram. c. Helen Elizabeth, 1904. Address, West 
Chester, Pa., R. F. D. No. 1. 

Detwiler, Frank Hughes, S.B. 

Entered 1893. 

Civil Engineer. In employ of Pennsylvania Railroad since 
leaving College. Draughtsman in Maintenance of Way Depart- 
ment, Pennsylvania Railroad. 


b. Norristown, Pa., August 8, 1876. s. C. H. Detwiler and 
Elizabeth Allabough. Address, 19 Lincoln Court, Rockville 
Centre, New York. 

Field, Elliot, A.B., A.M., 1903; D.D., 1916. 

Entered from Wayne, Pa., 1893. 

Alumni Prize Orator, 1897. President, Y. M. C. A.; Editorial 
Staff, Haverjordvan; College Football Team, 3 years; Member, 
Loganian Society; Cap and Bells. Editor, Haverford College 
Song Book. Student at University of Pennsylvania, 1909-13; at 
Union Theological Seminary, New York City, 1897-1900. Clergy- 
man. Pastor, Trout Run, Pa., Presbyterian Church, 1901-02; 
Felton, Del., Presbyterian Church, 1903-05 ; Field Secretary, New 
York State Christian Endeavor Union, 1905 ; Assistant Pastor, 
Munn Avenue Presbyterian Church, East Orange, N. J., 1905-06; 
Oakfield, N. Y., Presbyterian Church, 1906-08; Wissahickon, 
Philadelphia, Pa., Presbyterian Church, 1908-14; Publicity Secre- 
tary, President, Board of Education, Philadelphia, Pa., 1913-14; 
Pastor, First Presbyterian Church of West Hoboken, N. J., 1914- 
16; Pastor, Bolton Presbyterian Church, Cleveland, Ohio, 1916- ; 
Publicity and New Era Secretary, Headquarters, Cleveland, Ohio, 
1919-20. Field Representative, Presbyterian General Board of 
Education, New York, N. Y. Author: "The Basic Value of the 
Study of Comparative Religion"; "Non-Christian Religions in 
America"; "The Mediatorial Ministry"; "Her Honor, The Court"; 
"The Uses of the Imagination"; "The Intermediate Catechism"; 
"The Bachelor of Hearts" (story) ; "Every Church, An Easter 
Morality"; "The Wish that Prays"; "The Land of Silence" 
(poem) ; "Golden Cleveland" (prize poem) ; "A Philistine in Ar- 
cady" (story) ; "The Cat and the Mouse" (play) ; "Publicizing 
Presbyterianism" ; "Pan in America" (book). Member, The City 
Club, Cleveland, Ohio ; The Jolly Friars, Cleveland, Ohio ; The 
Sons of Veterans, Cleveland, Ohio; Independent Order of Odd 
Fellows, Lodge No. 603, Oakfield, N. Y. ; Free and Accepted Ma- 
sons, Euclid Lodge No. 599, Cleveland, Ohio; Melita Royal Arch 
Chapter No. 284, Philadelphia, Pa. ; The Aztec Club, Washington, 
D. C. ; Military Order of Foreign Wars. Washington, D. C. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 27, 1875. s. Thomas Yardley 
Field and Margaret Elliot, m. Oakfield, N. Y., October 21, 1908, 
Sara Marie Root. Address, 8919 Carnegie Avenue, Cleveland, 

Gilpin, Vincent, A.B. (A.B., Harvard, 1898.) 

Entered 1894 from West Chester Pa., and completed the course 
in 3 vears. 


Secretary of Athletic Association, 1895-97; Leader of Banjo 
Club, 1896-97. Member, Phi Beta Kappa, 1899. Founders' Club, 
Haverford. Travel. Red Cross Branch, Chairman and Manager, 
1917-18. Purchasing Agent, Schramm, Inc., West Chester, 1922. 
Member, University Club, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Appalachian Moun- 
tain Club; Biscayne Bay Yacht Club; West Chester Club; West 
Chester Golf and Country Club, West Chester, Pa. ; Keystone 
Auto Club; Keene Valley Country Club; National Geographic So- 
ciety; American Geographic Society; Y. M. C. A., etc., etc. 

b. Delaware County, Pa., July 31, 1874. s. John Robinson Gil- 
pin and Emma Elizabeth Bowers. Address, 526 North Church 
Street, West Chester, Pa. 

Hoffman, Benjamin Rose, A.B. 

Entered Freshman Class 1894. 

Business. Real Estate. Fellow of Royal Geographical Society ; 
Member, Pennsylvania Sons of the Revolution; Vice-President, 
St. Andrews (Scottish) Society of Philadelphia; Member, Uni- 
versity Club, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Royal Societies Club, London ; 
St. James Club, London. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., May 3, 1878. s. Sellers Hoffman and 
Jessie Watson. Address, Sixtieth Street and Cobbs Creek Park- 
way, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Howson, Charles Henry, A.B. (LL.B., Univ. of Pa., 1900.) 

Entered from Wayne, Pa., 1893. 

President, Class, Junior year ; President, College Association ; 
Captain, Cricket Eleven, 1896-97; 4 years on Cricket Eleven; 
Member, Cricket Eleven English Tour, 1896. Vice-President, 
Loganian. "Spoon Man." Founders' Club. Triangle Society. 
Lawyer. Member, American Bar Association; Pennsylvania Bar 
Association ; American Patent Law Association ; Lawyers' Club, 
Philadelphia; Art Club, Philadelphia; St. David's Golf Club. Spe- 
cialist on Patent Law. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., November 27, 1876. s. Charles Howson 
and Medora Ware. m. St. David's, Pa., April 11, 1905, May 
Day Yeatts. Address, 134 Walnut Avenue, Wayne, Pa. 

Hume, John Elias, A.B. (M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1900.) 
Entered 1893. 

Vice-President, Class, 1894; President, Class, 1894-95. Mem- 
ber, Triangle Society. Physician. Medical Officer in United 
States Army, July 15, 1917, to May 1, 1919. Member, The Ameri- 
can Medical Association ; County Medical Society ; Pathological 
Society; Pediatric Society; The Medical Club; Physicians' Motor 


b. Philadelphia, Pa., November 16, 1875. s. Robert Hume and 
Eleanore Cascaden. Address, 900 South Forty-ninth Street, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Jacobs, Francis Brinton, S.B. (M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1900.) 

Entered 1893. 

Beta Rho Sigma. Physician. Resident Physician at Pennsyl- 
vania Hospital, 1901-03 ; Practiced Medicine in Philadelphia, Whit- 
ford, and at West Chester, to date. Member, College of Physi- 
cians, Philadelphia; West Chester Golf Club; West Chester Hunt; 
Whitelands Hunt ; Chester County Medical Society ; Phi Delta 
Theta; Phi Alpha Sigma (Medical). 

b. West Chester, Pa., September 22, 1874. s. Francis Jacobs 
and Jane B. Johnson, m. Whitford, Pa., Phebe Ann Price, c. 
Francis, 3d, 1915; Phebe Ann, 1922. Address, 102 South High 
Street, West Chester, Pa. 

Maxfield, Francis Norton, A.B. (Ph.D., Univ. of Pa., 1912.) 

Entered from Amesbury, Mass., 1893. 

President, Class, 1896; Manager, Football Association, 1896- 
97; Member, Founders' Club. Teacher of Science and Mathe- 
matics, Oak Grove Seminary, Vassalboro, Me., 1898-1900; at 
Oakwood Seminary, Union Springs, N. Y., 1900-03; 1901-03, 
Headmaster of same ; Teacher of Science and Mathematics, and 
Vice-Principal, Germantown Friends' School, Pa., 1903-12; As- 
sistant Professor of Psychology and Assistant Director of Psy- 
chological Clinic, University of Pennsylvania, 1912-18; 1918-20, 
Psychologist, Public School Clinic, Department of Medical Inspec- 
tion, Board of Education, Newark, N. J. 1920 to date, Director, 
Bureau of Special Education, State Department of Public Instruc- 
tion, Harrisburg, Pa. Member, American Psychological Associa- 
tion ; American Association for the Advancement of Science ; 
Sigma Xi, University of Pennsylvania Chapter. 

b. Sandwich, Mass., August 29, 1877. s. Daniel C. Maxfield 
and Alice R. Wing. m. Richmond, Ind., August 3, 1904, Alice A. 
Jenkins, c. Mildred Elizabeth, 1910; William Francis, 1913. Ad- 
dress, 2830 North Second Street, Harrisburg, Pa. 

McCrea, Roswell Cheney, A.B. (A.M., Cornell, 1900; Ph.D., 
Univ. of Pa., 1901.) 
Entered 1893. 

Treasurer of Class; Vice-President, Class. Senior year; Honors 
in Political Economy. Teacher and Educational Executive. East- 
ern Illinois State Normal School, 1901-02; Instructor in Eco- 
nomics, Trinity College, Hartford, Conn., 1902-03 ; Professor of 
Economics, Bowdoin College, 1903-07; Professor of Economics 


and Associate Director, New York School of Philanthropy, 1907- 
1 1 ; Professor of Economics and Dean of Wharton School, Uni- 
versity of Pennsylvania, 1911-16; Professor, Economics, Colum- 
bia University, 1916 to date. 1919 to date, Director of Com- 
mercial Educational Work, Chamber of Commerce, of State of 
New York; 1918, Civilian Commissioner on Conscientious Ob- 
jectors, War Department. Author, various books and articles, 
mainly on social, economic and educational topics. Member, Phi 
Beta Kappa; Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Gamma Delta; The Cen- 
tury Association of New York ; The American Economic Asso- 
ciation; American Academy of Political and Social Science (Mem- 
ber of Board of Editors of Annals) ; Academy of Political Science 

b. Norristown, Pa., July 30, 1876. s. W. H. H. McCrea and 
Fredericka Frankfurter, m. Norristown, Pa., June 19, 1901, 
Marian I. Grater, c. Edith G., 1902; Winston, 1906; Thompson, 
1909. Address, 101 Rockland Avenue, Yonkers, N. Y. 

Mendenhall, Otis Earl, A.B., A.M., 1898. (A.B., Guilford, N. C 

Entered from Lexington, N. C, Senior Class, 1896. 

Graduate Student in English, 1897-98; Assistant Librarian, 
1897-98 ; Professor of English at Bridgewater College, Bridge- 
water, Va., 1898-99. Manufacturer of furniture, 1899, Manager 
and Treasurer; wholesale lumber business for 1 year; Manager, 
Insurance Company, High Point, N. C, 1909; 1912 to date. Gen- 
eral Agency for Insurance. Commissioner of Public Buildings 
for City of High Point, 1913-14. Member, Commercial Club, 
High Point, N. C. ; Loyal Order of Moose; Clerk in Monthly 
Meeting of Friends, High Point, N. C. ; Treasurer, North Caro- 
lina Yearly Meeting of Friends. 

b. Jamestown, N. C, June 5, 1875. s. James N. Mendenhall 
and Martha Wheeler, m. Lexington, N. C, April 10, 1907, Lizette 
Brown. Address, 410-12 Bank Building, High Point, N. C. 

fPalmer, George Martin, S.B. 

Entered Junior Class 1895. 

Secretary of Class ; Secretary, Everett- Athenaeum Society ; 
Clerk. Sales Manager for Wales Adding Machine Company, 
Newark, N. J. Member. Kiwanis Club, Newark, N. J. 

b. Media, Pa., March 14, 1876. d. Arlington, N. J., January 
15, 1920. s. Lewis Palmer and Mary Comfort Wildman. m. 
Moorestown, N. J., April 16, 1902, Marian Rogers, c. Roger 
Lewis, 1903; Dorothea Miller, 1907; Marian R., Jr., 1913. 


Rodney, Warren Brown, A.B. 

Entered from Broomall, Pa., 1893. 

Clerk. Teacher of Latin, Eastburn Academy, 1898-99 ; Friends' 
Central School, Philadelphia, Pa., 1899- ; Student, University 
of Pennsylvania, 1899- ; Manager, Rochester, N. Y., Branch of 
Booklovers' Library, 1901- . 

b. Marksboro, N. J., December 28, 1876. s. Calbe Hun Rodney 
and Ann Sipple Waples. Address, 263 Albemarle Street, 
Rochester, N. Y. 

Tatnall, Charles Gibbons, S.B. 

Entered from Coatesville, Pa., Junior Class, 1895. 

Member of Triangle Society. First English Cricket Tour ; won 
Bat for Highest Batting Average; Member, First Cricket Eleven, 
2 years. Bethlehem Steel Company, 1897 ; Lukens Iron and Steel 
Company, Coatesville, Pa., Assistant to Open Hearth Superin- 
tendent; Crucible Steel Company of America, Clairton, Pa., Fore- 
man of Open Hearth Furnaces. Since 1904, Bell Telephone Com- 
pany of Pennsylvania. At present, Division Supervisor of Traffic, 
Harrisburg Division. Member, The University Club of Harris- 
burg; The Harrisburg Telephone Society. 

b. Wilmington, Del., May 20, 1876. s. Charles Moon Tatnall 
and Rebecca L. Gibbons, m. Philadelphia, Pa., January 31, 1900, 
Esther Dawson Stone, c. Esther Elizabeth, 1906. Address, 202 
Reily Street, Harrisurg, Pa. 

Taylor, William Jordan, S.B. (M.D., Univ. of Cincinnati, 1900.) 

Entered Freshman Class in 1894 and completed course in 3 

Treasurer of Class ; Leader of Mandolin Club. Resident Physi- 
cian, Cincinnati General Hospital, 1900-01 ; Radiographer, Presby- 
terian Hospital, and at Cincinnati General Hospital; Professor, 
Electro-Therapeutics, Laura Memorial College and at Miami 
Medical College; Chief Medical Examiner in Cincinnati, New 
York Life Insurance Company ; Provident Life and Trust Com- 
pany, and Continental Insurance Company ; Member, University 
Club, Cincinnati, Ohio ; Business Men's Club, Country Club, of 
Cincinnati, Ohio; Academy of Medicine; Cincinnati Research So- 
ciety ; Ohio State Medical Society ; American Medical Association. 

b. Cincinnati, Ohio, November 7, 1874. s. William Henry Tay- 
lor and Mary Haynes. m. Cascade Lake, N. Y., September 16, 
1903, Katharine Weston, c. Helen Louise, 1908. Address, 1812 
Madison Road, Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Thacher, Frank William, SB. 

Entered 1893. 

Florence Iron Works after graduation, 1 year. Florence Thread 
Company, 1894 to date. Beverly Underwear Company, Beverly, 
N. J., President and Treasurer, since 1916; Secretary, Treasurer 
and General Manager, Florence Thread Company, Florence, N. J. 
Director, Burlington City Loan and Trust Company, Burlington, 
N. J. Federal Food Administrator for Burlington County, N. J., 
during war; Chairman for Burlington County, N. J., Y. M. C. A. 
drives and United War Work Campaign. Member, F. & A. M. ; 
Machinery Club of New York; Trenton Country Club; Seaside 
Park, N. ]., Yacht Club; Beverly Yacht Club; Riverton Country 
Club, etc. 

b. Florence, N. J., June 24, 1877. s. William Franklin Thacher 
and Ella Hoover, m. Beverly, N. J., June 6, 1909, Catharine 
Wallace Levin, c. Catharine Wallace, 1911 ; Frances, 1912; Frank 
William, Jr., 1916; John Hoover, 1919. Address, Edgewater 
Park, Burlington County, N. J. 

Thomas, Edward, A.B. 

Entered from Haverford, Pa., 1893. 

Honors in Mathematics and Physics. Clerk, salesman, office 
manager, wholesale paints and chemicals, 1897-1905. Assistant 
Examiner, United States Patent Office, 1905-11. Member, Ap- 
pellate Federal Bars of New York and Washington, D. C. ; 
Solicitor of Patents and Expert, to date. Author: Process (Pat- 
ent) Digest; Chemical Patents; Industry, Emotion and Unrest; 
also articles and letters in various periodicals. Member, Local 
School Board, New York City, 1912-14; Chairman, New York 
City Friends' Service Committee; Chairman, Peace and Arbitra- 
tion Committee, New York Yearly Meeting of Friends. Member, 
Civic Club, New York; Chemists' Club, New York; New York 
Patent Law Association. 

b. Baltimore, Md., June 21, 1877. s. Allen Clapp Thomas 
(Class 1865; Professor, History, and Librarian, 1878-1920) and 
Rebecca H. Marble, m. Braintree, Mass., November 10, 1914, 
Margaret Loring Dike. Address, 841 West End Avenue and 61 
Broadway, New York City. 

White, Henry Alva, S.B. (S.B., Guilford College, N. C; 1894.) 

Entered Senior Class, 1896. 

Studied, Guilford College, N. C, 1891-94. Teacher; Superin- 
tendent, Oakwood Seminary, Union Springs, N. Y., 1897-1900. 
Secretary-Treasurer, High Point Buggy Company, High Point, 


N. C, 1901-22. Member, Commercial Club, Kiwanis Club and 
Board of Trade, High Point, N. C. President, Carriage Builders' 
National Association, 1920-21. Board of Trustees, Guilford Col- 
lege, N. C. ; Director, High Point Savings and Trust Company. 

b. Belvidere, N. C, July 29, 1874. s. Rufus White and Lydia 
Wilson, m. (1) High Point, N. C, July 6, 1899, Elizabeth M. 
Meader (d. 1907). c. Sidney Meader, 1901 (d. 1902); Murray 
M., 1903. m. (2) Lynn, Mass., September 7, 1910, Alice Paige. 
Address, 315 Lindsay Street, High Point, N. C. 


Barns, Jesse Battey. 

Entered 1893 and left at close of Freshman year. 

Student at Williams College, 2 years; at Boston University, 1 
year. Draughtsman, St. Paul, Minn. 

b. Milford, Mass., August 24, 1874. s. John Barns and Phebe 
Battey. Address, 298 Arundel Street, St. Paul, Minn. 

Beidelman, Prescott Burton. 

Entered 1893 and left at end of the Sophomore year. 

Clerk and Rodman, Quartermasters' Department, United States 
Army ; Clerk, Engineering Department, St. Louis and Southwest- 
ern Railway. 1896, Druggist. 1908, in charge of refrigerator 
service of Great Northern Railroad. 

b. Little Rock, Ark., December 5, 1875. s. John Wilmer Beidel- 
man and Mariana Yard Peterson. Address, Freight Traffic De- 
partment, Great Northern Railway, St. Paul, Minn. 

Chalfant, Thomas Marshall. 

Entered from Kennett Square, Pa., 1893, and left at the end 
of the Sophomore year. 

Electrician and Draughtsman. Secretary and Treasurer, Vapor 
Heating Company ; Secretary, Board Commissions, Radnor Town- 
ship; and Real Estate Assessor. 

b. Unionville, Pa., June 11, 1874. s. William Chalfant and 
Sarah Webb Marshall, m. Philadelphia, Pa., 1904, Gertrude Ertel. 
c. Rachel, 1909; John, 1911. Address, 124 Bloomingdale Avenue, 
Wayne, Delaware County, Pa. 

Collins, Alfred Morris. 

Entered 1893, pursued a special course, and received Certificate 
of Proficiency. 

President, Class, Senior year. Manager, Football Team, 1896; 
President, Musical Association, 1896-97; President, Football As- 


sociation, 1897; President, Cricket Association, 1897; Member, 
Cricket Eleven, English Tour, 1897. President, Alumni, Haver- 
ford College, 1917-18. Entered employ of A. M. Collins Manu- 
facturing Company upon leaving college; 1900, elected Vice-Presi- 
dent and General Manager of same, to date. Honorary Life 
Member, Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia; Honorary 
Life Member, Zoological Society, Philadelphia ; Honorary Life 
Member, American Museum of Natural History, New York ; 
Patron of the Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, 111. ; Fel- 
low of the Royal Geographical Society, London, England. Presi- 
dent, Main Line Citizens' Association, 1915-22. President, Phila- 
delphia Geographical Society, 1922. Appointed by Governor on 
States Committee of Public Safety, Department Motors and Motor 
Trucks ; Montgomery County Committee on Food Supply ; Coun- 
cil of Six for Consideration of Labor Disputes and Employment, 
under State Department of Labor, District of Philadelphia ; Coal 
Director for Lower Merion Township. Member, First City Troop 
Cavalry, 1905-12; Commissioned Major of Ordnance, January 18, 
1918. In charge of Expedition to British East Africa in interest 
of Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, 1911-12. Hunting 
trip through Alaska, Northeast Siberia and Arctic Ocean, 1914. 
Director of Collins-Day South American Expedition, 4000 miles 
across South America, in interest of American Museum of Nat- 
ural History, New York, and Field Museum of Natural History, 
Chicago, 111., 1916, etc. Member, University Club; Racquet Club; 
Philadelphia Country; Merion Cricket; Radnor Hunt; Bryn Mawr 
Polo; Wilderness Club; African Big Game Club, New York; 
Explorers' Club, New York ; Boone and Crockett Club, New York, 
b. Philadelphia, Pa., May 3, 1876. s. Henry Hill Collins and 
Edith Earl Conrad. Address, 226-240 Columbia Avenue, Phila- 
delphia, Pa., and Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

Edwards, Ernest Russell. 

Entered from Hastings, Neb., 1893, and left 1895. 

b. Rondout, N. Y., May 2, 1875. s. Lindley M. Edwards and 
Laura A. Sawyer. No address. 

Fisher, Wager. (C.E., Cornell, 1899.) 

Entered Sophomore Class and left at close of year. 

Student at Cornell University. Civil Engineer. Surveys, topo- 
graphical and property ; design and supervision of construction of 
waterworks, water powers, electric railways, dams, tunnels, bridges, 
roadways, sewers, streets, factories, residences, power plants, etc., 


etc. Consulting Engineer, 205 Otis Building, Sixteenth and 
Sansom Streets, Philadelphia, Pa. Member, Main Line Citizens' 
Association, Bryn Mawr ; Merion Cricket Club, Haverf ord ; Union 
League, Philadelphia ; Cornell Club, Philadelphia ; American So- 
ciety of Civil Engineers. 

b. Bryn Mawr, Pa., May 14, 1877. s. William Righter Fisher 
and Mary A. Wager. Address, Fishers' Road, Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

Higgins, Frank Burton. 

Entered 1893 and left 1894. 

b. Thorndike, Me., May 10, 1873. s. Marshall Thomas Higgins 
and Mary A. Cross. Address, Main Street, Townsend, Mass. 

Hutton, Walter Pandrich. 

Entered from Berwyn, Pa., Junior year, as Special Student, 
and left at close of Senior year. 

Draughtsman, The Baldwin Locomotive Works, Philadelphia, 
Pa. Township Auditor, Easttown Township, Chester County, Pa., 
since 1908. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 23, 1874. s. George Smedley 
Hutton and Ellen Smith Pandrich. m. Devon, Pa., October 10, 
1913, Elizabeth Paxson. c. Ruth, 1914; Walter Pandrich, Jr., 
1916; William Paxson, 1920. Address, Berwyn, Pa. 

Levett, Walker Moore. (A.B., Univ. of Pa., 1898; A.B., Central 
High School, 1894.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1894 and left at close of the year. 

Harrison Fellow in Semitics, University of Pennsylvania, 1899- 
1900, 1900-01. Founder of business in 1904, and President of 
Walker M. Levett Company. Manufacturers of special aluminum 
alloys. Manufacturer. Member, Alpha Chi Rho Fraternity; A. I. 
M. E. ; N. Y. A. C. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., March 11, 1877. s. David Henry Levett 
and Leah Moore Haworth. Address, 419 East Twenty-third 
Street, New York City. 

MacAfee, William Harrison. 

Entered from Ardmore, Pa., 1893, and left at end of Sopho- 
more year. 

Member, Triangle Society. Bond Business and Banking. Mem- 
ber. Masons ; Pittsburgh Country Club ; Duquesne Club. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., May 2, 1875. s. Robert MacAfee and 
Catharine Stevens, m. Birmingham, Ala., April 30, 1908, Helen 
Ehrman. c. Helen Alvis, 1909; Jane, 1915. Address, 1759 Beech- 
wood Boulevard, Pittsburgh, Pa. 


Rhoads, William Gibbons. 

Entered 1893 and left at close of the Sophomore year. 

Six months employed with Haines, Jones & Cadbury. Clerk, 
Provident Life and Trust Company, Philadelphia, Pa. Depart- 
ment Manager of same to date (Policy Loan Department). 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., July 10, 1876. s. William Gibbons Rhoads 
(Class 1858; Manager, 1871-80) and Sarah Wistar. m. Novem- 
ber 11, 1903, Nora Ward. c. Nora Ward, 1906. Address, 2225 
Locust Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Round, Julian Mills. (A.B., Wesleyan Univ., 1897.) 

Entered from Elmira, N. Y., Junior Class 1895 and left at 

close of the year. 

Principal of High School, Endicott, N. Y. (?). 

b. Lenoir, N. C, October 11, 1875. s. Robert J. Round and 

Frances S. Hibbler. m. Trumansburg, N. Y., December 21, 1901, 

Edna M. Hart. c. Robert E., 1904. Address, 12 Ohio Avenue, 

Endicott, N. Y. 

fWatkins, James Carey Thomas. 

Entered 1893 and left 1895 on account of ill health. 

President of Class, second half of Freshman year. Private 
Secretary ; Secretary-Treasurer. Sash and frame manufacturer 

b. Baltimore, Md., November 2, 1874. d. February 8, 1902 
s. Frank Dungan Watkins and Augusta Priscilla Day Lyon. 


Butler, James Edgar, A.B. (LL.B., Univ. of Pa., 1902.) 

Entered from Uwchland, Pa., 1895, Freshman Class, and grad- 
uated with Class of 1898. 

President, Class, 1898; College Football Team, 1895-98 
Teacher, 1898-1900. Lawyer, 1524 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, 
Pa., firm of Warwick & Butler, to date. 

b. Loag, Chester County, Pa., June 2, 1877. s. James Butler 
and Rachel M. James. Address, 2127 Green Street. Philadelphia, 

Cadbury, William Warder, A.B. (M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1902.) 

Entered 1894. 

Graduate student in Biology, Haverford College,. 1898-99. 
Physician; Missionary. College Physician to the Canton Chris- 
tian College; Internist to Canton Hospital, at present. Interne, 
Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia ; Student of Medicine in 
Vienna ; Demonstrator in Pharmaco-Dynamics and Assistant 


Demonstrator in Pathology at University of Pennsylvania, 1906- 
07; Pathologist to St. Mary's Hospital, Philadelphia, 1906-07; 
Physician, Starr Centre Dispensary, Philadelphia, 1906-08; Ex- 
amining Physician to Children's Bureau, Philadelphia, 1907-08 ; 
Visiting Physician to Free Hospital for Poor Consumptives, White 
Haven, Pa., 1908; same to Henry Phipps Institute for Study, 
Treatment and Prevention of Tuberculosis, 1906-08 ; Curator and 
Librarian, 1907; Pathologist, 1908; Instructor in Materia Medica 
and Therapeutics, University Medical School, Canton, China, 
1910-14; Physician to the Canton Christian College, 1914-16, and 
College Physician, 1917 to date; Editor, Chinese Edition, China 
Medical Journal, 1912-14. Translator, in cooperation with Dr. 
Allen J. Smith, of Text Book of Comparative General Pathology 
for Practitioners and Students of Veterinary Medicine, by Pro- 
fessor Th. Kitt. Author of numerous articles on medical re- 
search, etc. Assistant Resident Physician, Peter Brent Brigham 
Hospital, Boston, 1915-16; Instructor in Clinical Medicine, Hackett 
Medical College for Women, Canton, 1914-19; Internist to Canton 
Hospital, 1914 to date. Recorded Minister in the Society of 
Friends, 1916. Fellow, College of Physicians, Philadelphia, Pa.; 
Member of China Medical Missionary Association. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., October 15, 1877. s. Joel Cadbury (Class 
1856; Manager, 1867-81) and Anna Kaighn Lowry. m. (1) 
Providence, R. I., September 23, 1911, Sarah Imbree Manatt (d. 
1912) ; (2) Canton, China, June 29, 1917, Catharine Balderston 
Jones, c. Jane Balderston, 1918; Emma, 3d, 1920. Address, Can- 
ton Christian College, Kwangtung Province, China. 

Ellis, Richard Stanton, SB. 

Entered Senior Class from Motor, Iowa, 1897. 

"Penn Scholar." Student at Penn College, 1893-97. Graduate 
Student in Chemistry, 2 years, at University of Chicago. For 15 
years with the Kennicott Water Softener Company as Chemist, 
Erecting Engineer, Chief Chemist and Sales Manager. Travel, 
1902-08. Owner and Director, Water Purification Laboratories, 

b. Milo, Iowa, May 30. 1876. s. Jonathan W. Ellis and Mary 
J. Smith, m. Bellefonte, Ohio, May 9, 1908, Emma Alice Shaffer, 
c. Alton Alexander, 1909; Richard Henry, 1912; Homer Jonathan, 
1914; Arthur Merlin, 1916; Florence Edith, 1917. Address, 6549 
South Bishop Street, Chicago, 111. 

fEmbree, John Gyger, S.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1895. 
Teacher. Social Executive. Principal of School, 1898-1901 ; In- 


structor in Philippine Islands, 1901-03 ; Principal, Friends' High 
School, Moorestown, N. J., 1903-07; Principal and Manager, Pop- 
penhausen Institute, College Point, N. Y., 1907-21. Scout Master 
and Deputy Commissioner, Boy Scouts of America, 1910-19, 
guiding eight troops in war gardens and Liberty Loans. Chair- 
man, Local Liberty Loan Committee for last four loans. Chair- 
man, Local Red Cross, 1917- ; Chairman, Queens County Red 
Cross, 1918-19. 

b. Marshallton, Pa., August 1, 1872. d. College Point, N. Y., 
June 28, 1921. s. Joshua Gibbons Embree and Sarah Gyger New- 
lin. m. New York, 1897. Marie W. Patterson, c. John Harold, 
1898 (d. 1918, killed in France) ; James Newlin, 1902. 

fHaines, Alfred Sharpless, A.B. 

Entered from West Grove, Pa., Sophomore Class 18%. Com- 
pleted course in two years. 

College Secretary, 1896-97; won Class of 1870 Prize for Com- 
position, 1898-99. Student at Harvard, 1898-99. Teacher at 
Westtown School, 1901-09. 

b. Moorestown, N. J., January 24, 1875. d. October 1, 1909. 
s. Zebedee Haines (Class 1867) and Anna Phillips Harvev. m. 
July, 1901, Edith Hayes. 

Haines, Joseph Howell, A.B. 

Entered 1894. 

Class Treasurer, 1895-96; Treasurer, Loganian Society, 1895- 
96; Secretary, Loganian Society, 1896-97; President, Council, 
Loganian Society, 1897-98; President, Everett- Athenaeum, 1896- 
97. Employed by Haines, Jones & Cadbury Company, 1898-1917 
(Secretary and Purchasing Agent) ; with American Friends' Serv- 
ice Committee in France, 1917-19; to date, a Director in company 
of Haines, Jones & Cadbury. Member, University Club ; Philadel- 
phia Barge Club; Huntingdon Valley Country Club. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., November 22, 1878. s. William H. Haines 
(Class 1871 ; Manager, 1887- ) and Mary Howell, m German- 
town, Philadelphia, Pa., June 3, 1916, Helen Whitall. Address, 
5433 Wayne Avenue, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Harding, Arthur Search, A.B. (A.B., Harvard, 1899.) 

Entered 1894. 

Student at Harvard, 1898-99. First Vice-President, The Erben- 
Harding Company, Worsted Yarn Manufacturing, Philadelphia, 
Pa. Member, Union League, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Harvard Club 
of New York City; Philadelphia Country Club. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., November 20, 1876. s. Charles H. Harding 


and Alice E. Thomas, m. Philadelphia, Pa., October 15, 1902, 
Marguerite Perry, c. S. Louise, 1903. Address, 512 Commercial 
Trust Building, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Hodgin, Samuel Horace, A.B. (A.B., Guilford, N.C., 1895.) 
Entered from Greensboro, N. C, Senior Class 1897. 
Studied at Guilford College, Z l / 2 years. Teacher of History 
and English, Guilford College, N. C, 1898. Professor, English 
literature, Guilford College, 1906-11; Dean, Rollins College, Win- 
ter Park, Fla., 1912; President, Wilmington College, Wilmington, 
Ohio, 1912-15; Secretary, Farquar Heating and Ventilating Com- 
pany, 1915- . With the Carnegie Foundation for the Advance- 
ment of Teaching, New York, 1919- . 

b. Greensboro, N. C, September 11, 1872. s. David Hodgin 
and Martha M. Blair, m. Richmond, Ind., August 22, 1906, 
Olive L. Jenkins, c. Olive Marian, 1909; Samuel H., Jr., 1913. 
Address, 321 College Avenue, Richmond, Ind. 

Janney, Walter Coggeshall, A.B. 

Entered 1894. 

Secretary of College Association ; Secretary of Tennis Associa- 
tion; Secretary, Loganian Society; Vice-President, Tennis Asso- 
ciation ; President, Council, Loganian Society ; President of Class, 
Sophomore year; Editor-in-Chief, Havcrfordkin; Manager of 
Football Team. "Spoon Man." President of Alumni Associa- 
tion, 1918-20. Student, 2 years, in Law School, University of 
Pennsylvania. Travel for 1 year; cattle raising in Wyoming, 3 
years ; sole leather business for 6 years. Member of firm of 
Janney & Burrough ; 7 years, a member of the firm of Mont- 
gomery & Co., Bankers, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago; to 
date, President, Janney & Co., Philadelphia, Investment Bankers. 
Executive Manager for the Third Federal Reserve District for 
First and Second Liberty Loan Campaigns ; Member of Executive 
Committee for Third, Fourth and Fifth Campaigns. Member of 
Rittenhouse Club ; Racquet Club ; University Club ; Merion Cricket 
Club ; Radnor Hunt Club ; Metropolitan Club, New York. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., June 25, 1876. s. Emma Kimber Janney 
and Mary Rhoads Coggeshall. m. Bryn Mawr, Pa., January 23, 
1909, Pauline Flower Morris, c. Walter C, Jr., 1911; Marian 
Morris, 1912; Anne Flower, 1914; Margaret Morris, 1915; Pris- 
cilla Paul, 1915 ; Frederick Wistar Morris, 1919. Address, Haver- 
ford Road, Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

Jones, Davis Godfrey, S.B. 
Entered 1895. 

Dealer in coal, wood, lime, etc. Confectioner. 



b. Wilmington, Del., October 17, 1876. s. Davis Benton Jones 
and Annie J. Faron. m. Wilmington, Del., February 19, 1914, 
Lorraine Geltz. Address, Cleveland Avenue, Elsmere, Del. 

Lee, Morris Matthews, A.B. (A.B., Harvard, 1899.) 

Entered Freshman Class 1895 and completed course in 3 years. 
Prize in Latin, 1897 ; Honors in French and English ; President 
of Freshman Class; President of Everett- Athenaeum, 1897-98; 
Holder of Haverford Graduate Fellowship at Harvard, 1898-99. 
Member, Phi Beta Kappa, 1899. Triangle Society. Reporter, 
News Editor, Assistant Managing Editor of Evening Bulletin; 
Managing Editor of Evening Public Ledger. Member, Harvard 
Club, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Unitarian Society ; Poor Richard Club ; 
Chamber of Commerce, Philadelphia, Pa. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., November 9, 1876. s. James Ashton Lee 
and Amelia Johanna Walz. m. Philadelphia, Pa., April 26, 1905, 
Mary Ritchie Walter, c. Morris, Jr., 1907; William F., 2d, 1911. 
Address, 602 East Woodlawn Avenue, Germantown, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

Moffit, Oscar Payton, A.B. (A.B., Guilford College, N. C, 1897.) 

Entered Senior Class 1897. 

Studied at Guilford College, N. C, 4 years, 1893-97. Retail 
grocer in High Point, N. C, 1900-05. Since then, Manager, High 
Point Grocery Company, High Point, N. C, and farmer. 

b. Lexington, N. C, December 30, 1875. s. William H. Moffitt 
and Mary Lou Sowers, m. October 25, 1911, Lafayette Hester 
Paschall. c. Oscar Payton, Jr., 1914; Mary Lou, 1917. Address, 
223 Lindsay Street, High Point, N. C. 

Rhoads, Samuel, A.B. (M.D, Univ. of Pa., 1901.) 
Entered from Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., 1894. 
Founders' Club ; Beta Rho Sigma. Two years on Cricket Team. 
Medical Student, 3 years; Interne in Pennsylvania Hospital, 2 
years; practiced Medicine and in Medical Department of Provident 
Life and Trust Company, Philadelphia, until 1918. Member, 
College of Physicians, Philadelphia. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., February 16, 1878. s. William Gibbons 
Rhoads (Class of 1858; Manager, 1871-80) and Sarah Wistar. 
Address, 152 School Lane, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Ross, Eldon Roxy, S.B. (A.B., Wilmington, O., 1897.) 
Entered from Wilmington, Ohio, Senior year, 1897. 
Student, Wilmington College, Ohio, 2 years, 1895-97. Holder 


of Wilmington Scholarship, 1897-98. 1898-1901, Field Manager 
for New England for Underwood & Underwood. 1902-12, 
European Manager for same company, residence in London; 1912- 
21, Secretary and Director of Underwood & Underwood; 1912- 
19, Manager, Educational Department of same company; 1920-21, 
Manager, Touriscope Department of same; 1921 to date, Eastern 
Organization Manager, Keystone View Company, Inc. ; 1906, 
awarded Silver Medal by Pope Pius X in recognition of pho- 
tographic success for the Pope and his official family. Author of 
various magazine articles. 

b. Port William, Ohio, November 17, 1872. s. Naaman Ross 
and Emmeline Bangham. m. (1) July 9, 1902, Maude Jones, 
c. Maude Olive, 1903. m. (2) October 18, 1919, Inez Gertrude 
Lawrence. Address, 33 Ely Place, East Orange, N. J. 

Scattergood, Alfred Garrett, A.B. (A.B., Harvard, 1899.) 

Entered from Philadelphia, Pa., 1894. 

Member, College Cricket Team, 3 years ; Treasurer, Cricket 
Club; Captain, Class Football Team, 3 years; Vice-President, 
Class ; President of Class, Senior year ; President, Athletic Asso- 
ciation ; President, Football Association ; Member, College Foot- 
ball Team, 3 years. Winner of Haines Prize Belt, 3 years. En- 
tered Provident Life and Trust Company, 1900, as Clerk ; Pur- 
chasing Agent, 1910-17; Assistant Treasurer, 1917-19; Secretary 
and Treasurer, 1922; 1919-21, with American Friends' Service 
Commission to feed undernourished children in Germany. Mem- 
ber, Executive Committee of Civil Service Reform Association 
of Pennsylvania for several years; Independent Politics of Twenty- 
second Ward, Philadelphia ; several times Chairman of Ward 
Campaign Committee ; Member of Board of Friends' Hospital at 
Frankford, 1907 to date, and Treasurer of same; Member of 
Board of Overseers of William Penn Charter School, 1907 to 
date, and Clerk of same. Member of Committee of Westtown 
School ; Treasurer, several years, Alumni Association of Haver- 
ford College. Chairman, Friends' Peace Committee of Philadel- 
phia Yearly Meeting for 2 years ; Vice-Chairman, American 
Friends' Service Committee, for 3 years ; Member, National Coun- 
cil of "The Survey" (periodical). Member, Philadelphia Cricket 
Club; City Club. 

b. Moorestown, N. J., September 10, 1878. s. Thomas Scatter- 
good and Sarah Garrett, m. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., April 
27, 1904, Mary Cope Emlen. c. Elizabeth Cope, 1907; Eleanor, 
1909; Henry, 1911 ; Caroline, 1911 ; Roger, 1912. Address, "Aw- 
bury," Germantown, Pa. 


Stadelman, Frederic, A.B., (LL.B., New York Law School, 1902.) 

Entered 1894 from Bala, Pa. 

Football Eleven, 3 years. Student, New York Law School, 
1899-1902; Admitted to New York Bar, 1902. At Columbia Col- 
lege, Engineering, 1908. 1898-1905, with Brown Hoisting Ma- 
chinery Company; 1905 to date, Wellman, Seaver, Morgan Com- 
pany, Manufacturers of Machinery; 1919-20, Mayor, Village 
Great Neck Estates. Member, Engineers' Club, New York ; 
Machinery Club, New York (Secretary of same) ; Material 
Handling Builders' Association, Director. 

b. Ardmore, Pa., April 17, 1877. s. Jacob L. Stadelman (Class 
1853) and Henriette Rachel Leech, m. 1910, Florence Lansing 
Osgood. Address, Great Neck, Long Island, N. Y. 

Sterner, Ira Isbon, A.B., A.M., 1899. 

Entered Junior year 1896. 

Philip C. Garrett Prize in Mathematics, 1897-98. Student at 
Harvard University, 1898-1900. 

b. Kellers Church, Bucks County, Pa., March 18, 1879. s. 
Christian Sterner and Elizabeth S. Shelly. Address, R. F. D. 
No. 3, Richland Center, Pa. 

Strawbridge, Francis Reeves, S.B. 

Entered 1894 from Germantown, Pa. 

Entered Strawbridge & Clothier's Department Store, 1898; be- 
came member of firm, 1908. President, Germantown Hospital 
and Dispensary; Member of Board of Directors, Germantown 
Trust Company. Member, Union League; University Club; Rit- 
tenhouse Club; Philadelphia Barge Club; Germantown Cricket 
Club; all of Philadelphia. 

b. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., October 20, 1876. s. Justus 
Clayton Strawbridge (Manager, 1883-1911) and Mary Lukens. 
m. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., April 30, 1902, Anna Estes 
Hacker, c. Mary Dawson, 1906; Elisabeth Hacker, 1910; Francis 
Reeves, Jr., 1911; George Stockton, 2d, 1913. Address, School 
Lane, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Swan, Frederick Asa, A.B. 

Entered from Lake Kerr, Fla., 1894. 

Secretary of Class, 3 years; President, Y. M. C. A.. 1897-98; 
First Football Eleven, 3 years. Mining and Engineering Work, 
covering reports on Cobalt and Silver properties in Canada ; on 


Copper, Lead, Gold and Silver properties in the United States 
and in Mexico; and on Peat in Mexico, 1899-1911; 1911 to date, 
Contracting Printer and Publisher. Member, Underhill Society 
of America ; Sons of the American Revolution. 

b. Tecumseh, Mich., April 28, 1875. s. Joseph Benjamin Swan 
and Hannah Atkinson Sutton, m. New York City, August 29, 
1906, Helen Adelaide Wood. c. Frederick Wood, 1907; Gulielma 
Wood, 1910. Address, 633 Clark Street, Westfield, N. J., and 30 
Church Street, New York City. 

Taylor, Joseph Wright, S.B. 

Entered from Haverford, Pa., 1894. 

Treasurer, Loganian Society, 1896-97 ; President, Everett- 
Athenaeum, 1897-98; Manager and Treasurer, Banjo and Mando- 
lin Clubs, 1896-97; Member, Phi Beta Kappa, 1899. Honors in 
Chemistry and Biology, Senior year. Member, Triangle Society. 
1898, Medical Student, University of Pennsylvania. Travel in 
Arizona; 1899, in New Mexico, in employ of Page, Allinson & 
Penrose, of Philadelphia; 1900, with same company ; 1901, Arizona 
and New Mexico. 1901-05, cattle ranching; 1905-20, farming. 
Member of Masons. 

b. Burlington, N. J., July 10, 1878. s. Charles S. Taylor (Class 
1871 ; Manager, 1876-80) and Rebecca Hughes, m. October 22, 
1908, Lula E. J. Rhodes, c. Joseph W., Jr., 1909. Address, R. 
F. D. No. 1, Las Cruces, N. M. 

Wilson, Robert North, A.B. (M.S., Univ. of Fla. 1909.) 

Entered 1895. 

Studied at Guilford College, N. C, 1 year. Member of Foot- 
ball Team, 2 years. Editorial Staff, Havcrfordian, 2 years. 
Teacher of Chemistry, Guilford College, N. C, 1898-1908; Stu- 
dent, Chemistry, Harvard University, 1905-06; 1908-10, Univer- 
sity of Florida, M. S. Assistant Chemist, Florida Agricultural 
Experiment Station, 1908-09; Director of University Extension, 
University of Florida, 1910; Professor, Chemistry, Trinity Col- 
lege, Durham, N. C, 1910 to date. Superintendent, Memorial 
Sunday School, 1911 to date. Member, American Chemical So- 
ciety ; Fellow, American Association for Advancement of Science ; 
Charter Member, North Carolina Academy of Science ; and of 
North Carolina Harvard Club; Member of Chamber of Com- 
merce; Scoutmaster, Troop No. 3; Member, Y. M. C. A. 

b. Lenoir, N. C, March 3, 1875. s. Jethro R. Wilson and 
Louisa Jane Round, m. Greensboro, N. C, September 15, 1910, 


Sara Hendrick Peck. c. Robert N., Jr., 1911; Jane Bliss, 1914. 
Address, Box 87, College Station, Durham, N. C. 

Wistar, Thomas, A.B. 

Entered 1894. 

First Eleven, Cricket Team, 3 years; on English Tour, 1896; 
Captain of College Cricket Team, Senior year ; Member, College 
Banjo Team. Member, Triangle Society. 1898-99, in office and 
mills of Cedartown Manufacturing Company, Cedartown, Ga. ; 
1899-1903, E. S. Hyde & Co., Cotton Yarn Commission Merchant, 
Philadelphia, as salesman ; 1903 to date, various field and staff 
positions with the Bell Telephone Company of Pennsylvania. 
Member, Philadelphia Barge Club; Philadelphia Telephone So- 
ciety; Cross Talk Club (Bell Telephone Company). 

b. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., October 18, 1877. s. Edward 
Morris Wistar (Class 1872) and Margaret Cooper Collins, m. 
Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., April 21, 1906, Mary Beatrice 
Starin. c. Beatrice Gaylord, 1907; Thomas, Jr., 1908; Eleanor 
Stanley, 1913. Address, 166 West School Lane, Germantown, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Wood, Richard Davis, A.B. 

Entered 1894. 

With Millville Manufacturing Company, Millville, N. J. ; mer- 
chant, Philadelphia, Pa. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 1, 1877. s. George Wood (Class 
of 1862) and Mary Hunn. m. New York City, November 14, 
1907, Louisa Lawrence Schroeder. c. Three. Address, 626 
Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 


Bell, Charles Herbert. (A.B. Harvard, 1900.) 

Entered 1894 and left Sophomore year. 

Flour merchant and miller since 1900. President, Commercial 
Exchange, Philadelphia, Pa. Last 8 months of war, served as 
civilian expert in office of Director of Storage and Purchase, 
Washington, D. C. ; in the Subsistence Division in charge of the 
purchase and distribution of flour and cereals. Later Captain in 
Q. M. C. Member, Union League; Racquet Club; Merion Cricket 
Club; Philadelphia Country Club. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., October 16, 1877. s. Samuel Bell and Ada 
A. Rees. m. Devon, Pa., May 15, 1918, Harriette A. Rogers. 
Address, Devon, Pa. 


Bishop, Alexander Hamilton. 

Entered from Paoli, Pa., February, 1893, and left at close of 
Sophomore year, 1896. 

Bookkeeper, Overbrook Steam Heat Company, until 1905. Man- 
ager of Wynnewood Real Estate Operation for Walter B. Smith. 
1911, entered employ of The Autocar Company, Service Depart- 
ment, at Philadelphia Branch, until 1915; 1915 to date, Manager 
of Baltimore Branch of Autocar Company. Member, Green Spring 
Valley Hunt Club; The Baltimore Automobile Dealers' Associa- 
tion; Kiwanis Club; Merchants' and Manufacturers' Association 
of Baltimore; The North Baltimore Business Men's Association. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 12, 1874. s. Gilbert Livingston 
Bishop and Ellen M. Conarroe. m. 1902, Sarah Shreve Wallace. 
c. Alexander Hamilton, Jr., 1903 ; Matilda Shreve, 1908. Address, 
Sudbrook Park, Pikesville P. O., Md. 

Holloway, Walter Vail. 

Entered from West Liberty, Iowa, 1895 ; passed into Class of 
1898 ; left 1897, during the Junior year. 

Teacher at Elsmore, Cal., 1899. 1902, Insurance Agent, Provi- 
dent Life and Trust Company, at San Francisco, Cal. 

b. Coal Creek, Keokuk, Iowa, November 28, 1875. s. Martin 
B. Holloway and Anna Vail. m. Philadelphia, Pa., January 16, 
1897, Alice J. Vail. No address. 

Hulme, Frederick George. 

Entered from Philadelphia, Pa., as Special Student, 1894, and 
left at close of Freshman year. 

Draughtsman ; Assistant Manager, Gumphert-Marrin Engineer- 
ing Company, Philadelphia, Pa. Mechanical Engineer. Proprietor, 
Eagle Liquid Glue and Paste Company, Philadelphia, Pa., 1901. 

b. Camden, N. J., September 9, 1873. s. John Kirkbride Hulme 
and Rebecca Folwell Brown, m. Bucks County, Pa., May 21, 
1902, Gertrude Parsons, c. Alfred Parsons, 1903. Address, 5900 
Wayne Avenue, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Jenks, John Story, Jr. 

Entered 1894 and left at close of Sophomore year. 

1897, employed by Girard Trust Company ; 1900, Partner. Ed- 
ward B. Smith & Co.; 1909, Bertron, Griscom & Jenks; 1912, 
business in own name. Banker and leather business. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., June 15, 1876. s. William H. Jenks (Man- 
ager, 1895) and Hannah Mifflin Hacker, m. Wayne, Pa., 1902. 
Isabella F. G. Morton, c. Thomas S., 1904; Morton, 1907; Ann 
West, 1912. Address, Seminole Avenue, Chestnut Hill, Pa. 


Lane, John Irving. 

Entered from Port Chester, N. Y., 1894, and left during the 
Freshman year. 

Beta Rho Sigma. Manufacturer of canvas baskets and bags. 

b. West Chester County, N. Y., April 9, 1876. s. A. H. Lane 
and Mary L. Cox. m. West Chester, Pa., June 15, 1899, Emily 
Pirn Thatcher, c. Emily P., 1905; John Irving, Jr., 1913. Ad- 
dress, 15 Dwight Street, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

McGrath, Francis Sims. (S.B., Univ. of Pa., 1898; LL.B., Colum- 
bia Univ., 1901.) 

Entered 1894 and left end of Freshman year. 

Student at University of Pennsylvania, 1895-98; Law Student, 
Columbia University, 1901 ; Law Office of Strong & Cadwalader, 
New York City, until 1914; Lawyer. Member, University Club; 
Columbia University Club; City Midday Club; firm of Bayne & 
McGrath, 1914-18. Bedford Golf and Tennis Club; Bar Asso- 
ciation of City of New York. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., March 8, 1877. s. Robert Hunter McGrath 
and Elizabeth Gibson Bordley Belt. m. New York City, June 21, 
1910, Neva Smith, c. Eileen, 1911; Margaret, 1915; Sims, 1918; 
Gordon, 1920. Address, 45 Cedar Street, New York City, N. Y. 

Morgan, Samuel Rowland. (B.S. in Architecture, U. of Pa., 1899.) 

Entered 1894 and left end of Freshman year. 

Won Fielding Belt, Second Cricket Team. With John Farnum 
Company, Philadelphia, Pa. 

b. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., October 24, 1877. s. John 
Buck Morgan and Sarah Fisher Corlies. m. Germantown, Pa., 
April 30, 1904. c. John Buck, 1905; S. Rowland, 1906; William 
Buck, 1910; Rodman, 1914. Address, 235 Chestnut Street, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Moyer, Menno S. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1895 and left 1896. 
b. Chalfont, Pa., November 18, 1871. s. William G. Moyer 
and . Address, Lansdale, Pa. 

Sisler, Perlee Chandler. 

Entered 1894 and left Sophomore year. 

Beta Rho Sigma. Clerk ; wholesale grocer. Member, Wilming- 
ton Country Club. 

b. Centreville, Del., February 11, 1876. s. J. Davis Sisler and 
Rebecca H. Chandler, m. Wilmington, Del., October 23, 1900, 
Mary Louise Phillips. Address, 1101 Broome Street, Wilming- 
ton, Del. 


Syze, Albert. 

Entered 1894 and left Freshman year. 

Farmer and clergyman. Minister in Society of Friends. Farmer 
and postal employe, 1905 to date, combined with ministerial work. 

b. Baldwin Place, N. Y., November 30, 1867. s. James F. Syze 
and Martha Brown Griffin, m. Farmington, N. H., June 12, 
1901, Laura S. Huckins. c. Karl Ira, 1903; Clyd Albert, 1908. 
Address, Bolton, Mass. 

Towie, Clifton Augustus. (A.B., Bowdoin College.) 

Entered 1893 and left Freshman year on account of illness; 
re-entered 1894 and left during Freshman year. 

Superintendent of Schools. Sub-Master, Gorham, N. H., High 
School; Headmaster of same; Sub-Master, Lexington, Mass., 
High School ; Instructor in Science, Worcester Academy, Wor- 
cester, Mass. ; Assistant Principal of same ; for 10 months in Divi- 
sion of Physical Reconstruction, United States Army; October, 
1918, to July, 1919, Lieutenant in Reserve Corps. Member, Delta 
Kappa Epsilon ; Mason ; Member of Grange. 

b. Winthrop, Me., March 12, 1875. s. Sherbourne Sleeper 
Towle and Harriet A. Nash. m. Laconia, June 20, 1908, Annie 
Louise Stratton. c. Alice Stratton, 1912; Harriet Nash, 1916. 
Address, Exeter, N. H. 

Varney, Alpheus Gould. (A.B., Bowdoin, 1898.) 

Entered 1894 and left at close of Sophomore year. 
President, Class, Freshman year; Manager, Musical Clubs; 
Member, Banjo and Glee Clubs. Member of Triangle Society. 
Assistant Manager, Haverfordian. Student at Bowdoin College, 
1896-98. Biology, special original research in Chemistry and 
Biology. Clerk for 1 year, Girard Trust Company ; 3 years, clerk, 
real estate office. Banking and Brokerage Business ; first, Ristine 
& Conklin; second, George B. Hopkins & Co.; 1908 to present 
time, Thomas A. Biddle & Co. Organizer and Secretary, then 
President, The Neighborhood Club of Bala and Cynwyd. Or- 
ganizer of Bala-Cynwyd Building Association in 1910; Secretary 
since that date of same. Speaker in Liberty Loan Campaigns, 
Red Cross, Y. M. C. A., etc., also in Marine Recruiting Cam- 
paigns. Member, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Bowdoin ; Geographic So- 
ciety ; Keystone Automobile Club. 

b. Windham, Me., March 29, 1874. s. William H. Varney and 
Martha Ellen Dudlev. m. Germantown, Philadelphia. Pa., May 
9, 1905, Valle Van Doren. Address, 310 Pembroke Road, Cyn- 
wyd, Pa. 


Varney, Charles Arthur. 

Entered from Providence, R. I., 1894, and left middle of Junior 

Quarterback of Varsity Football Team, 3 years. Captain dur- 
ing Junior year. Real estate business. 1897, clerk; insurance. 

b. Croton, N. Y., June 28, 1876. s. Charles C. Varney and 
Anna Cock. m. Yakima, Wash., Zoe Josephine LAnglaise. Ad- 
dress, Yakima, Wash. 

Vernon, John Jesse. 

Entered 1894 and left after few weeks. 

Secretary of the College. Student at Penn College, Iowa. 

b. Bangor, Iowa, January 16, 1868. s. and . m. . 

Address, Palmyra, Va. 


Battey, William Aldrich, S.B. 

Entered from Providence, R. I., 1895. 

Varsity Football Team, Senior year. Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, 
1898. Captain and Manager, Hockey Team. Salesman, Borton, 
Tierney Company (crushing machinery) ; New York Manager, 
Philadelphia Pneumatic Tool Company; Sales Director, Export 
Manager and Director, Shepard Electric Crane and Hoist Com- 
pany ; Vice-President, Pennsylvania Crusher Company; President, 
Borton-Tierney Company ; Associate Member, American Society 
of Mechanical Engineers; and American Institute Mining and 
Metallurgical Engineers ; Machinery Club of City of New York ; 
City Club of Philadelphia. Manager, Haverford College. 

b. Pawtucket, R. I., July 22, 1876. s. Thomas Jesse Battey 
(Class 1863) and Mary Augusta Heaton. m. Leptondale, N. Y., 
June 27, 1901, Rhoda Amelia Birdsall. c. Ruth Osborne, 1903; 
Janet, 1906; William Aldrich, Jr., 1911. Address, Walnut Lane, 
Haverford, Pa., and Stephen Girard Building, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Bawden, William John, A.B. 

Entered from Bryn Mawr, Pa., 1896. 

Alumni Prize Orator, 1899. Methodist Minister, 1899-1912; 
1912-15, Cost Accountant; 1915-22, High School Instructor in 
English. Member, Philadelphia Conference of Methodist Epis- 
copal Church; Northampton Count}- Educational Club. 

b. Gordon, Pa., December 22, 1874. s. Josiah Bawden and 
Catherine Cheynoweth. m. Bangor, Pa., March 7, 1906, Clara 
Louise Ditchett. c. William Ditchett, 1907. Address. 334 Market 
Street, Bangor, Pa. 


Blair, Walter Elihu, A.B. (A.B., Guilford, 1898.) 

Entered Senior Class 1898. 

Student, Guilford College, N. C, 4 years. Real estate and 
Insurance. Assistant Clerk, United States Court for Western 
District of North Carolina. Member, Board Directors, and Presi- 
dent, Greensboro Y. M. C. A. ; Treasurer, Southern Real Estate 
Company; Treasurer and Manager, Irving Park Company; Vice- 
President and Treasurer, North Carolina Trust Company ; Mem- 
ber, Board of Trustees, Guilford College. 

b. Archdale, N. C, March 28, 1873. s. Benjamin F. Blair and 
Rachel Anderson, m. October 24, 1906, Mary Kennett. c. William 
Kennett, 1909. Address, 510 West Washington Street, Greens- 
boro, N. C. 

Bode, William, A.B. (A.B., Penn. 1898; A.M., 1899; B.D., 1901, 
Univ. of Chicago, Theology; Temple Univ., S.T.D., 1914; 
Graduate Calvin Theological Seminary, 1902.) 

Entered from Austinville, Iowa, Senior Class 1898, as holder 
of Penn College Scholarship. 

Fellow in Semitics at University of Chicago, 1910-12. Or- 
dained Minister of Gospel, 1901. Pastor, Christian Reformed 
Church; Professor of Old Testament Theology and President of 
Grundy College, Grundy Center, Iowa. Author : "The Book of 
Job and the Solution of the Problem of Suffering"; "Praise 
Service and the Christian Reformed Church" ; for 7 years, De- 
partment Editor of The Banner. Managing Editor, Grundy Col- 
lege Messenger. 

b. Muskegon, Mich., September 7, 1875. s. Rev. C. Bode and 
Helen Ammerman. m. October 7, 1903, Emma Heeringa. c. 
Clarence, 1910; Julius, 1916. Address, Grundy Center, Iowa. 

Carter, John Darlington, SB., M.A., 1901. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1896. 

Class Secretary and Treasurer, 1897-98; won Class 1898 Prize 
in Chemistry, 1899; Honors in Chemistry, 1899; also General 
Honors ; Member, Phi Beta Kappa, 1899. Haverford Graduate 
Fellowship, 1899-1900, at Johns Hopkins University. Chemist. 
United States Leather Company ; Instructor in Chemistry, Haver- 
ford College; Chemist, Carter & Scattergood, and with Philadel- 
phia Quartz Company. 

b. Lenape, Pa., December 30, 1874. s. Charles S. Carter and 
Elizabeth Cope. m. Haverford, Pa., Mav 7, 1903, Rachel G. Alsop. 
c. David A., 1907; Esther A., 1909; John H., 1912. Address, 
Lansdowne, Pa. 


fConklin, Edward Boote, S.B. 

Entered 1895. 

Vice-President, Class, last half Freshman year ; President, Class, 
Sophomore year; Member, College Football Team, Freshman and 
Sophomore years. Captain, College Track Team, 3 years ; Treas- 
urer, Athletic Association ; Vice-President, Junior year ; President, 
Athletic Association, Senior year. With Venier & Co., Bankers 
and Brokers. 

b. Brooklyn, N. Y., August 10, 1877. d. Suddenly, Thanks- 
giving Day, 1900. s. William Conklin and Ellen Coffin Ladd. 

Davis, Royal Jenkins, A.B. (A.B., Earlham, 1898; A.B., Harvard 
Univ. 1900.) 

Entered from Richmond, Ind., Senior Class, 1898, as holder of 
Earlham Scholarship. 

Student at Earlham College, 3 years ; Loganian Society. Phi 
Beta Kappa. Newspaper work ; editorial writer ; lecturer, New 
York University. 1901-02, with Evening Bulletin, Philadelphia, 
then Assistant Editor, The American Friend, Philadelphia; 1902- 
03, Reporter, Chicago Tribune; 1904-06, Professor of English 
and History, Guilford College, N. C. ; 1906-10, Professor, Eng- 
lish, St. John's College, Annapolis, Md. ; 1910 to date, Editorial 
Writer; 1914-20, Literary Editor, New York Evening Post; Lec- 
turer in Journalism and also in English, New York University. 
Author: America's View of the Sequel. Member, Andiron Club, 
New York City (literary); Authors' Club; Society for Ethical 
Culture of New York ; Haverford Association of New York. 

b. Ridge Farm, 111., November 29, 1878. s. Jonah M. Davis 
and Ella Jenkins, m. Richmond, Ind., June 27, 1906, Louise 
Stanton, c. Royal Stanton, 1907; William Wiles, 1909; Emily 
Louise, 1911 ; Jane, 1916. Address, The Evening Post, 20 Vesey 
Street, New York City, N. Y. 

DeCou, Benjamin Satterthwaite, S.B. 
Entered from Moorestown, N. J., 1895. 

Laboratory Assistant, 4 years, Electro-Dynamic Company, 
Philadelphia, Pa. ; salesman, short time, Crocker-Wheeler Com- 
pany, Philadelphia; Salesman and Office Manager, 13 years, James 
G. Biddle, Philadelphia, Pa. ; at present, farming. Member. Cor- 
poration of Haverford College; Memljer of Corporation of 
Friends' Hospital ; Member of Board of Managers, Bible Asso- 
ciation of Friends; Member, Fellowship of Reconciliation; Mem- 
ber, New Jersey State Horticultural Society ; State Horticultural 
Association of Pennsvlvania ; American PomoWical Society. 


b. Columbuus, N. J., June 29, 1879. s. Daniel De Cou and 
Ruthanna Leeds Allen, m. Walden, N. Y., October 22, 1908, 
Lily A. Tears. Address, R. F. D. No. 1, Norristown, Pa. 

Evans, Francis Algernon, A.B. 

Entered 1895. 

Treasurer of Cricket Club, 1896-97; Secretary, Tennis Asso- 
ciation; Treasurer of Athletic Association, 1897-98; President, 
Cricket Club, 1898-99; Vice-President, Tennis Association, 1897- 
98. Member, Founders' Club. 1899-1917, with Girard Trust 
Company, Philadelphia; 1917-18, Assistant Secretary, American 
Friends' Service Committee; 1918 to date, Assistant Treasurer 
and Treasurer, Philadelphia Quartz Company, Manufacturers of 
Silicate of Soda. 

b. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., August 1, 1878. s. Jonathan 
Evans (Manager, 1899-1911) and Rachel Reeve Cope. m. Phila- 
delphia, Pa., September 24, 1915, Anna Rhoads Elkinton. c. 
(twins) William Elkinton and Jonathan, 1916; Arthur, 1920; 
Joseph Morris, 1921. Address, 121 South Third Street, Phila- 
delphia, Pa., and 6012 Chew Street, Germantown, Philadelphia, 

f Jones, Rufus Horton, A.B. 

Entered 1895. 

Vice-President, Y. M. C. A.; Treasurer, Everett- Athenaeum ; 
Student, General Theological Seminary, New York City. 

b. Deering, Me., June 11, 1877. d. August 19, 1907. s. Au- 
gustus Caleb Jones and Sophronia Allen Larrabee. 

fLowry, Howard Haines, A.B. (A.B., Harvard Univ., 1900.) 

Entered 1895. 

Editor-in-Chief, Haverfordian, 1898-99; Captain, Football 
Team, 1898; Captain, Cricket Eleven, 1899; Secretary and Treas- 
urer, Class, Freshman year; Vice-President, Class, Junior year. 
Student, Harvard University, 1899-1900. Secretary-Treasurer, 
Coulter & Lowry Company, 1900-10; Assistant Manager, Bon- 
bright & Co., Pennsylvania, 1910-18. Retired. Member, Union 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., Oct. 31, 1878. d. 1922. s. John Collins Lowry 
and Lavinia Caroline Haines, m. Burlington, N. C, October 27, 
1908, Margaret Erwin Holt. c. Margaret Holt, 1910. 

Lycett, Edward Howes, Jr., A.B. 

Entered from Haverford, Pa., 1895. 

Treasurer, Tennis Association ; Triangle Society. Insurance 


Business since graduation. Member of firm, Hare & Chase, Phila- 
delphia, Pa., since 1914. Member, Merion Cricket Club; Insur- 
ance Federation of America. One time Secretary, Main Line 
Citizens' Association; Liberty Loan Committee; Director, Ard- 
more National Bank; Director, Hare & Chase, Inc.; President of 
Fourth Street Club. 

b. Kirkwood, Mo., November 23, 1877. s. Edward Howes 
Lycett and Anna Fox. m. Haddonfield, N. J., November 10, 
1904, Esther Hacker Hopkins, c. Arthur Hopkins, 1911. Ad- 
dress, Simpson Road, Ardmore, and Third and Walnut Streets, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Maule, Alfred Collins, S.B. 

Entered 1895. 

Vice-President of Class, Sophomore year; President, Y. M. C. 
A., 1898-99 ; Varsity Football Team, Member and Assistant Man- 
ager; President, Football Association, 1898; President, College 
Association, 1898-99. President, Class, Senior year. Apprentice 
with John M. Rogers, Boat Gauge and Drill Works, Gloucester, 
N. J., 1899-1900; with Southwark Foundry and Machine Com- 
pany, Philadelphia, 1900-13; Assistant and then Secretary of 
same. Secretary and Treasurer of Merritt Hydraulics Company, 
1914-15; with Cramps' Shipyard, 1915-17; sales office in Philadel- 
phia of Baltimore Tube Company, Inc., 1917-19; to date, Phila- 
delphia Sales Representative of Scovill Manufacturing Company 
of Waterbury, Conn. Secretary, Main Line Citizens' Association ; 
Secretary and Member of Board of Trustees of Penn Normal 
Industrial and Agricultural School, St. Helena Island, S. C. ; 
Trustee of Bryn Mawr War Memorial and Community House 
Association; Member, University Club, Philadelphia; Merion 
Cricket Club, Haverford, Pa. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., November 6, 1879. s. Samuel George 
Morton Maule and Jane Tevis Collins, m. Bryn Mawr, Pa., May 
19, 1909, Katharyn Leonard Wain. c. Nancy Wain, 1914; Samuel 
George Morton, 1918. Address, Gulf Road, Bryn Mawr, Pa., and 
1413 Pennsylvania Building, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Mellor, Ralph, S.B. 

Entered 1895. 

Class Athletic Teams; Banjo Club; Member, Founders' Club; 
Cap and Bells Club. Editor, Haverford Song Book, 1899 to date. 
Manager, The Mellor & Rittenhouse Company, 1899-1901 ; Mac- 
Andrews & Forbes Company, 1901-03; for Charles F. Squibb, at 
West Augusta, Va. (hotel, store, saw mill, 2 farms, stage line, 


post office and mail route, Staunton-Monteray), 1905-08; Engi- 
neer with Kestner Evaporator Company, 1908; General Manager 
of same, 1914 to date; President of same, 1921 to date; President, 
By-Products Recovery Company, 1918 to date; Secretary, Cap 
and Bells Club of Haverford College, 1911-18; President of same, 
1918 to date. Member, Germantown Cricket Club; City Club, of 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., February 10, 1878. s. Alfred Mellor (Class 
1861) and Isabella Latham, m. Merchantville, N. J., June 21, 
1905, Mary Junia Keller, c. Alfred, 1907; Marjorie, 1909; Dor- 
othy, 1912; Helen Evans, 1913; Priscilla, 1916. Address, 6017 
Greene Street, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Morris, Joseph Paul, A.B. (A.M., Harvard, 1904.) 

Entered 1895. 

Secretary and Treasurer, Class, Sophomore year; "Spoon Man." 
Clerk in office of machine shop of P. H. Morris, 1899-1903; 
Graduate Student at Harvard University, 1903-04; Teacher in 
Hoosac School for Boys, 1904-05 ; Student in Philadelphia Di- 
vinity School, 1905-08; Ministry in the Chapel of The Prince of 
Peace, Philadelphia, 1908-16; May to September, 1916, Orderly 
in American Ambulance Hospital, Neuilly-Sur-Seine, France; 
1917, British Y. M. C. A. Work in England, India and Meso- 
potamia; 1918 (8 months), American Y. M. C. A. Work in 
France and Switzerland ; 1919 to date, Minister in Chapel of The 
Prince of Peace. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., January 1, 1879. s. Theodore H. Morris 
(Class 1860) and Mary Lownes Paul. m. Philadelphia, Pa., De- 
cember 1, 1919, Emma Elizabeth Montgomery. Address, Villa 
Nova, Pa. 

Petty, Herbert Clinton, A.B. (S.B., Guilford, 1898.) 

Entered Senior Class 1898 as Holder of Guilford Scholarship. 
Student at Guilford College, N. C, for 4 years; Member of 
the 1898 Football Team. Assistant Sales Manager of the Crocker- 
Wheeler Company, Ampere, N. J. 

b. Archdale, N. C, July 31, 1877. s. William Clinton Petty 
and Mary Victoria Hayworth. Address, 16 North Twenty-second 
Street, East Orange, N. J., and Ampere, N. J. 

Redfield, John Howard, Jr., S.B. (S.B., 1902, Mass. Inst. Tech.; 
M.A., Harvard, 1910; Ph.D., Harvard, 1914.) 
Entered from Wayne, Pa., 1895. 

Author, "The Satrap," comic opera presented by Class of 1901. 
Civil Engineering Practice, Wayne, Pa., 1902-04; with Post & 


McCord, Steel Construction, New York, N. Y., 1904-06; Stu- 
dent of Romance Philology, University of Paris, 1907-08; In- 
structor in Mathematics, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Wor- 
cester, Mass., 1908-09; Instructor in French, Swarthmore Col- 
lege, 1910-11; Instructor in Romance Languages, Princeton Uni- 
versity, 1912-14; 1916 to date, Civil Engineer, with Frank N. 
Kneas, Consulting Engineer; John T. Windrim, Architect; Frank 
C. Roberts & Co., Engineers. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., June 8, 1879. s. Robert S. Redfield and 
Mary Thibault Guillou. m. Kolberg, Germany, July 10, 1913, Elli 
Proschwitz. Address, Wayne, Pa. 

Richie, Elisha Roberts, S.B. (M.D., 1902, Hahnemann.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1896. 

Assistant Business Manager, Haiwrfordian. Practice of Medi- 
cine at Moorestown, N. J., from July, 1902, to March, 1911; at 
Brewster, N.'Y., since March, 1911. Food Administrator for 
Putnam County, N. Y., 1918; First Lieutenant, Medical Corps, 
United States Army, 1918-19. Graduate Student at New York 
Post-Graduate Hospital, 1917; and at New York University and 
Bellevue Hospital, 1919-20. Sanitary Supervisor, New York State 
Department of Health, since July 1, 1920. Member, New York 
State Medical Society; American Institute of Homeopathy; New 
York State Homeopathic Medical Society ; American Society of 
Physical Therapeutics; American Legion; Kishawana Country 
Club ; Honorary Staff of West Philadelphia Homeopathic Hospital 
for Women. Member, Free and Accepted Masons. 

b. Moorestown, N. J., February 25, 1877. s. Edward B. Richie 
and Elizabeth Hooton Roberts, m. Boston, Mass., April 27, 1904, 
Anna S. Wood (d. July 9, 1921). c. Donald Wood, 1906; Robert 
Yarnall, 1908. Address, Oak and Hoyt Streets, Brewster, N. Y. 

Shipley, Malcolm Augustus, A.B. (S.T.B., Phila. Divinity School, 

Entered 1895. 

Secretary of Class in 1896. Student of Theology, 1899-1902. 
Clergyman. Curate, Holy Trinity Church, Philadelphia, Pa. ; 
Rector, Zion Church, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Rector, St. Peters Church, 
Hazleton, Pa. ; at present, Rector, Trinity Church, Hoboken, N. J. 
Archdeacon of Jersey City, Diocese of Newark. President, Christ 
Hospital, Jersey City, N. J. Member, New York Catholic Club; 
Euclid Lodge, 316, Hoboken. N. J., F. & A. M. ; Military Order 
Loyal Legion, New York Commandery. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., May 9, 1873. s. Malcolm A. Shipley and 
Josephine Gregg, m. June 2, 1903, Christine Bush Mover, c. 


Mary Josephine, 1904; Malcolm Augustus, 1906; Esther Chris- 
tine, 1908; David Gregg, 1911. Address, 707 Washington Street, 
Hoboken, N. J. 

Walter, Frank Keller, A.B., A.M., 1900. (B.L.S., 1906, N. Y. 
State Library School, Albany, N. Y. ; M.L.S., 1913, New 
York State Lib. School.) 

Entered Freshman Class 1896, and in September, 1898, passed 
into Class of 1899. 

Editor of Haverfordian, 1897-98, 1898-99; Honors in English 
and German, 1899; Member, Phi Beta Kappa, 1899. Instructor 
in German and Assistant in English, Haverford College, 1899- 
1900. Teacher, West Chester, Pa., High School, 1900-01 ; Prin- 
cipal, Avondale, Pa., Public School, 1901-02; Teacher, Bethlehem, 
Pa., Preparatory School, 1902-03 ; Teacher, Friends' Select School, 
Washington, D. C, 1903-04; Reference Assistant, Brooklyn Pub- 
lic Library, 1906-07; Director's Assistant, New York State Li- 
brary, Albany, N. Y. ; 1907-08; Vice-Director, New York State 
Library School, 1908-19; Librarian, General Motors Corporation, 
Detroit, Mich., 1919-20. Instructor in Library Science, University 
of Illinois, Second Semester, 1921 ; Associate Professor, Library 
Methods, University of Michigan, Summer Session, 1921 ; Li- 
brarian, University of Minnesota, 1921 to date; Joint Compiler 
of "Modern Drama and Opera"; Abbreviations and Technical 
Terms used in Book Catalogues and Bibliographies ; Periodicals 
for the Small Library; Library Printing; Contributor to Moth, 
Axel; Technical Terms used in Bibliographies ; Special Con- 
tributor on Library Subjects to Encyclopedia Americana (1919 
edition) ; Editor and Reviser, Training for Librarianship ; frequent 
periodical articles in Library Journal, Public Libraries, etc., etc. 
Special Consultant on Office Filing Systems, Equipment Division, 
United States Signal Corps, 1918; Selective Service (Draft 
Board), United States Army, New York State Headquarters, 
1919; Income Tax Bureau, Office of the Comptroller of the State 
of New York ; Library Supervisor, American Library Associa- 
tion War Service, Albany District, 1918-19; President, New York 
State Library Association, 1915-16; President, Association of 
American Library Schools, 1919. Hudson Valley Phi Beta Kappa 
Association ; Founders' Club, Haverford ; Life Member, American 
Library Association ; New York Library Association ; Fellow of 
the American Library Institute; Member, New York State Li- 
brary School Association; Campus Club (University of Minne- 

b. Point Pleasant, Pa., July 23, 1874. s. Samuel Arnold Walter 



and Elizabeth Keller, m. West Chester, Pa., June 25, 1907, S. 
Ruth McMichael. c. Richard Keller, 1913. Address, Redford, 

Wiid, Arthur Clement, A.B. (LL.B., Univ. of Pa., 1902.) 

Entered from Philadelphia, Pa., 1896. 

Studied at Bucknell University about 3 months. Alumni Ora- 
torical Prize, 1898. Vice-President, Loganian Society. Lawyer. 
Practiced in Philadelphia until 1908; in Chicago, 1908 to date. 
Member, University Club, Chicago, 111. ; Cliff Dwellers, and Legal 
Club, of Chicago. 

b. Leeds, Yorkshire, England, February 10, 1875. s. Benjamin 
Wild and Hannah Moore, m. Chicago, 111., April 6, 1907, Ger- 
trude Turner. Address, 105 South La Salle Street, Chicago, 111. 
(business), and 1115 Lake Street, Evanston, 111. 


Beadenkopf, Clarence Milton. 

Entered 1895 and left during the Freshman year. 

Glazed Kid Manufacturer. 

b. Wilmington, Del., December 14, 1875. s. William Beaden- 
kopf and . Address, Fourteenth and Walnut Streets, Wil- 
mington, Del. 

Bishop, Gilbert Livingston, Jr. 

Entered 1895 and left Freshman year. 

Assistant Trust Officer, Girard Trust Company, Philadelphia, 
Pa. Member, Whitelands Hunt Club. 

b. Glen Lock, Pa., March 2, 1877. s. Gilbert Livingston Bishop 
and Ellen M. Conarroe. m. May 1, 1905, Ella M. Coates. c. 
Hope L., 1906; Thomas L., 1908. Address, Frazer, Pa. 

Chase, William Thomas, Jr. (LL.B., Univ. of Pa., 1900.) 

Entered from Philadelphia, Pa., 1895, and left at close of Sopho- 
more year. 

Student at Bucknell University. Law Student, University of 
Pennsylvania, 1897-1900. Entered firm of N. W. Ayer & Son, 
Philadelphia; same position to date (Educational Advertising). 
Member, Twentieth Century Club, Boston ; Auburndale Club, Au- 
burndale ; Rotary Club, Boston. 

b. Lewiston, Me., September 2, 1876. s. William Thomas Chase 
and Hannah C. Maston. m. Brattleboro, Vt., June 19, 1909, Lucy 
Augusta Gow. c. William Thomas, 3d, l'HO; Richard Hovey, 
1912; Helen Kathrina, 1914; John Kenneth, 1917. Address, 64 
Summer Street, Newton Center, Mass. 


Eastburn, George, Jr. 

Entered 1895 and left at close of the Freshman year, 
b. Philadelphia, Pa., August 31, 1877. s. George Eastburn and 
Elizabeth M. Beale. No address. 

Gillespie, William Allen. 

Entered 1895 and left 1896. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., October 21, 1874. s. James S. Gillespie 
and . Address, 906 Susquehanna Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Haines, Arthur. 

Entered 1895 and left at end of Junior year. 

Vice-President of Class; Captain, Football Team of 1897; Mem- 
ber of Cricket Eleven, English Tour, 1896. Insurance. Adver- 
tising Department, Philadelphia Inquirer; Commercial Trust 
Company ; Philadelphia Trust Company ; Guaranty Trust Com- 
pany of New York (Philadelphia office) ; Correspondent, New 
Business Department, to date. Member, Germantown Cricket 
Club; Treasurer and Trustee of the Society for Ethical Culture. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., February 15, 1876. s. Lindley Haines 
(Class of 1869) and Elizabeth Irie Atlee. m. Germantown, Phila- 
delphia, Pa., October 7, 1902, Ellen Elizabeth Reeves, c. Arthur, 
Jr., 1904; Ellen Elizabeth, 1908; Edith Atlee, 1912. Address, 
5005 McKean Avenue, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Hay, Kenneth. 

Entered from Lawrenceville Academy, Freshman Class as Spe- 
cial Student, 1895, and left at close of the year. 

Member of Varsity Football Team. Member, Triangle Society. 
Clerk in Wholesale Trimming House, New York City ; Manufac- 
turing of Silks ; Manufacturing of Paper Boxes ; Manufacturing 
of Paints, Oils and Varnishes, to date. 

b. Cairo, Egypt, July 21, 1876. s. John Baldwin Hay and Cora 
Holmes Badger, m. London, England, July 18, 1896, Violet 
Hamilton Leaf. c. Muriel V., 1904. Address, 110 William Street, 
New York City, and 40 Elmwood Avenue, Bogota, N. J. 

Mifflin, Archer Bloomfield. 

Entered from Wayne, Pa., 1895, and left at close of the Junior 

Member, Cricket Eleven. English Tour, 1896. Civil Engineer 
and Surveyor ; Farmer ; Auditor, Lower Providence Township, 
Montgomery County, Pa. 

b. Columbia, Pa., February 13, 1878. s. George B. Mifflin and 
Barbara Harnli Peart, m. Wayne, Pa., September 30, 1909, Helen 
M. Watt. Address, Audubon, Montgomery County, Pa. 


Stokes, Andrew Maloney. 

Entered 1895 and left Freshman year. 

Real Estate, care of J. T. Jackson Company, Southeast Corner 
Chestnut and Thirteenth Streets, Philadelphia, Pa. Member, Phi 
Delta Theta, University of Pennsylvania. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., August 26, 1876. s. James C. Stokes and 

Sarah J. . m. Grand Rapids, Mich., June 20, 1917, Rachel 

F. . c. Mary Jane, 1918. Address, 3642 Chestnut Street, 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

Wilson, Louis Round. (A.B., Univ. of N. C, 1899; A.M., Univ. 
of N. C, 1902; Ph.D., Univ. of N. C, 1905.) 

Entered 1895 and left on account of ill health, end of Junior 
year, 1898. 

Entered University of North Carolina Senior Class, 1898. 
Teacher in Vine Hill Academy, Scotland Neck, N. C, 1899-1900; 
in Catawba College, Newton, N. C, 1900-01 ; Librarian, Univer- 
sity of North Carolina, 1901 to date; Associate Professor of Li- 
brary Administration, 1907-12; Professor, Library Administra- 
tion, 1912-20; Kenan Professor of Library Administration, 1920 
to date; Director of University Extension, 1912-21. Author: 
Chaucer's Relative Constructions ; Associate Editor, Studies in 
Philology; Editor, The Alumni Rez'icw (University of North 
Carolina); Editor, "Education and Citizenship"; Contributor to 
the Extension Bulletins and Leaflets Series (University of North 
Carolina) and to library and educational magazines. Chairman, 
North Carolina Library Commission, 1909-16; Member, N. E. A. 
Committee on Library Instruction in Normal Schools, 1914; 
Member, American Library Association Committee on School Li- 
brary Administration, 1915-16; Vice-President, National Univer- 
sity Extension Association, 1919-20; Chairman, Library Depart- 
ment, Southern Education Association, 1910-11. President, North 
Carolina Library Association, 1910 and 1921-22. Chairman of 
Four-Minute Men in Orange County, N. C, 1918. Member, Phi 
Beta Kappa; North Carolina State Literary and Historical Asso- 

b. Lenoir, N. C, December 27, 1876. s. Jethro Reuben Wilson 
and Louisa Jane Round, m. Coharie, N. C, June 10, 1909, 
Penelope Bryan Wright, c. Elizabeth Wright, 1910; Louis Round, 
1911 (d. 1913); Penelope, 1913; Louise, 1920. Address, Chapel 
Hill, N. C. 



Allen, Charles Jackson, S.B. 

Entered 1896. 

Manufacturer of Planet, Jr., Agricultural Implements and Flex- 
ible Flyer Sleds, S. L. Allen & Co., Second Vice-President. In- 
ventor of Agricultural Implements, Tractor Implements and 
Tractors. Member, Moorestown Field Club ; Riverton Yacht 
Club; Ben Lomond Golf Club. 

b. Cinnaminson, N. J., December 28, 1877. s. Samuel Leeds 
Allen and Sarah Hooton Roberts, m. Providence, R. I., Decem- 
ber 11, 1903, Henrietta G. Benson, c. Esther Breidenhart, 1905; 
Samuel Leeds, 1907; Rodman Benson, 1911; Charles Jackson, 
1913. Address, 321 East Oak Avenue, Moorestown,- N. J., and 
Fifth Street and Glenwood Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Allen, William Williams, Jr., A.B. (A.B., Guilford College, 1899; 
LL.B., Temple Univ., 1911.) 

Entered Senior Class 1899. 

Student, Guilford College, N. C, 1895-96 and 1899. Guilford 
Scholarship. Instructor in Temple University ; in American Insti- 
tute of Banking, Lecturer in the Law of Negotiable Instruments. 
Transfer Officer, The Philadelphia National Bank. 

b. Wilmington, N. C, January 21, 1880. s. William Williams 
Allen and Linda Rogers, m. June 20, 1905, Annie Blair, c. 
Lydia Louise, 1908; William Williams, 3d, 1916. Address, 231 
Poplar Avenue, Woodbury, N. J. 

Bell, William Brown, A.B. (A.M., 1901; LL.B., Columbia.) 

Entered from New York City, 1897. 

President, Council, Loganian; Editor and Business Manager, 
Havcrfordian. Lawyer. Member, City Club of New York; 
Columbia University Club ; Transportation Club of New York ; 
New York Club of New York. 

b. Stroudsburg, Pa., February 16, 1879. s. Thomas Alsop Bell 
and Elizabeth Dunn. m. Philadelphia, Pa., November 7, 1903, 
Susan Alsop. Address, 141 East Forty- fourth Street, New York 

Burdette, Robert Jones, Jr., A.B. 

Entered from Bryn Mawr, Pa., 1896. 

Editor of Havcrfordian; Officer in Y. M. C. A. Haverfordian 
Prize for Literary Work. Clerical and stenographic work; news- 
paper reporter, Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, 1901. Mostly news- 
paper work until 1920. Advertisement writer with Malcolm Mc- 
Allister Advertising Company since April, 1920; reporter, Salt 
Lake Tribune. 


b. Burlington, Des Moines County, Iowa, April 10, 1877. s. 
Robert Jones Burdette and Caroline Spalding Garrett, m. Okla- 
homa City, Okla., Felicia G. Johnson, c. Caroline Virginia, 1912; 
Robert James, 1915; Charles E., Jr., 1921. Address, 550 South 
Fourth East Street, care of Tribune, 152 South Main Street, Salt 
Lake City, Utah. 

Carter, Charles Henry, A.B., A.M., 1901. (A.M., 1902; Ph.D., 
1904, Harvard.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1897. 

Phi Beta Kappa. Member, Cricket Team Tour to England, 
1900. Assistant in German and French, Haverford, 1900-01 ; 
Highest Honors in English; General Honors. Student, Harvard 
University, 1901-04. Instructor in English, Syracuse University, 
1904-08; Assistant Professor, 1908-12; Associate Professor, 1912- 
17; Professor, 1917 to date. Member, Phi Kappa Phi; Associa- 
tion of American Professors ; Drama League. 

b. West Chester, Pa., December 23, 1879. s. Charles Shoemaker 
Carter and Elizabeth Cope. m. North Dartmouth, Mass., June 29, 
1910, Mary Jessie Gidley. c. Ruth Elizabeth, 1912; Anne Gidley, 
1914; Priscilla, 1919. Address, 866 Ostrom Avenue, Syracuse, 
N. Y. 

Carter, John Pim, A.B., A.M., 1901. 

Entered 1896. 

Graduate Student, 1901, Haverford (Chemistry). Chemical 
Engineer. With Carter & Scattergood, Philadelphia, as Chemist 
and Assistant Superintendent ; Charles Lennig & Co., Philadel- 
phia, as Assistant Superintendent ; Proctor & Gamble Company, 
Cincinnati, Ohio, as Chemical Supervisor, Soap Department ; At- 
lantic Refining Company, Philadelphia, Process Chemist. Ohio 
State Home Guard, Cincinnati Regiment, 1917-19. 

b. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., January 9, 1880. s. John 
Elliott Carter (Manager, 1868-71) and Frances Wilkinson Pim. 
m. Media, Pa., September 13, 1905, Abbie Hawley Garrett, c. 
Lillian Garrett, 1907 (d. 1907); Susan Elizabeth, 1909; Henrv 
Harlan, 1911 (d. 1911) ; John Elliott. Jr., 1912. Address, Wawa, 
Delaware County, Pa. 

Cope, Francis Reeve, Jr., A.B. (A.B., 1901, A.M., 1902, Har- 
Entered 1896. 

Secretary of Class, Sophomore year ; President, Class, Junior 
year ; President, College Association, Senior year ; Secretary, Ath- 
1 tic Association, Sophomore year; Loganian Society. Chairman, 


Honor Committee ; Honors in Economics, at graduation. 
Founders' Club. Alumni Orator, 1905. Student at Harvard Uni- 
versity, 1901-02. Holder of Robert Treat Paine Fellowship, from 
Harvard, 1903, studying Municipal and Social Questions, New 
York City; Holder of Honorary John Harvard Fellowship from 
Harvard, 1904, studying in England and Germany. Executive 
Secretary, Civil Service Reform Association of Pennsylvania, 
1904-05; Assistant Secretary and Secretary of Philadelphia Com- 
mittee of Seventy, 1905-12; since 1912, engaged in farming (dairy- 
ing and fruit growing) as owner and manager of 640-acre farm. 
1912-14, active in civic campaign for better rural schools, securing 
the consolidation of the schools of the township. 1916-18, Mem- 
ber, Pennsylvania Committee of Public Safety, and Chairman, 
Committee on Food Production and Conservation for Susquehanna 
County ; Organizer and Member of Executive Committee of Sus- 
quehanna County Farm Bureau (State and County Support) ; 
President, Susquehanna County Historical Society and Free Li- 
brary Association, 1908 to date ; Organizer of an interdenomina- 
tional survey of religious, educational, economic and social forces of 
Susquehanna County ; Chairman of First Interdenominational Con- 
ference of all Churches in Susquehanna County, 1919. Trustee, 
Bryn Mawr College, 1905-20; Manager, Pennsylvania Hospital 
of Philadelphia, 1906-20; Manager, William Penn Charter School, 
Philadelphia, 1906-21 ; Trustee, Penn School, St. Helena Island, 
S. C. ; Member, Harvard University Memorial Society, and Har- 
vard Union; University Club of Philadelphia; Academy of Nat- 
ural Sciences, Philadelphia ; Zoological Society of Philadelphia ; 
American Museum of Natural History, New York ; American 
Ornithologists' Union; The Dairymen's League; State Horticul- 
tural Association of Pennsylvania ; The Pennsylvania State 

b. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., August 9, 1878. s. Alexis T. 
Cope (Class of 1868) and Elizabeth Stewardson. m. Villa Nova, 
Pa., October 13, 1903, Evelyn Flower Morris, c. Theodora Mor- 
ris, 1906. Address, Dimock, Susquehanna County, Pa. 

Drinker, Henry Sandwith, Jr., A.B. (A.B., 1901, Harvard; 
LL.B., U. of P. Law School, 1904.) 

Entered from Haverford, Pa., 1896. 

Football Team, 1898 and 1899. Vice-President of Class, Senior 
year; Secretary, Class, 1905-10. Student at Harvard (A. B.), 
and University of Pennsylvania (LL.B.) Practice of Law since 
1904. Entered Law Office of Dickson, McCouch & Glasgow, 


Philadelphia, 1904; admitted to limited partnership, 1910; and 
full partnership, January 1, 1918. Author, three volumes on "The 
Interstate Commerce Act." Member, Philadelphia Club ; First 
City Troop (non-active, 1911) ; Art Alliance. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 15, 1880. s. Henry S. Drinker 
and Aimee Ernesta Beaux, m. Haverford, Pa., May 16, 1911, 
Sophie Lewis Hutchinson, c. Sophie, 1912; Henry S., 3d, 1914; 
Cecilia Beaux, 1917; Ernesta, 1920; Pemberton S., 1921. Address, 
Merion Road, Merion, Pa. 

Emlen, John Thompson, A. B. (B.S. Architecture, Univ. of Pa., 

Entered 1896. 

Treasurer of Class, Junior year. Class Record Board. Prac- 
ticed architecture for 2 years; Student in Department of Archi- 
tecture, University of Pennsylvania, 2 years ; Teacher at Hampton 
Institute for 1 year; Social Work, Secretary and Treasurer, Arm- 
strong Association of Philadelphia. Author of various pamphlets 
on living conditions among colored people, etc., and various re- 
ports on social work among colored people in Pennsylvania and 
New Jersey. Member, Board Directors, Provident Life and Trust 
Company; Anna T. Jeanes Foundation (Secretary) ; National Ur- 
ban League (Vice-President); Christiansburg Industrial School; 
Germantown Friends' School ; White Williams Foundation; Wissa- 
hickon Boys' Club (President). Member, City Club; Member, 
Sigma Xi ; Executive Committee of the Council of Social Agencies 
of the Welfare Federation of Philadelphia ; Member of Repre- 
sentative Committee of the Welfare Federation of Philadelphia ; 
Member of Board of Directors of Woolman School. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 28, 1878. s. James Emlen (Class 
1874) and Susan Trotter Thompson, m. March 6, 1906, Mary 
Carpenter Jones, c. Susan Thompson, 1907; John Thompson, 
Jr., 1908; Mary Carpenter, Jr., 1911 ; Woodruff Jones, 1913. Ad- 
dress, 36 West School Lane, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Eshleman, Frank Mercur, A.B. 
Entered 1896. 

Student at Franklin and Marshall College, 1895-96. Assistant 
Manager, Football Team, Sophomore year; Manager, Junior and 
Senior years. Member, Banjo Club, 2 years; Vice-President, I. C. 
A. A. A. A. ; Editor-in-Chief of Class Book. Member, Triangle 
Society ; Founders' Club. Wool Merchant. Entered employ of 
Justice Bateman & Co., Philadelphia, Pa., 1900; Member of firm, 
January 1, 1906-09; 1910, entered employ of Jeremiah Williams 


Company, Boston, Mass, Wool Merchants. Member of firm, 1916 
to date. Member, Philadelphia Barge Club; St. Nicholas Club, 
New York ; Union Boat Club, Boston ; Automobile Club, Ex- 
change Club of Boston; Milton Club; Hoosic Whisick Club, Mil- 
ton, Mass. 

b. Lancaster, Pa., February 12, 1880. s. B. Frank Eshleman 
(Class 1867) and Mary Eliza Mercur. m. Torresdale, Pa., Oc- 
tober 12, 1910, Annabel Esler. c. Francis, 1911; Elizabeth Bar- 
nett, 1914; Annabel, 1921. Address, 481 Summer Street, Boston, 
Mass., and Columbine Road, Milton, Mass. 

Febiger, Christian, S.B. 

Entered from Philadelphia, Pa., 1896. 

Member, Triangle Society. With Lea & Febiger, publishers 
of Medical and Surgical Books, since graduation. Member, Uni- 
versity Club, Philadelphia; Union League, Philadelphia; Merion 
Cricket Club. 

b. Ridley Park, Pa., March 20, 1878. s. Christian C. Febiger 
(Class 1865) and Katharine Megear Sellers, m. July 24, 1912, 
Madeleine S. Houte. Address, 706 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, 

Freeman, Edward Dale, A.B. (LL.B., New York Law School, 

Entered 1896. 

Vice-President, Class, Sophomore year ; President, Junior year ; 
Captain, Sophomore Track Team. Member, Football Team, 1896- 
1900. Junior Exercises Committee; Junior Play; President, Col- 
lege Association. Student at Columbia Law School, 1900-01 ; at 
New York Law School, 1901-03. Lawyer, New York, Washing- 
ton. Chairman, Board of Finance, Wilton, Conn. ; Delegate, 
Democratic State Convention (Connnecticut), 1916. Alternate 
Delegate at Large from Connecticut to National Democratic Con- 
vention, 1916. First Officers Training Camp, Madison Barracks, 
N. Y., 1917, commission Captain, Infantry; later promoted Major, 
Infantry, 311th Regiment, 78th Division, Camp Dix, N. J.; 3d 
Provisional Regiment, and later Assistant Chief of Staff of 78th 
Division; Sailed for France, 1918, in command of Advance De- 
tachment of Division. Attended Army General Staff College at 
Longres, France, June to August, 1918; assigned to Operations 
or Tactical Section of General Staff of First Army, A. E. F. ; 
took part in St. Mihiel and Meuse-Argonne Offensives; after 
Armistice, Assistant Inspector General of First Army ; similar 
appointment for Base Section No. 9, Antwerp, Belgium ; Execu- 


tive Officer of the Port of Rotterdam, Holland ; Second in Com- 
mand of United States Troops in Holland. Honorably Discharged, 
July 9, 1919, Camp Dix. With War Risk Insurance Bureau as 
Counsel until resignation in June, 1920. Private practice of law 
to date. Member, Beta Rho Sigma ; Phi Kappa Psi ; Delta Chi ; 
Lotos Club, New York; formerly Secretary, House Committee, 
National Arts Club, New York; Member, University Club, Phila- 

b. Warren, Pa., April 4, 1878. s. Lewis Ross Freeman and 
Florence Dale. m. (1) December 18, 1900, Grace Gertrude Den- 
nison. c. Lewis Ross, 2d, 1902; Florence Dennison, 1904 (de- 
ceased) ; Marian Dennison, 1909. m. (2) November 26, 1919, 
Josephine Bartlett Smith. Address, 1622 Webster Street, N. W., 
Washington, D. C. 

Hallett, Henry McLellan, A.B. 

Entered 1896 from Windham Centre, Me. 

Treasurer, Class, 1897-98; Treasurer, Y. M. C. A., 1897-98; 
Treasurer, College Association, 1897-98; Varsity Football Team, 
all four years. Beta Rho Sigma. Secretary and District Man- 
ager, Pennsylvania Crusher Company. Member, Shannopin 
Country Club ; Engineers' Society of Western Pennsylvania ; Coal 
Mining Institute of America. 

b. Manchester, Me., June 1, 1875. s. James Hervey Hallett 
and Sarah Louise Hawkes. m. North Chili, N. Y., June 18, 1910, 
Lois Ellen Roberts, c. Sarah Louise, 1911; Jane Sellew, 1913; 
Douglas Roberts, 1921. Address, 324 Forest Avenue, Ben Avon, 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 

fHiatt, James Smith, A.B. (B.L., Earlham College, 1899.) 
Entered 1899, Senior Class, as Earlham Scholar. 
Student at Earlham College, 1895-99. Teacher of English, 
Friends' Academy, Locust Valley, L. I., 1900; Teacher in Friends' 
School, Germantown, 1909; Secretary of Public Education Asso- 
ciation; connected with public and private schools of Philadelphia; 
1915, Secretary to Governor Brumbaugh of Pennsylvania. 

b. Richmond, Ind., July 10, 1877. d. November 20, 1915. s. 
William J. Hiatt and Eliza Willen Smith, m. Springboro, Ohio, 
September 4, 1902, Margaret C. Chapman, c. Benjamin Chap- 
man, 1909; Catherine Chapman, 1912. 

Hinchman, Walter Swain, A.B., A.M., 1903. (A.B., Harvard, 
Entered 1896 from Philadelphia, Pa. 
Member, Cricket Team, all four years (Captain, Senior year) ; 


Triangle Society; Cap and Bells Club; Founders' Club. Teacher 
and Author. Groton School, 1901-03, 1904-20. Student at Ber- 
lin, 1903-04. Francis B. Gummere Chair of English, Haverford 
College, 1920-1922. Author, Lives of Great English Writers; 
Tintagel and Other Poems ; William of Normandy ; Holmes Hink- 
ley; History of English Literature; The American School. Com- 
piler, Selections from Arnold. Contributor to Appleton's Maga- 
zine; Poet Lore; Atlantic Monthly; New York Times Book Re- 
view ; Contemporary Verse ; Educational Review ; English Journal ; 
English Leaflet; Independent. Chairman, Groton Food Com- 
mittee, 1917; Chairman, Groton Public Safety Committee, 1918; 
Associate Director, Bureau of Camp Service, American Red 
Cross, Washington, D. C, 1918-19. President, New England 
Association of Teachers of English, 1918-20; Vice-President, 
National Council of Teachers of English, 1920. Member, Har- 
vard Union, Cambridge, Mass. ; Harvard Club, New York City ; 
St. Botolph Club, Boston ; University Club, Philadelphia ; St. 
Davids Golf Club, St. Davids, Pa. ; English-Speaking Union ; New 
England Association of Teachers of English ; Association of Col- 
leges and Preparatory Schools. Overseer, William Penn Charter 
School, Philadelphia, Pa., 1922- . 

b. Burlington, N. J., September 13, 1879. s. Charles Shoe- 
maker Hinchman and Lydia Swain Mitchell, m. Ludlow, Shrop- 
shire, England, June 27, 1911, Julia Henderson, c. Richard, 1912; 
Hildegarde, 1913; John, 1916; Mary, 1919; Dorothea, 1921. Ad- 
dress, Haverford College, Haverford, Pa. 

Jenks, Horace Howard, A.B. (M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1904.) 

Entered 1896. 

Mandolin Club; leader of same, Senior year; Assistant Man- 
ager, Football Team ; Manager, Track Team ; Captain, Gymnastic 
Team, Junior and Senior years ; President of Class, Senior year. 
"Spoon Man." Triangle Society. Physician. Resident Physi- 
cian, Children's Hospital, 1904-05 ; at Pennsylvania Hospital, 
1905-07; Assistant Dispensary Physician, Children's Hospital, 
1907-09; same at Polyclinic Hospital, 1907-09. Associate in 
Pediatrics, Howard Hospital, 1907-09; Dispensary Physician, 
Children's Hospital, 1916 to date; Superintendent, Children's Hos- 
pital (during war), 1917-19; Assistant Medical Director, Chil- 
dren's Hospital, 1918 to date; Medical Director of the Children's 
Bureau (of Seybert Institution), 1920 to date. Member, City 
Club; Pediatric Society; Fellow of the College of Physicians; 
President, Pediatric Society, 1922. 

b. Ashbourne, Pa., June 7, 1878. s. William F. Jenks and Helen 


Carnan Towne. m. New London, New Hampshire, September 
11, 1908, Eloise C. North, c. William Furness, 1909; Edward 
North, 1910; Robert Darrah, 1912. Address, 920 Clinton Street, 
Philadelphia, Pa., and Haverford, Pa. 

Justice, William Warner, Jr., S.B. (A.B., Harvard, 1901.) 

Entered 1896. 

Class Secretary, Freshman year ; Secretary, Loganian, 1897- 
98; Editor, Haverfordian; Class Record. Member, Cricket 
Eleven; also Tour to England, 1900. Senior Advisory Board, 
etc., etc. At Harvard, Editor of "Harvard Advocate." Wool 
Merchant, 1901-12; 1912 to date, Steel and Tin Plate Manufac- 
turer. (Vice-President of N. & G. Taylor Company, Inc., Phila- 
delphia, Pa.) Member, Board of Saving Fund Society of Ger- 
mantown and Chestnut Hill; President, Philadelphia Sales Man- 
agers' Association. Member, University Club; Huntingdon Val- 
ley Country Club; Huntingdon Valley Hunt Club; Master of 
Foxhounds of latter. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., November 8, 1878. s. Theodore Justice 
and Anna Vaughan Neall. m. St. Martins, Chestnut Hill, Phila- 
delphia, Pa., October 1, 1910, Elizabeth Hollinshead Taylor. Ad- 
dress, 300 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Levick, Henry Lewis D'Invilliers, A.B. 

Entered 1896 from Bala, Pa. 

Sometime Director of Providence Mills Manufacturing Com- 
pany; some time Vice-President, Providence Mills Manufacturing 
Company ; some time Director, Crew Levick Company, and Secre- 
tary of same; former President of Crew Levick Athletic Asso- 
ciation; Social Service Welfare Work since 1919. To date, with 
the Seamen's Church Institute of Philadelphia. Scoutmaster, 
Troop 8, Boy Scouts of America ; Associate Director, Camp 
Brooks (Juvenile Protective Association) ; Member, The Union 
League; The City Club; The Historical Society; The Society of 
the Runnymede; The Social Workers' Club; The Bala-Cynwyd 
Neighborhood Club. 

b. Philadelphia. Pa., June 12, 1877. s. Lewis J. Levick (Class 
1867) and Mary Ann d'Invilliers. Address, Bala, Pa. 

Lutz, Frank Eugene, A.B. (A.M., 1902; Ph.D., 1907, Univ. of 
Entered 1896. 

Student at University of Chicago, 1900-02. 1903-04; Student 
of Biometry at University of London, 1902-03. Assistant in 
Zoology, University of Chicago; on Research Staff Station for 
Experimental Evolution of the Carnegie Institution of Washing- 


ton ; Assistant Curator of Invertebrate Zoology, American Museum 
of Natural History, New York City, to date. Also Editor of the 
Museum's Scientific Publications. Author of various scientific 
and popular papers on biology, including "Field Book of Insects." 
Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science; 
of Entomological Society of America; of New York Academy of 
Science; Member, Society of American Naturalists, etc. 

b. Bloomsburg, Pa., September 15, 1879. s. Martin P. Lutz 
and Anna A. Brockway. m. Germantown, Pa., December 30, 
1904, Martha Ellen Brobson. c. Anna, 1906; Eleanor, 1910; 
Frank Brobson, 1911; Laura, 1915. Address, Ramsey, N. J. 

Mifflin, Samuel Wright, A.B. (A.B., Harvard, 1901 ; LL.B., U. 
of P., 1904.) 

Entered from Wayne, Pa., 1896. 

Cricket Team, 3 years; English Tour, 1900. Football Team, 
3 years ; Captain, Senior year. Triangle Society. Student at 
Harvard and at Harvard Law School and Law School of Uni- 
versity of Pennsylvania, 1901-04. Law Practice in Philadelphia, 
Pa., 1904-11; Specialty Investigator for Fayette R. Plumb, Inc., 
Philadelphia, 1911-15; Manager for New England District Air 
Reduction Sales Company, New York, 1916-17; Office Organizer 
and Manager, Employment Department, American International 
Shipbuilding Corporation, Hog Island, 1917-18; Director of Con- 
trol Division, United States Employment Service for Pennsylvania, 
1918-19. Cancellations Division, Emergency Fleet Corporation, 
1918-20; Manufacturers' Cooperative Service, 1920 to date (Di- 
rector). Member, Hasty Pudding, Harvard; Sharswood Law 
Club, University of Pennsylvania; Merion Cricket Club; Harvard 
Club of New York. 

b. Columbia, Lancaster County, Pa., February 27, 1880. s. 
George Brown Mifflin and Barbara Harnli Peart. Address, 500 
Stock Exchange Building, 1411 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa., 
or Merion Cricket Club, Haverford, Pa. 

Moorhouse, John Kennedy, A.B. 

Entered from Pittsburgh, Pa., 1896. 

Treasurer of Class; Secretary of Y. M. C. A.; President of 
same ; Secretary of College Association ; Secretary, Musical Club. 
Minister of the Episcopal Church. Rector, St. Paul's Church, 
Bristol, 1903-10; Rector of Calvary Church, Conshohocken, 1910 
to date; Dean of Convocation of Norristown, 1919 to date. 

b. Allegheny, Pa., June 15, 1877. s. John Lawson Moorhouse 
and Annie Craig Lafferty. m. Wayne, Pa., October 10, 1906, 
Katharine Allen Boyd. c. Livingston Boyd, 1907; Bemetta Anne, 
1910. Address, Conshohocken, Pa. 


Peele, Jonathan Irving, S.B. (S.B., Wilmington College, O., 

Entered from Wilmington, Ohio, Senior Class, 1899. 

Student at Wilmington College 5 years ; Holder of Wilmington 
Scholarship. Farmer. American Steel Wire Company, 1900-01 ; 
Farquhar Furnace Company, 1902-04; farmer, 1904 to date. 

b. Bowersville, Ohio, January 5, 1879. s. Seth L. Peele and 
Mary Esther Fawcett. m. Sabina, Ohio, December 28, 1904, 
Edna Custis. c. Miles, 1906. Address, R. F. D. No. 1, Wilming- 
ton, Ohio. 

Sensenig, Heber, A.B. 

Entered 1896. 

Captain, Track Team. College Football. Instructor of Mathe- 
matics. Teacher in private school in New Jersey, 1900-01 ; in 
private schools in New York City, 1901-09; in City High School 
at Newport, R. I., 1909 to date. 

b. Lancaster County, Pa., February 2, 1873. s. John Sensenig 
and Martha Weaver, m. New York City, 1903, Elizabeth 
Boshagen. c. Edmee Alice, 1906; Herbert Rudolf, 1907; Edgar 
Carl, 1911. Address, Annisquam, Mass. 

Sharpless, Frederic Cope, A.B. (M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1903.) 

Entered 1896. 

College Cricket Team, 3 years ; Football Team, 2 years. Physi- 
cian. Resident Physician, Pennsylvania Hospital, 1904-06; Gen- 
eral Practice, 1906 to date. Attending Physician, Bryn Mawr 
Hospital, since 1912 ; Member, Medical Advisory Board, Dela- 
ware and Montgomery Counties, during war. 

b. Haverford, Pa., October 1, 1880. s. Isaac Sharpless, Sc.D., 
LL.D. (President, Haverford College, 1887-1917) and Lydia 
Trimble Cope. 

Tatnall, Abram Gibbons, S.B. 

Entered from Coatesville, Pa., 1896. 

Secretary and Treasurer, Football Association, 1897-98 ; Sec- 
retary and Treasurer, Football Association, 1898-99. Sales Man- 
ager, William E. Hooper & Sons Company. Member, University 
Club; Merion Cricket Club. 

b. Wilmington, Del., December 17, 1878. s. Charles M. Tat- 
nall and Rebecca L. Gibbons, m. Philadelphia, Pa., October 15, 
1903, Margaret Butcher, c. Margaret, 1905; Gibbons, 1913. Ad- 
dress, Roberts Road, Ardmore, Pa. 


Taylor, Edward Ballinger, Jr., A.B. 

Entered 1896 from Sewickley, Pa. 

Superintendent, Marietta Division, Pennsylvania System. With 
Pennsylvania System as Rodman, Transitman, Assistant Engi- 
neer, Division Engineer and Superintendent, 1900 to date. Mem- 
ber, American Society of Civil Engineers; American Railway 
Engineering Association ; Engineers' Society of Western Pennsyl- 
vania ; Cambridge Board of Trade ; Cambridge Golf Club. 

b. Blairsville, Pa., June 30, 1879. s. Edward Ballinger Taylor 
(Class of 1869) and Mariana Satterthwaite. m. Pittsburgh, Pa., 
March 15, 1904, Mary E. Barker, c. Edward Ballinger, 3d, 1905 ; 
Ruth Barker, 1908. Address, 600 North Seventh Street, Cam- 
bridge, Ohio. 

Taylor, Joseph McFerran, A.B. 

Entered 1896. 

With Fourth Street National Bank, Philadelphia, 1900. Stu- 
dent at State College, Pa., mining, 1902 ; in charge of coal mines, 
Spangler, Pa., 1903; Student in Missouri School of Mines and 
Metallurgy, 1904; with Majestic Mining Company, Milford, Utah, 
1907; Mining Engineer in firm of Taylor & Taylor, Salt Lake City, 
1908; McDonald & Taylor, Architects, Salt Lake City; Taylor & 
Ingalls, Engineers, Milford, Utah, 1909. Member, Beta Theta Pi, 
State College. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., July 26, 1880. s. Joseph Hazzard Taylor 
and Florence Dashiell McFerran. No address. 

White, Wilfred Wallace, S.B. (S.B., Penn, 1899; M.S.F., 1906, 
Univ. of Mich.) 

Entered 1899 Senior Class as Penn Scholar. 

Student at Penn College, Oskaloosa, Iowa, 4 years. 1900-01, 
farmer; 1901-02, Instructor in Sciences, Sac City Institute, Iowa; 
1902-03, Student, Cornell University, and Forest Student, United 
States Forest Service; 1903-05, farmer; 1905-06, Student, Michi- 
gan University, and Forest Student in Summer, United States 
Forest Service; 1906-07, Forest Assistant, United States Forest 
Service; 1907-08, Deputy Forest Supervisor; 1908 to date, Forest 
Supervisor, Bitter Root National Forest. (District Forest In- 
spector.) During war, Chairman, Live Stock Committee of State 
Council of Defense, District No. 13, Montana. Chairman of Mis- 
soula Public School Board ; formerly Member Missoula Chamber 
of Commerce, "New Industries Committee"; Chairman, Finance 
Committee, Missoula First Class Boy Scout Council ; Vice-Presi- 
dent, Missoula Kiwanis Club. 


b. Oskaloosa, Iowa, July 11, 1877. s. Thomas B. White and 
Dora Hiatt. m. Sac City, Iowa, December 19, 1907, Sarah Jane 
Campfield. c. Jack C, 1910; Paul H., 1912; Ben E., 1915; Mar- 
garet, 1919. Address, 244 South Third Street, West, Missoula, 

Chamberlain, William Reginald. 

Entered 1896 and left at close of Sophomore year. 

With Emery- Waterhouse Wholesale Hardware Company, Port- 
land, Me., 1900. Hardware and marine business since leaving 
college. To date, President, Woodward & Chamberlain, Inc., 
Marine Supplies, New York. 

b. Portland, Me., June 20, 1877. s. William Chamberlain and 
Lizzie Hale Coffin, m. Portland, Me., April 5, 1905, Flora M. 
Otis. c. Elizabeth, 1906. Address, 247 Bedford Avenue, Mt. 
Vernon, N. Y., and 14 Fulton Street, New York City. 

Freedley, William Gardiner, Jr. 

Entered 1896 and left at close of Sophomore year, 1898. 

Junior partner in firm of J. K. Freedley & Sons, 1901- . 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 6, 1878. s. William Gardiner 
Freedley and Katharine E. Conrad. Address, 142 Maplewood 
Avenue, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Hoopes, Macmillan. 

Entered 1896 and left 1897. 

Financial Secretary for Lammot du Pont. Member, Union 
League, Philadelphia; Wilmington Club; St. Andrews' Society of 
Philadelphia ; Beta Theta Pi Fraternity ; Church Club of Dela- 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., March 16, 1879. s. Clement R. Hoopes 
and Marie Louise MacMillan. m. Philadelphia, Pa., October 21, 
1905, Helen Massey Hoopes. c. Clement R., 2d, 1906; George 
V. Massey, 1910. Address, Brindley Road, Wilmington, Del. 

Howson, Furman Sheppard. 

Entered from Wayne, Pa., 1896; left during Senior year. 

Member of firm of Rufus Waples & Co., 322 Chestnut Street, 
Philadelphia, Pa. (Investment Bonds). 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., February 9, 1879. s. Charles Howson and 
Medora Ware. Address, 401 Woodland Avenue, Wayne; Pa. 

Kingston, Henry Houston, Jr. 

Entered 1896. 

Manager of the News Bureau, Buffalo, Rochester and Pitts- 
burgh Railway. 


b. Philadelphia, Pa., June 13, 1876. s. Henry Houston King- 
ston and Frances Allan Hunter. Address, R. F. D. No. 1, 
Rochester, N. Y. 

Lloyd, John Eshleman. 

Entered 1896. 

Captain, Relay and Track Team, Senior year. Secretary, Class, 
1900. Lumber and Coal Merchant. President, William M. Lloyd 
Company ; President, Braganza Lumber Company, Waycross, Ga. ; 
Vice-President, Branford Lumber Company, Jacksonville, Fla. ; 
Chairman, Board of Directors, National Retail Coal Merchants' 
Association; President, Philadelphia Coal Exchange; President, 
National Retail Lumber Dealers' Association ; President, Philadel- 
phia Society for Promoting Agriculture. During the war, Chair- 
man, Emergency Bureau, representing Retail Lumber Yards in 
the Eastern District, Quartermasters' Department, December, 
1917, to August, 1918. Resident Vice-President, National Retail 
Coal Merchants' Association, 1917-19. Member, The Church 
Club; Union League; Merion Cricket Club, Haverford, Pa.; St. 
Nicholas Club, New York City; Cape Fear Club, Wilmington, 
N. C. ; West Chester Golf and Country Club ; Lumbermen's Ex- 
change ; Chamber of Commerce ; Builder's Exchange. 

b. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., March 28, 1878. s. William 
McClure Lloyd and Ruth Anna Eshleman. Address, 29th and 
Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Logan, James Addison, Jr. 

Entered Freshman Class as Special Student and left during 
the year. 

Colonel in United States Army. 1901, Captain in Regular 
Army; Assistant Depot Commissary, Manila, P. I., 1904; in 
Washington, duty in War Department, 1909; Military Attache 
at United States Embassy, Paris; Commissary, at Panama, 1911; 
Major Staff Officer in Commissary General's Department, 1912. 
During World War, Assistant Chief of Staff, A. E. F. ; Chief of 
Staff for Mr. H. C. Hoover during period of general relief opera- 
tion in Europe after the Armistice ; Deputy Delegate ; Unofficial 
American Delegation on Reparation Commission under Treaty of 
Versailles. Distinguished Service Medal, United States Army; 
Croix de Guerre and Officer of the Legion of Honor, France; 
Officer of the Order of Leopold, Belgium; Commander of the 
Order of St. Saviere, Serbia; Commander of the Order of the 



White Rose, Finland. Member, Markham Club and Philadelphia 
Barge Club, of Philadelphia; Metropolitan Club, Army and Navy 
Club, and Chevy Chase Club, of Washington ; Knickerbocker 
Club, of New York. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 14, 1879. s. James A. Logan 
and Elizabeth Marchand. Address, 1718 H Street, N. W., Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

Marshall, Moses. 

Entered 1896 and left during the Sophomore year. 

Law Student, Boston University, Boston, Mass., 1900. Prac- 
tice of Law, Lawrence, Mass., 1902. Register of Deeds, Northern 
District, Essex, Mass. ; Practice of Law at Lawrence, 1908. 

b. , England, June 20, 1872. s. John C. Marshall and 

. Address, 176 West Street, Lawrence, Mass. 

fMiller, Daniel. 

Entered 1896 and left during the Freshman year. 

With Townsend, Wheelen & Co., and later with a company 
manufacturing boat propellers. 

b. Glendale, Md., November 13, 1877. d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
February 16, 1912. s. H. C. Miller and . 

Murphy, Grayson Mallet-Prevost. 

Entered from Atlantic City, N. J., 1896, and left during Sopho- 
more year 1898. 

Joined Pennsylvania Volunteers, United States Army, 1898 
(Private, Company K, Infantry) ; appointed to West Point, 1899. 
Graduated from West Point, 1903. Captain and Aide-de-Camp 
to Brigadier-General Commanding Provisional Guard of Pennsyl- 
vania during Spanish- American War. Second Lieutenant, 17th 
Infantry, United States Army. Sales Manager, Electric Cable 
Company ; Member of firm of G. M. & P. Murphy & Co. ; Vice- 
President, Guaranty Trust Company, of New York; Major, In- 
fantry, Officers Reserve Corps ; American Red Cross Commis- 
sioner to Europe; Lieutenant-Colonel, Infantry, United States 
Army ; Operations Officer, 42d Division ; Distinguished Service 
Medal ; Commendatore of the Order of the Crown of Italy ; 
Officer of the Legion of Honor. President, Foreign Commerce 
Corporation of America; Member of firm of G. M. & P. Murphy 
& Co. ; Director in Bethlehem Steel Corporation ; Cuba Cane Sugar 
Corporation ; Finance and Trading Corporation ; Foreign Com- 
merce Corporation ; Foreign Credit Corporation ; Guaranty Safe 
Deposit Company ; Guaranty Trust Company ; Textile Banking 
Company. Inc.; The New York Trust Company; Federal Ac- 


counting Corporation. Member, St. James Club, London; Army 
and Navy Club of America ; The Brook ; Down Town Association ; 
The Links Club; Parramore's Island Association; Piping Rock 
Club ; Racquet and Tennis Club ; Recess Club ; Rockaway Hunt- 
ing Club; The Riding Club; Turf and Field Club; Union Club; 
University Club ; American Legion ; Rainbow Division Veterans ; 
Member of Executive Committee, Association of Graduates of 
West Point; Honorary Trustee, The Boys' Club. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 19, 1878. s. Howard Murphy 
and Anita Mallet-Prevost. m. Philadelphia, Pa., April 19, 1906, 
Maud Donaldson, c. Grayson Mallet-Prevost, Jr., 1907; Robert 
Donaldson, 1912. Address, 11 East Seventieth Street, New York 

Schober, George Mitchell. 

Entered from Haverford, Pa., 1896, and left during Freshman 

Automobile business since leaving college. Selling automobile 
parts, to date. 

b. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., March 19, 1878. s. Fred- 
erick W. Schober and Emilie I. Hart. m. Germantown, Phila- 
delphia, Pa., June 1, 1910, Esther M. Siegel. Address, 3339-45 
Market Street, Philadelphia, Pa., and 700 North Fortieth Street, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Seager, Schuyler Fiske. (A.B. Harvard, 1902.) 

Entered from Hancock, Mich., 1896, and left at close of Sopho- 
more year. 

Mining, Timber and Automobile Industries. Secretary-Treas- 
urer, Olds Gas Power Company, Lansing, Mich., until 1915; Sec- 
retary-Treasurer, Lansing Manufacturers' Railroad, until 1915; 
in miscellaneous business in Los Angeles, Cal., 1915 to date. Mem- 
ber, Mid wick Country Club, Pasadena, Cal. ; Valley Hunt Club, 
Pasadena, Cal. ; University Club, Los Angeles ; University Club, 
Detroit, Mich. ; Los Angeles Athletic Club. 

b. Lansing, Mich., January 22, 1879. s. Schuyler F. Seager 
and Alice Berry, m. London, England, July 6, 1907, Mary Mar- 
guerite Goodell. c. Katharine G.. 1908; Marguerite L., 1909; 
Schuyler F., Jr., 1914. Address, 331 South Hill Avenue, Pasa- 
dena, Cal. 

fStuart, Harry Harlan. 

Entered from Minneapolis, Minn., 1896, and left at close of 
Sophomore year, 1898. 

Beta Rho Sigma. Vice-President, Carnation Milk Products 
Company, Manufacturers of Condensed Milk. 1898-1902, grain 


business, Minneapolis; 1902-21, Condensed Milk Business. 1918, 
United States Food Administration, Washington, D. C, in charge 
of the Condensed Milk Section of the Division of Co-Ordination 
of Purchase. "Dollar a year." Member, Rainier Club, Seattle, 

b. Lawrence, Kan., July 10, 1878. d. Due to accident, April 
16, 1921. s. Dr. J. H. Stuart (Class 1861) and Margaret Annis 
Lynch, m. Minneapolis, Minn., October 18, 1905, Hester M. Tor- 
rance, c. Douglas Harlan, 1906 ; Patricia, 1908 ; Margaret Annis, 
1915; Harry Harlan, Jr., 1918. 

White, Linden Harris. (A.B., St. Stephens, Annandale-on-Hud- 
son, 1900; S.T.B., Phila. Divinity School, 1907.) 

Entered from Germantown Academy, 1896, and left at close 
of Freshman year. 

Won Everett Prize Medal for Oratory, 1897. Valedictorian. 
Editor and Business Manager, St. Stephen's Messenger. 1900-01, 
Professor of English and Latin at Hudson River Military Acad- 
emy, Nyack-on-Hudson, N. Y. ; 1901-03, Editor and Business 
Manager of El Pais, later named "The Puerto Rico Sun." Printed 
first Civil Code of Laws for Puerto Rico; later Business Manager 
of "San Juan News"; 1903-06, Philadelphia Divinity School; 
1906-07, Curate, Church of the Ascension, Fall River, Mass. ; 
1907-12, Rector, St. James Church, Fall River, Mass.; 1912-21, 
St. Mary's Church, St. Louis, Mo.; 1914, Chairman of "The 
Church News" of Missouri. During war, Platform Speaker for 
Red Cross and Liberty Loan Drives. Member, Board of St. 
Luke's Hospital, St. Louis; Board of St. Louis Clericus; and of 
Church Federation; Secretary-Treasurer, Southern Branch, 
Church School Union; Chairman, Near East Relief, New Bedford, 
Mass. ; Chaplain, St. Luke's Hospital, New Bedford, Mass. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., January 5, 1876. s. William A. White 
and Rachel Hunter, m. Fall River, Mass., June 17, 1909, Eliza- 
beth Heatley. c. David Linden, 1910; Linden Harris, Jr., 1915; 
Thomas Heatley, 1917. Address, St. Martin's Church, New Bed- 
ford, Mass. 

Yocum, Charles Crawford. 

Entered 18% and left Freshman year. 

Factory office, Autocar Company, Ardmore, Pa. 

b. Ardmore, Pa., October 29, 1874. s. George Peachen Yocum 
and Mary Litzenberg. m. New York City, October 15, 1898, 
Effie Stella Seavey. c. Charles Crawford, Jr., 1899; Armon Cor- 
son, 1905; Bremer Wright, 1907; Mary Marshall Aldrich, 1909. 
Address, 208 Elm Terrace. Narberth, Pa. 



Baltz, William Sagehorn, S.B. 

Entered 1897. 

Mechanical Engineering, 1901-03; Farming, 1903-13; Student 
at Princeton Theological Seminary, 1913-16; Pastor, Pequa Pres- 
byterian Church of South Hermitage, Lancaster County, Pa., 1916 
to date; and Farmer. Member, Percheron Society of America; 
Holstein-Friesian Association ; Grange. 

b. Whitford, Pa., July 13, 1880. s. John Daniel Baltz and 
Annie Augusta Sagehorn. m. Doe Run, July 26, 1916, Lyde 
Wilson Polk. c. John Daniel, 2d, 1917. Address, Honey Brook, 
Pa. (Star Route). 

Bankard, Clarence Walton, A.B. 

Entered from Berwyn, Pa., 1897. 

Honors in Greek. Phi Beta Kappa. Sales Agent, Office Equip- 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., June 6, 1880. s. George W. C. Bankard 
and Anna R. Wiggins. Address, 824 North Twentieth Street, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Brown, Ellis Yarnall, Jr., A.B. 

Entered 1897 from Downingtown, Pa. 

Assistant Business Manager, Havcrfordian, 1899-1900. Honors 
in English. With Downingtown Manufacturing Company since 
graduation, manufacturers of paper mill machinery ; Treasurer of 
same to date. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., September 6, 1880. s. Ellis Yarnall Brown 
and Sarah Elizabeth Willits. m. Bryn Mawr, Pa., April 29, 1911, 
Mary Downing Godley. c. Ellis Yarnall, 3d, 1912; Thomas Down- 
ing, 1914; Francis Godley, 1917; Richard Willits, 1921. Address, 
East Downingtown, Pa. 

Bullinger, Howard Valentine, A.B. (A.B., Harvard, 1902.) 

Entered 1897. 

Havcrfordian Board, 4 years ; Manager of same, 2 years. Presi- 
dent, Class, Senior year. Cope Fellowship. Student at Harvard 
University, 1901-02. Teacher, 1902; Bond Salesman, 1917; Pub- 
licity Manager, 1918. Member, Boston Chamber of Commerce; 
Boston Kiwanis Club ; Celbra Tennis Club. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., October 2, 1878. s. Charles Howell Bul- 
linger and Mary Elizabeth Cox. m. Boston, Mass., June 26, 1909, 
Gertrude Tileston. c. Jean, 1911; Betty, 1916. Address, Hyde 
Park, Mass. 


Cadbury, John Warder, Jr., A.B. 

Entered from Philadelphia, Pa., 1897. 

Haines, Jones & Cadbury Company ; Trust Department, The 
Provident Life and Trust Company of Philadelphia. 

b. Moorestown, N. J., June 29, 1880. s. Joel Cadbury (Class 
1856; Manager, 1867-81) and Anna Kaighn Lowry. m. German- 
town, Philadelphia, Pa., October 15, 1910, Rachel Comfort Reeve. 
c. John Warder, 3d, 1912, Thomas Lloyd, 1920. Address, 272 
West Main Street, Moorestown, N. J. 

Cadbury, William Edward, A.B., A.M., 1902. 

Entered 1897. 

President, College Association; President, Y. M. C. A.; "Spoon 
Man"; Founders' Club; President, 2 years. Wholesale grain 
business with George M. Warner, Philadelphia, 1902-08; with F. 
Wallis Armstrong, Advertising Agency, 18 months ; investment 
business as bond salesman, with Elkins, Krumbhaar & Morris 
(now Elkins, Morris & Co.). 1911-17, salesman for the National 
City Company, Philadelphia Office; 1918-20, with Clayton F. 
Banks, Philadelphia. Correspondent, Guaranty Trust Company 
of New York. Member of firm, Cadbury, Ellis & Haines, Invest- 
ment Bankers, 1920 to date, as Sales Manager. Liberty Loan 
Worker during the five campaigns, and Vice-Chairman of Indus- 
trial Committee, Philadelphia. Member of University Club, Phila- 

b. Germantown, Pa., June 25, 1881. s. John Warder Cadbury 
(Class of 1854) and Rebecca Warner, m. Downingtown, Pa., 
May 31, 1905, Mary Yarnall Brown, c. Elizabeth Willits, 1906; 
William Edward, Jr., 1909; Eleanor, 1912. Address, Whit- 
ford, Pa. 

Carey, Clifton O'Neal, S.B. (S.B., Wilmington, O., 1900; B.S. in 
C.E., Univ. of Mich., 1906; C.E., 1914.) 

Entered September, 1900, from Wilmington College. 

Football "H," Senior year. Teacher in public schools of Ohio, 
1901-03; Professor of Mathematics, Wilmington College, 1904- 
05 ; Draftsman and Superintendent of Building Construction, 
Sherwin-Williams Company, Cleveland, Ohio, 1906-08; Instructor 
in Surveying, University of Michigan, 1908-14; Assistant Pro- 
fessor of Surveying, University of Michigan, 1914-20; Associate 
Professor of Surveying, University of Michigan, 1920- . Au- 
gust, 1918, to February, 1920, in employ of Chinese Government. 
Principal Assistant Engineer on the Grand Canal Improvement 
Board. Member, University of Michigan Faculty Club; Uni- 
versity of Michigan Union ; Michigan Engineering Society ; Na- 


tional Geographic Society; American Association of Engineers; 
Society for the Promotion of Engineering Education. 

b. Wilmington, Ohio, December 1, 1875. s. Samuel Albert 
Carey and Ruth Polk. m. Wilmington, Ohio, September 12, 1905, 
Alberta Nevin. c. Harold Nevin, 1907; Edwin Albert, 1909; 
Miriam Elisabeth, 1910. Address, Geddes Road, Ann Arbor, 

DeArmond, James Keyser, A.B. 

Entered from Friends' Central School, Philadelphia, Pa., 1897. 

Merchant in upholstery goods and cabinet hardware, De Ar- 
mond & Co., 930 Arch Street, Philadelphia, Pa., since graduation. 
Member, Pennsylvania Society, Sons of the Revolution; Welcome 
Society of Pennsylvania; Netherlands Society of Pennsylvania. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 21, 1877. s. George J. De Ar- 
mond and Elizabeth Webster Keyser. m. Philadelphia, Pa., Oc- 
tober 27, 1906, Emily Janney. c. Anna Janney, 1910; James 
Keyser, Jr., 1913. Address, 812 North Sixty-third Street, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

De Motte, Laurence Washburn, S.B. (LL.B., 1903.) 

Entered from Haverford School, 1897. 

"H" in Football; Captain, Cricket and Hockey Teams (IV). 
Personnel Director, American Express Company, 65 Broadway, 
New York City. 1903-07, legal and other work ; 1907-08, Head 
of History Department, Tome School for Boys, Port Deposit, 
Md. ; 1908-09, Director of Discipline, Peekskill Military Academy, 
Peekskill, N. Y. ; 1909-12, Headmaster, Army and Navy Prepara- 
tory School, Washington, D. C. ; 1912-14, Financial Editor, Wash- 
ington Post; Editor, Alexandria News; 1914-15, in charge of 
Issue and Redemption Emergency Currency, Office Comptroller 
of the Currency, Washington, D. C. ; 1915-17, Assistant to Chief 
National Bank Examiner, Sixth Federal Reserve District, At- 
lanta, Ga. ; May, 1917, to August, 1917, First Reserve Officers' 
Training Camp, Third Battery, Fort McPherson; commissioned 
First Lieutenant; August, 1917, Statistical Officer, Draft Officer 
and Insurance Officer combined, 82d Division, and Assistant Di- 
vision Adjutant; January, 1918, commissioned Captain, Adjutant 
General's Department, and made Personnel Officer, 82d Division; 
March, 1918, Personnel Adjutant, Camp Gordon, Ga. ; August, 
1918, commissioned Major, A. G. D. ; September, 1918, Personnel 
Adjutant, Camp McClellan, Ala.; France, October, 1918; Novem- 
ber, 1918, to May, 1919, Personnel Adjutant, Base Section No. 2, 
Bordeaux, France; May, 1919, Army of Occupation, Germany. 
Secretary, 82d Division Association ; Cricket Captain, Staten Island 
Cricket and Tennis Club. 


b. Greencastle, Ind., September 18, 1879. s. John Brewer De 
Motte and Lelia Laura Washburn, m. Washington, D. C, De- 
cember 30, 1910, Marjorie Ramey. c. Washburn Payne, 1913; 
Betty Brewer (deceased), 1915. Address, 65 Broadway, New 
York City. 

Dewees, Aaron Lovett, A.B. (M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1907.) 

Entered Sophomore Class 1898. 

Honors in Biology, Physician, Teacher of Gymnastics, Booth- 
am School, York, England, 1901-03; Resident Physician, Ger- 
mantown Hospital, July, 1907-08; at Pennsylvania Hospital, 1908- 
10; at Bryn Mawr Hospital, 1911. Assistant in Dispensary for 
Nervous Diseases, University Hospital, 1911-13, inclusive. Dis- 
pensary Physician, Bryn Mawr Hospital, 1918 to date; Chairman, 
Visiting Nurse and Relief Committee of Main Line Citizens' As- 
sociation, 1918 to date. Member and President, Haverford Town- 
ship Board of Health, 1911 to date; Member and Secretary, Bryn 
Mawr Hospital Medical Advisory Board of the Selective Service 
System, 1918. Overseer, Haverford Monthly Meeting, 1916 to 
date. Member, Merion Cricket Club; Pathological Society of 
Philadelphia ; Philadelphia Pediatric Society ; Keystone Automobile 
Club; Secretary, Main Line Branch of the Montgomery County 
Medical Society. 

b. Westtown, Pa., January 17, 1880. s. Watson Wood Dewees 
and Sarah Lovett Brown, m. Natick, Mass., September 15, 1917, 
Margaret Dakin. c. Robert Lovett, 1919. Address, Old Rail- 
road Avenue, Haverford, Pa. 

Freeman, Alfred Edgar, A.B. (LL.B., Univ. of Pa., 1904.) 

Entered 1897. 


b. Philadelphia, Pa., November 19, 1877. s. Erasmus Freeman 
and Henrietta Knoop. Address, 1926 North Broad Street, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Kirkbride, William Howard, S.B. 

Entered 1897. 

President, Class, 1897-98; President, Cap and Bells Club (III) ; 
Manager, Glee Club (III) ; Manager, Football Team, Glee Club, 
Hockey Team, Gymnasium Team (IV). Beta Rho Sigma. 
Planter, South Carolina ; Mining, British Columbia ; Oil, Kentucky 
and Oklahoma. Rancher and Fruit Grower, Idaho, 1902-04; 
President, Pacific Coast Construction Company, Victoria, B. C. ; 
President, Sombrio Gold Mining Company, Vancouver Island, 
B. C. Author of several plays and articles and magazine stories. 
Member, Union Club, Victoria, B. C. ; Westmoreland Club, Rich- 


mond, Va. ; Sarsfield Golf Club, Camden, S. C. ; Riding and Driv- 
ing Club ; Camden County Club ; Dublin Lake Club. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., March 27, 1879. s. William Kirkbride and 
Mary Pennell Churchman, m. Orange, N. J., January 14, 1907, 
Georgiana Sheldon Tilney. c. Adele Wallace, 1908; Malcolm 
Churchman, 1909; Ronald DeLevington, 1911. Address, Winter, 
"Cool Springs," Camden, S. C. ; Summer, "Fairview," Dublin, 
N. H. 

Mellor, Walter, S.B. (B.S., Univ. of Pa, Architecture, 1904.) 

Entered 1897. 

Charter Member, Cap and Bells. Varsity Football Team, 
Junior and Senior years ; Varsity Hockey Team ; Member, Musical 
Clubs ; Vice-President of same, Junior and Senior years. Archi- 
tect. For six months in office of Theo. P. Chandler; thereafter, 
Member of firm, Mellor, Meigs & Howe. Member, Phi Gamma 
Delta; Mask and Wig, University of Pennsylvania; Cap and 
Bells, Haverford ; Union League ; University Club, Philadelphia ; 
Germantown Cricket Club; Merion Cricket Club; Zoological So- 
ciety of Philadelphia; T Square Club, Treasurer, 1913-18; Ameri- 
can Institute of Architecture ; American Forestry Association. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa, April 25, 1880. s. Alfred Mellor (Class 
1861) and Isabella Latham, m. New York City, October 11, 1919, 
Elizabeth Wharton Mendelson. c. Louise, 1920. Address, 152 
West Walnut Lane, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Mendenhall, William Orville, A.B. (A.B, 1900; A.M., 1901, 
Penn; Ph.D., Univ. of Mich, 1911.) 

Entered Senior year 1900 as Penn Scholar. 

President, Friends' University, Wichita, Kan. Principal, 
Pleasant Plain Academy, Iowa; Professor of Mathematics, Wil- 
mington College, Ohio; Student and Fellow, Clark University, 
Mass. ; Instructor, High School, Portland, Ore. ; Instructor, Le- 
land Stanford, Jr., University, Cal; Student, University of Mich- 
igan; Professor, Earlham College, Ind. To date, President, 
Friends' University. Member, American Statistical Association ; 
American Mathematical Association; Sigma Xi. 

b. Ridge Farm, 111, May 10, 1879. s. Albert W. Mendenhall 
and Almida Rees. m. Verona, N. Y, June 22, 1907, Lucy J. 
Osgood, c. William Rees, 1914. Address, 1412 University Ave- 
nue, Wichita, Kan. 

Meredith, Clement Orestes, A.B. (A.B, Guilford, 1900; Ph.D., 
Johns Hopkins, 1912.) 
Entered 1900 as Guilford Scholar. 
Teacher. Superintendent of Guilford College High School ; 


Professor of Latin, Guilford College, N. C. ; Dean of same; Pro- 
fessor of French in Oglethorpe University, Ga. ; Professor of 
German, University of Richmond, Va. 

b. High Point, N. C, September 13, 1876. s. Elihu Meredith 
and Prudence Jane Welborn. m. Tamworth, N. H., July 23, 
1913, Angelina Wood. c. Edward Clement, 1914; Owen Wood, 
1915; Horace Welborn, 1917; David Lawrence, 1920; Lucile 
Wood, 1922. Address, University of Richmond, Va. 

Neilson, William LaCoste, A.B. 

Entered 1897. 

"H" in Football ; Beta Rho Sigma. Mechanical Engineer. 
Standard Steel Works, 1901-05 ; Chester Steel Castings Company, 
1905-06; Vice-President and Foreign Manager, Norton Company, 
of Worcester, Mass., 1907 to date. Member, Royal Automobile 
Club ; Luffenham Heath Club ; Leicestershire Golf Club ; American 
Institute Mechanical Engineers. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., May 2, 1879. s. William G. Neilson and 
Mary Cunningham, m. Philadelphia, Pa., October 30, 1907, Dor- 
othy Crawford, c. W. LaCoste, Jr., 1909; Alan Crawford, 1914. 
Address, 10 Sackville Street, Piccadilly, London, W. I. 

Patton, Richard, A.B. 

Entered 1897. 

Triangle Society. Pennsylvania Railroad Passenger Depart- 
ment, 1901-04, inclusive; Winslow & Co., Wool, 1904-16; Sutcliffe 
& Co., Inc., 1916-18; 1918-19, in charge of Scouring and Carbon- 
izing Department, Wool and Yarns, Quartermaster Corps, United 
States Army. 1919 to date, Wool Commission Business, 158 
Summer Street, Boston. Member, Pennsylvania Scotch-Irish So- 
ciety ; Boston Wool Trade Association ; Wollaston Club, Wollas- 
ton, Mass. 

b. Doylestown, Pa., November 9, 1881. s. William Alexander 
Patton and Mary Elizabeth Tripple. m. Worcester, Mass., June 
4, 1913, Lilian I. K. Thompson, c. Richard Alexander, 1917; 
Eileen Dewhist, 1919. Address, 128 Winthrop Avenue, Wollas- 
ton, Mass., and 158 Summer Street, Boston, Mass. 

Rossmassler, Edward Collins, B.S. 
Entered 1897. 

Captain, Gymnasium Team (IV). With Sauquoit Silk Manu- 
facturing Company since 1901 ; Director of same and Secretary 
to date. Member, Board Managers, Silk Association of America ; 
Chairman, Bureau of Adjustment of same; Chairman, Committee 
on Admission of same. Member, 7th Regiment, Infantry, New 
York Guard, for 2 years. Member, Essex County Country Club, 


West Orange, N. J.; Scarsdale Golf and Country Club, New 
York; Manhattan Club, New York City. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 5, 1878. s. Richard Rossmassler 
and Bertha Collins, m. May 1, 1905, Marjory Garrison Atwater. 
c. Richard (deceased), 1906; Edward Collins, Jr. (deceased), 
1907; Deborah Ward, 1909; Ogden Wood, 1912; Stephen At- 
water, 1920. Address, Circle Road, Scarsdale, N. Y. 

Rush, Calvin C. S.B. (M.D., 1907, Univ. of Pa.) 

Entered 1900 from Earlham College. 

Physician; Specialist on Diseases of the Eye. Clerk in Phila- 
delphia National Bank, Philadelphia, 1901-03; Student at Uni- 
versity of Pennsylvania Medical School, 1903-07; Resident Physi- 
cian, University Hospital, Philadelphia, 1907-09; General Prac- 
tice, Portage, Pa., 1909-16; Post-Graduate Work at Wills Eye 
Hospital, Philadelphia ; Polyclinic Hospital ; Jefferson Medical Col- 
lege; Massachusetts Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary, Boston; 
New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, New York, 1916-18; 1918-19, 
Visiting Ophthalmologist to Canton Hospital, David Greek Hos- 
pital and Kung Yee Hospital, Canton, China, and to St. Luke's 
Hospital, Tokyo, Japan, during summer of 1919. Author of sci- 
entific articles on the treatment of myopid, of trachoma, etc., etc. 
Member, American Medical Association ; Pennsylvania State Medi- 
cal Association; Cambria County Medical Association; Sunne- 
hanna Country Club; Alpha Omega Alpha (Honorary Medical). 

b. Fairmount, Ind., February 16, 1876. s. Rev. Nixon Rush 
and Louisa Winslow. m. Fairmount, Ind., June 20, 1910, An- 
nette Johnson, c. Sylvia Louise, 1911 ; Norman J., 1913; Eleanor, 
1916; Calvin C, Jr., 1921. Address, 342 Main Street, Johnstown, 
Pa., and Mill-Creek Road, Southmont, Pa. 

Scull, Edward Marshall, A.B. 

Entered 1897. 

Editor-in-Chief, Haverfordian; Manager of same. Beta Rho 
Sigma. Writing and publishing. The Evening Bulletin, Philadel- 
phia, 1902-03 ; Officer and Director, The John C. Winston Pub- 
lishing Company, Philadelphia, 1903-11 and 1915-18; First Lieu- 
tenant, M. I. D., United States Army, General Staff, 1918-19; 
Editorial Contributor, The Evening Bulletin, Philadelphia, 1919; 
Author, "Hunting in the Arctic and Alaska," etc. Member, The 
Philadelphia Club. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 7, 1880. s. Edward Lawrence 
Scull (Class 1864; Manager, 1875-84) and Sarah Elizabeth Mar- 
shall, m. Philadelphia, Pa., May 26, 1914, Anne Price Johnson, 
c. Anne, 1916; David, 1917; Joan, 1919. Address, 1301 Walnut 
Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 


Sensenig, Wayne, A.B. (M.A., 1914; Ph.D., 1919, Univ. of Pa.) 

Entered 1898. 

Teacher of Mathematics. Engineer for 4 years in Nevada, 
Oregon and Washington. Teacher for 13 years. Member, Moun- 
taineers' Club, Seattle, Wash. ; Mathematical Association of 

b. Goodville, Lancaster County, Pa., April 23, 1879. s. Martin 
Sensenig and Mattie Rutt. m. Conshohocken, Pa., 1914, Elizabeth 
Long Crawford, c. Wayne, Jr., 1915; J. Crawford, 1917; David 
M., 1921. Address, care of Mrs. J. C. Crawford, R. F. D., Con- 
shohocken, Pa. 

Sharp, Frederick William, A.B. 

Entered 1897. 

"H" in Cricket (IV). Stock farmer. Two years with lumber 
company in Tennessee; 2 years, Assistant Cashier in Bank; 6 
years, ranching and fruit growing in Idaho. Member, Piedmont 
Hunt Club. 

b. Berwyn, Pa., November 29, 1880. s. Joseph Webster Sharp 
and Sidney Serrill Bunting, m. April 9, 1910, Frida Grelle. c. 
Frederick W., Jr., 1911; Robert Webster, 1915; C. Louise, 1917. 
Address, R. F. D. No. 2, The Plains, Va. 

Walenta, George John, A.B. (B.D., Gen. Theolog. Seminary, 

Entered 1897. 

Captain, Track Team (IV) ; Editor, Haz'erfordian (III) ; Man- 
ager of same (IV). Founders' Club; Phi Beta Kappa. Clergy- 
man. Curate, Church of St. Simeon, Philadelphia, 1904-05 ; 
Church of the Advent, Boston, Mass., 1906; Instructor of Bible, 
William Penn Charter School, 1906-09; Curate, St. John's Church, 
Norristown, Pa., 1909-10; Rector, Church of St. Simeon, Phila- 
delphia, 1910 to date. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., November 22, 1874. s. Edmund Joseph 
Walenta and Anna Elizabeth Soltzhauer. m. Haverford, Pa., 
December 20, 1906, Madeleine Jones, c. Madeleine Dudley, 1908 ; 
Ruth Sherlock, 1909. Address, 2650 North Ninth Street, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Winslow, John Leiper, A.B. (LL.B., Univ. of Md., 1903.) 

Entered 1898 Sophomore Class. 

Lawyer. Associate Member of Draft Board ; Government In- 

b. Baltimore, Md., March 7, 1880. s. Randolph Winslow (1871) 
and Rebecca Fayssoux Leiper. m. Bainbridge, Ga., June 27, 1906, 


Anna Stuart Torrge. c. John Leiper, Jr., 1911; Rebecca F., 
1911. Address, 2033 Park Avenue, Baltimore, Md. 

Wirgman, William Wayne, S.B. 

Entered from Paoli, Pa., 1897. 

Engineering Department of Phoenixville Bridge Building Com- 
pany, 1901- . 

b. Wayne, Pa., March 24, 1878. s. John McCrea Wirgman 

and Mary Atlee Wayne, m. , Elizabeth Ryon. Address, 

412 Pine Street, Selinsgrove, Pa. 

fWood, Walter Hallock, A.B. 

Entered 1898 Sophomore Class. 

Football "H" (II, III and IV); Member, Student Advisory 
Board (III and IV; Chairman, IV). Founders' Club. Teacher 
of Mathematics. Master, Mathematics, Friends' Select School, 
Philadelphia, 1901-05 ; Principal, Oakwood Seminary, Union 
Springs, N. Y., 1905-15; Mathematics Master, Westtown School, 
Pa., 1915-21. Member, National Educational Association; Mathe- 
matics Teachers' Association of Middle States ; Fellowship of 
Reconciliation; Minister in Society of Friends; Recorded, 1911. 

b. Farmington, N. Y., December 27, 1876. d. Westtown, Pa., 
April 11, 1921. s. Charles Henry Wood and Adelaide Hallock, 
m. Salem, Ohio, December 24, 1902, Jessie T. Atkinson, c. Kath- 
arine Virginia, 1906. 

Woodward, William Wellington, A.B. (M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1905. 

Entered 1897. 

Student, University of Pennsylvania Medical School, 1901-05 ; 
Interne, Episcopal Hospital, Philadelphia, 1905-08; Practice of 
Medicine in West Chester. Member, Staff, Chester County Hos- 
pital, 1908-22, except during war service, 1917-19. A. E. F. 
Medical Corps in France, 1918-19. Member, College of Physi- 
cians, Philadelphia; A. M. P. O. Medical Fraternity; Chester 
County and Pennsylvania State Medical Societies ; American 
Medical Association ; Officers of Foreign Wars ; West Chester 
Golf and Country Club. 

b. West Chester, Pa., March 9, 1880. s. Charles E. Woodward 
and Ellen Louise James. Address, 26 South Church Street, West 
Chester, Pa. 

Yearsley, Arthur Ralston, S.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1898. 

Captain, Track Team (IV) ; Phi Beta Kappa. Real Estate and 
Insurance. With Lukens Iron and Steel Company, 1901-09; Real 
Estate and Insurance, 1909 to date. 

b. Coatesville, Pa., September 25, 1880. s. Isaac Yearsley, Jr., 


and M. Ella Emery, m. Coatesville, Pa., September 19, 1907, 
Elva L. Ash. c. C. Wistar, 1914; Eleanor, 1918; Lawrence, 1921. 
Address, 568 East Main Street, Coatesville, Pa. 


Allen, Charles Francis. 

Entered 1897 and left 1898 during the Freshman year. 

Clerk, Provident Life and Trust Company, Philadelphia, 
1901- . Farmer and Fruit Raiser. 

b. Beverly, N. J., May 26, 1879. s. Charles Milton Allen (As- 
sistant in Mathematics, 1845) and Martha Allinson. m. Edge- 
water Park, N. J., October 12, 1911, H. Elfleda Mann. Address, 
Eighth Street, Riverton, N. J. 

Babbitt, Harold French. 

Entered from West Brattleboro, Vt., 1897, and left at close of 
Freshman year, 1898. 

Sales Engineer, S. F. Bowser & Co., 50 Church Street, New 
York City. 

b. Andover, Mass., September 21, 1876. s. Rev. James Howard 
Babbitt and Mary French Abbott, m. Takoma Park, D. C, Sep- 
tember 21, 1904, Katherine Maude Dexter, c. Alice Dexter, 1907. 
Address, 116 Lenox Avenue, East Orange, N. J. 

Chase, Frank Sewell. 

Entered from Manchester, N. H., 1897, and left at close of 
Freshman year. 

With Illinois State Agent, New Hampshire Fire Insurance Com- 
pany. With same company in various capacities since leaving 

b. East Deering, N. H., February 5, 1877. s. John Franklin 
Chase and Mary Almy. m. Chicago, 111., November 1, 1911, Sybil 
Nash. Address, 305 Vale Street, Bloomington, 111. 

Fardon, Albert Henry. (M.A.; M.D.; D.P.H., Cambridge; M.R. 
C.S.; L.R.C.P., London.) 
Entered Junior Class 1899 and left February, 1900. 
Physician. Numerous hospital appointments. Surgeon to 
Friends' Ambulance Unit, B. E. F. 

b. Finsbury Park, London, England, October 13, 1877. s. 
Thomas Fardon and Sarah Ann Brown. Last address, Brendon, 
Red Hill, England. 

Grayson, Theodore Julius. (LL.B., Univ. of Pa., 1902; B.S. in 
Econ., Univ. of Pa., 1920.) 
Entered from Wayne, Pa., 1897, and left at close of Sophomore 


Attorney-at-Law, member of all courts, both Federal and State, 
in Pennsylvania. Specialist in public utility law and law of estates. 
Represents many gas and water companies. Author of Grayson 
on the Law of Beneficial Associations, and numerous magazine 
articles. Assistant Professor of Finance, Wharton School, Uni- 
versity of Pennsylvania; Director of Evening and Extension 
Schools, University of Pennsylvania. Treasurer of New Jersey 
Utilities Association ; Member of American Gas Association ; 
American Water Works Association ; Pennsylvania Water Works 
Association ; Pennsylvania State Gas Association ; New Jersey 
State Gas Association; Member, Union League of Philadelphia; 
University Club of Philadelphia; Philadelphia Cricket Club; 
Franklin Inn Club; Pennsylvania State Bar Association; His- 
torical Society of Pennsylvania. 

b. Beverly, N. J., March 4, 1880. s. Frederick W. Grayson, 
Jr., and Katherine Julius. Address, 1327 Real Estate Trust Build- 
ing, Philadelphia, Pa. Residence, 2109 Locust Street, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

Langfeld, Herbert Sidney. (Ph.D., Berlin, Germany, 1909.) 

Entered 1897 and left on account of ill health at end of Fresh- 
man year. 

Assistant Professor, Psychology, and Director of Psychological 
Laboratory, Harvard University. Secretary to United States 
Naval Attache, United States Embassy, Berlin, 1902-04; Research 
Fellow, Harvard, 1909-10; Instructor in Psychology, Harvard, 
1910-15; Assistant Professor since 1915. Acting Director, Psy- 
chological Laboratory, Harvard, 1917-19; Director of same since 
1919. Lieutenant, R. O. T. C, Harvard, 1918; Member, Massa- 
chusetts Motor Corps ; Research Secretary, Y. M. C. A. in France, 
1918. Author: An Elementary Laboratory Course in Psychology; 
The Aesthetic Attitude; numerous scientific articles on psycho- 
logical subjects, and six articles on Psychology of Advertising, 
etc. Member, Harvard Club, Boston and New York ; Oakley 
Country Club; Hyannisport Golf Club; Fellow of American As- 
sociation for the Advancement of Science; Member, Council of 
American Psychological Association ; American Archaeological As- 
sociation ; American Folk Lore Society ; Cambridge Social and 
Dramatic Union, Men's Church Club, Cambridge. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., July 24, 1879. s. Charles Langfeld and 
Flora Rosenbaum. m. New York City, N. Y., October 6, 1904, 
Florence Hoffman. Address, 38 Francis Avenue, Cambridge, 


Macomber, Edward Leonard. 

Entered 1897 and left at close of Freshman year. 

Town Clerk, Westport, Mass., 1898 to date; Justice of Peace, 
1899 to date; Notary Public, 1901 to date; Executor and Ad- 
ministrator of Estates; Trustee of Public Library, 1901-07; Mem- 
ber, School Board, 1903-09; Board of Health, 1913 to date. Di- 
rector of Old Dartmouth Historical Society, 1903 to date; Presi- 
dent, Central Village Improvement Society ; Secretary, Associa- 
tion of Descendants of Stephen Allen ; Treasurer, Westport 
Monthly Meeting. 

b. Westport, Mass., January 26, 1877. s. John A. Macomber 
and Esther A. Allen, m. Wakefield, Mass., June 27, 1906, Ada 
Snowden Buzzell. c. Elizabeth Snowden, 1912 ; John Austin, 
1916; Eleanor Russell, 1918; Margaret Allen, 1921. Address, 
Central Village, Mass. 

Mellor, George Brown, Jr. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1898 and left at close of year. 

Farmer since leaving college. Member of East Bradford School 
Board since 1907. Member, Home Cluster; Chester County Farm 
Bureau ; Chester County Corn Growers' Association ; Brandywine 
Grange No. 60. 

b. "Willow Dale" Farm, Chester County, Pa., November 13, 
1877. s. George B. Mellor (Class 1862) and Sarah Savery. m. 
West Chester, Pa., August 6, 1913, Martha Bullock. Address, 
"Willow Dale" Farm, East Bradford Township, Chester County, 
Pa. (West Chester R. F. D. No. 7). 

Moore, Herbert Wills. (B.S. Rutgers, 1904.) 

Entered 1897 and left at close of the year. 

Research Engineer. General Chemical Company, Camden, N. J., 
1904-1907. Assistant Instructor, Ceramics, Rutgers, 1907-09; At- 
lantic Terra Cotta Company, Perth Amboy, N. J., Plant Chemist, 
Chief Chemist and Production Manager of same. 1920- , Re- 
search Engineer with Precision Grinding Wheel Company, 
Holmesburg, Philadelphia, Pa. Member, National Geographical 
Society ; American Ceramic Society ; Phi Beta Kappa. 

b. Moorestown, N. J., May 23, 1880. s. John Moore and 
Priscilla N. Wills, m. Radnor, Pa., Ella A. Edwards, c. Herbert 
W., Jr., 1912. Address, Holmesburg, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Off, Edward Peltz. 

Entered 1897 and left Freshman year. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., . s. and . m. Philadelphia, 

Pa., May 10, 1907, Elsie M. Fox. Address, 1930 Rittenhouse 
Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 


Randolph, Evan. (A.B., Harvard Univ., 1903.) 

Entered 1897; left during Freshman year. 

Entered Freshman Class, Harvard University, 1899. Vice- 
President, The Girard National Bank, Philadelphia, Pa. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., April 29, 1880. s. Evan Randolph and 
Rachel Story Jenks. m. Philadelphia, Pa., November 7, 1906, 
Hope Carson, c. Hope, 1908; Evan, 3d, 1909; Hampton Carson, 
1911 ; Rachel, 1915; David Story, 1922. Address, Corner Seminole 
and Chestnut Avenue, Chestnut Hill, Pa. 

Scholey, Howard Wilson. 

Entered 1897 and left at close of Sophomore year. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., May 31, 1881. s. Edmund Dickinson 
Scholey and Anna Wilson. Address, care of Edmund D. Scholey, 
Philadelphia Trust Safe Deposit and Insurance Company, 413-17 
Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Taylor, Herbert Hazzard. 

Entered 1897 and left at close of Sophomore year, 
b. Philadelphia, Pa., August 22, 1882. s. Joseph Hazzard Tay- 
lor and Florence McFerran. No address. 

Thomas, Russell Elmslie. 

Entered 1898 Sophomore Class and left in Spring of 1901. 

Student of Mining Engineering, Lehigh University. Mining 
and Metallurgical Work in Copper and Coal Mines, Mexico; Hy- 
draulic and Tunnel Work in Alaska; Arizona, Copper and Gold 
Developments ; Assistant to Chief Engineer at Jerome, Ariz. ; Los 
Angeles, 1907 to date, Construction Work. Assistant Building 
Inspector, City of Los Angeles, Cal., to 1922. Farming to date. 
Member, Phi Gamma Delta ; Masons ; American Association of 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., July 18, 1878. s. Charles Monroe Thomas, 
M. D., and Marion Elmslie Turnbull. m. Los Angeles, Cal., Jan- 
uary 22, 1908, Charlotte M. Hartford, c. Marion; Virginia. Ad- 
dress, Route 3, West Chester, Pa. Twin Larches Farms. 

Tomlinson, Alexander Cooper. 

Entered 1897. 

1901-03, with Glen Iron Furnace Company. 1903 to date, 
American Water Softener Company ; Treasurer of same. Mem- 
ber, The Union League. Philadelphia; Haddon Country Club. 

b. Laurel Springs, N. J., September 3, 1897. s. Benjamin Albert 
Tomlinson and Mary V. Cooper, m. Haddonfield, N. J., April, 



1914, Mary Cooper Buzby. c. William B., 1915 ; Margaret, 1918. 

Address, 114 King's Highway West, Haddonfield, N. J. 

f Webster, I. Herbert. 

Entered from Media, Pa., 1897, and left at close of Sophomore 

1899-1900, Real Estate, William T. B. Roberts; 1900-04, Phila- 
delphia Pneumatic Tool Company; 1904- , Provident Life and 
Trust Company, Insurance Division. Publisher of pamphlets on 
insurance systems. 

b. Delaware County, Pa., March 8, 1879. d. March 9, 1917. 
s. Pennell Larkin Webster and Mary Webster Yarnall. m. Nor- 
ristown, Pa., October 3, 1901, Mary Rowena Hobensack. 

Wendell, Robert Stewart. 

Entered from Wayne, Pa., 1896, and left 1899. 

Civil Engineer. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., October 6, 1878. s. Herman Wendell and 
Tilla A. Wendell. Address, care of Wendell & Smith, Essex 
Fells, N. J. 

Zook, Charles Augustus Bitner. 

Entered 1897 and left at close of Freshman year. 

Dealer in Leaf Tobacco until 1908. United States Navy, as 
Pay Clerk, during war (Overseas Transportation Service). Re- 
tired. President, Pennsylvania Soap Company, since May 8, 1922. 
Member, Hamilton Club; Lancaster Country Club; Lancaster 
Auto Club ; The American Legion ; Lancaster Post 34, Depart- 
ment Pennsylvania. 

b. Lancaster, Pa., January 10, 1879. s. J. Gust. Zook and 
Emma Elizabeth Bitner. m. Philadelphia, Pa., January 19, 1914, 
Beatrice McMullen Bullen. c. J. Gust., II, 1914; C. A. B., Jr., 
1916; Sarah Lippincott, 1920. Address, Route 5, Lancaster, Pa. 


Balderston, Henry Lloyd, S.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1899. 

1902-04, Draftsman, Pencoyd Iron Works; 1904, Chief In- 
spector of same ; 1904-05, Assistant Engineer, Allentown Rolling 
Mills; 1905-06. Drafting Department, Trenton Plant, American 
Bridge; 1906-07, Drafting Department, Belmont Iron Works; 
1907-08, Survey and Construction, Cecil Farmers' Telephone Com- 
pany ; 1908-10, Stock Salesman, United Securities Company; 1910, 
Stock Salesman, Precision Thermometer and Instrument Com- 


pany; 1910-11, Chemical Engineering, Precision Thermometer and 
Instrument Company; 1911 to date, Secretary, and, since 1920, 
Treasurer, also Sales Manager, Precision Thermometer and In- 
strument Company. Member, Philadelphia Golf Club; Divotee 
Golf Club. 

b. Westtown, Pa., July 3, 1881. s. C. Canby Bladerston and 
Mary Anna Brown, m. December 5, 1912, Cara M. Gibbons, c. 
William Gibbons, 1915; Henry Lloyd, Jr., 1917. Address, 34 
Simpson Road, Ardmore, Pa. 

Barclay, Joseph John, A.B. 

Entered 1898. 

Law Student for 1 year. Poultry Business. Manager and 
Owner of The Barclay Egg Farm ; Treasurer, The Barclay 
Ganister Rock Company. Member, Bedford Springs Golf Club. 

b. Newport, Pa., December 13, 1880. s. John J. Barclay and 
Laura W. Baily. Address, 230 South Juliana Street, Bedford, Pa. 

Boles, Edgar Howard, A.B. (LL.B., Univ. of Pa., 1905.) 

Entered 1898. 

Alumni Prize Oration, Senior year. Editor-in-Chief, University 
of Pennsylvania Law Review, 1904-05 (then called "American 
Law Register"); Practice of Law, Philadelphia, 1905-08; As- 
sistant to General Solicitor, New York Central Railroad Com- 
pany, 1908-10; Assistant General Solicitor, Lehigh Valley Railroad 
Company, 1910; General Attorney of same, 1910-11; General 
Solicitor, 1911-18; General Counsel, 1918-20; Vice-President and 
General Counsel, 1920- . Member, University Club, New York 
City ; Ardsley Club, New York ; Railroad Club, New York City. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., July 7, 1880. s. George H. Boles and 
Rhoda O. Borden, m. Ardmore, Pa., October 18, 1905, Blanche" 
Huey. c. Alan, 1906; Eloise, 1908; Laurence, 1910. Address, 21 
East Eighty-second Street, New York City, and 143 Liberty 
Street, New York City. 

Brown, Justin Emmett, A.B. (A.B., Penn College, 1901; M.A., 

Entered 1901 from Penn College Seminary. 

Student, Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa, 1902-04. Mis- 
sionary to China since 1904. Luchowfu, Anhuei, China. 

b. Rose Hill, Iowa, June 6, 1876. s. William H. Brown and 
Margaret Caroline Ayers. m. Nanking, China, November 16, 
1906, Genevieve Perkins, c. Ransom Perkins, 1911 ; Arthur Win- 
field, 1914; Jeanne Elizabeth, 1916. Address, 503 Sixth Street. 
Ames, Iowa, and Luchowfu, Anhuei, China. 


Brown, Shipley, S.B. 

Entered 1899. 

Captain, Gymnasium Team, Senior year. Chemist, Lake Su- 
perior Company; with Downingtown Manufacturing Company; 
Hotel Manager, Atlantic City; Farming; Manager; Community 

b. Westtown, Pa., October 23, 1881. s. Thomas Kite Brown 
and Caroline Cadbury. m. Germantown, Pa., October 18, 1905, 
Lucy Haines, c. Alice Deborah, 1907; Thomas Shipley, 1912. 
Address, Westtown, Pa. 

Cary, Charles Reed, S.B. (S.B., Mass. Inst. Tech., 1904.) 

Entered 1899. 

Student of Electro-Chemistry, M. I. T., 1902-04. Sales Man- 
ager, James S. Biddle, 1904-06; Assistant Engineer, Pennsylvania 
Railroad East River Tunnels, 1906-08 ; Sales Department, Leeds 
& Northrup Company, 1908 to date; Sales Manager of same. 

b. Baltimore, Md., December 26, 1881. s. Charles J. Cary and 
Sue B. Reed. m. Bryn Mawr, Pa., September 7, 1912, Margaret 
Morris Reeve, c. Barbara Lloyd, 1914; Stephen Grellet, 1915; 
Sarah Comfort, 1918. Address, 1 Lehman Lane, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Chambers, William Wilkie, A.B. (LL.B., Univ. of Pa., 1905.) 

Entered 1898. 

Football Team, I, II, III and IV. Real Estate Broker, Insur- 
ance and Notary Public. 

b. Manchester, England, November 8, 1876. s. Isaac Chambers 
and Mary Blackie. m. Wilkes-Barre, Pa., July 19, 1912, Minnie 
M. Harrison, c. Charlotte E., 1913; William W., Jr., 1914; Ada 
H., 1917; Terrance H., 1919. Address, 116 Ardmore Avenue, 
Ardmore, Pa. 

Cookman, Arthur Shirley, A.B. 

Entered 1898. 

President, Student Council, IV; President, Y. M. C. A., IV. 
Merchant. 1902-05, Clerk, Robert Crooks & Co., Importers and 
Exporters; 1906-07, Manager, Wool Department, The Abe Stein 
Company; 1907-16, Manager, New York Office, and Partner, 
Ayres Bridges & Co.; 1917 to date, A. S. Cookman & Co., Im- 
porters and Exporters. 1918, Officers' Training Camp for Ar- 
tillery at Camp Zachary Taylor, Ky. Member, Englewood Field 
Club; Englewood Club. 

b. Wilmington, Del., November 28, 1880. s. John E. Cookman 
and Margaret Howland. m. Haverford, Pa., October 19, 1905, 
Martha Stephenson, c. Briant, 1907; John, 1909; Arthur, 1911; 
George, 1916. Address, Broad Avenue, Englewood, N. J. 


Dennis, William Varney, A.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1899. 

Honors in English. Teacher and Supervisor. 1902-10, Teacher, 
Friends' Academy, Moorestown, N. J.; 1910-19, Friends' Select 
School, Philadelphia, Pa. ; 1919-20, Director, Vocational School, 
and Supervisor of Township Schools, Spring Mills, Pa.; 1921 to 
date, Associate Professor of Rural Sociology, The Pennsylvania 
State College. 

b. Dover, N. H., September 21, 1879. s. William Brown Dennis 
and Leah Helen Goodwin. Address, 426 East College Avenue, 
State College, Pa. 

Evans, Charles, A.B. 

Entered 1899. 

Honors in German. Student, University of Leipzig, 1906-08; 
Ecole des Hautes Etudes, Paris, 1908-09. Fellow in Germanics 
and Romance Languages, University of Pennsylvania, 1910-11. 
1902-04, Professor, English Literature, Guilford College, N. C. ; 
1904-05, Instructor in English, Locust Valley School, L. I.; 1911- 
13, Instructor in German, Bucknell University; 1914 to date, Pro- 
fessor, German, Temple University, Philadelphia, Pa. Author, 
various articles on evangelical topics. Member, Modern Language 

b. Springfield, Pa., August 19, 1878. s. Thomas Evans and 
Agnes Parker, m. Berlin, Germany, June 8, 1910, Clare Grube. 
c. Charles Johannes, 1911; Clara Agnes, 1912; Thomas Reinhard 
Grube, 1918. Address, 1824 North Bouvier Street, Philadelphia, 

Evans, Edward Wyatt, A.B. (A.B., Harvard, 1903; LL.B., Univ. 
of Pa., 1907.) 

Entered 1898. 

Manager, Track Team (III). Phi Beta Kappa. Founders' 
Club. Member, Board Managers, 1911 to date. 1903-04, Haines, 
Jones & Cadbury Company; 1904-07, Law Student, University 
of Pennsylvania; 1907-12, Practice of Law, with Innes & Williams 
and Williams & Sinkler; 1912-15, Assistant Counsel, Legal De- 
partment, The Bell Telephone Company of Pennsylvania and As- 
sociated Companies; 1915-19, Secretary of Fellowship of Recon- 
ciliation; 1918 to date. General Secretary, Social Order Committee, 
Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, 304 Arch Street, Philadelphia. Mem- 
ber, City Club. 

b. Philadelphia. Pa., January 31, 1882. s. Jonathan Evans 
(Manager, 1897-1911) and Rachel Reeve Cope. m. Villa Nova, 


Pa., September 15, 1911, Jacqueline Pascal Morris, c. Ernest 
Mervyn, 1913; Francis Cope, 1914; Katharine Wistar, 1916; 
Elisabeth Morris (deceased) 1917; Christopher, 1919. Address, 
6014 Chew Street, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., and 304 Arch 
Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Fox, John Sharpless, A.B. (Ph.D., Univ. of Mich., 1906.) 

Entered 1898. 

Captain, Football Team (III) ; Honors in History and Political 
Science; Phi Beta Kappa. 1902-03, Instructor in History, 
Bloomsburg State Normal School, Bloomsburg, Pa. ; 1903-04, 
Graduate Student, University of Chicago; 1904-06, at University 
of Michigan; 1906-12, Instructor in History, University High 
School, University of Chicago. Teacher of Civics and History, 
Bowen High School, Chicago, 111., 1915 to date; also, Extension 
Instructor of History in Correspondence Department of Univer- 
sity of Chicago since 1914. 

b. Lincoln University, Pa., November 14, 1877. s. John Thorn- 
ton Fox and Gertrude Sharpless. m. Allegan, Mich., June 27, 
1906. Myrtle Leah Perrigo. c. John Perrigo, 1908; William 
Thornton Rickert, 1912; David Sharpless, 1922. Address, 5473 
Drexel Avenue, Chicago, 111. 

fGarrett, George Spencer, S.B. 

Entered 1899. 

Chemist, American Water Softener Company, Philadelphia. 

b. Garrettford, Pa., November 2, 1880. d. November 28, 1907. 
s. George Sellers Garrett (Manager, 1866-69) and Mary West 

Grant, William Henry, S.B. 

Entered 1898. 

Triangle Society. Manufacturer. Division Superintendent, B. 
F. Sturtevant Company, Boston, Mass. ; Production Engineer, 
Westinghouse Machine Company, Pittsburgh ; Factory Superin- 
tendent for Rockwood Sprinkler Company, Chicago, Manufac- 
turing Engineers ; General Electric Company, Pittsfield, Mass. ; 
Manufacturing Superintendent, The Fulton Company, Knoxville, 
Tenn. ; Manufacturer of Domestic Specialties. Member, Travelers' 
Protective Association ; Masonic Orders. 

b. Woonsocket, R. I., February 25, 1880. s. George H. Grant 
and Ellen F. Rand. m. Boston, Mass., November 21, 1906, Louise 
Beaumont Wootton. c. Ellen Beaumont, 1907. Address, 2900 
Magnolia Avenue, Knoxville, Tenn. 


Gummere, Richard Mott, A.B. (A.M., 1904; Ph.D., 1907. Har- 

Entered 1898. 

Cricket "H" (III) ; Final Honors in Greek and Latin; General 
Honors; Havcrfordian; Musical Clubs; Manager, Cricket Team 
(IV) ; Captain, Soccer Team (IV) ; Phi Beta Kappa. (Presi- 
dent, Haverford Chapter, 1918-19.) Provident Life and Trust 
Company, Philadelphia, 1902-03 ; Student, Harvard University, 
1903-07; Instructor, Assistant and Associate Professor of Latin, 
Haverford College, 1907-18; Assistant to the President, 1915-18; 
Headmaster, William Penn Charter School, 1918 to date. Mem- 
ber, Board of Overseers, William Penn Charter School; School 
Director, Haverford Township, 1917- ; Board of Managers, Hav- 
erford College, 1919- ; Board of Trustees, Bryn Mawr College, 
1920- . Co-author in two Beginners' Latin Books; Translator of 
Seneca's Letters in the Loeb Classical Library ; Contributor of 
articles in various classical periodicals ; President, Classical Asso- 
ciation of Atlantic States, 1919-20; President, Philadelphia Classi- 
cal Club, 1919-20; Member, Headmasters' Association; Township 
Officer, Boys' Working Reserve of Pennsylvania, 1918. Member 
Franklin Inn Club, Philadelphia ; University Club, Philadelphia 
(Board of Governors, 1919-21). 

b. Burlington, N. J., August 3, 1883. s. Francis Barton Gum- 
mere (Class 1872) and Amelia Smith Mott. m. Villa Nova, Pa., 
June 30, 1908, Christine Robinson, c. Eleanor, 1909; Richard M., 
Jr., 1912. Address, College Avenue, Haverford, Pa., and 8 South 
Twelfth Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Haviland, Joseph Bernard, A.B. 

Entered 1898. 

1902-03, Business; 1903-05, Columbia Law School; 1905 to 
date, Law Practice; 1910-11, Supervisor, United States Census; 
1906-11, National Guard, New York State, 7th Infantry, Private; 
1916-20, New York State Guard, 7th Infantry, all ranks to Lieu- 
tenant; 1917-18, Draft Board; 1917-19, Company B, 7th Infantry, 
New York Guard, representative on "7th Regiment Gazette." 

b. Glens Falls, N. Y., December 4, 1876. s. Willis J. Haviland 
and Arabella Wing Andrews, m. New York City. April 6, 1910, 
Emily Elizabeth Hait. Address, 2612 Broadway, New York City. 

Hendricks, Kearney Everett, S.B. (S.B., Guilford, 1900.) 
Entered 1901 from Guilford College. 

1902-03, Railroad Surveying and Construction. Graduate Stu- 
dent, Mathematics, Johns Hopkins, 1903-04. 1904-05, Transit- 


man on Railroad Construction ; 1905-07, Resident Engineer on 
Railroad Construction; 1907, Assistant Engineer on Railroad 
Project; 1908-16, Instructor in Civil Engineering at Lehigh Uni- 
versity; 1916-20, Assistant Engineer in charge of construction of 
dam. Member, A. S. C. E. 

b. Randolph County, N. C, January 9, 1878. s. George G. 
Hendricks and Priscilla A. Spoon, m. Natural Bridge, Va., Au- 
gust 17, 1918, Ethel McGill. Address, 404 Queens Road, Char- 
lotte, N. C. 

Inumaru, Tetsutaro, A.B. 

Entered . 

1903, appointed Overseer of Departments 1, 6 and 7 at Fifth 
Imperial Japanese Government Exposition. 1904, Member of 
Japan Exhibit Association at St. Louis Fair. Managing Director, 
Tokio Rice and Produce Exchange, Ltd. 

b. . s. and . m. Japan, 1907, Tsune. c. Three. 

Address, 7 Koyamacho, Mita Tokyo, Japan. 

Jones, Samuel Percy, S.B. 

Entered 1898. 

Retail Coal and Millwork Business since 1902 ; Manager of 
same since 1911. Committeeman, Industrial Committee, Victory 
Liberty Loan. Member, Philadelphia Coal Exchange ; Coal Club 
of Philadelphia; Keystone Auto Club; Little Egg Harbor Yacht 
Club; Germantown Business Men's Association. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 13, 1880. s. Samuel Jones and 
Philena S. Smedley. m. Philadelphia, Pa., October 3, 1905, Mary 
K. Yerkes. c. Samuel C, 1906; Eleanor Y., 1913. Address, 173 
Maplewood Avenue, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Kirk, Edward Goodwin, A.B. 

Entered 1898. 

b. West Chester, Pa., June 30, 1879. s. William S. Kirk and 
Betsey Davies Barnes. Address, 257 South Fiftv-third Street, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Longstreth, William Collins, A.B. ; A.M., 1904. 

Entered 1898. 

Leader, Banjo Club (IV). Banker. Stokes & Smith Company, 
Manufacturers of Paper Box Machinery, etc.; Kelsey Motor Car 
Company, Automobile Dealers ; Longstreth Motor Car Company ; 
Brooke, Stokes & Co., Bankers; partner in same to date. Squad 
Leader in Third and Fourth Liberty Loan Drives. Member, 
Merion Cricket Club; University Club; Member, Committee of 


Management, Central Branch, Y. M. C. A. of Philadelphia; Mem- 
ber, Board Managers, Apprentices' Library of Philadelphia ; Mem- 
ber, Executive Committee, Friends' Temperance Association of 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., March 13, 1882. s. Thomas Kimber Long- 
streth (Class 1870) and Lucy Branson, m. Washington, D. C, 
April 21, 1917, Nella Thacher. c. William Thacher, 1919; Frank 
Hoover, 1921. Address, Haverford, Pa. 

Newman, Herman, A.B. ; A.M., 1906. 

Entered 1900. 

"H" in Debating. 1902-07, Assistant Editor, "The American 
Friend"; 1907-12, Editor of same; 1913-16, Director, Aid De- 
partment, to date, Assistant Superintendent, Illinois Children's 
Home and Aid Society ; 1913-18, Pastoral Secretary of Chicago 
Monthly Meeting. Treasurer, Social Service Club, Chicago, 111., 
1916-17; 1905-06, Recording Clerk of Kansas Yearly Meeting. 
To date, Editor, "Home Life for Childhood." 1919, Member of 
Friends' Unit in Germany, American Friends' Service Committee. 

b. Roberts, 111., October 22, 1874. s. William R. Newman and 
Sarah H. Peacock, m. Baltimore, Md., August 15, 1907, Emma 
J. Broomell. Address, 10114 Prospect Avenue, Chicago, 111. 

Philips, William Pyle, A.B. (A.M., 1903; LL.B., 1907, Harvard 

Entered 1899. 

Editor-in-Chief, Haverjordian (IV); Phi Beta Kappa; Final 
Honors in English ; Haverford Fellowship. Founders' Club. 
Banker. 1907-12, Practice of Law; Partner in Law Firm, Byrne 
& Cutcheon ; Partner in Firm of J. W. Seligman & Co., 1912 to 
date. Director in numerous corporations. Member, University, 
Metropolitan, Piping Rock, City Midday, and Harvard Clubs, all 
of New York City. 

b. West Chester, Pa., June 29, 1882. s. George Morris Philips 
and Elizabeth M. Pyle. m. New York City, December 1, 1914, 
Harriet B. Paris. Address, 54 Wall Street, New York City. 

fPusey, William Webb, II., S.B. 

Entered 1898. 

1902-03, Purchasing Department, Pusey & Jones, Wilmington, 
Del. ; 1903- , Banking, with The Maxwell Stevenson, Jr., & Co., 

b. Wilmington, Del., May 12, 1880. d. August 6, 1915. s. 
Charles Wise Pusey and Anna Rumford. 


Reeder, John Wallace, S.B. 

Entered 1898. 

Iron Manufacture; Railroad Contracting; Ice Manufacture, to 
date. Member, Boy Scouts. 

b. Bellefonte, Pa., December 26, 1879. s. Wilbur Fisk Reeder 
and Elizabeth Gotwalt. m. Claremont, Cal., December 1, 1910, 
Mabelle Crawford, c. Harriet Spencer, 1913 ; John Wallace, Jr., 
1916. Address, 729 South Madison Avenue, Pasadena, Cal. 

fRoberts, David Allen, S.B. 

Entered 1898. 

1903-12, Nazel Engineering and Machine Works, Machine De- 

b. Moorestown, N. J., May 25, 1880. d. Moorestown, N. J., 
April 16, 1912. s. David Roberts and Elizabeth Leeds Allen. 

Ross, Robert John, S.B. 

Entered 1896; completed one year; re-entered 1899. 

Sales Engineer. 1902-04, Engineering Apprentice, Westing- 
house Electric Manufacturing Company, East Pittsburgh, Pa. ; 
1904 to date, Sales Department, Westinghouse Electric and Manu- 
facturing Company. Member, American Institute Electrical Engi- 
neers ; Engineers' Club of Philadelphia ; New York Railroad Club ; 
Overbrook Golf Club. 

b. Ontario, Canada, April 14, 1878. s. Adam A. Ross and 
Elizabeth McMaster. Address, Walnut Lane, Haverford, Pa. 

Scattergood, Herbert Armitt, S.B. 

Entered Sophomore Class 1899. 

Rodman on Pennsylvania Railroad, Lambertville, N. J., 1903- . 
Manufacturers' Representative, 601 Market Street, Camden, N. J., 

b. West Chester, Pa., January 11, 1881. s. Thomas S. Scatter- 
good and Sarah Armitt Woodward. Address, 351 Kings Highway 
West, Haddonfield, N. J. 

Schrag, Andrew Dante, A.B. (Ph.D., 1906, Johns Hopkins 


Entered 1899. 

Phi Beta Kappa (IV). Banker. Instructor, Western Reserve 
University, 1906-07; Student at University of Berlin, • 1907-08 
Associate Professor of German, University of Nebraska, 1908-18 
President of Farmers' State Bank, Davenport, Neb., 1919 to date 
Author: Dissertation on "Development of German Village Story, 
and "A German Grammar." 


b. Moundridge, Kan., September 19, 1876. s. Daniel Schrag 

and Katherine Stucky. m. July 9, 1914, Harriet Graves, c. 

Harriet Gretchen, 1916; Harold Graves, 1919. Address, Daven- 
port, Neb. 

Scott, Norris Alexander, S.B. 

Entered 1898. 

Triangle Society. Treasurer, Heed Office Building; President, 
Scott Motor Company, Inc. Member, Union League, Philadel- 
phia; Lansdowne Golf Club; Director, Keystone Automobile Club; 
Mason; Member, Fairway Club; Automobile Trade Association; 
Building Owners' Association. 

b. Concordville, Pa., September 9, 1880. s. Norris J. Scott and 
Rebecca Cope Smedley. m. Lansdowne, Pa., October 17, 1906, 
Frances Lillian Taylor, c. Norris A., Jr., 1907; Gretchen, 1912. 
Address, Moylan-Rose Valley, Pa. 

Seiler, C. Linn, S.B. ; A.M., 1905. (Ph.D., 1912, Univ. of Pa.) 

Entered 1898. 

Leader of Musical Clubs, 3 years; President, Class (IV). Engi- 
neering Department, B. & O. Railroad, at Baltimore; Baldwin 
Locomotive Works, Draughting Department; Master at Haver- 
ford School, 1903-07; Member, Faculty, University of Pennsyl- 
vania, Wharton School, Department of Economics, 1907-13; Pro- 
fessional Musician, 1913-17, New York City; Phonograph Busi- 
ness, 1917-21. 1921 to date, with American Piano Company. 
Author, 45 songs, choruses and other musical compositions. Mem- 
ber, American Manufacturers' Export Association; Psi Upsilon 
Club of New York ; Peninsula Club of Long Island. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., March 30, 1881. s. Dr. Carl Seiler and 
Caroline Gibson Linn. m. New York City, December 11, 1909, 
Evelyn Norton, c. Jane, 1910; Ursula Lucy, 1916; Edwin Nor- 
ton, 1918. Address, 34 North Drive, Great Neck, L. I., and care 
of American Piano Company, 129 East Thirty-ninth Street, New 
York City. 

Smith, Charles Harper, A.B. (A.B., Earlham, 1901 ; A.M., Har- 
vard, 1906.) 
Entered 1901 from Earlham College. 

Teacher, Abington Friends' School, Jenkintown, Pa., 1902-03 ; 
at Sidwell's School, Washington, D. C, 1903-05; Student, Har- 
vard University Graduate School, 1905-06; Teacher, Roxbury 
Latin School, Boston, Mass., 1906-08 ; at University School, Cleve- 
land, Ohio, 1908-09; at Haverford School, Haverford, Pa., 1912- 
17; Officer. United States Food Administration, Washington, D. 


C, October to December, 1917; Captain, United States Army, 
December, 1917, to August, 1919; Officer, United States Veterans' 
Bureau, July, 1920, to date. 

b. Newcastle, Ind., July 11, 1878. s. George W. Smith and 
Tacy Livezey. m. San Francisco, Cal., August 22, 1918, Josephine 
Helen Stubbs. Address, Sunderland House, Thirty-fifth Street 
and Powelton Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Spiers, Alexander Guy Holborn, A.B. (A.M., 1904; PhD, 1909, 

Entered 1898. 

Teacher, French and German, Coulter School, Chicago, 111. ; 
Student in France and Germany, 1902-03 (15 months) ; Teaching 
Fellow and Instructor, Harvard University; Associate Professor 
of Romance Languages, Haverford College, 1909-16; Associate 
Professor in charge of French and Spanish, Columbia College, 
Columbia University, since 1916. Member, Committee for Ameri- 
can Reviewing of French Books ; Critic for the Bookman of "Re- 
cent French Books." Author, college text: Balzac's Eugenic 
Grandet ; Author of sundry articles in the Bookman, The Nation, 
Columbia University Quarterly, The Review, Studies in Philology, 
Modern Language Review, Modern Language Notes, etc. Mem- 
ber, Franklin Inn Club of Philadelphia. 

b. London, England, May 14, 1881. s. I. H. B. Spiers and Jane 
Owen Williams, m. Wayne, Pa, 1910, Jessie Louise Fulweiler. 
c. Jane Alice Florence, 1911; Anne Evelyn Parker, 1912. Ad- 
dress, Columbia University, New York City, and Wayne, Pa. 

Stone, John Lyon, A.B. 

Entered 1898. 

Law Clerk in Warren, Pa, 1903 ; Secretary, Conemaugh Coal 
Company, Pittsburgh, Pa, 1907. 

b. Warren, Pa, December 25, 1879. s. Charles Warren Stone 
and Elizabeth Moorhead. Address, Yorba Linda, Cal. 

Stork, Charles Wharton, A.B. (A.M., Harvard, 1903; Ph.D., 
Univ. of Pa, 1905.) 

Entered 1898. 

Honorary Phi Beta Kappa. Author, Editor, Lecturer. 1903- 
05, Assistant Instructor in English, University of Pennsylvania; 
1906-14, Instructor; 1914-15, Assistant Professor. Since 1915, 
engaged in literary work — original poetry, verse translation, criti- 
cism and editing; since 1917, Editor of "Contemporary Verse" ; 
Contributor to about fifty periodicals, including Century, Harpers, 


North American Review, etc., etc. Represented in about twenty 
anthologies of American Poetry. 1916-17, President, Browning 
Society of Philadelphia; 1919-20, Vice-President of the Poetry 
Society of America. 1921, Decorated by His Majesty the King 
of Sweden with the Order of Gustaf Vasa, First Grade. Author 
of books of verse : "Day Dreams of Greece," "Queen of Orplede," 
"Sea and Bay." Editor: "William Rowley" (two plays with an 
introduction), "Contemporary Verse Anthology," Verse Transla- 
tion: "Selected Poems of Gustaf Froding" from the Swedish; 
"Anthology of Swedish Lyrics" ; "Lyrics of Hugo von Hofmanns- 
thal" from the German; "Sweden's Laureate"; "Selected Poems 
of Verner von Heidenstan" ; Prose Translation: "The Charles 
Men," a novel from the Swedish. Contributed a play and over 
fifty lyrics in translation to "The German Classics," editor, Kuno 
Francke. Member, University Club, Philadelphia; Franklin Inn 
Club; Germantown Cricket; Philadelphia Athenaeum (Board of 
Directors of same) ; Harvard Club, New York. 

b. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., February 12, 1881. s. Theo- 
philus B. Stork and Hannah Wharton, m. Salzburg, Austria, 
August 5, 1908, Elisabeth von Pausinger. c. Rosalie, 1909; Francis 
Wharton, 1911; George Frederick, 1913. Address, Logan P. O., 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Thomas, George Herbert, S.B. 

Entered 1898. 

Founders' Club. Secretary, Millville Traction Company, 1903- 
20; Secretary, Union Lake Park Company, 1911-16; Secretary- 
Treasurer, Union Lake Coaster Company, 1912-19; Secretary- 
Treasurer, Maurice River Transportation Company, 1916-19; Pur- 
chasing Agent, The Millville Manufacturing Company, 1918 to 
date. Trustee, Millville Public Library, 1904-19 (Vice-President, 
1916-18); President, Home and School League, Millville, 1916; 
Secretary-Treasurer, Class, 1902, 1919- . Chairman, Publicity 
Committee, Red Cross War Fund Drive, 1918. Member, Pur- 
chasing Agents' Association of Philadelphia ; Union Lake Canoe 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., March 4, 1881. s. William Paca Thomas 
and Caroline Bullock Hodges, m. Millville, N. J., April 12, 1906, 
Maud Dawson, c. Caroline H., 1907; William G., 1913; George 
H., Jr., 1918. Address, 511 South Forty-ninth Street, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 


Trout, Edgar Earl, A.B. (A.M., Harvard, 1903.) 

Entered 1898. 

Phi Beta Kappa. "Spoon Man." Founders' Club. Real Estate 
Business since 1903. Member of firm, Herman Wendell, Wayne, 
Pa. Some time Secretary and Vice-President, Radnor Cricket 
Club; Lieutenant, American Protective League. Member, Merion 
Cricket Club; St. David's Golf Club; American Philatelic Society; 
Men's Club of Wayne. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., April 26, 1881. s. S. Edgar Trout and 
Frances S. Wendell, m. Uniontown, Pa., September 29, 1909, 
Edna Hammon Baily. c. George Baily, 1911; Robert Wendell, 
1912; John Howard, 1912; Edgar Evert, 1920. Address, 410 
Woodland Avenue, Wayne, Pa. 

Wood, Alexander C, Jr., A.B. 

Entered 1898. 

Cricket "H" (I); Manager, Cricket Team (III); Captain, 
Cricket Team (IV); President, College Association (IV). Cam- 
den Safe Deposit and Trust Company, 1902-17; Charles Fearon 
& Co., Philadelphia, Pa., 1917-21 ; Morley, Wood & Co., 1921 to 
date. Member, Liberty Loan Committees for all five loans during 
war ; Captain, Red Cross and United War Work Campaign Solicit- 
ing Teams ; President, Free Library Association, Moorestown, 
N. J. Member, Moorestown Field Club; Riverton Country Club; 
University Club, Philadelphia. 

b. Riverton, N. J., July 5, 1880. s. Alexander Cooper Wood 
and Mary Emma Stokes, m. Moorestown, N. J., September, 1912, 
Gertrude S. Elliott, c. Alexander Cooper, III, 1913; James Ar- 
nett Elliott, 1916. Address, Riverton, N. J. 

Woodward, Parke Lewis, S.B. (LL.B., N. Y. Law School, 1906.) 

Entered 1898. 

Lawyer. 1902-03, Teacher, St. George's Hall, Summit, N. J.; 
Law Student, 1903-05. General Practice of Law in New York 
City since 1905. Member, New York Haverford Association; 
New York County Lawyers' Association. 

b. Near Coatesville, Pa., December 30, 1877. s. George Wilmer 
Woodward and Adeline Ash. m. Brooklyn, N. Y., December 23, 
1909, Hannah Mathisen. c. Adeline Dorothea, 1917. Address, 
3737 Amboy Road, Great Kills, Staten Island, N. Y. 

1902] matriculate catalog 431 


Boyer, Francis Buckner, (B.D., Phila. Divinity School, 1906.) 

Entered 1898 and left at close of year. 

Minister of Protestant Episcopal Church. 1906, Curate, St. 
Mark's Church, New York ; 1907-08, Curate, Church of the Ad- 
vent, Boston; 1908-09, Student at Oxford University; 1909-14, 
Rector, St. Martin's Church, New Bedford, Mass. Retired from 
Ministry ; now engaged in automobile business. 1914-16, Ameri- 
can Field Service, France; 1917-19, American Red Cross, France, 
in charge of relief work in war zone and afterwards Deputy Com- 
missioner, in charge of all field work in France of the American 
Red Cross. Croix de Guerre, France; Order of St. Michael, 
Russia; Medaille d'Honneur, France; Officier de l'Academie 
Franchise, France; American Field Service Medal. Member, St. 
Botolph Club, Boston; Laurentian Club, Canada. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 20, 1879. s. Samuel Boyer and 
Sophia Buckner. m. Southboro, Mass., June, 1907, Catharine E. 
Gardner, c. Esther Gardner, 1909. Address, 4185 Washington 
Street, Boston, Mass. 

Caswell, Andrew B. (A.B., Lake Forest College, 1902.) 

Entered 1898. 

With The Northern Trust Company since graduation. Second 
Vice-President of same to date. Member, University Club, Chi- 
cago; Edgewater Golf Club. 

b. Toronto, Canada, February 25, 1882. s. Alexander K. Cas- 
well and Martha F. Baird. m. Chicago, 111., October 22, 1916, 
Katherine I. Maddison. c. Richard Baird, 1917. Address, 548 
Aldine Avenue, Chicago, 111. 

Ervien, Charles Richmond. 

Entered 1898 and left in spring of 1900. 

Partner in firm of Charles W. Ervien & Co., Philadelphia, since 
1900 (Iron and Steel Works). To date, sole owner of same; also 
owner of The Pennsylvania Dryer Works, Manufacturers of 
Stone, Sand and Fertilizer Dryer, Philadelphia. Retired from 
business, 1920. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa, February 20, 1880. s. Charles Westly 
Ervien and Emma Richmond Talbot, m. December 12, 1905, 
Norma A. Paling, c. Charles Richmond, Jr., 1914; John Talbot, 
1917. Address, 1664 Harrison Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 


fHall, William Wilder. 

Entered 1898 and left 1900. 

1902, Duck Farmer, Middleboro, Mass. Forestry, Antocosti 
Island, Canada, Province of Quebec. 

b. Cumberland, Me., July 16, 1878. d. October 6, 1918. s. 
Milton Wilder Hall, M. D., and Emma Vining York. m. New 
Bedford, Mass., March 29, 1916, Elise Willis, c. William W., 
Jr., 1917. 

jHippIe, Edward Payson, Jr. 

Entered 1898 and left Freshman year. 

1903- , Quaker City Baking Company, Philadelphia. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., July 3, 1881. d. . s. Edward Payson 

Hippie and . 

Johnson, Carl. 

Entered Junior Class 1900 and left at end of year. 

Abstracts of Title and Local Fire Insurance Agency, Johnson 
Abstract Company, 121 High Avenue, East Oskaloosa, Iowa. As- 
sistant to County Chairman, War Finance, during war; Local 
Draft Board ; Secretary, Local Price Interpreting Committee. 
Member, K. of P. ; Oskaloosa Community Club. 

b. Oskaloosa, Iowa, April 4, 1879. s. J. Kelly Johnson and Ann 
Eliza Gruwell. m. Earlham, Iowa, September 12, 1906, Mabel 
Hill. Address, 808 A Avenue, East Oskaloosa, Iowa. 

Jones, Hudson Godfrey. 

Entered 1898 and left during winter, 1899. 

Beta Rho Sigma. Clerk, Farmers and Mechanics National 
Bank, Philadelphia; 1901, with N. Holmes & Sons, Bankers; 
North American Savings Trust ; Commercial Trust Company, 
Philadelphia, Receiving Teller. 1905, Bookkeeper for Valley Lum- 
ber Company, Clarkston, Wash. ; 1909, Cashier, First National 
Bank, Clarkston, Wash. 1916 to date, Farming and Stock Rais- 
ing, Morningside, Alberta, Canada. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., February 14, 1882. s. William Foster 
Tones and Emeline F. Godfrey, m. Clarkston, Wash., May 1, 
1906, lone Hollister. c. Emeline. 1909; Hudson G, Jr., 1911. 
Address, Morningside, Alberta, Canada. 

Lane, Silas. 

Entered 1898 and left at close of year. 

For 2 years, laborer in factory of Lane Bros. Company ; for 
13 years, Junior Member of Firm; to date, Vice-President of 
same (Manufacturers of Hardware). Trustee, Poughkeepsie 


Rural Cemetery ; Director, First National Bank. Member, Hyde 
Park Ice Yacht Club; New Hamburgh Ice Yacht Club; Amrita 
Club, Poughkeepsie. 

b. October 10, 1879. s. W. J. Lane and Susan Underhill. m. 
Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 1907, Hilda Swift, c. William Stephen 
Theodore. Address, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Malone, Lewis. 

Entered 1898 and left towards the close of the year. 

Teacher in Denver Schools, 1899-1904; Seed Business, 1904-16; 
Dry Goods Business, 1916 to date. Manager of Adjustment at 
the A. T. Lewis & Son Dry Goods Company, Denver, Col. Mem- 
ber, Civic and Commercial League. 

b. Hartsville, Pa., February 18, 1875. s. William H. Malone 
and Sarah A. Buckman. m. Richboro, Pa., August 15, 1899, Sue 
Van Horn Slack, c. Carle H., June 12, 1904. Address, 2971 
Irving Street, Denver, Col. 

Morris, Galloway Cheston, Jr. 

Entered 1898; left at close of the year. 

With Johnson Higgens Company (Insurance Business) until 
1909; since 1909, Insurance Company of North America (to date, 
Vice-President of same). 

b. West Chester, Pa., August 29, 1881. s. Dr. James Cheston 
Morris and Mary Ella Johnson, m. 1909, . Address, Fair- 
field Avenue and Berkley Road, Devon, Pa. 

Murphy, Eugene Besson. 

Entered . 

1903, Practice of Law, San Francisco; 1904, in Law Office of 
Lent & Humphrey. Lawyer to date. 

b. . s. and . m. ■ . Address, care of Fed- 
eral Telegraph Company, Portland, Ore., and care of Mrs. C. A. 
Besson, 4119 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Newlin, Gurney Elvvood.(S.B. Univ. of Calif., 1902; LL.B., Har- 
vard, 1905.) 

Entered 1898 and left 1900. 

Beta Rho Sigma. Lawyer. 1905-17, Practice of Law, Los 
Angeles; 1919-20, Law Practice under name of Newlin & Ash- 
burn ; 1917, Member, State Council, Section of the Council of 
National Defense, in charge of 9 western states ; 1917-18, Chair- 
man, Los Angeles Chapter, American Red Cross; 1918, Examiner 
for Southern District California, United States Shipping Board 
and Emergency Fleet Corporation; 1918-19, Deputy Commis- 



sioner to France, American Red Cross, rank of Major. 1918-19, 
Chairman, Paris District Chapter, American Red Cross; 1914-19, 
Commissioner from California to National Conference of Com- 
missioners on Uniform State Laws; 1912-14, Instructor, Medical 
Jurisprudence, University of California. Member, Delta Kappa 
Epsilon Fraternity, Harvard Club of Southern California; Ameri- 
can Bar Association ; Chamber of Commerce, Los Angeles ; 
Municipal League, Los Angeles, etc., etc. 

b. Lawrence, Kan., November 11, 1880. s. Thomas Elwood 
Newlin and Laurie Hadley. Address, 737 West Twenty-eighth 
Street, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Nicholson, Percival. (M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1905.) 

Entered 1898 and left 1901. 

Interne in Presbyterian Hospital, Philadelphia ; Philadelphia 
Hospital, Contagious Diseases ; Emergency and General Hospital, 
Los Angeles, Cal. ; Cooper Hospital, San Francisco ; Pennsylvania 
Hospital. Practice of Medicine in Ardmore since 1910. General 
Practice and Children's Diseases. Visiting Physician in Medical 
Dispensary, Children's Hospital, and Clinical Assistant, Children's 
Hospital. Author of numerous articles on blood pressure and 
children's diseases. Inventor of blood pressure apparatus. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 14, 1881. s. Coleman L. Nichol- 
son (Class 1850) and Mary Paul Robeson, m. Wilmington, Del., 
April 8, 1916, Nell Gray Clayton. Address, 16 West Montgomery 
Avenue, Ardmore, Pa. 

fPyle, Cyrus. 

Entered 1898 and left after Freshman year. 

With Trading Company of Peter Wright & Son, Philadelphia. 
Traveled in west in search of health. 

b. Wilmington, Del., April 12, 1881. d. Wilmington. Del., 
January 22, 1903. s. Fred Pyle and Clara Pusey Wise. 

Whiteley, Stockett Matthews. 

Entered 1898. 

1902, in Engineering Department of Faunt Le Roy & Co., 
Baltimore, Md.; 1903, with Riter-Conley Manufacturing Com- 
pany of Pittsburgh; Carnegie Steel Company; 1905, Member of 
firm of Faunt Le Roy & Co., Baltimore, Manufacturers of Ele- 

b. Baltimore, Md., November 15, 1881. s. Seth Holmes White- 
ley and Mary Eliza Mathews, m. Baltimore, Md., December 16, 
1903, Hester Hopkins. No address. 


tWistar, Caspar. 

Entered 1898. 

1902-03, Engineers' Office, Robert T. Mickle, Philadelphia; 
Special Student at Haverford, 1904; 1904-05, with Philadelphia 
and West Chester Traction Company ; 1905-07 Missionary 
Teacher, Instituto Ingles, Santiago, Chile; 1907, in charge of 
Engineering Work in Arucaniam Indian Mission at Temuco, 
Chile; 1908-09, Religious and Medical Study, Philadelphia; 1909, 
went to Chiquimula, Guatemala, under California Yearly Meeting 
of Friends. Missionary Work in Guatemala. 

b. Germantown, Pa., "November 18, 1880. d. March 14, 1917. 
s. Edward M. Wistar (Class 1872) and Margaret C. Collins. 
m. November 11, 1910, Raquel Asturias T. c. Raquel, 1913; Ed- 
ward, 1915. 


Barr, Franklin Elverson, A.B. (LL.B., Univ. of Pa., 1906.) 

Entered 1899. 

Lawyer. Assistant District Attorney, Philadelphia, February, 
1914, to date. Four-Minute Man. Home Defense. Member, 
University Club. 

b. Camden, N. J., March 10, 1883. s. Franklin P. Barr and 
Alice M. Elverson. m. Newark, N. J., November 5, 1914, Elsie 
B. Smith, c. Alice E., 1918; Franklin E., Jr., 1922. Address, 
109 Nippon Street, Philadelphia, and 239 South Thirteenth Street, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

fBateman, Edwin B., S.B. 
Entered 1899. 

b. West Chester, Pa., September 25, 1882. d. July 29, 1904. 
s. George Bateman and Ella Terrence Brooke. 

Cadbury, Henry Joel, A.B. 

Entered 1899. 

Editor-in-Chief, The Havcrfordian (IV) ; Phi Beta Kappa 
(IV) ; Final Honors in Greek and Philosophy. Founders' Club. 
Teacher. Teacher of Classics in University School, Chicago, 
1904-05. Master in Westtown Boarding School, 1905-08; In- 
structor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor in Greek and 
in Biblical Literature, Haverford College, 1910-19. Lecturer, As- 
sistant Professor in the New Testament, Andover Theological 
Seminary, Cambridge, Mass., 1919 to date. Chairman, Friends' 
National Peace Committee, 1915-17; Member, American Friends' 
Service Committee, 1917 to date. Author : The Style and Literary 


Method of Luke (in two parts) ; National Ideals in the Old Testa- 
ment, and various magazine articles. Member, Fellowship of Rec- 
onciliation ; American Oriental Society ; Society of Biblical Litera- 
ture and Exegesis (Secretary since 1916) ; Oriental Club of 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., December 1, 1883. s. Joel Cadbury (Class 
1856) and Anna Kaighn Lowry. m. Moorestown, N. J., June 
17, 1916, Lydia Caroline Brown, c. Elizabeth, 1917; Christopher 
Joel, 1921. Address, 7 Buckingham Place, Cambridge, Mass. 

Cornman, Clarence R., A.B. 

Entered 1899. 

General Merchandise Business, 1903-11; Ardmore National 
Bank, as Bookkeeper, Assistant Cashier and Cashier, 1911-18. 
Enlisted in Army, 1918. To date, Salesman with Reed A. Morgan 
& Co., Stock and Bond Brokers (in Bond Department), Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

b. Mill Creek, Pa., January 30, 1881. s. Isaac B. Cornman and 
Hannah J. de Grant. Address, Gladwyne, Pa. 

Davis, Charles Woodward, S.B. (S.B. Guilford, 1902; LL.B., 
Univ. of Va., 1912.) 

Entered 1902 from Guilford College. 

Alumni Oratorical Prize. Attorney-at-Law. 1904-05, Instructor 
in Mathematics and Science at Oak Grove Seminary, Vassalboro, 
Me. ; 1906, Professor of Natural Science, Pacific College, New- 
berg, Ore. ; 1907-09, Assistant to Master and Instructor in Mathe- 
matics and Science at Oak Grove Seminary; 1910-12, Student in 
Law at University of Virginia ; 1912-13, Instructor in Law, Uni- 
versity of Virginia; 1913-18, Attorney-at-Law, associated with 
John N. Sebrell, Jr., Norfolk, Va.; 1918-19, Captain, Quarter- 
master Corps, United States Army, attached to Construction Divi- 
sion, and Personal Aid to Brigadier-General R. C. Marshal, Jr., 
Chief of the Division. 1919 to date, Attorney-at-Law, General 
Practice, at Courtland, Va. Member, Phi Beta Kappa; Delta 
Sigma Rho; Order of Coif (Natural Law) ; Raven Society (Uni- 
versity of Virginia). 

b. Vicksville, Va., November 26, 1878. s. William T. Davis 
and Eugenia A. Butler. Address, Courtland, Va. 

Domincovich, Harry Anthony, A.B. (A.M., Harvard. 1904.) 
Entered 1899 from Central High School, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Highest Honors in Greek and English (IV) ; Phi Beta Kappa 
(IV); Cope Fellowship. Founders' Club. Teacher. Instructor 


in Latin and English, Moses Brown School, Providence, R. I., 
1904-08; Instructor in Latin, Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass., 
1908-09; Instructor in English and Latin, Germantown Friends' 
School, 1909 to date. Associate Director, The Megunticook 
Camps, 1910, 1912-20. Director, Flying Moose Lodge, 1921- . 
Member, National Council of Teachers of English; Classical Club 
of Philadelphia; Private School Teachers' Association of Phila- 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., April 9, 1881. s. Peter Domincovich and 
Mary Kuhn. m. July 7, 1909, Margaretta Elizabeth Lickfield. 
c. Ruth Domincovich. Address, 5369 Wingohocking Terrace, Ger- 
mantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Drinker, James Blathwaite, A.B. 

Entered 1899. 

Triangle Society. "Spoon Man." Special Sales Agent, Mercer 
Rubber Company ; Sales Manager, National Clay Refining Com- 
pany; Member of firm, J. B. Drinker & Co. June, 1917, First 
Lieutenant, Cavalry, O. R. C. ; Discharged. Captain, 4th Cavalry, 
Fort Ringgold, Texas, December 22, 1918. Member, University 
Club, Philadelphia. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., October 23, 1882. s. Henry Sturgis 
Drinker and Aimee Ernesta Beaux, m. Jenkintown, Pa., October 
20, 1918, Mary Frances Fisher, c. Henry Middleton, 1919. Ad- 
dress, 430 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Duerr, Otto Eugene, S.B. (S.T.B., Pacific Unitarian School for 
the Ministry, 1909.) 

Entered 1899. 

President, Senior Class (IV) ; President, Student Advisory 
(IV) ; Manager, Football (III) ; Captain, Gymnasium Team 
(IV). Minister of Unitarian Church. 1903-04, with Jones & 
Laughlin Steel Company, Pittsburgh, Pa.; 1904-07, Westinghouse 
Electric and Manufacturing Company ; 1907-09, Studied for Min- 
istry. Minister, Everett, Wash., 1909-11; Melrose, Mass., 1911- 
14; Lancaster, Mass., 1914-17; Laconia, N. H., 1917 to date. 
1917, organized Home Service Red Cross (Chairman of same 
since founding) ; 1919, organized Laconia Community Service (Di- 
rector of same to 1921) ; 1919, organized Laconia Chamber of 
Commerce (Secretary of same to 1921). During war, Chairman, 
Board of Instruction for Drafted Men in Belknap County ; Chair- 
man, Junior Red Cross in Laconia ; Chairman, Home Service Sec- 
tion, Red Cross, in the County ; War Historian for Laconia ; 
Chairman, Y. M. C. A., Salvation Army, and Syrian Relief Drives 


in the County. Chairman, Committee Civil Conditions for Min- 
isters' Association ; Scout Master ; President, Laconia Chautau- 
qua Association, etc., etc. Member, Masonic and Elk Lodges and 
Eastern Star ; Chaplain in Masonic Bodies ; Secretary, Laconia 
Ministers' Association, 1922. 

b. Mansfield, Ohio, November 16, 1881. s. John W. C. Duerr 
and Emilie Marie Princehorn. m. December 25, 1905, Florence 
Mae Wade. c. John Lathrop, 1907; Emilie Marie, 1913; Mar- 
garet Ellen, 1913. Address, 26 Fenton Avenue, Laconia, N. H. 

Hodgson, Carey Vandervort, S.B. (S.B., Wilmington, O., 1902.) 

Entered 1902 from Wilmington College. 

1903-04, Teacher of Science, Oakwood Seminary, Union 
Springs, N. Y. ; 1904-17, Field Work, United States Coast and 
Geodetic Survey; 1917-19, Captain and Major, Corps of Engi- 
neers, United States Army. 1919 to date, United States Coast 
and Geodetic Survey (Geodetic Engineer). Member, American 
Society of Civil Engineers; Washington Academy of Sciences; 
Cosmos Club, Washington, D. C. 

b. Wilmington, Ohio, July 11, 1880. s. Lorenzo D. Hodgson 
and Clara Emma Hyatt, m. Cincinnati, Ohio, April 17, 1916, 
Edith Hockett. c. William Hockett, 1919. Address, United 
States Coast and Geodetic Survey, Washington, D. C. 

Hoffman, Enoch Farson, A.B., A.M., 1906. 

Entered 1899. 

Minister in Methodist Episcopal Church. 1903, Malvern, Pa.; 
1904-05, Doylestown, Pa.; 1906-08, Hamburg, Pa.; 1909-12, 
Holmesburg, Pa.; 1913-14, Norris Square, Pa.; 1915-17, Olivet, 
Pa. ; 1919-22, South Chester, Pa. ; 1922, First Methodist Episcopal 
Church, Norristown, Pa. Member, F. A. & M. 

b. St. Clair, Pa., August 26, 1875. s. Edward H. Hoffman 
and Caroline H. Farson. m. Philadelphia, Pa., October 22, 1903, 
Sarah W. Tongue, c. Enoch Francis, 1904; Charles Wesley, 
1909; Margaret Frances, 1911. Address, 540 De Kalb Street, 
Norristown, Pa. 

Hollingsworth, John Emory, A.B. (A.B., 1902; A.M., Penn Coll., 
1903; Ph.D., Chicago, 1913.) 
Entered 1902 from Penn College. 

Teacher. Instructor, Latin and Greek, Penn College, 1904-06; 
Instructor, Greek, University of Texas, 1909-11 ; Acting Professor 
of Greek, De Pauw University, Spring of 1914; Professor of 
Latin and Greek, Whitworth College, 1914-16; Professor, Latin 
and Greek, Missouri Valley College, 1916-19; Professor of Latin 


and Greek, Washburn College, Topeka, Kan., 1920 to date. 
Author : "Antithesis in the Attic Orators from Antiphon to Isseus." 
Chairman, Latin Section of the Inland Teachers Association, 1916; 
Chairman, Latin Section, Missouri State Teachers' Association, 
1918-19; Member, American Association of University Pro- 
fessors ; American Philological Association ; Classical Association 
of the Middle West and South. 

b. Shadeland, Ind., April 6, 1881. s. Eli Hollingsworth and 
Eliza Butler, m. Ackworth, Iowa, August 17, 1905, Luda E. 
Smith, c. Joseph Keith, 1907; Edith Eleanor, 1919. Address, 
Washburn College, Topeka, Kan. 

Hoskins, Hervey Macy, A.B. (S.B., Pacific, 1899; A.B., Pacific, 
Entered 1902 from Pacific College. 

1903-04, Banking; 1905-07, Fire Insurance; 1908-16, Post- 
master, McMinnville, Ore.; 1917-20, Banking. 

b. Charlottesville, Ind., January 4, 1879. s. J. Lewis Hoskins 
and Mary L. Hadley. m. McMinnville, Ore., September 26, 1906, 
Louisa Maloney. c. Lewis M., 1916. Address, 406 Fifth Street, 
Newberg, Ore. 

fPierce, George, A.B. (M.D.. Johns Hopkins, 1907; Ph.D., Berlin, 

Entered 1899. 

Student of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University, 1903-07. In 
Charge of Hospital at St. Anthony, Newfoundland, Summer, 
1907; Resident Physician, Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia, 
1908-10; Student, Berlin University, 1910-12; Assistant in Physi- 
ology and Instructor in Pharmacology, University of Wisconsin, 
1912-13; Instructor in Urology, Johns Hopkins University, 1914- 
16. Chemical Research, Colgate & Co., 1916-19. Author, a few 
journal articles on chemical subjects. 

b. Bristol, Pa., May 7, 1883. d. Jersey City, N. J., February 
4, 1919 (chemical explosion accident), s. Harold Peirce and 
Charlotte Converse, m. West Orange, N. J., February 5, 1910, 
Ethel Mathews Girdwood. c. James Girdwood, 1914; George, 
Jr., 1915. 

Phillips, Arthur John, A.B. 

Entered 1899. 

Captain, Football Team (IV); Triangle Society; Founders' 
Club. Advertising Manager, Haines, Jones & Cadbury, Phila- 

b. Truro, Cornwall, England, June 11, 1877. s. Thomas Henry 


Phillips and Margaret Cronin. m. Worcester, Mass., October 16, 
1911, Claudia M. Hedlund. c. Gilbert Arthur, 1914; Cecil Eric, 
1917. Address, 274 South Felton Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Rabinowitz, Elias Nathan, A.B. (Ph.D. Johns Hopkins, 1917.) 

Entered 1899. 

Student, Jewish Theological Seminary, 1904-08. Clergyman. 
Instructor at J. T. S., 1908-09; Hebrew Education Society, Balti- 
more, 1910-18; Holder of Rayner Fellowship at Johns Hopkins 
University, 1914-15; Army Chaplain in France, 1918-19. To 
date, Chaplain, Hawthorne School of the Jewish Protectory and 
Aid Society. Member, American Oriental Society; Officers' Re- 
serve Corps. 

b. Russia, March 21, 1883. s. Isaiah Rabinowitz and Esther 
Shapiro, m. Brooklyn, N. Y., , Ida Deborah Zaluda. Ad- 
dress, Hawthorne, N. Y., Box 111. 

Simkin, Robert Louis, A.B. (A.B., Harvard, 1904; B.D., Union 
Theological Seminary, N. Y., 1906; A.M. Columbia, 1915.) 

Entered 1899. 

President, Y. M. C. A. (Ill); Phi Beta Kappa. Recorded 
Minister in Society of Friends, 1905. Foreign Missionary, 1906 
to date, Friends' Mission. Principal of Union Middle School 
(equivalent to High School), Chengtu, West China, 1912-13; 
Principal, Friends' High School, Chungking, West China, 1916; 
Acting Vice-President of the West China Union University, 
Chengtu, West China, 1919. 

b. Poplar Ridge, N. Y., May 10, 1879. s. Samuel Simkin and 
Ann Rebecca Chase, m. Ossining, N. Y., May 1, 1906, Margaret 
Lowenhaupt. Address, Chengtu, West China. 

Tilney, Israel Sheldon, A.B. (A.B., Harvard, 1904.) 

Entered 1899. 

Bond Salesman, Harris, Forbes, New York; with George C. 
White, Jr., New York ; Secretary-Treasurer, United States Drain- 
age and Irrigation Company; Member, firm, Walker Brothers; 
September, 1917, to October, 1918, Red Cross, in France. Second 
Lieutenant, United States Army, Infantry, October, 1918, to 
March, 1919. Member, Union League, Harvard Club, Racquet 
and Tennis Club, Stock Exchange Lunch Club, all of New York ; 
Essex County Country Club, Orange, N. J. 

b. Orange, N. J., June 28, 1882. s. John S. Tilney and 
Georgiana E. Sheldon, m. Orange, N. J., October 5, 1907, Au- 
gusta Munn. c. Anne Munn, 1910 ; John Sheldon. 191 1 ; Nor- 
cross Sheldon, 1913. Address, Llewellyn Park. Orange, N. J. 


Trueblood, Howard Moffitt, S.B. (S.B., Earlham, 1902; Ph.D., 
Harvard, 1913.) 

Entered 1902 from Earlham College. 

United States Coast and Geodetic Survey, Field Officer, 1903- 
08; Assistant in Physics, Harvard University, 1911-14; Instructor 
in Electrical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania, 1914-15; 
Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, University of Penn- 
sylvania, 1915-17; Engineer, Department Development and Re- 
search, American Telephone and Telegraph Company, 1917 to 
date. War work : Navy Department, Research in Submarine De- 
tection; United States Naval Experimental Station, New London, 
Conn., 1918-19. Author: "The Joule-Thomson Effect in Super- 
heated Steam: Experimental Study of Heat Leakage." Member, 
Sigma Xi and Sigma Tau Fraternities ; American Institute Elec- 
trical Engineers ; American Physical Society ; American Associa- 
tion for Advancement of Science ; Societe Francaise de Physique. 

b. Richmond, Ind., April 16, 1884. s. William Newby True- 
blood and Ruth Emma Stubbs. m. Hastings-on-Hudson, N. Y., 
June 29, 1914, Louise Nyitray. c. Howard Moffitt, Jr., 1915; 
Alan Stubbs, 1917; Kenneth Nyitray, 1920. Address, American 
Telegraph and Telephone Company, 195 Broadway, New York 

fWhite, Irving, S.B. (A.B. Earlham College, 1902.) 
Entered 1902 from Earlham College, 
b. . d. Lewisville, Ind., July 7, 1906. s. and . 

Wilson, Samuel Norman, A.B.; A.M., 1906. 

Entered 1899. 

Phi Beta Kappa (IV). Teacher. Principal, Nether Provi- 
dence Schools, Delaware County, Pa., 1903-04; Principal, Nar- 
berth Public Schools, Narberth, Pa., 1904-05; Graduate Student, 
Haverford College, 1905-06; Instructor, Mathematics, in High 
School, West Chester, Pa., 1906-07; Instructor, Mathematics, 
Swarthmore Preparatory School, Swarthmore, Pa., 1907-14; As- 
sistant Headmaster and Instructor in Mathematics, Swarthmore 
Preparatory School, 1914 to date. 

b. Oxford, Pa., October 20, 1881. s. Howard Gregg Wilson 
and Adelaide Spering. Address, Swarthmore Preparatory School, 
Swarthmore, Pa. 

Winslow, Fitz Randolph, A.B. (M.D., Univ. of Md., 1906.) 
Entered Sophomore Class 1900. 

Physician. Member, Wisconsin State Medical Society; Sank 
County Medical Society; Rush Medical Society (University of 
Maryland); Phi Sigma Kappa; Fellow, American College of 


Surgeons ; Fellow of American Medical Society. Executive Offi- 
cer of Sank County Horticulture Society; Member, Wisconsin 
Horticulture Society. 

b. Baltimore, Md., July 2, 1881. s. Randolph Winslow (Class 
of 1871) and Rebecca Fayssoux Leiper. m. Baraboo, Wis., Oc- 
tober 1, 1913, Florence Isabelle Reese. Address, 1107 Ash Street, 
Baraboo, Wis. 

Worthington, Joseph Kent, A.B. (M.D., Johns Hopkins, 1908.) 

Entered 1899. 

Manager, Track Team (IV) ; Football (I, II, III, IV). Physi- 
cian, 1908 to date. Interne, Roosevelt Hospital, N. Y., 1908-09; 
Resident Staff, Brady Urological Clinic, Johns Hopkins Hospital, 
1915-16; Captain, United States Army Medical Corps; France, 
with American Red Cross, 1918-19. Member, Delta Phi Fra- 
ternity ; University Club. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa., January 14, 1882. s. Joseph Kent Worth- 
ington and Josephine Harlan, m. Baltimore, Md., June 7, 1909, 
Mary Worsdale Spencer, c. Elizabeth Coleman, 1910; Josephine 
Harlan, 1912; Marion Lindsay, 1913; Carolin Kent, 1920. Ad- 
dress, 2563 St. Raymond Avenue, West Chester, New York City, 
and 70 East Fifty-sixth Street, New York City. 


Baylis, Harry Milton. 

Entered 1899 and left 1900. 

Electrical Machinist. 

b. Port Deposit, Md., October 4, 1881. s. William Baylis and 
Alice Johnson, m. Philadelphia, Pa., October 4, 1909, Elizabeth 
Gleiner. c. Elizabeth Ruth, 1910; Harry David, 1912. Address, 
2922 Ogden Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Dean, Archer Griffin. 

Entered 1899 and left 1902. 

Industrial Engineer. Tester and Draftsman, Westinghouse 
Manufacturing Company, East Pittsburgh, Pa., 1902 ; Sales and 
Production Engineer, Dean Manufacturing Company, 1904; Pro- 
duction Engineer, Westchester Engine Company, 1913; Sales En- 
gineer, Pusey & Jones, 1914; Industrial Engineer, H. O. Wilbur 
& Sons, Inc., 1917 to date. Some time Member, Cincinnati Rid- 
ing Club; Member, Industrial Engineers' Club, Philadelphia (Ex- 
ecutive Committee) ; Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce (Mem- 
ber, Americanization Committee) ; American Academy of Political 
and Social Science; Member, The American Society of Mechanical 


Engineers ; The Ohio Society of Pennsylvania ; Philadelphia As- 
sociation for Discussion of Employment Problems ; National As- 
sociation of Practical Refrigeration Engineers (Vice-President). 
b. Cincinnati, Ohio, July 29, 1881. s. George Henry Dean and 
Elizabeth Lippincott Taylor, m. Cincinnati, Ohio, October 17, 
1906, Therese Ohlen Holland, c. Catherine Elizabeth, 1908. Ad- 
dress, 6 Buck Lane, Haverford, Pa. 

Eshleman, Ulysses Mercur. 

Entered 1899 and left at close of Sophomore year. 

Connected with several bond houses in Pennsylvania ; with the 
Times Mirror Company, Los Angeles, Cal. 

b. Lancaster, Pa., March 9, 1883. s. B. Frank Eshleman (Class 
1867) and Mary E. Mercur. m. Fair Oaks, Cal., August 6, 1914, 
Eleanor Brown Thompson. Address, City Savings Bank, San 
Diego, Cal. 

Garrigues, Henry Haydock. 

Entered 1899 and left at close of the Freshman year. 

Civil Engineer. Rodman, Belmont Division, Pennsylvania Rail- 
road, Lambertville, N. J., 1901-03 ; Rodman, Philadelphia Divi- 
sion, Pennsylvania Railroad, Philadelphia and Harrisburg, Pa., 
1903; Transitman, Altoona, Pa., 1903-04; Assistant Supervisor, 
Altoona, Pa., 1904-05 ; Assistant Supervisor, Pittsburgh Division, 
Pitcairn, Pa., 1905-08; Assistant Supervisor, Maryland Division, 
Perryville, Md., 1908; Supervisor, Allegheny Division, Kittanning, 
Pa., 1908-12; Supervisor, W. J. & S. Railroad, Millville, N. J., 
1912-14; Supervisor, Office of General Manager, Philadelphia, Pa., 
1914-15; Pilot Engineer, Valuation Department, Philadelphia, Pa., 
1915-17; Supervisor, Baltimore Division, Parkton, Md., 1917; 
Supervisor, Philadelphia Division, Paoli, Pa., 1917; Division Engi- 
neer, Trenton Division, Trenton, N. J., 1917-19; Division Engi- 
neer, Philadelphia Terminal Division, Philadelphia, Pa., 1919-20; 
Engineer, Maintenance of Way, Southern Division, Wilmington, 
Del., 1920; Division Superintendent, Delaware Division, Pennsyl- 
vania Railroad, 1920 to date. Member, American Society of Civil 
Engineers, New York; American Railway Engineering Associa- 
tion, Chicago; Masonic Fraternity, 32d degree. 

b. Harrisburg, Pa., September 4, 1881. s. Samuel Mitchell 
Garrigues and Sally Frances White, m. Hollidaysburg, Pa., Sep- 
tember 8, 1909, Mary Elizabeth Over. c. Samuel Mitchell, 1910; 
Henry Haydock, Jr., 1915. Address, Division Superintendent, 
Delaware Division, Pennsylvania Railroad, Pennsylvania Building, 
Wilmington, Del. 


Greb, John Walter. 

Entered 1899 and left during Sophomore year. 

Law Student at Temple University and in law offices. Ad- 
mitted to Bar in Idaho and Washington. Stenographer to Chief 
Engineer, American Bridge Company, Pencoyd, Pa., 1901-02 ; 
Court Reporter and Public Stenographer, Philadelphia, Pa., 1903- 
04; at Lewiston, Idaho, 1904-07; Secretary to Hon. Miles Poin- 
dexter, Spokane, and Washington, D. C, 1908-09. An Official 
Court Reporter of the Superior Court of Spokane County, Wash., 
to 1920. Graduate of Life Insurance School, Carnegie Technical, 
Pittsburgh, 1920. Insurance Agent to date. Secretary, Repub- 
lican County Central Committee, Spokane County, 1910; Sec- 
retary, Progressive County Central Committee of Spokane 
County, 1912; Vice-President, Spokane Expert School of Busi- 
ness ; Secretary, Washington Shorthand Reporters' Association ; 
Knight Commander of the Court of Honour of the A